“The Lure” by Tomas Leach…

Over about a year and a half ending in in the summer of 2016, filmmaker Tomas Leach created his salute to trove hider Forrest Fenn and the dedicated searchers who have sought his 10×10 beguiling bronze box.

DOC NYC is New York’s annual Film Festival, the largest documentary film festival in the known universe. This year it ran for seven days in November and exhibited scores of storytelling pictures from filmmaking teams all over the world. One of the selections was from the gifted director Tomas Leach of Moxie Films, entitled The Lure.

The Lure is a feature length film about Forrest and the searchers who look for his 10×10 bronze box.  I have not seen The Lure but those who have, often leave enticing reviews…like this one by Nathanael Hood from the Unseen Films blog:

Nathanael Hood is hooked by THE LURE (2016) DOC NYC 2016

It’s a pity that Werner Herzog didn’t make a film about the Fenn Treasure, a 10-inch by 10-inch, 42 pound chest containing over a million dollars of gold and jewels buried somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Hidden by art dealer and ex-Air Force pilot Forrest Fenn after a near-fatal bout with cancer in 1988, countless treasure seekers have devoted their lives to locating it (a handful of them going missing in the process). The only clues to its location are in a cryptic poem at the end of his book The Thrill of the Chase. This story contains all the earmarks of a Herzog masterpiece: man battling nature, the struggle of impossible dreams, a cast of eccentric loners. But thankfully the Fenn Treasure has been relegated to the care of fellow documentarian Tomas Leach. The resulting film The Lure is marvelous, equal parts tone poem and decentralized detective thriller. He never once tries to wheedle the location of the treasure from Fenn; he doesn’t even linger on the poem and its possible hints. Leach is interested first and foremost on the allure of the unobtainable. He introduces us to a handful of obsessed treasure hunters: an ex-computer programmer who abandoned his suffocating corporate life in California to become a cowboy; an ex-police officer who found new purpose in life through the hunt after a terrible injury forced her premature retirement; two young women completely out of their element with dreams of nice apartments and guest appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show; and a whole host of assorted wanderers, dreamers, and run-of-the-mill hobbyists. Crucially, Leach doesn’t identify their names until an end credits montage, transforming them from ordinary people into near mythological archetypes. Leach makes a point to similarly mythologize the surrounding wilderness. Replete with sweeping cinematography that would give the likes of John Ford and Ansel Adams pause, The Lure ranks among the most achingly gorgeous films of 2016, documentary or otherwise. The murky, enchanting score by indie rock band Calexico—they previously scored John Michael McDonagh’s irascible buddy-cop comedy The Guard (2011)—further enhances the film into the realm of meditative reflection. Even as it records various treasure-seekers decoding the poem’s clues like monks pouring over Nostradamus, the film never loses the wistful sense that finding the Fenn Treasure would be only a happy accident. Somewhere the treasure exists. And every day its legend swells into something as immortal and timeless as the Rockies themselves. That in itself is worth more to more people than a mere handful of gold ever could.

Okay…I’m drooling now…
This film sounds pretty darn good…
If you’d like to see a clip from The Lure check out the films website:


If you’d like to know more about Tomas Leach and Moxie Pictures look here:


I have no idea where it will be showing next. Perhaps in a theatre near you or on a cable channel near all of us…
If you find out where it’s going to be playing let us all know…



69 thoughts on ““The Lure” by Tomas Leach…

  1. ‘Leach is interested first and foremost on the allure of the unobtainable.’ Hmmm. Is anyone going to prove this particular commenter who wrote the review how wrong they are about “unobtainable”? 🙂

    It looks like it’s going to be a great film and I hope it reaches Denver.

    • What an idiot that critic was…sounds like some of the none-believers that used to post on ChaseChat. To each his own, though. I for one cannot wait to see the movie.

