Stephan Returns to the Blaze…

The following story is from Stephan The Pants-less Pirate and is a follow-up to his previous story.


Stephan The Blunt here again after a long hiatus.  Me and my desperate gang of pants-less pirates just finished watching the movie Braveheart, about the 13th Century Scottish patriot, William Wallace.  You can be sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as I hoarsely exclaimed, “They just don’t make heroes like that anymore, nor films neither!”   Me lads gave me a cheery assent, and we lapsed into a somewhat-thoughtful reverie, as somewhat-brilliant lads are prone to do.  It was then that my erstwhile and unfortunately-visaged lieutenant, Pierre LeMoche, offerred an equally raspy suggestion:  “It zeems to me, cher Stephan, zat we must now tell our tale of woe and treazure to le monde.  Certainly if Sir Wallace could geev ees life so fearlessly, we should not now fear sharing our petites morceaux of brilliance with other zeekers of ze trezure!”

(And hold on to that Scottish flavor, if you will: it will return at the end of this missive, in relation to the fabulous Treasure Poem of Mr. Forrest Fenn.)

Well, I thought long and hard about this suggestion, and decided that Pierre was correct.  And what with many of the lads enduring failed romances of late, finding ourselves perhaps not so sparkly anymore in the lovely eyes of the fairer sex, it seemed that the possibility of a wee bit of notoriety from sharing our hopefully not-too-inelegant Treasure Poem solution might be just the thing to revive our pitifully flaggin’ spirits.  Especially also as we had hit the proverbial brick wall rather too often in our vain searches, and our foreheads were bruised and bloody.  So, even though we have yet to spy that thar bronze box with all the gold in it, we have decided to divulge our secrets.  After all,  The Thrill of The Chase must really be about sharing selflessly and fearlessly, or what is the point?  And besides we told too many of our friends and family about our “clever” solution, which came to us under “remarkable” circumstances, so now it’s time to see if y’all agree!

But first, we’d also like to mention that thar Newsweek article by that Tony fella, as another point of inspiration to share our hopefully-somewhat-clever solution to the Treasure Poem.  You see,  me and the lads always chafe at dim-witted arrogance, and we thought we might show that thoughtless sue-do jurnalistico just what a real solution might look like, one that accounts for all of the poem and many other clues sprinkled in the chapters of the book.

And as regards the fallout from that article and threats of the treasure being “withdrawn” by he who secreted it, me and the lads must admit to having pause to ponder.  You see, our faith in the Almighty might not be what it could. Which means that our faith in ourselves and others might not be what it could, neither. Our fault entirely, of course.   As we see the sheer chicanery which Providence allows the leaders of this fine nation to indulge during this election season, we cannot but question why one might “withdraw” something already given, and then, if it was actually offered…

But enough.  We over-ponder often, to our detriment. Without further ado, hyar follows a list of clues from the book that fit our solution to the Poem seamlessly.  We’ll reveal our solution in stages, to give other seekers the chance to solve a puzzle which, even if it represents the wrong solution, is nonetheless arguably an uncanny coincidence. If you put all these together, and solve the poem as we did, you’ll find the Blaze of Stephan and his gang.  Only when you look down, you won’t see the treasure!  Or if you do, we promise that you don’t have to share any with us!

Miss Ford

Those Old Biddies

Bessie the Calf

Skippy’s Airplane

The old Chev

Fred Harvey

Fly fishing

Billy the Kid

Fried Pineapple Pies


The drawing of the lumberjack in a field of felled trees

The picture of the old map of New Mexico with pieces of gold


Me and the lads came up with much of this within a week of reading Mr. Fenn’s book, while sitting on the sandy beaches of San Diego, staring out at the wild blue Pacific.  We gathered around a computer, did some Google searches, looked at Google Earth, and decided precisely where we wanted to go then and look for Mr. Fenn’s treasure.  So imagine our extreme surprise when, one week later and in the dead of winter, we headed out into a remote, snowy canyon and found that thar tree. (See “Stephan Finds a Blaze”).  I attach now the full photo of which I previously shared only “FF”.  A carefully stacked pile of stones two feet high rested against the tree on the side opposite this carving…with no other carvings anywhere in the vicinity.

Now, I know the first thing y’all will say:  “Huh!  Look at the date!  It’s after Mr. Fenn said he hid the treasure! What is Stephan thinking?  This can’t be the blaze in Mr. Fenn’s Fabulous Treasure Poem!”    Well, our answer to this objection is simple:  we  can assure you that 9-11-11 is not the date that this tree was carved. We conducted a simple and obvious experiment to determine this, as we discovered this carving only three months after the actual date of 9-11-11. We’ll leave it to you to determine how one might so easily accomplish this determination!

We did a lot of reading from Ernest Thompson Seton and Daniel Beard about trail blazes, as well as accounts about how miners once marked their caches.  Since “9.11.11” was not carved on that date, we concluded that 9.11.11 could very well have been intended as a clue rather than as an actual date….It is, after all, the ten year anniversary of 9.11, and as blazes “mark” trails, so do anniversaries “mark” events in time.  So why not use an anniversary date to indicate that this tree “marks” something?  Also, 9-11 is about jets and acts of war against civilians, which might echo Mr. Fenn’s unfortunate and difficult experience in Viet Nam.

We have yet to figure out “JB” and look forward to any ideas.  Of course we’d have to share the treasure if anyone offered any ideas which helped us go further!

So, to reiterate, we solved the Treasure Poem carefully from the remote location of San Diego, and one week later found this tree with its cache of rocks in “the canyon down”, on our first try, in a truly remote and private place…

To further entice our fellow seekers, we will now offer a solution to part of the poem, specifically “Brave and in the wood” and “no place for the meek”.   To do this, we make reference to the Scottish warrior, William Wallace.  For the Scottish Highlanders, aspen trees were considered the trees of heroes and warriors.  Aspen boughs were placed in the graves of warriors to assure their reincarnation.  And aspen trees were also considered by the Scots to be the guardians of buried treasure.  How appropriate, then, for an “old” warrior like Mr. Fenn to leave his initials and the date of an act of war on an aspen tree, in a place where he might choose to go and end his own life?

Interestingly, also,  one definition of “wood” signifies that it is a small copse or stand of a particular species of tree.  How interesting that our carved tree is located in a beautiful stand of aspen trees: one should be “brave” to be in that “wood”, because one is amongst the trees of heroes and warriors, “no place for the meek”….

Just so all you seekers know, me and the lads did not dig beneath that thar tree of ours.  A mysterious fellow named “f” once sent us a curious poem, part of which said somethin’ like: “…while fools argue about the quest, he won’t even need a tool, as he carries out the chest.”

Well, we hope you all like what you saw so far, and if you did, we can promise you that our other solutions of the Treasure Poem are equally clear!

Best to all, and more soon,


740 thoughts on “Stephan Returns to the Blaze…

  1. Thanks Dal and Stephan for the giving me a TOTC fix tonight…’s my thoughts….Jelly Beans..maybe he loves Jelly Beans and he checked on the treasure on that very date with a handful of Jelly Beans pondering who will find his treasure.

  2. Hello all, Stephan here. Thanks for posting my scribbles, Dal. I look forward to telling you all about where warm waters halt, the house of Brown, and heavy loads… You’ll be surprised, I hope, by how simple and “historic” they are all! And my apologies from the outset to all the private landowners in the area! Their beautiful valley may become a place for generations of treasure seekers!

    • Well, don’t let us slow you down when it comes to telling more. Can’t wait to see how you followed the clues to your spot…

      • One more PS, if you’re interested, I’ll give you a taste of warm waters: it has nothing to do with hot springs, thank goodness, how obvious that solution is, and how much too warm! Warm and hot are entirely different things, really. To start his poem, I’d say chances are that Mr. Fenn might start from a point of personal passion and inspiration, like art, or fishin’, or arrowheads…

      • I cannot imagine that Mr. Fenn would carve anything in a tree, given his passion for nature and all things outside beautiful!

          • I agree with Dal. If you look at the Gadi interviews on Forrest’s resource page….Forrest walks into his backyard and there you see a double FF carved into one of his aspens behind him. He must know that doing that doesn’t hurt the tree, because I expect that would matter to him.

      • In your opinion, and I’m not asking for clues, if Forrest did carv the FF JB 9-11-11 than does that mean he’s left markers for us to follow? My understanding was that whoever “understands” the poem will know exactly where it is, and wouldn’t need trail markers to find it. Again, just a question.

    • I have found a clue on another aspen tree That I think a lot of people missed my 11 year old son pointed it out to me when we were looking at pictures of the trees! a child can see things sometimes that an adult cant. I was intrigued by it. it has 4 different letters carved in it. but never saw any of the same letters on the trees that stephen found like in his pictures listed! I would love to share this with you because I think its part of your clues also!

    • You are definitely on the right track. I have followed your leads and have come up with some good intel.


  3. Miss Ford, Billy the Kid, Fred Harvey, and Skippy’s airplane will all lead to warm waters, house of Brown, and heavy loads. Cimarron, NM is also a good place to start with Sir Billy.

    • OK, Starting in Cimarron, here goes:

      Billy the Kid = The St James Hotel in Cimarron NM is a famous old west hideout for notorious outlaws.

      Bessie the Calf = Bessie is short for Elizabeth. There is a old gold mining town near Cimarron called Elizabethtown.

      Yellowstone = Yellowstone could be a clue for gold, which might also point to the area around Elizabethtown..

      Fred Harvey = Famous for his partnership with the Santa Fe railroad. The Santa Fe railroad followed the same basic path as the Old Santa Fe trail which passed through Cimarron and Raton. Also Forest’s blog is at the “The Old Stanta Fe trading Co”.

      Skippy’s Airplane = Not sure, but there is the Philmont B-24 bomber wreck on Trail Peak. Trail Peak was a geographic marker on the Santa Fe trail.

      Waterfalls = Folsom Falls is a favorite fishing hole four miles northeast of Folsom NM. This natural waterfall is fed by springs located on the Dry Cimarron River, which provides many fishing opportunities, including large brown trout.

      Begin it where warm waters halt = Eagle Nest Dam

      And take it in the canyon down = Cimarron Canyon St Park just east of Eagle Nest Lake

      So Stephan is your canyon the Cimarron Canyon?

      • I assumed that Stephan’s clues he picked out of the memoir were to put you in the general area to start the search. He mentioned Cimmeron NM, so I was looking for matching clues in that area. Another guess would be Sugarite Canyon State Park north of Raton. This is also in the vicinity of the Santa Fe trail.

        Something else that has crossed my mind. If you hid the treasure, would you go back to check on it? See if is still hidden, or had already been found? I think I would. That might lead you to believe it is a little closer to home than Wyoming.

      • Hi Bob, Sorry to take so long to see your post, and No, my canyon is not Cimarron Canyon….

      • Hi Bob, My spot is not related to the Santa Fe Trail, although my solution requires some knowledge of history, just as an appreciation of the Santa Fe Trail requires the same!

      • What are you waiting for dt? Staphanie already searched the Cimmaron State Park. So have several others. Until you have the treasure in hand, you can’t say you know where it is.

        • I’d wager hundreds if not thousands have searched Cimmaron. My first day out searching was basically a hike with my daughter. It was her idea to search. For me it was an excuse to hike with my daughter. We hiked from Battle Ship Rock up to Jemez falls and back. I told everybody I saw that I was searching for a pot of gold and wasn’t having any luck. Jemez Falls is a very popular area. There were a lot of people. The universal response was “It’s supposed to be up at Cimmaron.” Me: The Cimmaron? Them: “there’s a bird on the moon.” Me: “?” Them “In the book. An Eagle?” Me: “?” Them “EAgles Nest”. I hadn’t even looked at the book.

      • i need a partner who can get me from chattanooga tn to the spot and then i would be happy to split it 50/50


      • First off, my apologies to dal, sorry man, didn’t mean for the slip of words…
        you type fast and stuff comes out…wont happen again…

        dt, you live about 22 hours from Santa Fe NM. I live about 16 hours. Now Call me crazy but if I actually knew where the gold was, I would buy a ticket, (borrow money) and fly there, rent a car and get it. You’d be a millionair and wouldn’t need to worry about the cost of the flight. Just saying. I wouldn’t trust anyone. Don’t want to have some guy drive you down there, then gun you down once you lift the lid and reveal the Gold. Me, I have my own ideas about how to solve this and it doesnt involve hours of searching the mountains of NM. Everything you need is in the poem. Everything. He even says the title is there as well. Huge hint.
        But again, I might be wrong and you might be buying a plane tickeat as I type this…lol.
        I need to work faster…I have all 9 real clues…just got to desypher them.

    • ford/fôrd/Noun: A shallow place in a river or stream allowing one to walk or drive across.

      Verb: (of a person or vehicle) Cross (a river or stream) at a shallow place.

      Synonyms: wade

  4. PPS- If any are interested in the history of aspen trees, go to and check out the section on the folklore and mythology of aspens. It will tell you all you need to know about the potential relevance of aspen trees to The Thrill of the Chase.

    • Stephan, I enjoyed that link on aspens and I love Braveheart too, scout’s honor. NMAC gives a definition of warm waters. It’s an angler’s term. Yellowstone, well I have always believed it figured into the quest, at least a little. But my heart is in new mexico, my home, and that is where I seek yellowstone. Dappled sunlight streaming through aspen leaves. Picturesque meadows with tall grasses rippling in waves as a gentle breeze flows through them. Majestic snow capped mountains in spring located in all directions except east fill my sight as I make my way through this beautiful back country searching for Fenn’s treasure box. Please Stephan, continue and let us know. I am curious to see how much your thoughts mirror my own.

      • Hi Cloudcover, my heart is in New Mexico as well, and my home, although I am in my hometown of Vernon, TX, at the moment, rediscovering the joys of rib-eye steaks and cornbread. Yesterday I found my first ever piece of gold, an 1885, 20 dollar gold coin my grandmother had stuffed in the back of an old drawer…I wonder what it’s worth, I should ask Mr. Fenn… My warm waters is indeed an angling term, of sorts, and I found my yellowstone in New Mexico!

  5. PPPS- Funny thing is, hot springs do figure into the tale of Stephan’s Blaze, only they have nothing to do with warm waters.

  6. PPPPS- Remember, “Fate deals you four cards and a joker, and you play whether you like it or not.”

  7. No, I am not having fun with you at all, scout’s honor. But I’ve given you a ton of clues, and if you do a little research, you might just see how simple my solution is…like I said, check out the aspen mythology: all my other clues relate just as straight-forwardly!

  8. I once found a map online that showed where all the aspens were in the west. Probably can find it online…not sure where it was. Was interesting though to see. Just posted a new blog about an encounter I had this summer with a bear. Be careful out there.

  9. PS And I will tell it all, the actual spot, fairly soon, but me lads have convinced me this evening that I should at least take a metal detector to check the very cold little creek which sits directly below our aspen tree…even though a little poem from “f” says “he won’t even need a tool, as he carries out the chest.”

  10. Sometimes I think JB means “Just Below”, and one of the rings in the chest was found with a metal detector! Or “J” is an arrow pointing down, and “B” stands for “blaze”…but I have resisted taking a metal detector because of his story about the burying of his bronze bells…

  11. We’ve taken metal detectors…we’ve wrapped them in plastic and put them in water to see if we can find anything under water too. I don’t know about that blaze you found…maybe he has a nickname for his wife…June Bug and they went there to check on the treasure on that date while eating Jelly Beans. He does mention a few dates in his book..maybe one is the same as that one.

  12. JB- could it be John Brown. A homegrown terrorist legend hero. 9 -11 connection.

    He helped free slaves. Piles of rocks were often used as markers -Lane’s chimneys

    the West virginia history page: also makes use of the words tarried and scanty.
    The Times remarked that “he did both himself and the press scanty justice in this prediction,”

    Well that kept me quiet for a few minutes. Thank you for sharing the adventure. 🙂

    • Cool idea!! But I don’t think a blaze by John Brown would look that new. I don’t even think Aspens live for 150 years do they? My guess is that its two folks who carved their initials in the tree…maybe two lovers…and the date they were there. Forrest said he went in there alone to hide the treasure…so it gets logistically murkier and murkier..

      • lol… i was working on the idea that FF had left a clue. I was trying to find historical figures with JB initials. Also found a great story on someone called Jonathon Buck. I had fun taking part but I know i’d never be a Sherlock Holmes. Hope you all have fun in the chase. 🙂

    • Was John Brown a terrorist or hero? Probably a little of both.

      Of course we know where the home of this Brown is……Old John Brown’s body lies moldering in the grave.

  13. Do you ever wonder if people put FF on Aspens in places they’ve looked? I just had an image of every aspen tree out west having that on it…kind of funny. Ok, I did it once to take a photo of me by it and was going to send it to Dal to get him back for his “I found it” blog….but the picture turned out blurry.

    Just had another idea for JB…Forrest knows James Bond..

    • Is an FF carving graffiti? Would Forrest do that?
      I like Stephanie’s solution…I’ll bet JB looked there on 9/11/11 and just left the FF there to confuse the next person in…

      • Is he the one who did it in his backyard? I don’t think he’s opposed to leaving a mark on an aspen…but my problem with that is that will it be around for a thousand years? I kind of like the idea of a rock blaze.

      • Dal, remember I am positive this was carved significantly earlier than 9.11.11 as I conducted a simple and verifiable experiment…

  14. We don’t have any Indian Artifacts in the Chicago area that I know of unless their deep under the tall buildings. So unfortunately have to say no.

    I’m thinking Tony isn’t stupid…he’s a jerk…not stupid.

    20 emails? hmmm…two ffs? hmmm

  15. I use a small f because I’m too lazy to hit the shift button. All of this cyberspace verbiage is conspicuous by the absence of talk about where warm waters halt. Several months ago some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close. Alas, and dame fortune, so often a fickle and seductive wench, never spun her wheel to lure them back.

    • One of my first thoughts was that “where warm water halt” could be a dam on a river. The deep water that pools behind the dam is much colder than the water flowing into the reservoir. At many dams the water that is discharged is so cold it kills the native fish populations.

    • Thought Forest’s response was an interesting choice of words. I did a quick search and found the following poem.

      “Alas! where now doth scorn of fortune hide?”
      By Joachim du Bellay (1552–1560)

      Translated by Austin Dobson

      ALAS! where now doth scorn of fortune hide?
      And where the heart that still must conqueror be;
      Where the strong hope of immortality,
      And that fine flame to common souls denied?

      Where is the joyance which at eventide, 5
      Through the brown night the silver moon could see,
      With all the Nine, whenas, in fancy free,
      I led them dance, some sacred stream beside?

      Dame Fortune now is mistress of my soul,
      And this my heart that I would fain control, 10
      Is grown the thrall of many a fear and sigh.

      For after-time no more have I desire;
      No more within I feel that ancient fire,
      And the sweet Muses turn from me, and fly.

      • Maybe it is best to determine what type of fish live in warm waters vs fish that live in cold waters in the effort of discovering “where warm waters halt”.

    • Yes, I agree entirely about all this cyberspace verbiage. So without further ado, and since no one else seems willing to mention their own ideas about this warm waters stuff: our friend Bob is hot on the trail of Stephan’s solution when he mentions that thar map o’ New Mexico Game and Fish…of course it has to do with fishin’, what else could warm waters refer to?….Then immagine Stephan’s surprise when, after solving warm waters and home of Brown, he found that thar tree in the lower part of a beautiful canyon not far but too far to walk. Then imagine his surprise when he saw in that same canyon acres of felled trees and thousands of stumps, just like that ink drawing in Mr. Fenn’s book with the lumberjack in the field o’ stumps…Imagine further his delight when he saw a very old chevy parked in plain view in a shed at the entrance to the canyon. Imagine again how interesting it seemed when he found Skippy’s aero-plane not too far from where warm waters halt…The list goes on and on in this way, I promise…Stephan’s blaze is yours for the finding!

      • Marsha, who has made several entries on this blog, has revealed a generous spirit by encouraging me to not reveal my clues…but I’ve been back to my spot three more times now, and also tried out a metal detector. This place is just too vast and rugged for one poor pirate to cover, even if he had a lifetime and unlimited money…his remaining lifetime and modest means must be spent in different ways now. But I can assure you I put in a herculean effort…And my mind is at ease also because Mr. Fenn’s above entry about folks finding the first two clues and missing all the others tells me that my solution is not correct, anyways. I have clear and compelling solutions for warm waters, canyon down, not far but too far to walk, home of Brown, no paddle up my creek, no place for the meek, heavy loads, water high, brave and in the wood, etc…and I found a blaze with FF on it! I am ready for all to see what an absurd and miraculous coincidence this must be!

      • I’m guessing since it sounds like only one group was near it…it’s not a common place. I think we figured out JB though Stephan…not sure if you read this whole thread or not. It’s somewhere in the 109 comments(has to be the longest thread on the blogs now). I like the idea of a confluence as the warm waters halting. It’s more of a unique idea that not everyone would realize. So when do you tell us your spot Stephan??? Can’t wait to hear about it. I just got back from Detroit and can put my head back into search thinking.

      • Hi Stepan, did you happen to check under the rocks? We also found a treasure trail “Taos” from translating Spanish and Tewa town meanings in the area. Interesting, tho did not reveal a landing spot. So lots of looking with no results. Did you know that where the Red River meets the Rio Grande is where warm waters halt? and that is where the trout spawn? Also met a Forrest Fenn type person on our adventure, who knows where lots of caves are in the area. Going back soon.

