You’ve Got Mail……

Forrest in his office reading email…

We’d all like to be able to read some of the email Forrest must get every day. I know I’d like to see where everyone is looking and maybe see if Forrest gives them any additional hints.

Forrest graciously agreed to share some of his voluminous email with this blog.

Some of these notes are very sincere. Others are intended to give him a laugh. A few are quite clever while trying to weasel additional clues.  Some are just plainly stupefying.

Comments in black are my own, Forrest simply passed on the email clipping and when appropriate, his response. I have edited some for the sake of clarity and to eliminate any identifying elements.

Some people just need to have their noses rubbed in the clues before they can see them. There was a fellow who was certain he had come up with the correct location for the hidden treasure in the cemetery where Forrest’s parents are buried in Texas.  He wrote:

I suspect the treasure is buried behind their gravestone. I can furnish you with the reasoning behind this conclusion. I call it common decency, to ask before I dig.

To which Forrest quickly replied:

The treasure is hidden north of Santa Fe. Texas is south.  Please don’t dig up my parent’s graves. f

Some people are certain they have it all figured out and you have to wonder if they are serious…and for that matter, if they ARE serious, what they read in the poem that you missed.

Okay I know the canyon is in Colorado. The treasure box is right underneath a brown bear cave. They protect the gold in the summer so the gold can only be discovered in the winter while the brown bears are hibernating. Heavy loads is the pretty sparkling snow and water is high from the snow. Warm water halts because its down in the canyon where the water gets colder not warm. No paddle up your creek and there is only one creek in Colorado that flows uphill. Hmmm… I’m still thinking but it’s just right there not far. Hmmm????

Do bears live in caves?

Sometimes Forrest does give out additional clues. Here is one we all now know:

The chest is not in Eastern Saskatchewan. Now you owe me. f

That should save us all some time and energy. Here is someone who found a second message in addition to the challenge of finding the hidden chest:

Yesterday I purchased your book and finished it about three hours ago. I paused for a moment and no longer thought about the challenge, but rather the tone in which you wrote your book. Towards the beginning you seem very upbeat and have many things to say but then you taper off into heartfelt thoughts and feelings that really shaped and molded you into the man you are. I appreciated the openness you had in your book. As you pointed out you had a renewed sense of the meaning of life, and for me the meaning was that you finally realized, at age 79, that you were not invincible after all and you wish to experience more things before you go and to never be forgotten. Well, Mr. Fenn, I think you have accomplished that.

I am happily going to accept the challenge, and if one day I figure it out and find your treasure, I will keep your place a secret and leave some treasure of my own. It will be a thrill to be in your chase.

Some try humor as they attempt to unhook a clue or two:

Forrest. I am very fascinated with your treasure hunt poem. I read it over and over but, I haven’t bought the book because I don’t have enough money and my car is broke down. I believe that Home of Brown is the Home of Yogi Bear at the Yellowstone National Park is where the treasure is hidden. The first line is a big hint. You have gone in there alone, so you went into the Brown Bear Cave. Found the Blaze? It’s Yogi!!! I’m not done but, I know I am very close to finding the treasure.

But wait!! What’s the deal with this bear cave theme that keeps coming up? What did I miss?

Maybe I should be glad I don’t live near Forrest. He shared this with me… his response to a phone call:                                         

A “neighbor.” whom I do not know called on the phone yesterday and she was maddern hell. She said some guys were digging up her yard because they said I had buried a treasure there. She wanted to know what was going on. I said that I don’t know anything about it but she could buy my book, The Thrill of the Chase and she might give it to them so they would go dig someplace else. She hung up on me. I listened for shots but didn’t hear any. I think I’ll have someone black out my windows. f

There was a fellow whose name I have changed, who contacted Forrest about doing a documentary. Forrest wrote:

Tim, tell me something about yourself and your project. One doc has already aired and another in December. f

To which Tim replied:

