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  1. Has anyone tried folding the pages of the book to find hidden imagery using the graphics as a guide as to where and how to fold?
    (I ask as a formerly avid reader of Mad Magazine.)

  2. All,
    Our most current count of hints in TTOTC:
    32 hints in the book, not counting the “Gold and More” chapter.
    About a dozen hints in “Gold and More”, not counting the poem.
    About a dozen more hints in the poem, not counting (of course) the 9 clues. And we are reading TTOTC again to see if we missed any.
    Happy Thanksgiving week, and Safe Searching, everyone!
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

  3. At the close of that last session of this thread, the discussion of “THE BOOK” things were tense, well Mr Terrific will stay out of this one, I am, after all simply a silly stick figure, who can’t afford a Turquoise Belt Buckle and lately sill me, I have even (haunted) by a Troll who watches my videos on youtube then post uncomplimentary, unflattering and down right insulting comments. Are we not better than that?

    At almost a thousand views and climbing perhaps it was worth the cold and the criticism by one small minded “Troll” of an individual, obviously many others have enjoyed it.

    It would sure be nice to remind everyone that we come here for fun and an education in street learning from a knowledgeable group, and especially a pro like ff, so to me we need to lose the kind of backbiting rhetoric and help each other by actually giving something out, something useful, there is not much I conceal about my solve, it may not be correct, but if any part of it is used by the one who solves this poem then I will feel vindicated for allowing what most would consider and keep as a SECRET..Share your thoughts, because no one has very much of this figured out yet.

    Just for comic relief if I asked you all to state ONE word you feel is a definite or possible hint what would say?

    I think it is Borders…..What say YE?


      • OS2, now we are getting somewhere, is a mark a Blaze or is Brilliant a Blaze?

        List is what a ship does when it is in trouble, just sayin.


      • OK Lug, here it is, when it gets a 10 thousand views TT will be in some money, I already have an offer for the rights, but I will wait for a better deal….This is a special place and when you know the whole enchilada about it , you will think twice on WHERE in there may be..we never say IN THERE when we refer to a single Mountain, a canyon is put in down there..



        • TT –

          I am a musician, I don’t know if you know that. I’m in a business that no longer pays it’s workers.

          A friend of mine wrote a song that was selected as the them song for an HBO show. As a result he had the #1 video on youtube. I am sorry to inform you that he still didn’t make any money.


          • Oh, I saw this video before. My Toltec/Chama solve is a little different and I have not been up there.

            I really look forward to riding the Toltec as well as the Line in CO along the Animas to Silverton etc.


          • Lugnutz
            Forgive me if you’ve already said, but do you perform solo and/or with a group where one might drop in to catch a show? Never know when I might next be in the second city. Have a memorable and Happy Thanksgiving.
            Chase well…Stay safe…

          • Kidutah

            It’s me and I have some folks I record with. No shows yet but we have recorded.

            When Racine Street Blues is mastered I will post a link here.


          • Lugnutz
            Thank you so much. Grew up listening to B.B.King and Muddy Waters. Joe Bonamassa and others today. My youngest brother was quite a drummer and a very long time ago played some shows with Buddy Guy at Marina City’s House of Blues. My eldest daughter is a microbiologist by day and a punk-rock bass player at heart. Me, no musical talent whatsoever (does dancing count?) and you sure don’t want to hear me sing. Please keep me posted – I will definitely give a listen. Have a memorable, happy Thanksgiving.
            Chase well…Stay safe…

          • KidUtah

            Everyone has some musical talent. Yes dancing counts. Clapping hands too. In Kentucky and throughout Appalachia there are people working to preserve not just the mountain music but the dancing as well.

            Music is all about how we express ourselves.

            I don’t sing well myself but this time I sang through a megaphone and I love it. Lots of imperfections.

            Does your daughter play in Chgo or somewhere else?


          • Lugnutz
            You are so kind. Speaking of Appalachia, bluegrass singer / fiddler Alison Krauss is a long-time fav of mine. Especially like her collaboration with Robert Plant. My daughter and her bandmates have played Chicago and a couple tours on West and East coasts. I don’t particularly care for her sound of music, but nonetheless a great group of young people. I know a few other folks involved with music in Chicago area – one for about 15 years who is a very good bass player whom I affectionately call son and who affectionately calls me old man! I first met him through my daughter when he was the big, protective brother-in-need at the time.
            Chase well…Stay safe…

        • Hey Tom,

          Even though it’s not a vintage train like in your video I think you will appreciate the skill of the guy who shot this remarkable video using a racing drone. My son showed it to me this afternoon and I immediately thought of you guys, especially JDA after asking about drones last week I think it was.

