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    • I to believe the chest to be in New Mexico! I have found a location that’s fits all nine clues and will soon be checking it out!

    • @Danny-boy – I’m still working through much of this at the moment with Taos general area, but it seems to me like what he’s saying with “answer” is that we need to drive (buscar) toward Relica Peak area (“answer” is also “réplica” in Spanish), perhaps up near Wheeler (“tired”). Twining seems to fit his “rope” and “string” and “knots” subliminals. Still lots of work “todo”.

  1. Have any of you considered hints in SB107? It’s been driving me crazy for the past two years. Look at the name on the envelope U Puceet. Could Fenn be saying “up-you-see-it”. Like look up to see a nest? Like Eagle Nest? This was mentioned in the 300+ comments under the Scrapbook post but there are new searchers since then and they might have missed it.

    • Cynthia—-

      I’m not sure why but SB107 makes me think of “venting”. The five is folded at the “ve”–same with the letter. The corner of the five is bent. Things are set down in a “V” shape. The pen and cap are in a “V:”–pen and point. And Forrest “vents” by using words like “stupid” and “idiot”. I could be way off base with all of this though—it’s just what comes to mind.

      • I love scrapbook 107.
        That pen and letter will make u think.
        Look at the white tip of it
        And the dark background
        Look at the stamp.
        Look at the 5 dollar bill and that arch which looks like a rainbow. From the tip to the stamp
        North to the south 😉
        I’m so becoming a genius;) lol ha ha ha.

    • Puce et is French. The special corner on this version of the fin is purple, bigger, and has embedded USA FIVE in small letters. Florence means flower. In 1921, Los Cinco Pintores was formed in Santa Fe.

      All of those above are just facts. Form your own conclusions. But the theme of this thread is Looking in NM. Because I am now looking in NM, I now see NM in lots of things Fenn says.

      Another thought to help spot sprinkled hints might be to correlate concepts from My War For Me (starting at page 76) to concepts in other chapters, or in other content he has published such as on the blogs or in interviews. My War For Me appears to be his original TTOTC without overt mention of hiding the treasure. I speculate this was intended to be his roadmap legacy for his family and friends, for him to choose his own path to the afterlife just as his father chose his own. Such a hypothesis then concurs with others here suggesting NM seems to make the most sense, especially if his circle surrounds him in Santa Fe. Northern NM is close enough to get to on short notice, and it’s close enough for loved ones to be familiar with the surrounding areas. It is less probable for me to believe he did this for the masses. It is more probable to believe that the broader boundary restrictions just sort of evolved on their own in the aftermath, when the masses started to multiply with random d-bags like me.

      An example of a possible connection between My War For Me and other chapters might include the horse’s name in Looking For Lewis and Clark, compared to the mention of Operation Arc Light. Both of these may then allude to the NM state seal as a hint where to confine the search boundaries. There are many other commonalities, including gravestones, epitaphs, chicken references, fishing references, card game terms (like poker, meld, etc.), foundry terms, (like meld, medals, and horseshoes), a paperboy, the word “caper”, and perhaps other buried connections that were important enough to expand and repeat.

      Food for thought.

      • I’ve wondered if the name on the envelope wasn’t a play on the expression “une puce à l’oreille” (flea in your ear), which can be mean ‘a broad hint’.

      • And of course (as I’m sure others have pointed out) if you search 1921 Wilderness is brings you to Aldo Leopold and the Carson National Forest. I like up-u-see-it and think that is a brilliant observation. Previously, I was in the camp of Tee cup and sipping tea with Olga. After all, if you draw a direct line from the Santa Fe airport to Taos Mountain you are flying over the Carson (and a few other choice spots) P.S. I see the 5$ bill as a map tool – it fits right on the map just where you think it might. A U shape bend in the road, or canyon…use your imagination. And then the pen and cap line up. The bright pink color of the 5$ bill fits the right map. Forks, anyone? Or shall we just use our fingers.

