The Aura of Gold….

Okay…this is going to surprise some people and annoy others…

As you know I am a big fan of getting out there and having fun while looking for Forrest’s treasure chest. I am not generally into the woo-woo side of looking for treasure. I have little faith in psychics who believe they can conjure up the location of Forrest’s chest just by holding an object he has touched while I fork over some hard earned cash.

However, this doesn’t mean I haven’t tried it. Heck, after the thousands and thousands of hours I have poured into this search I must have tried just about everything at least once, and its all fun. I’m just saying that even though I’ve tried the psychic revelation route, its not on the top of my list of methods. I am suspicious by nature.

Here’s the problem for me. If someone has what they claim to be the perfect solution to finding the treasure, then I am not about to pay them cash money for the service. My friend Dr. Tomorrow is over 90. He’s a futurist and once said to me that he could say anything he wanted too about the future because he probably wouldn’t be around when they figured out he was wrong.

My point is… anybody can claim they know where the treasure is at. But psychics don’t seem to be interested in a deal where they only get paid if they’re correct. Here’s my deal; Psychics do their conjuring and I’ll split the treasure if we find it in the spot they summon up.

So far no psychic has been willing to take me up on that offer. Ignore for a second what this might say about me and concentrate instead on what this says about them. Why would a person turn down a perfectly good split of a treasure worth maybe a million dollars and demand instead a $75 up-front fee? Its clear to me that someone is trying harder to get their hands in my wallet than find the treasure.

But even more strange to me is why on earth anyone who claims they could conjur up the location of the treasure in the first place, just by holding something Forrest has touched, would not simply head out and go get it themselves. What do they need me for? Its true I have an object that Forrest has touched but so does everyone else who bought Forrest’s book. Every “Thrill of the Chase” book is signed. He touched every one. I once did a story on witchcraft and interviewed a self proclaimed witch who related several incidents that demonstrated her spell casting prowess. My last question was whether she had ever used her witchcraft for personal gain. She told me, reluctantly, that on one occasion she had placed a spell on her local gas station attendant to give her a lot of extra saving stamps every time she filled up.  So I know that these “unique powers” can be used for personal gain.

But tomfoolery and mysticism exist on lots of levels.  On my last trip out I spent some time in a touristy place crowded with what I refer to as woo-woos. If you’re from New Mexico you probably know where I mean. Its a colorful place occupied for the most part by spiritual folks who do a lot of yoga, meditation, chakra balancing and california massage. They don’t drink their coffee black in this neighborhood. Shop space is pretty spendy. Most of the restaurants are vegetarian and its easier to buy a pair of  $300 sandals than work boots. If you are into mushroom art, unicorn paintings and quartz crystals this is the place for you.

I’m not. Instead I was walking around the plaza sampling various herbal smells wafting from the inviting storefronts. I was killing time waiting for a local dealership to finish replacing the ball joints on my truck. It was uncomfortably warm for a guy from Washington State…probably near 80 degrees. I found a place that sold cans of diet Pepsi for $3 and reluctantly  bought one to stop my eyeballs from drying out.

I am the kind of guy that can feel uncomfortable almost anywhere people hang out. There were a lot of people. I moved over to the shady, less crowded side of the plaza near a “precious gem” store that had some pretty spectacular examples of extracted mother earth in the window. They also had a small book rack and prominently displayed was a colorful paperback by a fellow named David Villanueva who calls himself a metal detectorist. His book is titled “The Successful Treasure Hunter’s Secret Manual”. Who among us could resist that title?

Right away you know its some sort of gimmick. Any book with both the words “successful” and “secret” in its title is trying desperately to appeal to my humanesque base instinct to get rich. Add the phrase “treasure hunter” and my knees start to wobble. Okay, I bought it. I’m a pushover.

