A Forest for Forrest……


Forrest Fenn will be celebrating his 87th birthday on August 22.

Let’s celebrate Forrest by planting trees!

A man named Forrest should have a forest named after him. It would take an act of Congress to do this, however. So I have come up with a different idea. Let us each plant a tree in honor of him – wherever you live! (If that is impossible for you to do, perhaps you can dedicate a tree in your yard in honor of him.)
Since a forest is considered to be a community of trees, our trees will be a community in a unique way – all dedicated to Forrest!

Please send me a photo of you and your tree and the location of this tree (city, state) to trees4forrestfenn@gmail.com.

I will put all of these photos in a presentation to give to him. This will be posted to dal’s site on Forrest’s birthday for all to enjoy. I will include a map where all of these trees are located!

Thanks so much!
Prairie Flower

141 thoughts on “A Forest for Forrest……

  1. Actually, the Norway Spruce seems like a better option here in the mountains north of Santa Fe— many hundreds of millions of trees have died due to human-caused warming of the USA Southwest, and perhaps the Norway Spruce can replace them.

    At $60 a tree I cannot buy may: I would *LOVE* to plant at least 20.

  2. @Prarie Flower – This is one of the most thoughtful gestures I’ve ever heard of. It is the perfect gift for my own picture of Forrest and the type of person he is. I’d like to suggest that we include our young ones in the planting and pictures where possible so he can see his own hand working in God’s workshop.

  3. I can’t decide between white oak and red oak, so it will be both. Trees that live long, stand strong, give shade in summer and allow sun through in winter with colorful personalities both spring and fall, take on more character with age, and provide homes and food for critters of all kind even after falling to the ground some day.

    I doubt I stop at two.

      • I can work with acorns for free, just need to wait till October for them to get ripe. I will buy the first two trees in the typical black plastic containers, Biddy #1 and Biddy #2. Some day they will be two old Biddies.

        The treasure will allow me to retire one day and I can plant a world of trees with all that free time. Assuming y’all leave it there a few more months until I return for it.

  4. I love this idea too! My whole family loves trees. The question will be what kind. Any suggestions of a few favorites Forrest?

  5. Thanks for the tree idea dal. The New Mexico Department of Agriculture sells saplings of every tree that will grow in this state. The price varies around $3.00 They said my pines would grow a foot each year, and they have exceeded that. Some are 30′ tall now. f

    • This sounds like a great program. I remember the video clip of your back yard, and I believe know what type of pines you have. Would these be the same pine trees planted when you lost your aspen trees?

    • I wish I could claim the tree idea Forrest but it’s not mine. I haven’t had any good ideas since 1986. This is Prairie Flower’s idea…

      • Now you did it Dal. Here come all the “age/old” jokes. Did the Earth have trees back in 1986, was the car invented yet, didn’t dinosaurs rule back in 1986, and yada, yada, yada… You will never learn…Bright side, at least you’ve had a good idea…

      • tsk tsk charlie – for suggesting that Dal was born before 1886 🙁

        i mean… it’s quite obvious to anyone with a trained eye, that he wasn’t actually born until1896 sometime..
        ..at the very latest 🙂

        (oh wait?! ..did you say eighteen(?) or ninet[BANNED!!]

    • Very nice! The place I used to camp as a kid was full of pines and always smelled great. Now I am in San Diego and since it is closer to desert like pines do not do so well. We have some nice California natives and drought tolerant plants. I was thinking of doing some type of fruit tree and now seems like a good time to do so. We built a small fish pond in the backyard with a waterfall recently and maybe we can find room near that.

    • Happy Birthday Sir when you get to it. I will try to comply with this adventure But i will need to use a snow shovel to clear the space on earth that it will be planted yep snow in colorado today who would guess.

    • Can I make a plug for the planting of native trees?

      Any state’s Dept. of Ag would have a similar list, and by planting native trees, you strengthen the local environment. You will also need to use less water (native plants are already adapted for the most part), and you will not be accidentally introducing a tree species which would compete for resources with other native plants (invasive).

  6. Also, where my mom is buried, you can purchase memorial trees…I may get her a dogwood too! They have several established dogwoods throughout!

  7. I think I’ll plant a weeping willow…. since “grandmotherly wisdom” seems to be failing…. ( scrapbook 146 ) I feel safe in doing so.. 🙂

    “The Willow”

    Near the water, a willow grows,

    Weeping as, the soft wind blows.

    Beneath within ,the shaded grass,

    Etched in stone, as smooth as glass.

    This willow was planted, way back when,

    To honor a man, named Forrest Fenn.

    Who took the time, while passing through,

    To give adventures, to me and you.

    With this willow , upon the bank,

    To him I give , my honest thanks.

    This weeping willows, a symbol of,

    Strength, faith, hope and love……..

