Is The Book Important?…

I get occasional email from folks out there who wonder how important the book (Thrill of the Chase) is in finding Forrest’s treasure. Why they write asking me about this is always a surprise. I mean it’s not like I’ve figured out all the hints and found the treasure. Seems like a better option would be to go right to the source and ask the only guy who really knows the answer to that question.

It turns out that many folks do. Forrest shared a couple of emails with me on this topic so I can share them with you. That way we all have the same information. It’s one way of getting the word out. So here goes…

This is a note sent to him just a couple of weeks ago. Names have been changed so no one will yell at me.

Dear Mr. Fenn,

We are a group of avid elderly bridge players in San Diego who after reading your book hope to find your treasure.  We are not into poetry as much as the memoir.  We realize the clues are in the poem, but were wondering if there isn’t at least one clue in each chapter.

Thank you for a great book



Forrest’s succinct response:


All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem. The chapters in my book have very subtle hints but are not deliberately placed to aid the seeker. Good luck in the search. f

In the past, Forrest has stated that the poem has all the information a person needs to find the treasure. But this email adds clarity to that message by saying that the book isn’t necessary. Its clues are subtle and apparently unintentional. He didn’t even deliberately place clues to the treasure in the book. Maybe that’s true but I think anyone searching for the treasure would be foolish not to know as much as possible about the man that hid it. There are most certainly clues in that book not only to the treasure but also to the interests, likes and dislikes of Forrest who made this great hunt possible. Besides, some money from each book goes to help someone with cancer pay their bills…

My advice is..get the book…and read it cover to cover…

Maybe we all need to take the approach of this writer.

Dear Mr. Fenn

In my last email I thanked you for writing this book but did not really explain why I felt this way. I believe everyone  must work hard for the things they want in life but everyone needs a dream to hang on to. I lost my husband several years ago and although my sons are grown men I want them to learn its ok to have a dream,

I have shared my book with them as well as I  belong to a group that is working on the book.

For me its does not matter if I find the treasure  It’s more about the fun of the hunt. 

I will not lie finding the treasure would make my life easier, as well as give me a chance to improve our small town one room library. But then that all falls in to the dream. But as I said before Thank You for writing the book and putting a dream out there.



Forrest say’s that letters like this one above make it all worthwhile for him.They probably make it a lot more worthwhile than letters like the following.

Dear Mr. Fenn,

You would not believe the day I just had, after staying up all night studying your memoir. After having stayed up all night the night before.  

I decided to go and get my bearings and follow my hunch, and lo, the river was not snowed in.  There followed two trips to the summit above your spot looking for water high (I was thinking springs) followed by a dunking in the river, before I realized the folly of my ways.  No matter how fit anyone may be, those two trips to the high-country ridge had my heart pounding and the sweat pouring.  I saw a deer kill, and I swear I felt a mountain lion…  

Needless to say, this has been an utterly unbelievable journey, filled with twists and turns and stupefying synchronicities. No movie could ever do it justice.   I found your missing ball of string, in pieces I am sorry to say!  I am stout-hearted, but I found myself fearful when it came to extracting your chest from the spot on the bank.  I don’t want to damage anything, because I ‘ll probably have to use a pick on the rocks.  If I can prove to you decisively that I know the exact spot, will you help me with the logistics?

I am sitting where some of your story began.  My cell is ###-#### if you care to call.

Thank you for the white knuckles!


Forrest’s reply:

You’ve got me scared now because I was hoping the chest would not be found for at least a couple of years. I don’t dare call you for fear of giving you a coordinate or some other useful clue. Please let me know if you find the treasure. f

Am I the only person that senses the sarcasm in Forrest’s response? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t trust this guy to find his britches with both hands. Forrest, of course, enjoys playing with him as if he were a trout.

There are a lot folks who truly appreciate what Forrest has done not only with his treasure…but also with his life. As in this note from Jim.


Wow a fighter pilot. Must have been scary times. I hate seeing our nation suffering now too. Hey I wanted to ask u kind of a favor. If u can’t do it I understand. But I would Rilke to send you a check to your shop and maybe you can sign your book and send it to me? The reason is how much you inspire me, also so I can tell the story to my son and when he’s older we can go on the adventure together. That would be neat wouldn’t it? Well if you don’t wanna do that it’s ok, I’ll buy your book anyways. But I thought its worth a try to ask. talk to ya soon. I hope. 


Finally, this lovely quote from Forrest. I think it explains why he hid the treasure in the first place.

If I cannot enrich those with whom I interact each day and cause them to be better for my having passed their view, then I have wasted my turn. That I succeed in that endeavor is not as important as it is for me to make a solid try. For if the try is sincere I have succeeded in whatever failure resulted.

Like Betty wrote..He’s giving us all a dream with the Thrill of the Chase…


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  1. Nice blog Dal. It’s interesting to see what others think. I think there will be a lot of people out this spring if there’s already people searching now. Way too cold for me.

    • Yeah…nice blog Dal ! Truly
      I came back over here for a minute or two thinking about the beginning. Interesting to see again Fenn’s reply to Emily above…
      After much time passed and the search stories multiplied and ideas mounted ever higher…Fenn felt the necessity to add “…in the text…” after the words “…subtle hints”.
      The early searches were unbridled by all of the after effects of the media and suppositions made by all…and this is when folks seemed to be the closest to finding the treasure.
      All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem….
      What the heck !! I hope nobody loses something really important…cause we’re in big trouble otherwise.

