The Bronze Chest…


Forrest’s old world bronze chest is, to say the least, a unique item. He paid $20,000 for it and felt he probably overpaid. But he has said that it was the perfect treasure chest. Will looking closely at the chest and learning more about it reveal anything about it’s location or unhide some facts about Forrest’s character and personality that will help us understand where he hid this bronze beauty he named “Indulgence”?

This is the place to consider “Indulgence”…





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    • Amy, just want you to know that your comment a while ago about “Forrest isn’t good at math :)” had me so scared….

      Then you kept saying you were searching in Colorado….. and I got less scared.

      Same for you MFS 😉

  1. I thought there was a reason Forrest chose that specific chest. For me the designs on it have reference to the location of that chest, at least in a general sense. We will all have our own interpretation of it and its significance but I do think it has relevance.

  2. I think when Forrest named the chest Indulgence he had the chase in mind.
    Not just his desire to collect things. I often wonder how many times Forrest laughed as he placed another item in the chest, knowing he would be placing it
    for all to seek. 🙂

  3. Ladders, pillars, a frog? I can always read a lot into a little. (Just check out my Notebook. Well, no, you can’t yet.) The chest is just awesome in its entirety and the fact that it’s out there somewhere filled with special things thrills the seekers.

    And “Indulgence”? Perfect expression for both Forrest’s hiding his treasure and Peggy’s ‘tolerance’ of her husband’s fun.

  4. If I’m not mistaken, the size of the chest was important. 10 X 10 X 5. If it was any larger it may not have fit in the spot he had in mind to hide it. To me, that’s a huge hint.

      • it’s also the perfect size to hide under a sheet and replace with a stack of books when hiding as Peggy later learned. 🙂 A coincidence I’m sure, but I liked that story.

        • Hello, forester. I don’t recall seeing you here before, but my memory can be somewhat selective..welcome. 🙂 i may be “clueless” but 10/64 F&S?

          • Jdiggins-
            What “found property”?
            ohh…never mind you are responding to forester..
            Okay forester, are you using law enforcement radio code?
            If so what “found property”?

          • Forgive me, Dal, now I’m confused…where did I say found property? Sorry, is my brain really melting that quickly?

          • Ahh..ok…I see the full branch now…I didn’t even think of that, but F&S is unfamiliar…I can ck out a 10/64. I thought maybe forester meant oct. 1964, forrest and skippy?

        • forester, are you referring to land or finding unclaimed gold, etc. or a dive boat they were on? Could be anywhere in the world.

    • I think so too Pam, although those that think Forrest wants to throw himself on the chest when his time comes, might disagree with us. 🙂

    • Great observation Pam. IMO, it could also be a hint as to the size of the narrow opening [::] to the hiding spot. Romanesque architecture c1150 was predominately stone with narrow openings (security & winds blowing in (windows were very rare). Western interpretation of Romanesque architecture called “parkitecture” uses natural stone @ indiginous trees with narrow openings to fit naturally into the environment. Architect Gilbert UNDERWOOD is well known for utilizing this style in our National Parks.

          • 🙂 or whair there is a chapter about Kelly’s hair. So J where’d you get vine from been?

          • Looking up homophones, homynyms, umanum, in and out, oh sorry…lol
            Just checking every thing I can think of. Sometimes I feel super smart and sometimes super dumb…but I think…
            Ah, nevermind.

        • Jdiggins, you’re my hero, he row, he raw, or in southern gentleman drawl… hearaa.

          I lent both ttotc & tftw to a friend this weekend. So thanks.

          • We forgot wabbits and wolves in the w.hare were list. Maybe the chest is wrapped in wolfskin and hidden in a rabbit hole. Ha!

            My favorite is your w heir. That’s TC perfection ‘
            ‘t heir’

          • Awww shucks! 😉 thx 42….
            But I’m no hero,
            Still haven’t that clue…
            That last little one
            That’s shouts woohoo! 🙂

  5. I’m more interested in how he knows it is wet. Any desert chasers have an idea how he could know this about it? Does anyone think the chest is submerged?

    • I think that the comment was made when there was snow in the mountains. It could very well be close to a waterfall rapids and the spay would keep it wet, but I don’t think that he would submerge it under water. again imo and I don’t have it in my possion.

      • Mark,
        The quote was:
        “How can anything be in the Rocky Mountains and not be wet,” he said. “Even if it were buried six feet deep, it would still be wet. That’s not a real clue.”

        The word “whet” doesn’t interchange in this sentence very well.

    • If it’s hidden where I went for my first search, (unsuccessful) it could very well be quite a bit underwater! One gentleman I talked to said this is the wettest he could remember. 50 something, born and raised there.

  6. I think that the main reason that he pick this is it’s ability to stand up to the environment for many years with out deteriorating. It will protect the items without rusting and falling apart. He has said that it is not “locked” and that the key is inside. He has not said that the latch was not secured.
    Small enough to hide and not too big to fill. IMO

    • I wonder why Forrest left the key inside the chest unlocked?
      He could have locked it & kept the key so he could unlock it to get the bracelet & give us the key.

      The only thing I get from this right now, is the chest will not topple over where it is or he doesn’t care if it does.

      Is he trying to send a message, you should not travel across state lines with the chest where the key would be?

  7. If my memory is somewhat right, one of the first things Forrest said about the chest was, “it had dancing girls on the sides of it.”
    Did he say that?
    Was he joking? 🙂

  8. special-
    I don’t remember him saying anything about dancing girls…
    Did he really say that…
    I do remember that he said he was told that it probably was created to hold a bible or a book of Numbers. (I think he said Book of Numbers. Correct me if I am wrong)

      • During the dark and middle ages, there were many more holy days than now. During that time people, especially those with wealth and property, as well as religious people, marked certain hours and days with special prayers. They still do that to an extent in monasteries and convents. A book of hours/days were where the special prayers were written down for them. A book of prayers and reverences.

        • On page 129 in TTOTC, Book of Days is capitalized……. and bible is not. It’s as if the capitalization is meant to emphasize Book of Days for some reason…….

          And at 2:18 in the Toby Younis Moby Dickens video, Fenn again seems to emphasize “Book of Days” when he says it……..

          But I’m not sure what the hint is – or if it’s a hint at all…….

          • Jason, can you pull a rabbit out of a hat as fast as you can find this information? Dang son. Goofy’s wee ma geebee mouse pad’s got nothing on you….


          • Good eye Jason…..I have that on my list of subtle stuff in the book. I don’t know if it’s a hint but I considered it subtle. I have found out since then that some view it as glaring not subtle and did not take kindly to it. Hint or not it is interesting he chose to do that.

            Seeker be careful buddy you know how sensitive I am about my deluxe wee gee board mouse pad. 🙂

    • My comment was from a very old memory. (Maybe I dreamed it.)
      I do recall the more recent comment he made concerning the original use of the chest, to hold a Bible or a book.

