Forrest Gets Mail – 12

Hello Mr. Fenn!

My name’s Kenda.  Had a strange thing happen the other day –involves you oddly enough

I watched Destination Unknown “Finding Fenn’s Treasure” on 1/13, Friday evening

I’m a paranormal researcher, I record ghost voices…  been doing it on a regular basis for 10 years now.

Saturday morning -5 am EST, (3 am your time)  I did a recording session.   A voice that sounds an awful lot like you is speaking on it.   It’s not unusual for sleeping people to show up on recording, happens pretty regularly…no rhyme or reason to it actually.



Now, I don’t speak at all during the “answer” parts of the recording, only when asking questions.

Vocally, I’m 99.999% sure it’s you; got the accent, cadence, everything!

Just thought you might find it interesting  –I definitely do

I did a video of it if you’d like to hear it —  (incidentally, I was asking about the existence of Bigfoot at the time –“You” suggested I STOP asking about it considering  “THEY COULD BE FROM THE PRIMATE FAMILY” )


Here’s the link to the video…
FORREST FENN (Pure EVP) Sleeping Forrest Messages

Forrest Gets Mail – 11


Mr. Fenn,
I am a professional poker player living in Las Vegas… im 44 years old and I came to Vegas when I was 19 to pursue a career  in playing Blackjack… (not such a good idea btw) and have been here ever since. I received your book for Christmas (never heard about your story) and I will be trading in gambling on cards for gambling in the wilderness. Should be fun.

I recently purchased 10 books and have decided I need 10 partners and figured the best way to find 10 people I can trust* was to send it off to 10 inmates serving life sentences… figured they have the time and won’t be looking themselves😀😀.

I chose 9 men and 1 woman. I’m thinking my best shot is the Unibomer Ted Kaczynski.. as he is a pretty brilliant guy and also lived in Montana for a number of years… I have 1 question, Has anyone ever told you they were doing this also?

Hope this finds you well,


Forrest Gets Mail – 10


Forrest answering questions in email from a journalist in Arizona. You may have heard some or all of these Q/A before…but worth repeating.


Why did you hide a treasure? You need to read my Thrill of the Chase book wherein that question is answered in some detail

What’s in this treasure box? That question is also answered in my book, but the quick answer is: 265 gold coins, mostly American double eagles and eagles. Hundreds of gold nuggets, two the size of hen eggs, hundreds of rubies, 8 emeralds, 2 Ceylon sapphires, many diamonds, 2 ancient Chinese jade carvings, a 2,000 year old Sinu and Tairona necklace, Pre-Columbian gold bracelets and fetishes, and more.

Do you believe the treasure it still buried or have any of the people who claim to have found it actually found it? I have never said it was buried. I said it was hidden. Many have claimed to have found it, but none could provide evidence. It is still hidden.

Of course, he (my editor) has no idea that no one — besides you, I guess — knows where the treasure is. It is not that easy. It is not easy, but it is not impossible.

Having said that, if you were me — an enterprising reporter interested in following a trail to your treasure — where would you suggest I go? I suggest you go to my poem in the book and read it a few times. All of the necessary clues are there.

Is this hidden spot near your home? I don’t know how close near is. To an ant a mud puddle can be an ocean.

Is it in New Mexico, even? Not talking about that.

Is it dangerous for a hiker to set out looking for the treasure alone? A hiker should never go into the mountains or the wilderness alone. It is not in a treacherous place.



Forrest Gets Mail – 9


In this email from Forrest to a journalist in Italy, Forrest answers some questions you may have been wondering about yourself. 


Are there signs that people are getting closer to solving your puzzle?  How many clues have people solved now?
Searchers have come within about 200 feet. Some may have solved the first four clues, but I am not certain.

You have told people to stay at home unless they have solved the first clue.
If you don’t know where you are going any trail will take you there.

Do expect that people will somehow *know* for sure once they have found the first clue?
No, many people have found the first clue but they didn’t know it. Until someone finds  the treasure they will not know for sure that they have discovered the first clue.

Or they might have found it without realizing it?

Is it an advantage to buy The Thrill of the Chase and Too Far to Walk?
There are hints in my TTOTC book that can help solve the clues in the poem.

We don’t have sagebrush here.  Is it a nice smell or a strange smell?  Does it smell like the herb? 
Sagebrush has a nice aroma that lasts a long time if you take a cutting home and let it dry. I used to put twigs in letters to clients hoping the smell will remind them, and lure them back to my art gallery. Please tell Italy hello. I love your country and its people.