    By: Focused

    Just messing around… but I think I will plant a willow…. see ya my friends

  8. Curious hobbit, hey buddy I think you should plant a “banana tree”…. I hear that in your neck of the woods the weather’s perfect…..then you could grab every banana 🙂

    Pls- stay away from lemon trees 🙂 see ya my friend 🙂

    • Gosh Focused, if there weren’t any lemon trees planted, there wouldn’t be any fresh squeezed lemonade, Lemon Meringue pies, or slices of lemon on the edge of a tall glass of iced tea on a hot summer’s day.

      • You’ve got a good point pdenver… you know, when curious hobbit grills for us on the beach, I think a lemon pie would be great , and a lemon slice with our tea ( or other drink) would also be nice……. 🙂

        Ok curious hobbit…. scratch what I said about the banana tree….me and pdenver think the lemon tree fits you better…. 🙂

        (Pss… pdenver, now we just got to get him to agree on the grilling on the beach part…. )

        See ya my friend

        • Perhaps he’ll grill some fresh-caught fish, with a slab of butter, seasonings and slices of lemon on top, and wrapped in foil. Yum! I can smell it now!

          • Sound good to me pdenver… humm

            I think I’ll call it a night with that thought…..

            Sleep well my friend…

            Until next time.. see ya 🙂

  9. The trees that I will plant for Forrest are going to be Tamarack trees and will be around the perimeter of our new house site. The Latin name for Tamarack is Larix laricina. Other common names are American Larch, Red larch, Black Larch, takmahak and Hackmatack, which is an Abenaki word for ‘wood used for snowshoes’ It is a deciduous conifer meaning it sheds it’s needles in the fall. It commonly grows in swamps and sphagnum bogs but also grows in upland soils (Forrest Fenn) The tender springs shoots are nutritious and can be eaten when they are boiled. The inner bark can be scraped ,dried and ground into a meal to be mixed with other flours.. The tea used from tamarack bark is used as a laxative, tonic ,a diuretic for jauntice, rheumatism and skin ailments. It is gargled for sore throats.Poultices from the inner bark are used on sores, swelling and burns,as well as for headaches. A tea from the needles is used as an astringent,and for piles diarrhea ,dysentery and dropsy.. The gum from the tamerack sap is chewed for indigestion. The roots are used to make twined woven bags There are a number of many uses of the Tamarack or Larch as we call it and I think a good fit for being honored to Forrest.

    • I have a larch I am dedicating to Forrest. I think it’s the perfect tree for Forrest’s forest. It’s been through hell . Once it got broken in half when my husband backed a truck over it. I was just sure it had killed that tree, losing its top like that . It struggled and lived despite its rough beginnings. It’s become a lovely tree that is home right now to a set of doves. They are content to coo over their eggs in a tree that I didn’t even believe would survive in our climate. I planted this tree when we bought the property , back when my body cooperated with me ! So yes this will be my dedicated tree for my friend Forrest Fenn. Please show some photos of your larches when you get it done. They are the most beautiful trees. This is a wonderful Idea, thank you Prairie Flower and Dal !

  10. I think it’s a great idea to plant trees in honor of FF.

    I will plant some apple seeds near where I think the TC is, before
    August 22.

    I saw a thorny berry plant of some kind right near there, but don’t know whether the location and soil are suitable for apple trees to thrive.

    It’s worth a try. If it works, maybe the bears will enjoy an occasional apple snack.

    All this is my opinion.

  11. I just love this idea. As a child, our family camped and hiked throughout the Pacific Northwest and into Montana. My dad always spoke of expanding the range but unfortunately passed away before his vision came true. My husband and I travel quite a bit and in my father’s memory wherever we go someplace new I find a nice flat rock and write “JJB was here” (his initials) since his spirit is with me always. Along that vein, not only will I plant a tree in honor of Mr. Fenn’s birthday, but I now plan on planting a sapling or cone for Mr. Fenn wherever I search . Kind of a Johnny Appleseed thing. Thanks for the idea Prairie Flower and to Dal for passing this on to us.

  12. “After all,I don’t see why I am always asking for private, individual, selfish miracles when every year there are miracles like white dogwood.

    ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

  13. I am so happy everyone loves my idea!

    Be sure and tell me the type of tree you plant along with your name, photo and location! Send all info to the email mentioned above!

    Prairie Flower

  14. Tom T here, as many of you know I live at 8000′ elevation here in mts. of New Mexico, and on my 10 acres in Tijeras are some monster Ponderosa Pines, some stand almost 100′, not as big as those where the Old family live at Viveash Mesa/Ranch but sizable, none the less.