      This memory was before the major topic was discussed about the numbers, letters, inside the chest.

      Memory IS a strange thing! 🙂

    • Dal-
      I too remember Forrest saying there was some three dimentional dancing girls on the chest when he was describing it one time but not sure whether it was in a interview or radio show. That’s all I need before my trip “more research”. Bur

      • By the way Dal thanks for creating this page and glad to see the comment flowing again. I believe it needed to be addressed again and I just might say why after my search unless others can put a finger on it before. Thanks Bur

      • They are climbing up ladders, maybe Jacobs Ladder, also a flower. Chest is exposed to won’t be under water, mud slides, rain, snow, tornado and earthquake. So, generally, if you put anything outside anywhere, it is basically exposed to nature. The mud slide description, I feel, is helpful. It may be near an overhang or embankment of a river or creek. Just IMO. ¥ Peace ¥

    • 🙂 Dal,

      “box of letters” f

      @ about 8:07 time stamp

      & for buried

      “bury it in the ground some place” f

      @ about 7:48 time stamp

      Jennifer London video

      The above may help,
      not a box of numbers, a box of letters
      early on interview of ff using a word “bury” along with wgn radio interview.

      This may clear up confusion, or may not.

      🙂 The GOLF C & CS
      🙂 PS the lower limit is below 10,000 feet “f”, per the radio interview you listed here Cincinnati radio interview

      external link outdated but link in “Media” here @ Dal’s might still work, not a long radio interview but f confirms it is below 10,000 feet.

      🙂 Chest Comments

      • 🙂

        for below 10,000 feet

        @ about 2:50 time stamp

        f states “it’s below 10,000”

        🙂 The GOLF C & CS
        🙂 Dal’s link doesn’t work either
        🙂 Awaiting chest upper range limit update since May 18th, 2015 not moderation….

        • IW-
          Thanks for pointing out that interview-

          That interview from REPORT FROM SANTA FE is one of the better ones. It is 28 minutes of Forrest answering questions from Lorene Mills who read the book and asks good questions. You can see Forrest squirming a couple of times under the pressure of trying to remember details. This interview was recorded soon after the book came out so Forrest had not said everything so many times that it was rote..
          Pay attention to his body language…when he talks about the bronze chest it is clear to me that he screwed up in his description of it and realizes it..
          He does say “Box of Letters” but it’s only because he forgot the phrase he wanted to use. You can see the frustration as he decides not to dwell on what he just said and moves ahead in his story…at least that’s what I see.
          Forrest tells some stories from the book and his can hear subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes in those stories..and he also tosses into the mix the occasional new sentence or addition to the story that was not in its printed form..

          So, in my opinion, this is an important and useful interview to observe.

          • I forgot to say that Forrest also talks in the above interview with Lorene Mills, about how he will know if someone finds the chest..or at least he mentions the method he is willing to talk about.. 🙂

          • Thanks for the info on that early interview. I’ve been on this quest since 2013 and don’t think I’ve listen to this one, although, I could be wrong…*smiles*…

            I’ve tried to use these interviews as a way to get into the mind of FF, because he says to think and analyze is the way to “win” (my word), this quest. I agree.

            He is eccentric , odd, wierd, clever, insane (*smiles*), and has so many more “evil, diabolical” and delightful traits that seem to be mixed into the poem….*winks*….

            But….it requires us to think like he. Can you?

            If you try, you can….he’s anv80 year old man for “Brown’s” sake!!

            Thanks Forrest, I’m living every moment I dive into your world.

            You gave me that check mark on my bucket list….”to search for a hidden treasure”.

            So now you leave me with no other choice to make that 2nd check mark on my bucket list….”Find a hidden treasure!”

            Good luck to me!!


  9. Notobsesse, so you think that “I know it’s wet” means that it was snowed on or its high up enough to guarantee snow cover for the time of year the comment was made? It seems to be an off the cuff remark but then he almost seems to regret having said that. Waterfalls are a romantic idea for a secret cave full of loot, but also a very unstable area geologically speaking. Which is not to say you are wrong just trying to stir the pot.

    • I’ll second that, Carolyn. I live in the desert…basically my entire life. Utah is the second driest state in the U.S. …behind Nevada…but we also have The Greatest Snow on Earth! 🙂

      I don’t want that to seem like I work for Utah tourism…because I don’t. I just remember that commercial from a few years back and I still think it’s hilarious. I can also vouch for the fact that it has rained a LOT here in Utah this year.

      Since Indulgence is in the Rocky Mountains…not Utah 🙁 …it could definitely be wet with rain and/or snow.

      • Yes it could, but my point was that he used the word “know” which gives it a level of certainty that piques my interest. I am trying to sniff out useful facts or hints, but I am not trying to inject my beliefs into the discussion as I feel that only muddies the water. I already know what my opinion is. A lot of posts seem to be impassioned but irrelevant. I don’t need to be told it snows in the Rocky Mountains. Conversely you shouldn’t need to be told that much of the search area is high desert and dry much of the year, therefore, if it is always wet it is very useful information. If it was wet on the day of the interview it still gives us knowlege about the location of the chest. The thing that stands out to me is that he knew it was wet that day, but how? My opinion, of course Colorado has better snow.

        • It was during the winter months. I’m guessing that the vast majority of the Rocky Mountains had snow at that point, including the location of the chest. I don’t believe it is much of a clue.

          • That means it is not buried and not in a cave or mine. That’s a big clue IMO. Has Forrest ever said that the chest is not submerged?

          • Both of those would be incorrect Blazeone. Many caves that I have been in have water in them. Perhaps not a waterfall or flowing water, but puddles and water running down the walls of the cave. Forrest also subsequently made the comment that even the soil under the ground is wet, so the chest could be buried and still be wet is what he was saying. It was essentially a non-clue.

      • Blazeone,

        You state in your post and I can’t agree more.

        “I am trying to sniff out useful facts or hints, but I am not trying to inject my beliefs into the discussion as I feel that only muddies the water. I already know what my opinion is.”

        The day of the comment was in present tense. Whether it helps, i’m not sure. but it may if research is done on the weather conditions of ones area. Maybe it would help if that area has no snow on the ground, has not rained, or it’s sunshine and daisies.
        At least if one considers Weather in their area important to help, if they have the right or wrong spot.

        • Seeker,
          Yeah I totally agree it could be nothing more than Forrest’s way of saying, “how bout this weather huh?” So like him, but the alternative interpretation leads back to the x in the sense that he is aware of the TC and its condition, wet, on that day. Perhaps it is a confirmation that the chest is out in the open. However, if it is wet all the time how could this be? I have been into canyons that were bone dry in the morning and raging rivers in the afternoon. Alternatively a wet place in winter or spring could dry out in August. IMO “knowing” anything about the hideyhole that Forrest knows and states as fact not conjecture is helpful. If it doesn’t help solve the clues for other searchers, ok no problem. This thread is all about Indulgence so allow me to turn the table. Let’s say that you wanted to place an object of immense value into the natural world. In the Rocky Mountains water is the single most powerful force to contend with, yet Forrest seems to be confident that his treasure will remain in place for decades if not discovered. I cannot picture a place that is exposed to the ravages of nature that I would set this treasure down and feel this way. Yet we know it is not associated with any structure. It isn’t quite cotradictory but it does leave me perplexed. Thanks for your two eagles everyone!