    • And since “Jelly Beans” seems to be the most creative response for the “JB” carved on Stephan’s Blaze, I will share with you all the ways I tried to solve it…As they are carved, the “J” and the “B” are exact replicas of ancient runes, lagus and berkanan, to be precise…Berkanan is the symbol for either a birch or an aspen tree…Lagus inverted as it is to make the “J”, stands for water not flowing…it can also mean waterfall…Other possibilities: “B” could signify “blaze”…and “J” resembles the symbol used on topo maps to signify true north and magnetic north…”J” could also mean “junction”, and my tree is located near the junction of a dry creek bed with a creek which flows year round…(and were you to see this little gurgling creek, you would certainly understand why you would never be paddling up it)…I also thought the “J” could be an arrow pointing down, and the “B” two triangular arrows pointing up the canyon, like a forest trail sign…Alas none of these led anywhere…

      • Hi All,

        I am (obviously) new to the search and have spent a lot of time reading prior posts, etc. First, it has been a real treat to read the posts and I want to thank Dal ( for what they have done to document both the search and the gift that Mr. Fenn has given us. At any rate, today I have been caught up in Stephan’s prior search and the carvings on the tree. I think the fact that Mr. Fenn replied to Stephan’s email from his first quest, posted here during comments back and forth about whether or not the blaze was “the blaze” is very telling. He does not seem to be a man who would waste time nor words on a worthless track or tact. I agree that the carvings are not dates. They look very much like the marking for rapids on a BLM map. While I haven’t found the exact markings, they look really similar. Also, it may be posted elsewhere, but I haven’t seen any comments about the significance of the pile of stones on the opposite side of the Birch. I did see a comment from someone (maybe it was you Stephan) that the pile of stones in a picture of Mr. Fenn was “special” or “familiar”. I’ve lots to sort through and synthesize before starting out on a trek with my 10 y/o. Heck, though I have plausible thoughts, I have not yet found my spot where “warm waters halt”. That, and being a 25 year veteran of Ski Patrol and Outdoor Emergency Care, the current conditions in any potential sites are no place for “the meek”, so to speak. At any rate, if anyone has any thoughts or comments, I would love to read them. Thanks!

      • In regards to Warm water I would be incline to think of hot springs located near Taos. Somewhere around the Rio Grande River. It fits two clues:
        Warm waters & Heavy Loads. Soon I will have time to focus more on this, atm I am recovering from knee surgery and concentration is limited.

      • Have you ever considered that unless you know the exact spot, you don’t know where the gold is. Ive looked into all those names and to be frank, its to complex to the be the answer. Buy, hey, if you’re right, than I can assume your diving to get it right now?

    • Mr. Fenn, I have to say that you’ve pullled me out of a depression, and into an obsession….I thank you for that…

    • Do you have Forrest’s actuall Email address…I hear people say that they have emailed him, but I can’t find it anywear…

    • f – (Don’t have your book yet but) Have you made it clear that the clues are to be followed sequentially? Start with warm waters, 2nd clue following the1st, 3rd follows 2nd and so on? Ken

      • Don’t you think that would be telling too much? And how would he really answer that? It could be yes and no. For instance someone (somewhere) said you would have to “take it in the canyon down” before you “Put in below the home of Brown.” Because that was the order it was in the poem. However IMO you can still follow the directions in order and “Put in below the home of Brown.” Before you “take it…” Assuming that “the home of Brown” is a clarification of where to go to do that step. Still It seems to me that it could go either way.

        I do fear that I am wrong in my thought on “where warm waters halt” because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it discussed somewhere online. But unless I come up with a better idea that is within a days drive of where I’m going to be I am not going to assume that Forrest didn’t miss that post in all the hundreds or thousands I’ve read.

        • Patricia: Forrest might answer my question: “Don’t assume it is in order” or “I have not said either way”.
          I may not have been very clear, I only want to know whether or not Forest had made it clear.
          I have taken an interest in this chase for about a two weeks and at the information overload stage and now focus on the Poem as others have suggested. So many veteran searchers, I think I will for something very unlikely, less obvious. I am in CA and have even looked at paths starting in CA for instance.
          I am not convinced of anything yet. I lean toward cold river joining another river at a lower elevation but this does not fit my ‘unlikely criterion.

    • This a classic…and fitting remark from the early days.
      cyberspace verbiage…

    • In retrospect…this may be the earliest nudge directly from Fenn of a direct indication that the first clue is wwwh.

  16. Arrowhead Hunting

    The land is full of what was lost. What’s hidden
    Rises to the surface after rain
    In new-ploughed fields, and fields stubbled again:
    The clay shards, foot and lip, that heaped the midden,

    And here and there a blade or flakes of blade,
    A patient art, knapped from a core of flint,
    Most broken, few as coins new from the mint,
    Perfect, shot through time as through a glade.

    You cannot help but think how they were lost:
    The quarry, fletched shaft in its flank, the blood
    Whose trail soon vanished in the antlered wood,
    Not just the meat, but what the weapon cost—

    O hapless hunter, though your aim was true—
    The wounded hart, spooked, fleeting in its fear—
    And the sharpness honed with longing, year by year
    Buried deeper, found someday, but not by you.

  17. I collect art and sell at auction houses and do some product designing….raise children and take care of parents…those keep me plenty busy when all I want to do is think about solving his poem.

    Interesting find in Cleveland.

    So your saying he’s written 19 emails with ff and one with FF? That’s interesting…maybe you know the location….where is it?

    P.S. Tony still is a jerk….but not stupid….

  18. All is fair in Love and War….hmmm I’m not sure that’s true.

    Why 3k? That seems like an expensive trip.

    We’re probably on trip number 20……3 generations looking. I’m the obsessed one though.

  19. Well thanks Rick Nowak. I very much lack planning skills when it comes to adventure. I can have such a flighty idea about where it is and head out that way. Hopefully one of these days it will work in my favor….20th time is the charm….right?

  20. There’s something fun and bubbly about being compared to 7 up 😉

    If the famous treasure hunter is right…then I’m sunk. I can’t help, but live my life on the fly.

    I think we’ve hijacked Dal’s blog and I need to get some zzzz’s.

    I posted a new blog tonight…talks about two things….one is The Fenn Gallery which is for sale and there’s photos of it. The other is a link that talks about a place that Forrest Fenn would go every year and shows pieces of his collection.

  21. ysrebob,, I consider your “warm waters” to be the best I’ve read so far. Mine is only, just maybe, a little better…only a little, no offense…

  22. and Rick, I too have received many small emails from Mr. Fenn. But he has never used “ff”, only “f”. And I would derive no inferences whatsoever from whether he responds to you or not… Just when I think I will never hear from him again, he surprises me every time.

  23. ysrebob….I agree that he might want to check on it, but he’s a pilot and can go anywhere. Even if he doesn’t fly anymore(does anyone know?)…I’m sure he knows pilots as well as possibly has them in his own family. Also, he’s on the board of trustees at the Cody Wyoming Museum. So he must have to go up there every so often.

    Here’s a link that lists him on there. I was personally there and there’s a whole exhibit that includes many many items he’s donated including an entire cabin and it’s contents for an artist that he wrote a book on and then did a revision of that book. If that isn’t a special place to him…I don’t know what is.

    Not sure if there’s a confluence up in that area…but I could see it being a place he’d go alone.

    • I do not know if he was a fan of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, but I bet he was a fan of “The Great Adventure”, season 1, especially episode 7…..

  24. Hi Rick,

    Not sure if your comment about “not cutting a break” refers to myself or to Mr. Fenn, but if it’s me, I can assure you I shared plenty already, and I will share more…and even if, as it appears, my solution is just a very interesting coincidence, I am sure that anyone who follows my clues and lines of thought will receive a rejuvenating effect on the way they approach their own quest, another “tool in the toolbox.”

    • It appears you are talking about Wheeler Peak…or as Forrest calls it, Taos Mountain. That’s a big place. I’ve been to some places there and so have hundreds…maybe thousands of other searchers. The problem with that solution Stephan is that you refer to many clues you found in the book rather than from the poem where Forrest says the clues are at. Forrest has stated that you don’t even need the book to find the treasure. Just follow the clues in the poem. He said it as much here a day or so ago…Start where warm water halts. That’s the first place you need to think about. So, in my opinion, I think we should forget about the old biddies and Mrs. Ford…Lets see where warm water halts. Lets see where you follow it in the canyon down. Lets see where the home of Brown is. What about Meek and being brave? Then, and only then might there also be a coincidence in the book. Of course this is just my take on it.
      Your solution appears to make liberal assumptions from stories in the book that you have decided point to your spot. But I think you are making unnecessary esoteric connections between stories in the book and the side of Wheeler Peak. Forrest has said over and over that the nine clues in the poem will lead you directly to the treasure. I mean given the stories from the book to work with you can make the Sonoran Desert work. You can make a street in NYC work. You can make Forrest’s office work. But that is not where the clues are found. At least not according to Forrest…and one would think he would know.
      On the other hand…I certainly haven’t found it either…so I don’t know. But I think you sound a little presumptuous when you defend your spot as if it is the most logical solution in the universe and everyone else is dreadfully dense for not seeing it. I suppose we all have our favorite spots but we should get there by matching up the lines in the poem…not the stories in the book.
      Lets consider where warm waters halt…the starting point. It must be a starting point that defines the term “Where warm waters halt”. So, what about the Great Salt Lake? That’s the place where warm waters really halt. Water only evaporates from that place. There are tributaries but no outflows. It’s an important and geographically remarkable place. Now…I’m not saying that the Great Salt Lake is THE starting point…what I’m saying is that there, at the salt lake, is a place where warm water seriously halts. For me a hot spring doesn’t work. Warm water does not halt once it leaves a hot spring. It rolls downhill. It meets water from a stream and mixes with it. It is gradually cooled, but it does not halt.
      Another common thought about a place where warm waters halt is a reservoir…behind a high dam where the warm water stays on the surface and much colder water from deeper in the lake goes through the outlet. I agree. This is logical but its problem is that there are hundreds of dams like that in the west…which one do you choose? Which one takes you on a journey where the other clues also fit. I believe it’s not likely to be a reservoir for just that reason…but I reserve the right to change my mind…ha!
      Another common starting point is Warm River or Warm Springs or Warm Creek. Where that stream hits another river. At that spot the Warm River halts and becomes a new river. I like that possibility as well. And there are more choices…many more. But like Forrest pointed out in his comment above. we need to start at the start…that’s how you find this treasure…I believe….


      • This has been the most helpful comment so far, thankyou. I can now take a deep breath and take a more simplistic approach to this search, reminding myself all I need is the poem, and maybe we are all overcomplicating the clues, and zooming in too close on our maps for the first clue.

        • I have considered that Meek is a name…as have many others on this blog. But I probably capitalized it in that comment because my fingers out thought my brain.

      • This too is one of the best posts about being subjective and tying things other than the poem to a solution….

  25. It also could be just figuratively and be the name of a street. I’ve seen roads named Warm Creek Rd. I’ve also seen roads named Agua Fria which is cold water and he does mention Spanish a lot.

  26. Stephan I think it is time for the big reveal. We have played along with your clues from the book. I would love to hear your interpretation of what the clues mean and how they lead you to your spot.

  27. Dal, my place is not Wheeler Peak, nor anywhere in the vicinity. I have never taken the road to Taos to look for the treasure. Not sure where you got that idea. And I figured out the poem first. My solution derived first and foremost from the poem, and it accounts for all nine of the clues, except for “look quickly down your quest to cease.” I’ll reveal more, as alas I don’t think my solution is right, even if everything fits uncannily; When I look quickly down, my quest does not cease. I told “f” that his blog entry above proves that I am wrong, but he sent me back a “what makes you think you are on the wrong track, I don’t even know where you’re looking” comment. Which of course he does, because I have laid out my entire solution to him in excruciating detail. He won’t comment on whether he likes my solution or not….

    I am kind of surprised no one else has figured out my version of house of Brown. It only took three successive google searches, and there is nothing esoteric about it. It is as real as Billy the Kid, and as obvious.

    Warm waters came from NM Game and Fish. Nothing clever or esoteric here either.

    Heavy loads is the simplest of all. Dal, you’ll eat your hat when you see my solution to heavy loads!

    My only delay in telling you all now is a slight mischievousness, and my indecision whether to go back one last time with a metal detector to check the very cold creek beneath my blaze

    • Okay…well I thought maybe I could get your goat and you’d reveal “all” to us if I did..
      But your goat is more firmly staked to the ground than I thought. I’ll have to try something else…ha!
      (preparing my hat to be eaten…)

    • On the New Mexico fish and game website it has a map of New Mexico that divides the state into warm water and cold water fishing zones. Stephan is this map you are using to determine “where warm waters halt?”

  28. PS Stephanie, it was only after reading one of your comments about metal detectors that I considered one last trip before spilling all!

  29. If “home of Brown” is somehow related to Billy the Kid, I don’t see an obvious answer. The Lincoln County war and Billy the Kids grave is south of Santa Fe.

    Stephan you have not provided ANY ANSWERS to the clues from the poem or the memoir. I am really starting to doubt your whole story. It would be easy for you to clear all this up so the hat eating can begin.

    • Bob, you will see before too much longer how home of Brown is related to Billy the KId! You are probably only one or two mouse clicks away!

      • Stephan is your spot south of Santa Fe New Mexico? If it is then Forrest’s clue about being north of Santa Fe would have to be a red herring. Did you know there is a Santa Fe Texas over by Houston? That would put most of the state of New Mexico north of Santa Fe. This could be similar to the clue of west of Toledo. Which Toledo or Santa Fe is Forrest talking about?

  30. What is the likelihood that an FF carved in a tree would be the blaze? It doesn’t seem like a very permanent marker. One strong storm or an industrious wood pecker, and the blaze would be lost.

    • From a planning standpoint I certainly agree..It does not seem probable that Forrest left an “FF” carved in a tree as a blaze for the next many millennia. However, I have to say that when you are out searching and you get to the spot where you think it might be and there appears an “F” or “FF” carved in a tree you tend to ignore what you know to be true…It takes a strong willed individual not to get pretty excited at that point…

      • I wouldn’t count out an F or FF as a blaze. He only said that it might not be found for that long. Didn’t say he planned for someone at that time to find it. Ya know? I can’t wait to find out what the blaze is. I suppose warm water’s halting and the blaze are my most curious curiosities of his poem. The autobiography for inside the treasure.

      • Most Aspen Trees won’t live more than 20-25 years…I think the “Blaze” will be of a more permanent type IMO.

  31. Your really are an acheologist?

    I dont think dal is mean or angry. Not sure what gave you that perception.

    Tony doesnt care who forrest is. He didnt care about helping people solve the poem. His motivation is to sell magazines.

    Back to looking at pennies…..exciting life here. Dont be jealous.

  32. Hi Dal, you’ll have to wait a bit longer before eating your hat. I am recently arrived at my grandmother’s house in Vernon, TX, helping my mom to clean it out. My grandmother passed four years ago at the age of 96, a wonderful lady indeed, and mom and auntie couldn’t bring themselves to clean it out until now. And guess what? I am the lucky inheritor of my grandfather’s bamboo fly rods from the 40’s and 50’s! He spent his summers in Gunnison, CO, fishing away…not unlike Mr. Fenn.

    I want to be back in New Mexico before I take the final plunge with my solution. But for the fun of it, I’ll try to come up with some more tantalizing clues!

    I am really enjoying all this dialogue. Thanks for the blog, Dal, and please be patient, Bob!

  33. Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. I mean how in the world are we ever going to locate Forrest’s treasure if we can’t even figure out where Stephan’s spot is???

    Here’s an idea from one of our readers. Since we all keep looking in many of the spots others have looked in…but don’t know it…
    Why don’t we leave a mark of some kind to show we were there..Not a tree carving or something that would detract from the outdoor experience for others out in the woods…

    But when I got to my next location (thinking I am the smartest guy alive and was really clever in figuring out this spot) lo and behold…there is Stephanie’s mark. I can see she was already there.

    What about it…any thoughts…pro/con…?

    • I love the idea, but have a problem with doing it. Like Stephan, it might take me a while to give up on a spot and till then….I wouldn’t want anyone to know I was there. By the time I’m ok with someone knowing….I’m somewhere else entirely.

      I do think that whoever finds Forrest’s treasure…should leave a geocache type thing so others will know they figured it out. Thought of that back when you left yours by Yellowstone….

  34. I like the idea of leaving a little memento, in fact, I already left one at my spot.

    I have a good friend from Missouri who told me once, “Where I’m from when we want to hide something real good, we paint it red and put it in our front yard.” Which could be another way of saying that sometimes the simplest solutions are the hardest to find. My solution is ridiculously simple, but I would be willing to bet that Mr. Fenn’s is even simpler still…

  35. And Dal, if you don’t one day entirely agree that my solution to the poem is very simple and clear, I will be the one eating my hat. And being bald and enamored of hats, I have many to choose from!

      • LOL No seriously I wasn’t. I reread it to see how it could have been perceived that way…too funny. I’m actually excited that he figured it out. That really makes perfect sense he left the blaze. Even the comments in that blog are from just after that date. I think email and text can be so misunderstood. Especially from me, because I say way too much. 7-UP…your funny 😉

    • I saw this link a couple weeks back on Forrest resource page. From what I can see this is the only blog entry about the treasure hunt, so I think it is interesting that Forrest has it as a link. I wonder if Forrest is giving us a clue about where JB was looking. JB appears to have searched the Raton and Folsum area of North East New Mexico.

    • In the case of that link, JB is John Sharps and if you click on the link on her blog to the story about the WWII aircraft recovery you will see that John Sharps worked with Crayton Fenn in the discovery and salvage of a WWII aircraft near Seattle. Crayton is Forrest’s nephew. John Sharps and Crayton worked on that operation together. Both Crayton and John have been involved in underwater search and recovery operations for many years. Don’t read anything mysterious or nefarious into that blog or Forrest’s reasons for posting it. The woman that writes that blog is John’s wife. That link has been up there since day one when John wrote Forrest that he was out looking for the treasure. That was probably in the spring of 2011. Forrest put it up because it was funny and because John is a friend of Crayton, Forrest’s nephew. I don’t know why John Sharp’s wife calls him JB but maybe his dad was also John and so his family gave him a nickname so he wouldn’t be confused with his dad in everyday conversations about John Sharps….or maybe some other reason…

      So here is the link again from Forrest’s resource page and that Jerry refers to above:

      and once there click on the link to the WWII aircraft recovery and you’ll get the whole picture.

      John Sharp’s was out looking for the treasure beginning in the spring of 2011. I do not know if he still is a searcher and I do not know where he looked but it is possible that JB is John Sharps.


  36. If you give up these clues you will lose the chance at 2 million bucks! Don’t do it! You have your answer about JB and it is accurate! Be patient with yourselves and DON”T be foolish.

  37. Don’t give up your clues! You could be giving up 2 million bucks! Don’t be foolish. These people are not like your family and friends who aren’t really actively interested or hunting. It takes a lot of time and effort to be an armchair treasure hunter. Go back with your metal detector.

    • But Marsha he’s already looked there and not found it. I am certain that if Stephan decides to let us know about his spot it will be because he has searched every square inch. Just as others have been willing to talk about their search places elsewhere on this blog once they are convinced the treasure is not there. Sharing helps everyone understand how different people interpret the lines of the poem. Sharing is not a bad thing. Its part of the adventure and the thrill. We like others to know about our searches.

      • I really enjoy reading all the blog entries. Reading other people’s stories add to the fun of the hunt. I can’t really say though that anyone has revealed information that has significantly helped me in my search other than exposing me to different perpectives. Those differing points of view haven’t changed my own. I still hold fast to my intepretations. From what I’ve read, nobody seems to be in the same line of thought as mine even if their starting point might be similar. This is GOOD if I’m on the right trail but very bad if my thinking is so left field that not even Forrest Fenn would have dreampt (is that spelled right?) it up. It’s all about what Mr. Fenn thinks. It’s is his perspective that we all strive to know.

      • Dal, you are right as far as clue sharing, and I have yet to search every square inch of my spot, as I have not yet been back with a metal detector to search my cold stream “just below” my blaze (JB?)… It seems to me now that “your effort will be worth the cold” most likely must involve a cold body of water…which is still not to say that my total solution is right. But when it comes to cold, it seems to me that it must be something which is always cold, not, for example, a mountaintop which might be cold in the winter but downright balmy in the summer…

    • There is always the danger that Stephan will give something away, but there is also the possibility that the shared pool of knowledge will lead him the rest of the way to the treasure.

    • Hi Marsha, Thanks for the encouragement. And I will follow your advice and not give up all of my solution until I have checked my spot with a metal detector. But it feels good to share some of my solution now, right or wrong, because I don’t want the treasure now in the same way that I did, believe it or not…

      As I see it, Mr. Fenn’s memoir, in addition to being a folksy and humorous yarn about simple and good times, also invites us to confront issues of life and death, injustice, and spirituality. I’ve begun to realize during my searches, that finding the treasure, having gold, is not going to solve my problems or necessarily even make my life better. Who knows, maybe it could make it worse!

      We humans too frequently believe that money will make us happy… I look about me, and I often see the exact opposite! And I know that no amount of gold will buy answers to the questions that Forrest Fenn meditates upon in his book!

      Perhaps Mr. Fenn does intend this quest also to challenge us seekers into a little self-examination of our hearts and motives…

      • I think when people get money like say with the lottery….it just enhances who they already are. If they’re spenders…they’ll continue on doing that…if their savers…they’ll do that…I think a lot of searchers are very creative though…so I can see many here doing fun and interesting things like he wanted.

        Can’t wait to find out your location Stephan. Will be fun to see how it all worked out.

  38. I am very new to the search and have been reading everybody’s post and I am now officially along for the ride. @stephan Home of Brown and Nilly the kid, the only thing I could find was that Billy the kid lived at a boarding house owned by a sarah brown in New mexico.

    • Nice research Brent…Wasn’t that in Silver City though? Silver City is south of Santa Fe. I guess you could argue that the clues do not have to be north of Santa Fe…only the hidden chest. The clues could start anywhere…even South America as long as they ended north of Santa Fe.

      Lots of people will probably jump on that…Maybe someone will even figure out where Stephan’s spot is at…
      Since we have not heard from Stephan maybe he found the treasure and is at this very moment on vacation in Aruba…
      Just kidding…

    • Nice find Brent. I looked up Sara Brown and it says her boarding house was in Silver City which is in the SW part of the state. Stephan has said that his spot is north of Santa Fe. He also said that “where warm waters halt” is somewhere between Santa Fe and Cimarron.

      Dal, If Stephan has skipped off ot Aruba, they may end up searching for him!

  39. I think it’s somewhere around Raton…because I think that other guy went there who’s initials were on the tree with the FF that was mentioned above….So does anyone have a connection to that town? I thought he was going to tell us…feeling like he’s left us all hanging…Oh, Stephan…where are you???