          I highly recommend watching it all the way to the end and it is at normal video speed. No fake fast-forward stuff. Just great flying. The music is cool too.


          And to stay within the HoD rules I’d like to comment on the colophon. We all know that an Ω represents the end. But why can’t an end also be a beginning?

          In keeping with the railroad them, though I can cite numerous other examples, consider a simple one-track railroad with a secondary side track midway from Casper to Albuquerque. That single railway line has 2 locations where a train begins and 2 where it ends.

          So I guess what I’m trying to say is that perhaps the ΩΩ represents the beginning and the end at the same time. Or to say it another way, they are one in the same. A circle being a perfect example because it does not become a circle until the end connects up with the beginning, and circles have certainly been talked about a lot with regard to the poem itself (I’m in that camp), but I don’t think it’s been discussed as it relates to the double omega colophon.

          Hope that makes sense.

          And if this ΩΩ thought has been previously suggested at the HoD, then I apologize to that searcher as it is never my intent to plagiarize another persons ideas.


      • Lugnutz,

        It’s very interesting that you mentioned SB Lost My Spot because I was just pondering that SB myself yesterday. I’ve studied and have tried to decifer that post several times, but keep returning to my starting place…..clueless.

        IMO it’s right there in front of our faces but our “wiring” doesn’t allow us to see the obvious. The old adage “if that was a snake I’d be dead” comes to mind. The problem is that dang snake bites me almost everyday now.

        I’ll keep studying that post in the hopes that one day I’ll find the key and unlock it.

        In the meantime, I for one would love to know if anyone ever correctly solved it.


        • Pinatubocharlie-

          For fun I will guess Green River between Fenn Clovis Cache and Flaming Gorge.

          The possibility of clues in scrapbooks is valid before Fenn’s June 30 pronouncement that he wouldn’t give anymore clues.

          For me and other New Mexico fans there is a potential clue/hint in Midge Blue Dun.

          I make stars on my map when I discover something of interest. If the same place comes up again in an unrelated writing that makes me wonder if I am on to something.


          • No disrespect Lug, but I think the Midge is part of his magic act if you get my drift. Saying it’s subtrefuge or a red herring is too harsh and unfair and unwarranted, but I think misdirection like in a magic act very fair.

            It’s a plain sight thing but our brains are getting in the way like the backwards bicycle.

            Take care……… Pinatubocharlie

          • Pinatubocharlie – adamantly agree

            and if riding a backwards bi-cycle ain’t awkward enough already.. just add multiple rabbit holes 🙂

  4. I have to say that I put the articles that were written off each other and found some very helpful details. Call me crazy but I like the idea of folding the pages. Of course I wouldn’t damage my books from F but I can copy them and then try folding them. New idea, and anything new is worth looking into it. Question!
    Has anyone found a 10yr old kid that can read the book and find the clues in the poem? I haven’t, I’m beginning to think that F is pulling our leg on that.
    Best to all and Happy Thanksgiving

  5. has mr. forrest said these 9 clues,are they 9 one words or 9 sentences.is the blaze really white.he says if you know where to start,then somebody says he said ,begin it where warm waters halt.I think it is lost in the rocky mountains,as forrest only knows where it is,and no one can figure it out,and mr, forrest ain’t telling,no how,no way.his lips are sealed,so he can’t say,cause he said he will not say where it is.it took him along time to write the poem,yet he writes a book ttotc.and decides to put poem in the book.ttotc,a memoir,that tells about forrest.a poem that tells you where a treasure is.he said he never named the poem,so why are we calling it ttotc.just because its in his book of memories.memories are in the mind from something you did in the past.so now the treasure is hidden in the past.so how can you find it.lost in forrest mind,nobody knows but him.a script,plan,idea,writing,sketching,hatching,free hand,a drawing,water color,coloring,painting a vision.ourself .our shadow.whats inside that counts,we are all stained with brown,see the white light and do good to each other.a little arrowhead ,started him on his fasinating adventure.it set him on fire,got him excited,thus the fun to wanderlust.

  6. The book is a tour. Go where he went physically and think. Read the poem and break down the words to their simple meanings. Then read the book again and again. I typed out the entire book on my laptop and noticed something curious. I now only look in one geographic area for the blaze. Good luck! The snow is our worst enemy.