  10. On page 263 of the American Journal of Archaeology, Vol. 23, No. 3 (Jul. – Sep., 1919), there is a remarkably similar depiction of the chest’s lid………

    Here’s the link: scroll down to page 263 and see for yourself……

    The author (Roger Sherman Loomis) suggests that the name of this piece is “The Attack on the Castle of the Church by the World”

    *Credit goes to John Brown for discovering this*

    Also, the same image can also be found in an old German book – “Trachten, Kunstwerke und Gerätschaften vom frühen Mittelalter bis Ende des Achtzehnten Jahrunderts nach gleichzeitigen Originalen volume III” (that’s the title!) by Jakob Heinrich von Hefner-Alteneck (author) plate 156

  11. In the Gold Dust post, Fenn commented that he once called the chest “Tarzan”………

    Curiously, there is a treasure story in Edgar Rice Burroughs “Tarzan of the Apes” book. And, if I’m not mistaken, that treasure was buried and a character named Snipes was lying dead on top of it……….

    There probably isn’t anything useful to be gleaned from this info……. I just thought it was interesting.

    • That is why I like your post Jason, you make me think. Not that Tarzan is going to help me. but, Fenn’s comment on …”Most” of the places the clues refer to did…” I don’t have it handy at the moment, but another out of the box thought could be, a clue may refer to something that happens every so many years.

      A poor example would be the ice age, poor to the fact that it happens over long periods of time, or even in-between.

      But what about an event that occurs more regular in time? I’m not talking about Earth Quakes or such, their unpredictable. but a re-occurring event with a time span of a decade or two. Could a clue be known and useful even it is not happening or will happen?

      Fenn did say his intent was to Influence future generations. Is this a hint as a clue, maybe… OLD and NEW.

      Yeah, I know… how did ya get that from Tarzan… lol it’s not what they say it’s, it’s what they whisper… that make me think.

      Ok Tar zan. the chest is protected from moister, not unlike the bio with the use of wax or pitch…. hense the name TRAzan. Or maybe just plain tree sap as he did leave his hair for DNA… New theme park of the future. Jurassic Fenn.

  12. When the chest is opened, there is a keystone symbol where the keyhole is…

    keystone is the state symbol of the state of PA…

    Forrest mentions Philadelphia in TTOTC when he flew over it…

    he also mentions Benjamin Franklin, who is a Philadelphia staple…BF also retired at age 42, the weight of the chest (in lbs)…

    He also refers to bells in the book, and Philadelphia is home of the most famous bell, The Liberty Bell…

    • Many different connections can be made to countless different things. I believe this is why Forrest continues to reiterate to keep things simple and straightforward.

  13. Emily Dickinson’s poem “Of Bronze – and Blaze” is supposedly about the Aurora Borealis……. Wouldn’t that be something if the blaze we are looking for is something like the Northern Lights? I wonder what the ancient people thought of the Aurora? I wonder what they called it?

    Anyway, the last few lines of that poem remind me of the fleeting-ness of human mortality…… kind of like when Fenn writes about the French soldiers’ graves hidden in the grass.

    “My splendors are menagerie;
    But their completeless show
    Will entertain the centuries
    When I am, long ago,
    An island in dishonored grass,
    Whom none but daisies know.”

    • Oh my, fate. My most treasured daydream has always been to charter a plane to fly to the airport nearest magnetic north, and having a huge dance party with friends under the Aurora.

      Surely worth the cold. The problem is timing though, who knows when the solar storms will hit?

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, I only wish the depth of my words could equal yours.

      • Just don’t whistle while you’re dancing under the light show!

        Some Native Americans believed whistling at the Aurora would cause it to sweep down and take you away. Clapping your hands, however, would cause the lights to retreat, keeping you safe…..

        If you’re using the Aurora as your blaze, then you would certainly have to be wise in order to figure out when the Kp Index hits 6+

        I don’t think looking for tree carvings requires much wisdom…… keen eyesight and some luck, yes……… but wisdom – not so much…….

        • Jason-
          Do I know you, you write very familiar to someone I use to exchange conversations with. Maybe another name? Just wondering… If not I do like the way you research and the trails you go. They lead to places that I have been in my research and info discussed in times past. If not keep going with your posts I for one find your routes interesting. Bur

          • Well, I don’t think you know me…… although I have been to many places in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe and have had many late night discussions with searchers from all over the world…….

            You weren’t the guy sitting next to me on the flight over to Lisbon were you??

    • Interesting.

      -Mattie Dickinson, the second child of Austin and Sue, later said that “Aunt Emily stood for indulgence.”

      Under “The woman in white”, second last sentence in the second paragraph.

      Austin was Emily’s brother, and very close.

      It seems to me that Forrest’s treasure hunt is paying tribute to the great poet, Emily Dickinson.

  14. Maybe the chest was the correct size and the composition was of superior quality so it would last longer in the elements(bell metal) not an expert on bronze but some last longer than others, and maybe he named it Indulgence because it anagrams to – ending- clue , of course all ,IMO

    • And also (imo), i think The chest might weigh a little more or less than 42 lbs but since were looking for the end of Forrest’s rainbow the 42 lbs worked out well as a rainbow is 42 deg.

      • And according to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the number 42 answers all questions relating to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. And make sure to bring a towel on all your journeys.

  15. The Chest is wet because it is not buried… FF said he hid it, didn’t bury it. Like Fenn, the chest probably needs the smell of rainfall, chill of snow, warmth of sunshine… Cold in the winter, still Cold to the touch in the summer…. Its out there waiting for us to walk up to it.

    I think the Bronze is a symbol of “eternity”. Bells, Chest, etc. Will last Forever. Found or Not Found…

    • Justin-
      Not certain what you are saying here..but if you are saying that Forrest said he did not bury the chest, I believe you are mistaken.
      He actually has said..and repeats this often, “I never said the chest was buried. I said I hid it. Which does not mean that it is not buried but I am unwilling to give that out as a clue right now.”
      This quote comes in various versions because he has said it a number of times and it often is just a bit different from the last time he said it. But his intent is very clear:
      He never said he buried it. He said he hid it.
      Which does not mean it is not buried.

      He has been quoted by several journalists as having said that it was buried. But he insists that he never said it was buried.