    • Cynthia– I don’t know if this helps but I think that post was a tribute to Armistice Day. Walter “Looney” Crayton was believed to have fought in the 1921 Wilderness Battle. His poor wife had to fight for years to get his pension and eventually lived with a very interesting man. You can view the records on Ancestry.com (I have a few trees up for public view of the fenn history on different branches with links to the documents if youre interested) you can even read her letters to the government ‘offocials’. I think there was a parade in Santa Fe on the day that scrapbook was most likely written, as well as a police hunt for a bank robbery suspect, and another man arrested for going the wrong way on the fork of I-25 (at least from what I saw in the local papers)….im not sure that the BMV would be open on a holiday anyhow but this may help shed some light on a few of the “miscommunications” in the scrapbook…which, judging by its contents, and some articles from the Santa Fe New Mexican from that day, I am assuming that scrapbook was writted/or posted “a day late”.

      • Jonsey, That was very insightful. Never considered all that. I thought the 1921 Wildernes (s) referenced an article written by Aldo Leopold called 1921 Wilderness. He became the supervisor of The Carson National Forest a few years later.

        • It may well, I just assumed battle of the wilderness because it looked like a Vets day scrapbook and his relative being Walter and all seemed a fit. Back when it came out I’d checked the Santa Fe paper that day and saw the stories of the day before with the bank robber being persued tying up the roads everywhere and the other guy going the wrong way were the headlines. So when I saw “you’d think I’d robbed a bank” and ‘the importance of things going on the right direction’ it just seemed like maybe he wrote it the next morning (the 12th) while reading the paper. Maybe all just a total coincidence, who knows.

          • Very perceptive. The “you’d think I robbed a bank” makes a lot of sense when considering the events of that day.

          • Jonsey, I hate to admit it but what you say really makes sense. Why do you think he put the word “location” in quotation marks. After Jenny Kill posted his weekly words in Feb 2016 that said “Your destination is small, but it’s location is huge. ff”, I went back to this Scrapbook and tried to analyze it for “the big picture’. He has said many times, “Look at the big picture” and I was hoping SB107 was his riddle/map of the “big picture”. Now I think I was wrong and you are right. Thanks.

      • @DG – no, but I see a telephone cord “Twining” up… and hints of homonyms begin suggested with “write” instead of “right” and his choice of “Homo Sapien”. And possibilities for spoonerisms and wordplay. And he seems to be hinting or emphasizing the Spanish word “tonto”, which also means “moron”… so why not make the imaginative leap to a spoonerism for “moreno” and the valley found in northern NM?

    • “U Puceet” could have one other explanation.

      “There’ll be no paddle UP yoUr CrEEk, JusT…”

      Just throwing that out there. 🙂

  2. I think NM is way too close to home.
    It’s a good place to live.
    The treasure was obviously in this state at one time & knowing Forrest likes challenges, why would he keep it here?
    That’s not a challenge.

    • Jake, (You said why would he keep it here?) Because he hid the treasure at the same “special place” he had planned to commit suicide at beside the treasure chest. I’m not sure how much of a challenge he wanted if he’d have stayed sick and gone there to die. Would he have wanted to have to drive to Montana? Maybe, though, don’t know. Just my opinion.

      • cynthia,
        I can say for sure if I lived in or near any of the 4 states, I would search them first but this may be only because of proximity.

        Seeing I live in Florida for the time being, us out of stater’s are far away, I think we look at things differently.

        I see the hints in his books as being areas & Montana & Wyoming are mentioned more than NM.

        Why does he refer himself as 13 years old & what areas did he dwell in then? Texas, Wyoming & Montana.

        New Mexico came later in life & a nice place to live but I would think you would want to die where your fondest childhood memories lay.
        That’s how I feel anyway.

        • If forrest told someone to go back to the first two clues jake does that mean he got one and two right and work on there third clue ???? Whats your thought

          • I read your 1st comment a few mins ago & wondered what the 1st 2 clues are.
            You will have to sift through your emails to see what corresponds.

            I would have to say without a doubt that the 3rd clue is wrong if you gave him that info.

            What are or were you 1st 2 clues?

            Another thought is the 1st 2 clues are joined or the second clue is a no brainer after getting the 1st clue.

            Why have many gotten the first clue but not the 3rd…..

