Poetry Page XIV…


The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xiv for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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525 thoughts on “Poetry Page XIV…

  1. There once was a man,
    a pioneer explorer man,
    that made his fortune of relics and gold,
    he did digging in the sand.
    He went many places,
    trading many things,
    living many adventures,
    selling many la cosas.
    Keeping it simple,
    being a wise old Owl.
    So quickly looking up,
    high scan to see down.
    Tripping on a frozen spearhead,
    Electric voltage jolts his spine.
    On warm Brown Trout so he did dine.
    He had some left overs that he Left in the wood.
    A little hidden treasure if you could.
    And should he give up the keys
    The natives would certainly be pleased.

    El Poema to Forest
    by JC

  2. I’ve been up and I’ve been down and way below the home of Brown,
    Through creeks and rock culverts and holes in the ground,
    I’ve found lots of blazes , only three have been wise,
    Can’t wait until spring, when I’ll see with my eyes…that green little box in the bushes divine,
    And the title inside, shall finally be mine.
    To share with my family and friends I will bless and other sojourners who have heard of my quest. My coffee cups empty, it’s time to bed down, and if tomorrow I wake, I’ll go into town.

  3. I’ve thought it over
    Time and again
    About it now
    About it then

    I think I need
    To think some more
    I think I’ve thought
    This think before.

  4. The Fullness
    By Twingem

    I’m not sure if
    I’m not sure when
    I’ll not be ok
    If I don’t see you again

    There are some things we learn
    And others we hear
    The ones that we feel
    We should hold the most dear

    Please be there in morn
    Please be there at night
    I’ve come to love you
    Whether wrong or if right

    Your lessons I think
    Make things better for all
    I see you straight through
    I will wait for your call.

    Be ginger with fear
    Be bold with your life
    Fear nothing but self
    If you don’t live your life…


  5. A Forresty Limerick

    Forrest ventured into the Rockies with treasure
    To hide for our enjoyment and pleasure.
    He came out alone in a daze,
    Looked quickly up at the blaze,
    Then he wrote a Thrilling poem for good measure.

    Great job everyone! Poetry Page seems to have forgotten me and I am having trouble posting. Apologies if this turns out to be a duplicate,,,or triplicate even 🙂

  6. Had my boots on the ground, a chest to be found,
    I’m on a quest I’m after you,
    Heard it all and listened good, now I’m lost in the wood,
    And I’m hungry like Beowulf,

    Didn’t paddle up any creek or shower for a week,
    I marveled and gazed, I’m after you,
    It’s like hide and seek, I walked till I’m weak,
    And I’m hungry like Beowulf,

    Thought my Blaze had been found, I looked quickly down,
    I’m growing tired I’m after you,
    Canyons so wide, Fenn really knows how to hide,
    And I’m hungry like Beowulf! …


  7. Twinge, Cindy, randawg, Boaz, John c.
    And spallies and focused and the hobbit…
    Thanks for sharing this page with me,
    It’s a bit of magic making poetry.
    You guys really have talent!

    • Thanks for sharing it with us jdiggins… 🙂
      It wouldn’t be the same without ya… now let’s make some magic…:-)

      Where’s my wand????

      Until next time … see ya my friend

      • Abracadabra and
        Hocus Pocused,
        Wand at the ready,
        Here comes focused!

        There will be no dilly dallies,
        Nor ever a frown,
        When me n spallies
        Rage the town!

        Pdenver how sweet
        Unbelievably kind
        She spreads such joy
        And peace of mind

        Randawg pops in
        Now and again
        And never fails
        To up ante again

        Twingem brings shine
        And opulence
        While Hobbit glides
        In perfect cadence

        Zenden we miss you
        And cindym too
        But she just returned
        With the ole one two

        Oh there’s more of you
        I missed mention
        But only because
        My span lost attention!

  8. Now – Turning 51
    By Twingem

    I sat at the window and waited a while;
    Like a pup in a shop, tried to figure a smile.
    The problem with teeth is they don’t tell the tale.
    Beneath the facacade there’s a sad muffled wail.

    I waited the day and several nights too.
    But nothing returned before each morning dew.
    I questioned my thoughts and checked all emotion,
    But never did once I question devotion.

    This journey alone, yet filled with companion,
    Has made my surprised with my personal famine.
    I’ve set myself free on this vast life ocean.
    But what have I done? It is all set in motion.

    Remember the promises at first that were made?
    They remain the same although not much else stayed.
    I’ve been waiting a life to find my true calling.
    I have finally found it and now I’m all in.

    Be ready by morning and peaceful by dusk.
    I’m in for adventure or sheer wanderlust.
    I’ve doubted myself and every small turn.
    The time has now come and I’m ready to burn.


  9. I wan to to thank all of you for your compliments and words of encouragement. You are a great group of folks I’m honored to be in the company of.
    Thank you all, and thank you, DAL! You make this little page in this big ole world possible for us fennatics! 🙂

  10. THE END:
    To each their own on this puzzle of thought
    Time will tell overture or not
    The scores of individualism hath it brought
    ‘Till claims of gold it’s tree lay rot

    Hidden amongst nature’s perfect design
    Howling wolves guarding this treasure of mine
    Hail all those brave yet silly with wine
    Hence this day no aura does shine

    Endless days years have spent
    Every stone rolled over answers vent
    Each angle seen, eyes light bent
    Exacting confusion disallowed not meant

    Escape in the mountains, flowers, and trees
    Enclosed ideas gathered like busy bees
    Easy the thought of yachted seas
    Exhumed from another’s ABC’s

    No alphabet alpha’s bet so high
    Not caring for gold, cloaked answers lie
    Never the less more end draws nigh
    Near truth these loyal words do fly

    Deep inside the soil my roots are found
    Drinking the water underground
    Disguised by white cold winter’s sound
    Death envelops all around

    Delusions of gold thoughts in a jam
    As weak as lil Indi meek little lamb
    Miseries waters we have all swam
    Nothing more to say., Damn

  11. “World Of Unknown”

    Fear not what lies, in a world of unknown,

    For with each step, you boldly take.

    You’ll discover the seeds, you’ve already sown,

    A decision that’s yours, and fearless you make.

    The dark will then lighten, your path up ahead,

    Your fear will subside, and courage will grow.

    Then knowing unknowns, won’t seem quite as bad,

    Enjoying your journey, as onward you go.

    Just hear me as, one friend to another,

    Brave is within you, the decisions your own.

    A bright world awaits now, for you to discover,

    Enjoy your journey, to your world of unknown………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- to all my friends…. enjoy your journey…. until next time…see ya

  12. In the Stillness
    By Twingem

    So still. So quiet. The rush of it is deafening.
    The warmth of the breeze and wind whips gently to the core of my being.

    When I lay my head to rest a while it comes alive in the stillness of the miles. I travel new worlds and replay olden scenes to process the joys and sorrows of being. Being. Being in the stillness.

    That dream that knows no time or space keeps me traveling…traveling…traveling in the stillness of my demons to face. The tears of joy, so moist do they fall if I stop. Stop in the stillness. Be still.

    I am what the stillness reveals if only I listen to screaming of wisdom it gently imparts.

    I see the wisdom but can’t call it by name until I awake and sit for a while and replay each frame. Sit for a while in the stillness. Just be in the stillness. The stillness. Listen to the stillness. In the stillness.

  13. The Place
    By Twingem

    I feel it in a place that my eyes have never known
    Down within a space that I’d years ago outgrown.
    Only as a child were my cells open to see
    All the vivid colors of life’s greatest mystery.

    Lay me down upon the grass and with slowness wake me up,
    Let me feel the moment now as I overflow my cup;
    Be free as a spiral that makes life meant to be.
    The freedom of a child reawaken within me.

    Ache from shoulder drawn; ever arching to the end.
    Pull the bown back and let the quivers tension lend
    To the flight that after darkness that surely is to come.
    Below the rising of the laughter, I feel the distant hum.

  14. ” I ‘m a glass half full
    A mist of air to fill
    Worthy of said such a place
    At the fountain of knowledge I await .
    pick me up and fill my cup
    With the wisdom of knowledges age.”

    By Mr. D

  15. I’ve been away from the poetry page for a while, so I thought I’d repost a poem I wrote a while back….. have a great night everyone.. until next time… see ya

    ” Playing In The Sand ”

    High upon a desert knoll, I gaze across the land,

    A Fog lays in the valley, along the Rio Grande.

    The year is 1460 , I am a Navajo,

    I listen to the spirits, speaking through my soul.

    The sun is gently rising, no clouds within the sky,

    I hear the native birds, begin their morning cry.

    I’m visited by a spirit, a girl of long ago,

    She says her name is Ajei , named for her special glow.

    As the morning lingered, Ajei spoke to me,

    She tells me of her life, and how it use to be.

    She says she lived below, along the Rio Grande,

    And As a child she played, within the rivers sand.

    One day while she was playing, a child of only ten,

    The sky began to darken, a storm was moving in.

    The winds began to blow, while lightning flashed afar,

    She knew that she must leave, her homes not very far.

    When running to her home, Ajei starts to cry,

    That is when she seen it, fall from the darken sky.

    A tornado twisting wildly, with debris that flew about,

    Headed for her home, all she could do was shout.

