Forrest Gets Mail – 11


Mr. Fenn,
I am a professional poker player living in Las Vegas… im 44 years old and I came to Vegas when I was 19 to pursue a career Β in playing Blackjack… (not such a good idea btw) and have been here ever since. I received your book for Christmas (never heard about your story) and I will be trading in gambling on cards for gambling in the wilderness. Should be fun.

I recently purchased 10 books and have decided I need 10 partners and figured the best way to find 10 people I can trust* was to send it off to 10 inmates serving life sentences… figured they have the time and won’t be looking themselves😀😀.

I chose 9 men and 1 woman. I’m thinking my best shot is the Unibomer Ted Kaczynski.. as he is a pretty brilliant guy and also lived in Montana for a number of years… I have 1 question, Has anyone ever told you they were doing this also?

Hope this finds you well,


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      • Still trying to figure out how it took him 19 years to realize it was not a good idea to start a career in gambling. Lol. Maybe he sucked at Blackjack, and was good at poker.

        Ted is in ADX with Terry Nichols. The guy is 44, and started when he was 19. 419 is the day of the OKC Bombing.
        There are four 10’s in the sentence, and 9 men, and 1 woman. That is also 419.

        419 is the area code for Toledo.
        419 is also the value of all the big bold capital letters in the TTOTC.

        Im not so sure that he has any communication with Ted, beings he is on 23 hr lockdown, in the strictest prison in the US.

        BTW the prison is in Colorado, just north of Rye.

        Whooo hOOOOO!!!

        There is more where that came from..

    • Hello all Im still alive and thinking this letter shows this is truly a school for every one our teacher Sir fenn is guiding the coarse well thank you Sir for helping my brain stay alive Im trying to get better ty

    • yes the unibomber he will come in handy when we cross that bridge,and the death row inmates is going to be great partners as I have been to jail for a short period myself,and it can be vey enlighting.your off to a good start.Good luck and good bye to sin city.

      • Thanks a lot! Glad your out! I am not sure people u DET stand LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. All they have is time. And time is the best thing to solve this treasure. IMO

        I hope my end is as good as my start. Not leaving Sin city. But I will be spending a lot of 2017 in the Rockies.

    • If you think in the box… that’s where you will stay!. I would ask Hitler his opinion If I could.

      Knowledge is King. You can learn from anybody…. even the worst human being to have ever lived.

      I’m not judging anyone. I’m trying to find a treasure ..

      • Brett;

        You had one question – Has anyone else tried this. The answer seems to be “NO” – You have a unique idea,

        Has your unique idea worked? Has Ted or one of the other inmates given you any ideas? When do you plan on making a search for the treasure?

        Forrest has said not to search in the winter, will you wait until Spring, or do you think that it is safe to search sooner?

        Just askin’

        Remember my motto – Always TRY to STAY SAFE


      • so Brett you would ask the worst human being in the world for his opinion?who would you consider that person to be if you were to choose one.Better yet why not ask the best person in the world?GOD that is the only treasure.Do you know him,or is that to far out of the box 4 u?

        • I don’t know who the worst person in the world is but if that person had information I needed I would ask.

          If god answered questions… I have a lot of them to ask.

    • My son came home one day and told me he had seen a murder. He quickly added a murder of crows….. Maybe many with confidence will be eating crow?

    • I’m not looking to “trust” I’m looking to solve. All I was looking for was someone with free time on their hands. Can YOU think of someone with more time to solve then a man or woman serving life with out parole in a cell 23 hours a day….FOREVER?

      If you can… I’ll buy the books!

  1. Always lead with your highest bluff card…

    My first e-mail to Forrest was not so different, embarrassingly… and now I’m re-thinking my last one too…

      • Fair play, Brett. You have definitely caught the imaginations of many people here.

        You are disadvantaged by joining late, and so deserve extra kudos if you pull it off.

        • I actually disagree with this comment. Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is fresh eyes. Its what I believe Forrest was referring to when he said to have a child (new searcher) look at it.

    • I’ve had lots of luck. Good and bad. But luck won’t find the treasure . But it sure couldn’t hurt!! Thanks for your good luck! Back at you!

    • Yes it is. Also a good way to find out if ff has had anyone in the 7 years before I came along do it. For the record he said …

  2. A bluff?

    jeez, I was severely tempted to write ‘something direct’ that probably would’ve eternally condemned me to ‘moderation’ and beyond ..past infinity even.

    thanks Donna M ..for saving my bacon.

  3. This is the intro to a great movie. One of the inmates who receives the book, and over a period of months and years, requests more and more books about the geography and history of the Rocky Mountains from the prison library share. It being a minimum security prison, the Warden doesn’t have much to do and reviews the sudden increase in book requests. Being an avid fly fisherman who frequents the rivers and lakes of the Rockies, he takes an interest in the books himself, purchasing them privately and reading them in his office.

    One day, the prisoner turns up missing at night roll count. The Warden quickly reviews the prisoner’s communication logs. No phone calls or visitors, but a letter was sent several weeks prior to a Brett.. from Las Vegas.. Why does that sound familiar? He checks further in the file and finds that the original book, The Thrill of the Chase, was sent by a Brett in Las Vegas.

    The Warden orders a strict and thorough search of the missing prisoner’s cell. A scrap of forgotten paper reveals a series of numbers, GPS coordinates. But not all the numbers can be read; is that a 6 or an 8; Is that a 7 or a 1? Looking at a map, the Warden tries all the combinations and quickly narrows it down to 3 possibilities.

    A poker player from the desert, a car thief from city. Did they team up? Was the thief rebuffed by the poker player, escape, and hatch a solo plan to steal cars all the way to millions in gold treasure?

    The Warden calls the Sheriff, “Listen, you’ve got to take the lead on the manhunt for this escaped prisoner. I’m going to track down a lead on my own.” He then summons his two most trusted lieutenants. “Ok boys, don’t ask any questions just yet. I need you both to get home, grab a few changes of clothes, some good hiking boots, a shotgun and your service revolvers, gas up your trucks, and meet me back here in an hour.”

    “Oh, and pack some sandwiches..”

  4. Ah ha….after forty eight years of studying TTOTC daily for hours upon hours in his six by nine cell #756492367 of the New Mexican penal system comes up with the correct solve. Being acquitted by a lame duck president just hours before he vacates the office the once lifer makes his solo trip to the secret hideaway. With feeble hands shaking…he opens the box…he finds on top of the gold a faded and yellowed hand of cards…black aces and eights. The cards match the prison tattoos on his forearms as he has a massive heart attack and falls with his body covering the chest…justice is served.

  5. Interesting that this comes in right after some recent discussions here that involves moving the Chase along by collaborating ideas and teaming up….Perhaps this is a good example of what to expect if taking that route…

  6. Giving the unibomber ANY recognition is a sleight to his victims. Why would those serving a life term be looking to help you? The”easy score” mentality has no chance of finding this treasure. When I say “easy score” mentality I’m not referring to the lifers.

