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What is This Blog About?      This blog is for and about those adventurous individuals searching for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. I am hoping we can share our adventures and ideas because, as Forrest has pointed out, the thrill is in the chase (not in the capture). But first a little background for those who are not yet familiar with Forrest’s hidden treasure.

This is the treasure chest Forrest has hidden…find it and its yours

Who is Forrest Fenn?      In a nutshell, Forrest Fenn lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he started an art gallery, raised a family, collects artifacts, writes books and made a fortune. He has hidden aproximately a million dollars of his fortune in gold and gems in an old world, bronze chest pictured to the left (he paid $20K for the chest alone). The whole shebang is said to weigh about 44lbs and much of the gold is collector’s gold, meaning that its worth much more than the face value of gold alone because of its historical importance. For instance, an ancient Aztec golden amulet is worth much more than the current value of its weight in gold because it is unique, unusual, sought after, special, etc.

That’s crazy!      Maybe…Forrest is not a traditional thinker tied to conventional ways of getting things done. If he were, his life would be dull, commonplace, mundane, boring. But his life has been anything but humdrum. He has made his fortune and his reputation by thinking, creating and trading well beyond the bell curve. The hidden treasure  is another way for Forrest to enjoy life. In my humble opinion he looks forward to capable individuals out there trying to out-think him and locate his treasure. Its a contest for him. Forrest versus the rest of the world and the winner gets to keep a million dollars. To meet Forrest is to stand in the presence of a very shrewd, competent and competitive fellow. Someone will most certainly find his treasure chest…why not you?…or preferably me?

Who can go after his treasure?      Anyone and everyone is invited to go out and look for Forrest’s treasure chest. Even his family because no one knows where its hidden except him. When you find it, Forrest says that “its yours to keep”. How’s that for a “shovel ready” program that will put folks back to work?

Where do I start looking?      There are three or possibly four essential items that will help you find where the treasure chest is hidden. Forrest wrote  a poem which contains hints and clues. He has published the poem on his website and it has appeared in a number of news stories about the hidden treasure. You can find his poem at the bottom of this page. Forrest also wrote a memoir, The Thrill of the Chase, which is a beautiful hard cover book with plenty of pictures and lots of possible clues to where the treasure chest is hidden. It’s available for $35 only through Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Finally, so far, we have been able to get information from  Forrest himself  via email with many who have been searching and taken the time to write him. I also hope this blog will become a source of insight and ideas from others who have already looked and are willing to share their experiences here.

This is Forrest’s hard cover memoir…You’ll need this…

Caution!       There are plenty of speculators, naysayers and misinformed individuals out there including reporters and journalists who have added inaccuracy and conjecture to the trove of hints and clues floating around out in the ether. This is inevitible. As the story is passed from person to person it begins to grow and be embellished and before you know it the facts are hard to find. In truth, what Forrest has said over and over is that only the poem and what he has written in the book contain honest hints and clues that will lead to the treasure…ignore the words that others have put in his mouth. I learned this the hard way.

More caution!       Forrest himself is a master of the double entendre. He chooses his words very deliberately. More than once I have run off suffering from the belief that I had brilliant new information about where the gold is hidden… In fact, I did not pay close enough attention to the precision of his words. He specializes in letting you believe something he never said. (I told you he is clever).

Another place to look for clues      One other source of reliable information is Forrest’s blog which is on his Old Sante Fe Trading Company  website. He occasionally writes about the hidden treasure and in his writings you might just find the puzzle piece you were looking for that will lead you to the treasure. Anyone interested in the treasure should read his website from front to back. Not only will it give you a pretty good picture of just who Forrest is and why he is legend but his real-life stories are entertaining and witty.

Forrest Fenn in Santa Fe

IF YOU KNOW SO MUCH MR. SMARTYPANTS…      “Dal, why don’t you go out and find that treasure chest yourself?”. Believe me, I’ve tried. I have made three trips (as of August 2011) from my home in Washington State to the Southwest to look for this hidden treasure. I am planning another this fall. Each time I started out confident that I knew exactly where it was hidden…excited that I would soon be nervously opening a bronze chest chock full of gold coins, gold nuggets, gold figurines, gold bracelets and jewels, so spectacularly heavy that I could barely carry it back to my truck. On the other hand, each time I have come back empty handed, but not empty spirited. I have absolutely wonderful treks that are crammed with little adventures.  I have walked marvelous American landscapes. I have slept on the high desert mesa and in river canyons under juniper and pinyon. I have hiked incredible stretches of crystal clear trout streams guarded by tall pine and spruce. I have ambled across alpine parks delicious with spring wildflowers and soaked in natural hot springs to sooth my tired feet. I have been within a few dozen yards of antelope, big horn sheep, elk, mule deer and bear. I have visited pueblos, plazas, canyons, hilltops and forests. I have driven thousands of dusty miles through ochre stained, haltingly beautiful, volcanic topography. I have smelled the desert sage and tasted frito pie. I have been in some of the loveliest country a person can picture. Its been a wonderful experience and I am grateful that Forrest tempted me…dared me… to go out and find his treasure…The Thrill of the Chase.

Now you need to get looking too….