          • So i think its pretty point blank this person who got this email from forrest got one and two And not three a few years ago

          • I would say that is a likely scenario Diggin,
            I would also have to say that the 3rd clue is a trap.
            Get on past the 3rd clue & move on.

            Why does he say he’s not certain of people getting the 3rd clue?

          • He later says people may have gotten the first 4. And someone posted that onWikipedia and if that person got the first two in 2013 they were not in new mexico But could of been wyoming colo or montana

      • What if the chest is in NM, but the clues lead to say Wyoming? I posted a “what if” regarding this just now in the 9 clues section.

        Of course, it is only my opinion, but it seems very possible and also solves many questions searchers have had for years.

    • If Mr. Fenn was hinting that the searcher in question should return to the first two clues, maybe it’s because they were wrong and the third was correct? Or maybe Mr. Fenn was having a bit of fun? He’s told everyone he isn’t going to help searchers, and comments that suggest he’s doing so with a select few call into question his integrity.

      • I dont think u know the ole coot very well Integrity dont describe him i think alot of the ole codger but integrity is not in the thrill of the chase He is a unique individial who makes his own rules Kinda makes it fun picking out all the lies and throwing bannanas down left and right

  3. Jake,

    I’ve gone back and forth on NM for a while now. I’m not looking there, but there is one thing he did that makes me wonder if the treasure was originally meant just for those in the general vicinity. He put the book, in a very small, out-of-the-way bookstore in New Mexico; no where else.

    I kind of feel he might have left the chest, and the poem, for the locals to find. Sort of a “giving back” gesture. Sometimes I wonder if he could have possibly predicted the Chase would have grown as big as it has.

    Scott W.

    • Scott—-

      That’s a very interesting thought.

      But my Grandma said to me in a dream: “Listen Honey, it ‘s been moved twice already. It started out in New Mexico. But the darn thing’s in Wyoming right now. Go get it before he moves it to Montana”.

      I’ve been concentrating on Wyoming for the time being. I might center on Montana next year though. 🙂

    • Scott, I totally agree with you for that being a valid point to the treasure chest residing in NM. Didn’t he also say that he had only 1000 copies printed the first time and gave many of them away to all his friends because he was afraid no one would buy them? On top of that, he came to NM to heal both physically and mentally after retiring from the military. I think he was trying to “give back” to the people of Santa Fe. IMO.

      • I hope not. That would mean there is only an “answer” (one state) and not “answers” (two or more states)–and the poem needs to be changed back to the singular “answer” once again.

    • Scott–

      The more I think about what you said the more I am beginning to think you’re right. If the treasure really had been buried “in the Rockies” it would have been stated as such from the beginning.

      But it started out very small with “buried in the mountains north of Santa Fe” being the original instructions. I believe however a car was rented in Texas and driven to New Mexico (I have my reasons for believing this) and back.

      I often say “the darn thing’s in Wyoming”, but I have come to the realization it is not far from where Forrest lives, and he could easily drive there in an afternoon.

      • Perhaps he’d prefer to fly from Santa Fe to Taos instead of making the drive. Or Angel Fire. Or Raton. Asking the question does not exclude these.

  4. It’s not that I have a problem, with helping out, it’s that I don’t “really” know, how “it” all works, so, I can sort of figure out, some solves, that wouldn’t be correct, but, like, if I want to “work” on “something” related, to the book, is that permissible?

    • May I suggest that you go to the top of any thread, like this one, and read the “rules” and the “Cheat Sheet”, and the Fundamentals sections. This will help you navigate a little better. Read, and learn. On the right of each thread are LOTS of individual threads that you should spend some time with…especially the Searcher’s discussions. Here is a complete list of the threads – read as many as you can. This will give you insight into what other searchers think about various subjects. Hope that this helps. JDA

  5. A couple of posters here, including Cynthia, have inspired me to write-up my solution from this last summer when I did BOTG in northern New Mexico. I didn’t find the chest, but I never made it to my intended target location. So the specific spot remains unsearched, so far as I know.

    Ken (in Texas)

  6. IMO…if the treasure is in NM, with so many searching that state, and the length of time ..5 yrs. you guys could have turned over every rock in the state.So whats missing here?