Forrest Gets Mail – 8


In this email from Forrest to a fact-checker for a Outside Magazine, Forrest answers some questions you may have been wondering about yourself. The story is in the September 2015 issue and not all these “facts” made it into the final story. You can find the finished story by Peter Frick-Wright on the Media Coverage Page of this blog.


How old were you when you were a fly-fishing guide? Where was that?
I was about 13 and it was in and around Yellowstone Park.

How old will you be on August 15? What year were you born?
I will be 85 on August 22, 2015. I was born in 1930.

How old were you and what year did you join the Air Force?
I was 20 and I joined the AF on 6 Sept. 1950.

What happened the second time you were shot down in Vietnam? How were you rescued?
I ejected from my burning F-100 near the DMZ in Laos. I was rescued by a helicopter the next day, which was 21 Dec. 1968.

When were you discharged from the Air Force, and when did you move to Santa Fe?
I retired from the AF at the end of September 1970 and moved to Santa Fe in the summer of 1972.

When and how did your father pass away?
My father had terminal pancreas cancer and was given 6 months to live. He refused to take any pills for pain, and eighteen months later he took 50 sleeping pills. He died on 8 Feb, 1987.

Can you explain your first plan for the treasure, before your cancer went into remission? How did your disease impact the plan for the treasure? And why and when did you start it up again?
I don’t know what you mean by “first plan.” When I was told that I had a 20% chance of living 3 years I decided to take some of my things with me. My plan was to let my body go back to the earth at the place where I hid the treasure. When my cancer went into remission I decided to hide the treasure anyway.

How many people would you estimate have gone out looking for the treasure?
Based on the number of emails I have received I estimate that by the end of this summer (summer of 2015) 100,000 people will have been out searching.

Have you narrowed the search area for the treasure?
Yes, I said the treasure is hidden in the Rocky Mountains at least 8 miles north of Santa Fe, excluding Utah, Idaho, and Canada. I have said it is above 5000’ and below 10,200.

You told P* that, considering some of the lengths people have gone searching for the treasure, your story has turned into a monster.
I did not expect the story to get as big as it has, nor did I expect a few searchers to go to such great lengths in the hunt.

You’ve said repeatedly that the treasure isn’t in a dangerous place, and searchers shouldn’t look anywhere you couldn’t have gone.
That is true. There is no percentage in searching where a 79, or 80 year old man could not carry the treasure.

Forrest Gets Mail – 7


This is the seventh installment of the ways in which searchers…and others…communicate with Forrest and visa versa. You may have read one or two of these elsewhere. I think there is useful information in these notes…

As in the previous email pages, the notes both to and from Forrest have sometimes been edited for brevity’s sake. Names have been changed, but the humor and confusion have been left intact…

How would you like to receive a few hundred of these in a day?…


Will you talk to someone that solved your poem before they go get it.And by talk I mean explain why there but they would tell you where since your memory is fading Forrest Fenn

My memory is fading so fast I don’t remember what you said. Can you tell me again please. f


Dear Mr. Fenn,
How are you Sir? My adventure to seek the hidden treasure will begin very soon. Before I begin my adventure, I have two questions for you. How will the location of the treasure chest remain a secret if it’s also your final resting place? One cannot take one to the resting place if one has passed. Can one find the general location of the treasure just by studying the poem and reading your books without ever been to the Rocky’s?
Looking forward to your wise response. Thank you.

You underestimate me sir. f


Can I email you where treasure is? I know.

Yes, but why don’t you just go get it and then we can talk? f


How often do you check it?   I’ll be going to the destination to claim the elusive prize on Wednesday.  I’m leaving here in the morning and should be there before sunset.  Please be sure to check your mail before retiring for the night on Wednesday. Please mark my words.  On Wednesday everyone can cease their searches.  It will be done.

How fast do you plan to drive sir? Please fasten your seatbelt securely. f



My brother and I have recently begun our search for your treasure. We
believe we know where it is, but we are nervous to look as we believe it
would be illegal to dig here. Im assuming that might be why its no place for
the meak 🙂 What would you say if we said it was buried somewhere under this
square of dirt?:

I wouldn’t say anything Mitch. f


(This response from Forrest was to a woman who planned to ask me to accompany her on her search in bear country.)
If you want Dal to accompany you on your search in griz country you should contact him directly. But beware for three reasons:
1.   He’s a coward when it comes to sacrificing his life for two beautiful women.
2.   He suffers from grizzlitis, which is incurable.
3.   He can out run you.
Good luck in the hunt. f


I will find your treasure or die trying.

