Our First Search…..Part Two


This following story was submitted by The Wolf.


The next day the sun did rise and we awoke but Jordan was starting to get a really bad cold; plus I think that all that hiking took a toll on his body. We picked up our fly rods and headed towards Valley of the Pines. We soon came across a pristine pool of crystal clear cold water headed by a small dam. We fished for an hour or so and took some photos and headed off to Valley of the Pines to check out number 5 and 7 on our list. Of course expectations have been drastically reduced and we are now just living the adventure at this time and it is much more enjoyable with out all the extra pressure since I have stood down my public affairs personnel!

There were two locations I wanted to check out there; one was linked to the Tea with Olga story. Three colors (red, black and green) of tea translated into Horseshoe Lake as where warm waters halt. Forrest had a small story about how much iron goes into horseshoes, but I could not verify the source or temperature of water thus it was a weak connection to the clue. However, if you follow the East Fork River canyon down where it joins the Red River to the Valley of the Pines, there are a lot of Brown houses (log cabins) but nothing in particular I could liken to the home of brown. None the less, the “Red” River flows down through the village and has two tributaries flowing into it. One would be very similar to the Vietnam waterfall story with a meadow (number 7) and the other was “Black” Copper Canyon(number 5). We now have two of the three colors and I am hopeful some ground work would reveal the “green” connection. If you travel up the creek without a paddle you go under some power lines (heavy loads) come across a small pond (water high) that has two more creeks feeding it. I believe this pond is called Maggie’s pond.

Maggie's Pond

Maggie’s Pond

This land is not part of the Carson Forrest so I am feeling there may be something here; however, it is posted heavily with private land signs. My research indicated there was an old mine further up the creek. I carefully traversed the creek until I located an historic mine. It was all locked up but around the corner there was a small cave, larger than the one I found yesterday, perhaps 40 feet long. Oh my, could this be it – the first line of the poem states “as I have gone alone in there”? Out comes that handy flashlight he keeps telling everyone to bring and I am thankful I heeded that advice. I carefully crawl in and it has a strange recognizable stench and I place my shirt over my nose and laboriously breath through it, as I shine the spot light on every square inch of the cave. I do not feel comfortable and start to wonder again – this must be where I must be “brave” and endure the “cold”. I quickly search and get out, and in a weird way I am glad I do not find the trove because I might have just left it there, as any more time in that cave would probably not be tolerated. I take a few photos and enjoy the beautiful view overlooking the small stream while I imagine how the old prospectors and miners would have processed the ore from the mine.


I now head back as it has been an hour and Jordan is probably starting to worry. I follow the other stream back and find the powder house that was once used to store the explosives to blast the ore out of the mine. I arrive at the car and Jordan is in a trance playing games on his iphone – so much for getting out into wilderness!

Next we follow the 578 highway towards Wheeler Peak and investigate area 8 and 9 but nothing exists to verify any clues so we head towards area one. While en route we investigate area 6 but we cannot locate the access so we just fish instead. This is the life! We pack up and head to area one and re-search some areas that I felt were under searched on our first scan. Jordan is now very tired and falls asleep so I go it alone again. This is not as much fun but the scenery is so spectacular that feeling soon goes away. Since Jordan is ill, I decide to turn it in early and get an early start the next day.

The next morning Jordan is still under the weather but since the day is so inviting, I head out with the promise to be back by 10am – of course I bring my PLB. I arrive at area 6 and I really am just going for an enjoyable hike in this place that keeps calling to me. There are only 3 clues linking it to the poem but I just can’t resist. I finally find access to the area (third time lucky) and take some really cool pictures and I return a half hour late. After a much needed sleep Jordan is feeling refreshed and we head to the Red River Fish Hatchery to try and catch some Brown trout. We head down the Pescado trail that JP talked about, do a little fishing and talk to some hikers. After a very enjoyable afternoon we decide to head back and search a couple of spots I feel I missed during day one at the Taos Ski Valley. On the way, I marvel at the nearly infinite number of hiding spots along this trail and realize that perhaps an area can never be searched too much. At this point, I remind myself that I am on a mission here and that I need to be cognizant of my surroundings, so I start scanning for blazes all the while thinking that this is pretty tough searching with the countless number of nooks and crannies that Forrest could have hidden this treasure.