    She hit her knees and prayed, “God save my family home”.

    As quick as it appeared, it rose and then was gone.

    When Ajei reached her village, and everyone untouched,

    Again she looked above, and thanked him very much.

    Then her spirit left me, alone I sit again,

    Thinking of her words, my new found spirit friend.

    While looking at the Rio Grande, many feet below,

    The sky began to darken, the winds began to blow.

    Ajei she has warned me, lightning starts to flash,

    I thank my native friend, from way off distant past.

    Before I leave I gaze, down at the Rio Grande,

    That’s when I seen Adjei, just playing in the sand……

    By: Focused

  16. Ok, FF has inspired me to start writing poetry and it’s helped me deal with my anxieties. It’s very novice so please be kind. And thanks Mr Fenn for inspiring me to become a better person. You have changed my life.

    Gathered around the campfire
    Escaping the cold, wet air
    A lonely pot of beans
    For all of them to share

    Laughter echoes through the woods
    But worry simmers deep within
    Thoughts of home, a life no more
    War replaced these boys with men

    Dawn arrives, awakens the dread
    Decisions made and soldiers counted
    Heavy hearts ride through the mist
    Which saddle will return unmounted?

  17. “Final Prize”

    To live is to love, your inner self,

    find your happiness , not the wealth.

    true journeys now, you must start,

    peace awaits , within your heart

    you won’t regret, your peaceful trip,

    must you take, your inner step.

    first look around, the world you live,

    Search not for take, search now for give.

    Your journeys here, now go embark,

    Soul ignites, your special spark.

    For if you search, with not your eyes,

    Happiness awaits, your final prize…….

    By: Focused

    P.s- if you read down the first word of every sentence , it is a quote by me, it says
    “To find true peace you must first search your soul for happiness”

    Until next time…. see ya

        • Thanks KLT , I’m glad you liked my words. Have a great night and remember….. live from within… until next time… see ya

          • Is this new Focused? I hope so and that you will continue to share your new as well as your old prose with us…
            Hate for all those beautiful thoughts to be trapped in your noggin. 🙂

          • Yes spallies this is a new one. I’ve took a break from writing new poem here on the poetry page, I jotted this one down earlier and thought I’d share.
            I’m still penning, just not posting much. As far as words in my noggin, I have plenty…lol
            “Search not with your eyes my friend”
            Until next time… see ya my “friend”

    • I take that as a compliment and I thank you Belle.. I just paint the picture , the beauty comes from the reader…
      I’m glad you like my words….take care… see ya in Santa Fe…….. 🙂


    Beauty exists for you to see?

    Or dose it exist by its own means ?

    Can it be the wonders you need?

    Or because they exist to please thee ?

    Oh no that’s not right or can it be ,

    As Shakespeare pondered it by the tree;

    “All the worlds a stage” he said ,

    Surely grass dose see , so do the trees –

    They pass the stage dazzling all who gaze

    Bravo!! Bravo!! we all yell amazed.

    Look at their beauty

    And a smile shown to him-

    The stage it’s wonders are of all life’s splendors .

    They pass and show the color of their sole

    to please all who have been tolled .

    Knowing as the wood is only a gift .

    They dance and spin to love all whom live

    To prove the fact why they exist.

    That Love in fact will persist.


    You , old time

    Who tried to steal whats mine,

    Go and pounder your existence course .

    Tell the tail of your dis-course .

    So all can see the Blaze of the torch-

    o’tis the twilight

    O’tis the gleem

    O’tis your youth bought you

    times endless peace?

    Puff of smoke of tales of Ole-

    Faint sent of flowed bold

    Cast you fear to Times door,

    Look into your core,

    Anchor you boat

    Put your feet apon the shore

    Sky to eye

    Feel the warmth

    Time is here no more.

    by Mr.D

  20. Ponder the Chase
    by Covert One

    So where is it that you have gone so bold,
    And how to halt where warm waters hold,
    It’s said the start is more than half way there,
    Most continue to ask – start it where?

    Oh, the time times I’ve traversed it down,
    Only to find just dirt on the ground.
    How does one know when walking too far,
    Or when to jump in and drive with your car,

    And putting in is confusion at best,
    But I think that’s one clue I put to rest.
    It’s Brown that sees the attention of all,
    But why is he so special – why B so tall?

    Now, there’s paddles or lack thereof,
    And loads and water that might be above,
    But what confusion these simple words start,
    To complete this puzzle requires mind and heart.

    So how to bring the puzzled quest to an end,
    One must know exactly where to begin.
    Now, wisdom and speed are noted there too,
    But what are they doing – they must be clues?

    What’s wrong with my tarry, it must not be scant,
    It’s all in the detail – interpretation I can’t,
    It’s imagination that’s needed to cease,
    Now, logic interrupts – I can’t go in peace.

    What say the meaning of tired and weak,
    The more I ponder – my solve seems bleak.
    Why must we all hear and listen well,
    It’s those secrets and answers that I can’t tell.

    If the box of gold is there to find,
    Why then the title – that twists one’s mind.
    The pieces of clues that I’m sure I know,
    Now, to assemble and allow all to go.

  21. “Within The Trees”

    The autumn leaves, so yellow bright,

    Upon the wind, they take to flight.

    To ride upon, the chilly breeze,

    In mountains deep, no eyes to see.

    A flight so short, they tumble down,

    To rest upon, a covered ground.

    Silent and still, on bed of gold,

    Waiting for what, the winter holds.

    Then trees so bare, white aspens bark,

    Reflect the moon, within the dark.

    Awaiting in, the winter snows,

    For warmth of spring, when aspens grow.

    Please take the time, enjoy the cold,

    Admire what nature, has to hold.

    Go rest within, the Golden leaves,

    And find your peace, within the trees……..

    By: Focused

  22. Your welcome JDA,
    I just paint a picture with my words, the real “gift” is you seeing it…….
    Have a great day my friend…
    Until next time… see ya

  23. ” Spiritual Gifts ”

    Deep within , a forest boundary ,

    Stands a rock cliff, straight and tall.

    Steaming as if , poured in a foundry,

    From top of it , warm water falls.

    Kneeling upon , its steaming banks,

    An Indian brave, with knees in sand.

    While in his silence, gives his thanks,

    Into warm water, from his own hands.

    Upon a hand carved , boat of bark,

    Two willow leafs, of a nearby tree.

    Three feathers of grey , from a meadowlark,

    One bloody point, that was pulled from he.

    The brave he gently , takes a deep breath,

    Sending his boat , down that river of heat.

    He remembers the face , of the angel of death,

    While Chanting aloud , he then rose to his feet.

    Looks at the heavens, then softly he said,

    “Two Willow leafs, are the lives that you give. ”

    “Three feathers for angels, that circled my head,”

    ” one bloody point, removed so I live.”

    “Thank you great spirit, up there in the sky,”

    ” For giving me life” , “when death was so near”

    “Great heavens above” , “I don’t really know why”.

    Then slowly he turns , still shedding a tear.

    Upon the warm River , his boat drifts away,

    Quickly it floats, though it haven’t a sail.

    The heavens then answered, heard by the brave,

    The silence then broke, by a loud eagles wail…………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- this is a repost of a poem I wrote a long time ago. I hope you like it…
    Until next time…. see ya

    • Again, my fine friend, you have touched my heart with your beautiful “tale” of days gone by. I am glad that he lived, he may have been your Grandfather, and without him, there would be no “You”, and no one to beautifully tell his tale. Thanks again for sharing your talents – JDA

  24. Your welcome JDA,
    I like what you said about the grandfather thing, but actually when I wrote this poem it was my own personal reflection. I just wrote it in a native tone. Sometimes my experiences come out in my words without trying.
    I’m glad that it touched you. At the time it sure touched me……
    Have a great night JDA… until next time… see ya

  25. “Breathe”

    With every breath we take, we move closer to our demise,

    Live not beyond the shadows, breath through living eyes.

    Cease your tears of present eyes, those lost in days gone by,

    Reunions do await you, within the midnight sky.

    For he who travels a darkened path, filled with lost dismay,

    Will drift upon the waters, then quickly float away.

    Yesterday is a memory, but tomorrow waits anew,

    So you can breath the beauty, of life inside of you.

    Though our breaths are numbered, breath like there’s no end,

    Live like yellow leaves, upon an endless wind.

    When reunion time arrives, and it’s time for you to leave,

    You’ll cherish all the days gone by, proud you chose to breathe……….


    • Focused,

      Another good one. I was just writing about Forrest when he had cancer on the Forrest Fenn page and surely this could fit right there in the comments.
      Thanks for sharing,

      • Bur,
        I read your posts on the Forrest Fenn page. It sparked my imagination and I quickly jotted down this poem. So thank you for the inspiration Bur……
        I’m glad that you liked it….. have a great day… until next time.. see ya my friend….