  2. Found a map somewhere on this site on Aug 31, 2012. Explorer crashed on me and I lost it. Where is it? It was a picture of gold nuggests, a coin and a sculptured piece that reminded me of a frog.

  3. Map-
    In that case you need to look at the media page on this blog and start listening, reading, watching…
    You also need to read his email pages..
    It’s all here. Just look around..

  4. I recently received Mr. Fenn’s The Thrill of the Chase and have read it several times. Each time I gleaned a little bit more of who he is and why he did this. I am not certain where to start to look for this treasure as there are so many starting points to decide from and in many states. So, I just keep reading and savoring all the memories he has shared with us. I discovered this site only today. After visiting many others I must say this one has held my attention the most. I enjoy the questions and answers many of the readers have posted. Though there is one thing I have not found, in any of the sites I have been to, including this one. All attention, thus far, has been on the book and in searching for the chest. I have found that the book also has subtle clues to where the frog and bell jars are hidden. Fenn said he put his unofficial autobiography in with them when he buried them (he did say buried) and I would think whoever finds one could sell it to a publishing company and make a bit of cash that way. So if you can’t find the chest you might turn your attention to the other treasures hidden by him. If the chest is found, the search can still continue as Mr. Fenn has given the public something more, to search for. Happy Hunting and be safe in searching where ever you look.
    margie chant

  5. mr. fenn has been thru a lot of stuff, saw a lot of bad stuff. like they say war is hell.and he has been going thru his own war of hell in his heart.but has finally come to peace in his heart.and has learned like he said if he can make a persons life feel good for a smiling and saying ,hi.then he has done his part in life,as we are here for each other,he says.we should all be like this man .he is trying to make mankind open their eyes ,and see what all god has made for us to have fun living while we are here.yeah,we have to work to make a living.but have time for yourself and your family and other people.all some people need is a smile or a hello or a make them know they count also.seems all the world is now like ,me myself and i.and the rest of you can kiss off.thats a shame.if you can help somebody along the way.then you have done a good thing.

  6. The poem can be figured out without the book but your best bet for a map is both the poem and the book combined.

    • Well said Jan!……you could fine the treasure by just following the poem……however it would probably be “10,000” years before you found it. The poem contents are the clues…..the book contains the directions.

  7. An occasional commenter on this blog C.G.Knight has written a book titled Confessions of a Tactical Driver that has a couple chapters at the end devoted to his complex solution for finding Forrest’s chest. If you love complex solutions this one is pretty good…
    You can borrow the Kindle edition for free if you are an Amazon Prime Member. If not, the Kindle edition is $4.99 and you can get a paperback version if you prefer..for $13.50.
    I am not “promoting”the book..only making searchers aware of it.

    I paid for the Kindle edition and read the relevant chapters about the search in about twenty minutes. Knight takes us through a complex thinking process in a well written and concise manner…kudos for that..
    But in the end, I like my simple solutions best…

    Forrest said that all I need is a good map and the poem..or earlier, just the poem…so I certainly don’t think that a redneck with a wife and five kids and a beater pick-up is going to have the tools necessary to cypher his way through Knight’s solution. Much less a copy of Treasure: In Search of the Golden Horse. Much of Knight’s trail to his decoded solution cannot be found in the poem itself or on any map I’ve ever seen..

    It’s the simple solution for me..

    But still..Knight’s chapters are a good read..and so is the rest of his book…

  8. So many clues to interpret, so little time to search. Does anyone seriously believe that Mr. Fenn has kept the location from his wife of over sixty years?
    If Mr. Fenn hopes to sit with his treasure and pass on to the next plain of existence, how will he arrive at that destination without assistance? If he leaves his car nearby not only will he be found but so will his treasure. For this reason I believe he has told his wife but wishes to protect her from the obsessive hounding by searchers. Does anyone believe Mr. Fenn drove 500 to 1500 miles to deliver his treasure by himself, and then back home again. Not easy for a young person let alone someone 80 years old. More thoughts later.

    • I live in West Yellowstone. The Chase is one of my favorite things to indulge in during the summer months here when the snow has melted. I have hiked dozens of trails here keeping an eye out for the blaze. Have bear spray and survival gear just in case. I believe someone will get very close to the chest this year. Read all you can about Forrest Fenn. Good luck!

      • Realistically, how far from a vehicle could Mr. Fenn walk in one afternoon and return for a second load at 80? Walking for even 45 min. would take him 3 hours to complete the task giving no time time to rest at either end. At even 3 miles per hour that is approximately 9 miles divided by 4 trips or 2.25 miles from his car. This may be an easy trip if the trail is flat. Not so much if the trail has a grade involved. My guess is the spot is less than a mile from his vehicle with a fairly easy grade from the starting point.

    • Don’t you mean 88.. or 78? I’m so full of joy! I’ve found the arc in Fenn’s History and i can feel the love! It’s not as complicated as I thought! But I don’t wanna get stuck

  9. I have been studying the map and clues for atleast 2 years and id have to say i have found the starting place and thats it for now but i still have to figure out the other clues to not mess up the route to the place where it is hidden i will keep in touch

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