Where Warm Waters Halt…

Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park


© 2011 dal neitzel



I am sitting in one of Forrest’s bathing holes from when he was a kid in West Yellowstone. The Fenn family had no plumbing in their cabin. The best way to get a hot bath was to head to one of the places out here where steaming vents drain into a cold river. This one is on the Firehole River inside the park, about 20 miles from his family’s cabin. In his blog he writes that this was his secret bathing spot.

Its a noisy place with the hot springs gushing steam and boiling water out of a deep blue hole in the bank and the turbulent rush of water in the river. The Firehole is unusually high for early August.

I am sitting here for a few reasons; I am tired after ten days of tromping around in the sticks, if I position myself just right I can warm my butt and cool my heels at the same time, its pretty here…and quiet, I think that Forrest’s treasure might be hidden nearby, and I feel that if I sit here long enough maybe some of how Forrest thinks will be absorbed by my brain.

I close my eyes and feel the swirling warm water press against my sore back. I could doze off except that it takes some effort not to be pushed downstream by the charging river. My bath is a mixture of relaxation and tension. For a moment I drift away into 1942 and am watching trout rise in the water ahead of me. I see Forrest riding his bike toward the river. He is 12 years old. Skippy is with him. The current stirs me from my reverie.

Its evening and the river is reflecting the deep blue of the Wyoming sky and the brilliant orange of a California sunset. The trout are actually rising. The vent is steaming. It feels prehistoric. I close my eyes and begin to drift again into 1942.

Forrest’s favorite bathing spot when he was 12 years old

I sense that someone is staring at me. My eyes blink open and I see an attractive young woman standing on the bank. She is wearing a green ball cap that has the Sundance logo on it, a khaki fly-fishing vest with about six zippered pockets over a forest green t-shirt that might be made of silk, expensive khaki hiking shorts with lots of velcro sealed pockets, khaki colored mountaineering boots and knee socks that match her t-shirt and ball cap, and oddly, a bright pink daypack. Her clothes don’t look like they have ever seen sweat. Her hair is tied back in a fluffy ponytail sticking out of her cap that looks like it would probably bounce a lot when she walks. Other than the pack she looks like she just stepped out of an REI catalog. With the pack she looks like she just stepped out of a Hannah Montana movie. I figure her wardrobe set her back at least  $750…plus underwear. The boots alone are probably $300. They look like high end La Sportiva boots from Italy. I saw a pair in a window in Jackson once. I didn’t buy them. I am not a mountaineer.

She is standing about five feet from me. Even in the early evening light I can see that her nails are pink and match her daypack.

We stare at one another for a second. When she realizes my eyes are open she yells at me so she can be heard over the rush of water.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking a Bath”, I yell back.

“Is it nice?”

“Well…yes its refreshing. The heat from the spring against my back and the cooler water on my feet. I feel like a king. Its a natural spa.”

She didn’t look like the type to take a bath in a wild, trout ridden stream. She looked like she might be more at home shopping in LaJolla or Paris. She didn’t say anything back right away. Maybe she was thinking.

“Why are you wearing your clothes?”

“I’m doing my laundry at the same time.” In fact I’d been wearing the same clothes for ten days but I figured that was too much information. I still had my jeans and t-shirt and boots on. We were getting clean together. My wallet was on the bank next to my ice axe, near her feet. I’m not the kind of guy that feels the need to be naked very often.

Again she was quiet. I adjusted my position a little because the current had changed slightly and I wanted more hot water against my back. It felt really, really good.

“Nice boots” I said, “Where did you get them?”


Bingo..I thought.

“Is it legal to be in the river?” She asked.

I never considered the legal question. My park. No sign. “I don’t see why not. This is a National Park. They have signs all over the darn place telling you what you can’t do. None here.”

She thought. I waited.

“I don’t think I’d bathe with all my clothes on.” She yelled.

“Of course not.” I said.

I waited. She thought.

“I think I should come back later when there isn’t anyone around.” She said just before she turned to go back up the trail, probably to her leased, rose Lexus.

“What time?” I yelled after her, but I don’t think she heard me. She kept walking away. Her bouncy ponytail sashaying over her bright pink daypack.


I made a short video of the Fountain Flats landscape. It is a very relaxing video and a very relaxing place to sit and contemplate the earth. Look HERE


138 thoughts on “Where Warm Waters Halt…

  1. LOL nice thoughts Dal. Ima thinking I want that gold more than you though, and Ima bettin before you go draggin that box out, you’re gonna need a new wardrobe yourself, so skiidaddle so us girls in pony tails can show you boyz how it’s done. ; )

    Nice pic’s by the way…

    • I try to be a gentleman at all times. Except when it comes to finding the loot. I will sit in this place till morning to protect that chest which I am confident is here somewhere…lol…

      • Hi Dal , Im going in the morning to see those ducks again . We are in West Yellow Stone now , and I have some good stuff to share with you , by email of course. We also visited Cody . We love that pace and the Wild Bill Cody Museum , what a place to learn about the West. The Indian Displays are incredible , not to mention the Bird shows.

