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If you are planning a meet-up in Montana leave a comment below that includes at least the following:

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  1. I plan to be in West Yellowstone, Montana, June 17 through June 24. I already spoke to a few folks during the Nov 2nd book-signing who search in that area, and suggested we congregate there for a “mini-Fennboree’. Since Fathers’ Day is probably a bad weekend, let’s plan on gathering somewhere in that area Friday / Saturday June 22 and / or 23. This won’t be the big shin-dig like the last two years, but it could be fun for whoever is in the area. We can share a bite to eat, drinks (alcoholic or not), and laughter! DG, I sure hope you and your sisters can make it. I will continue to update this idea here under this thread. If anyone wants to meet me/us, please put a comment here. Thanks.

  2. How about a bit more of a central location like Butter, at the crossroads of I -90 and I-15? Friday the 22nd of June sounds perfect…and after I share my solve with whoever is there, they may just decide to extend their stay and join me on the 23rd and 24th for my latest search. The treasure is in the treasure state, but I believe it’s a bit further North than Yellowstone.

    • MicharD – Central for who, or central to what? Cynthia and others will be searching in the Yellowstone Park area, West Yellowstone or Jackson IS central for them. It would appear that you are the only one who may be searching north of Yellowstone – so closer for you perhaps, but certainly not CENTRAL for most who plan to attend – Just sayin’ JDA

  3. Thanks for the comments and ideas… Since it’s now the New Year, and working folks might need to schedule vacations soon, let’s make this official. I love Lou Lee’s name “The Function at the Junction” 2018. I want to keep the gathering place in West Yellowstone the weekend of Friday June 22 and Saturday June 23rd because I already committed to being there then. One of the probable attendees searches north of there towards Bozeman, I think, and other searchers who said they’d try to attend search in the West Yellowstone/ YNP area. I’ll try to come up with a gathering spot large enough for a group of folks as the time nears. If any of you know the area and have any ideas, please post suggestions here. Thanks…. Maybe we can get Shiloh to fly Forrest in for the weekend!

    • I have a suggestion: a Camp Fire that folks can gather around. There’s something about gathering around a fire and telling stories – there are some that are really good at telling stories.

      Maybe one night around a camp fire and the other in another location.

      In June is part of the tourist season up there, so best to set those plans well in advance.

      • Cynthia,
        I’m late to the conversation but I like this idea. Please let me know if this is a sure thing so I can plan ahead of time for the event. Will197532 at

  4. Forrest replied to me and suggested Bakers Hole campground which is just a few miles north of the town of West Yellowstone. I think this sounds like a great idea since some of us camp anyway. And I love Covert’s idea about a big campfire for one of the evenings. So, I will commit to getting a large as possible campsite with the expectation of the group campfire held there Friday night. I will provide firewood. We can gather there again Saturday night too for another campfire, but also do another group gathering Saturday afternoon there or another place if folks want to eat in a restaurant or someone else’s camp site?

    • FYI for new folks, Bakers Hole used to be called Brown’s Camp back in the early 1900s. Wouldn’t it be funny if this is FF’s “home of Brown”? We’d be sitting around a roaring campfire telling search stories, unbeknownst to us that we are within 500 feet of Indulgence! cynthia

      • My wife and I camped at Bakers Hole early in the summer of 2016 and it was great. Then my son and I camped there in the fall that year and found a spring close by the campground that had a strange rectangular pattern in the gravel at the center of the depression, about 4′ deep. At the time I was preoccupied with being elsewhere for my solve and went on by. I went back and camped there last summer and finally relocated the spot and froze my nether region exploring the gravel bottom that was by then covered in moss. Nothing was there and I regretted not searching better the prior year. It did not appear to be a natural feature and was roughly the size of the chest. Curious…
        It will be good to take another look around this summer and great to get together and meet new folks. Thanks for the invite, we’re looking forward to it.

      • Cynthia, Can you confirm if Forrest & Shiloh are coming? I really want to meet them. I would even offer to go Santa Fe, NM and drive Forrest to West Yellowstone, MT and back home when he wants to go there. The clues may lead toward Taos, NM any way so it’s all good… Please advise. Thank you, Mike

      • MIke, Forrest never said he would attend. At his age, I don’t believe he plans on attending much of anything as I think Shiloh would need to transport him. I will probably be staying at the KOA campground in West Yellowstone but will try to secure a site at Bakers Hole so we can have a campfire one of the nights.

        • Cynthia;

          Just west of West Yellowstone there is a lovely little cabin – the Basin Station Cabin – Info can be found at: It is just a short distance from the lake, plenty of parking – room for tent camping etc. Would be a lovely place for several people to meet, and very easy access to Hebgen area as well as West Yellowstone and the west entrance to YNP.

