Poetry Page XIV…


The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page xiv for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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186 thoughts on “Poetry Page XIV…

  1. There once was a man,
    a pioneer explorer man,
    that made his fortune of relics and gold,
    he did digging in the sand.
    He went many places,
    trading many things,
    living many adventures,
    selling many la cosas.
    Keeping it simple,
    being a wise old Owl.
    So quickly looking up,
    high scan to see down.
    Tripping on a frozen spearhead,
    Electric voltage jolts his spine.
    On warm Brown Trout so he did dine.
    He had some left overs that he Left in the wood.
    A little hidden treasure if you could.
    And should he give up the keys
    The natives would certainly be pleased.

    El Poema to Forest
    by JC

  2. I’ve been up and I’ve been down and way below the home of Brown,
    Through creeks and rock culverts and holes in the ground,
    I’ve found lots of blazes , only three have been wise,
    Can’t wait until spring, when I’ll see with my eyes…that green little box in the bushes divine,
    And the title inside, shall finally be mine.
    To share with my family and friends I will bless and other sojourners who have heard of my quest. My coffee cups empty, it’s time to bed down, and if tomorrow I wake, I’ll go into town.

  3. I’ve thought it over
    Time and again
    About it now
    About it then

    I think I need
    To think some more
    I think I’ve thought
    This think before.

  4. The Fullness
    By Twingem

    I’m not sure if
    I’m not sure when
    I’ll not be ok
    If I don’t see you again

    There are some things we learn
    And others we hear
    The ones that we feel
    We should hold the most dear

    Please be there in morn
    Please be there at night
    I’ve come to love you
    Whether wrong or if right

    Your lessons I think
    Make things better for all
    I see you straight through
    I will wait for your call.

    Be ginger with fear
    Be bold with your life
    Fear nothing but self
    If you don’t live your life…


  5. A Forresty Limerick

    Forrest ventured into the Rockies with treasure
    To hide for our enjoyment and pleasure.
    He came out alone in a daze,
    Looked quickly up at the blaze,
    Then he wrote a Thrilling poem for good measure.

    Great job everyone! Poetry Page seems to have forgotten me and I am having trouble posting. Apologies if this turns out to be a duplicate,,,or triplicate even 🙂

  6. Had my boots on the ground, a chest to be found,
    I’m on a quest I’m after you,
    Heard it all and listened good, now I’m lost in the wood,
    And I’m hungry like Beowulf,

    Didn’t paddle up any creek or shower for a week,
    I marveled and gazed, I’m after you,
    It’s like hide and seek, I walked till I’m weak,
    And I’m hungry like Beowulf,

    Thought my Blaze had been found, I looked quickly down,
    I’m growing tired I’m after you,
    Canyons so wide, Fenn really knows how to hide,
    And I’m hungry like Beowulf! …


  7. Twinge, Cindy, randawg, Boaz, John c.
    And spallies and focused and the hobbit…
    Thanks for sharing this page with me,
    It’s a bit of magic making poetry.
    You guys really have talent!

    • Thanks for sharing it with us jdiggins… 🙂
      It wouldn’t be the same without ya… now let’s make some magic…:-)

      Where’s my wand????

      Until next time … see ya my friend

      • Abracadabra and
        Hocus Pocused,
        Wand at the ready,
        Here comes focused!

        There will be no dilly dallies,
        Nor ever a frown,
        When me n spallies
        Rage the town!

        Pdenver how sweet
        Unbelievably kind
        She spreads such joy
        And peace of mind

        Randawg pops in
        Now and again
        And never fails
        To up ante again

        Twingem brings shine
        And opulence
        While Hobbit glides
        In perfect cadence

        Zenden we miss you
        And cindym too
        But she just returned
        With the ole one two

        Oh there’s more of you
        I missed mention
        But only because
        My span lost attention!

  8. Now – Turning 51
    By Twingem

    I sat at the window and waited a while;
    Like a pup in a shop, tried to figure a smile.
    The problem with teeth is they don’t tell the tale.
    Beneath the facacade there’s a sad muffled wail.

    I waited the day and several nights too.
    But nothing returned before each morning dew.
    I questioned my thoughts and checked all emotion,
    But never did once I question devotion.

    This journey alone, yet filled with companion,
    Has made my surprised with my personal famine.
    I’ve set myself free on this vast life ocean.
    But what have I done? It is all set in motion.

    Remember the promises at first that were made?
    They remain the same although not much else stayed.
    I’ve been waiting a life to find my true calling.
    I have finally found it and now I’m all in.

