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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xiii for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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299 thoughts on “Poetry Page XIII…

  1. ” First Aid Kit ”

    Walking through the desert, sand beneath my feet,

    My steps are getting slower, dragging from the heat.

    The sun is high above me, there is no wind at all,

    In my ears I hear, the vultures as they call.

    Lost out in this desert, I need to find some shade,

    I mumble to myself, about choices I have made.

    Up ahead I see a rock, where I can rest my legs,

    This heat is gonna kill me, help me God I beg.

    I know that I am in this mess, all because of me,

    I walked into this desert, not prepared as I should be.

    I know that I may surely die, here in this desert sand,

    Reach out God and help me, I need your guiding hand.

    I continued walking, then to my knees I fell,

    Slumped and looking down, I do not want to fail.

    Then suddenly I feel a breeze, brush across my cheek,

    Alone here in the desert, a voice begins to speak.

    ” Raise up to your feet child, and take my helping hand,

    Close your eyes and follow me, I’ll lead you from this sand”.

    I raised up to my feet, the cool wind starts to blow,

    With all my faith in God I walked, where his voice told me to go.

    I stumbled through the desert sand, with his guiding touch,

    “Why me lord ?” I asked , “why would you care so much ?”

    Then I topped a gentle rise, and I was looking down,

    Staring at the cars go by, in a busy town.

    The tears fill up my eyes, they’re running down my cheek,

    I survived the desert, because I listened to God speak.

    Even though I felt alone, there was always two ,

    If your in your desert, he’s also there with you.

    If your going hiking, please always go prepared,

    It will surely help you , when your alone and scared.

    Take some time to ponder, right there where you sit,

    God’s the most important thing, in your first aid kit……

    By: Focused

    P.s.- I just wanted to remind everyone to be safe, and go
    Prepared this summer. Take a first aid kit . It’s better to have
    it and not need it ,Than to need it and not have it……. God bless

    This is a repost… I thought I’d remind every to be safe…. until next time.. see ya

  2. As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bolt (1.Black Bolt),
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of richards (2.Reed Richards-Mr.Fantastic) new and old.

    Begin it where world war hulk (3.Hulk)
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown (4.Hobie Brown-Prowler)

    From there it’s no place for the miek (5.Miek the Unhived),
    The end is ever drawing nigh;
    There’ll be no paddle up your rick (6.Rick Jones-Hulk’s friend)
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze (S) (7.Robert Reynolds-Sentry)
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
    But tony stark (8.Iron man) with marvel gaze (9.Spiderman),
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know,
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

    So hear me all and listen good,
    Your effort will be worth the cold.
    If you are brave and in the wood
    I give you title to the gold.

  3. i hereby wish to officially bless this (generously supplied) Poetry Page #13
    ..with a surprising unique cultural belief.

    upon visiting a ‘minority’ tribal Long-house, just off the HCM Highway, directly west of Da-Nang, i was happy to learn why the local Long-house was traditionally built with 13 wooden foundation pillars.. is as follows:

    ya born, get old, and ya die (3 pillars)
    ya born again, get old then die (6)
    born, grow old, die (9)
    born again, get old, then die again (12)
    ..then born again, and presently here and now (13)

    ..which sorta delightfully challenges our own (un-founded) perceptions of what 13 means, i reckon 🙂

    • JDA,
      Yeah I’ve slowed down a little, it’s been busy around here. I guess I need to let my brain wander…. never know where I’ll end up… 🙂

      I’ll kick one out soon JDA ” I promise”…..

      Have a great day my friend….. see ya

  4. Sorry Focused – I failed to read the lovely poem you posted at the top of this page – I did not scroll up – Sorry.

    Your poem was lovely, as usual. I love you poems greatly. JDA

    • Thanks JDA…. “first aid kit” was a repost… I just wanted to remind everyone to be safe… I’ll get a new one on here soon, I still need to write one for monika from Canada … a great woman I met at Fennboree….

      Have a great day JDA……. see ya

  5. jeez Anna R!!

    just read ya page XII comments.. and of course i’ll be happy to immediately marry you in a romantic whirl-wind Las Vegas wedding 🙂
    ( ..and Spallies too ..and Jonsey1 ..and WYGirl ..& Zenden ..and Jeannie.. )

    awww heck!! ..if what ya say is true (re: Dal singing like Rihanna)
    ..i may even considerer marrying him too!

    ( ..but ONLY if he shaves his legs first!! 🙂 )

    • I think you ought to have Dal sing an Elvis Presley song for you at your wedding: “I can’t help falling in love with you…and you, and you, and you…” 🙂

    • Hobbit, thanks for remembering me. Your marriage proposal made my day! Quite often I think of the story you wrote about your trip to the states with your brother and Audrey. Sure was a good one!

    • I did??? Oh, I must have forgotten. Let me see where to hide all of you. I know! I’ll give you directions, but only one person knows, and they won’t tell. Here’s the directions:

      As I have gone alone in there…


    • don’t worry pd[edited]ver, i always knew you could keep a secre[edited] – and yes, we’ll meet you at [highly edited]river junction 🙂

      ( ..wait a minute, is it just me, or do you get the sneaking feeling we’re being watch[edited] ..?)

      right, that’s it! ..i’m def reporting Goof[name edited] to Richie Cunningham immediate[BANNED!!]

      [ ..NEXT!?]

    • Hey CH, I mentioned you to my husband and he said he would be happy for you to take me off his han…uh… I mean, um… he only wants me to be happy, and if that means me going to Sesame Street, he will understand. So, do you have room for one more? I like the Caribbean and marguaritas too. Only problem is – I’m kinda scared of Oscar .

      • JBL – i’m sure ya hubby simply realises how much more you’d enjoy life, being betrothed to a highly rasculous trouble-maker (for eternity) tis all 🙂

        ..although, i somehow (strongly) suspect that Dal was ya first option (re: marrying a romantic pirate) ..am i right?

        ( ..don’t worry JBL – it’s ok to be brutally honest 🙁 )

        [note to self: better call Saul ..immediately!!]

  6. “Independence Day”

    Slowly rocking, floorboards creaking,
    on this ol’ wooden porch.
    Sipping ice cold lemonade,
    on a hot, Independence Day.

    The young’uns, they’re a-playing.
    Bicycle bells ringing, girls jumping rope.
    A ball game in the field;
    “Crack!” A homerun!