    Anyone think Aruba is north of Santa Fe…I mean if you go around the world…everything has to be north at some point??? Because I’d love to go there and search now that Forrest’s Chase cured me of my anti flying stance.

    • Someone should ask JB where the tree is since he is the one who carved it.

      One of the doomsday theories says that on December 21st there will be a geo-magnetic reversal of the poles. That would make Aruba north of Santa Fe.

  40. That’s actually a brilliant idea…after over 100 comments here and your the first person to think of such a logical idea….I think the rest of us are doomed to finding the treasure.

    *in my best Veruca Salt impression* I wanna go to Aruba noooooow 😉

    • You guys are getting testy…just because Stephan has had a change of mind and decided to keep his spot secret for awhile…But come on…pirates are not known for keeping their promises…ha!

      Pirates are people too!

      I like that swapping poles prediction though…
      Will Google Earth stop working?

      • Will Google Earth stop working?

        Dal, I guess it depends on how good Google’s disaster recovery plan is.

        Sometimes you get strange results with Google Maps today.

        I typed in “Forrest Fenn’s treasure” and Google Maps points to the Collected Works Book Store and the Holiday Inn on Cerrillos Road.

        If you havn’t already searched the Holiday Inn, I would start with the lost and found box.

  41. I’m not testy really…I have enough treasure spots to look at to keep me busy for a couple lifetimes….speaking of lifetimes…..

    Trying to make money to support my treasure hunting habit and selling 2013 Mayan calendars if anyone is interested…..

      • copy and print?? I’m sitting here with my slab of stone and chisel Dal…now you tell me I could have just done it on the computer *sheesh*

        I think I quit the chase again…but I might have reapplied for one more treasure hunting session not too soon after I quit. Will you visit me when they put me away Dal? They must have some sort of rehab in the mountains north of Santa Fe…right? Seriously though…I just can’t afford to keep going. Maybe I can find a sponsor and put their logos on my luggage each time I travel.

  42. I wonder if 9-11-11 and the initial “JB” were written when the treasure was found. Can the writing be verified by Forrest Fenn? If Forrest truly did carve his initials into the tree, he would have known if there was any other writing there prior. This would lead me to believe that someone found the treasure on September 11th, 2011 and that person carved their initials “JB” above “FF” and the date in which it was found.

    • Josh-
      Forrest has said the treasure has not been found so why would you pose this question? Further, Stephan later revealed that this unnamed location could not possibly be the resting place of the treasure because it is to far south.

      • Dal –

        Is he still keeping the place unnamed even though he believes it can’t possibly be there? If so, why?

      • Stephan is working on a new post right now. I don’t know when it will be ready, but he promises to reveal all. He has been out of the country for quite awhile. When he returned he needed to make one more trek up there to look/see. I believe he did that earlier this week in the snow. He is now convinced that the place does not contain the treasure. I am anxious to read his next post too…

  43. Dal –

    Thank you for your reply and clarification. After I had made this post, to my surprise and excitement I received confirmation from Forrest that the treasure had not been found. Being that I am new to this hunt, I have been searching up and down for any clues that could help piece together the possible location of the chest and have been what I feel to be quite successful in uncovering some details as to where the chest may be. When I came across this post with the photo of the tree carving with the two initials and the date, I was initially discouraged as I suspected that the chest had been found. Without knowing the entirety of when Forrest made his first public release of the existence of the chest I made the assumption that the chest may have already been found. I appreciate your response and clarification and look forward to continuing on in my search for the chest.

  44. Could home of the brown be referring to the brown trout in Cimarron River? Brown trout are only found in cold water, making it fit with “begin it where warm waters halt,” which could refer to Eagle Nest Dam, from which cold water flows into Cimarron River. Follow the river to Cimarron Canyon State Park where the waters become rapid, tying into “there’ll be no paddle up your creek”. This could also refer to Clear Creek or Tolby Creek, which I think are more plausible because of how close Cimarron is to the main road, and if this were the case “not far, but too far to walk” wouldn’t make sense. Unless of course he meant that it was hard for him to get to because of his physical shape. I do not, however, believe this is the case and think following Clear or Tolby creek may be the correct path. Let me know what you guys think.

    • That’s one of the most commonly checked areas dog frog. It’s where folks who like NM as a place to look generally try first. Your interpretation is the same as dozens..maybe hundreds before…However, just because no one else found it there does not mean you won’t…so I think you should go and look.

  45. I read where a woman who blogs for a living said her husband who goes by the initials JB went in search of the treasure. After much ado, I discovered he left his corporate career, they moved and he went in to business for himself in May 2012. Like the end of the school year for his kids. Hmmmm

    • davter,
      Where did you read about the changes in JB’s family’s lives? I would like to read the story myself.

      • Without naming names….there is an article on oldsantafetrading by that woman. I online searched her name and got his full name. A search of that revealed his career bio. Since then, I discovered JB and FF’s nephew discovered a lost WWII plane back in 2004

      • Dal, I know this is old news, but some newcomers would like to be caught up on how you came know “JB” and Crayton FENN, and why you started looking for the treasure in November 2010 when, according to you, it wasn’t publicly released until after 9-11-11?

    • davter…
      Point me to where I wrote that the hunt did not started til 9/11/11 because that is a mistake. It started publicly about September of 2010, which is about when Forrest made the first public announcement about it. What I meant to say is that 9/11/11 is about the time that Crayton’s diving partner, known as JB, contacted me. I have never met JB. I do not know exactly where JB searched. I know of him through Crayton and via a couple of emails we exchanged about the search.

        • I misinterpreted two different references about lost WWII aircraft and drew the wrong conclusion. Sorry ’bout that!

      • You have seen JB’s wife’s blog and the pictures? If so, you know the area, and why it would be on the “north” side?

      • I don’t even know that Stephan’s tree carving has anything to do with the JB that has dived with Crayton. But if you want info about whether he carved that tree, why not ask him. Go to his wife’s blog and write her for contact info for her husband. Why deliberate when you can have the facts…

        • I would if he was actively involved on this blog. So far, I haven’t come across anything he’s ever said. Plus, I’m pretty sure I would like to keep it private if I found the chest. Forrest would receive that turquoise bracelet back in unmarked plain certified mail postmarked many miles from where I live!

  46. Hello Folks. I haven’t read all the comments as there are now a great many. I thought I would throw in my two cents here, as I have taken an interest in your blog, and you seem close with this tree. Upon looking at your picture, the first thing that I noticed was that the FF and the JB appeared to be very different fonts. this may be a reach, but I recognized the B. It is a Rune, and also means ‘Birch’, which a quick google search tells me they do grow in new mexico, so this seems plausibly relevant. also, the J, looks like the rune ‘Lagu’, or Lake. However, for it to be Lagu, it would be upside down. this could be related to his Fenns hint about looking quickly down.

    I just started reading about this today, so I’m afraid I have much less insight from my desk here in Denver Colorado than you would after much search and research.
    Another Idea that I haven’t seen considered on here is that the 9-11-11 isn’t a date, but actually a navigational tool.

    I’ll stay tuned in… and good luck.

  47. I know where it is. Anyone want to go get it for me and we can split it half and half? I’m in Texas. The warm waters in the Rio Grande stop at the Taos county line. “Begin it where the warm waters halt” = Begin at Taos. The rest is just as simple. Lots of elaborate theories on here though.

    • Where’s your proof? There are lots of places where warm waters halt, what makes you think it’s referring to Taos?

  48. To me it looks like JB and Stephen did find a location. JB carved it up and Stephen took a picture. I think both are very close to riches. I frequently go Geo Caching with my family and once we find a treasure we leave something symbolic or add our name and date to a list of previous treasure seekers. I think this is the case here since Mr. Finn has stated the treasure has not been found. I don’t think Mr. Finn would take the time to crave out 2 “FF”’s , that’s just too easy to locate and if he is trying to go undetected this would not be wise.

    I am very curious to where this treasure is located, but I’m more interested in Mr. Finn’s secret “Honey Holes.” Every good fisherman or hunter has 1 or 2 maybe 3 spots. Being able to go off the grid to one of these remote locations for a relaxing day in the wilderness with a chance of catching a monster Brown trout are far more valuable to the body and soul then any riches can provide.

    Good luck to all in your quest for booty!!

  49. Some interesting things here, being an amateur treasure hunter. This is interesting. I have a few ideals. What if JB stands for Jay Brown? He passed away around 1992 I think it was. last known owner of the brown ranch in N.M. Which is a historical site. May be currently owned by a sporting goods retailer.

  50. Where is the story (i Think I read a little about here) about Fenn burying some Bronze Bells somewhere? , I’d like to know about that. FYI If I find it I will leave some of it there.

  51. If you have found the tree i think he left military cooridnates they have two lette Jb and numbers 4 to 6 digits or more depending on how exact(9/11/11) go to military navigation to explain how if it works chest should be there mr fenn was pilot let me know

  52. Warm waters = Ridgway, CO (Orvis hot springs). Home town of Ralph Lauren, Forrest’s friend.
    Home of Brown = Deb’s Meadow near chimney peak, named for Debbie Reynold’s who played Molly Brown.
    No Place for the meek = Deb’s meadow is where John Wayne did his run with the reins in his mouth in True Grit.
    If you’ve been wise = Owl Creek Pass (get it? owl = wise?) leads to the treasure.

  53. Warm Waters = Warm water halts at the Taos County line. Start in Taos
    Canyon Down = Go down to Pso Del Canyon E (highway), it’s right below Taos
    Too far to walk = 30 miles to Home of Brown is too far to walk, but only a 30 minute drive
    Home of Brown = Cimmaron River
    No paddle up your creek = Not telling
    Heavy Loads and Water High = The dam at Eagle Nest Lake which feeds Cimmaron River
    The Blaze, the worth the cold, and in the wood = Not telling.

    You don’t need the book.

      • One thought:
        Paul Worsham
        Upcoming book author & nascent filmmaker. Organizer of various groups & events, incl. Startup Rockstars (Personal tweets here, not reflecting any organization)
        DC, MD, VA, sometimes NY ·


        From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        1P may refer to:
        Polonia 1, 1P, Polish TV channel of the Polcast Television
        Halley’s Comet official name of 1P/Halley
        1P, proved Oil reserves
        1p, an arm of Chromosome 1 (human)
        British Pound Sterling 1p coin


        P1 (papyrus), an early papyrus copy of part of the New Testament

        if you include the possibility of P-1 there are quite a few more possibilities at

        • Sorry, I did not notice the ‘posi’ portion of your post. However the first suggestons I made might be associated with the term posi:
          “Posi music”, or positive music, a motivational and inspiring music genre

        • Chris the treasure girls: I am sorry for the confusion I caused, I just lost my father and am not thinking well. In fact the Hunt is keeping me going right now. It is 1p not p1 you are asking about. Well maybe my fumbling might be worth something but I apologize and will go back to lurking for awhile.

        • thanks for the reply, but don’t think that’s it


  54. ENL I will go and get the treasure. I agree with your assesment, but Stephen and Stephanie were on to some good stuff too. I personly think that stephen lost interest, but who knows…
    I have been on this for several months…

  55. I don’t have time for the trip right now. I found out today I might have time at the end of March, so I’m just gonna wait and get it with my brother. I thought of them keeping the treasure for themselves if I told someone, but I would be the one who solved it so I didn’t mind. But now I might have time to go get it myself. If someone gets it before me because of my clues, I’ll be happy knowing I helped someone else be happy.

    • I’ve looked at the clues you put down….
      impressive…I was leaning towards Soda Dam as the starting point
      I alos thought that maybe all the clues are just street names…Sulfer Creek Rd as an exapmle is above “Brown Reality” buisness….stuff like that…
      but he wants this to last thoughout the ages so I gave on on that….
      I think greed will corrupt the best of us…I can’t imagine anyone finding it just passing out Gold coins…
      I also read about Forrest saying that the key was to THINK…not sure if that is true or not…
      I live 3/4 days drive from the treasure area….I want to head up soon…in the next few weeks…
      I just don’t want to go unless I have a good idea where it’s at…the more I research the more concused I get….so many ideas…so many concepts that fit…

      I’ll try to figure out the rest of your clues…

  56. I am enjoying reading all these. Very interesting. I think the idea for where warm water halts works in with my idea of where to search. I have to wait until the end of the month to check them out. The thing is I’m just not that lucky. I figure that even if I’m right about all the clues the chances of me actually finding the treasure are slim. I do wish there was a map of places people searched and feel like they ruled out. Not that I wouldn’t still search a spot that was marked off by others because I’ve seen a few clips of how these people search and honestly if they think it’s going to be that easy to find once you at ground zero, they should give up. I am assuming that I could be standing within inches of it and if I didn’t look at just the right angle I wouldn’t see it. I am another who doubts the blaze is on a tree. Too many things could happen to destroy it. I wish I had to book to read. Not that I believe I need it for the treasure, but because I liked his blog and that makes it seem like it would be a really good read. Right now I’ve been saving up every dime to go to New Mexico and hunt this treasure. Just kidding I was planning the trip before I knew about the treasure. When I heard about it though and realized that it could be within driving distance of where I was headed or going to be, I decided that it couldn’t hurt to try and figure the puzzle out. My 5 year old has been insisting for months that we need to go find the treasure. I would ask him “What treasure?” and he would tell me “The treasure!” as if I should know of some special one that we were supposed to search for. So when we saw the story the other night he got all excited and started jumping up and down saying “Let’s go find that treasure!” Now mind you, this is the same child who a year ago was drawing Xes on the beach insisting we need to dig. I suppose you could take as an omen that I am not as bright as I like to hope I am, since he’d drawn at least 20 of them before I figured out, that he thought all you had to do to get treasure. was mark a spot with an X and there is was. We only have 7 days in the area and with all the things I already have on my list, I figure I have 1 or 2 to actually spend on this. Unless I discover some huge clue when I get to the area where I’m hoping to find the “blaze” I am not going to miss those planned treasures searching for this one.

    • Patricia, LOL….one thing I learned in life is that when you can’t figure out something, hand it to a five year old. In diamond hunting (surface searching) the best hunters are kids. They’re close to the ground already, automatically are drawn to shiny objects, love playing in mud and dirt and have joints made out of rubber. Their fresh brains see things we can’t. You’ll have fun searching with your kid *S*

  57. This poem is a puzzle if anyone wants to fund a very small amount of cash to find this let me know,my wife would kill me if i were to do it,she agrees my clues are correct,but then she has always said i a dreamer.I am a former private investgater and solved many cases that police could not when i read the poem it took about 2 days to figure out with the use of simplicity and computer

    • YOur right dt, the poem is a puzzle, with the title in the poem giving the location….I hope to hear of you soon in the news….As for me, I am still working on the 9 clues I found…Wont be to much longer…

  58. I wonder if the JB could stand for Joe Brown, like the Joe Brown boat ramp on the Yellowstone River north of Gardiner.

  59. What if the JB WAS in fact the guy mentioned earlier and that was HIS mark for when he went searching? I mean the whole thing. Date, JB and FF.

    On 9-11, JB went looking for a treasure left by FF.


  60. After several days of reviewing the posts here and emails I have received. I would suggest that one must understand the man before understanding the poem. My most recent posts failed to show up for some strange reason. Nor have I received any emails regarding them. Could I have figured out a little something??

    • I’ll listen to what you have to say Chad…my idea was that he dropped it at the base of the Soda Dam waterfall. I havne’t been able to check but that was my theory…yours?

  61. i am fixing to post what i think is a very important it well.Mr. Fenn said the treasure was north of sante fe but did he say due north? No ,so the word nigh in the puzzle can actually mean to the left so if i am correct it is north west of sante fe.Think about ,let me know all yor thoughts

    • I’ve heard of that before…that it means left. I wonder if any of the other words can relate to being a direction. Maybe that’s what he means by “unlock”

        • Oh like canyon is the name of a road? I did a lot of research on different roads that would match up all over the states that have the Rockies in them. It’s surprising how many can fit.

  62. the keywords/ are/, and take it in the canyon down. so it is a reduce in numbers .thinkabought ,but dont think to hard that will throw you off look at the sentence and find out the only word that can be reduced in numbers.and take it in does not mean to a CANYON it simply means take it as fact of history

    • So many ways to go. I was even researching the Navajo Code Talkers. Got the dictionary now….LOL. I’ll be speaking fluent Navajo by the time I get out west.

      • i thought of that too, any luck? Most of the native americans in that area “taos were/are tewa

  63. Has anyone considered the braille version of 9-11-11? The braille of 9 is identical to the “blaze” for right turn. 11 11 could just be lots of going straight (4 separate continue straight blazes).

  64. Hi all-

    I’m only three days in – but I have the bug and have been utterly obsessed! I love puzzles and research!

    Has anyone thought that there may be several blazes – that one must find to understand the location? I have had two locations that seem to fit perfectly! One in Utah, & one in Colorado!

    My locations – involve Molly Brown, Joe Meek & Billy the Kid & other historical figures…

      • Mike did you get pictures of them? Would be interested in seeing them or reading a description of them.

        • yes on the left side of the tree there is a p but it has the same shape as the 9 in the 9-11-11
          and in middle of tree when your facing it there is a F and right below the F is a S and below that is a Z 0r a 2 I cant tell its a little blurry. same carvings as the 9-11-11 JB FF

    • I’m pulling for you dt. Not sure if you read my response above. After doing more research today..yes, I do believe it to be in NM. I hope your clues have you closer than I.

          • I’m going to tell hime that I found his treasure, then, when he goes to check to see if I have, I will follow him to it!!!!!!!
            It’s genious!!!!!!!
            I’ve perhaps had to much coffee….

          • Yeah I think decaf is in order Jeremiah. Do people tell you your a bullfrog all the time? Just so you know…your a good friend of mine Jeremiah….but I never understand a word you say. Ok, I’m cut off from coffee too.

          • Steph, Bonnie, I was actually and ironically named after Jeremiah Johnson, my father loved the woods, and I didnt’….I live in near san the city…Now I’m wishing I lived in some shack near the Jemez mountains…
            This is my train of thought….Forrest lives in Santa Fe…the treasure is North and in New Mexico, most of us can agree on that. Now Santa fe is already pretty north which means that were only looking at a 2 hour 12 minute (113 miles) to the Colorado border north, a 3 hour 40 minute (234 Miles) drive west to the Arizona border and a 3 hour 40 minute (224 Miles) drive to the Texas border. We take the area we are left with north and using a algorithm that designates every know river, waterfall, lake, resivuar, dam, fish hatchery, cave, and trail we will let the computer map out the most likely path Forrest took from his home to an area that provides ease of travel, is private, and offers seclusion. Simple…..

          • Jeremiah, maybe you’ll turn into your name sake after all….chasing treasure in the woods, meeting up with bear, wrestling with mountain lions…..hmmmmmm.

        • Forrest lives in Sante Fe and has been there since he retired from the military, most of his life.

  65. All of these ideas are awesome. I’m planning a trip this summer with two of my buddies to go out looking for this and we’ve got a few ideas but can only go to one spot… maybe we’ll have time at the end of the summer for some trips to NM as i dont think it is a likely spot and would rather search my first area idea (Second guessing myself always fails me).

    Anyway, i just though i’d contribute this little bit of insight…

    If I(you) were going to hide something that valuable, to get people out adventuring the places you love, to put your name in history and lead to so many great adventures, wouldn’t you put it somewhere special to you as a person? Somewhere you loved where you visited and created memories with family or friends or something? i mean the mans plan was to die there and leave his bones for the eternal slumber.

    Just a thought at least.

    Also, i like to remember when thinking of spots that its not going to be somewhere he wouldn’t be able to be right next to the treasure when he died, possibly with it touching him. so again i doubt it is going to be in (or at least under) water, although i do believe water is important.

    -Just an 18 year old lookin to explore the world


    • Well, Mason, you certainly have picked one heck of a way to start exploring the world. This is awesome. You will love it. Start with the poem deciphering the clues. Some things Forrest says are “non clues”, ie, they really don’t get you anywhere the poem can’t take you. While you read and try to decipher things, google earth. We’va all been flying all over the place trying to find our hot spots 😉 Good luck.*S* and welcome to the search 😉

  66. After much long deciphering, I have come to the final conclusion that there is only one post mark that is correct. Anyone want to play with that? LOL

      • The hardest part was trying to READ the darn numbers. I wonder why only one of them is correct? It leaves me with seven numbers. Seven numbers that don’t make sense even as a GPS coordinate, unless I want to search for treasure in South America LOL

        • Wasn’t it another explorer who found that the world was round? Kind of a Lewis and Clark type? Ok…the Rockies don’t reach that far around though…darn….so 7 numbers…hmmm Do they correlate with the alphabet to spell something out?

          • Stephi, I’ve tried that one too. Unless I know what the starting point is numerically I could play with this until the cows come home. I’m playing no less. Ya never know where your next brain storm is gonna come from.

      • LOL. Stephi, that guy doing the interview was so taken with Forrest he forgot to ask important questions. I guess he never did get those answers

      • Bonnie…some research..and I wish I could tell you, add or subtract to something. example 9-2=7 and so forth. I’m from NM and have done a ton of research. Now it’s a matter of putting them all together…

  67. Also if anyone can contribute any clues im missing that would be great. So far this is what i’ve got
    1. The poem
    2. His memoirs(although not necessary) least 300 miles west of toledo(his words, which toledo?)
    4. North of santa fe(also his words)
    5. In the Rockies(his words) least 5000 feet above sea level(today show clue)

    As far as i can tell those are the only official clues correct? i would also like to say that a few are repetitive or at least kind of non clues, i.e. above 5000 ft. sea level :p

    • The clues are in the poem. You need to read it and begin “where warm waters halt”.

      • i agree Bonnie i know your on to something, i just hope you dont get there 1st, if you do hats off to you, and with wisdom you certainly have. you go im pulling 4 you

    • I’ll give you a couple of my clues, Mason. What Forrest DOESN’T say is as important as what he DOES say. And, when you come across something that makes no sense and doesn’t fit, dive into it.

  68. Ok..I will take my research with me. Good luck everybody. Since I live in Santa Fe and have the day off…I’m heading out there tomorrow.

