I Found It!!!…

The Eyes of Forrest Fenn

Don’t you hate that?

I do.

It’s a lie. I did not find it. I have no idea any more than you do where it’s located. I just wrote that for the effect it will have on you. If I am right, it demoralized you. Displeased you. Ruined your day. You hate me. You’re finding it hard to forgive me right now.

I apologize!

If it didn’t have that effect on you than you don’t care about looking for it as much as I do. Its not that someone other than me would find it as much as it is that my own hunt would be over and I love looking for the chest.

But I did it for a reason. Albeit a selfish reason. I wanted you…dear readers…to experience how I am going to feel when one of you actually does find it and sends me an email to that effect. I am asking you now,  be kind…be generous when you break the news. I am not going to be happy…

On that topic…more than one person has written Forrest trying to scam him into disclosing the possibility of a location. How would you handle it if you were Forrest?

Here’s what happens. Someone writes to Forrest,  “I found it at La Junta.”

How is Forrest going to respond? If he writes back, “No you didn’t because I didn’t put it there.” The person now knows a place not to bother looking. On the other hand, if Forrest writes, “I never thought anyone would find it there because I really hid it good.” Then that person knows to speed to La Junta and start looking in earnest.

How would you answer an email like that?

And while your rolling that around. Here’s a letter from a guy who actually sent this under the heading “TREASURE HAS BEEN FOUND”.


Hi Dal,

I have found the treasure.  Home of brown is here:


On the peninsula that jutts out into el vado reservoir is a large abandoned cemetery.  The trail was well marked, the map with he blaze signs was carved into the tree behind forrest as he did the kob interview in his garden.  If you want to check it out, it is 60 paces due west of the curve in the road on the North side of the cemetery (up the arroyo).  I dug in two spots, the fire ant hill 20 paces from the road was a decoy, you needed to follow the blaze (black stones) about 40 paces west to the treasure.  The mark for the treasure was an F with three lines instead of two.  

Here is another-by the same person..but sent to Forrest rather than me…

Mr Fenn,

So I will tell you the story.

I am a 38 year old veterinary student from Nebraska.  I saw the news piece on KOB three weeks ago.  Within 3 days I had located the site at El Vado to within about 100 yards.  I drove down over labor day weekend and dug it up.  Nothing there.  I thought and thought.  Remembering Shakespeare, I read the poem backwards.  I found the site up the canyon south of the monastery on google earth although I did not visit it. The ring the lady who interviews you on PBS was wearing fit the poem as well.  I suspect there is more located by the SJ monastery near taos, though I would need to read the poem again.  The final treasure is at the Fa Yun monastery main house near Taos.  I would need to observe in person, but I found the blaze on the table made of yellow stone.  The Golden Buddha, the golden valley below the Buddha, and I suspect whatever is inside the Golden Buddha are parts of the treasure as well.  Does the golden buddha weigh 217 pounds?  And is it part of the treasure as well?  I would hate to go to the monastery and take their Buddha if it was not meant to be taken!  In reality, I do not wish to collect these items in person.  I will if I must, but I propose this to you…  If you would make suitable arrangements for me, I will donate 25% to a cause of your choice, the monks if you prefer.  Make a suggestion if you wish.

I must admit that I had suspicion you may have had nefarious intent.  Perhaps my imagination is hyper-acute or I am exquisitely intuitive.  Regardless, I have stopped obsessing about this.  Ask if you are curious, otherwise I shall not elaborate.     

You are a master of word craft, and obviously brilliant smart.  

Here’s to our health.  Let’s talk.

As Forrest would say…please don’t go digging up any monastery grounds..


PS- Sorry for the near heart attack Stephanie. It’s still out there….