Mr. Fenn,
Thank you for responding. Our project focuses on the archetypal hero’s journey, and what prompts a man to take that journey, and why taking that journey is so important for each of us. We feel that you are a like-minded individual who understands that it is this mythic journey we must all take which helps to define us, and give our daily lives meaning.
Best regards,

Forrest’s reply:

I’m kinda worn out with docs. If you still want to do it after a few months lets talk again. Thanks for asking. f

Some people see hidden messages in the stories from the book:

I read again the story “Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch”.  I remember that you also mentioned Eric Sloane and numbers in your book. The numbers I see in this story could be coordinates.
Cundiyo is at 35 57′ 35″N 105 53′ 51″ W (or 35.95972 N, 105.8975 W
Jemez is also at 35 N +
Taos is at 36 N + 
So, I won’t be going north of 36 degrees. 

Some folks stay in communication with Forrest while they are out searching. This can lead to additional short stories about Forrest’s past. This is his response to someone tromping around in his summer childhood home in West Yellowstone:

You might drive by The Dude Motel on Boundary Street. I built it in 1962 with my brother and brother-in-law. Ronald Reagan stayed with us when he was governor of California. He lost his key late at night when no one was around and couldn’t get in his room so he broke the bathroom window and climbed in. f

Sometimees readers respond in ways that can touch:

Mr. Forest Fenn,  Thank you so much for sharing your memories and feelings.  Yesterday after watching It’s a Mad,  Mad, World with my husband and son,  the news came on and there was a segment about the treasure you hid.  I must admit the thrill of the chase had me hooked .. but for all the wrong reasons at first.  I got busy with my plan to head to Santa Fe to pick up my signed copy and get started.   After a long day, a wonderful day driving with my mom, dad, husband, and son we headed back to my home.   I read your book late at night and through the smiles and the tears I learned so much, and even a bit  about how to face one of my biggest fears.   I am so afraid to sift through the memories of fishing trips, playing in sprinklers,  and doing all those wonderful things as a youngster because although they were happy times –  my heart aches when I relive them.   Your book walked me through that and I am so grateful .  I know that I will also be a better person because of your writings and though I think I forgive sinners and smile at the homely – I will do it with much more intent!  Thank you again ..I was so pleasantly surprised by the wealth gained within those pages… but,  I know myself – the thrill of the chase is something I have in me – and by God I think I know where it is at without looking, but I guess most people feel that way.   Well it’s been a pleasure reading your book – it’s almost like I know you.   May God continue to bless you …. happy trails to you….

Forrest’s reply:

Sharon, words like yours make it all worth while for me. f

Some folks send photos while digging for more clues.

This is where I think it is….and this is how I think you know if it’s been messed with. If these are disturbed, then you know someone was there. Any thoughts?

To which Forrest responded:

Could a 79 year old man move those logs to put a heavy bronze box under them? No one ever called me Clark Kent to my face but some people think I’m from another planet.

Sounds like this guy is asking for a clue to me:

Hello Forrest,

If it is not considered a clue, I would like to ask you for clarification on something about the “Treasure Hunt”. My son and I seem to have a difference of opinion on weather the chest is “Hidden” or “Buried”. If it is not giving away anything, can you enlighten us on this matter, before he runs out to buy a shovel.  Thank you!

And this guy:

Just need to ask cause I dont want to go to the wrong mountains. Is it in the jemez?

Some have concerns about their search location:

I saw some pictures online of that area and I think there are rattlesnakes. The Indiana Jones I’m married to doesn’t like the idea of hooking up with one.

Others compose a little poetry of their own:

I think I found your sweet spot
& thought “I should drop a line,”
To see if my trail is hot…
(except for that part with the slime)
I’m from central Texas, so
I really felt quite at home
And into that wood I did go,
Went over it with a comb.
Thinking it’s not underground –
So when you say “water high”
Unless it’s already found,
Do you mean chest, hip, or thigh?
Thanks for the adventure!!

Finally this from a tired searcher who had been out for awhile

Inch by holy inch I am finding places it cannot be…
I just hope that the moon is not north of Santa Fe…

This just in…

I heard from a friend of Forrest’s that he received over 700 emails after that story aired on KOB-TV. The amazing part is that he answered every single one of them. That’s dedication to your fans!!!!