Where would you like me to send flowers? f


If I might be so bold as to humbly implore your aid.  I am pursuing direction with regard to a certain work.  If  you would be able to assist, guide, or direct me with the following question, I would be forever temporally grateful.
Question: When the “Sun” and the “Moon” are in their prime, does one join them in the “secret fire of the sages” or under the external influence of Vulcan?

Thank you for being forever temporally grateful. Both the sun and moon are past their prime so I think your soomonna should be allocated with mykanther riggens to effect maximum alkabate, otherwise the third sedentary might implure your aggrabate. What do you think? f


I would like to know how you came into your wealth, and how you find the
time to write books. People’s stories are always interesting and inspiring
to me, and I’d very much like to hear your story – provided you have time to
share it with me!

I was successful because I took the time to sit down for a few minutes each day and think. Try that and see if it will work for you. f


(This is a question from a TV reporter who’s story already aired. The day after it’s airing she followed up with an important question about information she got wrong in the story.}
I should have asked yesterday: have you said the treasure is buried in New Mexico?

I have never said the treasure was buried, I said it was hidden, I didn’t want to give that as a clue. I have not said it was in New Mexico. I only said it was in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe.  f


I am a very meek person not to mention out of shape. I will always muster all the strenght and courage I have in order to go in there. to be honest I am scared to death. But it is part of the solution so I have no choice but to do it to get your treasure chest.

Please don’t look for the treasure in a place where a 79 or 80 year old man could not have hidden it. Be safe please. f


sr if it wouldn’t be to much to ask could you tell me what month you hid it so when I go the water is gone thank you for your time

I don’t remember what year it was, much less the month. Sorry. f


I Solved the riddle,  And do not know whom to contact.

Contact your banker and the IRS. f



Forrest Replies To A Reporter…



Forrest recently answered a few questions from a reporter and shares his answers with us here.

  1. Has anyone seen the treasure besides you? 

Yes, numerous people saw the treasure before I hid it. One is Douglas Preston, who is a writer who has been #1 on the NYT best seller list.

  1. Can you tell us what exactly the treasure includes?

The treasure includes 265 gold coins, mostly American eagles and double eagles, hundreds of gold nuggets, some as large as chicken eggs, ancient Chinese carved jade figures, Pre-Columbian gold animal artifacts, lots of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and diamonds, and other things.

  1. How many clues have you released?

There are 9 clues in a poem that is in my book, The Thrill of the Chase, and I gave a few clues on the Today Show.

  1. How would you describe yourself? Art collector? Is it accurate to describe you as a millionaire? 

I would describe myself as a retired fighter pilot who was shot down twice in Vietnam where I experienced one of life’s great lessons. I talk about that in my book. It is fair to say I am a millionaire although I would not dwell on that.

Forrest Gets Crazy Mail…








This is the sixth installment of the ways in which searchers…and others…communicate with Forrest and visa versa. You may have read one or two of these elsewhere. I think there is useful information in these notes…

As in the previous email pages, the notes both to and from Forrest have sometimes been edited for brevity’s sake. Names have been changed, but the humor and confusion have been left intact…

How would you like to receive a few hundred of these in a day?…


Mr Fenn
We r in Santa Fe  and must see u today. I need to tell u where it is so u can get for me. We respect you and your property. What do we do now?
Anxiously waiting

Dear Anxious-
You go get the treasure yourself and buy Arkansas with the money. Is there some way I can assist you? ff


The fact that you are writting so many books and selling them for so much
makes your whole story a lot less believable… You’ve made more money
teasing people with this story then the treasure is actually worth. I feel
like if it was real you’d drop it and move on.

Now I remember why I didn’t ask you for an opinion. Guess I got it anyway didn’t I? ff


Hello Forrest
May I ask – is it still true that now, even with searcher numbers doubling in the last year, you still don’t know of anyone who has solved beyond the first two clues?

Dear Emily
Searchers continue to figure the first two clues and others arrive there and don’t understand the significance of where they are. f


Dear Forrest,
Well no luck on that this weekend. I really cant do much on icy ground though. The area was gated closed so my hubby went in alone. While he was out looking he got stalked by a mountain lion. In the daytime, how unusual. Must mean there isnt alot of game around? Now we understand the forest services need to post info on mountain lions in that area.