      • Sorry about the chills pdenver…. I just wanted to convey, don’t live in the past, don’t live in the future, live for now and enjoy the little things as you breathe…..
        I hope my poem didn’t bother you, if so, it was not my intention….
        Have yourself a great day pdenver….. until next time… see ya

    • Focused – this is def my fav of your most recent poems

      ( ..but don’t tell Spallies that ya mis-spelled “breathe” or else you’ll probably be in BIG trouble, mister! 🙂 )

      • Thank you nikan…. I’m glad it’s your fav…
        (I’m not telling spallies nothing, mums the word) 🙂 )
        Have a great night or day my friend…. until next time.. see ya

        • Writing poetry obviously gives you great pleasure Focused. I know nothing about poetry whether it is written by the book or if the author took poetic license. I only know if I like what I read. I like your poetry.

          • Yes BW I enjoy writing poetry, the Chase has inspired me to do so, before I joined the chase I had never written a poem before. I have a little over 300 to date. I know nothing about poetry either BW. I just write what I think and write simple poetry so all can enjoy.
            I like to paint a picture with my words so the reader can see a vision while reading. Sometimes I get carried away, but at those times it’s not me, it’s my imagination running wild… lol
            I’m glad you like to read my words BW, knowing that inspires me to write more. I’ve taken a break (kinda) from the poetry page to work on preparing my poems for a book. I hope to someday have that to offer….
            Have a great night, and thank you again…

            Until next time… see ya my friend…

  26. I just noticed that I misspelled “breathe” a few times in my poem…. my bad… lol I don’t know if it was me or auto correct…. gee I need to proofread more..lol
    See ya 🙂

    • Your in BIG troubl Focused! Lol I didn’t even notice they were mispelled when I read it it all sounded right in my head 🙂 Beautiful poem focused!

      • Gee spallies, I had a feeling you’d catch me… that’s why it’s taking me so long to edit my poems, I usually don’t proofread…
        I’m glad that you think my poem is beautiful….. hey, don’t be to hard on me k … it’s been a while since I’ve been in “big trouble”….. I promise to proofread more k

        Have a great night spallies… see ya 🙂

    • Thank you pdenver for this post. It gave me chills (touched my soul) . I’m sure many veterans feel the same.
      The price for freedom is high, I salute all brave men and women who have paid the price with their courage, past and present…….
      Thank you again pdenver…

      Until next time… see ya

  27. It was 54 years ago i was set a foot to race the soul of time and in this time ive seen freedom walked on ive also seen the four corners of states and indian ruins in the dark i have also enjoyed lunch in the park the reservoirs lakes and a game called darts I Have met the man that gives and also some that take when the race is near its end i will find myself in the beauty of time always searching for the words that rhyme to me no matter how hard it gets life is good, so i choose to live it what i have learned is to be good to yourself and every one else and always let go of what should not be held on to this action will ease your spirt after all this is what so many lives were given for. the freedom of your heart, dont take it for graned and love yourself if no one else will and always seek a safe fun thrill. thats always better than any doctors pill. thank you to all the men and woman that surved up our freedoms a good life to all is all i wish

  28. “Hearts Eyes”

    To many times, visions pass,

    See it , then it’s gone.

    life’s within a looking glass,

    treasures sought are none.

    you look across the distance,

    must feel there is a prize.

    First use your self persistence,

    look with not your eyes.

    through your heart believing,

    your visions will be best.

    hearts are made for seeing,

    eyes within your chest……

    By: Focused

    P.s.- if you read down the first word of every sentence , it is a quote by me, it says…
    “ To See Life’s Treasures, You Must First Look Through Your Hearts Eyes. “

  29. “ Molly “

    Molly has a purpose, I’m sure you know I’m right,

    Sleeping in the day, but guarding through the night.

    To keep a watchful eye, so you can sleep with ease,

    Not wanting in return, but only there to please.

    A friend who walks beside you, not wanting very much,

    A ball within the yard, or a gentle petting touch.

    Though she speak no words, her actions say it all,

    Always there beside you, and at your beacon call.

    To look into her eyes, loyalty you will see,

    Regardless of her size, shape or even breed.

    Friends they come and go, like leaves upon the wind,

    Not those like good ole Molly, known as mans best friend…………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- this poem is for you Cynthia, I know your a dog person….. say hi to Molly…
    Until next time… see ya

  30. Everyone

    A day to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone,
    even if only one day a year set aside to do so.
    one day ,,,,,, ?
    I know better than that..
    and think you guys do too.
    I read so many poems … laugh ,,cry,, wonder,, hope,,
    you let me see inside the hearts of so many.
    is why I am still here .
    poetry is old as emotion,
    few can express it as well as you guys do .


  31. “ The Warning “

    Way out in the desert, so many years ago,

    There lived a tiny tribe, of peaceful Navajo.

    One that lived among them, his name was running bear,

    He lived in peace and harmony, without a single care.

    He was a brave young lad, of only seventeen,

    His hair was long and black, his body short but lean.

    Winter was approaching, the north winds gently blowed,

    Camped along a creek side, where water slowly flowed.

    One evening he was resting, upon a Mesa top,

    He gazed across the land, deep within his thoughts.

    That is when it happened, a spirit came to him,

    A vision of a girl, just floating in the wind.

    Her words were softly spoken and pleasant to his ears,

    She said that she’s been gone, for many, many years.

    She warns him of some danger, just lurking south of there,

    So he could warn his people and he could go prepare.

    She tells him of some Spaniards, new into this land,

    With silver on their spurs, and guns within their hands.

    Then her vision left, just blew off with the wind,

    Running bear turned and ran, to warn his fellow man.

    The news it quickly spread, to each and every one,

    The knew they were no match, to the strangers with their guns.

    They packed throughout the night, moved to the Mesa top,

    Within the morning sun, below them Spaniards stopped.

    Horses rode in circles, they looked upon the ground,

    They knew it was a camp, but not a soul around.

    The Spaniards rode on north, vanished around the bend,

    The vision then returned, upon the morning wind.

    Running bear gave his thanks, to life so long ago,

    Warning of the danger, for which he didn’t know.

    Her vision it then faded, like smoke within the sky,

    His people gathered around him, to watch her spirit fly.

    Then slowly down the hillside, the Navajo they descend,

    Running bear stays to gaze, across the desert winds.

    The morning wind is brisk, it brushed across his cheek,

    He sees from on the Mesa top, his people by the creek……….

    By: Focused

    • You have hocus pocus
      In your pen Mr focused!
      Another work of art!
      Just popped in and happy to see
      Your still flowing poetry!

      • Thanks jdiggins…. it’s still flowing, just not posting many…. I’m glad you liked it… have a great night… until next time….. see ya my friend

        • Focused and JDiggins and all the other amazing seekers out there I hope you all had a beautiful thanksgiving…. It’s going to be a long winter but with some beautiful poetry we just might make it through… 🙂

          Where’s PDenver?

          • Yes spallies I had a great thanksgiving… I agree it’s gonna be a long winter, but I’m sure together we’ll make it…
            As far as pdenver….. I don’t know… have a great night my friend…. until next time… see ya

          • Thanks nikan for the link…. very funny… I’m sure pdenver is ok, probably still sleeping off the turkey dinner….. 🙂
            Have a great day my friend…. see ya

      • Thanks strawshadow, it’s just been a while since I’ve penned something Native. Thought I’d toss one to ya…. lol
        Good night….until next time… see ya my friend….. 🙂

    • moderation.
      Wanda bet sucker!

      “I’ll show you an X-Ray of what’s inside,”

      I’m only half paying attention to Fenn’s poem that I’ve scribbled on a piece of paper. Instead I’m trying to picture how far an 80-year-old man would actually have been able to lug a three-stone treasure chest into the Rockies. Maybe that’s the key to finding it?

      Did you all see peter sellers standing in front of a B2 stealth bomber? I did!

  32. Focused;

    As I have said many times, YOU are the treasure on this Blog. Many seek Forrest’s treasure, but we have found you instead, and I, for one, feel blessed. I may never find Forrest’s treasure, but that will be OK – I have been lucky enough to read your words of wisdom and hope – Thanks again – JDA

    • Wow ! Thank you for the kind comment JDA, I feel good knowing you like my words… it inspires me to keep writing… I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m still around, just not posting much… have a great night JDA….. until next time… see ya my friend…..

  33. Ok everyone, I was goofing off and thought I’d write a song. It’s to the tune of “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones. Don’t be to hard on me…lol I’m not a song writer…lol have a great evening everyone… until next time… see ya

    “ If I Could Only Back Up Time”

    (Verse 1)

    You said you’d love me, til you died,

    Oh how I wish, you meant it all.

    But I know now, to me you lied,

    As your leaving, down the hall.

    (Verse 2)

    You didn’t shed, a single tear,

    Though they swelled, within my eyes.

    Where did it go, so many years?

    Just to end up, with goodbye.


    If I could only, back up time,

    Oh the things, I would have done.

    I’d give this ole, heart of mine,

    All to you, my only one.

    (Verse 3)

    As I sit here, on the bed,

    I hear the slamming, of the door.

    Echo sounds, of things you said,

    Your never coming, back no more.

    (Verse 4)

    I hear the silence, all alone,

    In this lonely, house of mine.

    I know now, your surely gone,

    If I could only, back up time.


    If I could only, back up time,

    Oh the things, I would have done.

    I’d give this ole, heart of mine,

    All to you, my only one.

    (Repeat Chorus)

    If I could only, back up time,

    Oh the things, I would have done.