Here is Forrest’s poem with nine clues to a million dollar treasure


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  1. Dal, I like the way you write. You have such a ease with words. Forrest says it is difficult for not impossible to find the treasure. If I were a good with puzzles, I’d be out there looking but, alas, I’m not. Do you think the recent earthquake in southern CO and northern NM may have shifted the topography? Let us know if you find it, o.k.? Or keep it a secret. That may be better.

    • Irene-
      Thank you very much for the kind words. I’ve been thinking about earthquakes too. Maybe one of those ground shakers will unhide the chest for all to see. Maybe some kid will be riding by on her bike and pick it up and shove it under her bed…okay…to heavy for a kid. Maybe a fisherman will trip over it and lose the biggest trout he’s ever seen that was on the end of his line. Imagine his surprise 😮

  2. Thanks Dal for a great read. When did you start searching for his treasure? We just recently read about it in the last couple weeks.

    • Stephanie-
      Thanks for stopping by. I first heard about the great treasure chest around the first of November, 2010 and began researching canyons and streams and blazes right away. I figured it was too late in the year to head out there. I made my first trip in early May, convinced that I knew exactly where it was after months of reading, charting and thinking. I was wrong! I went again in June to a place that I could not possibly get to with the clues but felt “strongly” was going to be the place where I would find the chest. I was wrong again. After another month of research I headed back in August with a new list of great places, any one of which would be the location of Forrest’s chest. I was still wrong. Not all my search locations have been in New Mexico. I have deeply searched about 13 places. Another 7 or so were moderately searched and several were rejected out of hand once I took a look at them. This may not sound like progress but at least I now know 26 places where the treasure is NOT. This is important information and through the process of elimination I am certain that by 2048 I will have located the right place….or not! What do you think about the phrase “home of Brown”? Could be the the actual home of someone named Brown. Could be the home of Brown trout or Brown bears or the Brown motel or a paint store…hmmm..


      • Hi Dal,

        I’m from the Chicago area…so I like the sound of Brown Bears 🙂 I thought of the brown trout too, so maybe it’s in the water somewhere? I’d love to go out there sometime. Mostly to meet Forrest. I’ve talked to him a bit in email and I think he’s the real treasure. I collect art(nothing like he has), just because I love art. I think he’s just opened up so much in his memoirs and it’s neat when people do that I guess and that’s what makes you feel so close to them. I was surprised it was 44lbs. I had no idea that it was that heavy. If I went looking for it, I couldn’t probably even carry it LOL. Part of me wouldn’t ever want to spend it either which is odd I suppose. I just think it’s such neat stuff and would LOVE to read what he wrote inside it. I just read his book a few days ago and just only heard about this the Tuesday before last. So it seems you have a headstart on me, by quite a lot. I’m curious where you searched, but I know you can’t say…just is fun to think about what it could all mean.

        • Stephanie-
          I think 44lbs is a reliable weight. Bronze and gold are pretty heavy metals. I have also heard dimensions of the chest as about 10 inches on a side and 5 inches deep. Its not you’re cute little jewelry box. That would make the gold nugget prominently perched on top of the gold in the photo above, just under fist sized for a medium build woman with medium sized hands. Okay, I have an example of a place where I looked, which I should have ruled out from the beginning because the clues in the poem can’t possibly put me there. But I just had a gut feeling from a story in the book that this place was important to Forrest. In my next story, Running in Circles, I’ll take you there. And heck yes, I’ll talk about places I’ve looked. Why not? I obviously didn’t find a bronze chest in any of my spots. That does not mean it isn’t there. Maybe I missed it. Maybe somebody with better searching skills will find it in a place I’ve already looked. Heck, there are lots of ways to interpret those clues. Its unlikely that any two of us will share the same meanings for all the clues. How you interpret them is based on your background, reading comprehension skills, knowledge of a given area, vocabulary and perhaps dozens more unique characteristics that I can’t even think of. Sometimes we just have to explore in places we don’t belong because its downright fun!

          • I just started reading TTOTC a few weeks ago. I’m brand new. I understand Forrest has another book now. Too far to walk. Noone is talking about that one except for the map. Does it also contain hints/clues? If so, why no talking about it?

      • Oh Dal, what are blazes? I meant to ask you that. It sounds like a thing the way you wrote it. Oh and I was thinking about Brown and I know it’s capitalized, but thought I read something in one of his writings something about capitalization…just can’t find it.

        • Stephanie-
          Here is a link to the word “blaze” on the on-line Free Dictionary. I knew some of the definitions but certainly not all. I was pretty convinced in the beginning that I was looking for a tree with either a Kit Carson type trail marker or the letters “ff” carved into it. Now I have expanded the possibilities and look for other types of “blazes” as well.

      • What if he’s referring to the artist Arthur Brown who painted “Yellowstone” in 1883? He did deal with art…

        • I looked at Arthur…as I remember he lived in California..not near the mountains…so I thought the “home of Brown” did not refer to him…

          • When it says Put in below the home of Brown maybe it means south of the town in which Molly Brown’s house is.