    Our land is covered in mature Ponderosa, huge Pinon Pine and lots of Alligator Juniper, some of these trees are 5′ caliper or better. Recently an officer from the US Forest Service Tijeras field office came out to visit and did an accessment of the health of the forest on this tract of land, she told me I had an Alligator Juniper, which sits in the middle of my driveway, and has about 5’6″ caliper that may be over a thousand years old. In this majestic tree I carefully built a tree house, I did it without harming the tree, to prove it could be done and none of the tree house rests on the bark of this old beauty, I supported the frame with 14′ stanchions it has a 14′ ladder and a trap door with an enclose guard rail for keepin kids safe and best of all a 20′ graphite slide with 2 loops turns just for fun just cause Grandpa is Terrific.

    The US Forest Service is helping us to keep this lush pine and mixed conifer forest healthy, and that means thinning some smaller trees, so I am offering to allow some people to remove some small pinon trees rather than just cull them with chain saws, our problem is too many trees, which if not removed become susceptible to forest fires, bark beatles, etc.

    I feel each year that none of my large trees are cut down it is equivalent to planting many trees so if you are interested email me: tomterrific1947@gmail.com …now if you want one small pinon or a small ponderosa early spring is the best time, and this is not easy work, lots of diggin to get a nice root ball, it will soon be too warm for pine to survive at lower elevations or hot climates.

    The Thinning will commence soon.

    Tom Terrific, as always Mr Enthusiastic when it comes to saving the Rockies… TTTTTT is all in..

    • did you know that some the seeds of some trees must first pass through the digestive tract of an animal before they can germinate? i didnt know that. wow, i been plantin trees my whole life. well, except when constipation is a bother.

  15. I don’t feel safe planting trees 🙁 lol

    My wife kills our trees 🙁 We used to have a bunch of Orange trees and Loquat trees. She thinks they can be pruned anytime, took the saw to the branches and killed them all.

    I wish she would kill one of the palm trees out front that grows 10 foot long branches every 10 months and I need to pay someone to go up and trim it so the roof doesn’t get destroyed. lol

    PS: I’m kidding of course, but it irks me because trees are not exactly cheap, especially fruit bearing ones. heh

    • LOL She does her best, and she loves you I am sure. That is all that is important. I collect heart shaped rocks, maybe you could do that for her too? (Treasures old ? ) Once you start doing it you will see love everywhere you look, and she will always be with you.

  16. My book and all notes for almost six years where stolen out of my truck five days ago along with change and cd”s. I have decided I am done with the chase.Some little jerk has no idea of the time that he has taken from me.Tomorrow I will post all ideas I have that I can remember for the chase.

    • Sorry to hear that, Jason. Don’t give up on the Chase just because some 2-bit car thief stole your notes. They probably have no idea what to do with the material if they are getting through life by breaking into other people’s cars.

    • Jason,
      Please just hold on, I know you have suffered an incredible loss! Jason, I know how you feel, believe me and your going through the revenge, hate, I can’t take this anymore stage.
      Please reconsider your options, you have work hard for 6 years, you have retained some of the information, the important stuff to you.
      Don’t let your emotion’s take over, it will kill you, spiritually, mentally, and could harm you physically, the unbalanced mind can lose all control and Jason when that happens you can go into a darkness that takes you too places you never in your life would expect.
      Don’t let that creepy thug take you down to his level
      Don’t worry he’ll get caught one of these days, because his behavior won’t change!!
      Jason don’t give up on Mr.Fenn’s opportunity.
      Don’t give up on yourself!
      Well, Jason I hope your alright, when someone takes your sense of being, it’s murder!
      Take care, Martha

  17. For the life of me I can’t seem to find a Time (?) Magazine article which included a photo of The Flyer and a ray of light shining down upon him from above. His surroundings appeared to be a small, circular (?) , enclosed area.

    Might anyone recall the article? I believe it to be quite worthy of discussion.

    pdenver ? smile ~

  18. I probably should check Dal’s “Media Coverage” page, but have chosen to look online at the moment. There’s a lot of photos of Mr. Fenn with the sun shining upon him. Now to figure out which article you speak.

    • Gosh, my friend, it seems his quote, ‘To an ant, a mud puddle can be an ocean’ is quite popular. I can only giggle at myself for trying to understand him.

  19. pdenver,

    Think of how that ant…..standing/kneeling on a ‘bridge’ might see things!

    I’m also prone to think that The Flyer might feel closer to Eric when on a…bridge. Imagine what he could be able to see!

  20. Ok ok I’ll plant the pussy willow tree for the ole coot We all know why. Hahahah big ole flirt Every time I look at it I’ll definitly R.E.M Forrest and laugh .

  21. Prairie Flower – this is a great idea! If all goes as planned, we’ll sign papers for our new home on June 12th. Once we have taken possession of said home, I’ll plant a tree in the yard and take a picture to send along to you.

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