    • I don’t think his victims care. Also I don’t think I’m giving him any recognition . But you are entitled to your opinion of course. Who says they wouldn’t be willing to help? If you don’t ask … you will never know.

      “Easy score” mentality is not at all what I was thinking (I never thought you meant prisoners.. clearly it’s what you think I am doiing) I was only thinking about who has time and who would be intrigued. Also why assume this is all I am doing? Maybe someone that doesnt see the big picture will never figure out the poem.

      Maybe your right. But you could be wrong. From what I know in 7 years no one has found it. Good luck! Thanks for your perspective

  7. “Could an inmate working on this puzzle get any further than the first two clues, if in possession of the poem and Google Earth maps?”

    • + “Would an inmate working on this puzzle need to get any further than the first two clues to find the treasure – defining the first two clues as the same that the little girl in India could discover?”

        • It means that there is some important knowledge used to solve the poem that the little girl in India would obviously not possess .On the other hand Ted probably read all kinds of books and writings while he while waiting for the next time to strike . Anyhow, it is kinda dumb .

          • I agree it kinda dumb. It’s also kinda smart. It’s all how you look at it.

            Some would say hiding a treasure chest full of treasures and writing a poem that would lead a stranger to it is kinda dumb.

            Some would say it’s brilliant.

    • astree0,
      I agree. That’s a great point. If a little girl from India cannot get past the first two clues. How can an individual in prison do any better?


      • Well a little girl in India is not going to think about getting past the first 2 clues. She is probably going to think about playing and eating.

        • We should also remember not to take Forrest out of context. He actually said that the little girl in India “… cannot get closer than the first two clues.”

          I think once you understand the way Forrest’s mind works, then you’ll understand that. Just a thought. πŸ˜›

    • Don’t know the answer to your question. But I do know tens of thousands have had the book,the poem and google earth and haven’t found it.

  8. Well this may work, those inmates have all the time in the world. Just maybe if they figure it out and lead Brett to the chest, he can cash it in and payback some tax payers. πŸ™‚

    • Amy
      There’s noway this guy can pull this off. If the inmates find out that he is the one to find it, then there’s one thing he has forgotten. Family, Friends and partners on the outside. If he found the TC and a inmate helped he had better be ready to split it 50/50 or there will be some phone calls and letters being sent from the penitentiary. He might want to think this over. This could end up being his 1st and last treasure hunt. No wonder playing Black Jack for a living hasn’t worked out. He can’t see the “Forrest” for the Trees.

        • Ted tells brother where treasure is????

          Do you think Ted would tell the man who told on him where a treasure is? I guess you do. Do you know if Ted even talked to his brother? Or if Ted has had communication with him since?

          Also what makes you think I am looking for him to solve the poem? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe I believe he would never actually solve it and in fact may never even get back to me? Maybe he would solve 1 clue. Trust me when I tell you I didn’t put any eggs in this basket.

          I understand this is a forum and everyone has an opinion… I like that. I just think some opinions are based on facts that are acuallly not facts at all.

          Good luck to you!

      • Timothy,
        If I find it … no one would know it’s me. Also look up the definition of partner …. ur assuming I meant partner as in someone I would be enclined to share my findings with. Also are you assuming that every death row inmate has family and friends on the outside? You know what they say about those hat ASSume right? When did I ever say playing blackjack for a living hasn’t worked out?

        If you came to Las Vegas when you were 19 and u never left and when you were 44 you were still living in Las Vegas making a living out of gambling and because of that you had the time and resources to take the next x amount of time to go treasure hunting … would that be considered … not working out?

        If so, your assumptions are correct! It hasn’t worked out and I never thought about a prisoner having family and friends and partners on the outside ….

        But what if I thought about all of that first? What if I came to LV at 19 to play black jack for a living, learned it’s impossible to play black jack for a living (well at one point it WAS actually possible but that’s another story) and found that you could make a living playing poker and betting on outcomes of events and then decided to go search for a treasure for the next however long it takes until I solve the poem or I find something else I want to do.

        Do you think coming to LV when I was 19 worked out?

        Good luck to you… I suggest you look at everything from every angle and assume nothing. Just my opinion.

        Thanks for sharing yours. You might be correct. But what if your wrong?

  9. Just for personal enrichment…I read a bit about Kaczynski because I only remembered bits and pieces about his activities before prison. Remarkable how intelligent and successful he was before going off the deep end. I do find it kind of creepy that there is a mock up of his remote cabin at a museum….I have to ask…what for?

  10. Searchers, due to health concerns I will not have BOTG any more.

    So I will try to help others.

    Forrest sent this for a reason. Why not other mail he receives? Because this is pertinent to the chase. This is a treasure hunt people. There are hints or clues in there.

    What are they? Some I think I know.

    Inmates live in the can. They are captives or convicts in a prison. Another important word is HOBBLE. Look it up. It literally means too far to walk. Also Halt. There is a hobble creek in Wyoming and there is a Brown gravesite there next to the creek on the map. Just south of the TRi basin. All very interesting. I never had a chance to check it out.

    Why do I think Inmate is important? In the map on page 99. look at it upside down. The second guy is walking towards a hill or mountain and all those mesh lines are a jail cell. There is a person in there if you look closely. Also just to the right is a bird in a triangular cage, jailbird. Also Penny in war for me wears a Hobble skirt. Lots of references to soda cans. All of the cap references and Canopy. I could go on and on.
    I don’t know all the answers but I would like someone to tell me if they find it. So I hope this can help some out.
    Interesting he says the unibomber, 1 bomb. Not sure what that is.

    Hope this helps others and remember this is a treasure hunt website. Forrest isn’t posting stuff to just post it and say hi. It means something!

    • I agree it seems stupid. I should have tried to gather 10 dead people and ask them. Or better yet ask victims that survived … do victims live in a cell for 23 hours a day for the rest of their lives….. hmmm.

      Good luck .

      • Twenty-three hours of being locked up in a cell and only one hour of seeing daylight. I would simply go crazy. I hadn’t realized they were locked up so long until doing the research.

        • Hopefully now people will understand why I chose prisoners (among others) to send this too. There is absolutely zero clues or hints to this. Also this was not the whole email… Also I feel obligated to tell this board that TK actually rejected the book so he will not be helping! But another notorious inmate excepted and will be reading and helping…. Bernie Madoff. And before there are 40 post with theories about Bernie and the treasure …. he is not a clue either. I don’t want someone turning his name into cordinets on a map Good luck!

          • also…while you’re available…maybe you could share the rest of the original email…? Or…is it off limits?

          • coordinates…. ken are you the spelling police or do you only understand words with the correct spelling. If you didn’t understand the word I meant I have a hard time believing you will ever understand the poem. Either way good luck to you!