    I’d give this ole, heart of mine,

    All to you, my only one……………

    By: Focused

    • Oops… several spots I said “bring up time” it should have been “bring back time”… my bad… I need to proofread more…lol see ya

  34. Ok everyone, I was goofing off and thought I’d write a song. It’s to the tune of “He Stopped Loving Her Today” by George Jones. Don’t be to hard on me…lol I’m not a song writer…lol have a great evening everyone… until next time… see ya
    Ok… repost, I think I’ve fixed everything….lol

    “ If I Could Only Bring Back Time”

    (Verse 1)

    You said you’d love me, til you died,

    Oh how I wish, you meant it all.

    But I know now, to me you lied,

    As your leaving, down the hall.

    (Verse 2)

    You didn’t shed, a single tear,

    Though they swelled, within my eyes.

    Where did it go, so many years?

    Just to end up, with goodbye.


    If I could only, bring back time,

    Oh the things, I would have done.

    I’d give this ole, heart of mine,

    All to you, my only one.

    (Verse 3)

    As I sit here, on the bed,

    I hear the slamming, of the door.

    Echo sounds, of things you said,

    Your never coming, back no more.

    (Verse 4)

    I hear the silence, all alone,

    In this lonely, house of mine.

    I know now, your surely gone,

    If I could only, bring back time.


    If I could only, bring back time,

    Oh the things, I would have done.

    I’d give this ole, heart of mine,

    All to you, my only one.

    (Repeat Chorus)

    If I could only, bring back time,

    Oh the things, I would have done.

    I’d give this ole, heart of mine,

    All to you, my only one……………

    By: Focused

    • nice song (x2) nikan.. but didn’t Cher sing that awhile back?

      ( ..i’ll bring a set of fishnet stockings if you bring a large naval destroyer 🙂 )

      • Nikan, I can honestly say Cher has not sang this, I just jotted it down today….lol
        I think I can pick up a navel destroyer at the quickie mart….k
        See ya my friend….

      • Thanks pdenver, I didn’t listen to his song when I wrote this, so the chorus and verses may be off. I was just messing around yesterday….
        It’s good to see your back 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day pdenver… enjoy the little things as it passes…..
        until next time… see ya my friend…

    • Your welcome SpecialKLR…. i was just messing around and thought I’d try something different…lol the first post was right. ” If I Could Only Back Up Time”……
      Im glad i can bring you joy… have a great evening.. until next time… see ya my friend

  35. All that is gold does not glitter,
    Not all those who wander are lost;
    The old that is strong does not wither,
    Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
    From the ashes, a fire shall be woken,
    A light from the shadows shall spring;
    Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
    The crownless again shall be king.

    – J. R. R. Tolkien

    • No problem. My intent was to alter the poem and make it about Fenn and his quest, but after I read it a few times it seemed like it already was.

  36. Here is a song I wrote many years past…


    Meet me on the other side of midnight
    And in my dreams you’ll be
    We’ll walk together
    Hand in hand
    On our way to the promised land

    Meet me on the other side of midnight
    And you’ll see just who I am
    We’ll say goodbye
    To loneliness
    Never to return again

    I’ve walked with you
    Talked with you
    Shared a million smiles with you
    On the other side
    Of midnight
    You’ve laughed with me
    Cried with me
    You’d never lie to me
    On the other side of midnight

    I’ve seen you …oh
    So many times before
    But I don’t know who you are
    I know that we can go anywhere
    And it never seems too far

    When you
    Meet me on the other side of midnight

    I’ve walked with you
    Talked with you
    Shared a million smiles with
    On the other side
    Of midnight
    You’ve laughed with me
    Cried with me
    You’d never lied to me
    On the other side of midnight

    • Well my friend, bring lil hunter with ya and you can sing a duo… 🙂 besides, i’d Love to meet her too… start now and you two can practice… I’ll be patiently waiting… lol

      See ya jdiggins…..

  37. Now let’s see…
    Strawshadow, spallies , focused, jdiggins and ill hunter…
    What’s our band name gonna be???
    Maybe I can get lol hunter to bring her guitar too!

    • How about “Midnight Quartet”…… cause I’m running…lol

      Sorry strawshadow, your on your own… I’m sure you can carry a tune with those three… 🙂

      I just want a vip seat at the CMA awards…….. 🙂 Or a stump at Fennboree….lol

      Until next time… see ya

  38. i thunk a thought too dressed in runes, too worn to know sublime
    and think to sculpt a memory, too fleeting in this stoic prose of modern time
    too unfinished for sheen of modern shine
    a modicum of moral faith, too lost in tides of modern rhyme

    undone within the tangled ropes of unsung song
    frenetic in my hopeful search of subtle Ying
    i yearn to seek of times too far beyond the Yang of modern throng
    a note too gentle versed by gentle men too recent gone

    i think to thunk a thought of ancient modern chime.

    [Goofy’s not talking to me – check]
    [probably pdenver too – check]
    [infact.. ‘insert your name here’ – check]

    [ ..i love Jdigginses new avatar – CHECK!!!]

  39. This is a poem my sister wrote that I thought I would share,

    Another one of my poems — this one I am sending to our elected officials that aren’t doing anything for our Vets.
    Writing it through the eyes of a child……….. maybe it will touch them somehow……….

    Not sure if I should name Invisible Child OR The Real Me……..

    You say you work for the people, but I guess that doesn’t include me,
    I am the little girl in the closet, the face that you don’t see.

    My daddy gave for our country, he was away in a dangerous place,
    He came back because of some injuries, with lots of sadness and pain in his face.

    We went to this place called the VA, where the lines were really long,
    We didn’t ever get any help there, “we will tomorrow” was our new song.

    It is scary and it seems like forever, but it was really just yesterday,
    My life would change in a minute, tears and fears is all I can say.

    I heard a scary loud noise, then I heard my mommy cry,
    She told me to run to the closet, to hide and pray I surely did try.

    I wasn’t suppose to listen but I heard my momma say,
    That 22 would find freedom in just one given day.
    I don’t know exactly what that means but my grandma came and held me,
    I guess that with all that happened, my daddy is twenty three.

    You say you work for the people, but I guess that doesn’t include me,
    I am the little girl in the closet, the one you CHOSE not to see………

    This is a direct reference to the FACT that 22 VETS lose their lives to Suicide a day………

    • Very, very touching Strawshadow. Many of the wounds of war can not be seen from the outside. How say that so many lives are lost each day to suicide – they gave so much, until the only thing they could give, to find peace was their life – how sad! JDA

    • Wow strawshadow! Your sister done a “great” job penning this one. I too have written several poems about the sacrifices our soldiers and their families pay for the freedoms we all enjoy. I strongly believe that “the little girl in the closet” should be heard, not only by our elected officials and the VA but by each and every person who lives with the rights of freedom, knowing that so many soldiers and their families have paid their toll to do so, now we as Americans should proudly pay theirs……

      To all Americans… “Listen” to the girl in the closet…..

      Have a great day strawshadow, thanks for sharing the voice of that little girl….

      Until next time… see ya my friend…

      • He was a navy vet and a law vet.
        He was 35.
        Groundhogs day 1978. The hospital kept his body alive until February 19. Then he was gone. I was 8 years old.
        Maybe it carved who I am, and I have always be lived since that there has to be a reason, for everything. I wouldn’t be who I am today, etc..and I happen to think I’ve done alright. I pray for all children, always.

        • Again I’m sorry to hear about your dad jdiggins… yes it helped you become who you are today and I believe your dad in heaven is as proud of you today as he was back then….
          “Tooter” is forever etched in my mind and I thank both of you for that…. have a great night jdiggins…. until next time… see ya my friend…

  40. “Stairway To Heaven”

    Each Year’s a run, upon the stairs,

    That reaches to the sky.

    Step by step we travel where,

    Until we say goodbye.

    Up into the clouds of white,

    As years go passing by.

    Admiring all the sounds and sights,

    Way up in the sky.

    Upon the final landing,

    Before the golden gates.

    Angels softly singing,

    Departed family waits.

    The gates of gold they swing,

    A light shines from within.

    It’s time to meet the king,

    He calls to come on in.

    A warmness in your heart,

    For eternity your are given.

    Because you took a stepping start,

    On that stairway up to heaven…..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- I jotted this one down for you jdiggins… always remember your dad waits at the landing….. see ya my friend..

    • What a wonderful place.
      You ate a wonderful friend. Not just to me, but to all.
      Thanks for being you, and gifting yourself to us! 🙂

      • jeez Focused, sorta sounds like someone [anon] is kinda suggesting the you eat every human on sight tbh
        ..i mean, watevas jdiggins!! (tsk tsk -smh 🙁 )

        (btw nikan, i’ll have to suddenly cancel our planned ‘fun horse trek into the middle of nowhere with no food supplies’ trip next week unfortunately..

        ( …ummm.. infact, i’ve double-booked my tuxedo at the dry-cleaners again .. no honestly!!)

          • Good to see ya spallies… hope your staying warm… I’ve decided that I “Like Like” summer…. 🙂
            See ya my friend

          • I’m doing good focused. Sitting by my warm fire reading about Joseph Meek. I never went down that path too far but my daughter just bought a house in Washington State and found out that one of his sons came up from Oregon and founded the town her house is right in the middle of… She is super excited!!! She only discovered this because she knew about Joseph Meek from the chase… Thank you Forrest..