  7. Quick question to the other NM’ers.

    When considering search boundaries in NM, do you believe it is appropriate to limit to just Rio Arriba and Taos counties? Or is there an argument to include Colfax and San Juan?

    • E.C. Waters … mostly it’s Taos and Rio Arriba. But one might also want to research northern Sandoval and northeastern San Juan Counties. I have never even bothered with Colfax County, though I suppose one could.

      Ken (in Texas)

    • I often search areas in Colfax County…Cimarron Canyon, east of Eagle Nest, eastern section of Valle Vidal, Vermejo Ranch, Elliott Barker Wildlife Management Area. Some of what I just mentioned is in the Carson National Forest.

        • Datil is way south of Santa Fe. I mean, it’s south of I-40 so south of Albuquerque too, which is neither here nor there, but it is a pretty area and not far from Pie Town.

          • Kind of interesting. I remember Sheldon Renan, author of “Treasure ( in search of my the golden horse)” saying that Dr. Crypton (Paul Hoffman), who created the puzzle years ago, originally had two places in mind at first to bury the horse: Riddle, Oregon, and Pietown, NM.

            They wound up burying it in Tennessee Pass, CO., but I find it very interesting that the clues would lead anyone to Pietown.

            I have noted many strange correlations between that hunt and this one. Many of the clues in that book (floating kites, gloves, the owl at the end, the warm wind,etc) are very close to hints given in this one. That truly intrigues me very much.

    • SL, Thanks for sharing this link. You just solved “And hint of riches new and old.” and maybe home of Brown. Maybe Eagle Nest was named for this small Mexican Brown eagle, which fits my aforementioned SB107 envelope name U Puceet (up-you-see-it.) Or not.

      • Another possibility for Eagle Nest is to explore its origination as a PO stop, and the name of Talmadge Neal’s daughter. He named his PO stop “Therma” after her, which as you, know the etymology implies this is where some warm waters will halt.

        • I think “crag” means eagles nest too. I was searching by Mt. Saints John and had a pretty cool, yet fruitless, solve/search a few years back. Out in the Tetons past Jenny Lake, Mystic, String Lakes etc. is a really neat “Lake in the Crags” I believe at one point I found it meant Eagles Nest but could be remembering wrong.

          • timw- id followed a ferry ride across jenny lake which passes a certain “Brown” home. Id seen the view depicted in a painting and decided to start there in real life. From there I just followed trails and clues in the book up through the string lakes etc just doing what the poem seemed to say. it lead to Mt Saints John (at least thats where I decided at the time it did) and nestled in there was an old glacial “Lake in the Crags” I googled Crag and saw about eagles nest. wasnt looking for a “crag”…the lake drew me due to an avialtion anomalie but id laughed at the “Eagle has Landed” pun, so I just happened to remember it when I saw the nest discussion.

  8. I strongly believe the road in the very NW upper corner has the clues nailed. Brown, canyon down waters hault a large water container with pipes and clearly an old old tub. An abandoned old car. just west of the overpass. You find a tall metal sign with the name Brown. Look down and you see an old house a dry canyon. I saw a snake and some bear leavings which caused me to leave way too early but there the treasure still lies.

  9. I am an armchair searcher so I will throw something out to all of you looking in New Mexico.
    Forrest said you can smell pinyon nuts and sagebrush from the spot of the treasure.
    Below is the pinion map of New Mexico
    Below is the sagebrush map in New Mexico

    If you blow them up and match them up to a map of New Mexico, you will narrow your search area quite a bit.
    It looks to me that up by Taos is the most likely spot.

    • As I research more areas… and other peoples solves I am finding out a lot of these areas and the searchers solves actually fit the poem… which leads me to believe that maybe Fenn wrote the poem to fit a lot of the areas in the rockies.. So people would visit all the states and enjoy what each has to offer its the area he don’t talk about is the one I think the chest would be …”a non-fiction writer has to be right only 85% of the time”

  10. 1idwillhe,

    I agree. It’s been an awesome ride through times and places of generations past. That Flyer sure is a great professor!