      Desertphile is working with Tomas Leach to have it shown in Santa Fe during Fennboree 2017 the weekend of June 9th to 11th. Local press will be invited…obviously the guy from the Hollywood Reporter can stay home!

      Thanks, Dal, for posting this article.

    • Iron Will

      most definitely ‘yes’!

      (but don’t worry mate, I’m quite certain that voxpops has accumulated a rather long list of expensive psychotherapists (by now) that he’d happily share with you.)

      ( ..but, whatever you do IW, please don’t tell him I said that..)

      • (pssst Seeker, what’s a ‘live microphone’?)

        .. is it similar to those new fan-dangled Samsing S9’s, but mildly less awkwardly flammable? ..in an un-combustable sorta wa[ -immediate user ban.stop- ]

        [ -effective a.s.a.humanly.p,stop- ]

        [ -I mean ..that hobbit jerk, is such a massive editing pain in the rear-hind-quarters, quite frankly.stop- ]

        [ -maybe I can finally get some sleep now.stop- ]

        [ -and I didn’t actually kidnap Audreys sister either, btw (just for the record) so just leave me alone,ok?!.stop- ]

        ..uh-oh.. 🙁

  2. Interesting that they keep saying he “buried” it. You can’t dig in YSNP.
    Leave the shovels at home and look under the bushes and rocks and stumps and logs and in the holes. (IMO).

    • Well I guess if they can’t find the loot, may as well try to profit some other way. I don’t think its buried too, our guess is as good as all other guesses until its found.

  3. Surely since this movie solely dedicated to the chase, then someone would have an idea about the schedule. Unless of course its not that big of a deal. I am really starting to question the authenticity of this entire place. What a joke

    • Hammertime—

      Just curious because I can’t fully understand—-do you mean you question the authenticity of the picture, or the authenticity of the Treasure? And if so, why? Just curious is all.

      • Sparty Barrow-

        given my obvious success at being the most clueless person here, I think it’s only fair that I should possess exclusive wrights to be being the most deserving of being the most ‘curious’ (given that it’s also my middle-name) here, to date, ok?

        ..but you can trust me, that I’ll always ask the most intelligent questions, in order to cajole the most complex answers, from anyone within-whom I chose to wish to question, to any length, at any time, ever..
        – it’s just a talent of mine, I s’pose.



        • WY Girl

          after watching that weird 2001: A Space Oddity movie, I’m quite certain that Audrey9000 will totally forgive me when I eventually forget all about her..

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          [ “thiS conVersaTion caN seRve nO purPoSe anyMorE”.stop]

          [ ” ..DaiSy ..dAisY..”.end of transmission]

          uh-oh 🙁

          • pdenver
            ‘have peg, will (immediately) attach (to nose)’ ..as the saying goes.

            personally tho, I blame WY Girl for stirring up this whole cyber-hornets-nest situation.
            ..she obviously doesn’t realise that micro-chips have feelings too, and probably hasn’t even seen that movie with that big scary robot guy (the fumigator? the vaccinator? ..something like that)

            I just pray that Audrey hasn’t hacked into anyones home circuitry systems – esp while they’re having a nice hot bath with a hair-dryer.

            [note to self: absolutely no more hot baths with a hair-dryer that’s plugged in – from now on]

          • Oh gosh, curious hobbit, I’m embarrassed. I haven’t heard of that saying before. Is that the same as putting the thumb on the nose? I really don’t know. When it comes to hot baths and hairdryers…”ZZZZZ”! If I see the lights flickering, I’ll know what happened. 🙂

          • Hobbit!
            You are a bit of a trouble maker! Do NOT get Audrey angry at ME. I don’t want that thing hacking into MY house.
            And of course I saw the movie about the terdinator. I’m not THAT young.

          • WY Girl
            don’t worry, you’ll be fine – so long as you don’t ever take a bath ..or go anywhere near a water source ..or electricity ..esp. both at once.

            good luck with your witness protection relocation program too btw, and I’m sure that you’ll soon learn to love living in the Antarctic, just as many other migrating creatures have done in the past (mostly penguins)

            ..oh wait ..did my lights just flicker?