            It will be summer before we know it. I think I might try to get in some reading outside the chase this winter maybe the Pendergast series…:)

          • I’m glad to hear your doing good spallies… congrats to your daughter on her new home, I bet she was excited to learn the history of her new town….
            Enjoy your books by the fire this winter, hey, you could kick us out a poem every now and then to warm us up… 🙂
            Take care my friend and remember to enjoy the little things……
            Until next time… see ya spallies

          • Thanks Focused actually I guess it’s the Meeker Family not Meeks… lol.. So many Meeks in the Rockys… I hope some poetry finds its way to me soon… if it does I will let you know 🙂

  41. Hi All , This is the start of a book I am writing .

    curious about how you folks feel about it. LMK please

    Silent Past- Written by Mike D Mr. D or just old mike.

    Silent winds of faded times past ,
    the trees’, the seas’ , the life , our family and friends ;kept in the keep safe of our minds. The very place where we keep the secrets of our hearts heart. Oh still is mine heart ,and silent mine ear, the listenings of the worlds embolden music appears. Boldn in
    crimsons tapered coat of courage gleams
    through the peering morning light , to eye …
    to sight … shining bright for all . Is it not for the brightness of ones light that each day brings new adventures of Navigating our vessel in colors of life. Painted by freedoms brush. Walk the fields of golden rye to edge of it and look to see the plains meet the mountains of knowledge while the rivers of wisdoms ever flowing waters twisting and turning to find us , in which we all wish to drink from ..See my ever moving feet running faster and faster whom brought me to this place; young and beautiful . A set sum given to all to show how gracious we really are. Clothed in youth as times hands tick quickly by , in our minds we grow younger as we our selves get older.

  42. “ A Warriors Pledge “

    I promise as a warrior, within our noble clan,

    Til death, I will proudly fight, protecting sacred lands.

    My courage I will show, with each new rising sun,

    While fighting off the evils, I’ll never turn and run.

    The stripes upon my painted face, the dark around my eyes,

    Honor those who flew before, in spirit to the sky.

    Smudge me now in smoke, I’m ready to defend,

    With my life I’ll guard you, until my very end……..

    By: Focused

      • Thank you pdenver, I’m glad you liked my words.
        I wrote this little poem to remind everyone that there was a time when a persons word was as solid as death itself. Attributes that seem to be failing in today’s society, as the years go by….
        Kinda like Forrest’s “keepers of the code” statue….
        Have a great evening pdenver… until next time… see ya my friend

      • Thanks for all the YEA’S JDA…. i think that’s the most I’ve ever got….lol I’m glad you like the way my mind works… I don’t hear that very often…lol 🙂
        Have yourself a great evening my friend…. see ya….

      • Thank you Jeannie… I’m glad that you liked it… I’m still writing poetry (offline) and every now and then I’ll post one. This one is short and sweet but I liked it’s message.
        Enjoy your evening my friend…… until next time… see ya

    • Amen my friend. Amen. The native peoples cared for the earth and did not waste or defile. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

      • Your welcome jdiggins… that was a time when a handshake across the open flame meant something… now days we seem to need a contract for everything… Native warriors gave their word and stood behind it til death…… in my book, that’s as good as it gets….
        Have a great evening jdiggins… see ya my friend

  43. Thank you Mr. D and Heather,…. knowing you like my words makes me smile 🙂 … I’m glad you liked my little poem…. have a great day, until next time… see ya my friend

  44. A rough week with friends…

    So long Steve is all I can say,
    You gave it your all until your last day.
    The good news is that you won’t rest alone,
    Our good buddy Bill is on his way home.
    Now I’m gonna miss ole Big Nugget Bill,
    Who yesterday dug his last hole.
    So now when I see a hole left unfilled,
    I’ll think mighty highly about Big Nugget Bill,
    And those nuggets he uncovered so thrilled.
    You two will do fine together I know,
    You’ve both crossed that path as friends.
    Where in due time we all must go,
    And visit our spirited dens.

    • I’m sorry to hear this, Strawshadow. Your poem is really nice, if this is the right thing to say. I hope you’ll understand.

    • Sorry for your loss Strawshadow. Your poem is a lovely tribute. With a name like Big Nugget Bill, I wish I could have known him.

      Take care Strawshadow and a very Merry Christmas to you.

    • Fine, fine words for your friends strawshadow. I’m sure they’re both looking down on you very proud to call you a “friend”….
      There will always be a empty hole within you, but someday it will be filled…
      Sorry for your loss my “friend”……

      Until next time… see ya

  45. So you think you have solved major clues to the quest?

    And you think you’ve outsmarted the best of the best?

    When you are certain your solve ranks above all the rest,

    Remember you really have nothing till you have the chest!

    -Randawg. 😉

  46. It’s that special time of year
    For family, friends, good will,
    And spreading lots of cheer.

    It’s fun to think of days gone past
    To share eachothers memories
    And make new ones to ever last.

    I remember having to assemble
    That same old tree, the trimming,
    And how Santa made me tremble.

    Sneaking peaks with my brother
    Swapping secrets and a shake
    Of the gifts wrapped by mother.

    Going to grandma’s on Christmas eve
    Playing with my cousins
    Not wanting to leave.

    The drive home that night
    To the sky I would stare
    Hoping to see old St. Nicks flight.

    Kicking the covers unable to sleep
    So excited to think of the tomorrow…
    These memories I keep.

    What’s precious to you this time of year?
    Grab hold and don’t let go,
    To all the moments you hold so dear!

    Merry Christmas my chase family!
    I’ll always cherish you all!

  47. This is a repost from a few years ago, I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Until next time… see ya

    ” Desert Christmas Day ”

    In the year of 1560, in a desert of the west,

    There stood a lone Apache, with beads upon his chest.

    A blanket on his shoulders, a feather in his hair,

    He gazed across the desert, staring to nowhere.

    Winter was upon him, and Christmas Day was near,

    From fires that burned behind him, smoke was in the air.

    Deep in thought he stood there, his mind it was adrift,

    He pondered on a perfect thing, to call a Christmas gift.

    With his mind made up, he walks back to the tribe,

    Looking for a special place, to where his gift should hide.

    Each day as it was passing, he’d walk off all alone,

    And gently carve away, on a hardened weathered bone.

    He took some shiny stones, and shaped them into beads,

    His hair would blow while working, in the chilly desert breeze.

    Then he took a rabbit hide, and cut from it a strip,

    Upon it one by one, his beads he proudly slipped.

    The necklace he had made, he wrapped within the hide,

    And took it to his special place, and put it safe inside.

    Christmas Day grew closer, he was patient as can be,

    Ready to give his gift, to his wife of twenty three.

    Christmas in the desert, the day had finally came,

    He Awoke her from her sleep, and softly called her name.

    Kneeling on the ground, and with his gift in hand,

    Awaken and surprised, she proudly took his hand.

    She took his Christmas gift, with excitement in her eyes,

    Carefully she rolled back, the wrap of rabbit hide.

    Before her was a necklace, handmade by her man,

    Around her neck she placed it, helped by his own hands.

    This Christmas Day was special, out in the desert west,

    He proudly gave her something, because she deserved the best.

    The snow was gently falling, the children run and play,

    To her it was a perfect start, to a desert Christmas Day………

    By: Focused

  48. Such a beautiful Christmas Gift you have given us Focused. Thank youi so much for sharing your talents this past year. May you find as much joy in giving us your gifts as we find in receiving them. Your Friend – JDA

    • Your welcome JDA, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them over the years…..Merry Christmas to you and your family ……

      See ya my friend……..

  49. I have fished all my life, most times for fun, some times in strife. The moving water, with it’s calming sound, was as to me like a moth to light. It’s boiling and churning, finds my deep insides urning, breath from cold air, sustaining yet burning. To live this life on an anglers high, must be like reaching the pearly gates, where heaven is said to lie. When you see a butterfly, what do you see? A dancer? A prancer? A carver with a knife? To each their own, our perspectives of life. I cast and crank as the sun takes it’s bow, i’ll never know why, just only the how. As i depart from this beautiful land, take not the rod nor fly from my hand. Leave it to be, so my son can see, a rod in the hand was a life meant for me. A journey it was, a lifetime it took, i’ll never be famous or in any book, but if you listen closely, you’ll always hear, my loving voice, in that babbling brook.

      • Great penning rapala67… I really enjoyed reading your words…. thanks for the inspiration rapala67, these short words are for you my friend…

        “May the waters for you, eternity flow,

        Onward in journeys, you may yet to know.

        Life’s meandering brook, May ripple astray,

        Your soul my friend, forever will stay.”

        By: Focused

        Until next time…. see ya….

  50. reflections……………..as i ponder and sit with thee, i wonder who and what i be. i turn the mirror in to see, a reflection that isn’t there of me. i wonder what my image will be, as i think of how and when i’ll see. will my vision frighten me or will i be someone to see?

  51. Cotton white clouds,
    Bruised blue skies,
    Hens winged winds,
    Fused words of speech and sight.
    In poems pen the visual mind,
    Needs no reason to write,
    Just visage discern of Alice’s plight
    And to the wonder of rabbits flight.