    Be ready by morning and peaceful by dusk.
    I’m in for adventure or sheer wanderlust.
    I’ve doubted myself and every small turn.
    The time has now come and I’m ready to burn.


  9. I wan to to thank all of you for your compliments and words of encouragement. You are a great group of folks I’m honored to be in the company of.
    Thank you all, and thank you, DAL! You make this little page in this big ole world possible for us fennatics! 🙂

  10. THE END:
    To each their own on this puzzle of thought
    Time will tell overture or not
    The scores of individualism hath it brought
    ‘Till claims of gold it’s tree lay rot

    Hidden amongst nature’s perfect design
    Howling wolves guarding this treasure of mine
    Hail all those brave yet silly with wine
    Hence this day no aura does shine

    Endless days years have spent
    Every stone rolled over answers vent
    Each angle seen, eyes light bent
    Exacting confusion disallowed not meant

    Escape in the mountains, flowers, and trees
    Enclosed ideas gathered like busy bees
    Easy the thought of yachted seas
    Exhumed from another’s ABC’s

    No alphabet alpha’s bet so high
    Not caring for gold, cloaked answers lie
    Never the less more end draws nigh
    Near truth these loyal words do fly

    Deep inside the soil my roots are found
    Drinking the water underground
    Disguised by white cold winter’s sound
    Death envelops all around

    Delusions of gold thoughts in a jam
    As weak as lil Indi meek little lamb
    Miseries waters we have all swam
    Nothing more to say., Damn

  11. “World Of Unknown”

    Fear not what lies, in a world of unknown,

    For with each step, you boldly take.

    You’ll discover the seeds, you’ve already sown,

    A decision that’s yours, and fearless you make.

    The dark will then lighten, your path up ahead,

    Your fear will subside, and courage will grow.

    Then knowing unknowns, won’t seem quite as bad,

    Enjoying your journey, as onward you go.

    Just hear me as, one friend to another,

    Brave is within you, the decisions your own.

    A bright world awaits now, for you to discover,

    Enjoy your journey, to your world of unknown………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- to all my friends…. enjoy your journey…. until next time…see ya

  12. In the Stillness
    By Twingem

    So still. So quiet. The rush of it is deafening.
    The warmth of the breeze and wind whips gently to the core of my being.

    When I lay my head to rest a while it comes alive in the stillness of the miles. I travel new worlds and replay olden scenes to process the joys and sorrows of being. Being. Being in the stillness.

    That dream that knows no time or space keeps me traveling…traveling…traveling in the stillness of my demons to face. The tears of joy, so moist do they fall if I stop. Stop in the stillness. Be still.

    I am what the stillness reveals if only I listen to screaming of wisdom it gently imparts.

    I see the wisdom but can’t call it by name until I awake and sit for a while and replay each frame. Sit for a while in the stillness. Just be in the stillness. The stillness. Listen to the stillness. In the stillness.

  13. The Place
    By Twingem

    I feel it in a place that my eyes have never known
    Down within a space that I’d years ago outgrown.
    Only as a child were my cells open to see
    All the vivid colors of life’s greatest mystery.

    Lay me down upon the grass and with slowness wake me up,
    Let me feel the moment now as I overflow my cup;
    Be free as a spiral that makes life meant to be.
    The freedom of a child reawaken within me.

    Ache from shoulder drawn; ever arching to the end.
    Pull the bown back and let the quivers tension lend
    To the flight that after darkness that surely is to come.
    Below the rising of the laughter, I feel the distant hum.

  14. ” I ‘m a glass half full
    A mist of air to fill
    Worthy of said such a place
    At the fountain of knowledge I await .
    pick me up and fill my cup
    With the wisdom of knowledges age.”

    By Mr. D

  15. I’ve been away from the poetry page for a while, so I thought I’d repost a poem I wrote a while back….. have a great night everyone.. until next time… see ya

    ” Playing In The Sand ”

    High upon a desert knoll, I gaze across the land,

    A Fog lays in the valley, along the Rio Grande.

    The year is 1460 , I am a Navajo,

    I listen to the spirits, speaking through my soul.

    The sun is gently rising, no clouds within the sky,

    I hear the native birds, begin their morning cry.

    I’m visited by a spirit, a girl of long ago,

    She says her name is Ajei , named for her special glow.

    As the morning lingered, Ajei spoke to me,

    She tells me of her life, and how it use to be.

    She says she lived below, along the Rio Grande,

    And As a child she played, within the rivers sand.

    One day while she was playing, a child of only ten,

    The sky began to darken, a storm was moving in.