  11. I emailed F a yr or so ago…explained my theory of why he hid treasure in NM. I explained that with all the trespassing and trouble the thousands of searchers were causing in NM and the authorities were not to happy with his can of worms he opened, F added “Rocky” to his previous clue of, “hidden in the mountains N of Santa Fe…” to spread out the searchers and get them out to other beautiful places. The “off the couch” idea came later. So I was basically asking him if THAT’S why he added “Rocky”…
    He curtly replied, “They are synonymous, Donna.” (The same)
    I wanted to rebuttal…I know they are the same but WHY did you say “mountains” first, then a YEAR later, say “Rocky”?!
    I never got the courage to ask. I slunk away with my tail between my legs, dully chastised by the great F, himself.
    Later, I realised what he said and why. Now my target is NM.

    • SL, thank you for sharing that link! What an amazing woman. I found her fathers school very interesting. I actually went to a similar school for a couple of years ( I was allowed even though I’m a girl. Long story). Those were the best years of school for me!
      I gotta get that book!

  12. I’ve enjoyed reading: Enduring Acequias, a book by Juan Estevan Arellano. I have learned so much from this book about the land and the water in New Mexico. I’d recommend this book to any New Mexico searcher.

    • Has anyone read “remember our predecessors” by Juan Esteban Arellano. It explains the landscape and why it was named as it is. Its really worth reading. When I download the article there is a page missing. I read it a few years ago and it was all there, but when I went to download it a page is missing. If anyone has luck finding the full article could you please post it for every one to read. IMO this article will give everyone a lot of helpful information on their quest for the chest.

  13. Is there somewhere that FF said that the Tres Piedras area is not anyway connected to the poem? It seems that I read that on this website but after extensive searching, I have not found it again. I have read the Tewa Connection by Dal and find it very interesting. Good luck to everyone !

    • tk-
      After Nick and I searched in Tres Piedras we went to see Forrest in Santa Fe so Nick could film an interview with him. When we walked in, Forrest asked where we had been searching. We told him Tres Piedras and Forrest replied “That’s a dumb place to search.” or something similar. I no longer remember his exact words. He did not say that the treasure wasn’t there. He didn’t say that we shouldn’t look there. He just made a derogatory remark about how ill-suited Nick and I were to figure out where the chest was hidden. I felt at the time that he was just giving us a hard time…playing with us… as friends do. On the other hand, I haven’t searched again in that location.
      It does seem to me his exact quote was somewhere and that is probably what you read…but I can’t figure out where it was either…

  14. Thank you as well. I am beginning to rethink my solve as all the rivers, lakes and creeks I have been to or seen while driving in NM have fishing trails up and down them.
    Maybe the chest is in the woods off the trail?

    • Yea forrest didnt like being on the trails definitly off the beaten path And whats funny is he says obey the rules in yellowstone park and stay on the trails so that kinda rules out the park

  15. Depends upon what the meaning of the word is means. If is means is, and never has been, that’s one thing. If it means, there is none, that was a completely true statement. –Bill Clinton


    • Fascinating Kenneth, Loved all the associations. Yes, too dangerous, but the reasoning was so intriguing. And a lot of work and research. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    • Good to hear from you. Very nice story sharing your solves with all the documents to back them up. I wish you would have included the formation you so aptly named “The hole in the pig’s ear”. I will always know the other formations you coined as the “elephant tusks and feet”. It was fun searching for you there at the Ghost Ranch multiple times. If it hadn’t have been for you, I probably would not have taken the awesome hikes I took there; the entire Ranch property is beyond beautiful, if you like desert-like environments with the red rocks, blue sky, and green vegetation. I LOVE your hot water spring. To me, it totally fits…an un-named warm water spring in the middle of no where, or so it seems. Good luck to you. Cynthia

      • Thank you Cynthia, I remember you telling me how beautiful it was there while you were searching for me. I had to see it for myself, I have no regrets. I learned one thing while you were searching for me, it’s never going to be anything like you see on google maps or earth. So I was prepared for that. I wish I lived near that area, I really enjoyed the hike up to Chimney Rock.