        • ok Blaine…lets be in contact….tell me where to go and we can split it! we can even draw up a contract if you like!
          if you’re serious…. 😉

  3. Hey Dal, If you want to email me and have my email…send me a note. I don’t check this site that much, so would be fun to keep in touch.

  4. Wow, did you see the video. That guy really thinks it’s in Taos. That one is a friend of his and would know where he hangs out, I’d think…hmmm.

  5. Hi Dal, What fun! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. I’ll look forward to the next installment. I love the way you write. I can hear your voice and your pauses, and see your eyes light up with a smile.

    • Thanks Shirley-
      Those nuns tried to teach me how to write. I am certain my style is not what they had in mind. I’ll never be the writer you are but its fun!!

  6. This is one of the most genuine thought processes created to bring people into
    the knowledge of enjoying nature,family and to travel to locations that they
    may have never chosen to visit during their life time!!!! Thank you: Forrest Fenn, you are truly a GENIOUS IN CAUSATIUM. SINCERELY, JUDY P

  7. I would like to think that ,the home of brown, has something to do with the brown-crested flycatcher. It has a home in New Mexico thats in a canyon.

      • And although it was a good guess about the flycatcher. The Brown Crested Flycatcher is rarely found in the Mountains North of Santa Fe. And although the Brown Crested Flycatcher is known to Breed as far North as Central New Mexico. It’s mostly found in Middle and Southern Mexico. Like the Country Mexico, Not the State. lol

  8. My wife and I heard about this today. Within minutes we think we have cracked it. We spent the rest of the day laughing and window shopping the new horse stables I will be buying her for her supreme intellect.

    I usually think I am the smart one in the room, but almost as soon as I read the poem to her she had identified the home of Brown and from two possible locations we now have one to which we are going to be taking a trip over to in about a month and potentially spending our hard earned out of state dollars around.

    We (my wife and I) have gotten the kids excited in the prospect (we have 5 [5,8,10,12,17]). They are decidedly optimistic in both the treasure hunting search but moreso in the giddy and enbroken lines of smiles the kids have had ever since we brought up the impending camping trip. For that and no matter the outcome, I want to personally and deeply thank you Forrest (and you too Dal especially for the pictures as that got the kids really amped). I may not let eveyone know we find it {as you said it may be more fun that way), but if we do, I’ll tip a glass of Opus in your honor and I may send a picture of the trip or twenty.

    Win lose or draw good luck to everyone, and cheers!

    February 28 2013

  9. I read this the first time today and I think I know where it is but I’m unable to travel. What an awesome idea though! Anyone want to go find it where I think it is and share it with me?

  10. If you listen to some of the searchers the word “Brown” is capitalized and has significant Importance. Most people think is stands for the Brown Trout which Forrest loved to catch along with many other species of trout. But I believe it stands for something else. Something that I have found hidden inside the words. The word Brown is in the Poem but not necessarily in the word or clue of what it stands for.

      • Brown is not necessarily the first or last name of either a Place or species of wildlife. You won’t find the name Brown written or on a Google Map. You must just know what it stands for. Anyone who has been in the outdoors or loves Wildlife can figure it out with a little thinking. 🙂 But although it is a pretty big part of the clues and is pretty important. That Clue and that Clue alone will not take you to the TREASURE>

    • i think its in santo domingo indian reservation its not far but to far to walk its down in a canyan and the color of thier skin is brown there was a fire of a motel call the trail blaze thats what i think

      • Good Guess. Very Good, But! Notice there’s always a butt! he he, That’s not the correct answer. As a matter of fact, you couldn’t be farther from the clue than that. 🙂 The person that guess the brown flycatcher was closer than the Beaver. lol

  11. Allot of people think they have figured it out. And know where the Treasure is. But even if you figured it out. Which I highly doubt. You just can’t go there and it’s going to pop up in your face. You still have to locate it. And that is the Secret to his MAGIC!

  12. I’m pretty sure there’s not a Beaver that’s 2 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Unless he ate the whole Yellowstone Forrest. Ha Ha. Although they do have a singular Pallet.

  13. Remember, Forrest says, “As I have gone in there alone”
    If you read some of his memoirs. when he was a young boy he used to ride his bike alone to places unknown. Since those times allot of those roads have been closed or no one goes down them. They are kind of off the beaten track. Allot of these places are dear to him, as he grew up in the Mountains of the American Northwest. When you read about these times of his life, you can hear the emotions in his words and thoughts. Yes my friends the Treasure is in those Words. Remember you don’t have to going looking for ADVENTURE any farther than your own backyard. The Treasure isn’t in NEW MEXICO. ALTHOUGH NEW MEXICO IS A BEAUTIFUL STATE.

      • Well yes, a Red-Tailed Hawk is sort of brown. That’s not it.

        Let’s put it this way, You can find the TREASURE simply by using Google Earth. No! It won’t show you where the treasure is exactly but you can tell how to get to it.


        • Come on people!! Forrest is wanting this treasure to stay hidden for a long time, but he wants it to be found eventually. His clues are going to be timeless. Home of Brown is not going to be a place likely to change color, burn down, or otherwise altered from what it was when he wrote the poem. Think big-geological features or place names, or references between a Famous person named Brown, and a geological location. Same goes for ALL of the clues.