  7. After we get enough words from inside the book we can go to Tarry Scant and enter them, and perhaps some one will have what they need for a solid solve? TT

  8. Dal
    Click to add to the discussion of Forrest’s book entitled The Thrill of the Chase. I will not use this area for any other discussion – promise. I won’t discuss his…or his…or his…. The poem is in TTOTC so I presume I can discuss it, but there are other discussion threads in more tight focus with parts of the poem and supposed key word. So, this thread seems to be intended to cover everything more not covered by a more specific thread. Kinda deep hole so to speak. That’s it, I should follow the discussion threads in order of the clues in the poem. Here I go confounding myself again. Think I better post less and read TTOTC one more time – slowly – and just maybe I’ll have the first clue and find the right discussion thread to begin. Have a memorable Happy Thanksgiving.
    Chase well…Stay safe…

  9. Hi PinatuboCharlie: didn’t get a chance to thank you for sharing your Philippines/Pinatubo/Subic Bay story with us before The Book part 1 was retired. My brother served in the first Gulf War, and Subic Bay was (naturally) one of the Navy’s stops going to/from San Diego.

    Given the cause of your hasty departure from your island paradise, I find it ironic that you’ve settled on the shoulders of … wait for it … another active volcano! And not just any volcano, but perhaps the most dangerous one in the U.S. Hopefully you are not in a lahar hazard zone.

    And to top it off, you lived near Vesuvius (which I climbed a few years ago)?? Admit it: you like living on the edge and bouncing off the curbs. Forrest would dig your moxie. 😉

    • You’re welcome Zap.

      Your comment regarding your brother brings back memories. It was not unusual for a carrier battle group to pull in for a few days and drop anchor in the bay or tie up at Cubi Point or the Naval Station, but when we drove down the hill to work one day, it was not a battle group, it was a naval armada at anchor! Very very impressive. We had never seen that many ships at anchor in the bay, ever. And NO shore leave. We joked about that, but where they were headed was no joke.

      The next morning we were driving down the same hill headed for work. The armada was GONE and we all knew where they were going. Time to clean up the neighborhood. A few months later Mt. P. decided to do its thing.

      By the way, that was my second time working for the Navy in the PI. The first time I met my wonderful wife where we worked in the same office and married in the Base Chapel. And a few months later watched several thousand Vietnamese refugees process thru Grande Island, normally a fleet rec center.

      Oh, and so I don’t get put on someone’s naughty list, I should say something about TTOTC.

      Page 43, The Main Street Cowboys – Can you or someone else please explain why there are 6 names for 5 boys? Or does the first boy on the left have 2 names? Or am I in serious need of new glasses?


  10. IN TTOTC, on page 41, Mr. Fenn says that sometimes he would get even with his father, for switching him, by jumping out of his window, and walking “down” to the cemetery, which was “north” of there house.

    • There’s no shortage of places, where down is north, but maybe this is one of the tricks of the poem, where taking it down, doesn’t mean a drop in elevation?

  11. Seeker…
    Book Part1/ 11/21/17 3:46 AM
    You suggested that the colon was appropriate in usage, and yes, I agree.
    I really meant to say that Fenn could have easily just written ” So I wrote…” and just ended it with a period(.)
    That would have been just as acceptable and probably “more” appropriate, given his proclivity to using incorrect or discombobulated commas and sentence structure. Why pull a colon(:) out of his hat at the correct time?
    It just hit me at the time(no pun) because I was studying the timing of/or possible timing of the poem at the time. Jeez…lot of time there. More exactly…using a colon to emphasize a full stop…or long pause. Maybe…to look around/pay attention. Or… sometimes to indicate a change of speaker. Any thoughts?

    • Hi ken.

      If you read the previous blogs and a recent post I’ve made….

      IMO – a comma tepresents a directional change, possibly a left turn, and if you think about it, a semi-colin can represent a right turn….and a period is a stop and/or a pause, maybe because you’ve hit a marker.


  12. I have the new book, but I have not read it yet. I had surgery on my eye and my vision is not back to normal yet. I am looking forward to my eye healing so I can read the new stories.

    • Windy City

      Would it be ok to say what surgery you had. I had an issue a couple of years ago that I can and even spell.


      • Thanks for all of the kind comments. I had a membrane that was covering the macula removed. It is the same eye that I had a torn, detached retina repaired few years back.

        • Dang Windy, you really need to take the spoon out the cup before sipping your hot chocolate.
          Been there, done that… Just don’t push the recovery. You’ll be reading all the new clues so enough.