        West Yellow Stone is getting a bit chilly , but we didn’t care.. We tried to find your Cahse spot with another of my son’s , it was his turn to go on the hunt with Dad and we wanted to leave you a gift in the location . When we got there , we couldn’t find it . For a second I thought I had forgot the steps to the location .SO , I pulled up on google your spot , and saw some one had taken it. This greatly upset us and we were a loss for words. My son Mike wants to set a second spot for you . We can put a pencil and paper as you did and , put a little something in it . We were also thinking that maybe you could only send the location by email to folks that you would want to visit your spot. Please let us know , we have to leave tomorrow for home.

        Also we had made a solve involving a lake near West Yellow Stone that we felt could have been Mr. F’s hide spot. Well , I will email you about where we went and
        and the details of our solve. The Candle burns at both ends it seems in this chase .

        Good night Sir.

        • A couple years back while searching the windy gap near Chama I unexpectedly found a geocache in an army ammo box. It looked just like a chest I was searching for at first glance. But alas all I ended up with was a racing heart.

  2. Maybe the treasure is actually the joy of looking, of being out in the wilderness, of discovery! The discovery of oneself and of the great outdoors!
    He seems like the type of man that, leaving his mark, this treasure hunt, is all about what he did, what he experienced. Maybe this is his way of sharing, getting fat America off their asses!

    • I think you’re right…partially! Forrest seems happiest when folks write to tell him that they went out looking…and had a great time. He seems to revel in those letters. He is particularly proud when someone thanks him for getting their whole family up and off the couch and out on a family outing.
      So, yes certainly it’s about the looking…the chase…but I also believe the chest is out there. It’s not easy to find. If it were easy it would have been found by now…

      • I believe it is easy, but people have made it complicated in part by the huge amount of misinformation. But also because most don’t pay attention to what was actually said, and take what they think was said. No offense to anyone, but some of the solves to clues I have seen are so off the wall and fly in the face of so many things Forrest has said about the chest, it does not surprise me that it has NOT been found.

  3. Why look in Yellowstone? Didn’t Forrest mention that it is more than 300 miles Southwest of Toledo? I am assuming Toledo, Ohio. Yellowstone would be Northwest by my maps. I agree it is so important to start at the right spot “where warm waters halt”? Is there any hot springs in New Mexico?

    • Yes, He also said the treasure is in the mountains north of Santa Fe…. He did NOT say, “Santa Fe, NM”… he just said, “Santa Fe”. Remember, he is from TEXAS. In fact, Santa Fe, Tx is VERY close to where he used to live. Go north from there and you are in the mountains… HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS is “more than 300 miles southwest of Toledo, Ohio”.

      • John-
        He also said once that the reason he said north of Santa Fe was so folks wouldn’t dig up his yard. He lives in Santa Fe, NM.
        Hot Springs, AR is not in the Rocky Mountains. I believe he has publicly stated that that it’s in the Rocky Mountains.

      • that is correct, he said north of santa fe. It could be santa fe street, santa fe new mexico, santa fe train, or etc.

        • David-
          He confirmed that he was talking about Santa Fe, NM. He also said it was at least 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe, NM.

          • Yes, I finally had discover that after my 1st journey to Mesa Verde. Santa Fe, NM has a total area 37.4 sq mi.

      • Except he has not put Texas nor anywhere in the Mid-West on his map. It only covers NM, CO, WY, & MT.

    • I don’t know that it’s safe to “assume” with Forrest…
      I once counted about 12 Toledo’s in the USA. In addition to cities there are also mountains and ghost towns and other places named Toledo…Since then I have decided that the “Toledo” clue is just a red herring. It’s part of Forrest’s sense of humor…not a real clue.

      There are many hot springs in New Mexico…Many are north of Santa Fe…
      I checked out a couple of them..
      See previous blogs-
      F Marks the Spot…or Not
      Janice and Ray from L.A.

      • He said Toledo is not real a clue because it’s more of confirmation to your discover.

        • David-
          He said Toledo is not a clue because it isn’t a clue. He has a very specific definition for a clue and the Toledo statement does not fit that definition. You are replying to some old comments. There are more current comments elsewhere.