Glad you are not giving up Geri. I have a plan that will re-introduce grizzlies in New Mexico They will help keep the mountain lion population in check so you won’t have to worry when you search. f


Hello Mr. Fenn
I wish to visit the Yellowstone area this spring and view the wild flowers, but my dilema is this, I wish to view the Shooting star in bloom at an elevation of 9,000 feet or a bit more. I have done what I can to learn everthing about the purple and yellow flower, consulting botanist at Montana university … the web… ect… and I know the blooming of this flower is dictated by weather,, an early spring or late… elevations.. ect….And I only have a few weeks a year for vacations and I have to pick soon. So out of all my research regarding this flower, I am thinking the second and third week of June 2014. What I am asking is your honest opinion…. Do you think this is too soon or too late to see this flower at that high elevation, Sincerely

We always called the Shooting Star plant Mosquito bite because it looked like a mosquito’s head. I think the first week in June may be too early to view the plant. I have seen them in Yellowstone blooming below 7,000 feet. They seem to like the north side of a mountain where the soil is a little damper. You can spot the plant from a distance when it is in bloom and evidently the animals don’t eat it but I am not sure. Good luck to you on that one. ff


There is a guy on Dal’s blog that says he is going to Terre Haute, IN to look for the treasure because it’s 300 miles west of Toledo and because he thinks you like b-ball and Larry Bird.

That’s true so what’s the problem? ff


There’ll be no paddle up your fluorspar. This could be your last chance to email me back.
You rock

Why should I email you back, and why should it be my last chance? Are you sick, standing in the middle of I-25, or on death row? ff


Mr. Fenn,
I accidently spilt my water color brush jar today. Good thing I had you book right there to mop it up. I have been using it to store my sandpaper in my garage, Its getting pretty dusty out there. Especially since the cat litter is out there. I didn’t have any more kitty litter liners, but that dust jacket on that book of yours came in pretty handy. Our front door threshold is a little uneven so I took your other book and shoved it under the welcome mat so now its little more level. Sometimes it slides out of place a little and you got to kick it. I think a dog might of peed on it a little. I am sure it will all buff out with a little JB Weld and 40 grit sandpaper. I could probaly just buff it out with a rock or somethin.


This is probably gonna sound like a strange question…but do you, by any
chance, like almond joy candy bars?

Yes, why do you ask? ff


Hello Forrest

l’m still enjoying thinking about your treasure poem, especially after watching your performance at Moby Dickens.

Would you be so kind as to answer a question that has been niggling me – it’s to do with the ball of string.  As an engineer I can’t help doing a quick calculation when I see something like this, and my ball-park figure says that on average you had to collect about 40′ of string per day to make your ball in a year or so.  Is it that:

a. You really managed to find that much string?

b. You were exaggerating about the size of the ball?

c. My maths is wrong and I should hang my head in shame?

d.  Unlike the ball of string, you are winding us up?

When I was a kid string went a lot further than it does today. ff


Hi Forrest,
I saw an excerpt from your Oct 22 event at the bookstore where you mentioned again that the furthest people have gotten was only figuring out the first 2 clues.  I had sent you an email after my 7th trip to Montana from Connecticut a few days before the event outlining my solution which led me  xxxxxx   where I planned to continue my search in the spring.  Obviously if you said you know of only the first 2 clues being solved then all of the people who emailed you their solutions, including me, should start looking elsewhere.  Before I give up my solution, I just wanted to confirm that you do in fact read every email even if you don’t respond.

I read all emails unless they are too long, unsigned, or ask for an advantage or confirmation.
Those who have solved the first two clues are not aware that they did, so I don’t see that as useful information for anyone. I will not comment on any solutions that are sent to me by email. Good luck sir. f


I finally got to read the True West story. Boggs did a great job…

I was on Denise Plant’s radio show in Denver this morning for 6 minutes and on KSFR in SF for 30. The latter was fun and it was a fund raiser for them. They sold lunches with me in a raffle for $25 a shot. A cute little brunette sitting in the back receiving call-ins said she gave her check and hoped she won the raffle. When I was leaving I gave her two hundred bucks to buy 8 more raffle tickets. f



Forrest Gets Friendly Mail…


With this fifth installment of email to and from Forrest we get to read about the ways the treasure hunt has been a reward for Forrest as well as the folks who gave looking for the chest a good try. Finally, we learn quite a bit about how Forrest made his fortune in the gallery business…


Greetings Mr. Fenn..So happy to have a copy of your book to study and enjoy. My notes could only provide me with so much understanding….The Thrill  of the Chase takes on more and more depth and meaning for me each time that I read it…

My daughter got married in San Diego on Sat. It was a beautiful wedding and celebration of their love. She has some wounds from her childhood.  Hoping forgiveness will come sooner than later in her journey! All of her problems have my and her Dad’s name on them but her solutions will be her own! I just keep pouring in the love!