          • yeah Brett…actually I think I was actually doing you a favor…before folks mistook “cordinets” and ran off to Wikipedia or something. Someone might think it’s code stuff or prison slang for fishnets ….but hey. How’s the card business ? win anything lately?

          • Your not helping me.. your helping some crazy person(s) on this board. I already helped them out by letting them know there are no clues in any email ff post. Even saying that I realize people are going to try and read into everything that is posted. Maybe if they spent more time on the poem they would be closer to the solve.

          • Brett

            I just don’t understand why you don’t have an honest go at solving this yourself.
            Blackjack may not be your forte, but maybe treasure hunting is (?)

            besides, if a man can hide a chest ‘alone’, a man should be able to find it in the same fashion, imho (& sometimes not so humble)

            I do sincerely wish you luck in your search (as I do all other searchers) but won’t condone the methods you employ.

            (btw, never poke a hobbit ..didn’t ya mama ever tell ya that?)

          • I was never going to comment on anything you say since I believe your the craziest in here but since I’m sitting at the airport with time I will ..

            First good thing I was never looking for you to condone my methods. But I will say that if you post on a blog then your doing the same thing I am… your looking for other people’s opinions. I just chose to look elsewhere for mine but I do respect your opinion and if you want to think how you do over my ways… that’s fine with me!

            To help you understand … since you started your reply with “I don’t understand”… it took one man 14 years+ to come up with this… I don’t want to spend 14 + years to solve it. I believe everything I’m doing is honest and luckily I am my only judge.

            Sending the book to 10 prisoners or sending it to 100 college students studying literature is me actually solving this myself. If I went by what you believe I shouldn’t use a map or the book or a computer or ask anyone there opinion.

            And u clearly didn’t understand what I meant in my email to ff about blackjack.. that’s ok. It wasn’t meant for you.

            I do thank you for your nice wish!! I appreciate the good energy. I wish you all the luck too.

            Also I don’t poke Hobbits …Hobbits are a fictional, diminutive, humanoid race who inhabit the lands of Middle-earth that were made up by what I consider a shitty author. I have never watched/read Lord of the Rings and I never would.

            Good luck

          • haha, at least you, me and several of my most expensive psychotherapists agree on one thing πŸ™‚

            I just hope that J.R Tolkien doesn’t read your comment – he might faint, seriously.
            (although, I’m more a Game of Thrones fan tbh)

            luck to you too.

          • TR died in 1973 so I don’t think he is reading… but I don’t think he would care about my opinion anyways… just like I don’t care about his.

            Thanks for the good luck!

  11. I wonder how he plans to pick the other nine? Or does he need to, if he has Ted Kaczynski? And nine men, one woman? Is he implying men have a better chance of solving the poem? How 2017.

    • Thanks …. I actually think the clever part is what I wrote on the inside of the book πŸ˜‰ but I could be wrong. Good thing being wrong never stoped me. It’s how I learned right.

      Good luck…. fenboree is pretty clever yourself… how did you come up with the name? What were the choices before?

      • hhmmm …interesting

        sorta wishing I had a book right about now, esp one written by that elusive Fenn fellow..

        (what’s a ‘book’ thingy ken? it sounds familiar..
        and, more importantly, is it edible??)

    • Whats even stranger…. while I was going to my channel and grabbing the link and posting this comment… Desertphile just commented above me. What’s strange about that? Look who the first comment of that video belongs to 😯

  12. Don’t the Watch Men read all the mail, for security and all? Just thinking about the big picture.

    You ever try your hand at Faro, Brett?

    • I played Faro in Fargo once. I also played it in a Tombstone ..

      This story is straight out of a Bret Hart screenplay ..

      Que Brada

    • I don’t think they are called watchmen but to your point…. sending a book and a poem is allowed in every US prison. In the Big Picture … the watchman are not looking for key words in poems… I think you know what they are looking out for. If you don’t … google it. Trust me it’s not the home of brown or warm waters!

      Good luck!

  13. All,

    β€œWhen someone finds that treasure chest, everybody’s going to say, ‘My God! Why didn’t I think of that?’”


  14. Let’s see 9 men, one woman and the Unibomber…humm = 911 = Information = SB 152 about BOY Calling Information. At the end pf this SB. Forrest posts the following: Life should be an illustrated search for hidden treasures, and not just a guided tour. f Does all of this connect together? It does for me.

    I think that the Illustrated search refers to the illustratION on pg 99, and that the Guided Tour refers to the guided missiles, and where they point – to an area above and to the right of the “Half Domed” rock.

    It may not mean anything to anyone else, but it makes sense to me. JDA

    • OOPS – brain not fully engaged. 911 = emergency, NOT INFORMATION. So, what is the emergency? Now that is a good question. Please disregard the above post – stupidity happens. JDA

        • I think he said he’s sending 10 books total….So thatd be Ted, a woman, and 8? Today is 1/11/17. And it’s mail bag 11.

          • Hello Jonsey1. It does seem interesting, yet the one thing I see that may not work with this thought is that it was posted yesterday, unless I’m missing something.

          • Your sorta correct… I did send out 10 books to prisoners… not 10 total. For what’s it’s worth.

    • JDA, did you see the arrow pointing straight down the side of the half dome you mentioned? I hope it’s “to cease” long.
      Roman numeral C = 100, 2 Cs=200 feet. Fits well with my solve and a thread Decall started a while ago about the Gypsy Magic picture on page 42 being the Blaze and hiding place, Thanks.

      • Challenger11;

        Sorry no arrow pointing down the side of my Half Domed rock. Sounds like you could be on to something though. Good luck with your solve. JDA

    • JDA,

      I think you have stumbled on Sept 11, 2001. The real 9/11. All this talk about unibomber and stuff…

      Is the Chase tied to Sept 11th? I have never made a connection but then again never tried.

      • My 911 was related to calling in an emergency – NOT 9/11 2001. To call the police or report an emergency, one dials 9 1 1 – 9 men + 1 woman + uni (one)

        I questioned whether Forrest was OK. He seems to be.

        Was there another Emergency we needed to pay attention to? I am not sure. JDA

  15. “Gold Fever” is a politically correct term. I understand why some people hunt alone. It’s called survival instinct.

  16. I must point out that there is a real chance this was posted because it is so strange and funny. Ever seen Naked Gun the movie? A guy falls to the ground from the top of the stadium and a marching band walks over him.

    Drebin’s partner says “Oh, that’s terrible. My father went the same way”.

    For this person to explain what he is doing (which is completely out in left field) and then ask:

    “I have 1 question, Has anyone ever told you they were doing this also?” is actually extremely hilarious. This could be the reason Forrest posted it—
    are there clues? Maybe—-but I think that it was posted more for laughs than anything else. IMO of course.