          • you right Toledo is not a clue, it’s the answer to a clue. now to find the clue for that answer, we can say Toledo is place. in order to find the place you need find a map. once the map is found. you need find the location and when you look up the location you will heavy concentration of places. then you will say “Holy Toledo !” Then you find the root expression meaning Holy Toledo and it means high proportion of bars to churches. and that’s why see a lot of Toledo locations. it. was commonly use a standing joke. that why Forrest made it like a joke. So now we can say the clue is in 3 parts location=map, Toledo=city, and Holy Toledo. now we put it together to get the clue. Map of Holy City and answer is Toledo.

            Map Of Holy City is now your new clue. And don’t use Toledo, if you do, you going for the chase.

  4. albuquerque news paper 2-28-2013 Fenn says But , “I never said it was in New Mexico and I never said it was buried, only somewhere in the rocky mountains.

  5. been thinking alot about Aunt Clara Brown, Central City, Co, close to denver, there is a hill named after here, could this be something to look into?

    • spent a week there looking. If you draw a line west of Toledo Spain, it goes through this spot (same latitude), I covered all bases and left with nothing. Check out the mineral museum in Golden while you are there… it was the highlight of the trip. Glen (Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada)

  6. How about “Holy Toledo!” ….I think the real treasure is in “The Chase”! This has gotten my son Michael and I working together to try to solve the clues and read the book. Hopefully one day venture on an actual hunt and explore the territories together. Great idea to get people together working towards common interest. Very good read too!

  7. Don’t worry, it is out there, hot on the trail. Don’t you just love a treasure hunt?

  8. I have stayed up two nights straight and came up with 3 very nice possible locations. I looked at every clue and came up with 3 theories for each. Then I cross referenced all theories till all clues fit. I hope I will find it eventually!

  9. So Dal,
    I am completely and 100 percent convinced that its in Firehole! How thoroughly have you scoured the place?

    • Some-
      The Firehole is about 20 miles in length. I certainly have not scoured it. I was interested in particular areas of it that seemed to be suggested by writings in the book. I have abandoned all those ideas. I then considered the place where the Firehole River ends to be the place Where Warm Waters Halt, and moved on down the Madison Canyon..etc. etc..

      I’ve gotten past that too…

      I guess what I am saying is that in 20+ miles of river the Firehole has lots of nooks and crannies that were never searched by me. Many others have looked there too..I would say that I’ve walked more than 8 miles of the river…on one side or the other. Many times in some places because there are spots I love to return to…just for the solitude..

      It’s a big river..it has tributaries and geysers and flats and waterfalls and caves and all kinds of goodies..I think it’s impossible to thoroughly search by one person..so my idea was always to see how I could follow the clues, see where that would put me…on the Firehole or any other place..and then start searching…

      If the clues in the poem don’t lead me there I don’t waste time scouring an area…So I would’t walk the Firehole just because I think the treasure could be along it somewhere…that will get a person nowhere as far as I am concerned…
      But if the clues in the poem lead you to a particular place on the Firehole…I’ve got to respect that area…and start looking for a blaze..

      That being said..
      The Firehole is a fantastic place and I’ve walked along that roaring warm water for days having loads of fun…taking pictures..looking for arrowheads..investigating the geysers, the wildlife the tributaries. It’s the kind of place a person could spend a lifetime exploring and never get bored..It’s beautiful and exciting and soothing and frightening..but I can’t say I’ve scoured it…I think I could say I’m familiar with it..in a less than intimate fashion..

        • Josh, I’m no expert nor am I a frequent visitor to the Firehole or Yellowstone, but I know that bears can be anywhere in Montana and Wyoming! I don’t no if they are more prevalent there, but if you familiarize yourself with the suggestions for hiking and camping in bear country you are probably safer in bear country than on a busy freeway. Good luck!

          • Ha ha! … maybe??

            Actually, no. I’m the new Brett. I’m the one that’ll have the treasure REAL soon! Ha ha…

            Also, you don’t want to gamble with me, you’ll feel bad at the results… like taking candy from a baby.

      • Hey it may be the firehole as wwwh to go down the Madison canyon as starting point but you need to drive to the HOB and walk from there. Don’t start walking at the location of wwwh?

        • Hi Anyssa,
          Many have followed that same advice and not succeeded. In fact I will being do just that soon.

          But, what if, just maybe the person that starts walking from WWWH will be the one….you just never know. IMHO. Good luck to you on the chase. Jeff

  10. hey dal-
    good story, coulda ended happier
    did you happen to come across old iron bridge while you were in that region? The reason I ask is that iron turns brown when it rusts and this could be “home of Brown”. F mentions he rode down a rusty iron slide next to his school and his butt would be brown from the rust. Also, have you purchased/read the book “flywater” which F mentions on pg 124 of TTOTC? Thanks.

