Save the Date – Fennboree 2017…

Save The Date

June 9th thru 11th are the dates for the 2017 Fennboree.Β  Cynthia and Desertphile are cohosts this year and they tell me that the location in 2017 will be at Hyde State Park again. I think all who attended in 2016 will agree that the location was great and the park staff were very welcoming and accomodating.

The 2016 Fennboree team worked very hard to create a family friendly event that felt a lot like a picnic. It was a lot of fun getting to put faces with blog and forum names…

For the latest information about Fennboree 2017 go here:

There is a short highlight video from the 2016 Fennboree here:

Matt Misano’s film, Fenn’s Searchers, will premiere in Albuquerque the day before Fennboree. You can find out more, including how to get tickets for this event…Have you ever been to a film premiere???…by following this link:

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  1. Thank you for the information. Have to see if my husband can use his vacation time during that month and is willing to go. It gives me a heads up not to plan a camping trip elsewhere for that weekend, just in case.

    • What a great video you put together, Dal. Certainly makes the invitation to Hyde’s Memorial State Park more tempting. Everyone looked great. Maybe if you offer up some of our licorice, the searchers may tell you where the treasure is at. πŸ™‚

    • Spallies , do you want me to swing by Portland and pick you up ? Looking forward to our pow wows again. Last year was a blast ! Hope you can make it !

  2. Looks like fun. Hopefully it will fit into my plans for 2017. I’ve never been to NM other than at 4 Corners, so I would enjoy getting to see more of this state and meeting other treasure hunters. I sure hope that F can attend like he did this year.

  3. Hoping to attend in 2017 .
    It would be great of someone (me) found the treasure and could bring it to the party!
    Be safe
    Β₯Peace Β₯

  4. Hi Dal,

    Great news about Fennboree 2017! I hope my daughter (in green in the foreground over your photo) and I can attend once again. She’s not stopped talking (about meeting Forrest) since the Fennboree 2016!

    ~ Wishing all Fenn-Atics a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

    ~ Wisconsin Mike

    • Bring your delicious Hickory Syrup with you Mike. That stuff is amazingly delicious. I can’t wait to see both of you this summer.

  5. Never knew there was a Fennboree until this year and happened upon some pictures online. It sounds like a big family picnic where you get to
    meet a bunch of cousins you never knew you had. I hope I can talk my sister into going down that way…I’d really like to experience it. Thanks, Dal, for the 2017 dates and the chats online.

  6. Fennboree : Merriam Webster, 2016, noun.

    “Someone who is owed a boring statement from Forrest Fenn.”

    I seriously did not know that was in the dictionary either. πŸ™‚

  7. Count me in. I hope that I will have been able to get out and search by then and maybe have tasted revenge for that Kismet requirement thing. Those of us informed searchers will understand that comment. Spallies, you gotta make the 2017 Fennboree! How else am I going to finally taste your pineapple pie? I missed out last year πŸ™ Like I said, I will be there.

  8. All the campsites with electricity And water are taken at Hyde Park. Are there any other campgrounds close to Hyde Park that nay be available? As it is 1240 miles for me one way I will have to make sure I havev a place for the rv. Thanks…

    • longstep-
      Black Canyon Campground is right next to Hyde Park. I stayed there last year. I just made reservations for that campground again this year during Fennboree.

      You can normally make reservations through the website…except they don’t seem to be taking reservations via the website yet. I had to phone them to make a reservation. Their toll free phone is 877-444-6777.

  9. Group Shelter #2 has been reserved. The web site has links for reserving a camp site at Black Canyon Camp Ground, and people who wish to camp during Fennboree will probably want to make reservations as soon as possible.

    I will haul in firewood, enough I hope for three nights in case some people wish to hang around an extra night.

    News media have been informed, and I will follow up on them as the date approaches.

    Also, the mayor of Santa Fe has been invited.

  10. I’m going to make an effort to be there this year. I hope FF can attend again and I’d like to meet Dal and the searchers (what a great name for a band!). Plus I want to ask Desertphile how many calories are really in a kangaroo rat? (lol) πŸ˜‰

  11. Heidini, You asked if there are certain things planned for certain times this year. The only schedule so far is the Friday late afternoon / evening event that will be the group campfire at the pavilion / group shelter. People are encouraged to bring the ingredients for smores (the kids loved making these last year) or your own snacks, drinks (alcoholic beverages are permitted but NO GLASS containers), etc. There’s a gigantic grill at the pavilion for folks to grill hotdogs, or the whole pig if you bring your own charcoal and food.

