Winter Reading Assignment….

Doug Preston - photo swiped from the web

Doug Preston is a successful writer in the crime genre. You may have read some of his novels. If not a book of fiction than perhaps you’ve read some of his work as a journalist or columnist or non-fiction writer. He is perhaps as well known for his in depth research as he is for his writing. In addition to crime novels he also writes non-fiction for Smithsonian Magazine and The New Yorker among others.

So…fine Dal but what’s this got to do with the Treasure…which I believe is the point of this blog?

Funny you should ask. Doug and Forrest are good friends. Doug moved to New Mexico about 25 years ago when he took up writing full time. One of his earlier works is my absolute favorite. In 1992 he wrote Cities of Gold: A Journey Across The American Southwest. Its about Coronado’s depraived search for the seven cities of gold. Here’s the best part of that book. Doug actually rode a horse a thousand miles through the southwest while tracing Coronado’s trail. He does a lot of research like that. So why do we care…ahhh haa!

Enter a book he wrote in 2004  titled The Codex. My local Barnes and Noble had several copies. The acknowledgments page will peak your attention.

Doug begins his recognition by mentioning a meeting with Forrest at the Pink Adobe in Santa Fe where Forrest revealed a curious story. Then goes on to say that his fictional character in the book in no way resembles Forrest. “The two men could not be more different.”

But here’s what Forrest revealed to Doug in that meeting  …his idea to hide a treasure chest.

Doug used that idea as his theme in The Codex. One wonders what details Forrest might have revealed at that intriguing meeting? And whether Doug incorporated any of them into his story. Might there be clues in The Codex that will help you find the treasure?

The story begins in Santa Fe. The main character is not charming and cordial like our Mr. Fenn. As the plot thickens other geographic regions get pulled into the story.

I guess you’ll have to find out for yourself about clues. But at $8 for the paperback, its a pretty darn good read.

I believe I found more than one useful hint…See what you find!!


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  1. Hi Dal, I found this info too. I got his book but I need to get reading it. I also thought about Forrest’s friend Eric Sloane. Eric’s art actually. I wonder if Eric had painted anything that Forrest may have suggested?? Like a wilderness area, river, etc.. that is special to Forrest?? It’s just a thought & I’d have to see Eric’s work to see if I could be on to something there as well. And if so, would be painting(s) reveal where the location in the painting is?? I’m just thinking & throwing stuff out there.

  2. Another thought, if there were any clues in the book, I would think that the author, Doug Preston, could easily figure it out & be sitting with the treasure right now. Being how the author does his research, etc.. Just a thought?? 🙂

  3. I think I found some interesting things with the Indiana Jones movie idea. Only problem is, we have to wait till the ground isn’t covered in all that snow stuff with a frozen ground.

  4. Hi Stephanie, yes, the ground gets too frozen to do any digging. I may just go back & watch all the old Indiana Jones movies. There is talk of robbing tombs of the treasures. In the movies as well as Doug’s book. hmmm? makes ya think. lol.. (portions redacted by dal)…And remember Doug’s book. There is some hhhhmmmm?? moments in there. 🙂 You know what I mean?? Hand on chin, rubbing chin, humming in deep thought & perspective?? lol.. hhhmmm? lol..

  5. —– (portions redacted by dal)—- I do agree with you about the tombstone idea. I think he mentions it over and over in his stories and I believe you need to get there by plane, because he says it’s too far to walk. I think that has to be the bases of the search. Also, he said in an interview about you can’t just pull over on the side of the road and go into the forest to get it. I haven’t read the book yet, but I think Forrest mentions a lot of books in his book that have made me look through them. Oh and you mentioned his friend Eric’s artwork. I agree with that too, and he also wrote books. One on wood which I ordered. I actually like working with wood though, so I’m looking forward to just reading that just because. It’s going to be a tough winter to wait through though. It’s kinda good though to know that there isn’t much chance anyone would be looking now though as the snow is starting to fall all over there and you can’t see it or dig it. Gives us a chance to take a deep breath I think and try and find his hidden meanings.

    • I’ve had two locations that I swore were right each time. The last one even had a Stagecoach Inn with Buffalo next door to it and all the things for the poem were along that same road down the canyon. I think we’ve just spent too much on trips out there to search anymore. I wish it wasn’t so far, but since it is…I think we just have to give it up to the professional searchers.

      • Stephanie-

        Ha!…do you think they have any more insight into what that poem means than you do? I don’t!
        Maybe you need to give the searching a rest for the winter. Think about the poem some more. Maybe you are trying to hard. Sleep on it.

  6. I think I’m 95% done looking for it. It’s just cost too much money searching. I also still think it’s just too general of a poem to find an exact location without searching such a vast area. Saying all that, I still want to hear more about it and do what I can to try and figure it out from a far.

    • Stephanie should visit this one comment some time soon…it is now almost 2017…and I believe she’s probably planning a trip or two for early spring. She is like the Energizer Bunny on steroids when it has to do with the Chase…

      • The reason I ask is because it appears she got quite close. In the bookstore interview when Forrest is asked who got closer dal or Stephanie? Forrest gets l talked over but says to Stephanie (but I don’t think she hears) “if you knew you’d faint”. Forrest later made a comment that someone would faint if they knew how close they had gotten. So I believe Stephanie got very close. Watch the video again and listen closely to that part and you will see.