    • Matt-
      Glad you liked the story. That was a good day..
      There is a bridge that goes across the Firehole just about a hundred feet from where I was sitting. But it’s not an old rusty bridge. It’s a fairly new bridge. No rust in sight. When he was a kid there was an older bridge at this spot. It may have been rusty. I don’t know what it looked like. But the bridge that is there now would have been there long before he actually hid the treasure in 2009 or 2010. I did purchase Flywater. I think there were two books by that guy named Flywater. I read them. Appreciated the photos and writing but didn’t feel there was anything that could help me find the treasure. Why do you ask?

  11. Yea that firehole sounds like a blast for fishing, which I have done my whole life, and for bathing, which I have never done(in a river that is). I was reading up on firehole and it said that it stays within a half mile of a road until it reaches old flats freight road and old iron bridge. In between biscuit basin and midway geyser basin…found on Wikipedia. Yeah there are 2 of those books but the one Forrest has is the one from 94′ cause the other one is more recent. I ask because he says he his thoughts drifted to new experience to be had and new ideas to be tried. Like in the people “hint of riches NEW and old”…thought it could be one of those subtle clues. Also on the bottom of that pages is a picture that says “my secret fishing hole” which could mean where he hid the treasure. Then re read pg 125, I think that is a very important page. The 3rd paragraph could be a clue to where along a river he hid it. It is a very descriptive passage.

  12. hey Dal –
    Have you been to Mammoth hot springs in north yellowstone? That could possibly be wwwh. It also could be the home of Brown because the springs leave different colors from minerals when they dry, and a common color is brown.

    • Matt-

      No. I have not looked at Mammoth. I have been following a different tact for Brown and I am hard pressed to consider a hot spring as the place WWWH because I can’t find the logic in it-
      1. There are hot springs all over the place…what would make one better than any other?
      2. I don’t see warm water halting at a hot spring..I see it slowly cooling or mixing…nothing traps it and keeps it from going somewhere…

      Lots of arguments here against my thoughts but for me it works..

      • Dal I think your ideas are flawed so tell me about all of them and I will point out the errors for you. Just if you are wondering I dont do this for everyone but you I will bend alittle.

        • DP-
          I liked that spot too. It fit pretty well. But in the end I was blazeless. At one point I saw a beautiful brass plate about 10 feet up on the trunk of a fir. I couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure that must be the blaze…why on earth else would such a shiny, new plate be attached to a tree…
          Of course it was not the blaze…and if I think about it logically it makes no sense that it would be the blaze…
          But like most searchers, when I am out looking and not seeing what I hoped for, I begin twisting what’s there to fit my needs..
          I spent quite a bit of time there. Walked from La Junta all the way up to the end of the common trail at the petroglyphs and back. Then crossed the Red and walked about a mile downstream past the trail down from Cebolla Mesa. Walked from the confluence of the Red and the Rio Grande all the way up to the fish hatchery. I hunted, searched and admired the place.
          My favorite trail down into the box is the Cebolla Mesa trail. Just a lovely walk with lots of little birds to keep you company…The walk back up is not as lovely…but still less challenging than the La Junta trail.

      • dal-
        thanks for the response. the hot springs idea seems like a common idea among the searchers. I just looked at them in yellowstone and Mammoth is the largest I believe. Home of Brown is probably something your going to have to be out searching to realize it. I dont think it is something that can found through research, with this being said I do like to skip ahead and look at home of Brown because that seems like the biggest clue. Anyway it does not matter until you have the correct wwwh so lets try and figure that out first

      • I’m with Dal warm waters don’t halt at hot springs. Unless were talking there vertical movement but that stops. We need something that acts more like a stop light.

        • I think it could still be hot springs in the sense that warm waters HALT people, like visitors, travelers, etc.

      • No? Not even the Black Rock or Manby Hot Springs that flow directly in the cold Rio Grande? Which just so happens gets “taken down” the Rio Grande Gorge (canyon)?

        Not even THOSE hot springs Dal?

        • djj-
          I looked around Manby Springs..but not because I thought it was WWWH. I was looking there for a blaze. I was using the Rio Hondo as the stream I couldn’t paddle up. In that possible solution I started at roughly the Colorado/New Mexico border on the Rio Grande. The place where the Gorge begins. I read a lovely description of that area where the author (a fly fisherman) spoke at length about how this was the place that the Rio Grande changed from a slow moving warm and sediment carrying stream to a fast moving, cold water, trout bearing river. I also felt that the Rio Grande was the most likely river for Forrest to hide his chest near simply because of the Rio Grande’s importance to the history, culture and economy of the regions inhabitants. It is arguably the lifestream of New Mexico.
          From there..the Gorge was the canyon down…Then I was looking at the trout streams that join the Rio as the potential HOB…the Red and the Hondo..So I examined both of those extensively looking for other possible alignments with the clues…but everything gets murky and after spending a great deal of time searching around the confluences as well as all the way up to the heads of those streams I decided I was barking up the wrong streams and moved on..