    • lillan327 if you dont find it bt 12 or 1 post a comment and i will tell you where it us. i live in TN but im ioo % sure of where it is. i will give you my my e mail so we can communicate good luck

      • Well, dt, that one percent better than me. I have a good idea where it is, but I won’t be sure until I get there. I won’t be saying “I found it” until my hands are ON IT. If that happens everyone will surely know because we intend on letting Forrest know and he can do the honors if it pleases him…..and maybe it wont

      • Dt,

        I believe we are searching in the same area. I am set around the Taos area between Santa Fe and Cimmaron.

        Would love to chat with you on your ideas. Please email me.

    • Hey Lilian, Thanks. I know what you’re talking about, but I don’t know how the heck to do that….as in which numbers? LOL De-encryption of numbers is not my forte’. FInding things that just don’t make sense? Now I’m in my element HA! Where is my mathematician brother when I need him? I’d like a “snow in the canyons” report when you get back from your search though;-) I’m debating how many layers I’ll have to wear in the woods.

  69. It’s been a dry winter here but that’s not to say there’s not alot of snow at the higher altitutdes. I have 3 places I will be looking at. If it’s not there then back to square one. The first one..well everything points to that but we’ll see. If it is, he is correct, people pass by there all the time but few would walk in.

    • I might go around in circles beating my head against the wall trying to figure that number out with the seven digits I’m left with. THe good news is I already found a magnificent thing that correlates with other things I’ve found and all together they tell me exactly where I should be looking….no if’s ands or buts about it. Very mysterious and very significant things I see PLUS one of Forrest’s own statements in the book that take me right to a specific spot in my hot spot area. I think there are several ways of figuring clues to take people to the same general place. The trick is getting that exact location of where to go when you get to your sweet spot. By George, I think we’ve got it.

      In the meantime….the DOW is going gang busters and that is a good thing *S*

  70. So many things in the poem I have found thru research. In Scrapbook One..there is a painting called “No Place for the Meek.” It is a painting of a grizzly bear. I swear sometimes I think he buried the thing in Canada :/ Oh and just so everybody knows…the next clues will all be given the first day of every month…but just so we know, April’s clue will be on April Fools Day. 😉

    • LOL….you can bet that’s going to be a doozy too knowing Forrest and his penchant for bluffing 😉

    • lillian-
      It’s important to understand that the painting you are referring to was painted AFTER the poem was published. The painting is Veryl’s interpretation of what “no place for the meek” could mean….not the other way around…

    • I think that painting with the bear was done by someone Forrest knows too. I’ve seen that too.

    • I’m sure the poem makes perfect sense to him, unfortunately there’s only one “him.” I’ve looked at, read and listened to so many things on my days off that I need a day off from that!

      • LOL….welcome to Fenner Brain Drain *S* I get that just about everyday and tell hubby “I have to take a treasure break!” arrrrggggg… head is spinning all the time, crunching numbers, de-coding, en-coding, traversing and reversing, symbolism, art history, geography, local flora/fauna, local and native american history!!!! I am a treasure trove of trivia now. I just wish I had a brain for math. Thanks to Sister Mary Beatemup from Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt and that odious ruler of hers.

    • I am not deleting comments. It’s important that everyone think carefully before they punch “post”…
      By deleting comments I only encourage people to be irresponsible…
      You are responsible for your own actions…
      It’s a time consuming effort to go through and clean up everyones mess…


      • hmm this could get fun. Your not going to delete anything? What if I said…………. *kidding* I think I might be a trouble starter.

      • I have deleted a few individual comments where folks used extremely foul language. I have also disallowed some people from posting because what they say is nonsense. I have refused permission to post to a few others because they were attacking someone or threatening someone…I do try to filter the comments…within reason…but to go back through and eliminate everything that someone says, simply because they think they gave out too much information…I don’t think that is offensive behavior so there is no reason for me to delete it…
        Everyone knows that what was once on the internet is almost always around for a long time…
        My blog…my ridiculous rules..
        I like all of you but I am not Jimminy Cricket…nor do I have a complaint desk…
        Wait…yes I do..Steph is the complaint desk..ha!!

        • Are you saying I complain or I hear your complaints or are you sending your complaints my way? I’m not sure any of those are good options for me. I thought I was your favorite Dal *crushed*

      • Ha..Steph…you are my fav…
        That’s why I am suggesting that everyone take their complaints about this blog to Steph. She has a big heart and knows CPR and is good with tools.

        • Aww Dal….Your my favorite too *Hugs and Love* CPR and tools? I supposed if anyone complains too much about your blog or not finding the treasure on their 99th trip out into the woods and they have a heart attack over the stress of it all…… I might be able to resuscitate someone with my metal detector…there must be a youtube video on how to do that……

      • I am not deleting comments. It’s important that everyone think carefully before they punch “post”…
        By deleting comments I only encourage people to be irresponsible…
        You are responsible for your own actions…
        It’s a time consuming effort to go through and clean up everyones mess…


    • I think Dal can do that for anyone who requests it. A self delete would be nice though.

      • I am not deleting comments. It’s important that everyone think carefully before they punch “post”…
        By deleting comments I only encourage people to be irresponsible…
        You are responsible for your own actions…
        It’s a time consuming effort to go through and clean up everyones mess…


  71. im in seattle, and a friend of mine is in Philly. We have a really good idea where to start and all the way to the house of brown. Doesnt mean they are right, but it was something we came across by accident, and if you do a regular search, you would never find it. But it is logical for House of Brown, and on our path. We believe, at this point ever drawing nigh, just means you already went so far that you couldnt walk, that now you are in the right area to find the treasure by being by the House of Brown. But Heavy Loads and water high, is a mind boggler for us right now. If we figure that out we are going out to to search for the Blaze.

    • found a definition of “nigh”, it is the left side of a horse, which could mean “on the left” or “Mount” which is what you do on the left side of a horse.

      • Does it seem odd that f uses ‘where’ instead of there in line 3 of the poem?

        As I have gone alone in there
        And with my treasures bold,
        I can keep my secret where,
        And hint of riches new and old.

        Also, ‘just heavy loads and water high” might be a bridge of a flash flood area. Heavy loads or heavy load sign on bridge, warning sign for flash floods.

        Just a thought.

        • I don’t think it is odd. I think Forrest is keeping the secret of “where” the “there” actually is. I think he was just looking for a rhyming word.

          As far has “heavy loads and water high” here are a couple of my ideas.

          An aqueduct that carries a water pipe across some canyon.
          A log flume.
          A steam train water tower.

        • sorry to hear about your father, I lost mine this year too.


  72. I don’t believe anybody is cleaning up my “mess.” I simply said it looks as tho some comments have been removed…and if that is the case I’d like mine removed as well. I’m comfortable with what I’ve posted thus far. But if you’re going to remove some and not others..doesn’t seem to be fair now is it?

  73. Although I have enjoyed conversing with you Bonnie. I only have the 3 places that I have narrowed it down to. As I said earlier…after all the research the poem is just swirling in my mind. Some of it seems to refer to some areas more familiar with the locals. So that gives me to work my way from the very begining and move forward from there. That will be my first spot. Two more after that. After that my vacation is over and back to work for me.

    • Lillian, I think that no matter what we each think of our own clues, the likelihood that we would end in the exact same spot is slim, dont’ you think? We may be in the general area, but our end point may be vastly different. I have several areas myself, but only one screams loudly at me and it is the one I have a definite bulls eyes spot for the treasure chest. I just need to get there and prove myself right or wrong.

  74. Exactly. Same here. If it’s not in the spot that I’m thinking of, and I have looked at the map up and down, backwards, forwards…the other two spots are pretty slim.

    • LOL….yup. We feel the same with our spots. We intend on searching thoroughly in our screamer hot spot. If we fail there, we have other search options, but we’ll likely end up back at the drawing board revisiting our clue theories. Chances are, if we don’t hit it where we think it is, we may put all our research out there. It’s not likely that we’ll be making numerous trips on this search. We have plenty of adventures to go on in the future. This one happened along in the nick of time when the man challenged me to find the “next adventure”. I was doing breakfast dishes when CNN ran the story on Forrest over a year ago. I yelled to the man in the “golf room”, aka, my studio room, aka now the “treasure map room” where we often convene for our evening of map scanning. We googled Forrest Fenn then immediately ordered the book. We’ve been researching for the entire year with three heads working on the subject. I love the research part and I do like geology quite a bit from my diamond mining days (we still go after diamonds too). I am a woods woman, however, so any chance I get to get into the woods I leap at! NM is hot on my list as I fell in love with it years ago and always wanted to go back. ow is my chance. The man can see why I love it so….and maybe I can put a bug in his ear. Florida is very boring to me….flatland.

    • Just in case we DO run into each other in the woods….I’ll be the short feisty one of the three 😉

    • I gotcha. I did too….and that’s where I found my treasure chest. Decoding the lettered poem for gps coordinates got me no where. Then again, that not to say someone who knows how to do that would not be more successful. in one instance I did come up with a gps coordinate that took me within paces of where I thought it might be. That gave me three different items pointing to the very same spot. I do things in threes. I need three variables that take me to the same place, then I think I’m onto something. Three is my magic number. Is three Forrest’s magic number? I don’t know. Mind melds have proved fruitless in that endeavor. All we’re getting is “get out of my head and into your car”….ie, Forrest is telling us to go there. LOL

  75. Bonnie..if I go out and don’t find it…I will pass on what I have I feel I have deciphered thus far but I think only to you. You seem to be a nice enough gal and I do want somebody kind to find it. Personally for me I would donate a whole lot of it to animal rescue non-profits in my area. But that’s just a dream. Also, someone posted a recording of Mr. Fenn’s Chicago interview…I can’t remember if he said or the announcer said, he expected alot of people out here in the spring. That would be when the thaw begins in this area…again. Good luck everybody.

    • Lilian, that is awfully kind of you, but hang onto your clues. If I were to benefit from your ideas I certainly would return the favor in a very pleasing way. I love animals too, but I’d be more likely to give to abused kids helping them get a jump start and a better future. I am a guardian ad litem and it breaks my heart to see what happens to kids in this world. No one speaks for them. I’m tired from seeing them hurt, abused, neglected and left to fend for themselves. Who would have “thunk” it being in such a great country as this?

      • Here, Jeremiah. Put on this apron and start mixing that dough up. We gotta get making some pineapple pies to lure Forrest into giving more clues. We’ll show you how the Ladies Sewing Circle and Treasure Seekers Society does it 😉 I’m making you the official pie taster too.

        • Days turned to weeks, weeks to months. I stood in a corner, staring over pages of documents and half eaten sandwiches…to my right a picture of Forrest Fenn. To my left, his poem. I said to myslef, “this will be easy, I’ll figure it out.” Now look at me….my wife has left me, my friends have abandoned me, and I haven’t seen the sun in three days….Why Forrest…..Why……..

    • We’re lucky down here in that we have some pretty awesome animal rescue groups. Did I mention my fur child is spoiled rotten? A little fluff ball that looks like an ewok. Boo adds special flavor to our family. She is our fur child for sure now that the kids are all grown and have families of their own. She loves adventure too. We’ll be taking her, but not on our hikes. She’d be too much of a tasty morsel for some mountain lion. The gators down here see her as shore lunch…..darn things are pretty fast out of the water too 😉

      • How cool! I do animal rescue here! 🙂 I mostly do tracking and trapping. Because I’m a foster failure I don’t try to do rehome stuff. Yes, my kids are out of the nest as well. My other 5 kids (pets) are my company and I love them to death. I love my kids to death too but you know how it is. 😉 We have mountain lions in our area as well as bear and coyotes…LOTS of coyotes. Some people walking their dogs at the ski basin actually had their dogs attacked by a very large coyote. I think it was in the Santa Fe New Mexican. They figured the trail was very close to a den with pups. I absolutely don’t let my little one out unless the bigger dogs are out and I don’t let him out at all at night! I also planted cactus around my fence line.

  76. Even tho I live close by I know I won’t be able to go out but a handful of times. I want someone to find it that will do good with it…sure pay off your bills, take a awesome vacation, tuck some away but give to a needy charity as well.

      • I haven’t…but I have some thoughts on that. I read something about it having trash around there and I thought….how he talks about being more of an environmentalist. Also, seeing trash might be the way he realized others were at his secret fishing spot. My path that could lead to there was the airplane route…going from YNP(as warm waters halting), then to the Buffalo Bill…cabin(House of Brown)…etc.

        • Well Bonnie, Stephi, Lilian, you ladies are in luck becasue I like pies…
          If you three give me your email I’ll send you why I think nambe is the location

      • We were just there. The park is closed and you have to walk in from the gate to get to the dam. We were not the only ones there. With the newly fallen snow there were several tracks. We searched high and low but only came away with some scrapes. It did fit several of the clues.

    • All you need is one trip into the right spot. Keeping my fingers crossed for ya 😉

  77. Jeremiah..that’s tribal land and they only open it a few months out of the year. Even if Mr. Fenn got to the gate…it would be too far to walk in with something that heavy. Like he said, keep in mind of how old he is. Also, if I’m not mistaken they have a guard shack there to keep out anybody trying to tresspass.

  78. For those of you that want to head out this way perhaps this weekend or early next week, we have a storm moving in that is brining snow to it. While we could definately use the moisture it will hamper those of you going above 5,000 ft.

  79. Flannel pants help quite a bit. Snow do snow boot chains. A must if we get alot of snow. Although we’d need 20 ft. to make up for the lack of it this winter. I’m welcoming it with open arms 🙂

  80. has anyone thought of charlie brown, charles shulz lived in colorado springs colorado for a good while that is north of santa fe

    • Interesting….I thought he lived in NM. I thought I remembered someone pointing out his home high in elevation as we were driving somewhere around a bit north of Albuerqurque

    • Ok, what I found about C Shultz. He did live in Colorado Springs, but only for a few years. He was living in Santa Rosa, Ca when he died. We did drive through Colorado Springs at the same time, but I thought it was in NM wehre someone had pointed it out to us. Still interesting none the less. The things you learn on the quest!!!

      • it was just a thought i still think its in NM , I asked my 4 year old grandson where home of the brown was and he replied do you mean charlie brown, guess i know who im taking with me on the hunt LOL

        • You lucky dawg!!! You have a four year old to help you with the clues! I don’t think you can ask for a better brain than that.

    • I emailed forrest to clarify this and he said he did not ever say that. Please make sure if you read something to take it with a grain of salt unless they are things dal is reporting forrest said. I think some find it interesting to try and throw us off with false clues.

      • you may be right but i did read it somewhere today, just cant remember where ,i been on computer all day and since bears like tasty treats i will leave my grandson home with smart phone like the e-trade kid

        • dt, maybe you’re suffering from the DT’s 😉 After reading so much information things tend to get a little convoluted. I think we start mixing our ideas with things Forrest might alude to and then our brains create a whole new memory of what we think he said and what we think we thought he said. Make sense? Hahahahahaa….I hope not. But it might. And if it does, then you have it bad already.

  81. yea i been dreaming the poem MR Fenn wrote, he also sure did write a good poem/ puzzle, but i sure do admire his wisdom ,i think this is great i cant get around good and this really helps me pass time,but im still coming to new mexico to check a few spots and Bonnie you inspire me also you have to be a fine human being i just know it !!!

  82. there are a few places in chattanooga that have caves and the spanish word for canyon is canon which means tubes intersting enough the locals here call them the tubes. Are ther any caves around santa fe called tubes

  83. No Bonnie…I don’t think so. Most are dry…but very, very cold and very, very dark. The only one I might be concerned with is the Lechuguilla Cave in NM. I’m not how deep that one is and there is water near the entrance. I’m not familiar with that. I have been to a couple of others in my younger days and all was well. I just remember them being very cold.

    • That might be Horseshoe Mine. Right off the highway. Two branching tunnels. The name horseshoe interested me after I noticed the double Omegas on the Colophon in Forrest’s book. I took a reporter there in January…

      • I live 1,600 miles away from Horsehoe Mine..but I’ve looked a fair bit in that neighborhood for Forrest’s treasure.

      • Holy cow dal! 1600 miles is a long way! I sure hope somebody on this page finds it. I love the Cimarron Canyon and they have the best tasting water I’ve ever had. I know that sounds silly but it’s true. Beautiful country.

  84. Bonnie I think what you may be referring to..and yes, several hikers throughout the years have drowned due to flash floods, are while hiking into the deep canyons and arroyos. If you hear a thunderstorm coming, even if it’s in the distance get out of the arroyo, ravine or canyon. It doesn’t have to be raining where you’re at for a flash flood to come thru.

    • I hear ya loud and clear, Lillian. We purposely put off going west until later because of weather issues and possible flash flooding. It’s been a patient task of mine to educate the horses and hold them back from rushing too fast. I’m a bit more woods wise than my cohorts. (city boys) With the recent weather reports, I think they’re beginning to see the wisdom of that choice. We’ve been researching and planning for over a year now. Gotta confess, I am chomping at the bit myself. But the turtle didn’t win the race because he was the fastest. All the gold in the world won’t do anyone much good when they’re dead.

      • It’s been a super dry winter..we are hurting for moisture but regardless..the higher altitudes have just about enough snow to make some of the passes difficult. I live here and I can’t seem to make the time to get out there! That’s sort of bugging me but I suppose if I was meant to find it I will…if not I won’t. “Waters high?” Perhaps not this year.

        • We’ll definitely be heading out this year. We only have a little digging to do in Arkansas before we hit the trails, and that could be cut short or extended depending on whether or not we’re bringing up some pretty rocks. I am the saruca queen 😉

      • Saruca queen? What do you dig for out there? I’m sure I could google it but your stories are so interesting. Found anything cool out there?

  85. i think and my research leads me to believe its where the waters crest in a llash flood or a foot above if so the treasure could not get washed away heavy loads could mean lots of high water far a smaller creek so i think it would be wise to look at the height of water previously past in smaller creeks if it is usally passable

  86. i forgot to tell you guys the tubes around here is when you can see daylight from both ends

  87. I’m curious. How many people think it’s in NM and how many people think it’s in Yellowstone? The net is buzzing about both. I think my brain has just melted. I can’t remembe where I read what. I’m trying to keep notes but not doing a good job.

  88. i found a definition in the poem that means ( A MONATARY ALLOWANCE) this really blew my mind

    • I think Forrest saying how simple he is recently might mean we just need to find a place where everything matches up and not over think(he said overcook I believe) the poem and not confuse it with the book(which he’s said you don’t need). I think he just realizes how many places it can fit and then realizes that you can easily miss it if you don’t see the blaze. I also think that many people want to discount things like it being in the base of a tree, because it will die, and rot over time. I sort of disagree about that. I think he says that eventually it will be found and I feel that might be the reason he knows it won’t just go NOT found. I have some 200+ year old Oak trees on my land and I can totally imagine that even if they die…the tree will still be some what there in 1000 years. Can anyone speak about this? I was in Cimarron and found a geocache in the most perfect little natural niche at the base of a tree and it just had a bark piece covering it. I could have so easily missed it standing right there. In the WGN interview the guy says something about in being in the base of a tree and Forrest just says “there are a lot of tree’s out there”. This would also make sense that he’d be concerned of fire.

      • lillian you’ve never heard of geocaching? We love to go. Don’t get out as much as we’d like but we get out as much as we can. I could do a lot more, but I don’t see the thrill in finding a film canister under a lamp post cover or something just as mundane. I will stop for one if I happen to be right next to it and I have some travelers I need to dip, but mostly I ignore them.

  89. the specific location has a name and means a monatary allowance , i know where the location is , I JUST WONDER did MR. Fenn put that in there on purpose , i never read the book but i do know he did visit it alot and its about 500 feet from a road, well within his range of placing it there,my mind is running, i just love it. THE place would take a very very violent natural event to move it, and alot of congress to approve to altar the land

    • Do you use a bunch of number calculating? Or just basic annagraming and such? I never get numbers so I am out there! I have found some interesting things annagramming, although I have yet to find a perfect one.

  90. I have to throw “monatary allowance” into the mix. I think I may just sit back and see which one of you finds it first 😉

  91. I have an idea of where the treasure could be, too far away to make a trip but if you are in the area and my clues help you find it, I would be happy to get compensated.

    • Took me forever to find that out as it was a big question of mine. Part of the reason it was, is because he’s friends with Donald Rumsfeld who was at Philmont and was one of the first rangers there. I did read somewhere that he was a boy scout…but when I went back to locate where I read it…I couldn’t find it.

  92. thanks , Stephanie that is huge to me,if you need help just ask, you wiil get an honest answer.- or my thoughts

  93. Forrest Fenn was just on our local news station and said: “Get the grizzly out of the cave first.” We don’t have grizzly bears in NM. :/

      • The question to me off camera was, “What if I go in a cave and there’s a grizzly in there,” and my answer was “get the grizzly out first.” It was light hearted repartee and was not meant to be location exclusive. And besides, how can you be sure there are no griz in NM?

        • Hey Stephi I got a question for you….Did Forrest say that “Put in below the home of Brown.” held any significance or that it was supposed to come last on the list of finding the treasure…basically did he say anything spicific about this particular passage….?
          Thank you….:) Hope your doing super great

      • Thank you for clearing that up Mr. Fenn. You can see how this is building momentum 🙂 People are just waiting for you to speak I think and taking everything you say quite literally. Well I did anyway. In another life..I was a hunter, as was my husband and I learned how to track. While I may be 98% sure…I don’t believe NM has Grizzly’s. Although I did come across a beautiful strawberry blond bear while flyfishing up north 🙂

      • Hey, it’s Mr. Fenn. Just want to say hello and good morning. Dal is it okay if the kids say “Hi” to him. Mind your manners, no asking for clues….

    • Maybe he was saying “wait until Spring”. I just pulled up this info on Grizzly Bears….
      . Males will come out of hibernation first, sometimes appearing as early as February, though on average the hibernation period ends between April and May.

      • It could be. Some areas are still quite cold and it would be more fun for a family to be out and about on a beautiful and sunny NM day. I’m not afraid of bears…just when mama has her cubs. Now that’s sort of scary.