Though it has been a busy time with other activities, your book and the message have never left my mind for long. Looking forward to reading it all the way through again and will write you a letter explaining why brass is cold to the touch in a warm room…

Hope all is well with you…I can still hear you asking me, “What do you think?” Really hoping to meet you soon!


Would that I could have your eloquence and way-with. Thank you so much for those words, they came with some needed ignition…
Please, lets meet sometime. I think I need a hug. f


Dear Forrest,
I was just at the site….is it in a hard mound of rocks and sand below the stone man? Will I be arrested?

If you are arrested I’ll help you with the bail. Tell me where you are so I can make reservations. f


Mr. Fenn:
I’m not sure but I think I may have found the Toledo you were referring I recall you said your treasure lies 300mi. W of Toledo.

I did find one Toledo, Historical Town of Toledo South Dakota & 300mi. W would be the Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming!

I’ve created a monster. f


My family and I went on a vacation to West Yellowstone. We saw Hebgen Lake and took 191 down into Canyon St. We turned onto HWY 20 below the Madison River into Yellowstone. We drove for about 20 miles up river until we reached Gibbon Falls. We went down to the river and it sure was cold. I wonder if they ever remove that wood that’s below the fall? There were Buffalo all over the roads it was wonderful. We seen a Grizzly up close and all kinds of animals we don’t have in Florida. If it had not been for you Mr. Fenn we would have never gone out west to see all the beautiful wonders that God created. This trip has enriched our lives in more ways than we can describe. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.
Jerry Zacuto and Family

It is for people like you that I wrote the book Mr. Jerry Zacuto and Family. Please don’t stop searching. f


Mr. Fenn,
If I may be so bold I’d like to offer a suggestion for your next clue revelation. It might save folks some grief to know for sure whether this is really buried or not. I know you have indicated pretty strongly that it is not, but not exactly been firm about it. For example, I have seen several folks at the Dunn Bridge and at the Red River Hatchery (another popular place with searchers) carrying in shovels. I try to explain they probably don’t need them, but that usually goes over their heads.

Anyway, thanks for the adventure. When (not if) I find your pretty little box I’ll be more than happy to return your prized bracelet.

Stay well Forrest – the world needs more guys like you!!

Sir, just because I haven’t said the treasure is buried doesn’t mean it isn’t. Reminds me of the old axiom, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not after you.” I just don’t want to reveal that as a clue. I hear there is a guy up near the John Dunn Bridge using a bull dozer. Good luck. f


And Finally…An artist friend of Forrest’s has a show scheduled in Santa Fe for October. Since Forrest had been in the art business for many years he was asked what advice he had to share in preparation for the show. This is Forrest’s reply.