          • Hope you feel better soon Windy… If it makes you feel better I just got the third memoir yesterday…
            Take care of yourself 🙂

  13. Hi All — there aren’t separate posting topics for the books TFTW or Once Upon a While, so I figured “The Book” was the closest match. Just wanted to post a little summary of the “anomalies” I found in OUAW, some of which may have gone unnoticed by those who have received their copies.

    First off, the postmark stamps are obviously back. Not every one of the 39 chapters has a stamp — chapters 7 (Shelling Corn) and 9 (Glory Is Never Enough) are stampless. (If you want to cross-reference to the Scrapbooks on Dal’s site, Shelling Corn is SB #91 and the other on the Rawlings PRO 5 football is SB #100.) I have no theory for why he left stamps off those chapters.

    Second, like the stamps in TTOTC, one of them is unlike all the others. I mentioned this a couple weeks ago, but so far no one has chimed in on the answer. It’s not hard to find, so we’ll see who here solves it first. The mystery, though, is deciphering the meaning of that outlier stamp and what he changed about it. Consider it in the context of what was unusual about the stamps in TTOTC.

    Third, compare the illustration for the Unfortunate Hiccup on pages 70-71 with that of the illustration in Scrapbook 180. Notice what’s changed?

    Fourth: I don’t know if it’s a typo or intentional, but compare the title of Chapter 17 with what appears atop pages 76, 78 & 79. Given Forrest’s penchant for opposites, mirrors, and reversing sayings and song lyrics, I’m inclined to think it was deliberate.

    Fifth: Look closely at the photograph of “The Quahada Chief on a Black Pony” in Chapter 18. (This was Scrapbook 174 of the same title). Subtly hidden on top of (or behind?) that picture is a map of Kings Canyon in California. You should easily be able to make out “Glacier Monument” under the horse, and many other mountain peak names are visible including Palmer, Bago, Gardiner, Fin, Pyramid, Crater, Kid, Pinchot, Wynne, Striped, Marion, State, Dougherty, Kid, Goat, Munger and a few others. I’ve done a lot of mountaineering in this area which is why many of those names were familiar to me.

    Sixth: check out page 120. Do you recognize that shadow? It’s a mirror reverse of the cover of the TFTW shadow. Continuing with the theme of opposites and reversals, Forrest has maintained the reversed lyrics he put in SB #90 of the Tony Bennett song on page 123. The correct lyrics are:

    In my solitude you haunt me with reveries of days gone by.
    In my solitude you taunt me with memories that never die.

    And finally, in Chapter 38: The Bullet Comes Home (original SB #145) — the $2 bill at the bottom of page 169 is a picture of the $2 bill found at Ground Zero in NYC that belonged to Robert J. Gschaar who died in the South Tower of the World Trade Center. You can Google his name and $2 bill to see the matching image (and serial number).

    I look forward to reading other searchers’ discoveries of aberrations in and other observations about the new memoir.

    • Thanks for posting the short list of abernomalations Zap.
      At the end of the day( just jiving you). The $2 dollar bill is one that smacked me in the face real hard. Also was the reference to the numerous Mt. Peaks…kind of ties to “Patagonia”….more later.

    • Thanks Zap. I really need to buy that book and check it out. That $2.00 bill kind of intrigues me:

      “Your effort will be Worth The Cold” (WTC).

      • Sparrow: nice pattern recognition! I missed that one! It may be nothing, but nevertheless it shows you are calibrated to look for such oddities.

        And if you’re looking for some encouragement not to leave the Chase (it was you posting that this weekend, right? On my phone so hard to check) you have repeatedly demonstrated the lateral thinking skills necessary to unravel Forrest clues, in my opinion. Keep plugging away … winter is your friend since winter=time.

    • Hi Zap, why did he added the $2 bill to that page? Was something else added to the content of the text? I don’t have the book.

      • A mystery for us to solve, Oz10. Was it WTC? Was it Thomas Jefferson? Was it the 2? Who knows? I keep an open mind. I haven’t done a full text for text comparison with SB 145. All the OUAW story versions have differences from the original SB’s, Passages and so forth, some minor, some significant.

        I do recommend that any serious searcher buy the book. I think there are good hints in it, it’s a very nice-looking book, and the price is not a wallet-buster — especially considering the quality. And it’s very convenient to have a collection of “Scrapbook highlights” in a fast, tactile, reference format.