101 thoughts on “I Found It!!!…

  1. Ok, I just about wet myself at the end…laughing so hard. My heart totally stopped when I read the first line though. Honestly though Dal, if anyone else finds it…I would want it to be you. As for what I’d say if I was Forrest and got an email saying they found it…I’d just reply Congrats. Then they would have to rush there from wherever they were to see that they were wrong. I mean turnaround would be fair…right? And funny LOL.
    I do honestly wonder how I’d feel if I found it or didn’t find it. I think about if I found it…hmm, a big part of me would have trouble liquidating anything. Another part of me has it spent doing wonderfully fun things for people who need it. The other part of me would want to figure out how to make it grow. If I didn’t find it…then I would be sad for a bit, but then would have to move onto thinking about other fun things that would be a fun adventure to do. So far, this treasure has given me a lot of other things I want to do. I really want to travel into that area more(not over mountains though..they scare me), but the area is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. I’d totally want to go to Santa Fe to meet Forrest, and I want to go back and try some metal detecting in a few places, and also do some atving in that area. So even if I didn’t…I still feel like I gained something great by the experience. I think you should become a professional blogger. I like the way you write. I was just reading this one guys story in how he made a living at blogging.

    • ithink Forrest may answer a email like that oh yea how deep was the hole

      • in this case you may have to widen it a bit to put buda to rest or can you carry that item from your car to its location if you cant i couldnt either

  2. Hey Dal, you nearly gave me a heart attack!! lol.. Then I scanned down & read some more. I was thinking “darn, he got it” in a good way. Bummed that I didn’t get it. But then I realized you were just joking with us. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with for us, on your blog. 🙂

    Trucker Sue & my dog Kelly

    • I received an email to that you found it Dal. Didn’t respond because it was in my spam messages, so wasn’t for sure if it was someone else. So, I started to look online to see if you found it, and found these messages. In reading some of the sites I found out today, that Randy Billoui was found, not how I had hoped it would turn out. I had hopes, maybe he had bumped his head and maybe had amnesia and was staying with someone who didn’t know he was being searched for, or where to start looking. Please tell his family and friends I’m sorry. I still can’t figure out, why he would leave everything in the car and the dog tied up, he would have let his dog walk with him, you would think. I’ve always wondered if someone else was there, and they left another map in his car, to deliberately sent you other ‘places searching. They wanted us to think he just walked a short distance looking sat something. All I know, it’s sad, and wish he were still here. I think when someone finds the treasure, we should give some to his family and some put in your Museum in his honor and memory. Everyone out there be safe. Virginia

  3. I’m rather new to “the chase” but I have already decided that if I find it there will be two things I do:
    1. return the silver bracelet to Forrest since he has expressed his desire to have it back.
    2, Take a portion and rehide it with a new poem so that the chase can continue. I think that would be a wonderful legacy.

    • I agree wholeheartedly. To find the treasure is good for the wallet and is satisfying, but to give back and continue the hunt for others is good for the karma.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. This will allow Forrest’s dream to work on and on.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing! This would allow ff’s quest, thrill and “whaterever” that he has inspired in so many folk’s hearts to shine on like a crazy diamond.

  4. So why is it that I must go

    And leave my trove for all to seek?

    The answers I already know,
I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak.

    These are the most important lines in the poem. They do not tell you where, they ask you why?

    Isn’t that the most important question in this life? Why people do what they do? Motive?

    Does the end justify the means?

  5. To me it doesn’t matter if someone says they found it or not. Small stuff don’t bother me. If it was meant to be a joke, haha and move on. If it really has been found it would be in the news and not on some blog. You will know when it has been found. I never understood why people get so mad when someone says that or get all mad when someone announces they found the right spot or think they are absolutely correct. WHO CARES? Why would you let such little things bother you? I’ll never understand it but that’s just me. When ever I see someone getting silenced or mad because someone says they found it it just makes me think negative of the person getting mad. What is life without a few jokes? Grow up and roll with the punches. That’s what I have to say.