It is the responsibility of the artist to present a product that the consuming public wants to buy. That’s the main thing, and the hardest part. Galleries in Santa Fe go out of business every week because they are trying to sell something that they like personally. It’s a fast poison.
It’s OK for an artist to have romantic notions in his studio about who he is but lets face it, an artist is little more than a manufacturer in the business sense. Art is a commodity and should be treated as such, except when speaking with a client.
One bad painting hanging with good ones ruins the whole show. Just do not show anything that is not your best work.
It is the responsibility of the gallery to pull the public in to look at the art. It can be done by having a dynamic speaker talk for 15 minutes. (no longer) That speaker should be someone whose name will attract listeners and thus, expose them to the art. Ask Paul Hutton to talk about a subject related to your work. Johnny Boggs should be there with his titles for sale.
And most important, someone must sell the art. Expensive things are rarely purchased – they are nearly always sold. There is a distinct difference. When I walk into a gallery and someone looks up from a computer and says, “Let me know if I can help you.” That means he doesn’t have time for me, so instead of spending $100,000 on a painting, I walk out, not wanting to interrupt a computer game.
Selling means you need someone who is attractive, eloquent, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and extroverted. That person is lacking at your gallery, which means you should bring someone with you, even if you have to hire that person for three hours from another gallery.
The artist should try to meet people at his show but not be actively involved in selling until the deal is almost made. Then such comments as, “I think this is one of my best paintings,” “This is one of two paintings that my mother wanted to keep but I talked her into taking the other one because I needed this one to dress up my show,”  Joseph Sharp, when a buyer balked, would say, “How foolish of a man to wait, when once his chance is nigh, tomorrow may be too late, some other man may buy.”
Soft western music in the background can add ambience, but softly. Mood is important. When someone wants to think about a painting, that means no, not maybe.
Lighting is critical. Your gallery murders paintings with light. Lights should be on reostats and turned down until the painting warms.
Serve a drink that’s different. What about sarsaparilla? I’m serious, and make a big deal about how important it was in the 1850s.
Put a few sold stickers on paintings you think won’t sell, or two that you don’t want to sell. Look successful.
Do you know someone who will loan a CMR or Remington painting to hang with yours?
Each painting should have it’s own focus, like it will be seen in someone’s home, not up near the ceiling.
Don’t invite friends who you know will not buy a painting. They crowd buyers away from the walls. Invite those who will make you look important, even if you know they won’t buy.
Talk to EVERY client. Talk about whether that’s a ’73 model Winchester or a 66 model. If there is history going on in the painting talk about it.
Complement people who like your work. If someone has a “good eye” because they have one of your paintings, maybe they will have a better eye if they have two. Tell them that in a way that is not pushy.
Ask a client to take one of your paintings home and hang it for a month on approval. See if it fits. If not, tell them you will send someone over to pick it up. Make sure he lights it properly.
A client with two of your paintings is not a collector, but one with three is. Bring some small “thank-you, giveaway paintings,” to let your buyer know he is more than a sales slip to you. Giving costs you very little; not selling costs you plenty.
Tell a buyer to pay your retail price and take it home for a year. After that he can bring it back for full refund. Worse case scenario is that you get to use his money for a year, and hopefully the painting will have appreciated. it so you win twice if he brings it back because you can go up 25% and sell it again.
When shipping a painting on approval don’t ever use a box wherein the painting can be returned. If the guy doesn’t want your painting make him go get his own crate. Sometimes they will keep the painting instead. It’s a percentage.
I could go on but I think I sold myself one of your paintings so I am headed to the gallery so I can pick the best one. f


Forrest Gets Weird Mail…

mail4In this, the fourth installment of actual email to Forrest you will find notes from people who claim to have found the chest (they did not) with Forrest playing along and notes that are downright scary and notes that are sweet. All in a days email for Forrest…


Mr. Fenn,

After locating the Blaze in the poem by solving the clues, and having been led to the chest, I was disheartened to learn that there are two different versions of the poem.  The version found on The Thrill of the Chase Resource page online shows:

The answer I already know

While the version published in your memoir reads:

The answers I already know

Based on the way the clues are solved to this point, it is obvious that every word and every letter are crucial.  I was hoping you would be able to clarify which version of the poem is correct.  Should the word answer have an S on the end to make it plural?  Pehaps this one letter has no bearing on the final solution, but it is something that continually weighs on my mind.

Hope all is well!




It makes no difference, one of them is only an innocent typo. You can pick which one. f


Hi Forrest!

I wanted  to share with you my adventure in trying to find the treasure.  The general thought around Yellowstone is only crazy people are looking for it and it is a hoax.

After 2 trips, 5 days looking in a concentrated area.  I’m beginning to wonder.  If anything, the treasure has been found or I have been within 100 feet of it.

My first trip turned into a search and rescue effort that seems to have made my name a household word around Yellowstone.  2 nights that each one of them could have killed me…long story and amazing what the human body can endure to survive.  20 people went looking for me and they found me walking out.  Then took 4 people to jerry rig a line to cross the Yellowstone River too retrieve my pack that I had to cut to get out of the place where I spent my first night.  They couldn’t go down where I went up,  Dangerous is an understatement.  You might have had a visit from my wife and dad had I not returned and I don’t think it would have been pretty.  This time I thought the treasure could be on a little island upstream from Gardiner.  Nope!