    • William* You have to read Mr. Fenn book “TTOTC” and the poem until you find the location. You will be surprised where it will lead you. This is a hint ” As I have gone alone in there, and with my treasures bold”. That is all I can give you. Do your homework and you will see it. RC

  14. If you remember I told you Forrest used to ride a bike when he was younger, That is how you transport the Treasure and how you keep your Treasure from Prying eyes while your on your quest to hide it. You carry it on your BIKE. Not only that a bicycle is a good tool for an Older person to get back into where they need to go. At least most of the way. That is another clue, He rode a bicycle but only part of the way.” It’s far but to far to walk”. The Word Blaze almost certainly means TRAIL. If you are wise enough to find the Blaze. THE TRAIL. You ride you bike along the Bike Trail.

    • the blazing trail means fire light or something that burned down there was a forest fire near bandelier national monument and there is a bike trail

  15. Let’s put it this way, I read the Poem and did some research. And without knowing where he grew up or any place he went to or lived in his LIFE. And the Place I found just happened to be with biking distance from where he grew up as a Boy. 🙂 Now Some people might say that’s a coincidence. But it’s highly unlikely. Remember, I never even knew where he grew up, before I found this place where the clues sent me. Or better, where I believe the clues sent me. Not only that after reading his memoirs, he said that this place was DEAR to him as a boy. I am talking about the place that I believe the clues sent me. He told the reporter that the place he put the chest was DEAR to him. To many coincidences make a FACT.

  16. NOPE. There are way to many Deer in this place to Narrow it down to one. And I’m pretty sure this deer wouldn’t be standing in one place all this time just to show us where the Treasure is . LOLOL.
    Not only that a 2 foot tall Deer is an awfully shot Deer. I think even fawns are taller than that. he he

  17. Remember the Poem starts out. He went in there ALONE. When he was a Young boy he rode his bike alone to this place several times. ALONE>

  18. Yes, if you read a blog that Forrest wrote back in 2011 called River Bathing is Best. Just read that blog and tell me that is not the PLACE? You can feel the Emotion in Forest’s words when he talks about that place. And he says he went in there alone. In the Warm Water, that “halted” abruptly into the cold River. It used to be an old dirt trail, Now it’s Paved. And so on, I found that Blog to be inspiring. And very inclusive. Anyone who finds this particular Place will find the Treasure. I’m sure of it.

  19. Anyway I live to far away to hunt for the Treasure, So good luck all. I will also give you this hint. Read the Blog from July 18th 2011, and it should point you in the Right Direction. 🙂 I’m SURE OF IT>

  20. Oh just one more hint, while I think of it. Forrest has said that People have been within 500 feet of the Treasure, and if you read the the Blog he says he went to the place with his, I believe it was his Daughter and Grandchildren. And tried to get them to swim where he did. In that blog, and this is very important, are you paying ATTENTION? He says “this place is mostly overlook by PASSERSBY>. Thus People have been within 500 feet of the Treasure. GET IT?

  21. John Carter? Huh That was a ;pretty good MOVIE. You know John, the Brown Ranch in New Mexico was the first Place that came to mind when I began my research for the Treasure, Unfortunately the Treasure isn’t in New Mexico. Sorry. 🙁

  22. If you google home of Brown you get a New Mexico magazine article about an old Brown Ranch which happens to be approximately 165 miles northeast of santa fe. Also, Fenn was big into archaeology and in this same error is the Folsom archaeology site which the village of Folsom was wiped out by a flood in 1908. (water high). I believe if there is a buried treasure it is in this area. Other possible meanings to the poem: no paddle up your creek could mean the dry cimarron river which passes through this area. “Been wise and found the blaze” blaze could possibly be the cows and horses grazing on the Brown Ranch (cows and horses have blazes) and you can see them from the treasure site or it could mean a blaze through the woods. “Tarry Scant” could mean a short paved road. I believe the treasure is in a cave or beneath or behind a water fall. I believe this ranch is Southeast of Raton, NM but I’m not for sure. The only reason I’m giving out this info is because I’m from MS and will never be able to go look.

    • You missed one thing VRF, he mentioned to the Reporter from New Mexico, the the Treasure site was near and Dear to him, Where “he went in there alone” And the only thing I’ve found in my reading that he says that is about the bathing place he once used as a boy in Yellowstone. “Where the Warm water Halts” is where the Warm water from the hot springs run into the River. Then the Firehorn Falls is down the Canyon to the South. I’m sure it’s there somewhere. Some people have gone there looking for it, but I believe they are not looking in the right place.

  23. I am with you vrf, my father in law brought me this poem, because i like puzzles, in the first couple of hours i narrowed it dow to just south of the brown ranch. but i know nothing about his childhood or any other adventures that these guys are talking about, so i will do more reading before packing up the motorhome and going for a drive.