    Whiffs of smoke across the fence.
    Aromas of sweet sauce.
    A “Howdy!” welcome and a smile,
    from a long time friend.

    “Old Glory,” She flies proudly,
    looking from left to right.
    Slowly rocking, floorboards creaking,
    on a hot, Independence Day.

  7. I fell in love with a friend today,
    Each for each other in each they’re own way.
    I don’t know why it happened nor care what others say,
    A wonderful thing this beautiful day.
    Because I shared it with you my friend.

  8. Me myself and I are one, and together they make ten, count them up and you will see they all refer to forrest fenn. But there’s a secret that I holds, larger than the number one, Many places warm waters halt and then proceed canyon down, But only I can tell you which one holds the home of Brown.

    • Great job MichaelD …..I enjoyed that, it makes me think… humm I hope everything is going good for you my friend….. have a great night up there in the big C …… until next time… see ya

  9. “For every secret beneath the sun
    There is a solution, or maybe none
    If there be one, then try and find it
    If there be none, then never mind it”


  10. WOWZER! Way to kick off the new page guys! I better check in more often, you guys are great!
    I love this page.
    Thanks everyone, you are all gifted in thought!
    Thanks for the page, dal. 🙂

    • Jdiggins, what do you mean ” check in more often” ? You my friend need to pen more often… your words are much appreciated here on the poetry page :-). I always enjoy your poems….

      Ok, I’m done venting….. 🙂 good to hear from ya my friend….. have a great night… until next time… see ya

      • Oh jdiggins… I forgot to say “thank you”…
        🙂 🙂 thank you, thank you ,thank you 🙂 :-). See ya

        • So, Curious Hobbit…why did you say you will be in Las Vegas to get married….(to everyone..)?? Focused and I will be in the Caribbean rounding up the horses, and setting off fireworks! Dal better get started shaving his legs for you, although it may take a little while to get them done…I hear they’re a hairy mess!!. I am waiting on Forrest, as he’s got the ring, the bells, AND the “agilability”!!!! …sorry none of this rhymes! ☺️

          • I suggest we round up the horses “before” we set off the fireworks….. just a thought… :-). Even though I don’t mind walking in the Caribbean, I hear the sand is nice….. see ya my friend

          • Anna R – thank-goodness for that Hawkings guy inventing quantum physics
            ..now i can be every-where at once

            pour the margarita’s, and i’ll be there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail 🙂

          • Gotta think of the horses first… 🙂 I sure would like to meet your horses sometime focused…

            You can tell a lot about a person from their horses…

            And from what I seen about you I bet you have some great horses 🙂

            Happy 4th to everyone… even though it’s only the 2nd. 🙂

          • Yes I have some good horses spallies… they have been in the Rockies many times…..happy 4th to you too spallies… have a great day… until next time.. see ya my friend 🙂

        • You say see ya,
          I say hey!
          Sorry I missed the fun
          The other day.
          Been kinda stumped
          On the rhyme and whatnot,
          I hope this comes out okay,
          I hope I didn’t forgot…
          I just popped in to say,
          To all my poetry pals and the fray,
          Happy happy Independence Day!

          And, thank you, my dear focused, you keep me inspired… 🙂

          • Your welcome jdiggins… sorry I must have looked over your post… I hope all is well with ya….. have a great night…. see ya my friend……

  11. Gotcha Curious Hobbit…. But….you don’t even know what I look like,…..and I don’t know what you look like either,… Or do I?????

    • Yes, of course Focused… We need to be sure the horses are in a safe place, and with their ears and eyes covered. We would never want to scare ANY animal with fireworks. Good thinking! Being a farm girl myself, I understand that!
      I think I would also like to meet pdenver and Spallies sometime, as they sound like good, awesome people.
      Happy early 4th of July to all…..

    • oh you’re SUCH a big liar, Anna R – coz if you had (in fact) glazed into my eyes at any time, ya would’ve turned to stone already!!

      & don’t even think about borrowing Perseus’ shield, btw
      ( ..that’s just a myth 🙂 )

      • OUCH, Curious Hobbit!!! That hurt my heart to be called a liar. : ( I was just messing around, and I really don’t know you from the man on the moon… I’m sorry that I upset you, and it won’t happen again!
        If anything, I have learned the hard way, that I’m not allowed to joke around, and call names as other people may. I really don’t know who anybody is on this awesome Chase, and I was just trying to have some fun, and get to be a part of it in a fun and silly way, but I see that I am not allowed to do that.
        I apologize to you Curious Hobbit for my silliness in implying that I may know you, it I was really just joking. I don’t know who you are at all, so I am asking your forgiveness.
        I was looking for a way to make myself relax and try to be able to pull myself through watching my husband battle cancer right now, and this was a fun way for me. I will find another way now, as I see I just make people upset in joking. I really am a good person, and I mean no harm to anybody.
        ……I don’t wish to turn into a pillar of salt….although all my tears that I am shedding just may be turning me into one anyway.
        Again, I beg for your forgiveness, and if I misunderstood your note, I am sorry….. : (

          • Prayers for you, Anna R. Keep writing your humorous thoughts. Sometimes we are misunderstood, but the air can always be cleared. I enjoyed your humor and I am a big fan of CH’s humor. Sometimes we misunderstand someone’s wit, but don’t let that stop you.

        • Big hug for you Anna … you told me at Fennboree what you and your husband are going through, my prayers are with you…. don’t ever quit being silly, laughter is great medicine.
          If you ever need to vent you know how to reach me if you need a friend to lean on…
          Keep being yourself and don’t ever change…..tell your husband hi from focused k

          Have a great day my “friend”…,

          Until next time… see ya

          • Hang in there Anna… I’m pretty sure that wascally whobbit it just joking with ya 🙂 Hugs to you and your husband –

          • Spallies, I believe this may be true, too. Our friend, curious hobbit, is comparing his looks to Medusa, which I doubt very much would be a fair comparison.

            Anna R., it’s nice to see you’re here to put a smile on your face during a trying time. I believe you and your husband will continue to be strong. Hang in there.