    • Great penning ….. it’s good to hear from ya buddy.. I really liked the line “In poems Pen the visual mind, Needs no reason to write”…

      Take care my friend and try to stay warm…. until next time… see ya

      • Thank you my friend 🙂 You are a true example of my little poem, and I am dedicating it to you, It’s title shall be…
        “Focused Creations”

        Till we meet again, your friend,

        • Wow thanks nearindianajones…. I’m honored that you dedicated it to me…..

          “Sometimes words not only have to be read, they need to be felt”

          Thanks for the handshake in the dark…. until next time.. see ya my “friend”……..

      • exactly my point, poems, thought, expression need no logic, but to create curiousity and paint pictures for the mind to see.

          • Alice’s plight, a logical mind lost in a illogical world, for if the world made sense what a boring place it would be.

  52. Call of Time

    Time chimes and hands tickly move
    to find the one called the fool
    He sits shaded under a trees
    Hoping that all will look and see
    Whats in the book
    that keeps him a nook
    Behind the wood,
    will anyone come to look
    To see the spectacle he’s become
    A fool to love life’s very touch
    He’s dressed a clown
    and trows a frown
    But truth to be
    He is as wise as a tree
    Toils in time that passes by
    Wanders everywhere in his own mind
    To find a treasure left for all
    Cold and silent dose it call
    3 times chimed herd the ring
    Coming from the woods
    As He see’s the swing
    Pounded and perfected the mettle be
    Only the Adler can really see .
    Shakespeare always sat by a tree.


  53. “ Work Of Art “

    Frost upon a mountain meadow,

    stars give way to morning light,

    Off in distant, an elk that bellows,

    Bald eagles take their morning flight.

    A river flows, with ice on edges,

    Gently to a lower ground,

    Sheep stand high upon the ledges,

    Like mighty monuments, looking down.

    Alone within this perfect place,

    The solitude warms, my chilly start.

    With a peaceful look, upon my face,

    What a treasure it is, God’s work of art……..

    By: Focused

  54. DAD

    “What Do you See”
    As I gaze into that Dark Place
Why Do I see, you looking Back at me?
    As you gaze your eye’s Shown onto me,
What is it you see, Your Son a Man Complete?
Or a space a void of what used to be ?
    I see , I see , you still looking at me ,
But Dad, what do you see,
A boy of 8 swinging at a tee,
Who cut the grass while you smile at me.
    Dad what do you see,
When you thought me to fish
And put your arm around me,
    But Dad , what do you see,
Your son at 17 trying to fill your feet?
    Dad , Dad what do you see ?
I’m a man now , can’t you see?
    Why Dad do you stair at me
I’m of 38 when you left me.
But Dad I love you can’t you see,
No,I love you Please!
    Dad I see why you are looking at me ,
Cause you loved me , More then I could see,
And makes me now even fall to my knee,
As I put your sandals on to feel your feet.
    Dad! To tell you I love you and now I see
I have always been the Man you wanted me to be.
I miss you Daddy , I see
I was with you till the End, just like you asked me.
To now fill the sandals that fit to your feet
    Reminds me How much you Really Loved me .
I miss you Dad, From ME.
    In loving Memory Of Sgt. John j. Dantuono 1950-2010
    My Best Friend
    By , Mike or Mr.D

    • Mr. D,
      What great words spoken for your dad. I believe I know what your dad sees when he looks at you.
      A strong, devoted and caring man with a huge heart full of love, I believe when he looks at you he sees a mirrored image of himself….
      I know your dad is looking down on you, very proud…..

      I salute you Sgt. John j. Dantuono for your service…

      Thank you Mr. D for sharing your words and your dad with us…

      Have a great night…see ya my friend..

    • MrD;

      With tears in my eyes, it made the last few lines hard to read.

      I am sorry for the loss of your Dad. but know he is proud of the man that wrote these words.

      Thanks so much for sharing your heart-felt words. JDA

      • Thank you all .

        He was incredible . HIs amazing love for me has molded me , I just hope he knows how much I love and miss him .

        I am happy you all liked the letter I wrote to him . I will say , if i had never met Forrest Fenn . I don’t think I would ever had been able to express this . This has taught me so much this chase. It taught me to let I go and allow me to take over. I am thankful for how my Father in heaven has allowed such a man in my life. So thank you Forrest because of you I was able to confront this loss of mine and remember him in this way , which has allowed me to share him with all of you .

        I thank each of you for your kindness and your remembering of his name .

        In 1968 my dad had a accident he dropped barrel of transmission fluid on the ground and it crushed his finger. He was to busy arguing his rank with another fellow . But the canister was not trans fluid and is the direct cause of his death most likely. He died of Angio Sarcoma of the live and spleen . He was the 3rd to ever get this cancer and it has no cure.
        So as a good son I was his nurse till he passed away . But more important to tell is
        the night before he passed away . I spent 26 hours with him . We stayed awake , us both . We knew it was the last time we would see each other. While we sat and shined all his quarters he had with white gloves. He said to me ” Mike don’t ever underestimate the power of quarter .” I told him ok dad I will never forget. I have not.
        When we said good bye that day , we looked upon each other with a look of missing each other.
        He passed in 2009 April . I miss spoke above stating 2010 but I think dad would forgive me for that .
        My dads real name is Wilbert Orndorf ,
        he was adopted , he passed away on Oak Hill Drive in Port Richey Florida.
        His adopted name is DAntuon , which is the blood of Miguel Antoino the famed explorer and he came up the Coronado trail and remapped it.
        My dads name means ” Shinny Eagle up high”
        But broken down it means Eagle in tree” broken even further it means Adler.

        Condor demands I say these things about him . We lived in Amarillo Texas when I was young . We hunted our own food mostly birds with the accosional rabbit stew. We were poor at that time. But I learned how to Hunt with my dad then , he also taught me how to trout fish . And by what stars to follow to tell us when the fish would be ready to catch . That worked my whole life.
        He educated me as best he could , and I tried to listen as he wished me to . I wanted him to see i can do all things he tasked me to .
        And yet , and yet … I have failed him some .
        This is why I wrote that to say I was sorry . But he already knew it.

        Thanks for the kind words my friends . Take care till next time I can write something.


        • Thank you Mr. D for sharing your backstory about you and your dad. All I can say is , he taught you well… and I’m sorry for your loss…
          Keep your chin up and remember to enjoy the “little things”…. because we’re never promised a tomorrow…..
          Have a great day Mr. D…. until next time… see ya my friend…

        • Such a touching story. I envy you the time spent with your father growing up. My father (not dad) was too busy making a living to have had much to do with me. He too died of cancer. By the time I went to see him, he was too high on pain meds to even recognize me – How sad.

          It is obvious the two of you had a wonderful relationship – YEA for the two of you – JDA

          • Thanks for sharing JDA , and Focused ,

            Cancer is not fair. Has no feelings and don’t care who it hurts.
            I am also sad for your loss of your dad also .
            Please except my condolences .
            Dad and I were really close.
            I have a hundred stories to tell about him and where we lived etc.
            One reason he told me never underestimate the power of a quarter is because when I lived in Amarillo he would take me down town and in the middle of it there was a bronze of a famous quarter horse. I had forgot that old bronze till recent years when I revisited there.
            But i remember I liked the statue .
            The quarter horse I believe came from Brownsville Texas .
            There is some neat history of that . Check it out … Very interesting for sure.

            Take care you all I get a heavy heart around Christmas , so I share it then usually .

            God bless you guys Happy New Year.

          • That statue was at he AQHA museum if I’m not mistaken…. I’ve been there several times. A great place to visit… happy new year to ya Mr. D….. have a great 2018.. until next time… see ya my friend……

  55. Hello my friends, I have several poems that I have written but have not posted and this is one that I was going to save but had a change of heart…… enjoy….
    Until next time… see ya

    “ Fear Not “

    Fear not , as I gaze into the clear night,

    Great darkness behind, the stars ever bright.

    Where a myriad of souls, before me they flew,

    Embracing adventure, their journeys anew.

    Brave is the soul, that travels to where,

    No pain, no sorrow, up in the night air.

    Fear it not, I’ll be ever so bold,

    Upon this great journey, whatever it holds.

    While hanging my star, up high in the sky,

    Peace will abound me, my spirit will fly.

    Many will follow, in a terrible fright,

    But for me I fear not, as I gaze in the night……..

    By: Focused

      • As usual, I thank you JDA for your kind comment. I’m glad that I can brighten your way…. enjoy your evening my friend…
        See ya…

      • Thanks, I can hear your claps spallies… much appreciated my friend…
        My poem being a new favorite of yours makes me want to write more…… the only problem is, you keep raising the bar…lol now I want to strive to write ”Spallies favorite”…..
        Stay warm my friend… until next time… see ya

      • Thank you Jeannie, this little poem is personal to me, that why I wrote it. After my heart attack I was on life support and the doctor gave me 20 hours to live. I’ve had my brush with death and that’s why my poem is titled “Fear Not”… because death is something that I will no longer fear……. well, here I go rambling again, I just thought I’d tell ya why it’s words are personal to me…
        Have a great night Jeannie… until next time… see ya

        • You seem to have picked the right words, it’s very fitting. I’m glad you’re here and able to write such a nice poem!