    Saturday at noonish will begin the pot-luck which lasted all afternoon last year into the evening. At some time during Saturday afternoon, I’d like to have the event which I will coin “Witching for Fenn’s treasure chest”. The picnic tables will be moved to the sides of the shelter and someone will draw a map using chalk of the 4 Rocky Mountain states the length of the pavilion cement floor. I have dowsing rods/ water witching sticks which a known “expert” will use to walk the map of the 4 states and “witch” for the treasure chest. It would be neat if we could do this when Forrest is present. Maybe Dal could make a video of ff watching this procedure take place live, and then an expert shrink can analyze ff’s body language to verify the location of the treasure chest.

    Assuming no one dies of a heart attack when the witching sticks identify their exact spot, there will be another group campfire at the shelter until midnight. Quiet hour starts at 10 pm, though, so unless the Fennboree folks secure all the campsites within very close proximaty (misspelled for ff) to the pavilion, it will be necessary to try to remain quiet after 10 pm.

    We do not have the pavilion reserved for Sunday so all the stragglers are going to Dal’s site that morning…where he will serve coffee and donuts. Ha Ha. Dal, are you paying attention?

    We are still waiting to see if the movie The Lure can be screened at a theater in Santa Fe over the weekend. It’s not looking good since the distribution is slower than a slow boat to China, but we are still waiting for a definitive answer.

    If there are any more questions regarding anything about Fennboree 2017, please post them here and I will try to pay attention and answer you. I will try to find out by the end of April which events Forrest plans to attend. cynthia

    • Cynthia, I’ll check with my “artistic” daughter to see if she is still able to come & draw the map of the 4 states on the floor. She has a new job doing metal-smithing and jewerly-making. (I don’t want her to jeopardize her job: it’s great to have a daughter in the jewerly-business! The gifts I receive from her are better than ever! hee hee).

      I’ll bring a library again. I’ve found some good books at thrift stores! I love books!

        • Hi Cynthia, My daughter did get the time off of her job; & will draw the states. Should we bring the chalk? How long (how many minutes or hours) will she have to draw? This will be so fun!

          • You should bring the chalk…tell her to be creative…you know maybe different colors for the 4 different states. I think she should add some major cities as well. Like Santa Fe in NM, YNP, Denver, maybe a few of the major ones from his map. I say we give her at least an hour. Does she need more than that?

            She could have all of Saturday morning if she wanted. We could move the picnic tables to the side, let her draw her map, and then put the tables back in time for the pot-luck. Some of the chalk would get disturbed but some of it would remain. Then she could just revisit the areas that need to be fixed. What do you think? I’m so looking forward to having the treasure location be identified!! I will be so bummed out if it’s in Glacier National Park…too far for me to make day trips. Ha ha.

    • Longstep, most of the tent/ small camper campsites at Hyde Park are first come, first served so those are not reservable. There are a few large RV sites that are reservable but I imagine they are reserved by now (not by Fennboreers, though, just happy campers.) Go to their website (Hyde Memorial State Park) to check for the RV sites. Black Canyon Campground is close, just down the canyon, not far, but too far to walk. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. I believe all the sites there are reservable…it is run by the National Forest, I believe. Google Black Canyon Campground for reservations, or go to the link for that is posted in the text above. I believe Desertphile has the link for reservations on his website.

      • Hey Cynthia, I’ll be there Thursday afternoon about maybe 5 or 6 pm. You gonna be at that spot near the shelter again?

        • IW, I plan to have one of the sites located near the group shelter…I won’t know which one until I get up there earlier in the week. I plan to attend Matt’s movie in Albuquerque Thursday afternoon/evening. I will put your coolers and pots and pans on my picnic table or inside my “storage tent” so you can get them when you arrive. Please email me cmeachum at msn dot com so we can discuss logistics.

    • I just checked the Hyde park site and it looks like all of them are reserved (the ones that require reservations).

      I have one of the RV sites with electricity reserved for the 9th and 10th, and had planned on letting others stay there. However, looking at the pictures for the RV sites, there doesn’t appear to much room. In addition, all RV sites are about 50 feet from Hyde Park Road.