I climb over a small hill, look up and instantly freeze. I run the gauntlet of emotions as they rapidly flash through my mind – I am dumbfounded. Could this be the blaze that no one has been able to locate? It can’t be; this has been searched too thoroughly, yet this is too obvious, I am totally perplexed ….

The Wolf

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  1. Wolf,All I can say is,very good spot! I was getting excited for the search just reading.That distinct feeling when the adrenaline starts pumping.Your story got me thinking again about when does a searcher deem their chosen site worthless.Who says it is thoroughly searched!?That may be a good topic for everyone to toss around.Thanks for sharing Wolf and good luck on future hunts!

  2. Hi Wolf, Yeah, I’m just certain, that there’s going to be a head slap moment, somewhere in the chase. Good Luck

  3. Great story and pictures Wolf! I don’t know if your Eureka moment with your “blaze” is the right one, but I’m sure it will lead you on more adventures! 🙂

  4. Wolf! This is what it’s all about – this is what Forrest intended. No one will ever be able to take this wonderful adverture and memories from you! Thank you so much for sharing such a great story and the photos are beautiful. Wow!! 🙂


    • All,
      Thank you MayinSantaFe for recognizing that the experience and the Thrill of the Chase is what this is all about – and it is important to take time to enjoy this adventure; thus you will be successful whether you find the trove or not.

        • Dal,
          I will show you this Blaze when I return, plus I have a very good story about how I got to this area. Stay tuned ….

        • slynn said:

          “I think Wolf’s final story will be about how he found the treasure.” “FOUND” the treasure.

          Dal, this would have been a good place for The Wolf to deny finding the chest. Did you not say “It’s an old trick not to deny things that you want to be credited with..”?

          • He’s baiting you crazy and you are falling for it…
            That’s all there is to it.
            I’ve been in communication with Forrest today and he has mentioned nothing about the chest being found.

        • Thanks for the update Dal.

          Wish it was a more definite and specific response. Vagaries allow people to hear (or read) what they want to hear. I’m trying to keep an open mind, and really hoping treasure is still out there for the fetching. But no news is not good news right now. So I hope you’re right, and Wolf is bating us as apposed to genuinely holding back while busting at the seams with the news he’s alluding to.

    • No chance wolf found the chest.You have to be in the right locale to do that.Also,my opinion is that wolf has failed like all those before him and that is evident by his lingering posts.It is either going to be complete silence,or a post by forrest confirming that someone has indeed found it.Just my opinion.

      • You can doubt the actuality of this conjecture, but don’t doubt the likelihood of it:
        For a couple years, Fenn’s book and treasure languished in relative national obscurity.
        None the less, Fenn did become a hero to chambers of commerce in Northern New Mexico and West Yellowstone, Montana. He was even asked to speak at meetings, and drew a lot of attention from enthusiastic businesspeople. This eventually put him in touch with media mavens who helped get him on the Today Show.
        Once the story broke nation wide, members of chamber of commerce could already hear the caching ringing in their ears.
        Then Wolf comes along and finds the treasure well before the Chase is officially kicked off at the Memorial Day weekend. All that brilliant PR going down the drain…
        Fenn asks Wolf, and even coaches him in how drag this out a while longer.
        I’ll spare you, for now, the few dozen strong indicators that add up to this conjecture.

      • Dal, Here is another instance that The Wolf could have clarified that he – did not find the chest. Instead he said “I do not have the treasure in my possession.”

        • crazy..crazy…crazy…
          Jeese…I think you’re a little too tense about this. I took that as “I didn’t find it.”…
          But even if that isn’t what he has in mind why jump to conclusions?
          In my opinion he was not even in a good spot…and I should know a bad spot when I read about one…I’ve had 31 of them…lol…

          He has more story to tell…

        • Yes, well suddenly everyone thinks they are ff. He wants to post an interesting story he should just return from the hunt and post it. The lack of hype would not make it less interesting.

    • One can only confirm with 100% confidence they have found the treasure when they have it in their possession.

  5. I have truly enjoyed the Wolf’s stories. However, I don’t think he is in the right place. Sorry Wolf, but glad you have had some fun!

  6. Very well written Wolf. I can’t get away to search until August, and posts like this get me to itchin’ something fierce!

    Also, tell us what you found!

    • Thank you Tomwhat I wish you the best of luck in your adventure. Remember to enjoy the thrill of the chase!