  6. If I were Forrest I just wouldn’t answer anyone who is saying they found the chest. Plain and simple. No answer they cant assume anything

    • I would probably answer by writting the poem again….. in other words i don’t believe you have found it for if you would have fould it you would make loud noises in the News Media and not on the blog…. So read the poem again and good luck…

  7. “How would you answer an email like that?”

    in reply to the question you proposed Dal, i would have a stock answer that goes something like this….

    i will never confirm or deny any location by email. if you are convinced the treasure is at a location, then i suggest you go and search there

    if you have the chest in your possession then send me 2 pics.

    one with just the chest, open and empty.

    the second with the just the contents, separated from the chest. include the coordinates where you found it.

    any emails i receive referencing only coordinates or locations, to reiterate, i will never confirm or deny

    good luck in your search

    • Dal, If someone does find the treasure, does said person get to meet Mr.Fenn? It would be such an honor to meet a person that is so intelligent and that has given you something so Great.

      • Kenny-
        I can’t imagine Forrest not wanting to meet the person who matched wits with him and won.
        The one person out of half a million (my estimate)…and counting…who did not give up…and who could figure out the clues and go pick up the chest..
        Besides, Forrest has offered to buy back the turquoise bracelet. So I’m pretty certain he wants to meet the clued-in person that can think like he does…

        • There is no way on God’s green earth that I would ever accept payment for the item Mr. Fenn wishes to be returned. It will be an Honor to meet him. He is very intelligent and reminds me much of my grandfather who is about the same age, and had a big part in my upbringing. We trap coyotes together in October of every year in Michigan. He jokes and tells people that “I taught him everything I know, and he still doesn’t know s&$t.” 🙂

          • That’s a really nice thought Kenny – that you won’t let him pay you for the bracelet. Your grandpa sounds like a wise and funny man 🙂

          • He is … very clever in his thinking. My grandpa or Grampa as I call him in no way is a Rocket Scientist… but the Common Sense drawer is Full. If ya catch my drift.

          • Kenny, I suspect the payment the individual who finds the chest will be provided in exchange for the bracelet is ownership of the chest. Once the chest is found it still belong to Mr. Fenn or his next of kin. Transfer of the chest to the finder as a gift would incur a gift tax that Mr. Fenn would be responsible for per current IRS rules. However, if the chest is provided as a payment for return of the bracelet then it becomes payment for services rendered and tax responsibilities fall to the finder. All IMO of course.

          • No offense to you, but this is why nobody has found the chest yet. You get wrapped-up in the legal crap part of it all. Mr. Fenn is legit. About where he put it, and if it isn’t there where he says it is someone found it. Concentrate on the poem and beat me back to it… get it beforw I get there. 🙂

          • Thanks. Having a well thought out solve and considering the logistics of ownership transfer are not mutually exclusive activities. What I wrote above took about as much time to think through as I suspect your rationale for not expecting payment took to type into the web form for posting. Would suggest not jumping to conclusions on how an individual might be approach this challenge based upon such limited information. It doesn’t really add a lot to the quality of the forum.

          • No offense to you, I am sure you are Book Smart…. but what does your Uncommon Sense Drawer look like? 🙂

          • You are welcome to try to find out by asking a question that is designed to learn more about me as an individual instead of attempting to belittle or insult in some fashion.

          • I am sicerely Soory if I came across like that… mostly why I daspise textbecause it lacks tone of voice … for one.

          • Goofy just told me to stop gloating and go get it. Much Love for ya… too much Hatred today. 🙂

          • No offense to you Kenny; if you’ve got it figured out go get the thing and quit wasting our time gloating about something you don’t have.

        • With all due respect, Dal, I do not think it is possible. Matching wits with forrest, that is. Sure, I think finding the chest will be difficult
          ( eye roll), but not impossible, but most certainly not a match of wits, imo. I think forrest is a culmination of intellect and imaginationmost of us could only ever imagine to achieve. 🙂

          • I have solved it, I don’t care if you believe me. I almost hate myself for going to get it. Because it ends his Chase. Maybe that is where I have to redo everything and start A New Chase.

