Scrapbook Thirty Five…..



Forrest and Tesuque at 430am watching the Today Show crew set up for a live feed to New York.

Forrest and Tesuque at 430am watching the Today Show crew set up for a live feed to New York.(photo by Erika Angulo)

Forrest answers a few questions that popped up in recent blog chatter-

Are there clues in the book?
Yes, because the poem is in the book.
Will the poem lead you to the treasure?
Yes if you know where to start.
Are there nine clues in the poem?
Are there subtle hints in the book?
Yes, if you can recognize them.
I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.




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    • Margie Goldsmith is the journalist who wrote the three Huffington Post articles about Forrest and also the Hemispheres Magazine story..
      She has the job we all wish we could have. She is a professional Travel Journalist…
      Now’s you chance to ask her a question..

    • Hi Margie! I enjoyed reading your interviews with Forrest although it seemed he was trying very hard NOT to say anything important to help us out in our hunt for his treasure. 🙂

    • Margie one question. In the interview on 8/20/11 in the Travel Blog did Forrest say “‘ The woman wanted an additional clue so I told her it’s more than 300 miles southwest of Toledo.” Did he actually say SOUTHWEST instead of WEST as we all have been told?

    • As I recall, he had to get up early 2 days in a row. I’d be tired or peeved. The crew had truck trouble the day before. I suspected they were just out searching for an extra 24 hours. Just MHO.

    • Jen what did Dal say about FF’s next Today show appearance? What is up, Jen Heading out soon finally to jump into the chase!! Cannot Wait….

  1. @Dal, Thanks for sharing the latest news as usual.And thanks to Forrest for making sure that we are clear on those few points.

  2. Wow the boys have a great eye on the pink socks…what do you think Jen? Do you think it’s a sign that he believes in us and the rest of the girls? A sign of solidarity?

    By the way…this is to all the men out there….SMILE in photos!!! Even Tesuque’s like…what’s with the stoic look Dad. Dal…same with your gravatar. Am I right ladies? Just a little mischievous curl of the lips would be nice. My husband knows how NOT to smile about 20 different ways.

    Ok…I’m giving in to my addiction and signing up for the blog comments again….I lasted a week or so. I think that’s a record.

  3. Great picture! House shoes?? Where are your boots? Good looking man such as yourself needs to have on a good looking pair of boots. Little humor there……..picture perfect!

  4. @Dal
    I’m adding to my list……..On the question of will the poem lead you to the chest….This time he said yes if you know where to start.

    He has previously stated to start at the beginning (which is in my list)…..Should I leave that in my list or does this contradict that statement?

    • Goof-
      To me they both mean the same thing. But I imagine there are some out there who will argue that they mean completely different things..
      Lord knows I don’t know why…but it’s bound to happen 😉

    • I think that depends on where you “start” and where you put “the beginning” ..

      “Begin It Where” is NOT the beginning of the Poem ..

      “As I Have Gone Alone In There” is ..

      Although I believe most Chasers think WWH is the beginning of the actual Trail, proper .. and therefore the place for “It” to “Begin” or to “Start” .. maybe .. juuust maybe .. that long-forgotten, red-headed step-daughter we all call ‘Stanza One’ has a vastly important – as yet discovered – CLUE .. one that defines either WWH itself .. or points to the exact location of WWH ..

      People have been interpreting WWH as GRAND – someplace important and visible to the Public .. A Geyser .. A Dam .. A Steam Train Siding with an Old Water Tower ..

      (thanks Stephanie – now that was an 8-second out-of-the-box Rodeo Romp with one sharp Spur .. )

      But .. what if, in the end, it is SMALL? .. A little mud puddle of a warmish cattle Tank .. trapped hundreds of feet above a tiny riverlet of ice cold Trout water .. somewhere out of view? .. Hidden .. Where no one ever goes? ..

      And therefore: “If you know where to start” and “Start at the beginning” may have a different meaning – or a location that is significantly different from – or in opposition to – most people’s understanding of why WWH means what it means ..

      The sheer number of possible WWHs is so great – probably in the Thousands – that there has to be a way, within the Poem (and a little help from some Bookies) to whittle ’em down to a nice manageable few, that is decipherable, and that says, only to the Wise:

      ‘This Special One Here’ — and not, ‘Those Ten Hundred Over There’ ..

      My Copper Nickel’s Worth ,
      (minus 4 and 1/2 cents and lots o’ wind .. )


  5. Thank you for the info! FF is very stylish for a man his age… according to GQ fun,bright, colorful socks are in right now. My hubby has a whole drawer full!
    Hopefully people will read these answers and trust what Forrest says.

  6. @Fenn
    I know I’ve questioned you about what you have said and written……and I still have questions.

    But today…….I would like to salute your service to our country and your bravery in battle…….Those things are unquestionable.

    I spend every Memorial Day with a Vietnam Fighter Pilot’s widow and her two kids. He was also shot down in Vietnam……he died a few years ago. This is the first year they have come to my house to meet my wife and they are having a grand time. She is getting quite a chuckle at what you have done.