  17. So this is Forrest’s creativity? Story telling? Bought 10 books, anybody call the bookstore and ask any questions? Like who recently bought 10 books? or not. A Las Vegas gambler would have starved in that length of time.Just IMO

    • If the bookstore would give out there sales records to some random caller… I assure you they would tell you 10 books were bought .

      Just IMO πŸ™‚

  18. IMHO – Forrest found this correspondence to be some combination of interesting, comical, or absurd. So he simply decided to share it to show one type of correspondence that he deals with. Surely, everything does not have to be a hint, does it? I am beginning to feel sorry for the man (ff) and his life lived under the (unintentional) constant microscope.

    • This makes the MOST sense to me. If I were a betting man … I would bet evething I have ever won that you just stated the 100% truth.

      As far as ff feels… I wondered that too. But I think he is doing just fine and is not under “constant” scrutiny. I also think he thought about all this BEFORE he hid his treasure and wrote the book.

      Also he must feel somewhat proud no one has solved HIS poem… maybe proud is the wrong word. But I think he accomplished everything he set out to and more. Pretty awesome what he has done…

  19. IMO, this is a joke but a quick Wiki reading up on Ted and the big search by the feds yields some interesting info, such as using postmarks for time lines and the overall idea of MT as the state….Ted’s favorite spot gets changed by a road, etc. There was a million dollar reward for info etc. Bottom line for me, keep on reading for more clues. I’m glad I read about Ted and Lincoln, MT followed up Lewis and Clark County and Milk River which flows into the Missouri River then I got into a side search about this:

        • It originates because there is a poker friiend of mine that used to go my the name unabomber… and we called him you-nee for short. And I would text him…. uni… so when I sent ff the email I didn’t spend one second spell checking it or checking for grammar. I also don’t think ff thought 1 sec on the spelling … so Dal no ff messed it up.. I did .. then again to me.. it’s spelled correctly πŸ™‚

  20. Isn’t Blackjack is played without jokers?

    β€œLife is a game of poker, Happiness is the pot. Fate deals you four cards and a joker, And you play whether you like it or not.”

    • Unsettling ~ why?
      How long have you’ve been on the chase?

      “Occasionally I forward parts of emails to Dal for use in his blog to add human interest for others who are in the search, but I never would if
      it made a difference or in any way might point someone toward or away from the treasure. Dal is also a searcher. I am determined to stay aloof of
      providing any additional clues that are useful. Everyone has the same information to work with. Some few have stopped within several hundred feet of the correct location, and then passed it by. I said in my book that the solution will be difficult but not impossible. If it was easy anyone
      could do it. Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with their imagination. I have done only a few things in my life that were truly planned. Hiding the treasure chest is one of them. And at the end, the one who finds the gold will not feel lucky, but instead, will ask himself,
      ”what took me so long?”

    • For the record… dal is NOT getting ff emails… ff actually asked me if it was ok to post THIS on his blog… and ff sent this to Dal. #fact

      • Hello Brett,

        Interesting stuff here. You commented “For the record… dal is NOT getting ff emails… ff actually asked me if it was ok to post THIS on his blog… and ff sent this to Dal. #fact”. Doesn’t that imply you did know about this blog before this email got posted on the 10th and not on the 19th when you also commented “I would have come here sooner and responded …. but I just found out about this blog.”

        Not that it matters much or that you have any obligation to answer but I am curious…

        Best wishes,


  21. Forrest, I hope your answer to : “Has anyone ever told you they were doing this also?” is No…

    That would be crazy to have 20 inmates looking for the treasure full time…:)

  22. Professional poker player playing black jack. I don’t gamble. Different games, different strategies, or are they similiar? Was he aspiring to be a professional black jack player and is now a poker player? How about slots, or are those just for the unprofessionals? Brett?

    • Water and oil … not at all similar..and re-read the email.. I never said I was a profession poker player that played blackjack… about slots. There are actually quite a few “professional” slot players… they search for “advantage” machines.(Google it) It takes a certain skill set for sure… but they do exist. A lot of them also play poker machines for a living too. Even though I don’t consider video poker as “slots” … others do. Also FYI when I say “professional” I am referring to people ONLY making a living doing that thing… not playing slots and say driving Uber .

      This was just an informal email that I typed from my phone in 30 seconds. I should have said “professional gambler” as that would be a lot more acurate. Sorry.

  23. I get it now…

    There are 10 searchers close to finding the treasure, nine men and one woman. He thinks the one with the best shot at it, is the pretty brilliant math guy because he’s currently at the end of the poem.

    The first part is just “fluff” talk about who he’s gambling on. Just have to imagine Forrest is Brett.

    • To be honest I seriously doubt it. The “brilliant math guy” is represented by Ted Kacsynski? That is a pretty strange correlation. I really think it was posted to show us just how strange and funny some of the e-mails Forrest gets are.

      Of course, it’s possible to find clues or hints in anything if we are prone to think that way. Again just my opinion of course.

  24. OKAY… How many folks started filling out pen pal forms to inmates after reading this? How many did this before this post? I might just get a hold of Bernie Madoff and see if he might be interested…I heard he’s a good numbers man.

  25. I don’t think this is being shared because the person who wrote the email had figured something out. That would be very inconsistent of Forest to do that. So for that reason, I wouldn’t get too lost in the numbers.

    I think the focus is instead on the idea of what makes an ideal partner, and I happen to think this email provides some insight into that. I am strongly of the belief the concept of the partner is not a trivial detail.

      • Brett,
        I think these lifers are in a perfect environment where there minds will not be clouded by all of F’s statements, videos etc…

        I think you should also send an additional 10 poems to 10 new lifers & create a survey. These lifers can only use the poem to come up with a 9 clue solve seeing they have no outside influence whatsoever, no internet, no books & no statements.

        Ask them what they think the 9 clues in the poem are & where, along with some other questions like the word that is key etc…

        Also, if you can, send 5 of the lifers (the ones you gave the 10 books to) a copy of too far to walk to see how these groups differ in there solves & thinking.

        I am curious to see what the come up with.

        • Jake;

          You seem to have lots of bucks to throw around, why don’t you send out all of these books, and let us all know what YOU find out from your experiment. It would be interesting. JDA

          • JDA 2K man,
            It’s not my experiment, Brett obviously started it & I am just trying to help cerebrally & analyticalally.

            And please, get over it, whatever it is.
            You seem to still hold a grudge.