  24. Right on Dal, Great stories no Question about that. To all looking for the Treasure, for my Money it’s sitting near the Firehorn River, the Poem Starts me off from the ,little Parking lot about 500 feet from the river, where the warm pools flow into the river and meet the Cold water of the River, where he used to bath for hours as a boy, “Where the warm waters halt”. That is a great starting point. Then Down the Canyon South to near the Firehorn Falls. If you look in that part of the River from the Parking lot to the Falls, I’m sure you find it. If someone hasn’t already. Like I said, without knowing were their summer home was I punched the coordinates into the google site where I thought the treasure might be.Just using the Poem as a guide. And I found out later that it came up about 20 miles from where their summer home was. “Not far but to far to walk” NOW THAT IS A HUGE COINCIDENCE. RIGHT? I THOUGHT SO. 🙂 He’s also given a clue that people have been within 500 feet of the treasure. There’s a paved road that goes right by that part of the River now and people drive by there everyday oblivious to what is nearby. Now just reading his blogs and the Poem it took me straight there. Like I said I started in New Mexico and wound up in Yellowstone. Yellowstone was the only place, to me that had all of the Factors in the Poem and the blogs. To find the Treasure. GOOD HUNTING ALL.

    • While I agree with your general assessment that the treasure is somewhere in or near “FireHOLE” River, not “FireHORN,” you’ve also made an error in direction or topography. The Firehole River generally runs South to North, so down Firehole Canyon, which is 2 miles long, would be North. The river emerges from the Firehole Canyon just 2000 feet before its confluence with the Gibbon River to form the Madison river. These two other rivers also contain pockets of geothermal warming.

      • I agree with you that the river might run north. but the clue was” canyon down” not “river down”. And on a GLOBE or a MAP the DOWN is SOUTH!

  25. I disagree. I believe the Treasure is in New Mexico. Where warm waters halt is the RIO Grande-ALL waters halt there, the snow melts and the springs and creeks all drain into the Rio Grande. That river Canyons up for a bit North of Santa Fe. Home of Brown is the Red River-home of world class brown trout fishing. From there you are on your own…

    • if you read yellowstone warm waters from norris halt at mammoth springs turning to traveltine, i would start there, brown can be traveltine stone wood or like, I only have poem not book,brown can be dirt. yellowstone elevation is minimum of 5200-0r 5300 appox. the box could be tied hanging in tree opposite of ground away from bear, tree fort or in cellar window of fort building, if this helps you to find treasure i want the bracelet, thats fair, it could be under traveltine. this is all my speculation.Dan from Indiana ps blaze and the Indian cave book just a thought.

        • norris is location in yellowstone park, when warm waters flow to mamoth springs water cools so fast it turns to traveltine, look up in dictionary traveltine on net.

  26. Referring to the comments that Dan and Mike made, Not sure what the H-E-LL Mike is talking about, but from the blog by GADI SCWARTZ, who knows Forrest and has a online blog of clues as well as the poem, Mentions, and I’ll state this again. “SAYS THE PLACE IS DEAR TO HIM” Now I know I mention this several times, and in all of the reading that I did, there’s only one place where Forrest mentions that Phrase, And it’s in his own blog of when he was a young boy and went bathing in the Firehorn River. He also mentions that he “went in there alone”. He also mentions don’t go looking in a place that an 80 year old man can’t go, well as a boy he rode his bike there, but now there’s paved road that goes right by the River there as well as the “Canyon Down”. Get it? I figured I’d throw that in there as well. the Firehorn Canyon is straight south, or down on the globe, to the Firehorn Falls. “WATER HIGH” and many people have been within 500 feet of the treasure, he also mentions that! The Road goes right by that part of the river as well as where he used to bath, there’s a parking lot about 500ft from the river, where people park and walk or bike as well, but most people pass in by unaware. It’s my belief that allot of people have been looking near the right spot and just haven’t looked in the right place. yes the word “Brown” could mean many things, one being trout. But to me that’s to easy. I do however believe strongly that it’s an animal of some sort but not a fish. allot of people has sent me messages stating their speculations as to where the treasure is but everyone so far has left out at least one of the clues along the way. You have to look at it’s entirety. I found this spot without looking at any blogs, or ever knowing where their summer home was or ever even knowing that Forrest LOVED Yellowstone. I just read the POEM. and I found out later all of the other information. That is how I believe it is where it is. There were to many coincidences that lined up. And then to find out that, that location was only about 20 miles from their summer home didn’t hurt either. 🙂 🙂

  27. Yup you are right Tim, TYPO, it is the Firehole, My bad. yes that is what I meant to type. The Firehole River as well as the Firehole Falls. Sorry Treasure Hunters. I guess I was just typing to fast and wasn’t paying much attention. As you can see by my blogs, I don’t proof read my spelling. lol
    That would be a huge mistake sending people to the Firehorn River, when there isn’t one. I’m glad you pointed that out to me Dan, but I’m sure that people who have been there as well as yourself knew that, that was probably a typo, because there is no Firehorn River in the Yellowstone Park. Correct?