          Worth looking into. Less miles to travel than Baker’s Hole.


          • fenn would sneak away and find a hotel. so the location should be in the back yard of a cabin hotel etc. also its not wise for fenn at his maturity to be in the cold over night. a cold can be deadly

          • Thanks, JDA, for the link. It looks like a beautiful setting but I already booked my site at the KOA in West Yellowstone. If anyone else wants to reserve this cabin, though, and wants a group of searchers to hang out with them one of the evenings or two, I’m game.

        • Hi Cynthia, Thanks I’m probably not going to come without Forrest there but that may change if my search leads me from NM north. Have good time, Mike

        • Hi Cynthia, Thanks I’m probably not going to come without Forrest there but that may change if my search leads me from NM north. I thought Forrest suggested Bakers Hole because he was coming. Too bad I wanted to meet him. Have good time, Mike

    • You’re welcome. Looking forward to meeting you and other new faces, like JDA. I feel like I sort of “know” some searchers who have been commenting on HOD for awhile but it will be neat to meet folks and put faces with their names.

  5. Sounds fun Cynthia, but unfortunately I can’t search this year. Have to pay off some things and get more financially stable. If you do the mini Fennboree in 2019, I’m in. Please post pics and stories so I can live vicariously through you all.

  6. I love to meet Forrest and all of you! I’m hoping to drive there from Massachusetts. Please tell me what I need to say to get near all you folks for the campfire & fun. Thanks for organizing this. Thank you to Dal & Cynthia and anyone else I missed…

  7. I’ll try and make it then. My wife has to put in for vacation well ahead of time so we already have plans to be off the first week of July. If I can make it to WYS the June 23rd weekend I will. Anyone know if campsites at Bakers Hole should be booked far in advance?

  8. Sounds like a lot of fun Cynthia , I won’t make it to West Yellowstone 🙁 ….. I’m sure gonna miss the fun and friends. About then I should be sitting beside my little campfire at Hyde Park enjoying the solitude…. have fun everyone… JDA, I’ll catch you next time… until next time… see ya my friends 🙂

  9. Cynthia, your timing for this event couldn’t have anything to do with matching the hatch could it? Go big or go foam as the saying goes.

    • Strawshadow – I don’t Cynthia meant to time the event with the hatch taking place.

      It’s set on the first weekend of Summer…..hey, wait a minute….Summer. Wait, what?

    • Straw, I am so not a fisher person that I had no idea what you were even talking about. Ha Ha. The reason I am going to be there that partial week/ weekend is because Dan Barbarisi who is writing a book about Fenn’s treasure hunters is planning to meet me in Yellowstone that week. (He already has a publisher so it’s for real.) He talked/ interviewed a bunch of searchers at last year’s Fennboree. I’m sure he’d be delighted to talk to anyone who would be willing to talk to him. He isn’t specifically going to meet me to interview me… he’s never been to YNP and he and his friend Jay think that’s where FF hid the loot. I hope to lead him and Jay right to the chest! Ha Ha. I’m joking about knowing the location of the chest. But maybe DG and her sisters can show Dan and Jay a thousand places where Fenn’s gold ISN’T. I showed him places in NM where it ISN’T. So I didn’t schedule the Function at the Junction to time it with the “hatch”, unless it’s when one of the searchers actually finds it, and when the “hatch” opens, well…………. we all can “marvel gaze.”

    • Anybody could land there as far as I know. If you have an aircraft and pilot, that is. I think it’s really wishful thinking on our part to expect ff to go to Baker’s Hole, though, or any where else. IMO.

  10. Hello to all of you!
    I have been a “silent” searcher (and re-searcher :-)) off and on since the summer of 2016, and while I have often visited this site and enjoyed your posts/conversations, I have never commented before now.

    This treasure hunt has affected my life in the most amazing ways, large and small, and as it has proven impossible for me to explain the profundity of the journey to anyone who hasn’t experienced it for themselves, namely everyone I know haha, I thought I would introduce myself and join in the fun and camaraderie. I am sorry I haven’t done it sooner, my loss!

    I have just reserved a campsite for that week in June so that I might attend the “Function at the Junction” on the weekend of the 22nd-23rd. I am looking very forward to meeting you all in person then!

    Many thanks, Dal, for this wonderful site, and to Cynthia for organizing this 2018 gathering. I would be happy to pitch in and help with any of the planning, set-up or cleanup, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

    Cheers, and here’s to this long winter passing quickly!

  11. Oh dear, I forgot to thank Forrest Fenn, without whom none of this extraordinary adventure of the heart, soul, mind, imagination and body would exist! I only hope to have the honor of meeting and thanking him in person, some day.

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