Fundamental Guidelines……


February 5th, 2016

By Forrest


When searching please don’t get target fixation or become obsessed with your solve to the point where you ignore these fundamental guidelines.

If you can’t make two trips from your car to your solve in several hours, then don’t go.

Don’t search anywhere an 80 year old man could not carry a heavy backpack.

The treasure is hidden more than 8.25 miles north of the northern limits of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The treasure is very definitely in the Rocky Mountains.

Never search alone or in the winter when nighttime temperatures are low.

Carry some kind of device that will make your location known at all times.

And something I have not said before, if you are going into rough country it is probably best to leave your pets at home. f




Be Careful Out There……

MARCH 2015

Wildlife don’t always understand us humoresque type folks out and about on their land and unlike citizens they can’t legally buy land or post “no trespassing” signs. So we often don’t know that we’re bugging them…

In my opinion this is how Forrest has trained the woodland animals to keep us away from his chest..and if you think this is intimidating you should see what the porcupines do!!!

Click on the pic below to watch “Elk vs Photographer”.