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The following story is from Stephanie.


The search started for me back in the summer of 2011. I was on a trip to Michigan to see my husband’s family. I went to Google and searched treasure and the word riddle or something like that and came across the PBS interview that Forrest did with Lorene Mills. I was instantly captivated by Forrest as I’m sure most anyone who’s opened up his book has been. I searched those two things, because I originally had thought of doing something like Forrest did…but just for fun and obviously not on that kind of scale… This was all prior to his web site having the resource page and so I scoured the Internet for anything I could find about Forrest. That’s when I happened upon Dal’s blog. How cool to find someone actually searching and telling their stories all the while out looking.  I emailed both Dal and Forrest and have built great friendships with both.
 So, who am I….I’m a 44 year old female and I live in the Midwest…pretty much, right between Chicago and Milwaukee…20+ hours from any search area. I’m happily married to my husband for over 20 years now and have a 16 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. Probably not the type that Forrest originally thought would consider trekking out after his treasure. Hope it was a good surprise though that I was *smile*. The first few trips, I didn’t even get to go. I had maps and ideas and bundled them all up with my husband and son and sent them off on a plane out west. It was my son’s first plane ride(he loved it). If you know anything about young boys….computers and game systems are pretty much a staple in their lives. I couldn’t believe the adventure he was having and was lucky with the technology to Skype with them most evenings to hear about it. They took a train ride through the mountains and had lunch on a deserted mountain top and saw things and talked to people on that trip that they never would have otherwise. To me it was such a gift that Forrest gave to our family by starting us out on a path like this. The strangest thing happened on this trip too. While they were walking a zillion miles into and out of a an area to see a bridge you couldn’t get to by car….they looked down on the ground and found gold coins(photo attached..ok, just $1 coins, but gold to a young boy). That is the freakiest thing to me. Can you just imagine my son when he’s up in age telling this story to the next generation? Forrest invited my husband and son to meet with him too. I’m sooo jealous. Hoping I’ll have a chance at some point to get that lucky.
So, we’ve made a total of 7 trips so far. I was lucky enough to go on two of them and if you’re from the Midwest and have never gone out that way…you’ll be overwhelmed with emotion seeing the landscape. I never thought much of mountains before. I figured pictures summed it up for me..but, not even close. Saying all that…I do have a wee bit of a fear of them. While waking up one super early morning, we decided to get a head start on the hunt. This time we had driven out west and so we weren’t quite there yet. We start driving through the mountains just south of Antonito Colorado. I saw this beautiful lake down in the mountains and all the sudden it looks like we’re going to drive right into the lake. I’m a bit of a excitable person and there might have been a word or two that I said when I realized it wasn’t a lake at all, but dense fog. Now, that might not seem so bad…..but when you’re driving 70 miles an hour on the side of a mountain in dense fog. Well, for this girl…freaked me out!! My husband just laughed. He’s always loved driving and has driven down mountains in semi’s without breaks. Yeah, I think that was the story he told me that was supposed to make me feel better for being such a wimp.
I’ve come up with lots of conclusions to this treasure hunt, but for some reason…the story never seems to end like I had planned and the treasure’s still out there. It’s been an incredible ride though and there have many times when I’ve tried to get off and Dal or Forrest inspire me to get on again. This spring the plan is to hook up with my girlfriend and go. She’s trying to tell me that we should take a plane out there as it would be just a hop, skip and a jump to go that way. I’m not really keen on commercial airlines. No problem flying in a small plane…but something gives me the heebeegeebees about doing that. So I’ve done the brave thing in my opinion, way more than should be required to figure this out..but it’s been well worth it and I hope to continue getting as much thrill as I possibly can.
I suppose I should find a box for my son to put those gold coins in for safe keeping…don’t ya think?

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  1. Hi, Stephanie. Found your blog by searching “treasure”. I, too, am in the middle of planning a “gold in them thar hills” type of quest. I found Forrest’s treasure, obviously, very intriguing, and feel I might even be able to narrow your search slightly. Using some of Forrest’s clues, I believe it to be, either in, or South of Archuleta County in Southern Colorado. Here’s my logic… (1) “where warm waters halt” – the most southern of Colorado’s hot springs seem to stop near Pagosa Springs, CO. The next Springs I could find were south of Santa Fe. (2)”in the canyon down” – near Pagosa Springs is Echo Canyon and its reservoir.

    I would look for the literal interpretation of “home of Brown” or the spanish translation of the word. Like casa de brown/marron/cafe/morreno/castano. You’ll notice he specifically capitalized Brown. That’s important.

    I’m going to keep playing with it and see what I come up with. As I said, I am working and narrowing down a South Dakota treasure legend of my own and have no time…yet…for Forrest’s. I enjoy the puzzle, tho. happy hunting.

  2. Hi Mark,

    Interesting theory on Forrest’s possible treasure location. I was looking at so many things in the book that could give a clue…like films where Raider’s of the Lost Arc were filmed etc….trains…..I think it’s not only the thrill that’s the best part…but I’m actually just happy to go vacation out west and not even look LOL. I think your a fellow midwesterner…so cool!!


  3. have to remark on the coins found that first trip out.. these appear to be from the commemerative edition released in spring of 2011.. (ongoing presidential dollar series, 25 per roll) one newish, two beat up. puzzle how/why they ended up out in the dirt so soon. a good omen i would think. its a wild and wiggly world i tell ya!
    -i have found a recent peso coin in the surf zone at Bahia Kino, 4ish winters back. in any event, my best to you all.

  4. Stephanie If you knew the location on the treasure would you have the resources to go there and would you share it with someone and .???????????????????

  5. Steph what kind of a guarantee would you be able to provide and You know what happens when someone starts looking at gold what kind of affect it has on them Comment ??????????????????

  6. Steph Have you ever ????????? how forrest would know if someone found the T he is a pilot you know??????????????????????

  7. Forrest Fenn started one heck of a race. When he hid a bronze box in his hiding place. He filled it with rubies ,diamonds and gold. Treasures of new and treasures of old. This would start a great search from every city and town. To search for the clue of home of the brown. He let it be known that the treasure was there. He gave us a poem with nine clues we could share. He told us it would be worth the cold. If we found the box that held the gold. So the search goes on through the smoke and the haze . Looking for any uncommon Blaze. On every mountain, trail and creek. This is the treasure that we seek. With a twinkle in his eye and a smile on his face he’ll go down in history of a time and place. when the story is told of THE THRILL OF THE CHASE. M.W.

  8. Dam there’s a lot of moles in the mole hill. Figure this one out ???????????????????????????

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