          • I know. Both you and Stephanie have looked around Manby Springs.

            Perhaps this is where ya’ll solved the first two clues? Could be? Nobody knows for sure yet.

            But as far as Rio Hondo as the “no paddle” I think you should of tried “Rio Pueblo de Taos”

            Impossible to paddle due to the rocks and it’s even mentioned as “not for the faint of heart” – no place for the meek?

            Rio Pueblo de Taos too far from Manby Spring to be a solution? Yes I say so, def too far to walk if that’s your starting point.

          • Dal-
            Did Forrest ever say there was an error in TTOTC? I though he did and I think I found it. He spells caddis with one d one page 125. Did you happen to catch this also?

          • But say you don’t like Hot Springs being the solution for WWWH.

            Rio Pueblo de Taos starts in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. And it flows through the Pueblo Canyon. Not far – it’s a pretty good distance from Blue Lake to the city of Taos (which I’m calling home of Brown, for many reasons)

            That still brings you to the same location. Between Taos and the Rio and a creek you can’t paddle on and is considered “not for the faint of heart”

          • Matt-
            I think someone mentioned the caddis vs cadis question earlier…
            There are typos in both books and many folks have mentioned them to him. I don’t know that he has ever said there was any kind of a mistake that was also a clue in TTOTC…
            Look at the gone fishing videos and the video titled “mistakes not errors”. In that video he explains in the beginning how mistakes happen…and then goes on to say that not all the mistakes are actually errors in some of his books…
            I’m neutral but leaning toward disbelief on the idea of typos being clues…
            But lets say it is a hint…what kind of hint could it be?
            It just seems much more like a common typo to me. I mak them all the time.

          • well the word is spelled with two d’s, but yeah it could just be a typo not a clue. I do not believe he would leave a clue such as that so obvious. But on the other hand, the location of the chest could be close to a river/stream that has caddis hatches and not some other kind of fly?

          • Stan-
            I do know that I am affected by anything more than 7,000 feet. That’s because I live at about 42 feet above sea level. Plenty of oxygen down here. My body is used to it.
            Even when I go to Taos or West Yellowstone I can feel the difference. I have to take more breaks to let my lungs catch-up and I really want to sleep a lot more. I could never be one of those guys that climb the 10 highest peaks…lol…
            I think I read once that air at sea level contains about 20% oxygen. While at 7,000ft there is only about 16% oxygen. Two more thousand feet and were probably down to 15%…
            Some people are totally unaffected by the difference. Reactions vary….
            But if the chest turns out to be too much for me I am certain I can call on someone to help me carry it out…lol…

          • No worries mate I got your back.

            Although I live at 27 feet above sea level, the higher altitude doesn’t bother me.

      • @dal, are you open to reconsidering? I wonder if Liberty Cap is wwwh, primarily because of the use of the word “halt” as a military term, the Liberty Cap was worn by French Revolutionaries, and the thing is an extinct hot spring. If you’ve had a chance to follow my other annoying posts on The Blaze, I’ve put some other thoughts out there about why I think this is a great area.

        • I think you are at the same idea I have about liberty cap. I think that could be www. The canyon down I think is Yankee Jim canyon and it is too far to walk to the next location until it says put in below the home of brown. Joe brown had a home up above Joe Brown’s creek which is above the boat put in called Joe Brown’s boat ramp or access. That location is at yellowstone river. Tell me your thoughts.

  13. I searched there. It is a magical place. Some things really make sense about it. I am planning on going back to this area too. Read my story on Ladies Only. about sinks.

  14. It seems to fit the poem quite well but I know it has to have been searched quite a bit. I was curious where people get stuck on the clues with this place?

  15. I agree with Matt T…WTWWH…Fire River Hole, like flutterby. Pg 125, last paragraph deffinately points to his resting place. Time for everyone to get together and do a military style grid search and find the chest in the woods!

    • I am in! I think once you have found the correct wwwh that the rest will come together. But if you do not have the right wwwh your search is over before it began 🙁

      • I hope you are right but I have a feeling with all the different interpretations for HOB and Blaze, we could still go right by it!

        • yeah I do not think you can figure out HOB or the blaze on the internet/through research. I believe you have to be out in the wild looking to figure it out. And if you do go right by it, you were not wise but still had the fun of the thrill of the chase.

          • halogetter-
            He writes caddis with one d two times on page 125. I dont believe this is a typo. He has to know that it contains 2 d’s, he was a fly fisherman his whole life.

    • Donna-
      I also believe that the last paragraph is where the chest is located. Also, didn’t FF mention that he made an error in the TTOTC? Well I think I found it. In the last paragraph he says “and the last cadis hatch is gone” I think caddis is spelled with 2 d’s. Anyone else find this error?