      • Oz10— in SB145 about the Bullet Forrest mentions giving his mother-in-law a 2 dollar bill, which she always eventually returns to him. He also mentions buying gas for 11cents a gallon, buying two gallons and saving 3 cents for next time.
        He says he still has that old 2 dollar bill. It is a reminder (or treasure so to speak) of when he was poor—- and yet still so happy. That two dollar bill gave him more contentment than a whole chest of gold could. I think the 2 dollar bill is one of his “treasures bold”.

          • lug—
            Probably an old one. But a new one would be fine too. I’ve got an old two dollar bill stuck in a Bible somewhere. lol. So i think I’m covered.

          • Sparrow –

            Whether it’s an Old One or a New One, either way it’s worth half as mush as a new Two Dollar Bill.

            I will bet my bottom dollar Forrest Fenn enjoys that joke.


        • Just for the record, he ‘pawned’ the $2 bill to Peggy’s mom so he would have spending cash to take Peggy out on dates…that whole premise is strange to me, as he never says what he paid to get it back…I assume it is the ‘joke’ that he could buy it back from her for less. The inclusion of the WTC bill is weird as well, I take the importance that FF shared a nostalgic feeling with his wife as the WTC guy and his wife did…but so? We know Peggy is important to him, is it just that for when one of them goes, the other will have that $2 bill to remember/cherish? Does not seem to be anything chase related…but then I’m of the opinion that not many SBs do (insight to FFs mind sure, but links to the chase I believe are in your heads). Just my 2cents, IMO IMO IMO

    • The obverse of the $2 bill has the Declaration of Independence. The stamp dates from the TTOTC are all country dates (save maybe one) of their declaration of Independence.

      The World Trade Centre connection was mentioned previously on Jenny’s “nature makes her own rules”

      “I don’t think earth can hurt it, under the right conditions wind might affect it, it’s probably already wet, and look at what fire did to the twin towers.”

      • 9=9: I investigated your claim that all (or nearly all) of the postmark stamp dates in TTOTC are countries’ dates of their declaration of independence. However, I could not find one full date where this was true, so I had to assume you were speaking only of the month and day and not the year. This latter “coincidence” is not as impressive when you consider there are over 180 countries with specific dates of declaration of independence. With any given date, you’ve got about a 50-50 chance of matching ~some~ country. But the odds of all 20 stamps matching a date would be about 1 in a million (2 to the 20th power). So, it’s worth investigating if it’s true. It starts off well:

        1. 16 Sep – Mexico (1810)
        2. 2 Sep – Vietname (1945)
        3. 25 Aug – Uruguay (1825)
        4. 10 Jul – Bahamas (1973)

        But then:

        5. 15 Apr – no match
        6. 18 Oct – Azerbaijan (1991)
        7. 3 Jun – no match
        8. 13 Jul – no match
        9. 5 Jun – no match
        10. 23 May – no match

        So true to statistical expectation, exactly half of the first ten stamps match dates, and half don’t, so I didn’t take it any further.

        • Hi Lugnutz: I more readily associate April 15th with tax day. Had anyone asked me the date the Titanic sank, I doubt I would have even gotten the month right. But again, just matching month & day to historical dates without also matching the year is not a very interesting exercise to me. And what I showed above with the countries is that there isn’t even a correlation, so I don’t get why the claim was made.

        • Zap,
          ok I found all those independence dates except April 15 which is the sinking of the titanic, but more importantly the date Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. ILincoln is mentioned in TTOTC and has a strong link to the Declaration of Independence.

        • Zap…there you go…..statistically probably not the association someone made. I agree.

          Good work. I’ve removed it from a possibility to further research.

          The other notion of the postmarks, was that they could be associated to the month day the Fenn family took vacations.

          Another avenue could be associated to the month/day as relative to a numerical reference to something.

          1. 16 Sep – 16-9 / 16-09
          2. 2 Sep – 2-9 / 02-9/ 02-09 / 2-09
          3. 25 Aug – 25-8 / 25-08
          4. 10 Jul – 10-7 / 10-07
          5. 15 Apr – 15-4 / 15-04
          6. 18 Oct – 18-10
          7. 3 Jun – 3-6 / 03-6 / 03-06
          8. 13 Jul – 13-7 / 13-07
          9. 5 Jun – 5-6 / 05-6 / 05-06
          10. 23 May – 23-5 / 23-05


          I’ve never travelled down that rabbit hole, but have thought about the possibilities of the connections….namely the double digit choices. Somehow they tell me they may be connected to a map.