        • Anna R – i wasn’t actually attempting to reprimand your humour, but rather to encourage it 🙂

          &.pdenvers comment (below) was bang on the money re: my warped sense’ humour ..so apols if i inadvertently rocked your boat 🙁

          (sorry to hear of your spouses current trials too – i’ve recently experienced similar shoes, and sincerely wish all your family the best)

          • whoops, i meant pdenver’s comment ‘above’ not below – but i live in the southern-hemisphere, so is also theoretically ‘below’ too..? 🙂

            ( ..darn Dr Suess!! ..for inventing the Equator 🙁 )

        • Hi, Anna, like most people here (from what I read), I don’t know any of the people who post but wanted to offer a hug-from-the-heart though virtual hugs are not like the real thing. I hope and pray it might encourage you as I have lost close relatives to various cancers and know you must struggle. You and your husband are in my prayers now. Blessings and strength be yours. (Please Dal, I know this isn’t poetry, please don’t delete? TY very much.)

  12. on lonely shores of rapid moors too bound within the binds of tepid laws
    i spy a cry, too confined by silent heights
    a note too high to not rejoice
    from lands afar, immersed in ever-present blight
    of bland expanse of rulers ready rapid pause

    through fight of flight of reaches far beyond these dampened tides
    of swamps of ever-endless lies of words too often easy plied
    immersed in verse of tenuous terse,
    i plough a pathless plight too serene to hide
    in search of lands too far away from reach of modern systematic claws

    on setting sail on oceans harsh, on waters north of mans pretentious marsh
    navigating reefs too high for measured mast
    i gaze to fore of present climes
    glazed in fogs of soft sublime
    and swum in hope of finding life devoid of future life pre-caste

    sombre-hued and lost in relished thoughts of memories so far to aft
    embellished by Her future storms of often long-forgotten pasts
    i cut my jib to present course

      • Great job nikan… I don’t know how I missed this…. :-). Better late than never…… have a great day….. see ya

        • jeez Focused, i dunno…

          ..i mean, seems (to me) like your spirited gallivanting through majestic country-side (..& on horse-back too!), has taken a sad precedent over my hopeless poetry lately!! ..tsk tsk 🙁

          [note to self: instantly forgive nikan! 🙂 ]

      • You’re welcome, curious hobbit. Your choice of penning serves you well. Thank you for the link. I had not heard of Bernard. He definitely looked to have had a free spirit whereby the sea had called to him.

      • Hi Hobbit, thanks for the link about Bernard. How would that be, to sail around the world, then decide to keep on going just because? He really was a free spirit.

        • no worries Jeannie – i first learned of Bernard when he briefly appeared in an amazing doco about Donald Crowhurst called “Deep Water”

          – def worth a watch 🙂

          • Hobbit, I looked up that Deep Water show and we watched it awhile ago, I thought the name was familiar. What a story that was! I felt bad for the kids.

          • Jeannie – i felt bad for his family too, but was mostly astounded by the inevitable web of reality that Donald managed to weave through his subtle and constant deceit in pursuit of fame and fortune ..albeit ‘best of intentions’

            (honesty is def the best policy – tick √)

  13. re fireworks and horses- Reminds me of the time I asked the horses owner if you could shoot off of him. His reply “I think so”. Wrong answer-

  14. A very curious day was today,
    This is the truth and told not in play.
    A most spirited place with talent at rest,
    Except for this one who spoke of my quest.
    Two words were all that was needed you see,
    This soul from the past as he whispered to me.
    He waited until my departure was near,
    Then echoed my mind with “see ya” so clear.

    A few moments ago upon leaving a peaceful cemetery I distinctly heard a voice. The only two words were “see ya”? I have no idea where the voice came from but the meaning was clear, the spirit has no reason to lie. I understand the message clearly yet can only speculate to understand why.

    • Strawshadow,

      Spirits are there, if you listen for them,

      in the calm of the night, on soft gentle winds.

      To me your words, have a personal touch,

      “See ya” are words, that I share very much.

      Maybe it’s spirits, of my long lost of kin,

      Speaking to me, through words of a friend.

      Thank you strawshadow, for sharing your day,

      You must be special, if you hear them that way.

      Just go back tomorrow, and listen for them,

      Then relay the message, “see ya” my friend…..


  15. Monika V. (From Canada) ,

    It was nice to meet you at Fennboree. I told you I would write one for you too, so here it is….. I hope you liked me it my friend… enjoy your Canadian sunrises…. until next time… see ya

    “Canadian Sunrise”

    The morning light is here , the sun has yet to rise,

    I see a flock of geese, against the morning sky.

    A lake I have before me, a dock extending out,

    This to me is living, what life is all about.

    I stroll on out the dock, and sit down at the end,

    I think about my life, how great that it has been.

    Looking to the east, the sun begins to rise,

    Reflecting off the water, into my morning eyes.

    Then I hear a splash, it breaks my silent morn,

    Fish begin their feeding, I’m tossing in some corn.

    They come in by the numbers, a breakfast treat for them,

    Until my can is empty, I feed them with a grin.

    I raise up to my feet, and turn to walk away,

    While walking on the dock, I hear a voice just say.

    “I’ll always be here for you, whenever your in need”,

    I turn and look behind me, nothing there but me.

    I feel a subtle warmness, in chilly morning air,

    I knew my God was with me, I know he truly cares.

    I take a final look, with peace within my eyes,

    Nothing beats my mornings, my Canadian sunrise……….

    By: Focused

    • I think Monika is going to love it, Focused. You did a great job on the poem. Keep up the good work, my friend.

    • Hello my friend, I love your poem , its so nice that you remembered me. I shall print it and post it on my wall. Wow nobody’s ever written anything so nice for me. You are a special person, and surely you are blessed. hope to see you again . Thanks so Much. Ms M

      • I’m glad that you liked my words Monika. Yes I remembered you… I told you I would, sorry it took a while…. it was fun meeting you at Fennboree I’m glad I went…. hey are you done with your “desertphile” book yet ? You lucky dog !!!! Have a great night Monika …. until next time…. see ya my friend

        • Greetings from afar. I wanted to show you what I had written while I was sitting there at Hyde park at the end. So I well . Its not a poem , I don’t know what it is. and Yes I read Davids book, I really enjoyed it.. …. here is what i was writing. As i sit alone up here amongst the stately pines,I breath the mountain air so fresh, and watch a beautiful sun rise. And look there in the distance the little chipmunks quickly scurry by . I here the conversation of birds chirping away who are sitting way up high. I,ts peaceful and serine up here letting time just idle by. Here comes the sun to warm my bones from the cold of the night as I sit alone in these woods , I ask my self why? I wait for my morning greet from a humming bird who came and looked me straight into my eye. She even stopped and sniffed my hair so close, how wondrous …oh me ,oh my. Gosh I am about to cry. My comrades have all gone home now, I am the last of my kind. Peace and love have filled my heart treasured always as time goes swiftly by.