      Now…having said this, he also actually said it was buried on a radio interview. I don’t believe he intended to say that and it was clear later in that interview that he did not know he had said it…but he did, and I believe it was just a speako (like a typo but spoken rather than typed)

      You can find that interview here:
      His “speako” is at about 35 seconds into the recording

  16. The only thing that gets me is the chest has a wood liner, In the ground the moisture would riot the wood in the 1000 years. Some believe that the poem starts in water and believe that it ends in water, that being said it’s starting to sound logical to me now. In the water with low oxygen and the temperature being 30s or 40s would preserve the chest in the best way IMO. With the New Mexico ad with the WET statement made me wonder?

    • Interesting point. I wonder if the wood was ever replaced or the chest restored. If not, the wood is already over 800 years old, what’s a few more years of sitting in the elements?

    • This right here! That is what I feel is a correct assumption. Low oxygen, calm water, preserves the wood, the bronze and the contents!

  17. I think maybe he just thought it was really cool looking which it is… And I think someone else mentioned with his foundery experience he knows you have to combine Copper and Tin to make Bronze so he would have that much more appreciation for it…

    • Even if Fenn wasn’t familiar with the motifs on the box before he purchased it, I am sure that $20K later he would have researched it. How could an archeologist/historian/poet not? I’ll bet he would have found a Siege of the Castle of Love most pleasing for his treasures and memoirs. It must have been very difficult to part with. But maybe that wasn’t it’s motif.
      I think a Book of Hours is for prayers and meditations, but a Book of Days is for accounts and records. Interesting that in the fishing videos, Fenn shows some metal keys he found at San Lazaro, and he projects/hopes someday to find the Spanish trunks they go to, and that in the trunks will be accounts and records of that period. (That’s why his autobio is in the TC.)

      • OS –

        I think your theory of “Siege of the Castle of Love” is right on target. In the allegory of the siege – it says most wars are fought over love.

        And to back it up –

        If we take a look at TTOTC – there is a wedding photo – and more.

        I think he knew what the theme of the chase would be before he purchased the chest and it fits perfectly.

        • Inthechaseto-
          Your idea in the first paragraph is what I have thought about, but in a different manner. Maybe not a “war” but I believe “love” is involved in the reason. Bur

        • Hi, Luckydog. The Castle of Love…what a great idea. I found another scene of The Castle of Love carved in ivory. It’s in great condition with only a small piece missing.

          It’s nice to see that they’re not actually trying to hurt each other…which explains the love.

          “Whenever someone asks me to define love, I usually think for a minute, then I spin around and pin the guy’s arm behind his back. NOW who’s asking the questions?” — Jack Handey 🙂

          But, seriously…

          • Nice, JC,
            I hadn’t seen the ivory one! Thanks!
            I’d say f’s LOVE is for children.
            Just my opinion.

          • JC1117, thanks! I sure enjoyed reading Tolstoy’s allegorical version of Jesus Christ’s teaching from Matthew 25. That kind of love makes a big difference in our world “one heart at a time.”

        • Shield design on the beautiful Bronze chest appears to display the heraldry of the French Fleur d’lis and English Leopard. That would indicate the chest was made for royalty – Perhaps the courts of love during the Angevin dynasty. I wonder if ff was able to trace his lineage back there.

  18. Of Bronze—and Blaze—
    The North—Tonight—
    So adequate—it forms—
    So preconcerted with itself—
    So distant—to alarms—
    And Unconcern so sovereign
    To Universe, or me—
    Infects my simple spirit
    With Taints of Majesty—
    Till I take vaster attitudes—
    And strut upon my stem—
    Disdaining Men, and Oxygen,
    For Arrogance of them—

    My Splendors, are Menagerie—
    But their Completeless Show
    Will entertain the Centuries
    When I, am long ago,
    An Island in dishonored Grass—
    Whom none but Beetles—know.

    Emily Dickinson

  19. Jason you’re sharp. 🙂

    The Box/Indulgence has always had me baffled, inevitably however I’ve decided he just liked it. maybe due to it’s perfect size. A red herring/fish for folks to ponder. Maybe?

    I will say… since I thru my E-Town solve out there, that Indulgence was the name of the first Mill in E-Town. But there are so many coincidences in the Chase it’s hard to cypher the correct ones.

    For the obsessed who wish to research the 1000 year old box, I found it resembled or look like Jacobs ladder. I thought it had similarities to Templar symbols, Masonic… or of these type of Orders.

    When the BSA celebrated their (I think) 75th Jamborree at Philmont a few years back… A bunch of old folks showed up wearing both their Masonic garb along with their BSA apparel. Strange I thought, as its founders… like Lord Powell were in fact key masons… just another spoke in the wheel?

    Too, I had been told by one of the (at the time) favorite TOTC players that they were invited to Philmont to view the making of the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp, who at the time was seeing Sheryl Fenn. Huh?

    Next to Philmont is the UU Ranch. Owned by a Bob Funk. I had read somewhere that Mr. Funk once said… rounding up a prize bull was in fact his “Thrill of the Chase.” (Paraphrased) Bob Funk is reportedly one of the wealthiest men in America. A member of one of these orders… a Mason??? It left me wondering why information such as f being friends with Donald Rumsfield was put out there?

    After following this trail for some time there were coincidences galore! Too many! It was at this point, that I decided to write a second book (LOL) and started over.

    Tying it all together one wondered if f wasn’t involved with these Masonic/Orders/people or whether or not f is maybe in some way trying to re-expose the lure of the Templar treasure… lol.

    No matter…the box is interesting, and for many reasons. Maybe it’s as others have suggested, f’s Holy Grail, a box to hold the family Bible or Book of Days… or just his treasure?

    Lastly about the rainbow… It might be how one might find a pot of gold.
    A Miner’s poem describes how they would wk all day and in to the night to find their pot of gold???

    Keeping it simple!
    Mark H. Snatched by the Grizzes of the VA.

  20. I should have read the allegory first, it’s very interesting. Only the shadow knows.
    I think I’ll stick with he just liked the box for its size, because it was bronze, and knowing we would all have to spend some time researching it.
    IMO a red fish.
    Mark H.

  21. No phantom or shadow for me! Just more confusion! I do think the shadow could be a time a day thing, you might have to be standing in the right spot at the right time… that could be a tough!
    The wifee does like the Phantom of the Opera though, does that count?

    CBS News is somewhat certain that the story they shot with Forrest last month will be on tomorrow on CBS Sunday Morning. The producer told me, “Forrest hands out a new clue.”
    It is a “news” show so the story line-up can change and Forrest’s story might be dropped if something more timely needs to air. If so they would reschedule it for a following Sunday.
    The CBS web folks are already promoting the story with a video clip:

    If you need to know when CBS Sunday Morning airs in your town, look here:

    After the show airs it should be available on their web site for awhile.
    And it may be tough getting on the blog right after it airs once viewers start looking for more information.

  23. “Fortunately I talked a museum friend into selling me his beautiful cast bronze chest that had three-dimensional female figures on its four sides and on the lid.”
    Can anyone spot the ladies? I can’t , which leads me to believe that the chest art has been changed or covered under wax to preserve it.