So further research refined.  Words like bluff, crack (crevice), Knowles Falls (wise – butterfly – flutterby) starting coming to life for me.  The marbles and the miner looking down while two people are now pointing to the third marble.  At first I took the image literally but after a day of tromping around over each bluff and valley leading up to Knowles Falls I realized I missed something.  Then I realized the image was reversed and the bluff I needed to get to was not easy to get to.  But the next day I did.  I walked the big bluff, the little bluff next to it and the two bluffs below it. (half way up the bluff)  I got some great pictures and saw a really unique rock formation that could draw unwanted attention.  Saw a lot of trees and rocks but I didn’t see the treasure.  I also expected to see perhaps a marking on a tree by Joe Meek who travelled around this area as he escaped the Indians.  I did see a bear and her cub.  That was scary.  I didn’t see any marking like a headstone…I presume grandma’s headstone.  I’m thinking grandma must be related to either Joe Meek or Mr. Knowles.  But I looked all over that area overlooking Knowles Falls and Crevice Creek.  No luck.  Last night climbing out of that area I made a wrong turn on a mountain.  So getting dark I set for the night on a side of a hill.  My friend couldn’t traverse the whole distance on the 3rd day and waiting for me with a plan in mind.  I missed my deadline and so once again the search and rescue started setting  up a search.  Fortunately, I got back to my car by 8:00 AM.  Fortunately, my wife and dad weren’t called.  Needless to say, either the treasure has been found or it is a hoax.  If I have missed it, the path must be down off Rescue Creek Trail to the river line and then up to Knowles Falls – perhaps a little beyond from the other side but consistent with the marbles picture it would have to be a lower bluff closer to Crevice Creek.  Needless to say, my wife won’t be letting me make this trek again.  She’s probably going to make me unwind my business.  Another casualty of the recession.  Needless to say, I tried and feel like I just didn’t see the right tree.  It  may not be in a dangerous place, but the switches make it a dangerous adventure.

In closing, I hope it is real.  I feel I have solved the puzzle, but it is not there.  Risking my life a 3rd time just isn’t an option.  In closing you got me.  I wish I could say I was right there because I solved it and that’s good enough like you telling the lady if she could tell you where it was, you would go get it for her.  The Thrill of the Hunt was more like an mission gone awry x2.

In the end, you got me.





No need to search any place where a 79 or 80 year old man could not carry a 42 pound box full of gold. Please don’t over extend yourself. f


Hello Forrest, How have you been? Have not seen or heard much lately.

I found your treasure.


Congratulations Plato, do you want to sell the bracelet? f

🙂 sir its yours . you know im screwing around all though i do think its in the Fleetwood  make you a deal , not only can you have the bracelet back but I will also return anything else out of the treasure you would like. Its never been about the riches its been about the chase. One question : is it in the fleetwood? if not i will know to move on. if so I would honored to return your treasures. Have you read my previous emails or do you remember me? your friend, Plato.

Just a minute my friend Plato. You said you found the treasure. Are you saying now that you did not? f


Hi Forrest,

Hope all is well. I just want to know what I am supposed to think of this site. He wrote me saying I should check it out. I did and it has me wondering. Do you know this guy?

Best wishes,




Everyone wants in the act. Did you send your $99 in yet?

I am sure that any advice he could give would be worthless. You can quote me. f



Ive been on this thing a month now. Each time I think Im close the rug gets pulled out from under me. The broken arrow pointing at the commode and the placed stone, the commode with a pretty necklace like the photo. The Alpha which was ok because Alpha is the begginning. The swivet was cruel I think, but ok, your book your rules. Ive used money I need to survive with thinking im almost there, I’m almost there. Ive been persistant, diligent, and I’m worn to a nub. I’ve braved the cold nights and cold water days. My fear of Evil spirits out there on what  is a massacre area camping out. I’ll be out there at dawn while the Indian is sleeping  and give it a final go.  There are two Indians on the trail of this. The one with the truck and the one with the horse Im guessing. The one with the truck threatened to disapear me. I think they are related. Is the death threat part of the deal? Part of the puzzle? Be brave? The kid said the owner is dead? Are you dead?

There is now a record of the threat, by whom. If he gets in my face again in a threatening manner I am going to pull my bowie knife out and cut his throat open from ear to ear.  After the last death threat I believe I am justified in doing so. I wont bother to threaten him with the knife as he could easily run to his truck and pull a gun. You see the problem with waiting periods?  Just my having a holstered pistol or shotgun would prevent violence. Maybe he is your angus man and this is part of the gag. Maybe he isnt and is willing to disappear me for a million and a half bucks. Quite a motive and plenty of opportunity out there, me alone with no protection.

These guys have had a big edge for years now, Knowing its your land. Living surrounding the land. They have tapped no hole I hadnt tapped already accept maybe the ball of the feet at alpha. I let them fixate on Alpha slide to buy time.  While I dug out the commode then 16 inches in the married trees, ”win all”.

Theve apparrantly given up on Alpha and now want my diggings.

Now they want me gone so they can take over what I think is the final spot. I pray the didnt see me come outa there. There is enough evidence in there like the hole and tracks of mine behind the tree it wont take a genius to figure it out. The Truck Indian is bud light boy I think now. His son is the kid and the kid says they live next to the blue barn.

