11 thoughts on “Scrapbook Six…

  1. I love this shot of Forrest. it’s pretty evident that he’s darn fit. Don’t know too many folks his age who can sit like that on the hard ground and look comfortable doing it 😉

  2. More guys should wear cowboy hats…..

    Do we think he just got off one of those horses after checking on the treasure? Or, was he on the ATV that’s out of the camera’s view?

    • HA! We’ll never know for sure, but Im betting that Forrest is vastly more able than some give him credit for. Tall as an oak. Strong as a bull. Equally determined.

  3. you arent kidding..Fenn is a beast at his age.. reminds me of my grandpa… cutting down trees at 93.. on his knees..with a hand saw…gotta love a strong ol’timer.

    • Interesting Mark? Also, I would imagine being up that high would lend itself to very impressive views… Perhaps enough to make it a very “special spot” hmmmm… Is this up in the mountains North of Sante Fe?

  4. I’m a newbie. Love reading everyone’s ideas and seeing how their mind works. Love hiking out in the wilderness and going on new adventures. Doubt I would ever go looking for the treasure but if I did it would be for the thrill of it. Don’t think I’m nearly as clever as Forrest or any of his loyal followers. Loved horses since I was a little girl and i just love this photo. ❤ Did you know that a “blaze” on a horse’s face is a white stripe down the middle of its face? Looks like Buttercup has a blaze. Perhaps the treasure is at 9,500 feet? Every time I read the poem, I think of horses. Best of luck to all searching and enjoy your adventure! And thank you, Dal for this fascinating site!

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