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updated April 17th, 2014

Sorry that you couldn’t reach the site on April 16th. Our hosting service, Bluehost was down for about 20 hours. Lots of angry clients over there. I am glad I am not in their customer service department today….


TWO MILLION hits on this blog today. It was just about a year ago that we reached a million hits. I wonder who the 2 millionth visitor was? We should have given them a car or something…lol…


There is a very interesting interview with Forrest over on the EIS (Everything Is Stories) website. They do things a little differently on that website but the interview and the photos are good…I laughed when Forrest mentioned that the Air Force offered him a school in submarines and the retelling of the infamous IOU story is interesting. It’s been told before but never in exactly that way and it raises a lot more questions…I think…



Jenny Kile over at SIX QUESTIONS posted a new six question interview with Forrest. There are certainly hints in his responses…




I have four “Treasure Hunter” multi-media presentations coming up in the next few months. All are in my neighborhood at various libraries in NW Washington State. The presentation is about treasure hunting expeditions I have been a part of. From looking for a WWII sunken Japanese sub in the middle of the Atlantic to a shipwreck holding gold rush cargo from the Yukon in Alaska…and of course Forrest’s treasure. I give away one of Forrest’s signed “To Far To Walk” books at each presentation.

The presentations are free and no need for any reservations…These are small and intimate events and are suitable for kids as well as adults..

February 1st, 3pm at the Deming Library in Deming, WA
February 22nd, 2pm at the Ferndale Library in Ferndale, WA
March 1st (time to be announced), at the Everson Library in Everson, WA
March 22nd (time to be announced), at the Blaine Library in Blaine, WA

Promotional material for the events reads something like the following:

If you like stories about hidden treasure, history, adventure, teamwork, imagination, and wanderlust…then drop by for an afternoon of slides and video as Dal Neitzel entertains us with his stories of treasure hunting. You’ll also be empowered with enough information to start your own search for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure.


Well Kiddos…we done great…I am so amazed and so proud to hang with you guys…

We raised $23,124.54 plus a couple of hundred in odd checks still in the mail for Renelle’s cancer treatments…

Very, Very COOL!!

Plus…get this!! Forrest is tossing in another $5K…

What a guy!!!


I placed two new videos in the Gone Fishing Series. Both are of Forrest showing us artifacts from San Lazaro that are in his lab.
Do you know how to tell the difference between an Anazazi dog and a European dog skull?
The two newest videos are listed in the index as San Lazaro – sl02 and San Lazaro – sl03…
Get to them by going to the index here:


Toby Younis is going to bring his camera to the raffle drawing in Santa Fe so we can all watch the drawing LIVE on lifestream…here are Toby’s instructions:

The event is hosted at LiveStream.com

The event URL is: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/6520967/events/2625624 Use this URL to login to the event on the time and day of the raffle: 2pm MST, Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

To save yourself some time and frustration on the day of the event, I’m going to highly recommend that you pre-register as a viewer at LiveStream.com. Registration is free, and required in order to view the event stream. You can share the above link with anyone you’d like, again, recommending that they register before the day of the event.

THANKS TOBY…what a guy!!!


By the way-

The last day to buy raffle tickets will be on Monday, January 6th at about 9PM West Coast time. There are only a few hundred tickets left so don’t delay. Once the tickets are gone we stop.

If you don’t have a ticket yet look here:

If you wonder what is being raffled off…look here:


Today, December 20th, 2013 is an anniversary for Forrest. 45 years ago today Forrest was shot out of the sky over Laos. You might want to send him a note at ffenn@earthlink.net

You could congratulate him on surviving the mission so that he could torment us with this treasure hunt… :-)


You must watch Toby’s video from Moby Dickens Bookstore in Taos. This was a book signing event where Forrest sat for nearly an hour and told stories and answered questions. He even recited his poem…

Lots to hear … Lots to laugh about…

Look here:



Sunshine Hunter writes splendidly about her lengthy searches and travels in “Up a Cold Creek With No Paddle”…. Lots of pics and plenty of personal thoughts about her travels all across the mountain states in her trusty, dusty Prius, looking for Forrest’s treasure. You can visit her cool blog here and there is also a permanent link at the bottom of this page.