  7. Wolf,

    My wife and I stayed at the Amizette Inn at TSV this past weekend as base camp for our searching. We may have crossed paths. That whole area is gorgeous! The Rio Hondo was running 30′ from our room door. Fishing it and treasure hunting were a toss up for which was more fun.

    I can assure anyone reading there’s no treasure behind the Amizette. However, you will find a bunch of my flies in various trees, shrubs, logs, and brush. Some of them actually made it in to the water, and I’m quite certain that if one could retrieve all that I lost, they would have a good start on their own treasure/retirement fund. 🙂

  8. The signs that a proxy box has already been found continue to grow. No matter what The Chase is doing for its proponents and other benefactors, I believe it’s ethically imperative to come forth with developments straightaway for the sake of its patrons (i.e. seekers). What do the rest of you think?

    • Agree. This sounds like the same search area in which drquantum discovered multiple tangible objects straight from the book… but no chest. He may have been a day too late. It’s time for Wolf to come out of the woods and provide the documentation of his find.

      • Crazyfamily
        I finally got around to reading Dr Quantums blog. I think he might be interested in my stories. Sometimes a person can out think himself.
        The Wolf

    • I completely disagree. This is a difficult solve…but the end is nigh 🙂 Please be patient everyone and allow Mr. Fenn to have his due respect for his brilliant work. The treasure has not been found yet, but likely will be soon. Blog members are always welcome to share insights privately in email contact. Please do not publish here. It would be such a let down and spoil the surprise that Fenn promised in the end.

  9. I wouldnt be suprised if its the same blaze I saw online pics of 3 weeks ago. I was sure at the time it was Forrests blaze but that searcher didnt find any treasure. Did it have a frog and a longhorned steer by chance, with an f, an arrow and a fish on it?

    • Sorry for the delay. I have been shipped off to work for a month at 14-16 hrs a day (no time off and I am serious). I think when I am done this assignment I will just go dig up some treasure and retire – there has got to be a better life. I drafted the follow on story, but I think I will delay it until I can meet Enthusiast’s writing standards. I do not want to disappoint! LOL

      • Wolf,
        I too had found a blaze in a canyon. However it was on a tree and in the wrong location. I am now confident about the location of the treasure. I drove 3380 miles round trip. I have read the book. There is one very important clue in the book…right in plain site. Google helped solve the rest. As you look down, while viewing with Google, you can see the blaze. I’ll be back, get the treasure and return the silver bracelet to Forrest.

  10. OK Herman 1 and all, I don’t want to be hypocritical. So I’ll give you a bit of it. Although, the best I can do for now is illuminate just a few facets, or the tip of the iceberg. If the announcement is soon made that a proxy treasure was found last month, or found by Wolf whenever 😉 then I could fire my big guns. Very few people will care at that point, but such is life. Just keep in mind there’s lots more to tell.

    After a long life of exploration, deliberate evaluation, and analysis, Forrest Fenn’s primary rule in life is:

    “It doesn’t matter who you are, it only matters who they think you are.”

    Another of Fenn’s top sage rules is:

    “Any fight worth fighting is worth fighting dirty.”

    And if you look at Fenn’s other rules for life, they’re not far from the same paradigm as the above. Not casting judgment here… just stating the facts.

    I’ve worked 30 years and counting in media production as a creative contractor. It took me the first 10 years before I started to learn who pays who. Long story short: Any brand named out loud or shown in ANY mainstream media, that plug is almost always paid for.

    Look at Dal’s last blog entry. It is what it is… It’s an Irene Rawlings production. We already know Irene has a deal with Fenn. He’s front and center, promoting his next book. Irene couldn’t help throwing in a plug of her own. Margie gets in on it too… And yes, you can bet Irene has a lucrative deal with Back at the Ranch AND the Flea Market… It really is nice of her to cover the spectrum. And the whole entry looks like a last ditch effort…

    This next part is only slightly more speculative. And it’s based on well-established industry-wide practice. Thake note that most “reality TV” is indeed a dramatic work of fiction. So is Jerry Springer (they hire aspiring actors). And so is much of the news! etc. “Placed” news is everywhere online, and everywhere else you look or listen. Even in radio; those call ins… they’re often actors playing different roles on a daily basis. And I believe Chanon Thompson was hired to go to Bandelier. And even if she wasn’t a shill from the start, she might as well have been, because she became the ultimate shill.