    The winds began to blow, while lightning flashed afar,

    She knew that she must leave, her homes not very far.

    When running to her home, Ajei starts to cry,

    That is when she seen it, fall from the darken sky.

    A tornado twisting wildly, with debris that flew about,

    Headed for her home, all she could do was shout.

    She hit her knees and prayed, “God save my family home”.

    As quick as it appeared, it rose and then was gone.

    When Ajei reached her village, and everyone untouched,

    Again she looked above, and thanked him very much.

    Then her spirit left me, alone I sit again,

    Thinking of her words, my new found spirit friend.

    While looking at the Rio Grande, many feet below,

    The sky began to darken, the winds began to blow.

    Ajei she has warned me, lightning starts to flash,

    I thank my native friend, from way off distant past.

    Before I leave I gaze, down at the Rio Grande,

    That’s when I seen Adjei, just playing in the sand……

    By: Focused

  16. Ok, FF has inspired me to start writing poetry and it’s helped me deal with my anxieties. It’s very novice so please be kind. And thanks Mr Fenn for inspiring me to become a better person. You have changed my life.

    Gathered around the campfire
    Escaping the cold, wet air
    A lonely pot of beans
    For all of them to share

    Laughter echoes through the woods
    But worry simmers deep within
    Thoughts of home, a life no more
    War replaced these boys with men

    Dawn arrives, awakens the dread
    Decisions made and soldiers counted
    Heavy hearts ride through the mist
    Which saddle will return unmounted?

  17. “Final Prize”

    To live is to love, your inner self,

    find your happiness , not the wealth.

    true journeys now, you must start,

    peace awaits , within your heart

    you won’t regret, your peaceful trip,

    must you take, your inner step.

    first look around, the world you live,

    Search not for take, search now for give.

    Your journeys here, now go embark,

    Soul ignites, your special spark.

    For if you search, with not your eyes,

    Happiness awaits, your final prize…….

    By: Focused

    P.s- if you read down the first word of every sentence , it is a quote by me, it says
    “To find true peace you must first search your soul for happiness”

    Until next time…. see ya

        • Thanks KLT , I’m glad you liked my words. Have a great night and remember….. live from within… until next time… see ya

          • Is this new Focused? I hope so and that you will continue to share your new as well as your old prose with us…
            Hate for all those beautiful thoughts to be trapped in your noggin. 🙂

          • Yes spallies this is a new one. I’ve took a break from writing new poem here on the poetry page, I jotted this one down earlier and thought I’d share.
            I’m still penning, just not posting much. As far as words in my noggin, I have plenty…lol
            “Search not with your eyes my friend”
            Until next time… see ya my “friend”

    • I take that as a compliment and I thank you Belle.. I just paint the picture , the beauty comes from the reader…
      I’m glad you like my words….take care… see ya in Santa Fe…….. 🙂


    Beauty exists for you to see?

    Or dose it exist by its own means ?

    Can it be the wonders you need?

    Or because they exist to please thee ?

    Oh no that’s not right or can it be ,

    As Shakespeare pondered it by the tree;

    “All the worlds a stage” he said ,

    Surely grass dose see , so do the trees –

    They pass the stage dazzling all who gaze

    Bravo!! Bravo!! we all yell amazed.

    Look at their beauty

    And a smile shown to him-

    The stage it’s wonders are of all life’s splendors .

    They pass and show the color of their sole

    to please all who have been tolled .

    Knowing as the wood is only a gift .

    They dance and spin to love all whom live

    To prove the fact why they exist.

    That Love in fact will persist.


    You , old time

    Who tried to steal whats mine,

    Go and pounder your existence course .

    Tell the tail of your dis-course .

    So all can see the Blaze of the torch-

    o’tis the twilight

    O’tis the gleem

    O’tis your youth bought you

    times endless peace?

    Puff of smoke of tales of Ole-

    Faint sent of flowed bold

    Cast you fear to Times door,

    Look into your core,

    Anchor you boat

    Put your feet apon the shore

    Sky to eye

    Feel the warmth

    Time is here no more.

    by Mr.D

  20. Ponder the Chase
    by Covert One

    So where is it that you have gone so bold,
    And how to halt where warm waters hold,
    It’s said the start is more than half way there,
    Most continue to ask – start it where?

    Oh, the time times I’ve traversed it down,
    Only to find just dirt on the ground.
    How does one know when walking too far,
    Or when to jump in and drive with your car,

    And putting in is confusion at best,
    But I think that’s one clue I put to rest.
    It’s Brown that sees the attention of all,
    But why is he so special – why B so tall?