One of the techniques that David details is finding gold is by its “aura”. There is a video on the book’s website that tries to demonstrate what this is all about. Basically, everything in the universe is said to emit an aura, humans, my truck, oak trees, muffins and precious metals are all supposedly capable of emitting auras. These auras can be seen by some people without aids (psychics). The rest of us need some sort of aid to see them. In treasure hunting they could be important because even if a treasure is hidden or buried it still emits an aura and if you can see its aura you can find the spot where its hidden. This all makes sense if you believe that things like gold actually do emit auras.

The key to David’s technique is that he discovered that a simple digital camera can see the aura emitted by gold. So, in theory, we could find Forrest’s gold treasure if it was hidden from our view by going to the location and pointing our digital camera at it. If we see the aura we know its there. If not, we go look in another place. This could save you from digging needless holes in the ground, wading foolishly into cold trout streams or crawling into non gold bearing bear dens.

Do I believe in this theory…not a chance!

One person wrote that the only real shortcut to getting rich in the treasure hunting business was to write a book about how to do  it. If you do, don’t forget to use the words “successful” and “secret” in the title.

…and ah..does anyone want to buy a slightly used paperback book and digital camera?


9 thoughts on “The Aura of Gold….

  1. Wow, I’ve been slacking in my blog reading as you have a couple here that I haven’t read. I was about to ask if you were near a deep end, that you might want to keep walking…but I see you never really bought that book…well at least in the non monetary way. It’s interesting to read your insanity as I’m just used to my own.

    So by the way, are we going in on a rental next spring in Santa Fe? Hmm, we could see what’s available next to Forrest to see if we can some how over hear him talking in his sleep 🙂 *getting my gps sensor finder ready to put under Dals truck*

    No actually have you ever thought about giving up? I’m wondering what it’s like to finish half a race……hmmm…

  2. Oh no…I was actually thinking of quitting….that’s what I meant by finishing half a race. It’s just that part of me thinks I know where it would be and I don’t want to find out if it is LOL. How many times have you thought that and then gotten stuck on your way….it can be scary out there…well if your brave that is(I’m really not brave, so maybe this is too much of a challenge for me). it’s not going to be easy……Snakes by the way…you are brave. Why would you go looking for snakes? Oh and I thought that would be a good new blog…what have you told people your doing when your hanging around a place too much out in the middle of no where? I mean if you say ummm I’m looking for a treasure…do you think they would walk away?

  3. Good post. I’ll take the camera & you can keep the book. BTW, I have some gold jewelry & it doesn’t seem to put out an aura. I try lights on, lights off, shade, etc.. nothing works. Oh well. lol.. 🙂

  4. Dal,
    I’ve been reading your old posts as time permits……I find them entertaining and informative… really should write a book.

    Anyway, this particular subject especially interested me because I’ve shot IR photography for years…..not looking for treasure but for the dramatic shots IR photography produces.

    I wonder what wavelength gold auras are (if they exist). Different wavelength filters have been used for many purposes, crop disease and sugar content detection (grapes), astro-photography, etc. Digital cameras with add on filters for the lenses are pretty much a joke. Just about all digital cameras have an IR cut filter just above the sensor inside the camera. Those filters have to be removed and replaced for true IR photography. I had a converted 30d for 720nm IR, but sold it to a kid with more money than sense. I’ve been seriously considering converting my 5D II to IR, I think I would go with the full spectrum filter this time. I destroyed my 1dsIII not long ago so I’m using my 5D II as my main camera; as soon as I get a new camera I’m going to convert it over to IR. If I can find someone to loan me some gold I’ll test it to see if gold really has auras. I seriously doubt it; you would think it would be big news if IR photographers could find gold. But hey, you never know; like I said I’ve shot IR for years and never heard of this until I read your posts.

    If you want to know more about IR conversions and photography here’s the place that does my conversions.

    • HI all from a small research i did gold needs to be in the ground for a long time to produce this “aura”.Everything in nature emmits or reflects some kind of radiation.I can believe that this aura or ir transmition or whatever you can call it exsists.Making it visual is another matter…

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