    • Enthusiast-
      I think you’re on to something… exactly what evades me… but no wonder you haven’t found the chest… you’ve been too busy writing a column for the tabloids… 🙂

      • That’s not my intention Dal. I’m trying to be helpful, by establishing motive for Fenn holding back on news of someone finding his treasure.

        I do believe it’s been found. Probably shortly before 4/8/2013, when he suddenly said he would henceforth devote less time to treasure hunting.

        There are other motives for dragging it out, and other evidence I have for treasure having been found already, which I haven’t been spelled out here specifically. But as of right now, I’m a seeker, not a hider or a finder. Seekers should hold some things back.

        If I’m right: One aspect of withholding the news that bothers me is it’s taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich. I don’t know 100% for sure that treasure has already been found, but it might be foolish of me to ignore the signs, and selfish of me not to point these things out here. And my reverse Robin Hood conclusion is fair and factual if I’m right.

        • Enthusiast-
          The Internet, unfortunately, has a lot of spoilers drifting about and a large number of people that take pleasure in spoiling things for others. I think a person would be either a trouble maker or a fool to espouse a theory that it’s been found without Forrest’s agreement. I’m not sure how you fall in exactly..
          I do know that “spoiling” is enjoyment for some folks. They derive personal pleasure from pretending to know answers they cannot prove. There is no point to folks coming on here and pretending to know answers they cannot know, simply to ruin everyone else’s day.

        • The ultimate spoiler will be the person showing off Forest Fenn’s gold treasure on the Today Show, after having found it. Should that person then be obligated to apologize and henceforth call himself a spoiler? Giving away solutions to puzzles can also be a spoiler in several different ways. Also, off-handedly rejecting someone else’s solution can also be a spoiler. So far, I’ve done none of those things. I’m no spoiler.

    • Thank you, Enthusiast. I am withdrawing from the blog because it has gotten nasty. I am glad I checked here before dropping off indefinitely. I will review part 1. There are some people over on the other thread that believe it is downright un-American to pay any attention to you. As always, I will consider what you have said and make up my own mind. I do appreciate your responding.

  11. Do these numbers mean anything to you?

    3, 2, 3, 20, 35, 29, 0

    Those are Dal’s monthly blog entries for 11/2012 ~ 05/2013. This is how it breaks down:

    Nov. 2012, Dec., Jan. ‘13: Over one year on, and maintaining a presence.

    Feb., March, April: Chanon Thompson, Today Show, and Fenn goes ballistic.

    May 2013: Beginning of the tourist travel season is the beginning in earnest of the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt season. And nothing… crickets, unless you count the backlog entry of shopping for $2,000 boots in Santa Fe. And don’t forget ladies: Choose quickly so the salesperson’s next prospect doesn’t get out the door without a pair of boots.

    Forrest Fenn hasn’t updated his “Resources” website in 7 weeks. Again, this is peak season. Tomorrow, much of Yellowstone that his clues lead us to first opens for 2013… And not a peep from Fenn, except to say (through Dal) that he’s checking out of the Chase indefinitely.

    Last but not least: Read The Wolf’s “Our First Search” and the comments.

  12. And let’s not forget: Fenn’s next book, Too Far Too Walk, will sell many copies, or not, depending on whether we keep searching.

    • I do tend to agree with you that ff may not be very interested in giving additional clues if the new book is supposed to be out in July and is supposed to give additional hints to the treasure. He may not make money on the books but Collected Works does and it generates more money for cancer projects. I doubt very many books would sell if the treasure was found before it was released.

    • Your conspiracy theory fits along with what happened to me last month. I had found the chest, but was kidnapped by commandos waiting in the ‘wood’. They drugged me to forget everything (except I resisted the drug and remember a tad of it), and then hid the chest again in a different spot. All of this to keep the chase going to sell some more books and keep those Today show ratings high. All I remember is an old guy kept saying – “Irene, let’s not hide it in Yellor-stone this time.” Otherwise, I have no chest and the chase is still alive. It’s a bummer. So I know how you feel about this conspiracy. 😉

  13. I am newly acquainted with this story and found Mr. Fenn interesting for his deeds and words, beliefs, upbringing and accomplishments. The parallels between our lives as well. His common sense and tid bits of wisdom he shares. I purchased his books not as a treasure map but to gain insight into someone quite genius and successful to better my own life. Those throwing stones are jealous of his mind and success IMHO. I believe everyone searching for his gold has received a treasure far greater than any “treasure chest”. Good luck everyone!

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