      We hope to get there early enough on the 9th to get one of the “first-come” sites since the RV sites are so small and close to the road. If we get a tent site, we will release our RV site.

      Scott W.

      • Thanks for your information. I think it would be a good idea if we have an “information board” at the pavilion starting Friday morning to share details about camp sites, which sites specific people are at if they want to share that info, or anything else that would be helpful. I will bring a big flip-chart of paper, and a magic marker.

        • Thank you Cynthia for all you do for the fennboree….. I know everyone will have a blast this June… see ya my friend

      • I wonder how early one would have to arrive to get one of the unreservable sites? Being retired, I could get there a few days early. Just asking for some thoughts. Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

        • Last year I stayed next door to Hyde Park at the Black Canyon Camp Ground. They also have sites that cannot be reserved. There were still unreserved sites available at 3pm on each day. No guarantee, of course, that it will be the same this year.

          • Black Canyon used to be in an early solve I developed.

            Of course it’s not 66,000 links north of Sante Fe.

            I suppose as long as we’re there it couldn’t hurt to check it out.

            Thanks for the update.


        • I’m not certain…but I believe that if you get an unreserved site you can only stay the one night…then you have to find another site..which shouldn’t be hard since you are already there…

          • Thanks Dal, I’ll give the park a call to determine the rules on the unreservable sites.

        • Longstep, A bunch of us are retired and arrive Thursday. Everyone is invited to hang out at my campsite later that evening, but I won’t know which site until I get up there. Also, Matt’s movie is showing in Albuquerque Thursday evening so some people may be attending it and getting back to camp later. I will be camping in Hyde Park as close to the pavilion as possible.

  12. According to, all of the 36 sites at Black Canyon are reserved for Friday and Saturday nights. I don’t know if they have any first-come, first serve sites. I have my reservation and look forward to seeing you there. I also got my tickets to the film, “Fenn’s Searchers”, on Thursday evening. It will be interesting setting up camp outside Santa Fe that afternoon and making it to the movie in Albuquerque by 5:00 pm (doors open at 4:30).

      • Hey Cynthia,
        Just wanted to say what a nice job that you, Sacha, and the other workers did last year. We really enjoyed it. Sadly, it looks like medical issues will most likely prevent our participation this year. Thanks again for last year, have a great time this year, and hope to see you next year.


        Windy City

        • Windy, That’s too bad you won’t be able to attend this year. Thanks for the kind words. Last year’s event exceeded my expectations as far as the number of attendees. I hope this year’s is just as successful. I’m sure there will be pictures posted and videos made for folks to see afterwards. Best wishes for your recovery.

  13. Just a side note about Josh Gates Expedition Unknown Tonight:

    Extra Finds: Finding Fenn’s Fortune Series/Special. Josh Gates. (2017)

    In an enhanced episode, Josh hunts for a $2 million treasure, hidden deep in the Rocky Mountains. New. (CC)

  14. To Dal or anyone else attending: When I camp I camp with friends that have RV’s, but this trip is solo for me (no camping gear of my own). I am planning on coming up to search and attend the Fennboree this year, my first fennboree. If I stay at a local hotel is it possible to just come in for the day on Saturday and Sunday to hang out with the others? Would love to just relax, meet other searchers, and have a good time. If just coming in for the day is possible, then what is the agenda? Can I bring food to cook, a cooler, and sides to share with others?

    Fred Y.

    • Fred-
      There is no fee to attend Fennboree. There are no gates to let people in..
      Okay…you will need a Day Use permit from the State Park to park your car and be in the park…but Fennboree can be attended by anyone for it’s duration or just a couple minutes…

      You can also go here: can bring food to share…that would be great…

    • Fred, Regarding the agenda, please scroll up in the comments to my comment April 12th at 9:53 am.

      Most attendees stay in a hotel nearby…some of us camp. Anyone may attend for the day…you needn’t be camping at Hyde or Black Canyon to join in the festivities. Regarding food, yes, definitely, by all means, bring FOOD to cook, and FOOD to share, especially with me. I eat just about anything, except wild game. Looking forward to meeting you.