          • Beautiful Monika… I had to leave a little early but I had one of those mornings up at the Big Tesuque campground.. it was touching. I was camped by the small creek , which was flowing and talking to me. I had my morning coffee watching the sun come up. Times like these is what inspires my words I write. I was alone with nature that morning…. man I love the mornings… lol that’s why I wrote “Canadian sunrise” for you… I hope all is going good for you up there across the line…hey you can email Anna for my email address if you want. Keep in touch my friend…

            Your words you wrote makes me wish I was there. Keep writing my friend…. have a great day Monika, until next time…. see ya

  16. “Old Glory”

    Old glory is a symbol of, our freedom we all share,

    She proudly show her stripes, while waving in the air.

    She’s carried in the battlefield, upon our soldiers sleeve,

    A symbol of our courage, to chase what we believe.

    She waves across our country, shines red, white and blue,

    A reminder of the soldiers, who died for me and you.

    Old glory she has waved, tattered on front lines,

    Though frazzled she continues, to let her colors shine.

    Our founding fathers flew her, to show for which they stand,

    Peace for each and everyone, across our precious land.

    So on this day remember, the lives that many gave,

    So we can watch “Old Glory”, as she gently waves…….

    By: Focused

    Happy 4th of July everyone….. until next time… see ya

  17. America you of beauty
    Skies of the bluest blue
    Who’s gain is amber as the Sun .

    Whos purple mountains majesty
    And wonders of this great land
    Have given freedom to all who come
    By their own command .

    America , America
    The patriot dreams and sees beyond the years
    The Alabaster cities gleam beyond thy tears
    Crowned in brother hood of liberating strife
    Setting free the wings of life

    Fast to fleet the pilgrims feet
    Impassioned stress freedoms beat
    By wisdoms liberty and law we all stand
    Colors painted by wisdoms hand

    Red , white , and blue they stand
    Those colors that will never run on this land
    Protected by heroes crimson coat
    Shined for all in freedoms trove.

    God bless all who have sacrificed there time and lives for all
    who wish to live in peace with dignity and justice for all .

    God bless our country and may his light find you in peace and freedom .


  18. William Cody was buried under 20′ of concrete in Colorado to keep Wyoming residents from digging him up and taking him home to Cody. How deep will concrete be for Forrest Fenn and what place will hold his bones for eternity?

    • Gosh, I wish I read this tomorrow rather than now. Some residence feels William Cody is in Wyoming rather than Colorado.

    • Where do we keep the spark that puts the blaze in all our hearts? The guiding light that showed the way and then it’s gone From where it’s layed not because it was lost or strayed. But only because it has been consumed by that it made. So place this heart of hope inside the places where those fires hide and know when others look and seek they’ll never see a blaze if all they do is blink. ~ APyle

  19. It didn’t take me 15 years to write this little thank you to Mr. Fenn at 1:30 am (more like 5 minutes). There’s no prize at the end but hopefully you’ll find a smile on your face.

    Thank You Mr. Fenn
    Paul Andrus

    So here we go now
    My significant other obsessed
    Up half the night every night
    Discussing your stupid chest

    We set up a war room
    With white boards to erase
    Now waiting on your stupid book
    The Thrill of The Chase

    The only way I’m going to sleep
    Is to step up and match your wit
    And find your stupid treasure
    So then she’ll have to quit

    Thought you’d want to know
    You’ve now joined us in our bed
    As I lovingly cover her mouth
    While she shares the Fenn in her head

    So thank you Mr. Fenn
    For giving me your gold
    After I solve your stupid riddle
    So my sleep I again can hold

  20. If you know me
    My story to tell
    I live in a Forest
    And do quite well

    Many years past we came
    To this land of ours
    Nothing up here was the same
    No lights, no litter, no cars

    We pitched a tent
    Near end summer
    Began building with intent
    But winter came, what a bummer

    With just a tarp
    Stretched across the top
    I coulda housed a carp
    The rain just wouldn’t stop

    Then came snow and snow chains
    And cutting wood on the spot
    Warming with burn piles in the rains
    And I wondered about my lot

    Many years and many days
    Have come and gone
    But I’ve captured the sun’s late gaze
    And I embrace him with the dawn

    Silence is golden, for me, at best
    As it whispers so sweetly
    I’m alone in my forest
    Such a peaceful serenity

  21. “Lifelong Dreams”

    Through gentle strokes, an artists brush, his vision lay in oils,

    Striving for, perfections best, no blemishes or spoils.

    Upon a wall, while spotlight shines, gazed by passerby,

    Years they pass, old oil it cracks, still pleasing to the eye.

    A bow is pulled, Stradivarius sings, in tones majestically,

    Swaying to his music, eyes closed and cannot see.

    Alone he plays, upon a stage, a thousand empty chairs,

    Bent at the waist, takes a bow, as silence fills the air.

    Dipped in ink, a writers quill, upon the paper writes,

    A candle burns, his thoughts are writ, up into the night.

    Page by page, a book is formed, the writer lays his pen,

    Words now read by millions, best seller from way back then.

    If you have a dream my friends, like paint, music and ink,

    Feel it, live it and chase it, and take some time and think.

    Let your talents shine, be the next new biggest thing,

    Live life to the fullest, while chasing your lifelong dreams………..

    By: Focused

  22. Our teacher told us one day he would leave 
And sail across a warm blue sea 
To places he had only known from maps, 
And all his life had longed to be. 
The house he lived in was narrow and grey 
But in his mind’s eye he could see 
Sweet-scented jasmine clinging to the walls, 
And green leaves burning on an orange tree. 
He spoke of the lands he longed to visit, 
Where it was never drab or cold. 
I couldn’t understand why he never left, 
And shook off the school’s stranglehold. 
Then halfway through his final term 
He took ill and never returned, 
And he never got to that place on the map 
Where the green leaves of the orange trees burned. 
The maps were redrawn on the classroom wall; 
His name was forgotten, it faded away. 
But a lesson he never knew he taught 
Is with me to this day. 
I travel to where the green leaves burn 
To where the ocean’s glass-clear and blue, 
To all those places my teacher taught me to love 
But which he never knew.
    by Brian Patten

    • Beautiful aMp.