    • Thanks Lillian. I heard he’s going to be on at the 10 o’clock one and Dal was going to be on searching. I’m going to post it in a couple places. Thanks again!!

    • Lillian,

      I took am a huge animal advocate, haha. My facebook friends hate all the dog rescue stuff I post. I am in Albuquerque and loved the Animal Humane Doggie Dash and Dawddle here. I would love to share our thoughts on this quest. Shoot me a message at abq1212 at yahoo to put our brains to work 🙂

      • I’m sure we have mutual friends. I have a few thoughts on the subject and I’m glad Mr. Fenn cleared up the fact that the treasure has not been found contrary to other comments throughout the net. I’d like to check out the 3 places I have in mind and you should probably check out yours. If we come up short then we can definately put our noggins together. I’ve been working with a very dear friend, who is an amazing researcher and have promised if I find it I will share it with her if it is in the areas she believes it is. But I also have a few places of my own as well. So we will see. It would be really nice to see someone on this blog find it. If it is found..I would love to hear where! 🙂

  94. I think stephan found the chest and we are looking for something already found am i the only one that thinks this?

    • The treasure has not been found by anyone although many have claimed to have in their possession. When I ask them where it was they start asking me questions hoping I will tell them where it is. f

      • Thank you Forrest, and Dal. I only believe what comes from the horse’s mouth. But I still never heard of whether or not cinnamon is something to put in pineapple pies 😉 (just in case Forrest is still listening in) *S*

        • Are you calling Forrest and Dal a horse or just Dal? Reincarnated, I’d say he’d look like a nice Palomino…don’t ya think?

          • Stephi, as I sometimes am inclined to compare humans with animals often, I also make a reference to which end I am likening to. I happen to revere horses in a special way; beautiful, dynamic, powerful, steadfast, intuitive, independent, free spirited. I am in utter awe of horses. Thus, anyone compared to a horse’s mouth (by me) is undoubtedly someone I respect and believe. Therefore, in this case, either is considered to be an honorable source of information. Had I likened to the other end, we might have a problem and I would be digging a hole to bury myself. How’s that for getting out of a corner? 😉

          • You weren’t in a corner. You were being your cute self. I was just teasing. I think all this searching in waist high snow on the top of the rocky mountains is interfering with my humor.

          • Forget it, Dal. I instructed Stephi how to block her location from her cell phone….teeheeeheeee….she’s really down here with me sipping wine by the pool. We’re casting spells from Florida.

          • Stephi, why are you searching in waist high snow? Didn’t the plow come by and take care of that? Snowshoes……you need snowshoes 😉 Bear paws work great for deep snow and high peaks 😉

          • Now I’m in a hot spring with some cute company. Come find me bonnie and we can hang out on this mountain. What’s that sparkle in the snow I see?

          • You aren’t!!!! You sneaky she-devil, you! LOL….shall I bring a shovel? Or do you prefer snow shoes?

          • No just bring a bottle of wine…..Dal and Forrest can come too, but they have to bring rubber duckies and organically safe to be used in a hot spring bubble bath. Everyone else is welcome too.

          • OK, so Steph, Bonnie, are we talking a litteral hot springs, or are you guys speaking metephorically for a spot to look for the gold…? Cause I have a rubber duck, and a shovel, and I would like to know which one to bring….

          • I may be the cracker with the whine if Dal sneak’s off for the treasure while we’re soaking….or getting soaked.

          • That’s ok…we can get Forrest drunk on wine and he’ll tell us where it’s hidden…..(right Forrest?) Oh I suppose I’m not supposed to tell him our plan…..

          • Cheese n’ crackers, Stephi! One sip n you’re spillin’ the beans! The pie has got to lure him out first!

          • I’d have to know where it is to be able to spill the beans. I’m still working 24/7 to figure it out. So maybe Forrest wouldn’t get drunk on wine, but maybe it’s pineapple pies he gets drunk on and he’ll talk after a half dozen or so.

          • LOL, Stephi….puppies are cute, babies are cute, tiny little furry things are cute. My cute stage passed about forty years ago. I’m waiting for that “little granny” stage where I can start getting away with all sorts of stuff cuz I’m a “little ol’ lady” that no one would suspect 😉 They don’t need to know that I was raised by a family of badgers. I just have to watch out for dachshunds. Feisty little pups that don’t give up a tunnel 😉 We do have something in common though. Both fit into tight spaces and we both like to burrow.

          • btw, I have a hard time determining which type of horse I like best. I have always been partial to the quarter horse or the pinto.

          • These 9 or 10 guys who claim to have found the treasure are what senator Alan K. Simpson used to call Gazoos. A Gazoo is the Wyoming end of a mule that’s looking at Idaho.

          • Thanks for telling us that Forrest. I was beginning to think my future treasure hunting plans were finished before they began! 😀

      • Thank you Mr. Fenn…My wife and I will continue to be out here searching each of our hot spots. We both appreciate the update. Thank you and hope to be meeting you soon.

      • Hello Forrest,

        I wish you a great day!
        Maybe one day I might…
        Go arrowhead hunting with you under the hot sun, and feel the history of my world all wrapped up in a little thing like an arrowhead.

        With warm regards,

      • Mr. Fenn..I must admit this has me out and about more. I recently found a grinding stone..the ones that the native americans would use to grind their seeds into powder. It was quite exciting. We found it on a side trip.

      • Also telling us what STATE it is in would in no way be “giving it away”. Yo conosco Co., WY, Montana but I love New Mexico. Each of these states are so craggily and have so many places that could “fit” that narrowing it down to 1 state could – one might argue – make it harder (but less $costlty$) and some of us do have to think of the price of gasoline, food & lodging, etc.

        — Ornery “Ol Cuss

        • I respect your opinion Papa Greaaser, but what about those of us who have spent 10s of thousands of dollars searching other states? People who just started looking already are fortunate to have clues we didn’t have when we started. It’s of course up to Forrest…it’s his game, but I hope he keeps doing what he’s doing. Also, seeing those other places that mean so much to him, have meant so much to me. I hope others get a chance to go to the top of Bald mountain in Idaho…or see what the power of an earthquake can do to a mountain in West Yellowstone. To have a buffalo come up to the side of your car and say hi. Those are super cool things.

      • Your buffalo said “Hi”…mine only snored and I ended up with buffalo snot all over the windshield…

      • O.K. Maj. Fenn,
        I take it back, don’t tell us what state it is in. ( You’d probably reply “solid” anyhow) I really wouldn’t want the thrill to be narrowed down and anyone miss out on any cool stuff. I have been to Yellowstone and been too close to Buffalo for safety, none spoke one word to me. A moose did tho & I ran & got a tree twixt him and me. He dug his rack into some muck an adorned himself. I must have waited an hour before he wandered away. I relate more to the wolves. O.K. sister Stephanie? Peace in. (But IMHO, I believe, that “it” is in N.M. just the same). Let’s none compare how long whos been aware of this quest, we all benefit from each others musings (imho).

        — Ghost of Greaser’s Palace

  95. Like everyone looking for the treasure it would be nice to have it wealth wise but i want to solve the poem find it see it touch it and this to me is what its all about im the same with hunting no fancy equipment no high powered gun just you and the woods

  96. Hey Forrest, just bought me some new Simm’s chest highs and a couple new rigs……….when I come out to NM next month, you should come help me break them in and take a little break from this treasure business. 🙂

    • Oh, and if I see a bear wearing your turquoise bracelet by happenstance while I’m out fishing, you’ll be getting two things back………..your bracelet and a bear skin rug.

  97. If someone finds the treasure and doesn’t disclose how they figured it out, I am going to spend the rest of my life trying to decipher it! Hopefully someone will be kind enough to share the knowledge with us less fortunate hunters. 🙂

    • when it is decipherd we will know ,think about the tv shows they will be on ,not to mention the book deal on how it was found .so exiting,Mr Fenn did all of us a favor the thrill, the excercise and getting off the couch that there is a treasure in it self kinda ironic in its own way. Just look at the man he looks younger than he is ,smart and has all he ever wanted.VERY ADMIRABLE

  98. Mr. Fenn, Give us another clue!!!!! Pleeeeaaase! The “Begin it where warm waters halt” is so broad and can be anywhere. I do believe it is in NM.

    • we all love the poem / puzzle but i take it as a riddle, all the clues are in it! Mr Fenn is straight foward about that, remember you cant see the forest for the trees no punn intended, look and simplifly, this works for me. go with your gut ,have fun doing it that will calm our anxiety.

    • That name “One-eyed Willie” really makes me think that a bunch of men with Curly hair are “running the show”. Take the name “Jeremiah Johnson”, for example…but hey, if the oversized shoe fits, right? 🙂
      How long has this “Stephan returns…” page been up? This is REALLY tripping me out.

  99. What STATE is it in? I mean really. You’ve lived in N.M. a long time & profited from it in so many ways. I’m certain that The New Mexico Dept. of Tourism would be grateful along with local merchants for 5-7 thousand visitors (if it is there) — also, some of us simply cannot afford to travel to Co., WY., Montana, etc, etc. Lastly, regardless of what Maj. Fenn says, I KNOW he’d be thrilled to have some one find it before he joins the great majority. Besides, this would be the LAST clue you’d ever have to give. Yes? No?

    – Papa Greaser

  100. Hi all! I’m new to the hunt and am having quite a time trying to figure out exactly which words are the real clues. I still don’t have the Book so feel I’m at a bit of a disadvantage but even so, I have about 3 or 4 favorite spots and unfortunately will not be able to check them out until the end of May. 🙁 If any of you find it before then I hope you let us know so the rest of us don’t go broke looking for it! 😀

  101. Ok people here’s the deal, if I find it I’m leaving a box of great cigars and a memento of the original treasure, I’ll also leave a clue to another location that I have placed part of the original treasure. I will do this to continue the excitement that Forest has started as he has brought back a lot of excitement into our lives.

  102. The crowd pushes in to see the star,
    he stands on stage,
    the music starts,
    The audience they know all his songs,
    everyone feels like they belong,

    So how will he begin this show
    will it start with a kickdrum fast or slow,
    and only one sits back with a friend,
    to read into whats about to begin,

    So often times the lights and glamour,
    blind the mass like being hit with a hammer,
    and so it is with this crazy lot,
    a million personalites tied up in a knot,

    For everyone has their own groove,
    and ways to reach their subtle moves,
    that they might discover the secret trove,
    and this is why the millions drove…

    Across statelines
    across the oceans,
    across the seas,
    across emotions,
    and doubts weigh in and can trick the mind,
    when the numbing cold leaves some resigned,

    Bitter defeat is worse than the cold,
    but through the fire the real stand bold,
    they look past all the crooked voices,
    that say “Don’t move forward you have no choices!”

    From here on out its 20 days and counting,
    until my feet touch the holy gounding,
    and with my fingers I’ll raise that chest,
    cold as bronze from its snowy depth,

    For someone had to retrieve the treasure,
    it was someone thinking like a true hunting Fenner,
    I chose to walk in no-mans land,
    I took my destiny by the hand,

    For whom will the bells toll,
    as I silently walk unto the goal,
    some say you lie and cast me down,
    until the bells toll with that resounding sound!


    • Not trying to pick a fight, but it will be real interesting to see if you can really find the treasure all the way from Germany just by using the poem and a computer. Something tells me that it’s not that easy. I’m just saying, suppose you get to the spot and you just can’t find it. I mean what if it’s buried in snow or the water is too high? What if a Grizz and her cubs are there? Could be a number of things.
      I understand that you’ve done hours of reading, but seeing a spot on google earth and planting your own two feet there are two different things. But you sound like a decent guy, I sincerely wish you luck.

      • i think you can narrow it down, with a computer and google but Mr. Fenn encourged us to get out and look, i think that is a kinda clue. i know he is having fun and dont all agree thats great?

      • I doubt not and fear not!
        Never underestimate the power of technology. 
        Forrest did not consider this otherwise he would have created the maze differently.
        The ONLY issue I have in this is…hypothetically I hope Mr.Fenn wouldn’t take me waiting 19 more days before I come home as a disrespect to the chase!

        I would come NOW if I could…darn it I would!!!

        Nevertheless, Im consigned to fate!
        Everything will be written as it should.
        I am only one man.
        If the treasure should fall to someone else I will have to live with that.

        I would hope Mr.Fenn would know I deeply respect him regardless the outcome.

        I need no more blogging!

        I am coming home to take title to the gold and that is all I have left to say!

        This will be my last post in any blog.
        I know where it is and thats all I need to know…good luck you guys in finding it before I get back.

        Time and chance happen to us all,

  103. Hello all,

    Just hanging around listening, learning and gathering. Very interesting and fun.

    Lil bout me. 64. Married. Kids/grand kids. Love digging in the dirt for whatever is there and
    gett’n to the shiny stuff in the bottom of my pan. Grew up in N. Ca.. Live in Wa.. V.N. vet.

    I’ll be hanging around.

    Mr. Fenn, welcome home.

  104. I am amused at how many people, who are convinced they have found the treasure, have had their “it hit me like a ton of bricks” moment when all was finally revealed to them, and all that was left for them to do was to save money and/or make time to go out and get it. I have had two such moments myself. And I will bet you that we are not all thinking of the same spots. It is human nature to make the poem fit your pet theory, and it is very easy to do with a name as common as Brown. Almost any location in the US can be connected to Brown with just a few google searches. My first “ton of bricks” moment was when I realized that I had a connection with the actor Kevin Bacon, but then my excitment quickly faded when I learned that everyone does. Happy hunting.

  105. I love reading all the responses. But I am really amazed at the number of people who seem to actually believe that they have found it or will find it. Do they really think that way or do they just like having a little fun, like I did when I playfully posted on my fb page that I had found it. Sure I have my spot that I want to check out, but I really don’t believe that I will be the one to find the thing. I just love the fun of trying. The thrill of the chase, if you will. I do like to dream of what I’d do with the money if I found it. Maybe a fun idea to write a story about that. If I was so blessed I like the others would return the bracelet that Forrest wants back. After all it is my opinion that the treasure belongs to him and he has just hidden it away until he gives it to whoever finds it, so it would be wrong to keep it. I would also send a token from the chest to some of those who have posted here an a few other places who made me smile or maybe said something that made sense to me. I would put aside enough to pay for my son to go to college. My biggest worry in life is that I can’t seem to put enough away for that. Hard to do when doctors take a huge chuck of what you take in. I would fix my husbands teeth. Buy my Aunt new breasts. Cancer took the ones God gave her. I’d set up a fund to help couples pay for infertility treatment. I am just not sure how I’d choose who to help. But after so many years and tears spent waiting for my son, it’s something that is close to my heart. A huge chunk would go to buy land. Somewhere wild where I can commune with nature and hopefully find a way to keep it mostly wild. Then I’d travel to see more of the wonders this world holds if there is enough left. I’d see if I could bribe Forrest to let me dig in his dirt, because OMG how cool would that be? I would love to be the 1st person to see and touch something that has spent so much time hidden beneath the earth. I think I got a little off track dreaming, but I think life is better for when you leave the path sometimes.

  106. If everyone that posted on this blog starting telling us the places they have already searched, we could do the process of elimination. I havent searched anywhere yet still trying to figure out “home of Brown” any ideas?

    • R_B-

      Not to be the bearer of bad news, but that information would be bunk………..just like all the other information on here that gets screened, deleted, or just plan omitted. People would just try to set you back, its in their nature to decieve; even when they seem to “want to help”. Dont seek gratification here when you do find something. Its like letting the school bully cheat off of your test…………….(cough)

      • So…RB…are you screening and deleting information about searching spots on this blog?
        Is that what you’re saying?
        Otherwise I guess you’d be accusing me.

  107. so many things fit home of brown the state animal is the black bear but as they get over two years old most turn brown

    • I am screening, but not ruling out any ideas. I’m sure I’m like everyone else on here that thinks they have the exact location. I’m sure people do post a lot of bunk comments on here, but what I was suggesting is putting up where they have tried and failed. I live too far to get out and search every weekend, so Im only going to get one shot at this adventure. It would be nice to know if i was walking where thousands have walked before.

      • every thing is clear the people who makes them still ,home of brown and the spot that means a monatary allowance not to mention the blaze. or am over exited LOL

      • OK…Stephi is talking about Pies, Bonnie is talking about pies….DT is talking about pies and now Mr Fenn is talking about Pies…all this talk about pies but I havn’t seen any, nor have I been offered a piece….

        • Weren’t you supposed to be mixing up that pie dough?

          Peggy, lemonade pie sounds good to me too. Wonder how that would fry up?

          • Bonnie I use to make Fried Pies for the public and Lemon Pie was quite easy to make as a Fried Pie,. Can ya’ll fill us in on this clue of the pineapple pies? I know from reading he use to eat them as a kid.

          • Peggy, I wish I could “clue” you into the pineapple pie notion. But there is nothing to clue into. It’s kind of gotten to be a running joke in my attempt to recreate the childhood favorite of Forrest. He describes it as a pan fried pie. My experience with the “fried pah” (spoken in Arkansas dialect 😉 is similar to Forrest’s fried pineapple pie. My research has led me to a few recipes for such a delectable treat, thus, I am honing my skills at making fried pineapple pies with the sincere desire to deliver them to Forrest at some time in the future. (I bake pies, but never fried them). Being that “fried pah” apparently is some Southern thing, and I am a northern woodswoman who bakes pies, the challenge intrigues me. I never dreamed of eating or making a pineapple pie unless it was upside down in a cake 😉 Alternately, I think that if I can’t find the treasure soon enough, a trail of fried pineapple pies might just be tempting enough for Forrest to give up one more critical clue 😉 I know he’s much smarter than that (being a poker player n’ all), but heck! It never hurts to try. My dilemma lies in my desire to recreate the delicacy as a more healthier version, but Forrest never told me if the recipe of his youth includes the addition of cinnamon. I imagine that if the pineapple pie goes viral then Forrest would have a new mountain growing at his front door from all sorts of seekers. I’m open for suggestions 😉

          • Bonnie when My mother and I made them for sale to the public, it was easier, faster to deep fry them with a dutch oven and a fish basket, or a deep fryer. I am in Texas raised in Louisiana for a bit. I use a cookbook from the early 1900’s when I bake. I have a Pineapple custard recipe for pies that would work with a fried pie. I use a No Fail Pie crust which you can find online that uses Vinegar, eggs and sugar in the recipe, it can be frozen or wrapped in film and put in the icebox for use later, this is a old recipe. If his mother made the pies the custard recipe will be close to what was made back when he was a kid. Remember Cinnamon was a pricy flavoring back then as was other flavorings, and most likely whiskey was used in place of Vanilla etc.
            1/2 cup sifted flour
            2/3 cup sugar
            1/4 tea. salt
            1 cup milk
            1/2 cup Pineapple juice
            2 egg yolks
            1 tablespoon (Real Butter)
            1and 1/2 cups crushed Pineapple
            your pastry for the shells

            Combine flour, sugar,salt in top of double broiler, add milk gradually and mix thoroughly. Add Pineapple juice and cook over boiling water until thickened . remove from heat and Add the slightly beaten egg yolks , return to the heat add butter and cook about 1 minute longer stirring constantly. (It will need to be a bit thicker for a fried pie then a pie shell), Cool for a bit and add the crushed pineapple and . Use for filling From the 1929 Lily Wallace Cookbook

            When you remove from the stove to cool prior to adding the crushed pineapple you can get a set of measuring spoons consisting of a dash a smidgon etc, use barely a dash of pineapple flavoring or whiskey to the Recipe I add flavoring at the end. Healthier version use corn starch in place of Flour. and Honey in place of sugar if you use honey or mollassis in place of sugar you will need to thicken longer.

          • Peggy, I think I’ve seen that pineapple custard recipe too. The one I have isn’t custard. More like a fruit filling (jam) consistency. I imagine the deep fry method is more efficient. I’m just not into fried foods per se unless we’re talking fish, but I sure love pie *S* Mom is still a great baker at 89, but neither of us ever made a fried pie. Fried donuts, you bet. She used to make what we Italians called “raspelli” (sp?), but we all called ’em “grease hog donuts”. Freshly deep fried in lard, cooled and tossed in a bag of sugar. I was a bit of a chunk in those days because of it. I stay far away from them now *L* I can feel my arteries clogging up when I get near them. I will definitely try out your recipe. Maybe Forrest would rather have a nice tuna sandwich with hot pepper cheese….and maybe we should put this on Dals’ Thrill of the Chase Recipe page along with the proper way to make campfire coffee 😉 LOL

          • Bonnie you may be right bout moving the recipes to the other page and we enjoyed fried donuts like your talking bout growing up i still make them. By the way I would try using light brown sugar with that recipe instead of sugar it should bring out the flavor. I am glad to hear your mom is still going strong with bake goods Have fun

          • Yup, Peggy, makes me happy too that mom is so active. She still works the blood drives, elections, sits on BOD’s, raises money for charities. She is the venerable “sweet little ol’ lady” you just cant’ turn down. When I get up there we do lunch in a local cafe and she always asks “will you be embarrassed if I sell some raffle tickets?” “No mom”…..then off she goes hitting up everyone in the cafe. I dare anyone to turn her down LOL

      • thats huge clue i have a board narrowing down the clues ,thats the way i did it in my private investigation days i solved 88% of my jobs i hope this will be better that !!!

  108. Sure seems like it will take a team effort/collection of info and a whole lot of trust. I am still under the belief Mr. Fenn gives subtle hints in emails to individuals that catch his attention or share a common interest that catches his eye. Everything is right here in front of all our faces, all we have to do is trust and believe. Sounds easy enough until something as valuable as his belongings come in to play. Good luck everyone !!

    • Dazed: Trusting and believing are commodities too valuable to allow them to be compromised by anything the size of what’s in that box. They’re not easy to acquire, and once a person has them as a habit of the being, the Coincidence Coordinators will do everything in their power to hammer them into the dust, test the metal of the trust and belief against every obstacle and bowling ball they can roll into the path. Plenty of frustratation, betrayal and heartache gaurrrrrenteed.

      But they’re worth the cost. The alternative is too cold to bother with, too cold to even allow ourselves to notice.