          • Thanks again Jeannie, I’m kinda glad to be here myself…lol
            Anyone who has followed my poems over the years here on Dal’s blog have probably noticed That I blend life, death, God, Spirits, Happiness etc. into my words… I don’t try to, I just let my mind take off and that’s how they end up.
            Simple, but with a meaning….
            Stay warm my friend… until next time… see ya Jeannie

  56. “ Aching Soul “

    A snowflake drifts upon the air,

    In the silent mountain night.

    Upon a journey to no where,

    Until it ends its flight.

    Followed then by thousands more,

    Until the ground is white.

    With winter knocking on the door,

    It’s a cold and gloomy night.

    Nestled in the mountain trees,

    A cozy cabin sits.

    It’s smoke drifts in the winter breeze,

    It’s windows dimly lit.

    An Erie silence bellows,

    No sounds are heard at all.

    No bugles from the fellows,

    No nighttime mating calls.

    The cold within a winters night,

    As snowflakes softly blow.

    Can make a hurting heart feel right,

    And sooth an aching soul……..

    By: Focused

    P.s- Ok Spallies, this one is for you. Enjoy your books by the fireplace… until next time… see ya my friend….

  57. “Tribute to MLK”

    A determined voice heard, upon this day,

    Speaks unity amongst, a world in dismay.

    Equality was short, in our states united,

    Words rang out, across a country divided.

    In search of dreams, as all living should,

    To end the ashes, where crosses once stood.

    Through lurking evils, determined moves on,

    Not vowing to stop, till his words were all gone.

    A nation then listened, to the ring of his voice,

    The color of skin’s, not anyone’s choice.

    The blood is still red, no matter the race,

    United a country, put it back in its place.

    The flag is our symbol, stars with great bands,

    Defending it proudly, United we stand.

    Together we’ll rise, through visions once seen,

    Because we’re a country, who lives out our dreams…….

    By: Focused

      • Thank you pdenver,
        I’m glad you enjoyed it. I know I’m proud to be from the “United” States Of America… I think our forefathers who founded this country gave it the proper name….
        Have a great day pdenver… until next time… see ya

    • If only we, as a country,, would take MLK’s words to heart. Sad times for our country – Sad to say, but we seem to be as divided today as we were fifty years ago – Thanks for your wonderful words Focused. JDA

      • You are correct JDA… but if one man can change so much, look what each of us could change United together… have a great day my friend… until next time… see ya

  58. Focused ty for remembering MLK today…to love your country when it’s laws don’t fully support you…that is bravery if you ask me. A dream ahead of its time is always worthwhile.

    • Your welcome Amber. MLK was an important part our history, along with many other people and events… sometimes we just need to look back to help direct us to our future…
      Stay warm and have a great day my friend… see ya

  59. Not usually a poem person, but stumbled on this one and thought I’d pass it on.

    Song on the Subway
    by Ocean Vuong

    Rush-hour on the A train. A blind man
    staggers forth, his cane tapping lightly
    down the aisle. He leans against the door,

    raises a violin to chin, and says I’m sorry
    to bother you, folks. But please. Just listen.
    And it kills me, the word sorry. As if something like music

    should be forgiven. He nuzzles into the wood like a lover,
    inhales, and at the first slow stroke, the crescendo
    seeps through our skin like warm water, we

    who have nothing but destinations, who dream of light
    but descend into the mouths of tunnels, searching.
    Beads of sweat fall from his brow, making dark roses

    on the instrument. His head swooning to each chord
    exhaled through the hollow torso. The woman beside me
    has put down her book, closed her eyes, the baby

    has stopped crying, the cop has sat down, and I know
    this train is too fast for dreaming, that these iron jaws
    will always open to swallow a smile already lost.

    How insufficient the memory, to fail before death.
    Who will hear these notes when the train slides
    into the yard, the lights turned out, and the song

    lingers with breaths rising from empty seats?
    I know I am too human to praise what is fading.
    But for now, I just want to listen as the train fills

    completely with warm water, and we are all
    swimming slowly toward the man with Mozart
    flowing from his hands. I want nothing

    but to put my fingers inside his mouth,
    let that prayer hum through my veins.
    I want crawl into the hole in his violin.

    I want to sleep there
    until my flesh
    becomes music

    • Music of the soul, nice poem LuckyDog.

      Your name reminds me of a missing dog poster,

      lost dog, missing left eye, right ear bitten off, broken tail, has three legs, and goes by the name “Lucky” 🙂

      • I always loved that old joke!
        Lucky was my dog. I lost him 5 years ago. I found the Chase the day after he left us, and it was therapeutic for me. 🙂

    • Thanks Luckydog for sharing these words.. I could imagine the sounds filling the subway. Loved it… stay warm my friend… until next time… see ya

  60. As a child I dreamed of the sky,
    The clouds my roads on high,
    Visions calling me to join the mirth,
    And break the surly bonds of Earth.

    Eyes fail to see afar,
    Heartbroken with unseen scar,
    Dreams of soaring the wild blue,
    Mustang spirit bucking to break thru.

    Someday my soul is bound to fly,
    My body wishes today it could try,
    A wingless bird knows my sorrow,
    And forgives my impatient tomorrow.

    • Hey buddy,
      All I can say is WOW! Standing and clapping for ya my friend…..
      Your words say so much to me, I feel as if you were reading my thoughts…
      To vision a place out of the realms of our earthly reach is imagination at its finest….. as you have said before (paraphrasing) “ what the soul writes, a heart can feel”…… I feel ya my friend…… keep up your great penning, your words are always welcomed…..
      Stay warm…. until next time… see ya

      P.s- nearindianajones, I think this poem should be titled “ Impatient Tomorrow “…. just saying…

        • Focused, I do like your idea for the title very much, and it fits perfectly. I think both titles work, so on your side of the Mississippi River it’s “Impatient Tomorrow” and on my side it’s “Heart of a Pilot” 🙂 Lol, lets just call it “Our Song”

          • Well, on my side of the Mississippi River it’s very cold… tomorrow’s going to be a little warmer, so “Impatient Tomorrow” is very fitting for me right now.. lol
            Great words nearindianajones, no matter what we call it…. 🙂 have a great evening and stay warm…. until next time… see ya my friend

  61. “ A Mind That Sought “

    A journey through, a mind that sought,

    Destinations end, but travels naught.

    Bound by earthly, dreams desired,

    A distant place, so oft inspired.

    Through visions of, the days gone past,

    Sees peace within, the hourglass.

    Till one day starts, a lonely flight,

    On journeys new, through visions sight.

    Beyond the realms, of earthly things,

    Like birds upon, their mighty wings.

    Bound by peace, and fearing naught,

    A journey through, a mind that sought.

    By: Focused

    P.s- this poem is for you nearindianajones, your last poem gave me the inspiration to write it… thank you… enjoy your journeys my friend… until next time… see ya

      • Your welcome nearindianajones…. yep, the wind can do that to ya…lol tell Keri hi from Focused and you guys stay warm up there “near Indiana”…. until next time… see ya my friend…

  62. I felt like a poem, but my pen needed a break.

    The Road Not Taken
    by Robert Frost

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveler, long I stood
    And looked down one as far as I could
    To where it bent in the undergrowth;
    Then took the other, as just as fair,
    And having perhaps the better claim,
    Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
    Though as for that the passing there
    Had worn them really about the same,
    And both that morning equally lay
    In leaves no step had trodden black.
    Oh, I kept the first for another day!
    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
    I doubted if I should ever come back.
    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    • Thanks nearindianajones for sharing Robert’s words… I always liked this poem… I too would take the one less traveled…. have a great evening.. until next time.. see ya my friend 🙂

  63. “The Upward Climb”

    Three o’clock wake up call,
    under a starry sky.
    Stepping out and bundled up,
    into the chilling air.
    Backpack carried and headlamp on,
    beginning the upward climb.
    Higher and higher along the way,
    along the wooded path.
    All is silent, but the breathing,
    and the beating in the chest.
    Dark woods above are now below,
    hint of surroundings appear.
    Sitting upon a summit rock,
    setting the gear aside.
    Watching the stars give way to dawn,
    of purple, pink, and blue.
    Risen Morning Star warm rays,
    livens the panoramic view.
    Beauty as far as the eyes can see,
    grateful for the upward climb.

      • (Test.) Tried responding twice, Spallies, but the website must be busy. Sorry my voice has been quiet for a while on the Poetry Page. I’m glad you like my poem.

    • The wait was well worth it pdenver, I could see the picture you painted with your words. Loved it ! Very peaceful and relaxing. Enjoy all the little things pdenver as your on that “upward climb” chasing your dreams…..
      Keep penning my friend, your words are very much anticipated…. stay warm, until next time… see ya

      • Many feelings formed into words in my thoughts, but most remain hidden from my pen, which may never be written. I’m glad you liked my poem, Focused. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

        • Your welcome pdenver…. I totally understand. I too have words busting to get out but are held tight from the stroke of my pen. There are some words and feelings that are not meant to be spoken… have a great day my friend… until next time.. see ya

  64. – Sole in flight –
    Beauty set in flight

    Warmed by Summers starry night .