  4. I will wait until its free, not really into helping people profit from the chase. Just my opinion, it might be a good film, just that I wont watch or promote it.

    • Randomly reading things, and I find this position curious…

      If they do turn a profit, it’s because they first invested in the expense of creating the film and the expense of letting people know about it. It looks great and sounds great, and is getting good reviews, so at some point they also invested in learning the skills needed to produce a good film. All of this expense was at a risk, it could flop, and they made the film anyway.

      Forrest, himself, appears to encourage others profiting from their own creative projects related to the treasure hunt that he started. Periodically, he endorses books that others have written. There’s a link promoting this film on the official TTOTC Facebook page. He allows others to use his own creative works in theirs, if they ask. I’m pretty sure that if you came up with a creative idea, and asked him for support, you’d get an enthusiastic “Yes” if he is able to give it. Among a million little things, one big thing is that he’s an entrepreneur, and he encourages the entrepreneural spirit in everyone he meets. It’s part of the altruism he’s given in addition to the chance to find a box of gold.

      The main reason it’s curious, though, is that I don’t even have to ask how you learned about the Chase to know that when you did you helped in some way, some entity, profit from the Chase. Facebook, Google, TV, radio, they are all for-profit businesses, and your friends and family are part of the “product” (content is product) that you consumed. The tacit agreement is that they, in turn, helped you in some way to profit from the Chase as well, because the first step in *you* finding the gold is learning about the Chase. They made that happen.

      I think, and this is just my opinion, a better way to decide whether to watch or promote a film is to decide for yourself if it’s “worth” watching.

      Is it interesting? Will it help you find the gold? Is it entertaining? What are those things worth, to you, $10, $20, $0? You decide.

      It’s what’s it worth to *you*, rather than how much it profits *them*, that I’m suggesting.

      Fact is, everyone’s here to make a profit. Even if it’s not about the gold, you’re at least buying entertainment for the time you invested in the Chase, and you should hope to get the most out of the time that you put in. In fact, get all you can. Grab all those bananas! I am suggesting, though, that it’s a curious waste of time to worry about what others are getting out of it.

      In my opinion, of course.

      • Jeremy, I gave my opinion, it isn’t up for debate. I know how to make up my own mind, I am a grown man.

        I did not say anything bad about it, it might be good, its just that I personally will not pay to see it. I also did not suggest what others should do, I just stated my opinion.

      • I like this, Jeremy, but I don’t think I’m here for the profit. Oh yes, I would like to find the treasure, but I’m totally swept up in the adventure; I’m obsessed about finding the solutions; and I have come to love and admire Fenn. When we pursue profit as a priority to pursuing a relationship with people, no matter what we gain, we lose. The chest may be filled with treasure, but so was each clay pot that Fenn has gathered and treasured. His chest is still just a medicine bundle for burial.

    • WyMustIGo ~ “I will wait until its free, not really into helping people profit from the chase.”
      Jeremy P ~ “Forrest, himself, appears to encourage others profiting from their own creative projects related to the treasure hunt that he started…He allows others to use his own creative works in theirs…”

      I lean to the same thoughts as Jeremy. Beyond allowing others to use his creative work… it also is a word of mouth selling point, to get more involved with the original intent fenn desired… the thrill of it.
      JP ~ “It’s what’s it worth to *you*, rather than how much it profits *them*, that I’m suggesting.”

      The one thing I have seen over the years is, many started the chase because of the “lure of gold”, later to find the it was the “lure the chase.”
      Which, of the above, do you really want to profit from? Fenn answered why he did this with his book… You have to ask, What is it worth to me?