        • Sparrow,
          I’ve seen the video as well. Around the same time… another comment; a man was closest,[ adding ], a woman might have been with him, but fenn wasn’t sure…
          What I found funny was “what state” is she’s focused one… all four plus at least 4 or 5 others she has talked about before and after the above posting. Most have been already kicked by fenn. I’m sure some of the folks from back when are having the same chuckle I did.

      • There’s been an idea bouncing around in my head for a couple of days, but it’s so simple theres no way that many others long before me haven’t searched the area with a finetooth comb. Especially someone as thorough as Stephanie.
        But you never know, it could be that one important possibility, so it’s worth looking into. The worst that could happen is a little more crow pie (I hope!)

          • Nice wording there seeker! Unfortunately this here blog is public and I can’t think of a way to word what I’m thinking about so as not to give away my whole game.
            I know that’s it’s definitely been discussed before (at least on that forum that shall not be named)I just don’t know how thoroughly it’s been searched and/or if something was missed.
            I know that gave you a whole lot of info, not! So I apologize for that. Let me think on it for a bit 🙂

          • Wy Girl,
            The one thing I can say with confidence is, an area has not been searched well enough if the chest hasn’t been located. To think other wise would be foolish from my point of view.

            Fenn has said the chest is hidden so no one will stumble upon it. Personally, I think that includes searchers who do not have a full correct solve… no matter how many clues they hope they know.

            No matter how it’s might be hidden, it seems that 4 clues may not be enough, or even being within 200′ ~ I can’t argue with “precisely” Others might, but I can’t.

          • Good point Seeker. I can’t argue with that logic (and I do seem to have a preoccupation with logic,lol).
            There could be a very good reason that it wasnt searched well enough to turn up Indulgence. Actually I can think of two reasons why maybe it wasn’t found, one is logical but the other defies logic.
            Hmmmmm……… This one definitely deserves some more thought and research.
            And maybe it’s time to look at this from a little different perspective. I get single minded about going a certain direction and forget it’s a blueprint.
            Also keep forgetting to ground myself with the poem.

  7. ken wrote …

    “Stephanie should visit this one comment some time soon…it is now almost 2017…and I believe she’s probably planning a trip or two for early spring. She is like the Energizer Bunny on steroids when it has to do with the Chase…”

    Are we grasping at straws, dredging up a five year old posted message? Must not be much going on currently, in FF’s treasure hunt. And why the awe at poster “Stephanie”? If she hasn’t found the chest after all these years, why is she being portrayed as some kind of treasure hunt hero?

    Whatever its merits, I have no intention of reading “The Codex”. FF has made it quite clear that the clues are in his poem, not in some book authored by someone FF knows.

    Ken (in Texas)
    Reply ↓

    • Interesting comment Ken.
      When I very first heard of TTOTC in 2013 I checked into it online and found Dals blog. Even in 2013 it had great information but if I remember correctly there wasn’t nearly as much discussion. In the past I was never one to join in discussions or comment much online but I do remember clicking onto discussion links a couple of times back then. Mostly on the Searching in MT/WY ones to see what was going on in my neck of the woods 🙂 . I remember seeing comments from Stephanie and Dal but don’t remember any other names.
      Both those names stuck in my mind. Dal for obvious reasons and Stephanie because her name kept popping up as I started researching in earnest in February or March and continues to keep popping up here and there.
      I definitely don’t think she’s some hero in fact I’ve gotten the vibe that it’s probably a good idea to stay far far away.
      As far as the Codex, I have to (sheepishly) admit I read it the second I found out that f had been the inspiration for it.

      • “Both those names stuck in my mind. Dal for obvious reasons and Stephanie because her name kept popping up …”
        Yeah, that’s really my point. Posters here like to think that those searchers who have been around a long time, or who are on this blog 24 hours a day, have more insight than newbies or posters who seldom post. Hence, 5 years after the Doug Preston blurb, poster “ken” resurrects Stephanie as some sort of search guru.

        That would be baffling unless one considers that this blog has less to do with FF’s treasure hunt than with poster popularity. 🙂

        Ken (in Texas)

        • Hey Ken…you have obviously been dealt a real lousy hand in this game…I like going back over ALL the info and posts from day one just to see what there is to see. Some here are limited by their own design…others have no limits and are ALL IN.
          I thought it would be interesting to bring this to light just for kicks. Stephanie may not be a guru or whatever people like you like to label…but I do admire her tenacity and she has one of the better imaginations I’ve seen. So stick that in your worn out LP player and mosey along to another place to spread some more gloom.
          To the others that know the background…I thought it was hilarious!!!

  8. So I’m five years behind on this assignment but I spent the day by the fire reading the Codex… What a fun ride through the jungle! Don’t know that I found any clues but it was fun looking for them and a great story 🙂 Can’t wait to read The Lost City of the Monkey God!!!!

  9. I just finished Tyrannosaur Canyon. I’m now listening to all nine discs of The Lost City of the Monkey God: A True Story. The bonus disc has so much to keep me busy. Thank you Doug, for your contributions to the world of literature.

    You da man, kid.

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