    Clear the sky, to see such might

    As each wing blazes ones life.

    Going to where dreams may roam

    Cast upon freedoms trove,

    A treasure for all who love.

    Will it be ,will we see-

    To see the tree while in flight
    Cast upon times one’s plight
    To guide us in the wavering sea
    Lighting the sky so we can see.

    The leaves are the diamonds

    that shine upon the sea

    Lighting the way of wisdoms dreams.

    Those are the things that complete us.

    Thank you Forrest Fenn for pushing me against my will.

    I will always tell your tails to my kids.

    And thank you fro being my friend.


  65. Take Care

    When you are a child you are lucky if your parents take care of you,
    When you are a parent you are lucky if you can take care of your child,
    When you and your parents are both aging you hope you can take care of each other.
    But if your really lucky you’ll learn to take care of yourself so you can still take care of everyone who needs you.

  66. “ Without The Wealth “

    While chasing lures, of elusive gold,

    Search within, your soul that holds.

    Look upon, your inner shelf,

    The treasures there, within yourself.

    Live in peace, your victory’s prize,

    Your heart will see, through caring eyes.

    You’ll find the lures, within yourself,

    And rich you’ll be, without the wealth……..

    By: Focused

    P.s- short but sweet….. enjoy your wealth my friends…. until next time..see ya

  67. “In their eye’s”

    A little boy’s first time to try,
    Fishing pole with Grandpa’s watchful eye,
    Little fish first catch of awe,
    And a boy’s trophy to show Grandma.

    Routine surgery caught in death’s grip,
    Little boy’s fishing buddy life did slip,
    With tears for God to catch,
    And hold time with Grandpa’s watch.

    Young man’s life struggle to fish,
    In calm or troubled waters his wish,
    When his lines get tangled and tried,
    Always their trophy in his Grandparent’s eye.

  68. (Untitled as of yet)

    I’ve seen it, yet it is not known to me
    What a beautifully lonely place it must be
    I’ve even dreamed about it once or twice
    But to experience it requires an earthly kind of price
    One which teeters on the edge of simply precise

    I’ve listened and heard and wrote and said
    Been outdistanced by the things racing in my head
    Whispered and shouted and yes, even swore
    Pondered and quoted and been keeping a score
    And all it has gotten me is thinking a whole lot more

    But knowledgeable is another lonely place to be
    For I have it, you see—my word that is key
    A blend of logic, imagination, and sagely advice
    Revealing just enough to taunt and entice
    Combined, it all has me thinking twice more than thrice

    Tidbits and teasers and vagaries by the ton
    Triangles, circles, and the path of the Sun
    Rainbows, borders, and an omega times two
    Ciphers and codes and maps to sift through
    I’m not yet buried, but thinking thrice more than a few

    The more I know, the less I see
    And that’s the way it is intended to be
    That freeing knowlege is actually my vice
    It’s like being betwixt fire and ice
    I’m halted in my thinking of several more than twice

    • Wow, Bowmarc! You have quite a talent for penning, just as others here. I was amazed of seeing the words “fire and ice” in your poem because I thought of using it in a future poem about a kind of rose I think is beautiful. Google “Fire and Ice rose” and see for yourself.

    • Good penning Bowmarc…… when I was reading your words I was thinking of a title also and the first thing that popped into my head was “ The Less I See”….
      Keep your words flowing, they are much appreciated here…. have a great day my friend… until next time… see ya

  69. Makes me smile to read all these poems…
    Now I need to write my own
    But work comes first I hate to say
    But maybe someday I’ll have time to play

    Thanks everyone for sharing!!!

  70. “ Desert Smoke “

    The sun is large and setting, a softly east wind blows,

    Another desert day, comes quickly to a close.

    I take my tiny twigs, And place them in the ring,

    To build a fire for others, to dance around and sing.

    The year is 1560, my how time it flys,

    Many, many moons, have passed before my eyes.

    The wrinkles on my face, they tell where I have been,

    And also where I’m going, upon my final end.

    The sun is now asleep, my fire it blazes high,

    Embers quickly rising, up in the desert sky.

    I’m joined now by others, my journeys almost here,

    I hear our Native chants, echo in my ears.

    Our chief he walks up to me, his hands upon my chest,

    And in our native tongue, a prayer to me he blessed.

    My heart is feeling heavy, my breathing slow and weak,

    I turn and walk away, to tired to even speak.

    I take a trail that leads, up to the Mesa top,

    And many ,many times, upon that trail I stopped.

    My final journeys ended, as high as I can be,

    I see my fire a burning, I hear their chants for me.

    I kneel down on both knees, I reach up to the sky,

    And tell the mighty spirit, it’s time for me to fly.

    A vision of an eagle, it soars above of me,

    To fly me to a home, that’s waiting there for me.

    A warmness overcomes me, I rise up from the ground,

    And join that mighty eagle, together fly around.

    I hear no sounds below me, my people as they spoke,

    But as I fly off in the sunset, I smell the desert smoke….

    By: Focused

      • Your welcome Bowmarc and thank you for your kind comment. It’s so nice to paint pictures with my words and know it’s seen by others, I’m glad you could see it Bowmarc….. have a great day….. until next time… see ya

      • Nearindianajones, I knew you would feel my words… gifted? I just write what I see or feel at that moment… I can throw that back at ya, your words are felt by many, including me…… thank you for sharing your thoughts with us…. have a great day on your side of the big river….. see ya my friend….

    • Each word, a brush-stroke that paints a picture in my heart.

      Thanks (again) for the beautiful “Painting”

      Your admiring friend – JDA

      • JDA,
        Being a long time friend and an admirer of my writings, you know that I usually have a meaning imbedded in my words, this is no exception…..
        “Death has been a part of life ever since time began and will be as long as time has to come and until we build our last fire we need to cherish every moon that passes before our eyes”
        Thank you for your kind words over the years, they have been heartfelt….
        Have yourself a great day JDA…. until next time… see ya

  71. “ The Ride “

    Winds of time blow,

    Onward we go,

    Riding the wind.

    Reins in hands,

    Over great lands,

    Beginning to end.

    Be not judged,

    Hold no grudge,

    Love for all,

    Upon your ride,

    No secrets hide,

    Your reins will fall.

    Lead by hands,

    Of other lands,

    Shepherds of the light.

    Dismount my friend,

    To walk within,

    A place so ever bright…….

    By: Focused

    P.s- short but sweet, while enjoying my morning coffee. Have a great “ride” my friends…… until next time.. see ya

  72. The ride of time
    In one’s own life
    Holding on with all their might.

    Blowing winds
    Rain of ole
    tighten grip of whats in store

    To where ever dreams may roam
    Is where I want to roam

    Around the dream tree
    Is where I be
    Where fools play
    and wise men see.

    Peace has finally found me .

    To you focused.

    Coffee and a poem is a great start tl a day .

    • I’m honored Mr. D. Thank you … I loved your words my friend. I’m glad you’ve found peace… keep up your penning, your words are much enjoyed… yep, coffee and a poem is a good way to start the day….. have a great evening Mr.D… until next time… see ya

      • Good Morning Focused !

        Hope you are well my friend . Glad you liked my unauthorized add on .

        Hope you didn’t mind. I will try to keep
        penning . I sometimes get consumed by the weight of the Chase . So – my goal is to paint 100 paintings this year. Write 3 more bad books. LOL .

        Take care .. Keep up the encouraging words and thank

        • All is well here Mr. D…. you done great with your “ unauthorized add on “ . I didn’t mind at all….
          Sounds like you have a heck of a goal this year, you better get busy…lol
          We’ll do….. until next time… see ya my friend 🙂

  73. ” Memories of Color ”

    Time it swiftly moves, memories fade away,

    Lost within our minds, covered by the grey.

    Memories that are spoken, brought up now and then,

    Last a little longer, and shapes a subtle grin.

    She was a fellow searcher, some of you did know,

    Even fighting cancer , she had a special glow.

    She had a kindled spirit, you could see it in her smile,

    If given just a half an inch, she’d stretch it for a mile.

    Before the memories fade away, and grey starts moving in,

    Remember our fellow searcher, and how it was back then.

    When many joined together, on a very special day,

    To show her how we care, and by her all the way.

    Even though she’s left us, I feel as if she’s near,

    Whispering words from heaven, listen and you’ll hear.

    Cheering on the searchers, while on their golden chase,

    I know in heaven she wears, a smile upon her face.

    I just replaced the grey, with colors bright and bold,

    Your memories of color, forever we shall hold.

    Everyone who reads this, remember those who fell,

    Most of all remember, our friend we called “Renelle”.

    By: Focused

    P.s- I wrote this poem a few years ago and I wanted to repost it and ask everyone to take a minute in silence today and remember our fellow searchers like Renelle ,Frank ,Randy ,Eric and Pastor Wallace who chased it till the end. (R.I.P my friends) …… until next time… see ya

  74. “Puppy Love”

    Soft fur with brown eyes.
    Small cardboard box reading, “FREE”.
    Wet kisses heads home.

    Wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day.

    • Very nice words muset… may your memories shimmer for a very long time…. have a great night..
      Until next time… see ya my friend

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