      I had an art teacher back in 7th grade who taught me a similar lesson.

      “Mighty oaks from little acorns slowly grow

      Then finally fall and wisp to naught,

      But those who plant a seed of words

      Live on in groves of human thought.” – Forrest Fenn…for Eric Sloane

    • aMp, thank you for sharing the words of Brian Patten. To me that says it all… ” live life to the fullest and chase the dreams you have” …. because we’re never promised tomorrow……

      Have a great day aMp and thanks again…. until next time… see ya my friend

  23. “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” –William Shakespeare

  24. “My Friends”

    The chase has got me thinking, about beginnings and the ends,

    But most of all I’m thinking, about all my online friends.

    Some I’ve met in person, and some I’ve never met,

    Some just met in passing, and some I’ll never forget.

    Jdiggins I want to thank you, you pushed me from the start,

    Spallies you are special, you have the biggest heart.

    Pdenver your so kind, your sure an honest friend,

    Iron Will you are the bomb, your pies sure make me grin.

    Nearindianajones and Keri, nice new friends of mine,

    Desertphile I’m still searching, for words to make you shine.

    Strawshadow you too inspire me, your words they bring on thought,

    Dal your just as awesome, as the blog that you have got.

    Anna your a caring friend, when others are in need,

    Mindy nice to meet you, my friend at Fennboree.

    Seattlesullivan I must say, your research it is grand,

    Ken from down in Georgia, my friend you are the man.

    Cynthia ,Tom and Jenny , you guys make me grin,

    JC1117 I want to thank you, time and time again.

    Amy sweitzer with your smiles, you brighten up my day,

    Monika up in Canada, my friend from miles away.

    Old drum with your stories, keep telling them my friend,

    Brooke you’ll be my friend, until my very end.

    FredY and Doug my buddies, nice as they can be,

    I surely can’t forget, my friend call MichaelD.

    Anthony and Tom terrific, you guys are so neat,

    Ramona my friend to me, you’re very , very, sweet

    Jimbo and his son, Alex is his name,

    New found friends of mine, I thank you just the same.

    JDA your full of kindness, with soft and gentle words,

    And Sparrow your a friend of mine, soaring like the birds.

    Specialklr you my buddy, forever your my friend,

    Thank you aMp, for you kindness time again.

    I could keep on going, my list goes on and on,

    Of Friends I’ll have until, the day I’m dead and gone.

    To those that I’ve not mentioned, you know just who you are,

    Your just as much my friends, your like my shooting stars.

    There’s one I want to mention, to me a dear true friend,

    He set me on adventures, his name is Forrest Fenn.

    The chase that he has given, I’ll chase it to the end,

    But I wouldn’t trade a box of gold, for all my online friends…….


    Until next time…. see ya my friends…

  25. I went to my spot to marvel and stare, to find a chest that wasn’t there. It wasn’t there again yesterday, I guess I’ll try again next May.

  26. Too much time has passed
    Since focused posted last
    When I venture to dals home
    It’s the poetry page I roam

    So many great minds
    So many a quick thought
    On these pages are great finds
    Maybe even an x on spot

    I hope to be filled with rhyme
    And bantering again soon
    I’m stuck without much time
    Least until the harvest moon

    Olly olly all come free… 😉

    • Jdiggins, I’ve got a poem but it’s been in moderation since 10 pm last night….I don’t know why ? I enjoyed your words… I gotta go but I’ll chime in later…see ya

  27. Do you remember the little mouse
    from a few years back?
    he used to hang in the poker room
    then go hide under the crack?

    Forgot to tell you I saw him
    our little friend the mouse
    I did …i did..I saw him
    over by the brown house

    He was so cute with his beady little eyes
    and his tiny little bod
    he seems to have grown a little in size
    I think he moved to the sod

    Anyway I was on my way in
    and he on his out
    I moved aside with a grin
    and he scurried about

    I told him, “.. come on little guy..
    go on about your way ..
    I’m not going to hurt you,
    not now not any day…”

    I told him that he’s been missed
    in the poker room at Dals
    And that’ spallies and focused and me
    are all really good pals…

    Ooooppppsss there he goes……
    Tag. Your it. 😉

    • “Poker Mouse”

      Jdiggins I’ll tell you a story that’s true,

      Believe it or not, just out of the blue.

      While sitting in my big comfy chair,

      I had a feeling, someone else was right there.

      I heard a sharp noise, then heard it some more,

      I raised from my chair, headed straight to my door.

      I opened it up , to see a surprise,

      That mouse just stood there, with his beady brown eyes,

      Beside him sat, his suitcase of red,

      He ask so politely, to borrow a bed.

      I welcomed him in, and offered some food,

      This mouse was polite, not the tiny bit rude.

      To me he looked, familiar at bit,

      Crashing my brain, as we talked where he sit.

      He said that he came, from cali so far,

      Rode on his thumb, because he haven’t a car.

      He talked and I listened, as good friends should do,

      He said while in cali, he ran into you.

      That’s when it hit me, I remembered him well,

      The trap hit my thumb and oh how it swelled.

      Poker with friends and he scurried about,

      Peeking at cards, then shouting them out.

      That game I remember, yes, really quite well,

      The fun that we had, our stories to tell.

      While watching the mouse, as he steadily ate,

      I asked him his name, he said it was Nate.

      Then reaching inside, his suitcase of red,

      That’s when he looked, at me and just said.

      How bout a game of poker my friend,

      While grabbing a deck, with his sneaky ole grin.

      I told him I’d play, if jdiggins would too,

      No problem he said, then he headed for you.

      The little old mouse, he passed on my bed,

      With his little red case, that’s when he said.

      Well it’s back to cali, I’ll thumb it again,

      He’s off to go get you, for poker my friend.

      So listen for him to knock on your door,

      If your up for some poker, we’ll play it some more.

      Then out of my door, and into the night,

      Nate my ole friend, then walks outta sight……..

      By: Focused

      • Thanks Mr.D and Heather, I’m glad you liked it. I was just messing around with jdiggins a little bit. This mouse thing started about 3 yrs ago…. it a never ending saga…lol.

        Have a great day… see ya 🙂

  28. “My Friends”

    The chase has got me thinking, about beginnings and the ends,

    But most of all I’m thinking, about all my online friends.

    Some I’ve met in person, and some I’ve never met,

    Some just met in passing, and some I’ll never forget.