    • sorry, I live in indiana and i did not reply to you about firehole,NOT recently anyway,when i first started this i was lookiing at waterfall coming out of rock formation that looked like one person could go in while water was coming out, I still like start at Mamoth springs,also the tree with F keeps coming up on the videos and pic of dal i think this could be clue,Blaze could mean trail blaze look that up and it talks about 2″ x 6″ white ssquares on trees painted to tell you which way to turn also, alot people were asking about 2’x6′ maybe this is what they need to hear,allllll my info is by studying the poem i don’t own book,, if you go to ” how to”and put in” key cipher” it talks about double letters, also three letter word apostropes type this could be helpful, Iunderlined verbs and circled double words and turn it upside down literally and made out this To F,,,,,which might mean the F on the tree you see Mr. Fenn walk by in video,,, IF THIS HELPS YOU FIND i WANT THE BRACELET YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes, I do believe that the Blaze does mean the “Trail”. To me find the Blaze, means find the Trail. I’ve always believed that from the start. I don’t believe that his initials mark any trail or blaze, to me that would be awfully easy. but maybe it does. If that’s the case all you would have to do is find the start and then follow the FF’s right? And are you talking about Mammoth Hot Springs? or Mammoth Springs Fl.?

        If you mean Mammoth Hot Springs, that was my second choice as one of the starting points. From the Lava creek down the canyon to Osprey Falls I think you can pretty much get there from the North or south, with a bike, most of the way, allot of people don’t know this but the Osprey is actually known as the “BROWN” Osprey. The only thing that steered me away from that is that it would be pretty hard for an 80 year old man to get back in there. The first thing that gave that away is the people do bath in the Gardner River just north of there,, and that could have been where the warm waters halt as well. That is a long haul back in there though about 4.5 miles. you can get most of the way there by bike but you have to walk allot of switchbacks down to the falls.

        • mammoth hot springs, in video Mr. Fenn walks by F on tree, maybe you start there and if you read about trail blazing the next mark would be 1-2 miles, I’m in Indiana and not there to search,but would like the bracelet if this gets you there,,,,all this is my speculation from poem only.not sure your there either, but this is fun and intriguing,,,,I’d like to call myself the Blaze,but I’m not. Oh if you turn be sideways it looks like two tunnels or pipes for sewer, maybe two caves or hills or mountains

      • One of the old chief Rangers of the Park was named Brown and lived there too..
        Don’t forget to check the cemetery for a Brown headstone …

        • good thinking, you may try name in a cipher with something else, just thinking out loud, maybe key is laughing out loud,he did walk away laughing, food for thought

  28. Ya, there’s no way I can go look for it, I don’t have the time or money but, what color of tree are the FF’s? I did notice that in one blog. although I don’t think that FF marks the spot.

    • one F on tree,,,,,when i circle letters or words I got to slanted lines which could mean 2 Caves,,,,I think there is a couple small caves on hill side obscured by trees that he would have visited while at Yellowstone National park area this is all speculation!!

  29. Dal, I’m pretty sure it’s not under a Headstone! Not only is that creepy, it’s pretty morbid as well. Did Forrest mention an Old Park Ranger Named Brown, in his book or something. I must have missed that one. Strange no one else has mentioned that. Dan, your reading way to much, into way to many things I believe. Remember he said it’s difficult to find not impossible.

    • I never said it was under a headstone. If you read “Janice and Ray From L.A.” you would see that. I was working the Red River in NM. In the town of Red River, which is on the Red River there is a cemetery on the side of Cemetery Creek which feeds into and is a hundred yards or so above the Red River. Just above the creek is the headstone of a person named Brown. When I checked there I looked at that creek just below the headstone or final resting place or “home of Brown”. There are many ways to interpret the clues. But being in a grave or under a headstone is not one that I choose to believe.


      • where warm waters halt i would think its something like a pit stop a rest area of some kind

  30. In regards to the Lava Creek and Osprey .Ive all ready ran this bye Forrest -telling him I was planning my vacation with the fam. His comments lead me to believe it was not there.

  31. this is where i think it is or close by santo domingo indian reservation the home of brown adobe homes its down in a canyon and its not far but to far to walk no paddle up your creek waters high when it rains it becomes a creek heavy loads i think its rocks or stones trail blaze i think it was the name of a motel or hotel that cought fire and burned there this is what i came out with so far

  32. i went there alone i think it means there is only one place like it so i think that home is where its at brown is a color i think it means colorado there is only one place like no other and i think its some where near or at the sand dumes in colorado the home of brown there is a place in the sand dumes that is called high dome the sand dumes look like water so it might have some thing to do with waters high

    • Oh my God! Really Frank? That’s what you come up with? Well have FUN looking there! At least you’ll be doing what Forrest wants you to do. GO ENJOY THE OUTDOORS!

  33. Yup, That’s it Frank! It’s a Camel. You got it. Well I suppose you can go get the Treasure now, Congratulations.

  34. Billyclyde,

    You are sure of your self. If I was as positive about where it is as you are I would find the money to go look for it. I believe you have the starting point correct, but the “home of Brown” is a rock in another river. I have several ideas on what the “blaze” is, still working ion that. I believe one must visit the area I think it is in to find the blaze. I am planning a trip there in May. I only heard of this yesterday so I haven’t had as much time to think about and study it, but I am pretty certain of the general location and it is closer to Bozeman, MT.

    • thanks billyclyde for the the info but im not going any where until im sure but i think ill stay closer to santa fe still working on it this is a lot of fun and i wish all of us good hunting and good luck

    • billyclyde would there be another meaning for blazing trail other then it being a trail?