There is a new radio interview listed at the top of the Media Page on this blog. It is an interview by Dorothy from the Collected Works Bookstore with Forrest, Danny Bodelson (illustrator for Forrest’s new book) and Shiloh Old (Forrest’s grandson and the guy in charge of shipping all the new books).


Forrest said in an email that he will probably not be adding anything new to his blog. He also said that he is looking for an illustrator to work with him on a children’s book he is writing. We invite anyone who’d like to work with Forrest in that capacity to look here:

Still no word about a Today Show clue.


Forrest’s new book is now at the printers and should be available very soon. It is filled with lovely new stories, beautiful illustrations and never before published photos. Forrest says that there are hints to the location of the treasure inside. There is also a beautiful map of the treasure hunt area.

Dustcover for Forrest's new book, Too Far To Walk.

Dustcover for Forrest’s new book, Too Far To Walk.

I have added a new story about searching with a film crew from the BBC in London to My Adventures on this blog. My next story will be about meeting Porochista Khakpour. She is an Iranian born novelist and journalist, writing a story on Forrest for a major American journal. She is a fascinating individual and a great person to spend time with. Check her out here.


I am in the Yellowstone Region. Searching a bit and meeting with the press. I have updated the cache hidden near the Dude Motel and want to thank everyone who stopped by and exchanged trinkets and wrote a note in the log book. The weather is wonderful and I have a few spots I will be checking and leaving notes on a new entry about. Still no word from Forrest about the Today Show. I guess NBC doesn’t love us anymore.


On the 27th of July there is still no word from the Today Show folks about a clue from Forrest. They have not contacted him yet.


Forrest’s “Thrill of the Chase” book is now available in Taos at Moby Dickens Book Shop, 125 Bent Street. Phone 575 758-3050. It’s also still at Collected Works in Santa Fe. The price is the same at either store….$35.


There is a new radio story about Forrest on KOSI-FM in Denver. Denise Plante visited Forrest with her kids a few days ago and brought back the report. You can listen on this blog’s Media Coverage page…here.


A new set of 7 interviews with Forrest including a promo for his new book “Too Far To Walk” are now available. You can reach them by glancing to the right of this paragraph and looking under the heading “Forrest Speaks”. The new interview set is called the “Gone Fishing Interviews”. The set from last year is called the “Santa Fe Interviews”.

I think you’ll like the new set. Forrest shows as well as talks…He shows us how to tie his favorite fishing fly, some of his unique book collection, artifacts from his pueblo ruins, and tells you how you can become a self supporting, professional artist even if you don’t have a stick of talent.


chasechat.com is back up…yipee!!


COHighCountry posted a great story about searching in NM with great photos and a riveting narrative. Look for it here.


There is a new web interview with Forrest. It’s a nice one too. Its at Club Thrifty…of all places…

Link to it is on the Media Coverage page…here.


Forrest’s Latest Today Show Clue:

The treasure is not hidden in Idaho or Utah. f

My thoughts about that clue are here.


I am home from my two week search in CO, WY and MT. I will be writing about the trip, with photos, about the 20th and adding the story to this blog under “My Adventures”.


I believe it is under this rock but Beowolf II would not let me look…lol…


I was in Yellowstone just in time for spring wildflowers…A camas prairie in bloom near Heart Lake…

I visited my cache in West Yellowstone yesterday and added some trinkets to it. I enjoyed reading the log. It’s been there a year now and several folks have found it and exchanged trinkets, including one that really surprised me because I had no idea he was near West Yellowstone. Pretty fun!!!

If you don’t know about my cache…look here-


I met up with a searcher and we had a good time exchanging ideas and theories over at Otter’s Pub in West Yellowstone. Considering how bright we both are it’s miraculous we have not found it…lol…

I posted The Wolf’s Part Four. Look here:


The new photos on the headers of the blog are Goofy’s….the guy is great isn’t he…