    Now, there’s paddles or lack thereof,
    And loads and water that might be above,
    But what confusion these simple words start,
    To complete this puzzle requires mind and heart.

    So how to bring the puzzled quest to an end,
    One must know exactly where to begin.
    Now, wisdom and speed are noted there too,
    But what are they doing – they must be clues?

    What’s wrong with my tarry, it must not be scant,
    It’s all in the detail – interpretation I can’t,
    It’s imagination that’s needed to cease,
    Now, logic interrupts – I can’t go in peace.

    What say the meaning of tired and weak,
    The more I ponder – my solve seems bleak.
    Why must we all hear and listen well,
    It’s those secrets and answers that I can’t tell.

    If the box of gold is there to find,
    Why then the title – that twists one’s mind.
    The pieces of clues that I’m sure I know,
    Now, to assemble and allow all to go.

  21. “Within The Trees”

    The autumn leaves, so yellow bright,

    Upon the wind, they take to flight.

    To ride upon, the chilly breeze,

    In mountains deep, no eyes to see.

    A flight so short, they tumble down,

    To rest upon, a covered ground.

    Silent and still, on bed of gold,

    Waiting for what, the winter holds.

    Then trees so bare, white aspens bark,

    Reflect the moon, within the dark.

    Awaiting in, the winter snows,

    For warmth of spring, when aspens grow.

    Please take the time, enjoy the cold,

    Admire what nature, has to hold.

    Go rest within, the Golden leaves,

    And find your peace, within the trees……..

    By: Focused

  22. Your welcome JDA,
    I just paint a picture with my words, the real “gift” is you seeing it…….
    Have a great day my friend…
    Until next time… see ya

  23. ” Spiritual Gifts ”

    Deep within , a forest boundary ,

    Stands a rock cliff, straight and tall.

    Steaming as if , poured in a foundry,

    From top of it , warm water falls.

    Kneeling upon , its steaming banks,

    An Indian brave, with knees in sand.

    While in his silence, gives his thanks,

    Into warm water, from his own hands.

    Upon a hand carved , boat of bark,

    Two willow leafs, of a nearby tree.

    Three feathers of grey , from a meadowlark,

    One bloody point, that was pulled from he.

    The brave he gently , takes a deep breath,

    Sending his boat , down that river of heat.

    He remembers the face , of the angel of death,

    While Chanting aloud , he then rose to his feet.

    Looks at the heavens, then softly he said,

    “Two Willow leafs, are the lives that you give. ”

    “Three feathers for angels, that circled my head,”

    ” one bloody point, removed so I live.”

    “Thank you great spirit, up there in the sky,”

    ” For giving me life” , “when death was so near”

    “Great heavens above” , “I don’t really know why”.

    Then slowly he turns , still shedding a tear.

    Upon the warm River , his boat drifts away,

    Quickly it floats, though it haven’t a sail.

    The heavens then answered, heard by the brave,

    The silence then broke, by a loud eagles wail…………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- this is a repost of a poem I wrote a long time ago. I hope you like it…
    Until next time…. see ya

    • Again, my fine friend, you have touched my heart with your beautiful “tale” of days gone by. I am glad that he lived, he may have been your Grandfather, and without him, there would be no “You”, and no one to beautifully tell his tale. Thanks again for sharing your talents – JDA

  24. Your welcome JDA,
    I like what you said about the grandfather thing, but actually when I wrote this poem it was my own personal reflection. I just wrote it in a native tone. Sometimes my experiences come out in my words without trying.
    I’m glad that it touched you. At the time it sure touched me……
    Have a great night JDA… until next time… see ya

  25. “Breathe”

    With every breath we take, we move closer to our demise,

    Live not beyond the shadows, breath through living eyes.

    Cease your tears of present eyes, those lost in days gone by,

    Reunions do await you, within the midnight sky.

    For he who travels a darkened path, filled with lost dismay,

    Will drift upon the waters, then quickly float away.

    Yesterday is a memory, but tomorrow waits anew,

    So you can breath the beauty, of life inside of you.

    Though our breaths are numbered, breath like there’s no end,

    Live like yellow leaves, upon an endless wind.

    When reunion time arrives, and it’s time for you to leave,

    You’ll cherish all the days gone by, proud you chose to breathe……….


    • Focused,

      Another good one. I was just writing about Forrest when he had cancer on the Forrest Fenn page and surely this could fit right there in the comments.
      Thanks for sharing,

      • Bur,
        I read your posts on the Forrest Fenn page. It sparked my imagination and I quickly jotted down this poem. So thank you for the inspiration Bur……
        I’m glad that you liked it….. have a great day… until next time.. see ya my friend….