          • We’ve seen this many times Kenny. Some guy that solved it coming on here bestowing his genius upon us, gloating and telling us how wrong we are.

            So in my opinion you are done here…….Look forward to seeing the pictures when you go get it.

        • @threerocks, you’re mistaken on the gift tax issue as well as ownership. Speak with attorney David Horan for more details.


          f secreted it for someone else to find and clearly has given title to the finder. One may simply walk away with it without notifying park officials. The only issue is if it’s on private property.

          The chest isn’t abandoned property like a sunken ship where insurance payment was claimed, it isn’t unclaimed property like an unwashed check that the gov’t agency needs to shepherd. It also isn’t known to the governors of the location that it is there, so they aren’t liable or responsible. Yellowstone officials have a different opinion, but that’s what attorneys can help clarify.

          • One minor clarification on tax… Income tax will be incurred at the sale of the chest and any of its contents. Current estimates suggest the chest is worth $1M to $3M in value. The bet in the current market is that it can bring closer to $5M to $8M at auction for what is now considered pop cultural interest and assuming the correct individuals are present and bidding.

            Divorcees with support obligations beware. Income is income, and depending on your state, you could end up sharing quite a bit of that with the devil you hate. 😉

        • I wonder about your comment. I recently read the California article where Forrest states he is not really interested in meeting hunters but does so out of politeness. At this time, the latter half of 2015, is he interested in meeting the finder? I also think it is up to Forrest to comment as to whether he believe someone (whether a treasure hunter or not) has ever met his wits.

          • @seabee88 – if I don’t find it where the clues and everything else is pointing me, I’ll post my crow on Dal’s blog where, in my estimation, a can of worms and whoopa$$ will be opened. QED


          • E.C., I’m never a fan of arrogance, but bragging about something that you claim you have done when you haven’t is even worse. I know where I think the treasure is, as do many people on here, but most don’t claim they have solved it and just have to go pick up the treasure, or continue to claim they know the solution when in fact nobody knows anything until they have the chest to back up their claims.

          • @seabee88, I apologize for the arrogance. You’re right. It is not in my hands. I’ll be posting my solution in the coming weeks. I hope you will be able to profit from it.


            @Goofy, I ended up in moderation in my last identical post. Perhaps my exuberance has left my fingers incapable. Please feel free to moderate it out.

          • E.C. you misspelled you email address, that’s why it ended up in moderation, the program thought you were a new commenter.

          • I was referring to Kenny there, so no problem. It’s silly to let things that don’t affect you upset you so the arrogance doesn’t make me mad or anything, but I’ll continue to call people out on it. Good luck on your hunt. I wish everyone the best of luck, and I always enjoy reading people’s attempts to find it (as long as I don’t have to buy a book about it). I won’t get out searching until next summer but I’m looking forward to sharing my own (in all likelihood) misinterpretations of the poem as well.

    • I about had a heart attack when I first saw that title on the thread! 😀

      Fortunately the treasure hasn’t been found yet, at least we hope so. The only person I would believe would be Forrest so I hope whoever finds the treasure will tell him so he could announce it and post a few pictures of the treasure chest with a current newspaper. Maybe Forrest has a special number for the finder to call to confirm that they have found it. Anyway, I hope we’ll be told if the treasure has been found.

  8. I think the “brave” part of the poem refers to actually publicly disclosing you found it. You will not be popular! I wonder if it would be best to keep it to yourself. People seem so happy with just living the thrill of the chase. Who would want to ruin that!