      The pot-luck lunch on Saturday, starting at noonish, or before, or after, will run into the evening. I think it would be great if anyone with a cooler with extra space could please bring ice. Also, the idea for the pot-luck is everyone brings something to share with others.

      Once again, alcoholic beverages are permitted. Once again, NO GLASS CONTAINERS, which means not allowed as a vessel from which to drink your alcoholic beverage and not allowed for anything else either.

      Fred, there is a gigantic grill at the group shelter that folks may use for themselves, family, your new best friends, or the co-hosts. (That would be me.) Please bring your own charcoal. (Unless you plan to grill me a filet mignon in which case I will provide the charcoal. But I will only need one or two briquets because I prefer my steak mooing.)

      Folks, there are just 40 days until Fennboree.

  15. Hello Cynthia. How many people are you currently expecting to attend Fennboree? Also, where are people parking if they are not camping?

    • Hi, P,
      Folks can park at the pavilion…there’s a good bit of room there for many cars. There is a daily use fee per car for Hyde State Park. Last year it was $5 but I don’t know if it’s more this year or not. Last year the ranger came by the pavilion each afternoon to collect one lump sum from the cohost (either Desertphile or myself) for each car. So I asked people just to give me their money (once again, it’s per CAR, not per person) and then I handed the ranger the pile of cash.

      I actually have no idea how many people will attend…I know of about 2 dozen who at this time plan to attend. So I guess between 24 and ? Last year was attended very well over the three days…probably about 75 people attended the Friday night campfire, and over 100 attended the Saturday pot-luck. Then there were a couple dozen stragglers throughout most of Sunday, with a final 6 or 8 of us hanging out in front of the fireplace in the pavilion until midnight.

      Sorry I can’t give you a better estimate of attendees this year. I just don’t know…

  16. Have a nice time this year. Once again, time and location do not favor me. I hope the mountains shed their white blanket to expose their purple and yellow floral nighties. It’s almost time for nature and wildlife to spring into action to refresh and prepare for another summer of delight. I just wish insects were not a part of it πŸ™‚ I’m finally enjoying some snappy air while resting with a long-year’s wait for real perked coffee and eggs that are not oil-cooked beyond recognition. I’m sure your food venues will only be tastes of my dreams. Weather be with you, all. Hope to see pictures of the ‘witching’ thing whatever that is–pics, maybe by mid-June? Again, have fun.

  17. Very excited. I”ve been able to get time away and will be attending Fennboree (only Saturday- 12-3? or so) this year. Looking forward to meeting many of you ‘for real’! πŸ™‚

  18. Question –

    I am still on track to attend, and I plan to bring my 8 year old son with me.

    I’m guessing there will be other children there this year since school is out for almost everyone. In previous years Fenboree was scheduled either the week-end before school let out for summer, or the day after school let out.

    Anyone else bringing kids with them?

    Scott W

  19. Forrest,
    I am requesting a formal invitation to this years’ event. Bill is ready to pack me to the funny farm and I’d rather go to Fennboree on my birthday! Thanks in advance,

    • we’re all a little crazy in today’s world. I’ll just celebrate mine (13th) a little earlier at Hyde Park πŸ˜›

      • So, IW, does this mean you will attend? Do you want your camping supplies which I have in my attic? In other words, will you be camping?

        I think I should bring a giant birthday cake for you and JDigs and all the birthday people who attend. Which is everyone because sooner or later, everyone is celebrating a birthday!

        Also, I would like to continue to honor Randy Bilyeu at Fennboree and set his picture beside the centerpiece on the table that hosts the Fenn Shrine. I am asking any attendees to please comment if you think this is a good or bad idea. And I would like to bring my former search buddy Frank, who passed away unexpectedly from pancreatic cancer last November. I will place his picture there as well, unless others object. I actually think anyone who lost a Fenner in the last year or 7 should honor that person at a “memorial”.


        • Yeah I will attend, if you could it would be appreciated. I think it’s a nice idea to honor Randy. He was one of us, as well as Frank.

  20. Cynthia, you spent a lot of time and effort searching for Randy, like you said when I searched with you “He is (was) one of us”. Although we did not find him (he was found later), and his spirit lives on in us. I have no problem myself a memorial and bring Pic of Frank too.

    “Spirits of the Western Sky” and “Winds of Heaven”, Justin Hayward, Moody Blues.