    • This was a big topic of discussion back in the beginning. He wrote that in his book so it wasn’t a mistake at an interview or a question and answer session. Some said he just misidentified the figurines; but that was hard to believe knowing how meticulous he is.

      I don’t remember a general consensus being arrived at; and I don’t think he ever addressed the discrepancy at any of his talks. Perhaps someone can correct me on this that has a better memory of what happened. To me it wasn’t a big deal, I didn’t care what was on it, just what was in it……..But it was a little odd.

      • howdy folks, hunch here….hows every little body and evrey little thing today? im good cant complain, except for the fish this morning, wouldnt cooperate. thats ok i get em next time. anyway this here bronze box why discuss it? i had to be bronze. wooden box or concrete box aint gonna show up on your look quickly down unit.of course Fenn bein Fenn it had to be a fancy one.

        • I’m sorry, so tired, so sick of spreadsheets, is it ever over is all I want to know. I read a bit about the ages of man, that was interesting. That’s about all the productive energy I had left today.

      • I agree, it is odd. Thanks Goofy, now if only I could figure out what the new look is all about…ladders,climbing ladders,maidens in the tower,the letter H on top(could this be Home). The end of his rainbow,where Peggy is,all pillowed down and scented in.:)

    • Onuat-
      Jason posted a picture of the image that is the lid of the chest with the female figures on it, above in this chat. It is the same I found way back so I will post it for you. The female figures in the towers can be seen in the image better. I don’t think those are female figures on the four sides. What “H” on the lid? You talking about the two towers and landing across them? Most likely this image is what the bronze was cast after looks to be a “mirror image”. Bur

      • Thank you Bur,
        I can see it clearly now. Couldn’t tell by just looking at the chest. ” Mirror Image” you say….I don’t think it is a mirror image of what was there before but of something else.

  24. Wow! This is great! A recent interview. Do we know how recent? Like which day last month they spoke with Forrest?

    • Must have been right around the end of May..I met with them on the 5th and I think they had just come from the Colorado portion of the shoot..Forrest was before that..

  25. Bronze is the best choice for Indulgence, IMO. Thanks for sharing the CBS links, Dal. I want to say so much, but I better go mute for now.

  26. Wow… Hard to get on here this morning… Servers must be melting! Great interview Dal! I was hoping you were going to find the chest under that rock 🙂

    • I agree spallies, I had to try three times the it took awhile to pop up fully. Well I guess the chest is not in a “mine”, never really considered that anyway. But I do believe it is in a area with not to much sunlight. Bur

    • The server is being hammered. Hoping it doesn’t give up. I was hoping there was going to be a big blaze on that rock..It was a nice walk though..
      I am so happy they cut out all the stupid things I said.

      • LOL Dal –

        I’ll bet you didn’t really say any stupid things. I think CBS played it pretty safe in everything they said.

        Did you hear Forrest change the poem from :

        If you are brave and in the wood…
        to –
        If you were brave and in the wood….

        New hint is it is not in a mine. Good that will keep people safer.

        Great job Dal ! You looked good.

      • CBS did a nice job on the chase. You and Forrest looked really good, and that was a great looking family searching in Colorado. It look to be near Silverton-Ouray area.

      • Couldn’t get on the site for a loooong time. I wonder how many new peeps came to check out your site Dal.

        Good interviews and story but unfortunately the “new clue” didn’t mean much to me as I never thought it was in a mine. Maybe next time he’ll give a clue that will actually help me – well, I can dream!

        • I think Forrest just said the “mine” clue because there are still a lot of folks who don’t know about the “not associated with any structure” clue and he probably gets letters from folks who are looking in mines…He wanted to keep them out of the mines.

      • Yes Dal, terrific interview. Your enthusiasm in believing “there’s always a chance” each time you hit the search trail is infectious. I can’t wait to hit the trail next fall myself.

        Thank you sincerely for all you and Goofy do in administering an excellent forum.

        Thank you Mr. Fenn, Sir for the most amazing adventure!

  27. I often looked at the names of mines for hints. Not that I thought the chest would be in a mine. Just in the area. For example, the Omega mine above Placerville Colorado. Or the Hidden Treasure mine west of Lake Hopewell on 64 in New Mexico.Maybe FF didn’t exactly rule that method out. Just don’t go in there.

  28. I really enjoyed seeing the story of TOTC, on Sunday Morning! And Brimley as usual you were Awesome!!!

    And yes f said no mines but didn’t say no caves. And yes I agree, old unmaintained mines are dangerous, but spelunking is adventurous and fun! Go prepared, bring a friend, flashlight, sandwich and a big ball of string. 🙂

    And okay, I talk too much, but I should say I had already been told this by someone who called themselves a smart kid ???

    Mark H. Hoping someone finds the rainbow!

  29. Had to ask my self is this a clue? Is a mine not a man made structure? At least it is something that could help keep people safe..good coverage.

  30. I’m trying to find an original quote – Does anyone know when and where Forrest made the comment regarding . . . why not ask me how deep a hole is? It’s been a while and I cannot seem to locate it. I believe “a hole” is connected to “look quickly down” and I now think the “key” word in the poem is “quickly”. I think I figured out my error but I do not remember seeing a hole that would accommodate a 10 x 10 x 6 box.

  31. I’m disappointed that all you great writers & outdoor people did not get Field and Stream. Great story and map for those in Firehole area.10/64 F&S. I do not mean this to be mean in any way. As you can tell Im no writer. I enjoy all of you.

  32. Just learned of this treasure today.

    I would guess that the treasure is in Baja. Here’s why:

    Shortly before the book was published, a story about Kirby “Brown” dying in a sweat lodge in Sedona, AZ made the news. She died of heatstroke, which involves kidney damage (Fenn’s ailment too). I think her manner of death (when you have heatstroke you halt sweating) and the adjacent Oak Creek are both references to “warm waters.” Oak Creek eventually leads to the Gila River and then the Colorado River, which empties into the Gulf of California, which is the “canyon.” Kirby Brown’s “home” was San Jose del Cabo (she lived there and her ashes were scattered there just as the book was published). There are plenty of dry creek beds down there, which require no “paddle.” When the rains come, I bet the water is “high.”

    Now, you’re going to say, “Hey dummy! He published a map and Baja ain’t on it!” And I’ll retort, “Not so quick! The map of the Rockies is cropped so that it’s in the same shape as Baja. And guess what? Santa Fe on the Rocky map is in the same relative location as San Jose del Cabo is on the Baja map!”

    But I could be wrong. And probably am.

  33. Has anyone else heard that Forrest put an I.O.U. for $100,000 in the chest, or maybe he didn’t? (He says he may have removed it just in case it wasn’t found for so long the bank is kaput, but can’t remember if he actually removed it or not.)

    Or some strands of his hair?