14 thoughts on “You’ve Got Mail……

    • Stephanie-

      I did. I met with Forrest in August and got to take a few shots of him. That oddly cropped photo of him on my first story was another I took on the same visit. And because I know you are going to didn’t get any additional clues…To wit: I have not found it…YET!

      • That photo is really neat. I liked the first one you took just of him. We’re only making one more trip for the year. Of course we know RIGHT where it is *smile*. Then if by chance we’re wrong….I’ll go back in the spring to help look when our kids are out of school. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to meet him then in person and would love to try out some of those hot springs like you did. My husband and son got to meet him a few weeks back. Love your blog Dal.

  1. I think we’re just about done for the year. Might go back next year, but not sure. It might be found by then. Maybe by you 🙂 I’d still like to visit Forrest either way though. Look forward to your next blog post.

  2. Fun blog, Dal. I just got added to FF’s site. We got to me Forrest last week. He’s certainly crazy like a fox. And that office is UNBELIEVEABLE. See my blog for a picture of my “posse” deep inside the lair. 🙂

  3. Hi all
    After buying Mr Fenn’s book in Santa Fe we moved on My 14 yr old son is very into looking for it!
    Mr Fenn looking like life is a journey the end will be the end!

  4. Hi Dal,
    Very interesting you are as a friend of Forest, The people here are very interesting. The comments are accommodating to the book. Forest has
    put some clues under rocks right in front of the reader.” Journey of life ”
    Is what I will say. Perhaps one day a person can walk to Forest out of the blue and hand him his silver bracelet.
    I feel the teaser is most likely right in front of everyone. I live in Colorado
    where the mystic rocky mountains are full of majestic wonder, ever full
    of adventure . I feel the Cache is in Colorado. Do you ever get a feeling
    that it might be a gift right under the Christmas tree.

    Good luck all who are in search of fantastic adventure .

  5. What if it is all just for book sales, adding clue to something that does not really exist only to keep the thrill of the hunt alive and book sales alive as well. Just curious

  6. Jim, I don’t think so. Forrest Fenn has already made a fortune. Why would he lie to make more money ? He is at an age where he does not think of money as being everything. He even mentioned somewhere that to have “enough money” is good enough. Not being rich. (Even though he is rich.)

    I believe it exists. But it takes a very dedicated person to read, analyze and when he has gotten all he can from the clues he has tried to figure out, then go out and try to find the treasure. He said it was not easy, but not impossible.

    It is the thrill of the chase like when we go deer hunting. If we bag a deer , good . But the best part is finding the deer and tracking it down .

  7. I don’t think I’d compare looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure to deer hunting. At least not the deer in our region. I pulled into our driveway one day while Bambi was having his way with some landscaping between our yard and our neighbor’s. He totally ignored me. I just sat in my car thinking “At least, it’s just him.” But it wasn’t. The female came out of our side yard and proceeded in joining in on that bush. Then they headed across the cal-de-sac to another neighbor’s yard. I still have yet to put out some deer repellents this year, but I’m going to. I’ve seen hoof prints in the side yard, and my hostas have been munched down to nubs. One year we had so many deer wandering around in our yard that they marked the area up in the front of our house. I didn’t have anything left on my rose bushes. We couldn’t stand at the front door to talk with anyone, because it stank so bad. I even yelled at the deer from our upstairs bedroom window. That’s the year I went looking for deer repellents. Ergo, hunting Fenn’s treasure is not like deer hunting which can be similar to the situation that Forrest and Skippy ran into trying to control Cody the buffalo. Critters can be unpredictable. Fenn’s treasure is not going to give anyone hell by stinking up a place, eating landscaping, or dragging off a car axle. Hopefully anyone hunting Fenn’s treasure won’t be wearing skin tight spandex camo long underwear, and running around like a maniac claiming a vehicle-wounded deer with a kill tag. I’ve seen some very crazy deer hunters in southern Maryland.

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