      • Wisely, Forrest called it “The Thrill of the CHASE” –
        Not, “The Thrill of the FIND”

        Finding the treasure WILL be a thrill, but it pales in comparison to “The thrill of the CHASE.” JDA

      • Skeptics often plead the opposite of the norm only to be seen later to be the leader of the swarm to see it/hear it first…That’s okay because sensationalism works that way.
        “Something” /”Anything” is worth what somebody is willing to pay. Just like paintings or other works of art…the bigger/better the story the more it might sell for…
        The many books searchers have written and other Chase related doo dads either endorsed or not, are par for the course in society today.
        The lure of riches slapped my inner child to get out there and live the adventures that I may have overlooked way back when. Who wouldn’t want another chance to relive a Tom Sawyer /Huck Finn adventure that involves a box of treasures?
        After a few unsuccessful trips and a few doses of stark reality, I now see that for me, it is the Thrill I really seek, and if I find that pesky Indulgence along the way, well, hoo freakin’ ray!!!!
        I think I will be right up in the front row chompin’ on some popped corn w/ brewers yeast just to keep the Thrill moving along…

        • Not sure who that was directed at but my opinion has nothing to do with skepticism. I believe that the chase is real and not a hoax, I do not need a documentary film or to buy a book of failed solves to convince myself.

          My enjoyment comes in trying to come up with my own unique twist on it, and to share it with others. Same reason why I was a volunteer Fireman and also helped out with the Special Olympics for handicapped people. I enjoy helping others, it isn’t always about trying to profit off of everything. I’ve been a principal software engineer for almost 30 years, that is where I made my profit, the chase is just a hobby for enjoyment.

          I own TTOTC and TFTW, enjoyed reading them both. I spent a few K on a few failed attempts, but it was spread out over 2.5 years. I don’t go overboard and lose the house on it, I already have enough hobbies to lose the house on.

          Nothing wrong with people trying to cash in on the Chase, everyone has their own gig. If someone actually solves Fenn’s poem and finds the chest, I would be interested in hearing their story for sure just like I watched the Mel Fisher story.

          • I mailed the director and urged him to speed up his release of it if he wishes to maximize his profits. Because I’m not waiting past my original plan.

  5. I for one,can’t wait to watch it when it is available in my neighbourhood . 🙁
    Anything to confirm that my “spot” is still safe or not. 🙂

  6. Interesting…everyone better lace up your boots and dust off your flashlights, looks like this documentary may reel in more searchers this spring! Fresh minds will be active, and will probably give us “experienced” searchers a run for our money. Surely it won’t be long before “what ifs” turns into reality for the newbie that gets closer than 200 feet! All they need is 12 feet, surely they won’t miss it that close!
    My uncertain knowledge tells me to get serious, and start looking under some trees while enjoying a great view.
    Now, where did I put that key…
    Play nice, be safe.
    ¥Peace ¥

  7. The title of the movie is kind of interesting–“the lure”. One of the major acrostics in the poem is the word “BAIT” at the bottom of the poem.

    • Yes sparrow, the only difference is the word you made is relates to a live bait while the name on the movie uses a false bait, JUST LIKE FORREST ALWAYS DID WHEN HE FISHED.

  8. If ANYONE “happens to get a pirate copy I too would like to purchase one.
    This most certainly been a Lure for most of us and for the rest it’s just a way to be heard anomalously.
    How is the snow in Co.and N.M. ANYONE???

    • Timothy, I am in Taos at 7000′, no snow, the last few nights have been cold down to 15°F but no moisture. Today is about 60°F and sunny and tonight will be in the 30’s. We might get moisture tomorrow (Monday) but it will be in the mid 40’s so rain, no snow, that is weird in late November, it will probably snow high in the mountains but I doubt much, Taos Mountains etc at about 13000′. The rest of the week looks like it will be sunny and in the mid 40’s and 20’s at night. Warm and dry for this time of year. How is that for a local weather report lol…

  9. Does anyone know if any of the 4 searchers featured in the documentary (programmer turned cowboy. etc.) are people who post on HOD?

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