  9. Desertphile has made several videos taking to task those who have misplaced their “conscience” in the search for Forrest’s treasure. His remarks are always “spot on”. This is one of my favorites…asking the right questions of a nimrod who claims he found the treasure and wants you to buy his book…


    • This is always a GREAT laugh for me…especially around this time of year. It helps me to stay silent when reading the gibberish that pops out of the woodwork. I said HELPS me stay silent. It sometimes does not help. Enjoy…

          • Yeah, ok, not the original dbag that claimed all of the above… the original E.C. Waters that pops out of the woodwork with riculosity this time of year. Seriously, let’s be clear.

      • It is easy to stay silent when things are known. Uncertainty breeds noise

        If someone says we are going to dinner, but doesn’t tell you the time, you keep asking until the time is clear. Otherwise you miss dinner, right.

        I guess happy hour is dinner?

      • Ken, I have never laughed so much, reading these gibberish post!!! Mr. Fenn named his book right. The Thrill he must get reading these Post.. Funny, Funny.

    • Jes wanned to lit yall no thet ah fund the trijer. Ah kint blieve nun a ya dumdums dint figer it out yit. Gess it jes tuk a jeenyus lak me ta figger it out. Kint git it yit cuz its spensiv to drav fum okalahomy ta yoota. I trad ta tek a secund morgaje on ar duble wide to cuver spenses ov the trip but stoopit munnytree sed no. Ef ya kin giv us a hunnert buks fer gas ill git it bak to ya wen ah fine it.
      oll tha bist frum
      Intee Em n Alburt Inestine

      • Garsh darn it, Intee Em n Alburt Inestine! Ain’t y’all git meson jirs undr them florbords en thar woedshed full ov munny? Imma thankin’ I saw sumpin’ brewin’ in thar. My pockits, I ain’t found nothin’ or else I was gonna giv et to y’all.

      • That’s a real knee slapper n what’s funny is my dang knee said ouch. N I’m not sure if my knee really said ouch or if it has sumthin to do with that funny cigarette I smoked a while back. Jumpin’ Jehosaphat I likes this blog. (Burp)

      • Hello JW. I enjoyed trying to figure out your post. I wish you the best in your search.

      • JW: You are to funny. Or maybe crazy !! This blog really make’s me laugh!!! Good luck, finding the treasure!!!!

  10. I know Forrest.. it wont be found for a long time.. hence.. the thrill of it all…Forrest is a genious. Dont ever think for one second its going to be easy.. Think like a Native American ,, a Flyfisherman,, and a Genious.. you might have a chance. fun fun fun.. life is good..johnny flyrod

  11. Mr. Forrest… to find the hidden treasure is not the thrill..to see a piece of history is.. to wonder who touched it prior, wore it and how and where they were found, that is the part I enjoy most. Later, to be able to help those in dire need and to keep some of the treasure buried for others to find. Your bracelet will be given back in exchange for the History behind it. ( I enjoy the history behind all that is from the past) Thank you for allowing those that can go, search for lost treasures. May you and your family be blessed always.

  12. To tell it has been found would definitely ruin the experiences that people will get from looking for the treasure, but the beauty they will adore while looking will be worth it’s weight in gold.

    • No, It did not displease me nor did it make me angry. I felt sorry that you did not find it. I have always wanted to find treasue such as this,however am unable to do so being am the sole care giver of my 92 year old mother. The thrill of touching and having in your hand something that has been for so many years is rewarding enough for me. No am not wealthy, however things of the past have true value. Just imagine holding the pipe that once belonged to Sitting Bull. That is pure treasure enjoyment in it self; at least for me. Money is needed and if handled correctly may produce more, if not it can hurt you more when it is all gone. I am not money hungry and I thank God almighty for this.

      • The whole thing,, from poem to dreaming, still makes me grin, for no one,, no one on the earth has ever done anything like this…. sharing a dream come true… and thank God for that.. johnny

        • I would quite possibly fall all apart if I looked down and saw it there in front of me. Been over that, as well.

          • you would step back and scratch your head and wonder what to do next

        • Johnny,
          If you do your research. You will find that there are at least two other individuals throughout history that have hidden treasure and written a poem with clues to the location. One has been solved and found the other has not .
          That is in addition to Forrest’s hidden treasure.