I know your real smart, I hope I am not being used to harm your enemy if what Matthew the kid of  Truck Indian says is true about the legal beef. Even if it is self defense. I’m sending copies of all my correspondance with you to my ex wife in case of my demise.  She can give it over to the media if I get croaked or in an altercation.

Who is the unseen hand?  Somebody moved those cows like the guernsey and opened the gate and made initials, my initials on the log. I know it aint Indian. It would be kind if he could hang close I have no backup, nobody.

I restored the broken arrow at the commode. hope that buys time.  I’m really peeved.

Call me  if you want, I have to go get a charger for my phone in the morning.




I think it is time for you to leave wherever you are and go home. If there is any kind of violence you will be the loser. It is stupid to take a knife to a gun fight, Go away now please. f 



Just cause you will probably get a laugh…i spent hours last night with those numbers below…i added them, multiplied them, found a pattern, try latitudes, hardshad #, morse code, applied it to the alphabet, searched zip codes, elevations, phone codes etc…dreamt of numbers and woke up this morning and said. If Hegben was that deep it would reach China and have a drainage hole, all the water would leak out and if you did plunk it at Hegbens depth then I could just walk around and find it.  Giggles.


Here’s a lady who may find the treasure because she has done the math and knows exactly where it is. f


The internet abounds with a supposed statement from you, saying to “think big”, particularly about the home of Brown.  Did you ever say that?  Is that a “fact” that I can add to my page?Kindest regards from a rainy UK!




I don’t remember saying that related to the treasure and can’t imagine why I would. f 



Dal’s blog thickens again with a rush of ideas ranging from interesting to scary. The topic right now is Tesuque. They are looking at that photo of you and Tesuque on Dal’s blog watching the Today Show crew. (look here for the pic

The latest question is “I wonder what Tesuque is thinking?”

Maybe they think they can snark a clue out of Tesuque since they can’t get one from you…




Tesuque can be bought but they would be cheated because she does not know where the treasure is.f


Hello mr. Fenn, My name is Octavios im 27 and I’ve been studying your poem extensively, and unfortunately all my efforts have led me nowhere. I have lived an awful life full of misery and despair, a horrible childhood that left me with no desire or purpose to live. I was planning to take my life two days before I read about your treasures, and the adventure I was hoping would turn my life for the better and it did. For that I thank you, I’ve added a few great years in hopes of finding your treasure and making my life good and worth something. Since I was unable to find your treasure once again I’ve failed to do something great and bring meaning to my life. I’m once again planning to take my life before someone else unearths your trove, the pain would be too much for me. I thank you once again Forrest for giving me a glimmer of hope, and a very exciting 3 years in this world and in the two weeks I have left before I leave this earth I will be waiting for even just one sentence from you, it would mean everything to me. I know I’m a fool for being selfish with something as beautiful as life, but the hurt is too much to bear, a few words from you would bring me much comfort and ease my mind for the short time that I have left. Thank you so very much mr. Fenn and have a beautiful time on this earth.


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Hello, Forrest!

Since you have gone on national television about the Chase, I’m sure there are many many more folks looking for the treasure.

After being stumped last October, this time I returned to Yellowstone with my boyfriend to search around the base of Osprey Falls, which if you have never been to it, is an awesome site that can only be seen by hikers.

While we didn’t find the chest, another treasure came to me that day.  I proposed to my boyfriend at a scenic overlook of Osprey Falls before the trail goes down into the canyon. He said “Yes!”

Upon our return home to New England, he surprised me with the engagement ring his mother and grandmother had worn over 80 years ago. The diamonds are hand-cut, and I am now proudly wearing a piece of his family’s history.

After many displays of affection (which scandalized the grouses and marmots!), we hiked down into Sheepeater Canyon. The base of Osprey Falls has a trail marker. It has overhangs and caves.  Sadly, even though we looked in cracks and crevices all around and below the wooden post there (the blaze) that was marking the end of the trail, we did not find the chest.

Due to recent warm weather and previous rain, Osprey Falls was in full-force and everything around its base was soaked. Thankfully, my fiance and I are well seasoned hikers and we had our rain gear on for the cold exploration.  The force of the water did not permit me to wade anywhere near the bottom of the falls.

Proposing at Yellowstone gave us an excuse to return some day and look again.  Whether we find the chest or not, Yellowstone will always be special to us.

Thanks for the Adventure, Forrest!  Any boyfriend crazy enough to follow me looking for your chest is a person I want to have adventures with for the rest of my life.