          • Jake;

            I hold no grudge, but you have to be accountable for your words.. You can not just spew insults at someone and expect them to shed them off like they were never said. Take some responsibility for your words and actions Jake. I do for mine. JDA

    • Pdenver,
      Thanks for the links, Interesting read. For those who wonder if Forrest inserts things likes this just for the heck of it think twice. I never just put things like this on the back burner. There is something there Forrest wants us to know and pdenver good to see this research. I for one am only looking for things that might relate to my solve but am willing to see more sides to this chase always. Forrest thanks for stumbling in every now and then, it let’s us know you want us to continue what you have started. Bur

  26. Bur
    You are correct. I will not share what I have found but what I will say , if your solve is going in the right direction then there are some valuable clues in it, not hints but clues. I would hope by now that everyone knows better than to put anything to or from Forrest and or Dal on the back burner…
    Be safe my fellow searchers

  27. Searchers, I found the link to the email.

    Anyone who has been following Forrests weekly words this will help.

    The word cell as in prison or jail cell. CELL is a narrow confining room. A chamber, storeroom, to hide, web. Also honeycomb, box. And best of all a small abode such as a hermits cave or hut!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, there it is Cell , get familiar with the word, look it up!

    Chamber means room ina house, vault, camera. Just like the spy camera and Canopy in trees and cockpit. The canopy is a vaulted room.
    Chamber!!!! Get to know as well.

    Ok searchers, let’s get there.

  28. LOL, with all the talk about numbers, misspelling, dates, stamps… although I do like DPT post… Did anyone mentioned the “Trust *”

    Just thought I throw it out there.

  29. Well Brett, I would be hesitant to open any packages I received from Kaczynski . If anyone could figure out how to build a bomb in a supermax prison and have it sent out it would be him.

    So let’s see………This post proves the chest is in Montana. It will take a mathematical genius using sophisticated acronyms that some searchers employ here. Unabomber originates from the FBI acronym “UNABOM” which stands for “UNiversity and Airline BOMber.” yOU knOW wHAt i MEan. Adding in precise misspellings and using the correct, very complex, algorithm will yield the correct coordinates.

    Of course a few real geniuses here will not be fooled by the false flag the above synopsis presents. One of Kaczynski’s tactics was leaving false clues in every bomb. He would make them hard to find deliberately to mislead investigators into thinking they had a clue. A more obvious clue was the Eugene O’Neill $1 stamps used to send his boxes. This obviously tells us the chest is hidden under ice. O’Neill’s most renowned play was “The Iceman Cometh”.

    O’Neill’s plays often described the downtrodden and those on the fringes of society who struggle to maintain their hopes and aspirations. This leads us back to the Redneck that lost his job. I can’t reveal that information because it is the key to solving the poem. I’m warming up the truck and putting a sandwich and infrared flashlight in the pockets of my artic Carhartts to go retrieve the chest.

    I have confirmation from an extremely reliable source this solution is absolutely correct.

    Of course I have to say IMO so I don’t have to nuke myself; and there is the unimaginable, infinitesimally small, chance that I have misinterpreted what my Dee Lux Wee Gee Board Mouse Pad has told me.

    See ya soon Fenn.

  30. If I could, may I beg your indulgence? I think we all need to get back in the box–and not one that Ted Kacsynski used. I don’t mean to blast those who are finding “clues” in the above letter, but it is so easy to dwell on things, until our minds explode looking for anything that seems plausible to us. I just mention this as a precaution to anyone who might have a short fuse.

  31. Just one last thought/share on this Forrest’s get mail posting: from all this chatter today and reading up on geniuses I stumbled across an author by the name of Alston Chase who has written about Yellowstone, lives in Montana and was in the same housing with the infamous Kaczynski at Harvard. Chase has other books with eye catching titles, one is ‘In a Dark Wood’ so, to me all and all a fun and educational day on Dal’s Blog.

  32. First off, Ted wasn’t “from” Montana–he moved here to hide out i guess. I read about him a few years ago after seeing a TV program. He went to the elite school at at a very young age. Once there he was poor and agreed to be a part of some experiments that he got paid for. These psychology professors abused and traumatized him and some say that was what set him off. There is some new buzzword term for what they did to him, but I can’t think of it. Anyway, the guy is a cold-blooded murderer and refused to go to trial because he didn’t want to be held accountable for for he did.

    I really can’t believe anyone would be serious about getting involved with some inmates serving life sentence. Remind me of Dr. Sam Sheppard, the Fugitive. When he got out of prison he sat in his rocking chair day and night with a shotgun on his lap. He was terrified some prisoners would get out and come after him. I see no humor here.

    • I agree… only get involved with those serving life without parole. Or get involved with strangers you meet in an online forum… witch is safer ?

  33. Thank you Forrest for posting this.
    “Makes me feel much better” knowing that Brett is smart enough to think about other people’s ideas.

  34. If you can’t read the book 3 times and not get within 30 feet then you should stay home.
    I’m just waiting for the snow to melt.

    • And the road from Bozeman to the West YellowStone Entrace is US 191 which Jake likes to refer to as North Interstate Gallatin Hwy.

      Let’s say we are on to something here. The question is about where to begin. Where do warm waters halt?


      • Lug,
        It’s actually North INTRASTATE Gallatin Highway.
        Not that it matters much.

        1-searcher buying 9-books for men & 1-for a woman.

        Kaczynski lived in Lincoln Montana.
        Montana = Mountain
        Lincoln Mountain

        I think I see Taylor Creek there.
        Funny how we can see things that relate to one of our solves.

      • Lug, a good WWH there is divide lake. Next to it to the east is Crowfoot ridge. Gallatin river to North and grayling to the south from Crowfoot ridge. Look up the word Crowfoot, I think you will like what you see..

        Crowfoot are the age lines as well next to the eye. And you could say it’s Tarry scant:-)

        Crowfoot was a famous Native American as well who signed the 7th treaty like ttotc. Lots of other fun stuff. Check it out.

    • Hr combination of 9+1 also equals 10. The number of prisoners I sent the book too.

      What I didn’t say in that message was the number of poems I sent out with out the book and to who. If I tell you those numbers.. and u divide them You would have the distance from Lincoln MT to Red River NM… just saying..

  35. Forrest may have everyone thinking that he posted this because of the prison story. I believe there is more there.

    I have a question for the group:

    FACT: Rocky Mountains, Blaze, Top Two, Rainbow, Chase, Fish, Cow, River, String, Fourth Street, Gypsy, Horse, Snow, Walk, What ifs …… all have what in common?

    What do ALL of these Fenn clues have in common?


      • Lugnutz. ha. no… not ice cream.

        I think if you read Fenn’s letter above you could figure it out.

        I used to have two 1960’s BSA motorcycles. One Clubman and one Royal Star. Nice bikes & they suited me well except for having to flush out the tanks all the time.

      • passenger
        I used to swirl heavy ball-bearings around inside my empty bike tank, to remove any corrosion that may later block the fuel tap, which worked a treat – assuming that’s why you flushed your BSA tanks? (curious)

        (hmm ..cow ice-cream huh? – not much of a big-seller in India, i’m guessing)

    • passenger,
      Why do you say they are “clues”?
      If we go with what we have been told, I see no cow, gypsy, Top Two, Chase, Fish, River, String, Fourth Street, , Horse, Snow used n the poem.