  13. Found It? What??? I learned to spell contentment, but can’t find the correct definition. I had peace and enjoyed it foundationally before I enterred the totc zone.

  14. Treasure Trove- noun- 2. Law. Any money, billion, or the like of unknown ownership, found hidden in the earth or any other place; in the absence of statutory provisions to the contrary it may be kept by the finder.

    • Those pesky statutory provisions do exist, unfortunately.

      But the ownership is known– the treasure belongs to Forrest Fenn today, and then it belongs to whoever finds it next week.

      No need to worry about big brother until you have it. That is probably the best way to settle your mind at this stage, I think.

      • @Muset: doctrine of abandonment, the TC belongs to no one, the previous owner has publicly offered it out to the world to whom ever finds it to have…..my question is must one ‘solve’ the poem as part of the offer if one were to find the TC without solving the poem…..and does it make a difference as to which US State the TC is cached……j/k lol! Just find it already some one please!

      • I almost have it… Don’t hate… But Big Brother gets the same thing a Bully would get…. Nothin but a Whoopin!!!!

  15. Have you guys looked into the length of time and conditions required for something to be considered a ‘trove’ I’m not sure the definition fits here….though it is a nice word…

    • For example has it been abandoned? For a length of time the owner can be presumed dead and any heirs undiscoverable? Is forrest dead? Would the poem possibly establish an intended heir even if he was? Just things to keep in mind when looking at how the law uses the word “trove” as opposed to other uses.

      • Jamie
        Interesting line of thinking. The way the poem is written, it could be read in the future and be describing Forrest or one of his heirs.
        That is why i think it is in NM, That is where his immediate
        family lives.

  16. Hey guys have been off of the radar lately!!New computer will not take my old screen name! Husband working on that. If the Treasure has been found then it will be all over the news and all will have found out who found it by now. Still in the Chase Ms. Girl Been a long time but I am still active in the Chase. New ideas and ready to search out areas and research more. See you all in the funny papers guys…..LOL

  17. Well I put out about a ten to twelve mile hike through the wilderness today, no gold, but the treasure of wildlife evidence. Bear tracks and scat, coyote tracks, Bison tracks, Elk Tracks, Cougar Tracks, and some more I probably missed. Quite a little adventure, legs are tired and time to rest cuddled up next to a Cold Busch adult beverage!!!

  18. Mr.Fenn is Nobody’s fool… This poem is an intricately orchestrated puzzle…. But I have it. Reference points.

  19. Jdggins, Kenny, et al,

    I agree that matching wits or intelligence with Mr. Fenn is not realistic for many of us (definitely not for me). His masterfully simple poem has proven a steep precipice for me. Forrest’s poetic puzzle seems to defy categorization, embodying design, form, but wrapped in his own personal style and vantage point.

    That said, Forrest has articulated his enthusiasm for us to work hard at solving his poem and be courageous as we experience the mountains, canyons, and streams beneath spacious skies.

    I for one categorically believe it’s difficult BUT POSSIBLE to solve the poem – or I wouldn’t be putting forth my level best. I love the challenge and dare. Thank you Forrest!

  20. @goofy, yeah, sorry… and thanks. Fingers are still shaking. Lack of sleep is causing a lack of self control in my wanting to share.

  21. If I find it I might leave it there and auction off the exact coordinates (with proof) — do you think there would be any bids high enough? 🙂

  22. Isn’t it funny that people were claiming they found the chest almost from the start? As you read through this thread that was started 7 years ago you can see that people’s ideas have not changed much and you realize Fenn’s puzzle is much harder to solve than you might have originally thought.

    • It looks like the flow of outside-the-poem-and-outside-the-book hints started about that long ago. But I shouldn’t knock it. Instead, I should be thankful (and perhaps knock on something else). IMO.

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