    Or “another thing” he won’t reveal–possibly to verify someone’s claim of discovery?

    • The comment you’re referring to was a e-mail Fenn received and can be found on this blog… sorry i’m to lazy at the moment to go find it. IMO it was a poke at the e-mailer, but you can look it up and make that choice for yourself… You’ll have to go back a bit, it is in one of the first few e-mails posted on this blog.

      And I believe there is strands of hair in the chest as well, along with a bio so small you need a magnifying glass to read it… that tells of himself and why he did this.

      Fenn has also stated that, there is no note to be found or a safety deposit box… the chest and gold is there for the finding. The things you are mentioning, are at the very least two years plus old. And I’m going by memory, but my mind is a sharp as a tack…

      But before I go. Would you please be so kind as to point me in the direction of my home?

    • I suspect the person fortunate enough to find Indulgence in the wild will be pleasntly surprised and thrilled when they first open the lid, not by all that was mentioned before the chase started, but by what was not mentioned and is to be discovered there. I think that FF is that kind of guy.

  34. The hair is in the jar with his bio. I never heard of the IOU. I read that he put something else in, but did not reveal what it was.

  35. After listening to the interviewe from yesterday in Sante Fe, I learned some new (at least to me), though not terribly important, information. And now that I repeat it, maybe I did hear or read about it earlier. But Forrest stated that there is 20.2 Troy pounds of gold in the chest PLUS all the necklaces, bracelets and gems. He also mentioned golden leopard claws, which I had not heard before.

    So, has anyone done an inventory of all the things that have been mentioned as being in the chest?

    • swwot-
      Forrest won’t mention everything in the chest. Keeping mum about the precise contents keeps fakers from being able to say what is in the chest when they say, “they found it”.
      The person who actually finds it will know exactly what is in it. The rest of us will not.
      But we do know that when it’s opened it will look a great deal different than the photos of it that Forrest has released and we have all looked at. Those pics show mostly gold coins and gold objects…but there are many gemstones and gemstone laden objects including bracelets, necklaces and other items that make the chest “eye-popping” when opened.
      Forrest has often repeated several items that are in the chest and there is a pretty good list on the post called “What’s it Worth”

      Forrest also found some pics on an old hard drive of many of the items in the chest and shared them with us. His photos and descriptions can be found under the menu item called “Forrest Shares”, which is above in the right hand column…and then click on “Treasures Bold”.

  36. Does anyone else think F hid more than the chest?

    1. Bronze chest
    2. Cache of gold coins

    I want prize 1 and 2 any thoughts?

  37. Why the wide variety in value? I’ve seen estimates from 1-7 million. I wonder if F would be willing to put forth a guesstimate.

    • Attention-
      Forrest has been asked to do that a number of times and he will not do it. He claims that he is not certain of the value of all the items inside for one reason and also that the price of gold fluctuates which affects the value of the contents of the chest. By the way..his answers to this and many hundreds of other questions you may have could be in the interviews and writings posted on this blog and others. It would behove you to spend some time researching what has already been revealed by Forrest. There is much more available than just nine clues…so please grab a note pad and pencil and look around, take notes and pay attention to what other searchers are saying here…you can learn a lot and avoid making the same mistakes the rest of us have already made.

      • Here…here…..

        On that same note, Dal, does the search field pull up all posts associated to the key words I input?

        Thanks for all your work on the site.

        • It’s supposed too…but what it actually does is sometimes a mystery to me…
          I get different results when using an internet search on the blog…than I do when using the included search mechanism…
          They reveal different things…
          The provided search mechanism does not look at comments…only posts… and keywords that I associated with those posts…

          WordPress does not offer a way to search the comments except as an administrative tool. I don’t know certainly would be useful to all..

          • I’m with ya. I’ve heard about the limitations in WordPress before.

            But thanks for ecplaining the system a little, at least Now we all know what are the parameters.

            Best of luck to you sir,

  38. Does anyone else look at “your spot” everyday on Google Maps where you believe the TC is or am I starting to become obsessed? lol, I have way too much downtime at work.

      • At least I don’t do this on the weekends, only when I’m at work and there’s nothing to do so guess I’m not obsessed yet.

        • bookworm, I think your time would be better spent
          reading these forums, looking for supporting info
          that bolsters or weakens your solve. Works for me (nothing but bolsters! I hit the trail soon!).

          The above us just my opinion. Yours may differ.

          Good luck in your search. Please be safe.

  39. In my opinion google earth is a waste of time, its nice and I use it. But it really only confirms what you already know. I use it to check elevations and distance any more and that’s about it. Trying to find your blaze with it is a waste of time IMO.

    • I appreciate you expressing your opinion and I didn’t think I’d find a blaze using google maps either when I first started searching. In my 1st solve I found all 8 clues but not the 9th clue, the blaze, using Google Maps. I figured I’d have to go check it out to find the blaze and the TC of course.

      After reading TTOTC one story in particular jumped out of the pages more than all the others. Then while at work I had a random thought pop up, pulled up Google Maps, and took a measurement. Then I rotated that measurement and couldn’t believe where it landed. I had to switch my solve a little but my 2nd solve landed in the same vicinity as the first.

      About a week later I was checking out the surrounding area and saw that weird looking mark on the ground so I zoomed in. I sent Dal an email of it and it’s posted in Photo Album #12.

      I won’t know till I get there in April if the TC is below that blaze (not buried) but I was planning on going there anyway so I will look.

      All opinions are welcome and sorry I can’t be more specific right now, that will come in April-May 2016. Nice thing I like about myself is I’m never afraid to admit to being wrong 🙂

    • JL, I found google earth quite helpful. But I also used mapquest,
      read TTOTC a whole bunch of times, and read the poem dozens of times. I can recite it by heart (possibly without knowing all the exact punctuation, though).

      Google earth helped me identify the blaze. Mapquest won’t
      show it.

      This is all just a short commentary. I’ll spare you all the details
      about the blaze at this time, although shortly after my next search
      trip, I’ll want to blab a lot about the blaze, and why it’s been so
      difficult for folks to identify/find.

      The above is just my opinion. Yours may differ.

      Good luck to all searchers. Please be safe.

  40. I don’t need any specifics and a person should keep them to themselves, I understand what you are saying. I come up with Ideas through out the day that I go to the internet with before I loose track of that thought. Everyone is at a different place with their solves and its hard to talk about without giving up too much information, It’s always nice to have confirmation but not at the price of giving the spot away. Sooner or later one person is going to be right, why not you or me. I think if a person is afraid of being wrong is not the type that would be searching in the first place. Good luck to you.

  41. Whilst ruminating on how I will transport the chest back to the truck, I got to wondering….how much did Forrest consider the actual act of finding the chest?

    Did Forrest leave the backpack or ? he carried the contents in (for the convenience of the discoverer). (He carried the chest and the contents separately.)