      • Seeker.. I’m referring to a combination of Fenn’s Weekly Word clues (Mysterious Writings) , this forum and TTOTC references.

        I agree.. they may not be “clues” in the sense they will advance the poem solve directly. ‘Hint” may be more appropriate.

        There are certain facts that can be extrapolated from the Chase. To me, those should be the primary pursuit because without internal validation of a logical solve built into the puzzle, it would seem to be endless.


    • Not sure they are true clues with a common theme or even metaphors for clues. I did enjoy the juxtaposition of chase fish cow though.

  36. If I remember correctly, the Unibomber ended up getting fingered by his brother because of his manifesto in which He wrote ‘Eat your cake and have it too’ Instead of ‘Have your cake and eat it too’

  37. At first I thought, this is brilliant! But then I realized, 10 partners? That’s a horrible idea.

    A camel is a horse designed by committee. A zebra is what you get from a committee of inmates — black and white stripes!

    I am curious who the one woman is.

    • While many are looking for clues hidden with in the words… the message seems clear. How can you trust complete strangers when the prize is a million plus in gold and trinkets?
      If not you.. then who?

    • Stacey Pomrenke Is the woman. Re-think the “10 partners”. Your first thought was better then your last.

      Smart people do stupid things. I am not judging the inmates. I don’t care about their crime, I care about there time.

      Who is going to spend more time on this treasure hunt… a professor at Harvard with a job, a family, a life ?

      Or men and woman serving life … I never said they were equal partners.

  38. Administrators: Is this email fictional?

    signed: highly anonymous secret agent type guy, without large eyebrows.

    ( might be a big matter of national importancy and everything ..seriously!)

      • actually no it isn’t, Mr Funny-Guy – it’s curious hobbt fyi ..WAIT! (whoops)

        [he desperately searches for that darn elusive ‘delete’ button, coz bashing his head on the keyboard four times rapidly, doesn’t seem to work anymore, unfortunately]

    • ‘maybe’ you’ll need to buy several more hats this spring, Jake
      ..or should I say ‘G. Foreman’..

      (go JDA! – jus keep thinking Zaire ’74 ..and you’ll be just fine πŸ™‚ )

      • There’s a few things you got to know & remember my furry friend.
        Listen good, use your imagination when needed & don’t fall into the rabbit holes. Did I mention not to listen to others.

      • but are you suggesting that imagination should only be brought forth (from it’s dusty ol’ box. in the attic, of that old Hitchcock house, the ominous one) only when ‘needed’?
        ..I could possibly try that approach, but won’t, fortunately πŸ™‚

        ..but you’re entirely right in one respect – i DO need to read more.)

        • I prefer to use logic in indicating the lines, words or phrases in the poem that may be clues 1st.

          When you have indicated, you should use your imagination to figure what the clues mean.

          Feel free to roam near WY.

        • I get what you’re saying mate, as ‘logic’ is my middle name too, amazingly.

          but I simply enjoy the ‘humour’ approach to all this, and think it’s fun to be a pear, amongst apples and oranges, if that makes sense?
          ..if ya can’t enjoy it, what’s the point?

          (now, have you laced those gloves properly?
          – could be a long night)

          • ..are you secretly implying that pears and oranges are weird, ken? …sounds like it.

  39. ( ..JDA’s gotta gun btw – he hides it his right glove, apparently)

    ( ..he told me not to tell, so it must be true – but don’t tell him I told ya that)

    • Some folks never learned that it is not wise to show up to a gun fight with a rubber knife…no matter…this is all just words. Back to the fun…After Ted K. , I wonder who the next pick was/is…and who is that one woman that was chosen? And… why only one woman ? I think I would have evened out the choices. Where are you Brett…maybe you could enlighten us?

  40. 9 men and 1 woman. Ace…11 or 1 is the question. Stay.
    Let’s play and hope that the dealer doesn’t get blackjack. πŸ™‚

  41. In his book TFTW, Forrest goes to Las Vegas .
    Page 110

    Zoe Feen Old, husband and children run a wood business located in Las Vegas New Mexico. Just a thought..

  42. Imagination is a story worth telling, this trusting gambler betting on a bom not a babe. A wild card at 44, who wouldn’t want to be like that, and a Brobdingnagian dreamer to boot.

  43. I just got done reading ALL the comments on this post. All I have to say is ….WOW!!! What an interesting group in here. I would actually like to address the comments that were made in this thread. I just don’t know the best way to do this. Should I just post in here or make a new thread???


    Ps. I would have come here sooner and responded …. but I just found out about this blog.

    • Just start posting. You can use the form at the bottom of the page.

      By the way, what do you when you have a hard 16, and the dealer has a face card?

      And who’s the woman?

      • How big is your bet? The book says hit. But books are not always right. The hand before would greatly help in making this decision. But if it was the first hand in a new deck you should hit. 20 beats 16 eveytime.

          • Your correct! I won’t get into the details and bore you with why I didn’t care about that with her…I’m sure if you picked 10 out of 1000+ ur list would be different. Her sentence is long enough for what I wanted. Also FYI.. she is the first prisoner to get back to me. So I am glad I chose her. There are differences between men and woman and because of this I took a flyer on her… everyone is focusing on the wrong thing.. they all assume that the prsioner will want to go look themselves… that couldn’t be further from the truth. If it were remotely true ff would have sold millions of books …. I know for a lot of people in here they cant rap there heads around why a prisoner that is a stranger would help me find a treasure .. then again those same people are looking for warm water and brown trout. They could be right btw. But I still think they are missing the big picture. Off topic but have u ever wondered why someone would marry someone who is serving life without parole ? If you figured that out (not hard) then you should understand why a prisoner would “help” me. Though truth be told… I’m helping them. Not to many will get that. And that’s fine with me….:)

          • Brett –

            You started out the comment saying yu won’t bore us with the details. I didn’t read the rest of it because it’s pretty long.

            Did you end up being us with the details?

            Get crunky

          • In order to answer you .. I would have to understand what “being us the details is” means? Maybe instead of writing messages you should read more, that way you won’t be baited into useless arguments .. then again reading may not help you much.. after all You believed MY message to ff was a clue about highway 191 from Bozeman to west Yellowstone. Good luck!

          • Brett –

            So there are two things happening here on the blog. People are looking for the treasure. People are also just telling stories. All of the crazy number related solving based on your letter falls in the second category. Just like the discussion about the hidden images in the driftwood.

            No one could possibly believe any of its true.

            They do it for another reason.

            What’s your initial or early thought here on where the treasure is? Yellowstone? New Mexico?


