map017“O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes!” -Leonardo da Vinci
Forrest shared this email exchange with me about hints in the book. It may be a question you have also considered. I know from the email I get that the idea has crossed many folk’s minds that perhaps Forrest has intentionally filled his book with misdirection… Ideas to make searchers purposely head in the wrong direction.

Recently a searcher posed this question to Forrest. The question and Forrest’s quick response are below.

The notes have been edited to keep anyone or any location from being identified…

Dear Mr. Fenn,

Some of my fondest memories of my father are going out on the weekends and searching for “treasure” although nothing as big as your treasure. You have created a win win opportunity for us. I do have a question for you about something you said in your book, you mention subtle clues sprinkled in the stories. Are there also words sprinkled in the stories that are meant to lead astray?  I have an uncanny ability to read into something way beyond that which was intended, and in doing so I have been able to find a place that I can match your poem to. The problem is, is that I have found two other places that fit your poem almost as well and another is formulating in my head. I guess that’s a good thing as it gives us many places to search.  I am also curious as to how much work you put into hauling that treasure to its hiding spot. I have seen men of your experience capable of carrying substantial weight quite a long distance.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you will be able to reply, I imagine you get numerous e mails looking for insight. If you feel that I am asking too much, I understand. Thank you for making a life long fantasy a reality and thank you for allowing me to share it with my boys. I hope to contact you soon looking for the key to that box.

Dear Morgan,

I am glad you are taking your sons into the chase. My book is straight forward and there is nothing that is designed to mislead. I was 79 or 80 when I hid the treasure so you should be able to haul it out with the help of your two sons. I am interested to know where you go and how you fare. Good luck. f

In a follow-up note Forrest added this:

I would not have hidden the treasure if I didn’t want everyone to have a fair chance of finding it. f




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  1. I have a strong feeling that many people are going to be covering many of the same states, fishing spots, etc.. I wonder if they may even bump into each other while looking for the treasure. This coming spring, I think we’ll be finding a lot more people & info. The hunt & chase is on!! May the best “finder” win. 🙂

  2. I was pondering the recent event that has gotten a lot of attention (forrest’s statement about a key word) . There seems to be a feeling that Forrest may have done this to help someone or to hinder someone. There are more than a few searchers who are feeling the pressure and seem to be distracted to the point of despair. For my own reasons, I feel the pain that has crept into the search community. If searchers have written to forrest and tipped their hand by disclosing their solves, it only stands to reason that he might take things to another level. After all, the treasure is still technically his. I wrote this comment here because it was so fitting for this situation… I have read this many times in the last year. It has helped me through the anxious moments that arise… Note that the one and only comment on this thread is dated Oct 29, 2011 ! Read the above carefully… The last from f says it best ! Good luck to every searcher, and be safe and calm…

  3. Thanks for bringing this back up, I never saw this. I remember also forrest posting something like this: not exact and if someone has a link. Please post !
    I thought he said: Your not going to just take your family on a picnic and find the treasure. So I am thinking there will be some work to it. Maybe he is saying that because of course you need to know ahead of time and have a plan that will work.
    I do believe there may be a hidden code or something in poem that must be unlocked. Of course we could be making it harder than it really is. Happy Trails!

  4. Forrest, old son, I am quite sure you are aware that you are still getting a lotta mileage from the Little Girl from India. 🙂

    I read the above, “everyone to have a fair chance of finding it” as: a searcher having the opportunity to solve the clues and determine exactly where you placed the chest…..regardless of where the searcher is physically located at the time.

    …..Now, the opportunity to “retrieve” said chest could have limiting factors :i.e., financial, age(too old or too young), physical/health limits, etc.

    Many searchers are of the opinion, based upon your remarks, that the boy from Waxahatchee cannot solve the remaining 7 clues because he is not physically at the site, to physically search for the remainig clues.

    Please tell me it ain’t so!! You really aren’t excluding a Texas boy from the opportunity of having a fair chance at “finding” the chest???…..Are you?

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