          A certain map. Maybe those space references on the sides of maps….A1 – D4…etc

          They could also be related to the “Row 4 Block 23” type numbers that were used in the book concerning Forrest’s father’s grave location.

          I wondered if they are locations on a map using a grid-like search pattern.

          But…what map?….so I gave up.

          Until just now.

          I have a map that has grid-like features on it.

          I’ll check to see if they fall upon the map…..this may result in those numbers are actual fishing locations of Fenn’s past.

          I would say this openly…..if these are “locations” on the map I have….I could honestly say that my research and map could be worth millions…..*smiles*….

          Interesting…..deduction I made while brainstorming for a few moments, huh?

    • Great compilation, Zap. I would add the painting “switch” page #136 OUAW and page #104 TTOTC. Also, Fred Harman is spelled two different ways…Harmon and Harman in the Red Ryder article. Harman is correct. “Ferd” is again mentioned…possibly illuminating Ferdinand Magellan? I would never had caught on to the Glacier Monument. Regarding TFTW, he talks about a “Castroville Point, CA” and a “Pedernales Point, CA” page #26. I think both of those places are in Texas. But again, pointing to California? I see Sosoko is again mentioned…sounds a lot like Sudoku to me – patterns of 3? Of 9? And lastly, the emphasis on Elvis. A couple of references to him in first chapter and of course the stick figure. Seems as though a lot of people were looking at Beowulf prior so the focus has shifted or we have been re-directed? The $2 bill connection is haunting. There are many more I’m sure. Quite sure, actually. Big smile!

      • Hi Sandy — good catch on the Harman/Harmon. Similar to the Orson Wells/Welles error in TFTW.

        I think the CAs you mentioned from TFTW stand for circa rather than California, though it is odd if they are in upper case without the period (ca.)

        • Zap – you are probably correct regarding CA; I hadn’t considered that since the abbreviation is not in the generally accepted format. As we know, Mr. Fenn makes his own rules and it makes life a little more interesting. Curious as to what you think the map of King’s Canyon in the real CA is all about? Are the maps shown in the new book hinting at us to change our focus? Good catch on Chapter 17 as well. You know, Forrest made a pretty big deal at the book signing about his editor and the little disagreements they had over his writing style. Funny that there are so many apparent “errors” – it would seem the editor lost a few of those skirmishes. I like how you think about the postmarks but I have a different take on them. Perhaps our paths meet in an intersection somewhere.

        • Hi Sandy – I don’t have any strong theory as to the purpose behind the Kings Canyon map. I can make a weak connection to the area I’m focused on, but nothing I’d ever hang my hat on.

          “Good catch on Chapter 17 as well. You know, Forrest made a pretty big deal at the book signing about his editor and the little disagreements they had over his writing style. Funny that there are so many apparent “errors” – it would seem the editor lost a few of those skirmishes.”

          Yeah, she won the battle on things like “toothbrush vs. tooth brush,” “dishwasher vs. dish washer,” and correcting liquorice to licorice (pg. 14), but then missed some typos here and there (e.g. if/of on page 8, missing article “a” before jaguar on page 73). “Meadow larks” still shows up as two words, and why is the chapter 13 title spelled “Annabella’s Hat” with two N’s?

          “I like how you think about the postmarks but I have a different take on them.”

          So did you find the unique one?

          “Perhaps our paths meet in an intersection somewhere.”

          Perhaps so!

          • Hi Zap – my approach is to attempt to marry the post marks to a place on a map. I have had some success and one postmark is quite interesting – a marriage made in heaven so to speak. The rest fall into the category of shotgun marriage, arranged marriage, maybe just living together kind of relationship lol. I’m not convinced that every post mark is significant, and I definitely am not an expert in probabiIity, but there is one postmark / place name that I believe defies the odds of being nothing more than a coincidence. I know that this approach requires specialized knowledge but for me, everything is specialized knowledge since I don’t have an encyclopedic knowledge of the geography of the 4 states. Or of art.

    • Zap – another abernomalation or 2…..In SB #90, Mr Fenn includes a photo of a sculpture entitled “Salute to a Warrior”. And of course, “Salute to a Warrior” is the title of the Chapter in OUAW honoring Renelle. That brings me to an interesting (to me) connection I make with SB #90 and SB #185 in that both paintings show a sweat lodge in the background (or at least I think that is what is pictured in #185). Not that I think sweat lodges are involved but it seemed an interesting coincidence.

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