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Jenny Kile is a self proclaimed puzzle enthusiast and has a wonderful blog called Mysterious Writings where folks write about the mysteries of the universe and Jenny poses questions to people with answers. Some of her blog is devoted to various puzzles and quests and treasure hunts. One section is devoted to The Thrill of the Chase and a subsection is called Questions With Fenn. Here, Forrest answers questions posed by her readers. Wonderful questions…sometimes mystifying answers.

Her blog is here: Questions With Fenn

This is a place we can discuss his “mysterious” answers.

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  1. “The most common mistake that I see searchers make is that they underestimate the importance of the first clue. f

    It always comes back to the first clue doesn’t it?

  2. For those hoping to get “rich” and even those with other motivations, overestimating the human imagination would take you -past- the treasure. Seems like that could be true for a “few” searchers and perceived as a personal message by many, many, many more.

    PS. Would be honored to go trout fishing soon!

  3. I would imagine this will be the most imaginative random words that Forrest ever gives, but I don’t expect to get rich by saying that.

  4. Does ff mean that if we estimate (put money on it) our imagaination as great, vast, yuuuge, we might lose our money? What is he saying?

  5. I think he’s saying that a lot of the searchers who are positive that they
    have the correct solution, but have read too much into his books are only
    fooling themselves and will find this out for themselves when the weather is better. Just IMO


    • Thanks for the link Spallies. I sometimes forget to look at Jenny’s site for words from Forrest and I do enjoy reading what he has to say. This time it sounds like he’s telling us to stay by our little fire for now. 🙂

  6. I like Fenn’s newest over @ Jenny’s….more debate about photo shopping. The only “manipulating” going on is in our own minds. This Chase has been a fantastic life study about the human mind…and how it sees and interprets things…and then what we turn it into for our own purposes. That in itself would be a great book subject….

  7. This new post at MW 3/22/17…

    Here is the update that I have been hoping to see.

    Forrest may not feel like there is a comfortable way to update his, “within 500 feet,” and, “within 200 feet,” comments (that are rather dated) but he is a very, very creative and deep thinking man.

    “I think the gold -will again- become alert to the tromp and -vibrations- of hiking boots.” says it all.

    Thank you Forrest!
    Thank you Jenny for hosting this update (and -possibly- writing the question)!

    Can’t wait to go trout fishing. Do they bite when the water is warm? How about very very warm?

    • I wonder how much fun it is when your solve goes “POOF”.
      I had sent him a video of where I think it is & now i know that goes bye bye.

      Gonna start from scratch again.

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