    • Kenneth S. – Great solve, very well thought out and presented. Thank you for sharing. Echo Amphitheater (hear me all and listen good) is very nearby as well, and also there is a little back country airstrip just across the road from Ghost Ranch. As of a few years ago it was still open to curious pilots lol. My theory is that FF was the anonymous individual who scattered GO’s ashes on Pedernal. You have likely come to the same conclusion, as I see you’ve done your GO homework. Thanks again.

  16. Absolutely fascinating Kenneth! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and your solve.
    I have visited the Ghost Ranch several times and yes the entire area is beyond beautiful just as Cynthia stated.
    Your illustrations and photos are excellent! Your solve makes me want to go looking for the treasure right this very minute but unfortunately the treasure isn’t hidden in Pennsylvania! I will have to wait for a couple months!
    Thanks again,

  17. Here is an update to the snowstorm that just passed through NM within the last 24 hours. The Sangre de Cristos got pounded…the town of Questa received 2 FEET of snow. Taos Ski Valley almost 2 feet. Santa Fe Ski Area 20 inches. Both Red River and Angel Fire also got a bunch but I didn’t hear the exact amounts. Sipapu also received a bunch. Both Taos and SF ski resorts extended their ski seasons by another week due to the recent storm. I was in Questa and Red River a week ago…around 60 degrees and Fenn treasure searchable at lower elevations. Not now! If anyone is planning on searching for Fenn’s chest in the next few days, you need to be aware of this recent snowfall. Bring boots and a shovel! 🙂 I think the other areas of NM are ok…in other words, all you searchers should go look in Chama, Abiquiu, etc. Ha ha! I’ll let you know when Red River, Taos, Angel Fire, and Eagle Nest are clear…I’ll show you a picture of the trove. Ha Ha! Just kidding…we all know Diggin is going to find it in Montana. cynthia

    • Thanks Cynthia…
      So it sounds like that chest is buried for certain…at least today…if it’s in the mountains north of Santa Fe…but still in NM…

    • Break out the Saint Bernard Cynthia and go get it u ain’t scared !!! Montana has sunny skies yipppppppeeeee I selling junk like crazy so I can high tail it west Before Dal I don’t wanna be trippin over him hehe

      • DG, You should plan on searching Montana before Fennboree on your way to Fennboree. Dal posted he’s going to his search place AFTER Fennboree (I’m going to follow him and stalk him but don’t tell him I said this.) Or he already knows I plan to follow him and he was trying to throw me off and he, too, is going before. Hmmm…what’s a girl to do? You’re right…I’m not scared…I’ll strap on my snowshoes and just go get it. I have to beat IronWill …he’s coming this way next month, I think.

          • I was just all over angel fire area last weekend. I’m just in Albuquerque so I’m lucky I get to be close to where we all know it is. Right Cynthia? lol. Darn snow. I was going to head there again this weekend but I guess I’ll hold off another week.

          • Yes, RB, What a bummer for us searchers but think how this latest moisture will help the forests from burning later on…I hope. I also had hoped to head north this weekend but will hold off for a couple weeks.

      • Diggin, didn’t you have a solve recently about “mother Mary” ? Perhaps Fenn is throwing you a bone with this latest snippet over on Mysterious Writings. BTW I think Wyoming and New Mexico are both plausible scenarios guys. Ladies and gents the winner is……:)

  18. I’ve heard and watched many talk about the New Mexico Game and Fish regulations definition of “warm waters”, and how it could apply to “The Chase”. After all, NM is the only state (of the 4) that actually has a definition of “warm waters”.

    However, if you carefully read the NM Register (, there is a very specific metes and bounds description of the boundaries of “regular trout waters” which almost perfectly matches the search area in NM as shown on the map from the TFTW book.

    It goes on to define “warm waters” as:
    “Warm waters”, as used herein, shall include all streams, lakes, and ponds except those designated as trout waters above…

    I therefore conclude that there are no “warm waters” as defined by NM Game & Fish, within the northern NM search area that are relevant to the “The Chase”. (It could be argued that the small area east of Cimarron is in the search area, and would be considered as having “warm waters” but it’s not in the mountains).

    If you have any information (or opinions) to the contrary, I would like to hear it, and discuss.


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