    Did he drape a sack over it or something to keep bugs and grit out? (Obviously, I am in the not buried camp.)

    Did he leave the contents sorted for easy packing? e.g. Is the gold dust in an unbreakable container?

    Did he leave a note?

    I have never seen these questions addressed. Have you?

  42. This all reminds me of one of my favorite songs by Led Zeppelin:

    (please forgive the creative editing)

    There’s a man who is sure
    All that glitters is gold
    And he’s buying a stairway to heaven
    When he gets there he knows
    If the stores are all closed
    With a word he can get what he came for
    Ooh ooh ooh ooh and he’s buying a stairway to heaven
    There’s a sign on the wall
    But he wants to be sure
    ‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings…….

    IMO, in a nutshell.


  43. I’ve seen comments frequently that the chest interior is made of wood, mainly in guesses to the meaning of “in the wood”.

    I’m not so sure that it is.

    At Jenny’s site ff is quoted in replying to a question:
    “When I was ready to put the olive jar that contained my autobiography and two of my hairs in the treasure chest I studied the lid. It was made of tin coated steel, which is not easily oxidized in air or water. Over time those characteristics can break down.”
    “Although I am not ready to say the treasure is not in water, I certainly didn’t want moisture to enter the jar.”

    Looking at the lid in the picture at the top of this page (closed), it looks like the same bronze as the rest of the chest. Moreover, tin plated steel could not be cast as it is, I don’t believe.

    But looking at a picture of the open chest such as on Dal’s front page
    Leads me to think ff was talking about the interior box. That inside view appears more like tarnish.

    And looking at the interior sides, there’s some shiny reflection of the gold. So that also seems to be made of the “tin coated steel”.

    This is a process called “tinplate”.

    Tinplate was a process held secretly in Bohemia until it spread to England in 1620.
    But this chest is supposed to be older than that. So either it was made in Bohemia, or the tinplate steel was purchased and shipped elsewhere.

    The battle scene depicts crenelated walls, and the attackers using ladders, while the defenders “man” the tops.
    There’s supposed to be females on the sides. I don’t see it, but I think I might detect a pair of female breasts on the right figure, top of wall, front side.
    (Something about the movie “Young Frankenstein” and the scene with “Wow, what knockers!” fits well here. But that’s besides the point.)

    If there are females in this battle, it’s most likely Amazon warriors.
    The Amazon’s origins are a bit of a mystery. But one possible location is in Turkey.
    To add to that thought, those circular posts with the “rings” around look very much like a Turkish thing. But not necessarily.

    This chest is a very interesting thing, regardless of the true meanings of it’s design.

    • Regarding the exterior of the chest, I came across this at some point:

      It appears to have been designed to depict the “The Attack on the Castle of the Church By the World”. The above link talks about a number of artworks of similar themes, but this one is the closest match.

      • That’s a possibility, Jeremy.
        A closer look at the chest would be really nice. If those are flowers and etc. on the top, it would seem to indicate there’s a relationship there.

          • Sandy, there’s some subtle differences with that chest overall.
            You can see them best at the end of the video.

            While4 I see a lot of dimensional differences, the big thing I see is on the top of the lid.
            FF’s chest lid had 5 rings on the pillars. They are double rings, but distinctly 5 sets evenly spaced out and clear.

            This video’s lid has 9 rings, some double and some not, on the right pillar.
            And on the left pillar there are 10. It’s clear that there’s an extra ring on that left pillar in between the 2nd and the third rings of the other pillar.

            The color is off, but I think that could be fixed with some work.

            I’d be leery of someone selling “Fenn’s TC” in Ebay. 🙂

    • Bob,
      The quote you reference is about F sealing the autobiography in a glass olive jar with a standard twist on lid before placing it in the chest…., not the chest itself. He has mentioned the olive jar and the sealing process several times. So this quote has nothing to do with the interior of the chest.

      I’m not sure why many speculate it’s lined with wood. I don’t think f has ever confirmed that.

      • If you read that quote as I posted it, you’ll see:
        “I studied the lid. It was made of tin coated steel” in there.

        That’s what I’m getting at.
        I’m interested in Cholly’s link about it being “lined with wood” in the previous reply as I haven’t seen anything from ff on that.

    • I think that it’s the olive jar that has a “tin plated lid” . . .
      The bronze chest has a bronze lid. All just my opinion.

      Good luck in your search. Please stay safe.

  44. I think they key to everything is the weight of the chest. Forest mentions several times its gonna be something he dosen’t expect anyone o find in the next 100 years or so, and few times he mentions that it could be a couple thousands years, what changes in that kind of time frame? Bodies of water, also keep in mind one of the clues” Your efforts will be worth the cold. That chest is at the bottom of some body of water.

    • Travis,
      I agree the chest is under water & let’s not forget the look quickly down line.
      Why else would you have to look quickly down unless your holding your breath while looking?

    • I could not agree more. Waterfalls have been important to Forrest. Doesn’t he have one in his back yard? I think I read that somewhere. Look below the water fall, where waters flow more quietly, and there it will be. (I hope)

      Just my opinion, but one I hope to make a fact soon.

      Take care, good luck and TRY to STAY SAFE


  45. in reality… why the “chest” at all? why buy it for this purpose? why put things in it? FF could have just as easily put things in a hobo oiled canvas cloth or better yet a hide, tie it up and go hid that.

    • I keep wondering about the “why” of the chest myself.
      I’ve become convinced that the chest design is indeed about the “The Attack on the Castle of the Church By the World”.

      Good job by whoever figured that out.

      But how does that relate to this treasure hunt? Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s Forrest’s age-ed philosophy and wisdom (I think at the least), maybe it’s a hint. I don’t know.

      But I like it. It really fits well into this whole thing.

      • B Bob, what I want to know is when are you planning to hit the trail? It’s Ohio right?
        I don’t mean to gloat, but what if you pick me up at the bus station?

        • Yep, Ohio it is. The land of the buckeye nuts. 🙂

          My problem is getting my car fixed and in condition for such a long trip.
          But I’ll be going this month yet, for at least my first foray.

          My first effort I will go alone, just for the adventure of it. It’s a pretty safe area, all things considered. And I just can’t resist the adventure of going it alone under these conditions.
          And just to say, I’m not prone to being rash due to greed, nor do I seek fame. I mean, who cares if people remember my name? They’d probably misspell it anyways. 😀
          I’d prefer they remember the adventure, that’s the best part of it all.

          But maybe I’m all wet and on the wrong trail. In that case, it’s a good thing no one remembers my name. Ha!

  46. Here’s one thing I find a bit perplexing. Fenn said (I think he said this… correct me if I’m wrong) that whoever finds the treasure will have gone in with “confidence.” That, to me, indicates that whoever actually solves the poem will know everything before trekking to the spot.

    It would seem that, to anyone who is genuinely confident, the solve will be so unmistakably telling that they’ll know exactly the beginning to the end.