    Jdiggins I want to thank you, you pushed me from the start,

    Spallies you are special, you have the biggest heart.

    Pdenver your so kind, your sure an honest friend,

    Iron Will you are the bomb, your pies sure make me grin.

    Nearindianajones and Keri, nice new friends of mine,

    Desertphile I’m still searching, for words to make you shine.

    Strawshadow you too inspire me, your words they bring on thought,

    Dal your just as awesome, as the blog that you have got.

    Anna your a caring friend, when others are in need,

    Mindy nice to meet you, my friend at Fennboree.

    Seattlesullivan I must say, your research it is grand,

    Ken from down in Georgia, my friend you are the man.

    Cynthia ,Tom and Jenny , you guys make me grin,

    JC1117 I want to thank you, time and time again.

    Amy sweitzer with your smiles, you brighten up my day,

    Monika up in Canada, my friend from miles away.

    Old drum with your stories, keep telling them my friend,

    Brooke you’ll be my friend, until my very end.

    FredY and Doug my buddies, nice as they can be,

    I surely can’t forget, my friend called MichaelD.

    Anthony and Tom terrific, you guys are so neat,

    Ramona my friend to me, you’re very , very, sweet

    Jimbo and his son, Alex is his name,

    New found friends of mine, I thank you just the same.

    JDA your full of kindness, with soft and gentle words,

    And Sparrow your a friend of mine, soaring like the birds.

    Specialklr you my buddy, forever your my friend,

    Thank you aMp, for you kindness time again.

    I could keep on going, my list goes on and on,

    Of Friends I’ll have until, the day I’m dead and gone.

    To those that I’ve not mentioned, you know just who you are,

    Your just as much my friends, your like my shooting stars.

    There’s one I want to mention, to me a dear true friend,

    He set me on adventures, his name is Forrest Fenn.

    The chase that he has given, I’ll chase it to the end,

    But I wouldn’t trade a box of gold, for all my online friends…….


    Until next time…. see ya my friends…

    • Focused, you are the one who is so sweet. I love this and you put into words my feelings about so many of our fellow searchers. Thank you. Take care.

      • Thank you Ramona for your kind words… It was nice meeting you at Fennboree.
        Yeah it’s a great bunch of people here…
        I’m glad you liked it.. have a great night my “friend”…… until next time… see ya

      • Specialklr, I’m glad I could make your day 🙂 And thank you for the “WOW” now finish it off by having a good night my friend…… until next time… see ya specialklr 🙂

      • Thank you 23kachinas…. you are a true friend. Thank you for your kind comments over the years….enjoy the little things throughout your day….see ya my friend

    • Thank you Focused, the chase has inspired your star to shine 🙂
      Looking forward to your book of poems.

      • Your welcome nearindianajones…. as far as a book … well…… still thinking about it 🙂

        I enjoyed our conversations at fennboree, I’ll never forget the handshake in the dark from a new friend…

        Tell Keri hi from focused…. take care my friend….until next time… see ya 🙂

  29. Focused, you are tha bom! Ok…guess it’s time to clear the cobwebs and make room for that mouse! Break out the poker chips my friends I’ll be back! 🙂

    • JDA, yes you do deserve my words…. to me you have “Always” spoken from your heart, which is genuinely kind and gentle.

      Thank you so much for expressing your words over the years 🙂 have a great day JDA…. until next time… see ya my “friend”

  30. Focused,

    Impressive poem, and very kind words. I wish I could display such a positive attitude in regards to the chase. I’ve enjoyed it from time to time, especially the first year. I’ve struggled everyday to focus on the goal and get closure. I hope I get to meet everyone one day. I have a feeling that all of you are helping it’s just hard to know what’s real and what’s trustworthy.

    I may fail time and time again,
    Yet i have a feeling I’m being helped,
    Until I reach the end.

    God bless

    • Watching, sounds like you’ve experienced the same thing as the rest of us. I have made 24 trips to the Rockies myself and I have come back empty handed 24 times. You must be able to accept defeat, regain your thoughts and continue on. I too have been discouraged from time to time, but I enjoy my chase every trip out..
      Friends here help me do that. Thank you for your kind words ,
      I wish you luck in your chase and if your ever feeling like you need a friend to talk to , just shout at me k…..

      Enjoy the little things…. those are the treasures….

      Until next time… see ya

      • I’ve made 17 trips, only came back empty handed about half…lol…

        Btw, focused that little mouse looks cute in his little visor…
        I wonder if it makes him feel any wiser? 🙂
        He’s anxiously awaiting a good deal,
        I think I know what’s up
        He wears those rings on his sleeve
        So he can stow a peanut butter cup! 🙂

  31. Two cats, three raccoons, and one dog
    In the dead of night, full moon, no fog

    The air is still, but for a crunch, a whine and a growl
    Save the occasioned who’s who of the really old owl

    The group of five, you couldn’t fold em
    They were waiting to play some Texas hold em

    The invite the was clutched in one coons grip
    Said, “time for poker, some grub and a nip…”

    His buddy beside him was poking one cat
    And the dog was chewing on an old trapper hat

    The cats were looking like they’d had enough
    The fat one was nothing but a big ball of fluff.

    Then lo and behold, here he comes
    The mouse with the visor and a big pack of tums

    “Sorry I’m late folks, let’s get things started…”
    Then his face looked funny, loud growled his tummy, and….oops! “Alright, who farted?”

    The coons ran left, the cats went right
    And the dog looked like it would be a long night

    “Well, I’m sorry,” said the smelly little mouse
    “Shoulda left the stuff alone that was under the house…”

    Then he looked up and said to me,
    “Didn’t they know my name was stinky?”


    • I try to SL :-). Life’s to short to be frowning… I am proud to call you my friend too SL . Enjoy your day today and give out a smile to someone else….. and you are correct ” Life is Good”…..

      Until next time…… see ya SL

  32. An oldie, but a goodie..



    perfect for the chase…. 🙂

    • I remember this very well jdiggins… that is my favorites of your poems. Very inspirational words my friend…
      Perfect for life too ….

      Keep Dreamimg my friend……. see ya

    • This comment was a correction to a typo which appeared in a previous comment I made. Now it seems even more mysterious. lol.