  7. His dog looks like he is smiling, he’s standing on his right front paw-toe & what does his shadow remind you of in the book. Gotta be quick to play this game!

  8. I went to Las Cruces on Saturday and am still here trying to get on the road to home. Only my daughter and her friend went with me. As I was driving down on Saturday, I made mention to my daughter that we should check the spot out real quick. I feel ok about taking her friend out there because I am not going right up to my spot just looking from a distance away. And it would probably be hard for the friend to remember exactly where we went unless she was paying attention but since my daughter and her friend’s main interest on the road trip appear to be sleeping, I feel pretty confident she won’t. People pay little attention to me anyway about the treasure chase because many I talk to don’t believe it exists and think I’m crazy anyway. Her friend sat forward from the backseat and asked, “Are you looking for that treasure?” I smile at my daughter and look at her friend in the rear view mirror and reply, maybe. Oh, hey my dad is looking for it too. WHAAAT? Color drains from my face and my breath starts to sound ragged as I realize I almost took the daughter of another searcher to my spot! The friend, in an attempt to allay my fears, proceeds to say that it’s ok if we go there because her dad’s spot isn’t anywhere around here. Yeah, right. We won’t be checking out anything on this trip. Good thing I said something before going up to my area.

  9. I am memorized by the rug in the photo above. It is my understanding from Dal that it is the Persian rug Forrest built his study around. I have read that the rug is 17×28 from the late 1800s. I have a couple of much smaller Persian rugs and I did a lot of research on before I made my selection. One was a Qum rug that I never walk on. In my research In the hundreds of rugs I looked at none have the pattern or the (rose?) colors that are in Forrest’s rug. Does anyone know the history of the rug? I know it is not polite to ask the value of an item but I guess it is worth a small fortune.

    The dog in the picture is the smallest German Shepherd I have ever seen. lol



  10. Forrest has made his points of clarification very clear here. Hope that ends the debate about those matters, but I doubt it. Second guessing his motives seems as popular as trying to solve the poem.

  11. Speaking of “Hints” in the book. Has anyone noticed that the two cars in that story of Cody appear to be two different cars? Skippy is in one car and Don and June are sitting in what seems to be a completely different car. Pictures out of place or hint?

    • Yes, I noticed this the first time I saw it .. the cab is different (for those who haven’t, look at the cowl areas below where the windshield should be – you’ll notice one car has steel rolling – it’s a “rib” design “stamped” into the metal so that it bulges out (if I remember right, it is on Skippy’s Car) and the car with June doesn’t have this) .. also, it appears SKIPPY was photo-shopped into the seat .. the lighting and the graininess don’t appear to match – he looks like a cardboard cutout .. my guess is Forrest didn’t have a photo of Skippy sitting in the car, so he created one .. but it could be a clue which I have been playing with for two summers ..


    • Pam-
      Maybe it’s 3 and 4 that you didn’t find and not 8 and 9.
      There are different interpretations of the nine clues.
      There have been reams of comments written on this blog about the nine clues.
      Look in the dozens of comments under “Nine Clues” on the right side of this page.
      Also look at my piece about figuring out the nine clues titled “Nine Clues…Count em…Nine”
      To get to it click on “More Info & Musings” on the right side of this page…
      Then scroll down to “Nine Clues…Count em…Nine”

  12. You know what strikes me, ive never heard or seen in writing ff say that the ‘treasure’ to be found will be the chest (feel free to link me to correct me, it is a huge topic of discussion so I may have just missed it!!)
    This may be totally irrelevant, but I still think it is odd.
    He has spoken about burying a box, and someone finding ‘treasure’ through the poem, but never specifically linked the 2 (again, to my knowledge)

  13. I think I have been the the area where it is hidden… It took me about 28 months of research to locate my place and about 6500 cups of coffee. I doubt that it will be found anytime soon, about a thousand years will be perfect and I think Mother Nature will uncover it. Its about the thrill of searching for it… finding it is only a little bonus.

  14. I recently started searching after being introduce to the treasure by a friend. It’s certainly fun.

    I’ve got a lot of catching up to do and have some very strong opinions of where the treasure is hidden.

    A couple of days ago, I sent Mr. Fenn and email asking him a few questions. I have not gotten a reply yet, but will update everyone if I do. I am posting here to even the playing field in case there is a reply and also to ask for help in case anyone has information to share.

    Here are the questions I asked:

    1. I remember reading that the treasure is hidden where many people pass by and don’t even know it. Maybe millions? Did you say that?
    2. I remember reading that you said something to the effect of there are many places where warm waters halt in the Rocky Mountains. Did you? – ****I have since found the reference for this and he did say this in an interview. – “There are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure Phil, but it is risky to discount any of them. You over simplify the clues. There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts.”
    3. I know you have said repeatedly that all you need to find the treasure is the poem (and a good map, etc). My question is, do you have to read the poem in the context of your life experiences? For example, if you had released the poem anonymously and no one knew the author, could someone still find the treasure based on the clues in the poem?

    I’ve got a few things to solidify before heading out to do my first search.

    Thanks and good luck everyone.

    I think I will be heading to Montana next week.

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