    Not only will they be extremely confident of where to start, but they will also know exactly every subsequent turn that leads them all the way to the blaze. And they will know exactly what the blaze is and what it looks like. They won’t be guessing in the least. Otherwise, how will one be confident? Guessing instills no confidence.

    If we think we won’t see the blaze until we’re boots-on-the-ground onsite, how would we be confident going in? If we don’t know what the blaze is beforehand, the probability of failure is extraordinarily high. If we don’t know what the blaze is beforehand, from whence would our confidence come? If we’re sitting in our living room and we don’t know exactly what the blaze is, why would we think we’ve solved it correctly? If we don’t know what the blaze is, why would we ever leave our living room? 🙂

    Is Fenn just messing with our confidence? 🙂

    • Dave he didn’t say where you would go confidently from. Perhaps you have to be at the location to figure it out; once you do you will proceed with confidence.

    • Dave;

      You make a very interesting point. The actual quote, from the cheat sheet above is as follows,: ” “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental”.

      I am in total agreement, that if the searcher does not know “everything” about the poem BEFORE he puts boots on the ground, he/she can not be confident.

      My first solve in Wyoming, I had no blaze, and therefore I had no confidence. Since then, I have had three subsequent solves in the same general area. I have had a Blaze for each of these solves, and I was full of confidence. Two have not worked, despite my confidence.

      In about two weeks, I will test my third solve, and I am VERY confident that at last, I have it solved. True confidence, or false confidence? Only time will tell,

      Each solve has been a THRILL. Each solve has been made up of several adventures. If this one does not work, I am confident that someday my confidence will be rewarded – or at least I hope so. Did I just show a lack of confidence? I hope not.

      Good luck in your search – may you find all that you seek, and TRY to STAY SAFE.


    • Dave ,

      I understand what you’re saying but, that hasn’t worked for me. On my first five trips I was guessing at what represented the blaze before I left home. Upon getting there, no chest at any of the locations. So I used the remainder of my time there to scout around and gather as much info as I could.

      Before leaving for trip number six, I went back to the poem and the book and let them “tell” me what I was looking for, instead of trying to guess. The poem and the book revealed to me “what” I needed to be looking for (so I thought), so I checked my map and sure enough, there it was.

      So, I moved with total confidence and took trip number six. Upon arrival, I walked straight to what I “knew” must be the blaze I was looking for.

      Sure enough, there it was, clear as a whistle.

      I even found an “F” that appeared to have been there for a very long time.

      The poem and hints from the book had pointed me to this exact spot.

      Still, no chest.

      That causes me to believe that there is something that I need to figure out after getting to “my” blaze.

      The odds against finding the chest are certainly very high.
      The odds of finding this “F”, after following my interpretation of the poem and hints from the book, would seem to be even higher.

      Oh what a tangled web that f has weaved . . .

      I believe that you can only move with confidence after arriving on scene. I could be wrong. It wouldn’t be the first time.

      Good luck to you, sir.

      • Dave ,

        The flip side of the coin would also seem to suggest that there is still something else that needs to be figured out before I leave home.

        • RT

          What is it that you have to do once you are at the blaze? If you say look down at your feet, In my humble opinion, that is the thing that you need to figure out. It is my belief that looking at your feet will NOT disclose the location of the TC. If you take the words “look quickly down” literally, this is telling you HOW to look, not WHERE to look.

          You must learn WHERE to look – at least in my opinion.

          Good luck in figuring it out – JDA

          • JDA ,

            I totally agree JD. Looking down, as in “toward the ground” did not work for me.
            Me and my grand-daughter literally crawled around on our hands and knees looking down. We covered at least a forty-foot radius doing this.

            “Look quickly down” has escaped any satisfactory interpretation for me, for a few months now.

            I’ve not been satisfied with any interpretation that I have come up with , thus far.

            Those three words are where I am now totally dedicating my efforts.

    • Dave – I think this statement from f is worth considering in your question of a confidence and going only once you have a solid, unmistakably correct solve:

      Sage says don’t try and carry it home in one trip

      Some may see it as don’t try and carry the 42 lbs back to your car in one trip because you’ll hurt yourself, but f doesn’t say “car”, he says “home”. I think this can just as well mean don’t expect and think you are going to have this solved correctly and do it in one trip. Considering f’s penchant to create word statements that stuff multiple meanings into one statement, I readily accept that he means both these thoughts, not either or.

      Q. In your mind, who would be the best person or family to find this treasure?
      A. A family that is joined together and going out looking for the treasure 4, 5, or 10, or 50
      times. Take a tent and sleeping bags, and your fishing pole and go out looking. That was my
      primary motive. (6:40)

      f created this whole thing to get people out in the mountains and enjoy all that nature has to offer, not for a person to solve it sitting on their butt at home and then going out one time to pick it up, missing everything about this very special place he has left his chest.

      As far as confidence goes, the only thing I am confident at is that which I have a lot of experience with. I think that the person who finally figures out the poem and finds the chest will do so after having gone multiple times to the location and finally put it all together, then they will walk confidently to the chest once it has all come together.

      “I said in my book that the solution will be difficult but not impossible. If it was easy anyone
      could do it. Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with their imagination. I have done
      only a few things in my life that were truly planned. Hiding the treasure chest is one of them.
      And at the end, the one who finds the gold will not feel lucky, but instead, will ask himself, “what took me so long?”

    • Hi CD.

      I think I can answer your questions about confidence in a rather easy way.

      One could to with confidence if they have been in an area that they found to be a solve, and then after being there and then leaving, they could determine errors,in their solve, if it was incorrect. Thus, they could return to that time place, if the blaze was found previously.

      So it is possible. One needs to have confidence going in (initial search), and it would also be assured one would have it after they try subsequent times.

      Eventually, this “elimination process” should lead one to the treasure with confidence.

      If course….IMO.


  47. A large group of people in Texas gathered to pray. They had not had rain in 6 months. There were 150 people gathered there in total. Only one 5 year old girl brought an umbrella.

    She was really the only one with true faith. maybe the confidence we need to have is kind of like that.

  48. RT,
    In my solve I use a synonym of quickly. To me it means look rapidly down, or look down towards the rapids. Hope this might help.

    • The “down” = downstream – towards your rapids works nicely. Look = Examine so – Examine something downstream towards the rapids. Would work. JDA

      • Or the blaze is something you found by looking up… Something painted on the ceiling of an overhang or at the top of a cliff/wall. But ‘Rapids’ works nicely.

  49. Thanks everyone who responded to my post on “confidence.” All of you have incredible insight. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s input. I love this group of peeps. 🙂

  50. Thinking that the Blaze might consist of air, water and glass; displaying a kind of mirrored reflection effect.

    Insofar as the infamous bronze chest is concerned; it would not surprise me if a ‘lock-box’ is the initial item found, with a few other steps required before physical, treasures becomerevealed.

    Just thinking out loud.


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