  109. Cinnamon rolls baked and steeped in perfection just out of reach of my Pavlovian drooling mouth until now. And so below I go …Its my turn now!

    • Cinnamon rolls with orange glaze….one of my secret recipes 😉 Fresh and hot out of the oven…..

      • Use to love to bake ,make cinnamon rolls, rolls, pies , candies etc.Fruit filled cinnamon rolls and yeast rolls was a couple of favs

  110. Dang ya’ll are making me hungry, but really I need to get back on task. Did ya’ll know Lamar Colorado has an elevation of 3706. Another dead end….dang, dang, dang, Pass me one of those cinnamon rolls please. Need stronger coffee….no cream or sugar. thnx

    • bco, I serve only high octane joe. Can you handle it? Those cinnamon glazed rolls should keep your energy level up (for about fifteen minutes) and the java should keep you buzzing for the rest of the day. *S* I’ve decided that if we find the treasure I’m going to open a little pie shop close to Forrest’s house and call it “Grateful Pie”. Service will be through the back window where the pies rest on the window ledge….*sniff, sniff*… ’em under a tree in the back yard 😉

      • hmm,now that I think about it, not if it’s like those 5 hour energy drinks. Maybe I’ll just have ‘nuther one of those pahs. 🙂 (Munch), I’ve figured out I need someone to hep with the heavy lifting (yumm, ooh it’s so good, Mr. Food good) the brain work on this puzzle. I had a dream recently about winning a scrabble game with the word invalids. Weird, huh? Kinda like the word weird and i before e stuff…anyways, every superhero needs a sidekick. So here’s my email, I don’t care whether I’m the sidekick or superhero. Yes there will be a decoder ring. I’m not an equal opportunity treasure hunter to be politically correct, but if you can’t get out and about and want someone to aid on the physical lifting side, send me pm. I think that stands for private message. 🙂 (extra napkin, please), Also anyone know a connection to Rocky Mountains for Dan Brown the author, any movie based on his book filmed in
        the area?

    • Most people that talk about the Lamar Valley are talking about the one in YNP where the home of retired Ranger Brown is still located. Not the one in CO.

      • That fits the poem pretty nicely, have people already scoured Lamar Valley? Where was I reading that a businessman quit his job and moved,j ust after he went searching and happened to have the initials JB, just like that tree JB, FF, 9/11/11.

      • buhdum tsh….that’s my rimshot. usually for something amusing. I can see how it might not make sense. thnx for YNP info

  111. i found encrypted letters in the poem that specifies a location, any one out there live in santa fe

    • not I, but I would love to know what you found. Just an arm chair researcher here living in Mi.

    • I’m not in NM, but planning a trip shortly. I’m not sure that Mr. Fenn would put something cryptic, but I’d be interested in hearing something new. I’ve been going in circles, with all the info I have compiled.

      • R_B
        Group think can be a very difficult way to organize…
        Maybe you should go back to basics..
        1. Erase what you’ve learned
        2. Then start over by reading the poem
        3. Then read the book if you have it
        4. Then read the stories on Forrest’s blog…don’t read the comments..

        See what you come up with..
        When you have an idea you’d like to pursue…then come back here and see what folks have said about it…
        Disregard all the woo woo stuff and all the jerks who claim they found it…don’t even read it…
        See what you can find that supports your place…

        That’s what I would do..

        • Here is what I have deduced so far, Forest is a literate man, would love to see his library. Therefor he has a great command of the English language. The poem is crafted in such a way that it has multiple meanings and hidden in those meanings are farther clues. Forest is a crafty ole fox for sure.
          Here is my email addy: Feel free to bounce ideals off me. I do not foresee pursuing the treasure outside of this computer due to being on a fixed income. Anything you say will be held in total confidence and will go no farther then myself and the sender unless I am told I can share it. On an outside note: I would love to have met Mr Fenn years ago, a trip to the pueblo to dig would have been fantastic.

  112. I need some information. Did Mr Forest ever say one needed a flashlight to find the treasure? Trying to compile the available clues for my research.

  113. Something I found that was interesting: JB was the initials of James Brown. Brown was part of the group The Famous Flames. The group had a song entitled ‘Think’. Hmm, didn’t Forrest say ‘think’ on a few occasions? Brown was also part Native American (Apache). I’m sure this is all pure coincidence since Brown was not from, nor was his final resting place in the Rockies. Just thought I’d share some meaningless drivel.

    • Lynn, if you can get me back to my twenties, when I lived in the south of France, and played center mid for the village soccer team, I would be most appreciative. And I don’t have your email…but don’t be timid about sharing on the blog!

      • You live in vernon me in duncan okla.lets meet i think you put in lots of work on this dont want to cut you out if i figured out blaze not 100% sure but close

      • Hey Stephan shoot me your email addy, i have a quick question (


    • Dont want any clues i too have google earth never been to blaze bet i can tell you things about it- you only know

    • Lynn, I was just in Duncan today, we are in Tulsa, I need more local treasure friends to compare notes! 🙂 Happy hunting from a fellow Okie!

  114. Is Mr. Fenn’s treasure trove still out there in the Rocky Mountains? Has anyone searched in Caves? Darn Brown Bats scare the beejeezus and stepping on the bat droppings makes walking as if your carrying heavy loads. I believe it’s in a small Cave near a waterfall but I’m too MEEK to go in there alone. I know, I know, Forrest Fenn told Gadi from KOB not to be going into Grizzly bear caves but not all Caves are homes to these brown monsters…. .

  115. Hi Lynn, That’s good you figured out my connection to Vernon, both sides of my family are from there, going back many generations. But I never lived there, except during my summers as as child staying with grandparents. I’ll try emailing you…

  116. if you think you can find the blaze from a map, especially a broad map, you have no idea what you are doing

  117. I have a heavy load that you all may be able to lift for me. How do I find a recent post without having to scroll and pass the post on the way to the bottom of the comment list….. Stupid type question from a new person to blogging. I get an email notification click it and end up at the top with 508 comments below but not in order of time. I understand that there are off shoot comments but don’t know how to navigate.

    Thank you in advance

    • Onecogi-Have you tried the search mechanism? If you have a couple of keywords it should send you in the right direction.

      • Thank you Dal. I tried the CTRL-F key and it worked. For some reason the search box did not work for me.

  118. Hey folks…a quick offer. I live in Santa Fe, have read Forrest’s book (very good), and have spent a lot of time on the poem. However, my mind still spins as to location. For those of you who can’t get here to look, and have good ideas to share, perhaps we can work together, my offer is to split the treasure by 3…with 1/3rd staying in place for others to find.. Email me at

  119. I’m curious about a news story that ran on Albuquerque, NM local news station, Channel 7 ( I missed the broadcast) and caught a synopsis of upcoming news for the evening. They said that even if someone found the treasure they may not be able to keep it? Anybody know anything about that statement?

    • _ esents-dangers/-/9153728/19496218/-/format/rsss_2.0/-/ddktmsz/-/index.html_ ( esents-dangers/-/9153728/19496218/-/format/rsss_2.0/-/ddktmsz/-/index.html) I think if anyone finds it…they REALLY have to go in peace or you might as well give it away to the stingy, dumb, creepy, worthless, horrible,makes me mad, annoying, rip us offs, greedy, should be in jail, awful, mean government. I mean how terrible for them to be like that…ya know? Just had a thought…they allow geocache’s on their land and people to take things left by others….so I think legally they’ve already set a precedence in allowing that.

    • hi Lillian, I think what they are saying is that anything found and taken from public lands legally belongs to the public jurisdiction where it was found (federal, state, or municipal). Unless the treasure Is found on privately owned or leased and managed land where it has been hidden with permission and agreement by land owner to release any interest, if word gets out where it was found there could be legal dispute over ownership.

  120. Sad to think that our government is looking at taking something from someone that rightfully found it and would have title to it as provided by Mr. Fenn. On another note I really think Forest did not hide it in a state park seeing he has had a experience with law enforcement regarding his business.
    At least I hope so. Could this be the reason for?

    ” Look quickly down, your quest to cease.
    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.”

    Ahhh yes the ponderance of an addled mind. 🙂

    • I think you’re right on the money with that one Chad. Living here in Santa Fe and if it is indeed near (not out of state) I can’t think of any property that isn’t on Federal Land? I guess I mean I see game and fish all over these forests, mountains, wherever. I definately don’t think it’s on private property. So that only leaves the Forest Service land. I hope whomever finds the chest has the “right to remain silent.” Or perhaps this is their way of getting a piece of the “pie” so to say? I think because so many people are looking I believe it will be found if not it’s an adventure that could go on for a very long time. Stephanie made a very good point though. They allow geocache’s on their land, why not this?

      • I’m not sure they do allow geocaches. I was looking that up today to see. I also think if they do allow them…they require a permit.

        • You are not supposed to put geocaches in a National Park. People still do it. If they are discovered by an official with no heart, they are removed. Many times rangers just let them be. I have one in a park and a note was left inside it that I should remove it from the park. But the nice folks left it there for the season.

      • It’s all about the money, a geocache is trinkets compared to the chest. What gets me is that this chase has brought some states some much needed income from tourism and now they suppress peoples enthusiasm with a heavy handed approach to it. I understand the need for caution when in the mountains etc. I was an active treasure hunter myself and if all goes well I will be again soon.
        So I do know the possible hazards one could face. I for one if I was lucky enough to find it would not say a word other then thank you Forrest Fenn and quietly make a donation to a charity of Forrests choice. As an after thought maybe I would use the remainder to finance a treasure hunting video game that whole families could enjoy during the winter months. 🙂

  121. I also find it interesting that Mr. Fenn knows for a fact that the treasure hasn’t been found. Of course, many are contacting him trying to get something out of him but it seems to indicate to me that it’s close enough where he can check on it from time to time? Just a thought.

    • I agree. If Forest isn’t checking on the teeasure then I suspect he has divised some cleaver scheme that forces you report in when it is finally discovered.

  122. Very entertaining site ya have here. I can’t believe I have sat here for 2 hours reading all these posts. Admittedly hoping to see the return of Stephan with some news of his most recent trip with the metal detector but when I finally did see his comments again I didn’t see him tell his story! I wanna know what happened, if he has new conclusions or is still sold on his spot. Sadly, I am from PA and today was the first time I had even heard of this treasure and have no way to find myself in NM anytime soon but I am hoping someone finds it soon because I want to know the hows, whens and wheres of it all. I wish someone would do something like this over here on the east coast in driving distance because I would be out wandering around all the time lol. I just love the hunt for things waiting to be found! Good luck to you all I hope it’s one of you that finds it!

  123. Stephan,

    If you are still out there; can we parlee? We can do it right here on Dal’s blog so that all can see. It would be great to hear back from you.

      • Hi STEPHAN, wondering if you went to check your spot yet. I think I know what the JB means but will not tell.

      • Stephan things are going well and Happy Easter. Busy but a happy day today.

        I may have hit on a couple of things that may be of interest and was wondering if you would not mind if we spoke off line. Would like to take a shot at it first, but it would be with you in mind. Simply saying that you brought up one clue that helped me understand the puzzle a bit further. Meaning that I am not a greedy person and would share some of the goods. We could go up to 50-50 excluding the bracelet Mr Fenn wants back if you cared to join me in person. If I am right with my coordinates we could meet at the confluence by setting a time and date. I have been working on this for a couple of months on a full time bases since being laid off.

        But first I need to provide you with some degree of credibility so you know that I have done my own homework. Please excuse my English since Spanish is my primary language.

        My starting appears to be uncommon but with a degree of reason.
        My fish are warm water
        It is also between Santa Fe and the city of Cimarron .
        The canyon I have been onto seems to hit on most cylinders except that it is ruled,by different types of waters.
        Kids also seem to enjoy the water and walking all over the place.
        Only if that darn Tulsan would have stayed home the natives would be much happier.

        I am also a Vietnam veteran a bit younger and more fortunate in that I never served in country since the war was at it’s end when I was invited to the party.

        So I am an explorer at heart. please let me know if the above makes sense. I figure it will, if we are playing in the same ball park.

        Chuy Perez

  124. Hi cf.

    Well you are one step ahead of me then. I’ve been out looking all winter long, lots of snowshoes and cross country skis, and JB might just remain a mystery forever… A lot of folks seem to think that our Mr. Fenn wasn’t so spy at the age of 79, and that he only managed to stagger 500 feet or so from his vehicle with that chest once he parked….I am of a different opinion entirely. I’ll tell you what I think, the chest is nowhere near a road.

    • Hi Stephan, Glad to know you are still searching, I thnk you have been the closest for some reason, but IDK. I agree that Mr. Fenn could probably still run circles around most younger ‘fit’ persons, so that is no real clue.
      Plus an easy ‘hike’ in NM could by anywhere from 3-6 miles or longer.
      I have some ideas, but would LOVE to know where you are looking. Your deductions blew me away.
      Will keep thinking, have some ideas. But don’t want any ‘treasure’ problems with anyone. I’m just a few hours away.

      • Hi cf, Glad you liked my deductions, they’re still boiling away on the stove, believe me, and probably over-cooked!. I actually think that it is best for all concerned if most think the chest is within 500 feet of a road, in light of the young gal who became lost in Bandelier several weeks ago. I have no faith whatsoever in an American public which is approaching a 40 % obesity rate, when it comes to having the physical prowess, let alone the mental capacity, to safely navigate the woods. So just between you and me, plan on hiking to a pristine, remote, and magnificent spot. Nothing less would satisfy a man with the highly developed aesthetic sensibilities of Mr. Fenn. There are many lovely spots which you can drive to, but so can everyone else, and anyone who loves the woods intensely knows the difference between ‘pristine’ and ‘well-traveled

        • I agree with the others not to give up any more info, I just need to clarify something with you. Did you actually look South of SFe? I did not think that you did that, but saw it somewhere. Also, where are people getting this 500 ft off the road? I thought I read that an early searcher may have come within 500 meters of it , but nothing stated about off the road, or 500ft. Maybe i misread it. I thought at the item that might be you, but someone else said it was someone else. IDK.
          So, I think I am going back to my FIRST impression, then developing in my mind some other clues I think I may have, and then maybe I’ll actually head out. I am close compared to some. Actually , I don’t know if I am ‘worthy’ as Fenn wishes, but I would do the right thing if I found it, I think. Probably sell it back to him and let him hide it again! ha
          I just was amazed at your deductions so quickly and the rest.
          I am still stuck pretty much at the first clue. ha I just came across a whole ‘nother meaning! It could mean so many things. Maybe if I get that, things will fall in place. It is about the journey. It has already been fun, and I LOVE yellow stone also, just not being cold. We have a wonderful country, we are all blessed! Thanks Fenn, smart man!
          Wish everyone well. Makes me feel like I could wander yellowstone and the west for a long time.
          I want a place like that to be laid to rest, as well. For that reason alone I would like to know where it is. How peaceful and natural.

  125. Hi Chuy, Thanks for the email. I play soccer with a fellow named Chuy, although he’s not a vet like you…that would have been quite the coincidence!

    • I agree with some of the other posters and I have a feeling similar to when I read a book and find the last page or 2 missing. Seems like there was lots of talk of hat-eating going on awhile ago and I haven’t seen 1 hat eaten yet. I distinctly remember Stephan saying his blaze was north of SF NM(Oct 13 2012 8:24 PM) yet Dal said Stephan told him in an e-mail that it was south of SF NM?

      • Hi Ex, The last two pages are missing! But I decided to heed the words of one kind lady named Marsha (see earlier in this thread) who strongly urged me to not give up any more of my deductions. Not that I am terribly convinced anymore that it would matter. But I am still following a wobbly and enigmatic thread, so I’ll just have to eat another hat, and you all will have to wait. Not that you’re on the edge of your seats, but I can promise you a pirate’s tale one day with all the fixin’s…except perhaps a treasure chest.

  126. Departing in t minus 3 days. Will have 3 days of searching. Departing from Seattle and a friend of mine departing from Philadelphia. We are meeting up and going gangbusters in New Mexico! Does anyone have Fenn’s email so we can give him our experience afterwards? Thanks!

    • Look on the contact page on his website. Just a thought…hope you have better luck at finding the chest than at finding his published email address…

      • FYI when heading to New Mexico. Cimarron Canyon/Eagle Nest area is experiencing a monster cold blast today with rain /snow expected tomorrow. We’re taking those days off and heading to Taos…..maybe find some pizza hahahahahaha. Other than that, the weather has been pretty cooperative. Sunny days, cool temps in the mts. and a bit warmer in the canyon (until you hit the high elevations). Dress for the cold temps in layers. Bring long underwear for those cooler days. Water falls are still frozen.

  127. know some interesting people that have seen some cool primitve drawings on the rock s recently i hope they enjoyed them and all you hunters out there be safe and good luck M.W.

  128. Stephan,

    I’ve always operated on principals of abundance, so no need to stop now. Here goes. The letters “J” and “B” (as you may know) are known blazes of a certain tradition. The one is directional (tells you which direction AND how far to go) and the other is indicative of the treasure. The numbers, in conjunction with the blazes, provide a further clue that I would have to see the location to see if it makes any sense. Either way, it is a curious clue given your description of the area.


  129. Hi, Stephan – When are you going back to the area that has the blazed tree? Where exactly were the stones or rocks piled up? I know where you were searching, but I surely do wish you hadn’t told your story. I understood from Stephanie & Dal that we were not to give out specifics on this Blog. Am I correct? From what I read today they were both encouraging you. What’s the deal, Lucille?

    • Oh no…I never said anyone couldn’t give out their entire solution. I was just giving my opinion about doing that before someone searched it. Dal is fine with it and it’s his blog.

      • Hi, Stephanie. Won’t that send everybody to that area? I thought we weren’t supposed to write anything that could make the others give up their theories because that could send them on a wild goose chase – maybe some people can only afford to search once or twice. I’m trying to understand so that I avoid commiting any offenses. Have you also searched in Stephan’s location?

        • I was just giving my opinion and to be honest it was more that they were trying to just end the search by coming up with the location and giving it away. Dal has no objections to people laying out their entire searches and it’s his blog. I don’t make the rules here…Dal does as it’s his blog. I have my own blog Neither of us stop people from posting things though. I just am more vocal about my opinions than most. No I’ve never searched for where Stephan’s location is. I’ve had many spots of my own that I’ve worked on. Stephan’s search has got to be the most talked about though. I think it’s all about his pirate accent 😉 or him finding such a blaze.

        • Becky-
          If someone wants to talk about their search locations that’s fine. Doesn’t matter if they have been there or not as far as I am concerned. I think some individuals on this blog were upset when some folks revealed their solutions to the entire poem. As long as it’s not nonsense and intended to confuse others, I have no issue with solutions being exposed on this blog. What will get a person censored is if they say “I found it.” or “I solved it.” As many of us have said, you cannot say you have found it or that you have solved it unless the chest is in the trunk of your vehicle. What you can say is “I think I’ve solved it.” or “I believe I’ll be finding it this weekend.” In other words as long as you state facts as facts and opinions as opinions, everything is good. In the past we had folks jump on here and say, “I found it.” when in fact all they did was come up with a very workable solution…and I might add a solution that many others had also come up with. These folks were just running off at the mouth and not thinking through how horrible it can sound to searchers when someone screams “I found it”, when in fact, after grilling them for a half hour we find out they have never left their front room. In short, it’s a darn lie to say you’ve found it when you have not. Anyway…the only rules for this blog are:
          No cussing..because a lot of school kids read this blog.
          No lying.
          Don’t state your opinions as fact.
          Be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, and somewhat Cheerful.
          and I must say that I am humbled by the number of folks that adhere to that code…

    • Hi Becky, I posted my story long before this blog became such a sensation, and I received Dal’s approval before anything appeared. I’m a pirate, you see, at least in my imagination, and Dal is very sympathetic to such things, being a bit of a buccaneer himself… I started my tale with Stephan Finds A Blaze, which perhaps you haven’t seen yet. Anyways, I had second thoughts about revealing my clues, and I didn’t reveal any location, so if you know where I was searching, you are either clairvoyant, or you pieced it together otherwise from what I wrote. I have been back to my tree many times, and I’m still hot (or cold) on the trail!

      • How can I tell you my theory without … you know, just between us? If I’m not correct, you don’t even have to tell me. OK? I’m just so sure. It’s my one & only place, but I’m stuck here in WV. Well, not stuck really – it’s just unfathonable for me to go so far away from home on a whim. I’m not making much sense.

        Have you been in this as long as Dal & Stephanie? I couldn’t stand it for very long. Just a week & a half ago I was sane & healthy. Now I don’t leave the house, I forget to eat, I need a shower, & no one is talking to me anymore. Fun? FUN? Not on your life. I’m half near dead now. FF wanted us to get away from the TV. Well, I have moved 20 feet to sit in front of the computer for hours on end – just to be able to say I solved the puzzle. But I need to know that I am correct. How sick is that?

        Who are your other pirates? Your kids? Your friends? California, right? Wow!

      • Stephan – I had not seen your blog entries or even heard of you until today. I still don’t understand why you would post your activities for all to see until you actually found the treasure. If you believed that was the correct location, many others could have overrun the place & would have had the same opportunity as you. Even now , when you have invested so much time & money, someone could take it out from under you. I would not like for that to happen.

  130. Becky, Us pirates is a secretive group and we practice Free Carpentry here in the greats wilds of northern NM. You will have never heard of where we call home, suffice it to say it’s near the roarin’ Rio Chamita, and all the comely lasses thereabouts sometimes don’t swoon when we saunter by all devil-may-care like. Cali-for-ni-ay is but a distant memory but for all the yellowtail tuna fishes we used to snag as young-uns on the big blue Pacific, in between trips to visit Grandpa and Grandma in our ancestral home of Vernon, TX, You see one thing ol’ Stephan does indeed have in common with Mr. Forrest Fenn is that he’s a Texas full-blood, though he will draw his last breath here in the magnificent New Mexico hinterlands (as well may Mr. Fenn, may he live long!)…If you want to see what Free Carpentry looks like, visit, and you’ll see a brand o’ Neo-Medieval wood trickery which may, or may not, tickle your fancy. . There may be an address there to suit your needs.