      The previous comment had this poem in it…

      High Flight
      by John Gillespie Magee, Jr

      Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth,
      And danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings;
      Sunward I’ve climbed, and joined the tumbling mirth
      Of sun-split clouds, –and done a hundred things
      You have not dreamed of –Wheeled and soared and swung
      High in the sunlit silence. Hov’ring there
      I’ve chased the shouting wind along, and flung
      My eager craft through footless halls of air…
      Up, up the long, delirious, burning blue
      I’ve topped the wind-swept heights with easy grace
      Where never lark or even eagle flew —
      And, while with silent lifting mind I’ve trod
      The high untrespassed sanctity of space,
      Put out my hand, and touched the face of God.

      • Yes JC1117 you had me scratching my head about your comment… thanks for clearing that up 🙂 ….
        Thank you for sharing “High Flight” I enjoyed reading that. Have a great day …until next time… see ya JC1117

  33. “To Enjoy The Time”
    by Robert Herrick

    While fates permit us, let’s be merry;
    Pass all we must the fatal ferry;
    And this our life, too, whirls away,
    With the rotation of the day.

    Every second in time is precious. Comes and goes in a blink of an eye.

  34. The chest will not be found by the dumbest or smartest
    or the one who lives closest or travels the farthest

    It will not be found by the person that studied the most
    Might even be someone who never replied to a post

    It will be the searcher that walked in the footsteps of Fenn
    Someone who failed but kept trying again and again

    One with the imagination to spot what others did not see
    Wouldn’t it be great if that searcher was me?


    • Good job randawg I enjoyed that. Keep penning my friend. While chasing your dreams, I hope you find all that you seek.. have a great night…. until next time… see ya randawg …….

    • super-neat-rad-cool poem, Randawg 🙂 🙂

      you’re def my second most fav laureate here today, on this HoD ‘looking thru the padded window of poetry’ community at large
      (second to John Gillespie Magee, Jr tho – so, ‘big shoes’ 🙁 )

      ..although, i’m def certain that Alvin, Simon and/or Theodore might strongly disagree with my (above) observations, tbh

  35. “Midway along the journey of our life
    I woke to find myself in a dark wood,
    for I had wandered off from the straight path.

    How hard it is to tell what it was like,
    this wood of wilderness, savage and stubborn
    (the thought of it brings back all my old fears),

    a bitter place! Death could scarce be bitterer.
    But if I would show the good that came of it
    I must talk about things other than the good.”

    – Dante Alighieri

    ( ..Randawg officially auto-delegated to ‘third’ on todays laureate list – tick √ )

  36. Two Tangents

    Take your first tangent 90 degrees
    Take your second tangent 270 degrees

    Then you notice something…

    What took so long?
    Infinity is undefined what did you expect?


    • 23kachinas, you lost me on that one, but either way , thank you for making me think…..
      I guess I will not notice anything… gee I’m tired… 🙂

      Have a great night… until next time… see ya my friend……

    • Ok… I got it 23kachinas… lol I told you I was tired … 🙂 you know when I figured it out I asked myself ” what took me so long?” 🙂 lol have a great night… thanks again for provoking thought…. see ya

    • Great Observation, 23Kachinas.

      Two Tangents…

      Although I’m not totally sure I follow you…since I’m more of a pasty, white gent myself. :/


      We shall not cease from exploration
      And the end of all our exploring
      Will be to arrive where we started
      And know the place for the first time.
      Through the unknown, unremembered gate
      When the last of earth left to discover
      Is that which was the beginning;
      At the source of the longest river
      The voice of the hidden waterfall
      And the children in the apple-tree

      Not known, because not looked for
      But heard, half-heard, in the stillness
      Between two waves of the sea…

      – T. S. Eliot

      Let the truth of love be lighted
      Let the love of truth shine clear
      Armed with sense and liberty
      With the heart and mind united in a single

      – Rush from their album “Hemispheres”

      Y’All are very talented. I have to copy and paste. lol.

  37. Wow, you all are first in my book! Y’all have inspired me…

    I wonder where they hide
    Within the poem so bold
    Just waiting there inside
    For someone to unfold… 🙂

    • You have inspired my words too spallies….many times… 🙂

      Thanks for “hints” spallies, good penning my friend.
      Enjoy your time trying to unfold them and enjoy the little things while you try.

      I hope your weather up there in Seattle is good… it hit 100 degrees here today. It’s about time for a road trip north ! 🙂 way north of Santa Fe !!

      I enjoyed meeting you at Fennboree spallies. To bad Fennboree only comes around once a year….

      Have a great night… until next time… see ya

  38. “Newborn Chief”

    In the year of 1560, in a dry and arid land,

    A tiny child was born, in a proud and noble clan.

    Navajo by birth and Bidziil he was named,

    By elders sitting around, their campfires dancing flame.

    Bidziil’s cry was loud, within the desert night,

    Cradled in her arms, she was fighting for her life.

    Upon her face she carried, a newborn painful smile,

    She struggled to survive, to hold him for a while.

    As the days they passed, she grew stronger every day,

    She knew that she would live, to someday see him play.

    Bidziil he was named, “the strong one” on that night,

    Proudly for his mother, who did not give up her fight.

    As the years they past, Bidziil he grew strong,

    Together with his mother, they’d chant their native songs.

    Later he became, their strong and noble chief,

    Standing for his people, through happiness and grief.

    For many many moons, Bidziil lead with pride,

    Many born amongst them, while many elders died.

    The campfire it was burning, full moon within the sky,

    Then Bidziil heard the sound, of a newborns gentle cry.

    He looked up to the heavens, with his hands held high,

    Upon his cheek a tear, that’s fallen from his eye.

    He thanked the mighty spirit, for his years upon this sod,

    And for the newborn Chief, just sent to him by God……….

    By: Focused

    P.s- this is for anyone who’s fighting a battle… whatever it may be… remember that you are “the strong one” ……… God Bless….. until next time… see ya

  39. Lay me to rest on yon towering height.
    Where the silent cloud- shadows glide
    Where solitude holds her slumberous reign.
    Far away from the human tide.

    I fain would sleep near the old pine tree
    That looks down on the valley below.
    Like a soldier guarding a comrades grave
    Or a sentinel watching the foe.

    Twas a refuge once,in a by gone time
    When a pitiful fate was near;
    When my days where young & full of love
    For a life i held to dear.