          • Caddis is indeed spelled with two d’s, as all fly fishers who know their stream entomology would know. And the word caddisfly or caddisflies, like mayfly or mayflies, is the more generally accepted term rather than two words. Caddisflies are the primary food source for trout in many streams.

            But there are a number of other glitches or deliberate spelling oddities in TTOTC, such as “because he said he said he” and “Romanesque Lock Box”, to mention a few.

            He published it himself, so he had final say in the content. You need to judge if it’s a mistake, just messin’, deliberate, or other. And the deliberate or other categories are large…


  16. Yes,Donna, the last paragraph, and the last ‘cadis hatch’ is gone…. Brown Mayflys….. (great trout bait) trouble is there are thousands of places that they like to hatch on a river, but there are certain definate features they perfer.

    • So… those of you looking to skip ahead and find the hoB, IMO, that will not work…. too many hoB’s

  17. There are multiple Brown cadis as wells Mayflies. I was hoping I was on to something too with this train of thought, but alas, there are many Browns in reference to bait as well as everything else.

  18. i tink the book is the clues to warm. wut is warm. is wut feels warm by ur body temp thaz y the bronse fel cold to there hands. the body tem is 37 degres n so poem say start their n tkae it down, so tat tak you to 36 degres wher mexico n arizana is at

      • Hey, Teach….I think he is serious…..As serious as a rock on your head….you can look at that two ways if you like. But not knocking his thought process, Mind you…. didn’t want to leave aspect open for interpretation.

  19. Forrest say’s, You have to know were to start, or it wont work. How are we suppose to know to start, if you begin it were the warm waters halt. There are hundreds of these is the Rockies. That is why people are running all over the place. If he would just give us another sentence in there. Another clue to the beginning would be nice. a hint. So after that you need a canyon. Than you need a creek. So well I think I have about 20 on that, now I need about 20 grand to go look and pay a few bills in the meantime….LOL

  20. Ok ya’ll. I’ve kept quiet about this, and prob still should, but… I lived in TX all my life till 18 years ago and got transplanted to KC, MO (work). My daddy used to yell at my brother to keep his “bold jewels” covered after he got out of the shower and ran to his room. “As I have gone in there alone, with my treasures bold” sounds like a skinny dip definition, like when Mr. Fenn swam nude and moved down stream at the edge of the warm water to cool off. Dal wrote about his swimming experience too. Just saying…¥Peace¥

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  22. @Chris Yates;
    I am wondering how you hear audio on the wwwh site? I use an android and hear nothing… 🙁

  23. http://wherewarmwatershalt.com/

    Check out the circles, far left is nature sounds and a kid voice reading the poem, then middle two nothing, then arrowhead on far right spinning and playing the previous “Running North and South online).

    Curious…any system admins want to find the backend info and share it on the blog?

    • On iphone or iPad go to the sight and bookmark it. Change the name to “view source”. Then go to the link below-it gives you instructions but basically will have you cut and paste a line of codes (link on the site) then go back to your bookmark page, click edit, and in the info line below where you wrote “view source” erase the original destination and paste in the code you just copied. Then Open the bookmark. (It will open in new page so you may need to close the one your on to see it in front of you. The links are color coded and I think they’re in blue. A few are the audios they’ll play…others are the pictures etc. just click on all the links and you’ll find them. TURN OFF COOKIES or ERASE right after as you’ll see there’s trackers in there as well. 🙁


  24. I finally had the opportunity to visit the wwwh site and the title to the gold on a real computer!
    I actually got to hear the audio on wwwh, there is none on tttg.
    Wwwh, by the way, the elements say the count expires at 04:15 on 8/15/15.
    The marbles and the arrowhead all have names and the first is 3 different children reciting the poem, and the arrowhead has weird audio…kinda like tuning a crystal radio. Does the countdown mean the end is ever drawing nigh?
    What’s the green bottle in the bottom corner of the pic? Tttg doesn’t have anything but a burning candle a pic of the chest, a dedication and the poem.
    Finally I got to see and hear what all the hullabaloo was about!
    Now, what’s it all mean…???

  25. I think the home of Brown might have something to do with the Pueblo indians, and how it was their home. And geographically below Taos, which is the home of some pueblos, there is a Burnt Ridge Canyon that stems from a Pueblo canyon. Which could also be a certain blaze… Also, I get the Pueblos because they have been mentioned as the “Brown Story Tellers” Sorry if I am just completely off in neverland. Just thought I would post.

    • There is a place North of Santa Fe in the Rockies that is considered the home of the Pueblo Indians….