      • also the word brown is used when desecribing the camel i dont know if it means any thing

      • Most likely NOT! Reading the Poem: It most certainly means finding the correct TRAIL.

    • Good one Blaine! If you knew where the Treasure was you would walk there to get it. Hell anyone would.

  35. Blaine, Give me one good Clue to make me believe you know where the Treasure is. Because I believe I know where it is as well.

      • Angel Fire? That’s a good one. I like that. At what point and where in his writings or postings does he even come close to saying anything about Angel Fire? Unfortunately the Treasure isn’t in New Mexico.

    • I have it pinpointed to a 1 square mile area! All we need to do, is a grid pattern search of this area! It is there if no one else found it as yet! I don’t have transportation to get there, I only receive a monthly disability check and can’t afford the trip.

  36. I known what the home of Brown is as well! The treasure is located between the home of Brown and a creek that runs through this canyon. The Rainbows end is another clue as well.

    • So am I to believe that you are talking about the a Creek that runs through or near the Cimarron Canyon? Allot of those places are pretty hard to get to. Clear Creek, Turkey Creek and so on. If you remember he said. Don’t go looking for it where an 80 year old man can’t get to. That is some pretty rugged territory around Cimarron Canyon.

    • I don’t recall any clue containing the Rainbows End? I also recall that he took it in there in several trips. Not all at once. So if it’s along ways to where you talking about, I’m not sure the he put it there. He also said there have been people within 500 feet of the Treasure. I’m thinking that Many Many people pass by it daily or something like that. I’m not sure that where your talking about that, that is some place like that.

    • If you have read some of his writings and some of the Clues he’s left. He says that the place where the Chest is located is Near and Dear to him. And there’s only one place that he ever says that in any of the clues or writings that I have found and it’s not in New Mexico. As a matter of fact it’s not even close to that.

  37. OH and yes this place is above 5,000 feet as well. And it has a Blaze and warm waters hault and a Canyon and all the little goodies that are in the Clues as well. except it has one thing that your location doesn’t have. It’s NEAR AND DEAR TO HIM. So you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t believe that you Know where it is. And on other thing. I only get a Disability check every month as well, so I can’t take you anywhere.

  38. I’m beginning to think that Heavy loads and water high could be snow on top of a Mountain. It says you have to be in the Brave and it’s very cold. Something else eludes me though. It also says not far but to far to walk. Which to me means you either have to take a bike or a canoe and the reason why I say canoe is later in the poem it says you don’t need a paddle up your creek. Also at the beginning it says “PUT IN”. Put in below the home of brown. When you PUT IN. your launching a boat or a water vessel of some kind. More and More to me it doesn’t mean the Treasure was put in below the Home of brown but his canoe was put in below the home of brown and he took it in the canyon down.. Or he couldn’t paddle up the Creek anymore. Also the Phrase “There will be no paddle up your creek” I believe refers to a phrase from the book “Adventures of a Young man” from 1939 by Novelist John Dos Passos. In a small passage in the book where, essentially it says they were up S-H-I-T-S Creek without a paddle. The Phrase in the Book says “They cry from worry,it was dark;They had a hard time finding their way through the woods to the place where they had left their canoe. The mosquitoes ate their hides off them. “Well were up shits creek without a paddle”. And Mosquitoes eating you alive would be “No Place for the Meek” Most definitely.

    • You might know the book better in a more recognizable name. “For whom the Bell Tolls”! By Hemingway. Very similar. Although Dos Passo’s is a bit more about what is was like to be alive in the 1930’s. Which I’m sure Sank home to Forrest Fenn.

      • billyclyde as for me i hope you go and find the treasure i wish you a lot of luck this way i can move on to something else

  39. Dal,

    Have you searched anywhere along the Gallatin River? Have you ever heard of House Rock?

  40. Frank, as for me I hope you go and find the Treasure, so you can move on to something ELSE>

    • billyclyde i didnt mean to make it sound like i was being a smart ass but after reading what every body has to say you are the only one that seems to know what you are doing and where you are going i ment to say it as a complement if any one is to find it is you maybe i should of picked other words to say what i ment for that i apologize

    • Hey BillyClyde ive enjoyed reading your comments and im on the same page as you are on where I think the treasure is hidden ive used my recon abilities to find the place where forrest fenn bathed as child and I to think that’s where the starting point is im actually getting my ruck together and spending the summer there lookin for it if you want to help out im in for a 50/50 split

  41. OK,,, I can’t help it, I just have to put my two cents in. Hope this doesn’t bite me in the ASSSKING FOR IT SPOT, but has it ever occurred to any of you out there that by studying the character of the man and his profession AND THE COTTON PICKING MAP beside the poem that you might see something of interest ?