          • Why would someone marry a lifer? I’m guessing tax relief? Or maybe it satisfies some dark fantasy they have, risk free.
            How are you helping them? Another guess, but maybe they get some vicarious enjoyment through your adventures? I can think of several other reasons, but they’re not as flattering.

          • To clarify, I meant flattering to the lifer. Thought of another benefit to a lifer – it would give their daily existence some purpose. Nothing worse than having no purpose when you wake up every morning.

          • “I won’t get into the details and bore you with why I didn’t care about that with her…”

            Judge James Jones presided in that case. That name sounds familiar πŸ˜‰

        • Hello Brett. With Ms. Pomrenke given a 30+ months prison term, and if she was fortunate to have solved the poem, assuming she had responded to you with such answer(s), and you claimed the treasure chest, how would you deal with Ms. Pomrenke?

          • Hello… first let me say I do not think she will solve the poem. For 7 years tens of thousands have not done it. I do think it will happen though. I must reiderate that I am not looking for any of the people I sent the book or poem to solve it. All I am doing is looking for a different perspective from someone that has nothing but time. They literally have nothing but time. Think about that. No mortgage to think about … no job to think about…food is served to them in their cell.. I think u get my point. Also it’s not like I didn’t offer them anything.

            Now to answer your question … first I must say I do not think it will ever come up but let’s assume it does. I would handle it just like you would if a neighbor/ friend gave you a solve… what would you do for that person?

            Everyone is too fixated on the treasure and the value I believe. To someone serving time in prison, a lot of time I might add… the treasure to them is some stranger treating them with respect and asking them for there help, corospondiing with them and maybe the commissary …

            Also I might add that this is only one of say 100 things I am doing. I don’t even think it’s in my top 10. It also required very little of my time and a small amount of money.

            I think you would be surprised how much people are williing to help you if you know how to ask them. And people love to give their opinion. Just look at this blog. Everyone has an opinion.

            The treasure to me is solving this. Oh and meeting ff! I have been really lucky to meet some of the people I have and ff …is hands down … one of my all time favorites! My only regret is I didn’t find this sooner. But everything happens for a reason … I believe. Good luck!

            Ps. Let’s assume someone I send info to actually solves this and I go out and find it… I would happily pay them there fare share. Wouldn’t you?

        • (Second try.) Responded, but it didn’t go through. Hope Dal will bring it up for me. I would like to hear your response to it.

    • Brett

      you can comment here if you wish or you could Email Dal (right side-bar) to see if a new thread is necessary. I for one thought you might be fake and some invented tease by Forrest. Am still a bit dubious tbh.

      btw, I kept splitting two dealt face cards when I recently visited LV, much to the humour of the dealer and other players, but won every-time (they stopped laughing after the fourth time) – what’s the rule on that? and is there one?

      • Don’t want to stop you from being dubious. Winning is all that matters… so if splitting 10’s worked for you.. congrats. Yes there is a rule. NEVER split 10’s. But who likes to follow rules?

      • thanks mate, although I lost $70 over the course of the night, I must’ve drunk $100 in beer (a long thirsty drive in) Caesars must be really hurting after that, i imagine πŸ™‚

        moral rules? most definitely yes
        but silly political rules? ..not a huge fan of those tbh

        best o’ luck all the same tho

        • cheers for your honesty Brett

          although I stand firm on my ‘well above’ comment – I s’pose we just vastly differ in that respect/concept, ’tis all

          ..I must confess to enjoying your s.o.h btw, as you’re much funnier than Dal can ever muster[BANNED!]

          [signed: thee anonymous pirate ..with a GREAT s.o.h, fyi.. ]

          [darn that pesky out-spoken hobbit!]

          ..D’oh πŸ™‚

      • Thank you…The more decks their are… the better chance the house has.. so single deck. Always better to be last in black jack… the more cards you can see, the better your decesiion is going to be.That being said.. the only winning hand is not to play.

        • Brett,
          Do you feel like your running the gauntlet with all the Black-Jack questions?
          I use to enjoy 21 and Poker @ Bill’s Saloon before it got bought out. Most of the time it was a quiet friendly place… and not so high stakes. How’s the new ownership doing? Just in-case I get the itch again.

          • No don’t feel I’m running the gaulent on the black jack questions. As to Bills. It’s actually the same ownership group (Cesar’s) they just rebranded it years ago. I preferred when it was Bills too.

            Don’t get the itch…

            Still a lower stakes place… not sure about the friendly part… a lot has changed. I’m sure there are some friendly dealers … I prefered ones that bust. I didn’t care how nice they were. Then again I wasn’t playing to have a good time… I only wanted to win. They could have cussed me out as long as they were paying my bets! I never go in there now so I actually can’t tell you how it is.

          • I hear ya,
            I was commenting on the players actually… many locals out for a good time. Well, until the drinks go to their heads…
            Now the palms are beginning to itch… hope it’s just psoriasis.

        • Thanks Brett, I guess your email/letter to Forrest and you are real! I think a lot of us here were skeptical! Craps is my sweet tooth game but just for fun once in a blue moon. Good luck and welcome again to Dal’s Blog and The Thrill of the Chase.

    • The Gambler has shown his tell…I suspect that this is not the first time said Gambler has been on this blog. “Call” it intuition…whatever you want…this Gambler is too smooth with responses to certain posters to not have read a lot of earlier posts. I’m “all in” on this one….

  44. One thing that caught my attention was the 44 (age of Brett) + 19 years in Vegas (odd number) and Blackjack which = either 21 or 11. Added together they equal either 74 or 84. What is significant about these numbers? Forrest is not 86, so what happened two years ago, or 12 years ago? Interesting.

    My age is 74, but I am sure that that is just a coincidence – nothing there.


  45. One thing that caught my attention was the 44 (age of Brett) + 19 years in Vegas (odd number) and Blackjack which = either 21 or 11. Added together they equal either 74 or 84. What is significant about these numbers? Forrest is now 86, so what happened two years ago, or 12 years ago? Interesting.

    My age is 74, but I am sure that that is just a coincidence – nothing there.


  46. Another question. Brett says that he went to Vegas at age 19 to be a Blackjack gambler. Las Vegas has strict gambling rules. You must be 21 to gamble in Las Vegas. How could Brett be a Blackjack gambler at 19??? JDA

  47. BTW, before anyone wastes their time trying to relate this to the unabomber, the property that Ted once owned is below 5,000 feet (but not by much). It is now owned by Donald Nygard who lives in Henderson, NV (and at one time lived in Gilette WY). The entire 1.4 acres is below 5k though.

    Personally I think FF sent this in because it made him laugh.

    • hhmmm, interesting …seems to be suspiciously silent on defending his (non-existent) moral front also…

      ( ..don’t mean to repeat myself, but… hhmmm, interesting)

      (ok, I’m finally going to bed Dal can (deservedly) relax now πŸ™‚ )

  48. Oh Brett….come out come out wherever you are. Did you play poker last night? Did you do well? What was your best hand of the evening?