  26. Erica! Great! thinking….Now here is a subject worth Talking about! Read above, Warm Waters Halting is so many places. I think forrest said something about He wished people would not focus so much on this. So??????Really, Right? Im starting over. LOL

  27. I wish I could be in Neverland…Been trying to get there for a while. 🙁
    I’ve come across the Brown Storyteller’s before too…
    Didn’t get anywhere with it though… Maybe you can. Keep at it.

  28. Warm Waters Halt , can be interrupted may ways. For one What is the context in which the term is being used? Warm being descriptive and a noun . You see where Im going with this. To me the very first word in the stanza dictates this. So lets list a few WWWH ,

    1. Your heart
    2. The place where the San Juan meets the Red river , ( if that is correct)
    3. Continental Divide
    4. Ice
    5. Low Pressure areas in the clouds
    6. A story told by the Brown Story tellers.
    7. old faithful
    8. the loss of his Dad
    9. Vietnam


    First thing I would say is , do any of these have anything to do with the poem and the book . Using the poem as the unseen barrier of logic , and the book what is with in the contents of the quest. Of course F’s hints are also good , but they are what they are. Hints. I do not think personally think that this subject in question is unlocked just by a physical view point . I think it must be a point at which you are lead to by the previous Stanza ,if being that ; it would seem that the first and second Stanza are combine in essence. Not that the whole poem is not .

    These are only opinions and subject to scrutiny.
    Good Luck

    • my assumption is that the first stanza gives you an area (which gives you the state automatically). And wwh is within that area.

  29. Warm waters halt is talking about the geysers of Yellowstone…..they erupt then stop abruptly….halt it gives you the starting area

    • Those geyser waters aren’t “warm” by any reasonable definition. Most are at the boiling point for Yellowstone’s elevation.

  30. If a poem and map is all that is necessary, how are history lessons helping the search? Then again, this could explain five years and counting….. Just my ‘O’.

      • I suppose I underrated the complexity of it all, I guess you are correct and that all that was really said was “Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.” Thanks

        • Don’t forget the “comprehensive knowledge of geography.” The poem, a good map, a knowledge of geography. I don’t see a knowledge history in the requirements. But that is my opinion.

      • Into,
        You are correct. What he did actually say was all you need is the poem. From Dal’s blog under “Is the book Important”.

        “Dear Mr. Fenn,
        We are a group of avid elderly bridge players in San Diego who after reading your book hope to find your treasure. We are not into poetry as much as the memoir. We realize the clues are in the poem, but were wondering if there isn’t at least one clue in each chapter.
        Thank you for a great book. Sincerely, Emily,
        Forrest’s succinct response:Emily,
        All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem. The chapters in my book have very subtle hints but are not deliberately placed to aid the seeker. Good luck in the search. f”

  31. I think WWWH is somewhere in Glacier National Park, at least that is currently my favourite location.
    Glaciers are where warm melt water halts as it A) becomes ice and B) slows its mocement as it becomes part of the glacier.

    Also Park is a synonym for halt.

    Add to that the fact that speaking from a naval perspective warm waters halt at your National boundary’s and I think you have a 4 way correlation for that area.

    Are quite a number of locations with names such as ‘Old man lake’, ‘Young boy lake’, ‘Lone pine pass’ etc to correlate with the opening stanza.

    All in all, at the moment that is where I am focusing for the starting area.

    • Sid,
      While Glacier sounds interesting on paper, it seems to fall apart quickly from an accessibility standpoint. Unless you think F left it very close to one of the few roads, there’s not too many spots that he could credibly get to twice in an afternoon. Altitude gain and distance would rule out the lakes you mention.

      • yeah Sid,
        nothing there to see, just go to YNP like everyone else. Take plenty of selfies with the wildlife. I hear they enjoy it. Actually GNP is one of my top bucket list items regardless of when or where Fenn’s treasure is discovered. Too bad about this year’s fire.

        • An interesting comment I heard about the fires. With all the undergrowth gone, a lot of areas can now be seen from the road, with out hiking through the woods. In particular was a lake AND/OR a waterfall. We went to YNP a in 90 or 91 after the 88 fires, with all the destruction, there was already signs of new life all through out the burned areas. Wonderful to Gods hand at work.

    • Sid,

      I’ll agree with Colokid, that Glacier National park fits well with waters halt… it misses when fenn stated, There are many WWWH in the Rockies and nearly most are North of SF.

      Nearly Most…? would raise some suspicion that WWWh may not be a Glacier or even the park.

      Now there are indications of ancient glaciers in NM. [at least one that i have heard of ] So if you consider a none existing or prior glacier, I guess it would work.

      The one aspect that I keep dwelling over is ” some got the first two clues…” and may not have know. Is WWWH the first clue and are both the 1st and 2nd clue a physical place. One would have to be as searchers told fenn where they were. BUT are both?