    First , does it not strike you odd that his wife and daughters are not bent out of shape over his endeavor ? must be a reason ! It’s on Page 125.
    1. It isn’t as important as to what he says, but more importantly as to what he doesn’t say….. He says North of Santa fe but he doesn’t say Santa fe ( CITY )
    he say’s Home of Brown . Brown what ? snake, spider, bear, home, man etc….
    First paragraph of the poem should give you TWO words that correlate with the picture to the right. SEE IT ??? It is BOLD and HINT. Definitions on Bold and Hint ? Look at the effort to which he went through to create that effect. map obscure ( Hint ) and gold very clear and cleverly placed. ( Bold ) .
    Now what do you find interesting of the gold on the map ? It is shaped like a man with a backpack , pointing to a location on the map and a box behind him. I will venture to say that I know the approximate location but will only be able to prove it come spring. Listen !!! pay attention to what he says , he likes to embellish, and on page 26 , line 2 he says , it is always good to tell the truth but not always good to tell ALL of the truth. Half truths mean half lie. ….. he says north of santa fe ??? There is a santa fe street at the border below las cruces new mexico which puts the little mans hand ,,,,, you guessed it …… Carrizozo nm areas.. I have found a whole lot more if interested but don’t expect me to cut my own throat but I would bet that if Mr. Fenn read my findings, he would get a little nervous if he really doesn’t want his gold found. I am HOT ON HIS HEELS. I hope that he really doesn’t practice HALF TRUTHS and Ruins his reputation that he has created and go down in history as a liar but human nature regardless of how good that person maybe, is deceptive when high value is at stake and the cost of honor is to high a price to pay for a game. The valley of fire is a place where things can last for thousands and one can read success under the mile MARKER STONE ,,, hint hint.
    P.S. has it ever occurred to you that he is a man who loves archaeology and what do they DO??? They dig up and preserve. Now imagine him taking a box worth thousands and is of great age and filling it full of gold and artifacts and things and the PUTTING IT INTO A RIVER that destroys with spring runoff and that moves much larger boulders or covers things with gravel and dirt ?? REALLY ??
    Where is the intelligence there ! HHMMMPPPFFF unbelievable powers of deduction hahaha. I have spoken with Mr. Fenn on the phone about 4 or 5 times and regardless of the gold, he is a man that when his time comes will bring a great loss to ALL OF US. he is worth more than all of that gold be assured.

    • Writing my own reply : I wonder how many have read my synopsis of Forrest Fenn and the place where I believe it to be and the folly of looking in rivers or creeks ? Does no one see it as I have ? Check the 1888 historical map for New Mexico and overlay the gold man in the book and tell me if I am wrong and why. I’m Interested or you can email me at
      P.S. I am thinking on going on youtube and leaving an ALMOST complete layout of my findings and let you find some of the key points on your own which gives me a chance to get there and find it myself if you don’t find it first… OR …. MAYBE, I will offer for a very small price the majority of my findings to anyone who wish’s if they find sound and intelligent facts within my searches . What do you think I should do ? Ted Nicol

  42. don’t look ware a 79 or 80 year old man cant carry a 42 lbs box. 42′ 79.80 is yellow stone np.

  43. I’m just now reading George’s comment just above (that he wrote Dec 28, 2013). Those lat-long coordinates indicate Yellowstone National Park (YNP). But Forrest’s message could have been DON’T bother looking in YNP.


    If I’m not mistaken, this post kicked off Dal’s foray into Blogdom? And he’s been going balls to wall ever since.

    Thanks for doing what you do, dal…..mucho appreciated.

      • Guess I did too Ken.

        Dal, I remember your blog before this one. It got a little crazy on it and then you open this one with some rules. This has been the go to blog ever since. Any newbie getting started in the chase has some good reading material if they start from the beginning and have a few free months to read it all LOL.
        Even tho I went over to Mike’s blog, after you shut down your first one, I always ventured over to read posts. Then I couldn’t stay away. I’m not like most posters who jumped around the blogs as they do today. This is where I post if I feel like I need to post, but on occasions I do read others.

        By the way, thanks for your blog and for Forrest contributions to help keep searchers “in the box”.

        Good luck for the future and enjoy your retirement.
        “The Original” hoD.


        • “a little crazy”…..boy, that’s an understatement!! 🙂

          I second the sentiments expressed by Bur totally!!

          Wishing ya a Happy Birthday, hoD!!

          Thanks for giving us a second chance, with a little discipline!!

          Good Luck to All!!!…….loco

    • Dal, I’m trying to be helpful (, and not just critical).

      It looks to me like there are two small punctuation errors in the poem as posted above.

      Specifically in lines 9 and 20.

      Thank you for your attention to this.

      All part of my opinion.

      • Tall-
        If I remember correctly…and don’t place any hard earned money on that idea…The version of the poem above was a screen grab from the one Forrest originally posted on his blog. The poem on his blog now is different and has the corrections you allude to.

        I do remember that there were some differences between the poem in TTOTC and the original poem on his blog which agitated the word counters but I can’t remember what the differences were…

        Hmmm…in the interest of matching the poem in the book should I replace that version of the poem…or in the interest of historical typos should I leave that one for all to snicker at?

    • Thanks Loco…I think you are correct about this page. I forgot it was here. When Goofy cleaned up the blog he took a copy of this page and made it the home page. Originally the home page was identical to this page…but over the years I have changed some language and added a couple of things to the home page so it is no longer identical.

      This original got left behind…

  45. My how time flies! Wow! Happy blog birthday Dal! I second loco”s words…thanks for all you do!!! 🙂

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