      • Sorry about the chills pdenver…. I just wanted to convey, don’t live in the past, don’t live in the future, live for now and enjoy the little things as you breathe…..
        I hope my poem didn’t bother you, if so, it was not my intention….
        Have yourself a great day pdenver….. until next time… see ya

    • Focused – this is def my fav of your most recent poems

      ( ..but don’t tell Spallies that ya mis-spelled “breathe” or else you’ll probably be in BIG trouble, mister! 🙂 )

      • Thank you nikan…. I’m glad it’s your fav…
        (I’m not telling spallies nothing, mums the word) 🙂 )
        Have a great night or day my friend…. until next time.. see ya

        • Writing poetry obviously gives you great pleasure Focused. I know nothing about poetry whether it is written by the book or if the author took poetic license. I only know if I like what I read. I like your poetry.

          • Yes BW I enjoy writing poetry, the Chase has inspired me to do so, before I joined the chase I had never written a poem before. I have a little over 300 to date. I know nothing about poetry either BW. I just write what I think and write simple poetry so all can enjoy.
            I like to paint a picture with my words so the reader can see a vision while reading. Sometimes I get carried away, but at those times it’s not me, it’s my imagination running wild… lol
            I’m glad you like to read my words BW, knowing that inspires me to write more. I’ve taken a break (kinda) from the poetry page to work on preparing my poems for a book. I hope to someday have that to offer….
            Have a great night, and thank you again…

            Until next time… see ya my friend…

  26. I just noticed that I misspelled “breathe” a few times in my poem…. my bad… lol I don’t know if it was me or auto correct…. gee I need to proofread more..lol
    See ya 🙂

    • Your in BIG troubl Focused! Lol I didn’t even notice they were mispelled when I read it it all sounded right in my head 🙂 Beautiful poem focused!

      • Gee spallies, I had a feeling you’d catch me… that’s why it’s taking me so long to edit my poems, I usually don’t proofread…
        I’m glad that you think my poem is beautiful….. hey, don’t be to hard on me k … it’s been a while since I’ve been in “big trouble”….. I promise to proofread more k

        Have a great night spallies… see ya 🙂

    • Thank you pdenver for this post. It gave me chills (touched my soul) . I’m sure many veterans feel the same.
      The price for freedom is high, I salute all brave men and women who have paid the price with their courage, past and present…….
      Thank you again pdenver…

      Until next time… see ya

  27. It was 54 years ago i was set a foot to race the soul of time and in this time ive seen freedom walked on ive also seen the four corners of states and indian ruins in the dark i have also enjoyed lunch in the park the reservoirs lakes and a game called darts I Have met the man that gives and also some that take when the race is near its end i will find myself in the beauty of time always searching for the words that rhyme to me no matter how hard it gets life is good, so i choose to live it what i have learned is to be good to yourself and every one else and always let go of what should not be held on to this action will ease your spirt after all this is what so many lives were given for. the freedom of your heart, dont take it for graned and love yourself if no one else will and always seek a safe fun thrill. thats always better than any doctors pill. thank you to all the men and woman that surved up our freedoms a good life to all is all i wish

  28. “Hearts Eyes”

    To many times, visions pass,

    See it , then it’s gone.

    life’s within a looking glass,

    treasures sought are none.

    you look across the distance,

    must feel there is a prize.

    First use your self persistence,

    look with not your eyes.

    through your heart believing,

    your visions will be best.

    hearts are made for seeing,

    eyes within your chest……

    By: Focused

    P.s.- if you read down the first word of every sentence , it is a quote by me, it says…
    “ To See Life’s Treasures, You Must First Look Through Your Hearts Eyes. “

  29. “ Molly “

    Molly has a purpose, I’m sure you know I’m right,

    Sleeping in the day, but guarding through the night.

    To keep a watchful eye, so you can sleep with ease,

    Not wanting in return, but only there to please.

    A friend who walks beside you, not wanting very much,

    A ball within the yard, or a gentle petting touch.

    Though she speak no words, her actions say it all,

    Always there beside you, and at your beacon call.

    To look into her eyes, loyalty you will see,

    Regardless of her size, shape or even breed.

    Friends they come and go, like leaves upon the wind,

    Not those like good ole Molly, known as mans best friend…………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- this poem is for you Cynthia, I know your a dog person….. say hi to Molly…
    Until next time… see ya

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