  32. “Also Park is a synonym for halt.”

    I, too, was convinced for a time that “Park” (as in Park County in my case) was where “halt” came into play. Now I think otherwise. Also, I feel that Glacier National Park is a problematic area, even though I tried to make it work for a while.

    I really do think that you have to think outside the box – glaciers, ice, geysers, clouds, etc. are just not going to give you the specifics you need.

  33. Can warm waters halt under ones boot tracks; or the steam of a locomotive engine?

    What about an ancient or vintage Well; or Coke Oven? Could a TC ‘logically’ be placed inside one of these?

      • What does WWWH have to do with “not associated with a structure”? Unless you believe WWWH is where the chest lays in wait, then I can see your statement. The only part of the poem we the searcher know from the author, is the chest itself is not associated with structure.

        • That was in response to: “What about an ancient or vintage Well; or Coke Oven? Could a TC ‘logically’ be placed inside one of these?”

  34. I believe where warm waters halt is talking about the south and middle fork of the wood river as it flows out of hot springs county in Wyoming. Also if you follow these two rivers you will notice they form two omega shapes when they join the north fork of the wood river. I believe the treasure is somewhere in Kirwin, Wyoming at the end of these omega shapes which I believe also is the rainbow which Forrest talks about. Put in below the home of Brown is where you park your car when you visit Kirwin. The parking is at the base of Brown mountain.

    • Several of us spent a lot of time in that area and up above at Amelia’s cabin. There are many connections to the poem and clues but it is a very difficult place to get to. By the way, I was one of the first to say the treasure will not be hidden in a well or cave and FF did concur and state the same so be careful Kirwin is an old mining town with many open mine shafts. Several people died after an avalanche buried them below Brown Mountain (High water and heavy loads). I hope it is found there as it is a very scenic area with a lot of history but I don’t think it is or i’d be up there again this summer. Best of luck.

      • Meant to say IMO and not “cave” but mine shaft…ie “not buried in a well or mine…too dangerous and people could die. I may be buried in a cave…

    • I really like this solve. I actually found a great ‘blaze’ in that area that I believe most if not all have overlooked. I went there last week. I didn’t find the treasure, but I wasn’t able to be there long, since we had a plane to catch. It is a VERY difficult place to get to. You have to fly into Cody, drive 65 miles mostly on gravel rocks. (There is only one horrible rocky road to get there). You need a 4 wheel drive vehicle with big wheels to get to kirwin. Nice job on working out the Hot Springs County boundary as WWWH. One of my favorite solves! The treasure may be there, but I couldn’t find it in just a few hours. My biggest reservation in going back is I highly doubt that Forrest would have gone there as an 80 year old man. It is annoyingly difficult to get to, and I doubt he would have had a special relationship with the place, since there is no way he would have gone there often given how hard it is to access. All those risks and the high cost of getting there make it a no go for me. But let me know if you want the blaze and we can split the loot if you find it. lol.

  35. Thanks for the clarification; I appreciate it.

    In regard to Emilia Earhart: I’ve read that there are two completed cabins on the left… and only a few logs remaining behind them that were the actual beginnings of her cabin. ( It’s been said that she would stay at the nearby “Double D Ranch” during that time).

    It would be quite interesting to learn some of the the history behind the other two cabins.

    Emelia Earhart is a true pioneer in aviation history. Much more to this flyer than we can even begin to scratch the surface of. My fascination of her goes back to early childhood and continues to this day.

    It’s an honor to continue learning more about her as well as FF.

    Absolutely ~

  36. Dal hello my name is Kevin I’m curious twards some terminology used here what is wwwh ?

  37. I have spent the better part of my afternoon studying this and reading blog after blog idea after idea and I can’t help but wonder has anyone considered the possibility that this is a learning lesson I find myself totally caught off guard here but one thing stands out vary strong in my mind if I were facing down my seemingly inevitable demise I would find solace in my memories and the poem seems more like a string of moments in this man’s life that defined his charector and kept him on the path he followed the goal here really i belive is to understand the man behind the poem and in that understanding finding locations that ignite these emotions in my self idk there is a lot to digest however I look forward to this endeavor as I am about to be a new father and can see no better way to spend the summers with my daughter searching my self and helping her to discover herself as well thanks to ff and all those who have sparked this flame lol

  38. Shoshone ice caves, Blaze of a cross on the wall and its in the water, that is my guess. The other guess is witch canyon leading from the geyser to heart lake ( where warm water halt because it is a cold water lake. my treasure bold ( as bold as brass) ” I keep my secrets where” I keep mine in my heart. Heart river yep that my guess. good luck everyone, i am tired and weak (willie nelson,elvis) listen good. Steve .

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