    • Bret – BRET – BRET !!!

      Where are you? I need you to answer my question – When are you going out to search for the TC? I need to know! JDA

      • JDA— I am going out starting approx May 1st. Weather permitting of course. As to some of your other post … I want to address things you said just to help you out with some facts. First there is nothing at all to my message to ff. There is ZERO meaning in the numbers (9 and 1) or any words in it. I just think you need to know that so you don’t go down a rabbit hole. There is also no connection to Unabomber and the treasure. ff just liked the email, thought it was unique and asked to post it. This is not a clue of any sort. Hope that clears some things up. Good luck!

        • Isn’t the poker “unibomber” Phil Laak?
          To keep on topic, when do the snows melt in the Rockies and who started the idea that the clues may not start north of Santa Fe? That was a brilliant thought.

          • Hello Bob. As far as the snow, it depends upon the season’s snowfall and which state in the Rockies. Most melts around May or June. There’s some areas that stay year-round such as the Never Summer Range.

        • Thanks Brett. Good luck on your search in May.

          Thanks for clearing up the (9 and 1) and words statement. Glad that there is no unabomber connection. Good luck in your gambling and search – JDA

          • Thank you sir! I apreciate the nice words and luck! I will need it. The ff is pretty crafty to say the least!

  49. JDA & Iron Will,
    Hey men, Timothy here, I would like to know “what Article” is This in? What paper and if true WHY HASN’T FORREST or DAL SAID SO ON THIS SITE!!!
    My understanding from wayyyyyyyyyy back Forrest told Dal when it is found and verified by Forest that he ( Forrest ) will make the announcement here on the Blog and on OLD SANTA FE TRAIL site. DID I MISS SOMETHING???
    I’ve been down sick at the hospital for quite a while so I need to catch up…
    Please tell me it’s a lie and Forrest has said it has not been found. He and Dal and a few here that I’ve been talking with for years now, is all that I would believe…
    Thank you guys in advance,

    • all I know is they seemed to be clickbait titles to make you go to their website, then it’s like pop up crap. Nothing new, I’ve seen that the entire Chase.

  50. JDA
    I agree with you and Iron Will. I went the same sites and none of them were able to be located or loaded. Malicious sites for sure…
    Would still like to hear one of them say it’s still out there. My mind has to settle down… This has happened before and will again…

    • Timothy – If I remember correctly f said that when the treasure is found, he would contact three major news outlets to make an announcement. My gut tells me that whomever actually finds the chest won’t be creating websites to make an announcement. The person or persons that make the discovery would make contact with f to let him know but for the most part, the finder/s will choose blend in rather than drawing attention from the outside world. This is just speculation on my part.

      Logic says that if the finder/s of the chest go public they would be giving up a lot of privacy and will bombarded with media, other searchers, and possibly others who will want not be so kind. Maybe I’m wrong. I have noticed that some searchers won’t be shy if they find the chest and I’m not sure if they’ve considered all the baggage that would come with going public.

  51. JDA
    First, Thank you. I have not heard about the media but I was talking about F putting it on this site anf Old Santa Fe Trail, which is Forrest site. This weather has for sure given searchers a chance to get out there. My wife said no way until it warms up. She is such a sissy.
    Great to see that you are doing well and I hope that we all can get out there soon. Oh yea, what was that junk about with f and Vegas? Man Brett really got some of the searchers going.
    Thank s
    BE SAFE…

  52. Brett…I moved down hear( I spelt that wrong so you wouldn’t feel bad) so that we could start fraesh. Can you give the searchers an update as to how your experiment is working?

    • I gave an update in a reply early… but here it is again… TK rejected the book. That means he simply didn’t take the mail .. he never opened it and he had no idea what was in it. Also this is kinda common. The other 9 were accepted and 6 of the 9 have gotten back to me. Some of them in email and others in a hand written letter. Remember I didn’t ask for my email to be posted and I didn’t come in this forum to tell my story. I only decided to respond because so many people went crazy and tried to read into these emails as clues and I felt it was my duty to set the record straight. For a couple days I was actually not going to say anything as I didn’t want to ruin people’s thoughts and dreams… but the responses were so Insane (imo) that I decided to make comments. I did this as a favor … I could have sat back and laughed as I’m sure ff has with some of the crazies in here. I had zero to gain actually. I just felt bad and figured it was the right thing to do. Also I knew the facts as to the email I sent.

      • Thanks very much Brett…that was very fair of you. Good deeds and honesty should always prevail. Good luck with your cards …and good luck for treasure search. over and out

        • “but the responses were so Insane (imo) that I decided to make comments”.

          LOL!! Brett, now you understand why F wanted your email posted!! All in good fun.

          Good Luck in all your Endeavors, Brett!

          “Read the blogs for entertainment, and the poem like you were going to put an X on a map.f”

      • Brett –

        Um, they don’t think you are real. You are aware of that right? Some think you are Forrest. Some think you are a previous chaser. Yelling them you are not will only make them look deeper into the meaning of your words.

        The discussions about you continue elsewhere.

        What’s your thinking right now or initially as to where the treasure is? Which state and something brief would be great.


        • I already set the record straight so they can think whatever they want. I chose to respond because I felt bad they were wasting time on a non clue. I can’t control what people think. But I will say that I am not nearly as clever or smart as ff. And I am not a previous chaser. I do think it will take a crazy person to find this is my opinion so alot of them have hope.

          As to my thinking right’s way to early. I didn’t get into this thinking I would have a solve anytime soon. I am actually taking the next year to spend my time trying to solve this. I am using all the resources and time I have to work at this full time. ff spent 14+ years writing this poem and I don’t think I can decode it in a matter of weeks.

          For me and my team (I’m not alone and I’m not counting the prisoners) this really is about the thrill of the chase. I look forward to seeing the Rockies and just searching in general. I only gamble to win … I don’t love it. It’s a job. I want it solved and I don’t care who does it. Of course I want It to be me…but I would be happy if anyone solved it. Meeting ff and hearing his stories is my treasure.

          Also if I solve the poem, I’m not giving ff that bracelet back. It will become my favorite possession.

          • We agree in something many do not. I won’t give him the bracelet either.

            I was asking what you think in a very basic way. Like it’s probbaly in NM because he probably drove from home.

            Here’s the thing. It’s likely the poem can’t be solved on it’s own. The clues started out as easy or obvious and over time he worked them into something more difficult and puhaps loosing all sight of the original. As a consequence imo we need to look at lots of possibilities and check them out.

            All above is opinion

          • Lnutz

            maybe you could both store the bracelet in an air-tight vault for 30 days (?)

            just don’t forget to NOT accidentally close the door on your way in.
            ..’safety first’ right? πŸ™‚

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