  21. Roast a marshmallow for me – we’re still homeless. We sold our house at the end of February and haven’t found a replacement yet. In this market it takes 45 to 60 days to close on a house, so there is no way for us to be there.

    You all have fun!

  22. Cynthia, you are brilliant and have a heart as big as your beautiful smile! Great idea!

    PS: I like strawberry shortcake…lol…:-)

    • I can make that work…the strawberry shortcake, or maybe strawberry cake, not short. IW, do you have a request? I will bring them to the pot-luck.

      • Yeah, I request that someone else cook my 80 apple butter pies this year πŸ˜› (not sure that one is going to happen 😯 )

        • Sorry, I will not make any apple butter pies…that is your specialty. Hey, i still have your apple butter from last year…do you want it?

          • Yeah, I’m thinking of making the pies before I come.. just have em in my suitcase on the flight. Bring the jar and I can make about 15 more while I’m there. I’ll grill those πŸ˜›

          • My skill is in the eating of said pies. Those things are delish!..

            I am surprised they are not illegal. πŸ™‚

  23. Fennboree is just 20 days away…here’s an update with the latest tentative schedule of events:

    Thursday June 8th — Matt Maisano’s documentary Fenn’s Searchers shows at the Albuquerque Film Festival at 5 pm. I plan to attend as do some others. I will return to Hyde Park that evening, and any Fenners who would like to join me for an evening campfire at my site are welcome. I will post a large sign at my site indicating it is where I am camping. I hope it will be one of the sites near the group pavilion (Shelter #2).

    Friday June 9th — We have the group shelter reserved for the full day. There is plenty of parking there but all vehicles need to pay the $5 fee. If you pay as you enter, please put the paid thing on your window so we know you have already paid. Otherwise, if you arrive late afternoon / evening for the group event, a person from each vehicle can just pay me and I will give the chunk of cash to the ranger. Please try to have exact change — $5. (The daily fee is per VEHICLE, not per person.)

    The Friday late afternoon / evening campfire will now include a hot dog roast. I will provide the hotdogs, buns, condiments, and paper plates. If you plan to have smores or other food like potato chips, please bring your own and maybe some extra for your friends. (This is not the same as the potluck dinner Saturday…unless there’s so much food, that it is.) Let’s start gathering no later than 5 pm and plan to start grilling hotdogs by 6, or before if there are enough folks. We can play this by ear. Forrest plans to attend.

    Saturday is the potluck lunch / dinner. Once again, we have the pavilion for the full day. I think the official start time for the potluck is noon but last year folks started arriving by 11 am. This is the event where everyone pitches in with a bit of food to share with others. We (Sacha and I) are not providing hamburgers and hotdogs this year for the entire group, so if you have to have a burger, bring your own hamburger ingredients. There is a large charcoal grill at the pavilion which anyone may use. IF there are hotdogs not used at the Friday night event, we will grill them all to get rid of them. (I am not taking them home.) Please bring beverages (NO GLASS CONTAINERS) as well as food to share.

    Forrest plans to attend. Different media people representing different media projects are likely going to be there. Santa Fe Mayor Gonzales and the Governor of NM Susana Martinez have been invited…

    Desertphile is busy planning some games…
    I still plan to use Golden Retriever’s artistic daughter to draw a map of the Rocky Mts on the floor of the pavilion so my friend Coreda the psychic dowser can use the dowsing rods to find Fenn’s treasure on the map.
    I believe Eugene is bringing a friend who plays guitar who will perform that evening.
    We will hold another campfire in the pavilion in the evening.
    Any other ideas for group activities are appreciated.

    Sunday morning June 10th — I will host a morning gathering at my camp site for anyone still there who wants to enjoy Cowboy Coffee made by Tom Walker and pastries made by Albertson’s. Plus, we can continue to consume all the goodies left over from the Potluck… Come on by starting at 8 am.

    Any questions????

  24. Cynthia….in response to “stragglers”. Now I’m thinking that’s a good thing , as I can straggle no problem. It’s the stagger that sways my swagger. And as far as you not taking home left overs……I’ll make it back just fine , thank you. Food for thought , I still have left overs in my car from last years Fennboree. Don’t be fooled , she loaded my little red Beemer up with so much food, my co pilot had to stick his feet out the sunroof all the way to Durango .Good times! Counting the days !

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