    Through all the long years that have passed away
    Since that night of storm&dread.
    I have prayed that boughs that sheltered me then
    Might wave o’er my dust when dead.
    Delve deep my grave in the stern gray rock
    In it’s rigid embrace let me rest.
    With naught but my name on the stone at my head
    And the symbol of faith on my breast.
    One mourner,perhaps.
    May remember where sleeps.
    In his rock-ribbed tomb.
    The lone dead- May breathe for the loved one to heaven a prayer.
    A tear to his memory shed.

    By:George s. Simpson. (theses words are carved on the south side of the monument)

  40. I see the whitest of white
    The most vivid hues
    A winter palette
    Reds, greens, such velvety blues.

    Massive racks and lots of doe,
    Heavy loads of powder snow.
    I smell crisp, clean air,
    The whiff of sage afloat, oft there.

    It’s quite and peaceful,
    The sun smiles too.
    The chill of the mantle,
    And frostbitten  slough,

    I can’t recall another day,
    Seeing this place in such a way.
    And, it will always be,
    A truly treasured, memory.

      • Pdenver, this is in your side yard. ;-)thank you for your kind words every time!

        Thank you, thank you spallies and focused! I think you two are a tag team! Love u guys!

        Thanks again! 🙂

      • Pdenver, the way Forrest feels for Yellowstone, I feel for your state. I spent my first 9 years of life there. We adventured every weekend accross that beautiful state. We live in Golden, Arvada and Wheatrifge. All of my ‘paternal’ cousins live thete. 🙂

    • Bravo jdiggins…. standing and clapping my friend…i seemed as I was right there with ya…keep up your great penning my friend.. until next time… see ya

  41. Enjoy the little things today my friends..and remember…

    “The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention”

    Until next time… see ya

  42. So I happen to be in LA for work… So… I decided to pay a visit to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery! I found Juanita Simpsons grave and bought a pretty little pot of flowers and even put a nickle under her marker 🙂 I hope that’s ok and not something reserved for only military folks… It is a beautiful place and she is in the very old section which was nice and quite except for the birds and squirrels 🙂 As fate would have it 4 markers down in the same row is… Thomas Charles WOOD 🙂

    Here are some pics I took—


    Focused thanks for your nice words this morning that encouraged me to go visit her –

    • I believe Juanita is smiling down upon you for your kindness, and gracious gift, Spallies. Thank you for the link.

    • Great pics spallies, I’m glad my words inspired you to go there. Your small deed today of flowers I’m sure we’re smiled down upon by Juanita simpsons… I can tell you enjoyed the little things today spallies… that my friend is living…. 🙂

      You stepped beyond “intentions” …. and for that I’m proud to call you a true friend….. have a great night spallies….. until next time… see ya

  43. “Small Deeds”

    The morning’s still,

    The dew it rests,

    Upon a blade of grass.

    I find the will,

    Hands on my chest,

    Reflecting on the past.

    Upon your stone,

    Etched in black,

    A time so long ago.

    Though you are gone,

    Not coming back,

    Your memory still it flows.

    Beside your stone,

    Some flowers pink,

    Cracking morning rays.

    You may be gone,

    I often think,

    About Joining you someday.

    The time I took,

    A little while,

    Goodbye I softly say.

    One last look,

    Crack a smile,

    I turn and walk away……..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- this poem is for you Spallies , you inspired the words from your pics and your trip to the cemetery…. thank you for making time to visit the distant past….

    Have a great day Spallies…. until next time… see ya my friend

      • Your welcome JDA…. spallies inspired the words.. I just wrote them… 🙂

        Thank you for your kind comment JDA. Have a great day my friend…. until next time… see ya

      • Thank you specialklr for your kind comment…. and your welcome my friend…

        Spallies inspired this poem but after I wrote it I realized the same thing. Small vases of flowers are left for loved ones by millions of people, then a soft grin from the cherished memories……

        Have a great night specialklr…..see ya my friend…

  44. ” Spirit Bear ”

    The year is 1530, I’m hunting for a bear,

    Leaves are turning colors, chill is in the air.

    While climbing up the mountain, I reach a rocky bluff,

    I can’t go any farther, my legs have had enough.

    I rest upon a fallen tree, I’m looking all around,

    Then all at once I heard it, a faint but grunting sound.

    I raise up to my feet, I listen very well,

    It came from out the bluff, as far as I could tell.

    I walked along the rocks, while listening to that sound,

    With my spear in hand, I was often looking down.

    Then I reached a cave, a hole within the bluff,

    As I slowly entered, I hear a softened gruff.

    While holding back my spear, the bear came walking out,

    All I could do is stare, he was very big and stout.

    He was the largest bear, that I have ever seen,

    When he looked upon me, his eyes looked very mean.

    Frozen in my tracks, we stared both eye to eye,

    I couldn’t throw my spear, I really don’t know why.

    The food I really needed, his fur would keep me warm,

    But somehow he just knew, That I would do no harm.

    Then he walked away, he never did look back,

    His back was lined in grey, his body brownish black.

    Then I heard a voice, a spirit from long ago,

    He said the bear had died, it’s time for him to go.

    Then the spirit tells me, to look into the cave,

    As I look inside, there the huge bear laid.

    In disbelief I turn around, a chill is in the air,

    I knew I’ve seen the spirit, of that mighty bear……….

    By: Focused

    P.s- this is a repost of a poem I wrote a few years back. There’s a lot of new
    Names in the search and from time to time I like to share some again…..
    Trying to pick one to share again is tough. I have about 300 or so now to choose from… I hope everyone likes it…. until next time… see ya

  45. Coast.

    meandered shores of footprints lost beyond last spring,
    i amble strides too long to sing of memories of summers sprung
    ‘midst the wile of sun-kissed beach before my gaze,
    stretched beyond horizons reach,
    seduced within Poseidon’s deep on whispered breath of winters steppe,
    i pause, embraced in solace, bathed in rays of ever setting suns.

    reluctant lore of breezes sounding autumn’s sung,
    i drag my lazy feet through sun-filled sands of distant summers gone,
    astounded by Her oceans’ pounding on the constance of Her patient skin,
    reflecting on receded gaze so recent held by thundered wave,
    beneath my toes the very essence of Her sum.

    (for Mindy, for selflessly devoting her life for the benefit of others)

    • ..and pdenver too, who’s tolerantly cool of all/any obviously trouble-some rascals here..

      ( ..like ‘Goofs-2000 – a Spacey Odyssey’ and other such Dr Suess anomalies 🙂 )

      ( ..uh-oh!! 🙁 )

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