    Fun? Not on your life, I agree. Sometimes, for sure, but not always for us obsessive compulsive types, and especially not when you find a crazy blaze on your second try….Try sleepin’ after finding that without a bunch o’ grog in your gut… And I’ve been ill with this wonderful malady nearly as long as Dal.

    Don’t worry if no one will talk to you anymore. I know your not crazy, even if they don’t!

      • That rock begs for a better look see. Now mind you my eyes are not seeing as good as they one did. Do I see a marking just above the F?

        • Chad-
          I think so too. It looks like a diamond or triangle. That “f” is near a cave which is very near a great hot spring and is near a trail that has been used for ?? years…maybe ten thousand years. It’s a wonderful place to imagine the rich life of the pueblo people who lived here. There are rock carvings all through that area.

      • Dal,

        Hadn’t seen your blaze…thought I scoured this blog. That is “money” if you will. How quickly did you look down, and man where is the box? If I see one of those out in the wood I may need a new pair of chonies!

      • Thank you, Dal. Your explanation makes a lot of sense to me. I will do my best to make you proud.

        Your rock is very nice indeed. Looks like the F was scraped on. Well, it got put there somehow. Is it in NM?

      • Dal, I personally agree that your rock is infinitely more plausible than my tree. But us pirates are a persuasive lot, and it seems that our pants-less attire always attracts much more attention than it deserves!

      • My wife and I were at our spot last week, and she spotted an “F” carved in a tree near a big rock which we have come to know as the “blaze rock” (not telling why). Well, I just scrapped that F off that tree, and asked, “Does it look like an F now”? And then I said something like, “Oh no, now Forrest is going to have to come out here and put it back on, or perhaps re-hide the treasure and re-print his book.” I was trying to prove a point. An “F” on a tree is next to worthless as far as I’m concerned.

        • Seriously theprobeguy? May I ask why you would deprive others of the thrill of the chase?
          Now mind you anyone could have carved those “F’s” . Kinda like a I was here mark. But to deface the mark is saying something about you. And I think others here will see what I am saying indirectly.
          Personally I am of the mind that the blaze is more than just “F’s” carved into trees and rocks.
          However only the shadow knows.. Wahahahaha.

  131. PPS Becky, I posted some of my activities, but not nearly all, and it might takes nearly as much effort to find Stephan’s Blaze as it would to solve the treasure poem.

  132. PPPS Lots o’ typos, but remember Stephan is only a semi-brilliant pirate, though he went to school once on the East Coast!

  133. Aside from F’s and 9-11-11 are there any other examples of markings on trees/rocks? Or is it confined to the letter F and one date?

  134. never mind, doh! I clicked the link to photos. Many other markings from recent history.

  135. Forrest assures everyone that the treasure is still where he hid it. How can he do that? What if someone found it and decided to quietly sell off the treasure so they wont get sued by the state or the federal government who owns the land. Forrest wouldn’t even know. JB or someone else could have secretly found the loot two years ago.

    If Major Fenn can truly assure us that the bronze box is still out there to be found, here are the possible options from my perspective:
    1. Forrest occasionally returns to the spot to make sure it hasn’t been disturbed.
    2. Forrest has someone he can really, really trust check on the treasure.
    3. Forrest has devised some ingenious safeguard that requires the person who finds the treasure to check in with him. Perhaps the treasure is sitting in a safe deposit box and all we are doing is searching for the key.
    4. The last option (which I do not believe) is that there is no hidden treasure at all.

    If I hid the treasure, I would have to go back. Otherwise I would go crazy like Humphre Bogart in the Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

    What do you all think?

  136. Knowing that Forrest can assure us that the treasure is still out there is good enough for me- that’s some pretty good news. Thinking about how he might know such seems like too much of a mystery to try solving in my opinion.

    Stephan- Props for getting out in the winter and searching while most are dormant. Are you still searching in the area of your blaze or are you looking somewhere else now? I ask because you said this earlier ” Mr. Fenn’s above entry about folks finding the first two clues and missing all the others tells me that my solution is not correct, anyways.”

    • good enough for me to theo… i think his hiding place is so clever, that he just knows it will be a long time til its found.. for the record i like the rock blaze f more.. no offense stephan..

  137. Dal..I enjoyed your story of the Dunn Bridge near Rio Hondo. That was an excellent place to look. Now I feel a little excited to get out there again. Sounds like a wonderful day, regardless of finding the treasure or not.

  138. I will try this again since my last attempt seemed to be lost or deleted. Hello Everyone.

    Let me start by saying that I find it amusing that so many people are 100% sure they have found the treasure location. I laugh because I was 100% sure I had found it…four times. I think it’s easy to find what we think are hints in the book and make them fit our theories. I have done that, and I think Stephan has done that. Personally I believe he is barking up the wrong tree. Presenting a picture with initials and a date that has many people trying to decipher it, sending them on a wild goose chase. Maybe he should be looking at THIS tree instead:

    An abandoned car on a trail is just that, an abandoned car. I found one that matches the drawing in the book on the other side of the mountain. I also believe Stephan has misinterpreted “the Blaze”. Let me give an example of catering hints to fit theories; this is what I did. I read the book slowly more than 10 times taking notes as I went. I was looking for anomalies in the writing and pictures. I found plenty. One of course was the word cave written in a drawing in the book. I forget which page. Which took me to the drawing of the dancing gypsies. Another was the quote from Amos and Andy…”don’t make the alligator mad until you’ve crossed the river.” As I began to research caves and waterfalls I discovered a photo taken in 2006 of a tree trunk in the shape of an alligator. It was located on a trail which led to caves. I believe it’s Panchuela trail 288. I figured once I got there, the poem would come to life.

    The trail was 3 plus miles to the caves. There was a river crossing. The water going into the cave stopped by going under the mountain. The layout of the cave was just like the drawing of the gypsies. Going into the caves you had to step down into canyons or crevices. I crawled into the right cave and discovered a lone inhabitant, a brown bat. The ceiling of the cave was 20 feet high and had a stream of water running it’s length (about 50 feet). Water high? I began to look for what i believe is the blaze and saw many. Everything seemed right. Only because I wanted it to be right. The treasure wasn’t there, but I had a blast exploring.

    Of course there was a whole list of hints I had uncovered that also led me there. But they all turned out to be just coincidences. I’ve met Forrest Fenn. I asked him if the treasure was real. I believe it is. I saw it in his eyes. I watched him walk and observed how he moved that day. When the woman was lost in Bandelier, he said you have to ask yourself…”would a 79 year old man carrying a 42 lbs box go here?” I’ve made that my rule of thumb. I have forsaken many a trail because the answer to that question is “No”. When the paralysis of analysis overtakes you, let common sense rule the day. It saves you from chasing your tail.

    I saw an interview on the trading co website by HDNET. The reporter asked him why he chose the spot he did. His answer was; ” I picked a spot that was very dear to me. And when I was walking back to my car, I was smiling all the way.” That jumped out at me. this is a place special to Forrest. It’s also accessible by driving there, and a short walk from the car. (maybe a mile or two.) I constantly think outside the box. Sometimes it’s a detriment. Forrest made a quote: ” they never knew that it was the chase they sought and not the quarry.” I can say that for me that rings true.

    There is an old indian proverb which says; “Listening to a liar is like drinking warm water.” Perhaps that is where to start. Where the lies or warm water ends and the truth begins. I find it odd that in his Vietnam story of the waterfall that he makes a big deal about the fallen french soldiers grave, and how no one will remember them; and yet never mentions his name. Because he saw the name but quoted the prose in the book. The prose was written by an American satirist of the 1930’s by the way. As I have said I have read the book over ten times, studying every phrase. And I still feel some kind of stupid. I know that if I hid a treasure, I would NEVER go back there to see if it was found. If I found a treasure like that, I would never tell anyone. Read the treasure trove laws in this country. Here are some facts:
    1) I have not found the treasure
    2) I’m still figuring out where to look.
    3) I’m having a blast doing it.

    It is not my intention to play games or hide information. We are all looking in the dark. If you want to know where I’ve been or the hints I’ve discovered, just ask. As I’ve said, for me it’s not about the gold, but about the discovery.

    Live long and prosper.

    • Spock, I agree. Stephan is full of hot air. I did take a trip with a friend to take a look. We knew it would be difficult to peruse the area. There were actually unforeseen consequences when we checked out the area physically. I have to be extremely vague because I am not giving my ideas away. I am surprised so many are willing to give their ideas on here. If anything Stephan is playing everyone for a sucker to get ideas from them. Who knows, I am not accusing anyone of anything but it surely looks as though many want to give their ideas to Stephan for his approval. Anyways, our trip validated a few philosophical ideas that Forrest has, the way he lived his life. We will be back and fully prepared, then my friend and I will find out how wrong or right we were.

  139. I wish you luck Bob. If you do find it, I would like to have the first interview. Even if it means not revealing you identity. 😉
    I plan on going back down later this month but I need to revisit the book again. Good luck to you and your friend.

  140. Well Mr. Bob and Mr. Spock, I can assure you both that Ol’ Stephan has neither insidious nor underhanded motives. I simply like to write, and so I wrote a little yarn in response to some ribbing from our friend Dal. He approved it beforehand and I might remind you that he posted my tale before all the publicity and when this blog was visited by only a few…I didn’t proceed further with my tale after being urged to refrain by other treasure hunters. Why did I share? Because I had reached a dead end and thought that others might see something I missed. And if people seek my “approval”, then perhaps they are not misguided, for I am indeed an expert on where the chest is not located!

    • Stephan, please don’t misunderstand. I never suspected underhanded motives. I just knew you were mistaken in your assessment, which would explain your dead end. Unfortunately I didn’t read your blog until months after the fact so i couldn’t give input.

      I thought your hints were well thought out. But I knew by your 3rd paragraph that you had fallen victim to the same theorizing that I did. Hats off to you for the effort. I’m guessing that you are revisiting all possibilities as I am. It seems that if a person reads this blog thoroughly, they can probably cross off locations through the process of elimination. It seems we are all part of the same club now. Those who seek but do not find. I don’t know where i read it, maybe here…but someone wrote; “If you want to hide something, paint it red and put it in your front yard.”

      I’m currently taking a breather. but will go back after I review the book again and throw my current guesses out the window. But as you already know, it’s easy to over think it. I do wish you the best in your search, and raise a glass to all adventure seekers.

      Live long and prosper

  141. Now life is only a game of poker and happiness is the pot They’d deal you five cards in the cradle and you play with your like it or not

    Some game had a start with and the game doesn’t seem on the square When you pick up your cards and discover that you were born without even a pair

    Now some take a chance on bluffing and stake everything they’ve got On a little yankee poor flush and sometimes that wins a plot

    While others will break up openers to draw for a middle straight Why they know the chance they are taking but they learned your mistake too late

    Now some can’t plan crook it against all good advice But they seldom get away with it at the end they’ve paid the price

    Now me I’ve always been a loser why it seems I never can win I’m just a dreamer who’s waiting for ships that never come in


  142. Wow! Look at all the postings! I’ve been gone for a while for personal matters and haven’t been able to check on anything. Have any new clues been revealed while I’ve been away? I’ve enjoyed reading the stories of some people in seach of the treasure. Love to read them.

    • Thanks for the update. I thought originally Mr. Fenn was going to start giving out clues once a month but it doesn’t look like that has happened?

  143. I’m not holding my breath for the Today Show clues. The “clues” which Mr. Fenn has given out thusly have been humorous but without substance…. And as regards some folks getting the first two clues right and others being within 500 feet, I’d argue that Mr. Fenn is supremely confident that these admissions are equally harmless I’d be willing to bet that Mr. Fenn will continue to stick to the parameters he laid out in his memoir: all you need is the poem. My grandfather, another venerable and learned Texan, told me once long ago, “A man who sticks to his word is a man you should stick with.” Personally, I believe Mr. Fenn is a man of his word, and even though he might stretch his yarns a bit: poetic license does not make a man untrue. So look closely at what he says without equivocation and you will be the lucky soul who finds the chest.

  144. Ok,,, Stephan… buddy, pal where is it that you found the 9/11/11 JD FF on the stone, marble or wood?
    This is nuts. You “carved” it right? C’mon…. Spill it Stephan. I hadn’t looked back here in so long, where WAS I?
    Or just e-mail it to me — you have my e-mail, right? My word is as good as gold i assure you.

  145. Hi Babylon Slim, I don’t have your email, and no, I didn’t carve the FF. I frankly wish I had never found it. But fret not, I am sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that the FF I found has nothing whatsoever to do with the treasure…You see, my Brown was Hoodoo Brown of Dalton Gang fame, and I ended up in a place which is assuredly not 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe.

  146. Stephan, Demoman here.
    You are the only one that has solved ( and me) I believe the single most important clue.
    Since your discovery of the blaze in your canyon with the little cold creek I have been in the vicinity three times. Soon I go for the 4th and ultimate (I hope finish) trip. You are correct, the treasure is not in the “close vicinity” of your blaze discovery. As Mr Fenn said you correctly found and passed up the rest. I have not. Just as you would like to reveal how you found what you did I would as well. I look forward to hopefully meeting Mr Fenn, Dal, Stephnie, and you after I have successfully completed the final riddle. You are correct in what you found, it has everything to do with the path to Treasure. Imagination is the key to unlocking the riddles.

  147. Hi Demoman,

    I wish you every success! Go forth and find that thar chest! I’ll be happy to shake your hand.



  148. I do not anxiously await Mr. Fenn’s coming TV clue. It will probably be something along the lines of “The chest is located between 5,000 ft. and 14,000 ft”. But I do like to see the steely eyes of the feller who set me off on this wild goose chase interactin’ with all them fancy journalisticos! I have no earthly idea where that thar chest is a-sittin’, but I do know a place with brown bears, brown trout, and a feller named Brown. How’s that for home of Brown!

  149. I was given the poem and details of the chase yesterday by an American buddy who wanted a fresh set of eyes. As has everyone else, I’ve put aside work and sleep to ponder and research. I’ve found a possible solution to the first eight clues (WWH, too far to walk, Home of Brown, end drawing nigh, no paddle up your creek, water high (a wonderfully quirky solution if correct!), worth the cold, in the wood, but not the blaze. However, my buddy is heading out there this weekend (I could join him but the airfare from Australian would be horrendous) to check on some blaze ideas (with one being so ridiculously obvious that I’m embarrassed to say them) so I’ll let you all know if he finds it so you can delete it from your search area.

  150. A further question. It appears that the clues are meant to be followed in physical sequence. That would seem to mean that a seeker would need three things for each step: Location A, Location B and the physical path that connects them. If this is so, it would be fair to say that each Location should be a relatively compact physical place, and the path should be either a physical line such as a river, canyon, trail, road, railway etc or that Location B should be visible from Location A. There’s really no point in having such enormous locations that it is impossible to see where to go next. It’s also critical that the blaze, which appears to terminate the quest, must be either an exact marker of the chest or a pointer to the chest + the distance remaining.

    FF himself said that a seeker would move with confidence, which would indicate that the locations were relatively compact and the path between locations obvious.

    I used this system to get from the beginning of the poem up to ‘water high’ with considerable confidence, although ‘heavy loads’ is possible, but not as certain as I would like. I have two blazes in mind. One is ridiculously obvious and ties neatly with FF’s love of archaeology, the look down, the marvel gaze, the torch, the sandwich and the idea he wanted to be buried with the treasure. This blaze is a VERY strong and permanent physical marker, one that I’m sure FF would be pleased with and would last many many years. However, it is some 1-7km (1 mile or so) from the previous location (water high), although the path between the two is also very strong.

    The other blaze ties with cold, in the wood and look quickly down, sandwich and is only a few metres from the water high reference and no paddle up creek. However, I’m not sure what the blaze could be.

    All this leads to this question: have you followed this same line of reasoning in your searches? If you have, what physical distance have you thought permissible between locations?


  151. And my third for this evening (morning to those in NM and nearby states). It bothers me considerably that the blaze in its form as a trail marker (an orange trail marker as Wiktionary tells us) must be terribly visible, and therefore not the kind of indicator you would want to point to a $2M treasure. You would really want a marker that people would not, in their normal walking adventures around wherever it is they think the treasure is, think is the blaze marker.

    Which makes me think it is not a marker that we would ordinarily recognise. It could be something non-markerish altogether, something hidden in plain sight. It should, though, he relatively compact, and the treasure must be underneath (look down).

    Since FF uses the imperative present simple (begin, take, put) for the first three verses as we follow his clues in real time, you would think v4 would start likewise. However, FF changes grammatical gear here and uses the present perfect (you have been wise and [have] found the blaze), a tense which indicates a past action with a present effect. In real language, that means that, by the time the searcher reaches the water high at the end of V3, he should have either worked out what the blaze is, or what it is.

    Or possibly there is a third alternative, one that got me rather curious as I was out for an evening stroll with my wife a few moments ago. What if the nine clues are not specified because the clues themselves, when joined together sequentially, form a map/shape/letter/character of some kind that indicates the blaze? If that is the case, then the nine clues would all need to be listed in V1-3 (before and including the water high) as that is when FF tells us that we should have found the blaze. I noted that several folks had shown Google Earth pathways on their searches, and that made me think; if the correct path is traced by the location of the nine clues, might it then reveal the shape of the blaze?

    Or perhaps the nine clues contain words or letters that, when joined, form the location of the blaze, kind of like a Fennian acronym. Just thoughts.

  152. I am wondering if the clues in the book are sort of shotgun… a lot of hits in one general area, and when one gets in that area, then a liniar connect-the-dots trail emerges.
    Two Q’s…
    Did the book & poem come out simultaneously with the printing of the book? Or was the poem introduced first, independently, and the book published later?
    Secondly, Why have you all decided on New Mexico?

    I found a strong metaphor for a Yellowstone site in “IMPORTANT LITERATURE” . Do you think FF would place false clues? Or far-away leads? It is not related to Hemingway or Fitzgerald… their inclusion puzzles me and I think they might be there just as field for Salinger. (Ketchum ID and W.Scott St. are not strong enough). Holden Caulfield’s utility might just be as an intro to FF’s pre-adult experiences.

    By the way, a different find that you may find interesting is a different Hemingway … Earnest’s son, Jack, wrote the intro to Flywater. Remote, but interesting. I really loved FF’s video interviews on pottery and on books.

    • Old-
      I am not one of the NM soloists. I have looked there but I have moved on. I think one strong argument for NM is the closeness factor. Some searchers believe that it has to be close to Forrest so he can check on it. Forrest knows it is still where he put it. No one knows how. I have my personal belief about how he can know. Forrest has said that he has not been back to it since he hid it and has also stated that he does not intend to go back to it.
      To me that suggests it does not have to be close to him.

      Others feel that at 79 he would not drive all the way to Yellowstone by himself…I say…Yes he would!

      Others feel he could not possibly be gone from home for the time it would take to hide the treasure far away…therefore the treasure must be in NM. I disagree. He has lived his life taking off when he wanted or needed. His family is used to it. He has always had an “independent spirit” and his family knows that. It’s part of the attraction…

    • Jim-
      I don’t think it is. I just checked it and it seems to be up. Maybe there was a temporary server problem. Blogs go down once in a while when servers crash..They usually come back up in a short period of time once the server issue is resolved.

  153. Demoman Here,

    I will answer that question about Stephan—–ANSWER – YES
    Stephan is confounded and befuddled as I have been. Utter despair.
    Not to worry though. “Imagination is the Key to Knowledge”
    I will confirm that Steven was always on the right track. But he appears to have lost the path and can’t find it. I have not seen recent post from Stephan but
    I have experienced Stephans initial path of discoveries and with this went far beyond. The sutle clues that Mr Fenn provides, however enigmatic, will lead to treasure. there is nothing easy about this search. The learning curve must be followed.


  154. Stephans blaze i think is way south of santa fe but the chest is north of santa fe so it has to be a important clue ,,dont you think

  155. The March 14th Post by forrest here is very interesting! What do you think it means anyone? I missed this before. He is saying a mule’s butt is in Wyoming looking at Idaho? What….not sure what he means. Is this a clue?

    • LL-
      Yesterday I spoke with Forrest and the first word out of his mouth was “Hi!”. I think this means the chest is hidden high up in a tree. What else could it mean? 🙂

      • Dal,
        Demoman Here, and high is frozen solid.

        This is the site that the truth will be known. Stephan ( from what I have seen) is the only one that has the search right but He needs his pants on to finish this.

        I think you are getting close but your imagination is errant.
        And Stephanie, God Love her is the epitome of a Treasure Hunter.

        Me, perhaps one more visit becuase I wear pants and experience tells me not to give up.

        Devoted and Friend Demoman

        • Doug-
          I think Stephan and his merry crew of Pirates may have retired.
          Like the rest of my mind my imagination seeks it’s own level and when floating in mud it does it’s best to remain above the muck in spite of the sucking action of the murky bottom.
          Stephanie deserves an award for being the most stalwart and consistent…in my opinion…
          I suspect she goes out searching more times than we know about..
          I get nervous whenever she disappears from sight on the blog..

          • Dal,
            If it were not for you few would know anything and that includes me. My hat is off to you and that monument of a man called Forrest.

            If it were not for Stephan and his merry band I would not be near as far along the trail although he verfied what I already knew.

            And yes Stephanie does deserve an award.

            You have done such a fantastic job. Do not worry about the mud, Instead abandon logic, and think about principle
            as Forrest suggests on page 40. Througout each and every chapter Forrest is the guiding light and one only needs to glean those important dictions to carry on the search.

            There are so many directions dedicated by Forrest. I leave you with this important statement from Forrest:

            ” I still remember the sense of accomplishment I felt when I sat on some dead guy’s grave marker.”

            I’m past this now and waiting for Spring.
            Doug the Demoman

          • Hi Dal,

            These pirates never retire from nothin’, nohow. But we have decided that some quests are more fruitful than others, and besides, we are all a-awaitin’ the next thrilling competition or raffle! We suggested something to Mr. Fenn, to wit, that he put a clue in a fancy envelope sealed with red, pirate-like wax and a flaming hot signet ring, and then raffle it off to benefit the homeless shelters in Santa Fe, but no go! I’ve also got a talented young friend who is a-hankerin’ to get her pilot’s licence, and a thousand or two could get her going, so maybe she would be a prime candidate for a raffle as well!

            And I’ll tell you what you are all missing about the blaze. There truly is only one kind of place to put a chest in the Rocky Mountains where it would be safe long term from all manner of destruction, easy to find if you knew where to go, free of menace from the ever-rising tides of tree fall and forest debris, or being crushed or obscured by rock falls. To know the kind of place I speak of, one simply has to spend a lot of time in the woods, looking about and observing the forest, and thinking of how it changes in time. Then one will know where to put a chest so that it will be very safe and still visible in a thousand years, whether one has read a treasure poem or not. And if Mr. Fenn didn’t put his chest in a place like this, well, then, these pirates think that chest ain’t worth looking for, ’cause a tree probably already fell on it!

  156. Are you thinking of a cave Stephen? I’ve always thought that would be a good place for the treasure chest as many tribes put artifacts in caves and they remained for many years until Forrest found them.

    • Howdy CJ,

      I am definitely not referring to a cave. For a variety of reasons I don’t think it is in a cave, although it is my second best choice as regards long term security for the chest.

      Rock falls do occur in and around caves, and this is a real threat to the chest long term…and my intuition tells me that Mr. Fenn might not want to go and meet his maker while sitting in a cold, dark cave.

      • Did you ever read the “Codex” by Forrest’s friend Doug Preston? The rich father in the book secreted himself and his treasures in a cave somewhere in Central America and had the natives seal him into it. I’m not saying that Preston had inside information as to what Forrest actually did, but he did publish the book in 2003 before Forrest hid his treasure. I’m thinking that Forrest must have been talking to Preston about his plan to hide a treasure chest long before he actually hid it. A cave is not my favorite solution right now but it’s not a bad idea!

      • Stephan,

        Nope, no treasure in a cave, not this time. Cold and outside in the wood. Probably Frozen at this very moment. So close, very close, thaw coming soon, timing must be just right.
        Crowds, dogs, and Bears soon. Tarry Scant. Go in Peace.

        Doug the Demoman

  157. Stephan,
    Doug the Demoman here.
    I have trouble with the area conditions where Forrest put cache. Lots of Ice and deep snow and in the Spring run off deletrious matter, rocks, and all the other stuff pending the rate of thaw. If it were not for you I would be unable to confirm what I already knew. Principal not logic got me down the trail.
    Mind you that the Blaze you provided is not even close to the Treasure but is all about the Treasure.

    Oh, and by the way, The Home of Brown, isn’t really the home of Brown.

    I am suggesting that all is within my grasp and as you much earlier explained will be revealed in excruciating detail perhaps only to you, Dal, and that Darling of a Hunter, Stephanie.

    If Forrest reads this he will know that I know that Imagination is the key to Knowledge and the path to Treasure.

    Good Luck my friend!

    Doug the Demoman

    • Hi Doug,

      I wish you every success! I’ve reached the point in my quest where I am just chompin’ to know the true solution . My answer involves a trout, a bear, and a feller, plus another feller who was known to be pretty dang smart. But it seems that the barn’s done burnt down on this one. But as me ol’ grandpap used to say, “Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon!”

      I hope you find it, but I can 100% guarantee you that you’ll enjoy my version of the solution more than anyone else’s, right or wrong!

      • Stephan,

        Very Clever statement about the barn burning down and revealing the moon. Perhaps you are further along than I thought. You being a valedictorian and all. I would expect nothing less. And yes I will enjoy your solution but wait till you see mine.

        Am I really on the right path?
        Are all the sutle clues the truth?
        And is the Poem truly the final solution?
        Answer——————————————–I think so!

        If I succeed in the final solution you will find me at your door step or in Santa Fe shaking your hand and thanking you for all that you have done. Generally speaking, from all the chatter out there to this point, your the only guy that got it right ( and me )

        And Dal deserves high marks. I think Dal will soon be more accurately engaged with the solution as well. I intend to be first. If I succeed I will also find Dal and shake his hand as well, for with out him, and his elaborate web site I would not have met you.

        Perhaps the reality of this is elusive, but with success, we will all be sipping Margarita’s with Mr. Fenn soon in Santa Fe and very importantly the tab will be on me!
        Oh, I won’t forget Stephanie and perhaps a few others that have placed a valiant effort and are deserved. I may need to talk to a legal counselor about such an event and the fallout that could be forthright. Perhaps less pomp would be in order and regrettably if the advice is negative
        an alternative plan. Wishful Thinking.

        If Forrest reads this I hope he will be invigorated and pleased to know that he has successfully “Jump Started” my spirit of imagination and I have completely engaged such to his requirements. As Forrest has revealed:

        “The Greater Part of Knowledge is knowing those things Not Worthy of Knowing”

        However, It is a very long road, with a lot of potholes!

        Thanks Stephan – Don’t give up – You Are The Man!

        Doug the Demoman

    • Demoman Here,

      First, you must know where you are going and the General Latitude.
      If your spot (s) are in New Mexico I say go now. If your spot is in Colorado maybe, Montana or Wyoming, no chance. I am giving you a little help because Stephan has other things to do. And unlike Stephan who is currently carving beautiful things of wood, I am hot on the trail ( at least in spirit ). You might ask Dal. He has been there, done that, Just like me. Spring is almost here. It wont be long now!
      Good Luck!

      • Humm, sounds to me you have solved the 9 clues. Tell me Doug, just for my peace of mind, how close in proximity do you believe clue 5 & 6 are? Feet, yards, miles?

    • I’m searching in NM and never stopped exploring this winter. It has been a horrible winter. Very little snow. But a horrible dry winter is horrible for skiers and farmers and people who drink water but it’s not so bad for treasure hunters. The search season will likely be short because of fire danger. If your area is NM I’d get started now. I expect the forests will be closed most or all of June until the monsoons start.

    • Hi Lynn,

      You could check many places right now, for we have very little snow! But over 9 K and north facing, you might be encumbered!

  158. And it fits the poem exact knew it stumped him thought that might help get that texas blood back on the hunt

  159. Where does Texas blood come from? Does that mean someone who lives in Texas now? Or does it mean someone whose family lived in Texas previously? Im wondering if its important? My family is from Texas, like Forrest.

    • Standard rule of thumb is that if you have lived in Texas more 12 years you are considered Texan! Now if your family is ALL from Texas then its by fruition that you are a Texan. And if you find the Treasure chest you have to share it with a Texan who explained the logistics of being a Texan!

  160. Everyone sounds so confident. Just like this time the last few years! My solve is three years in the making and I will be headed straight there with confidence! The location is chock full of history and beauty, and has been around for hundreds of years, and will still be around for eons to come. Good luck everyone, have fun and be safe! ¥Peace¥

  161. My question to all the enthusiastic is. Have you been WISE and found the BLAZE, if not your probably all wet or fixing to be. 🙂 If you don’t find the blaze the treasure might as well be on the moon. Anyone see my point.

        • Idaho. 90 min from West Yellowstone. From what I’ve read, I identify most with your logic when interpreting the poem. Looks like at least mid to end of May before the snow is gone enough to do anything.

          • In Tenn. I was to yellowstone last year. Didn’t come home with the TC but maybe next time 🙂

          • Copperhill? Are there 400 people there? I’m in Springfield outside of Nashville

          • I know where Springfield is my brother in law lived there billy hing works for NES And yea copperhill is small but I’m
            Outside of it blue ridge

  162. just wondering could this be a fall hunt towards the north like he said it is north of Santa Fe . Hunt begins where the warm waters end sounds like the end of a waterfall put it in below the home of brown(he is not refering to the treasure) now is it possible he had a small self inflating light raft no need for paddles in a flowing creak just a stick for for the fall hunt blaze could be fall colours.

    • Doug the Demoman

      Hey Kentucky,

      Honestly I have not confirmed what clue statement or order there is to number 5 and 6. You tell me what you think clue 5 and 6 are and I will give you what I think the relationship or distance is. How about that.

      Good Luck!


  163. Dal, i have picked another spot out to search and have been out there twice before and was positive i had found the chest and came up empty and i know others have done the same how do you stay positive

    • Lynn-
      After my first search and miss I was devastated. But then something new crept into my brain. At first I was all about finding that chest. But now I am all about exploring the west and using the puzzle of the poem to lead me to the next interesting place to explore.
      I don’t think I said that very well…
      It’s more than a search for the chest. For me it’s also an opportunity to find out about people and places I have lived my life knowing very little about. I like adventure. I like to explore. My attitude these days is not so much about finding the chest as it is about figuring out the next clue…and having fun while I am out there…
      After my first search I was lost about where to start anew. That first place was stuck in my head. I could not imagine any other place that would be a better place for where warm waters halt..
      Of course these days I realize just how unlikely that spot really is for WWWH…
      I think what keeps me going is that I enjoy the puzzle..I enjoy going out and looking..I enjoy the people on the blog and I really like Forrest…and appreciate what he has set in motion.

  164. Thanks for the pep talk i have learned alot i know more of new mexico history than my home states history and enjoyed every bit of the process and what a beautiful place new mexico is and thanks to mr.Fenn for this surge of wanting to learn more and get out and enjoy the outdoors

  165. So why is it that i must go and leave my trove for all to seek? The answers i already know, i’ve done it tired, and now i’m weak. What do yall think forrest is saying here? I think this is major part of solving poem

  166. Doug, I’m beginning to think this is a wild goose chase nothing is making sense to me share some of your knowledge ,do you think x marks the spot

    • Hi Lynn

      No – There is no X. I will help you with this. The Book has it all.
      Subtle clues you bet.
      I am going to show you something that few consider and its right before there eyes. Its really all about Mr. Fenn. I am convinced if you do not follow Mr. Fenns directions and the things he appreciates you will never find the Treasure.
      This is a good place I recommend you start your learning curve.

      Jump – Starting the Learning Curve.
      The title to this chapter starting on page 23. Mr Fenn is getting an education from his father. Street Smarts and “The greater part of knowledge is knowing those things not worth knowing”

      Right off the git go, if your reading the TTOTC book Mr fenn is reading important literature such as starting on page 9
      “Important Literature” Mr Fenn is setting the precedent for what to look for in upcoming chapters. Now is where I will help you even a little more. Oddly the literature requirement does not come back into play until you get all the way to “Looking for Lewis and Clark”
      starting on page 59. Most important directions from Mr Fenn “Journal of a Trapper”. You do not have to read that book.
      This is probably the most direct clue. Osborne Russel and his ffellow trappers nearly lost their lives to the blackfeet indians at where Hebgen dam is. It just so happens that the Madison river
      has its beginnings in Yellowstone where a lot of warm waters start in the form of Hot springs. And it just so happens that all these warm waters cool off and “Halt” at Hebgen dam. My money is on Hebgen dam WWWH. Just ask Stephan the “Pantless Pirate”.

      Stephan does have it right. In fact this is where imagination really has to kick in. You wont find numbers in the poem. But the poem helps to understand the numbers. I beg to differ with Dal on comprehending the Poem as the only way to find the treasure. I have mentioned before that Forrest provides all you need to decipher the hunt.
      I was frustrated just like you so I started to very carefully read Mr Fenn’s comments. I hope this helps. I actually like the fact that you asked. I told myself that I would likely not give out too much of my hard fought clue solves and responses any more.
      I am challenged by all of this. I will say this. Each and every chapter from start to finish has something of value to say. The problem is knowing the real clues from the chatter. To do that one must know where not to look by looking. Dal has done alot of that ( and me too )
      I sensed your sincereity and need. We all can use a little help.

      I wish you all the best.


      • I too think its he gen dam – but its a man made structure not worthy of 10,000 years – how big was the lake before the dam went in is the question????

  167. I’d like to add my two cents worth…Mr. Fenn has given us snippets of poetry which he loves, and names of adventure books he read as a child. To get further into his mind, read them! I disagree with Doug. Read Read Read!
    This is my reading list that I have burned through several times. I learn more each time. Even though,yes Dal, all you need is the poem, I DID find out what his blaze was!
    T. S. Eliot. “Four Quartets”
    Osborne Russell. “Journal of a Trapper”
    Robert Lewis Stevenson. “Treasure Island”
    L. Carrol. “Alice in Wonderland”
    And of course, “Flywater” & Lewis and Clark

    The method to my maddness is not to blow thru money & time searching 20-30 places, like a cat playing with a leaf. I have studied, three LONG years. I have facts bubbling around in my brain that I will probably never use! But, I can say that I am ready and prepared to go to my spot with confidence, knowing the flora, fauna, geological assessment, geographic history and anthropological history of my area. So, I may physically be there for the first time, but I have read the travelers book on the area, so to speak, so it is not just a piece of land I see.
    I see the blood that was shed in the area, from a people wanting nothing more than to be free. I see a species being born to a potentially hostile environment and thriving. I see an eco system so delicate, its found no where else in the world. And most importantly, I see a man’s vision, so profound and personal but yet has been shared for the betterment of all mankind. I see his soul in the land, air, water and fire. That IS Mr. Fenn.
    I hope some of you will embrace my words, and stop just guessing that areas may fit the poem. Curl up with a book and let your imagination soar where Mr. Fenn’s soared. Then you will understand the poem, and see it for the map it is.
    Good Luck, my friends. Disclaimer: IMO

      • Ditto smile, DG.

        Donna – My hat is off to you !! From the statements of yours I have seen in the past, I figured you were just an excitable gal who dreamed of finding treasure. But, WOW! you know your stuff. Me? I am just a goof-ball who loves to have fun and be in the outdoors. Spent my teen years hiking the Sierras with the Boy Scouts. So, this chase for me is simply an excuse for getting back out in the mountains (this time the Rockies) and poking my head into a place or two. My “solve” is really just a way to get my kids out with me to Jeep and hike around Silverton/Ouray areas.
        Thanks for your comments. It made the last two hours of reading this post worth the cold (sitting here in the kitchen with the mutts.) Off to yard sales. My most favorite chase. 🙂

    • Nice reading list Donna, I’ll check these out! I prefer to read books too. It’s amazing what interlibrary loan services can find for you!

  168. Donna

    I probably have a library that is bigger than your house!

    The fact is I purchased Mr. Fenn’s important literature and read what Mr. Fenn eluded. Although I have not read all the books on your list. I carefully gleaned what was needed. What I resolved was In the end you still have to look and there is a method to this. This is what I have realized thus far:
    Each clue solve physically ” I I place emphasis on Physically” leads to another
    If you Aint! out there and you don’t follow Mr. Fenn’s directives you Aint findin it!
    I admire your two cents spunk.

    And Dal, just the mere quantity of trips you have invested into this, maybe just maybe, you may stumble on the chest.
    Prove me wrong and I will find you both and eat my hat right in front of you!



    • Doug-
      I am marking that note so I can remember what you said when Donna finds it…
      I hope it’s a straw hat. Based on my experience, straw hats tend to stay down easier than cotton caps.

      • Lol, Doug! Ketchup goes great with straw! Dal, I’ll prob see you there. Look for a white 2014 GMC ext cab truck with MO plates and I’ll look for you! Coffee on me! Thanks for the vote of confidence!
        Doug, if your library is as big as my house, you must live in a mansion bigger than Mr. F’s!! Sounds like a ” mine is bigger than yours contest”! Lol. Guess you win, but not the treasure! Good luck! ¥Peace¥

        • pirate-
          I could always use ideas too but I try not too. The reason, aside from being a jarhead, is that I am deeply interested in solving the puzzle on my own. So I try not to be influenced by other’s ideas. This probably means I will not be the one to find it but that doesn’t bother me as much as finding it using someone else’s strategy does…
          And I enjoy being out there looking and testing. I like examining an area’s history and I like walking around trying to figure things out and soaking in the environment…

          • Hey dal, I really appreciate jarheads. I did a tour in the early 70’s aboard the USS Semmes DDG 18 stationed at Charleston SC. I remember stopping many times to thank the USMC for guarding our gates at the base entrance. At that time they had been watching our gates for over 200 years and never lost a single one. It was a fun rivalry we had between the US Navy and the US Marines. The jarheads always had a quick and direct response to

        • pirate…
          Happy to meet up if I am out your way..
          I plan to be out again as soon as this pesky snow allows me to see where I am walking..

          • Will be in touch. Leaving in four weeks. Plan on the summer there. I only have one spot ( not by accident.) Bringing fly rod just in case!

          • No need to apologise for being a jar head. You guys worked for me in the Navy. I was in CIC on the USS Ranger CV-61. Scope dope.

          • pirate-
            Never felt so underprivileged in my life as the three days I spent abroad a DD class destroyer during Vietnam. I was the ONLY jarhead on that relic and your boys made me feel very welcome..and I ate some of the best chow I ever had in the military…and they used forks and spoons too!!

          • dal, I was last there in 1975. The Semmes was a Guided Missle Destroyer known as a “tin can”. What memories!

  169. Hmm, Straw hats. I will make sure I have one of those in my back pocket just in case.
    Dal I do not think we have anything to worry about with Donna. I may have missed her descriptive hit and missed treasure hunts somewhere in her tirade. But I give her high credits for her verbal spunk.

    I am looking so forward to Spring thaw. I hope to have a jump start around May. I mentioned back at the beginning of the year I was going into the ice and snow which I did and I am pretty convinced the Home of Brown is really a Brown House. Just like you each time seems to bring me one step further along in eliminating where the treasure isn’t. I can’t wait to get back on the trail.

    Dal I think alot about you and your efforts and your wonderful web site. Its such a part of my daily routine providing hope and commedic relief for me from my rather hectic agenda. Usually I do not say much but I am compelled to say this in appreciation of you. For me it is about respect for what you have done for so many souls including mine. If it isn’t me finding the treasure I hope its you. Especially since that Pantless Pirate just faded away like an old soldier.
    We true believers are the spirit!


  170. Doug, I have had my share of hunts. I do not compose tirades, I write from my heart and with knowledge and ALWAYS THINK before I speak. And I do not give descriptives, or clue solves or whatever. I have worked too hard on this to throw it away. Proof is indeed in the pudding. I agree. Don’t worry about little ‘ol me, I’m a nobody…and fire ants hurt for days. And, I never try to doubt someone’s opinions, I don’t like mud on my face or feet in my mouth! Try to be more open minded when others are offering help. Seems you may need it, you don’t have the treasure either! ¥Peace¥

  171. P. s. Doug…I have all of Mr. Fenn’s books, and they have all been read through, front to back. That means I will follow the poem step by step in person. Your advice is correct, you can’t arm chair this quest!

    • Donna,
      I know now that you a true Fenn fanatic.
      I apologize to you for not reading you correctly since your symptoms or conditions are quite similar to my own afflictions.
      I think Mr. Fenn brings out the best or worst that our libidos have to offer.
      I have the highest regard for your enthusiastic reading skills, prowess, and itinerant observations. I was briefly overly inspired by your comments.

      Yes, I do need help. Someone, preferably me, finding the Treasure may be the only cure.

      Good Luck to you!


      • Doug, aw…sweetie, you don’t need help, you just suffer from a severe case of fennengitis, like we all do. I suggest four readings of his poem and a chaser of a chapter in TOTC. Then, call me in the morning if that awful rash spreads! And thank you, I learn something from everyone here and appreciate it too! ¥Peace¥

  172. Okay I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet but I’ll go ahead and solve the 9-11-11 JB FF mystery

    JB is the searcher looking for the FF treasure. And he did the particular search on the date 9-11-11.

    Basically all that Stephan found was that some other searcher has been there before.

    The search could of just wrote the date and name but he/she probably figured other hunters would travel the same path and to stir up some controversy they decided to mark FF at the end.

  173. I’ve long thought that these may be the two searchers that correctly solved the first two clues and went right past the other seven. Personally, I felt bad for Stephan. His solve was very compelling and his descriptive flair was entertaining and confident without being condescending; if you know what I mean.

  174. I did not have the books for along time, I was hunting, just with the Poem. The books are driving me CRAZY! I went on one big hunting trip. And of course I did not find the Trove. I had this feeling I was going to find it. And it was the most magical feeling. Looking on my hands and knees, Feeling like I would find it at any moment. For some reason? I never felt blue about my Search. When ever I feel Blue, I can go back to that “FEELING” I had. I use it a lot. Keeps me going, gives me hope.

    I know that this Trove has given Many of “US” searchers something to keep us going. Gives us hope. I know only one person will FIND the Trove. So there will be disappointment. Find other Treasures in your life to seek. I do believe we can learn something from all of this.

    Lou Lee-Chased by Bears in Jellystone Park

  175. Dal,

    On Tuesday the 22nd of April 2014 I start odyssy number 6 and I hope to have a wonderful birthday with my loving wife in tow.

    You may appreciate this:
    I began my hunt where warm waters halt and Skippy made a big mistake
    I followed the canyon down where I realized I broke my mothers back and those mountain men almost got scalped.
    With the map in hand I followed the trail till I realized I had to go in the opposite direction
    Then I realized it was a design deficiency and all was well again.
    Strangely black birds kept flyin all around and I better not shoot them and I better not forget how important they are.
    Spanish class suddenly became a most wonderful subject and slipping out the window finally made sense.
    And that rusty old fire escape finally fit in.
    I sure understand why forrest loved that Guernsey Calf.
    And talk about high mountains, it is very cold.
    And then I knew where the edges were.
    But what about the War?
    Nothing is more important.

    Thanks Dal for all your help.


  176. MacSweeney,

    Cryptic, yes. Early in the Hunt the Pantless Pirate was really on the ball. There was a short period that I thought he would find the treasure. Sadly he was so close to opening up Mr. Fenn’s cryptic and insightful meanings and he just faded away. I on the otherhand, do not give up easy, and have fulfilled many of my life long ambitions with or without finding that treasure.

    I became a follower of Mr. Fenn’s directives. But to do that in itself was an education in the making. Read very carefully what Mr. Fenn notes about his main events in life and the level of value he places on them. Mr Fenn provides subtle clues within the book and Poem. But to find them you must go there, look, do that, eliminate, add and subtract.

    Interestingly almost everytime I think I am lost and return empty handed Mr. Fenn very cunningly provides another level to the hunt in the book TTOTC. Oddly the subtle clues seem to fit at the last minute each time out. I thought I had finally got the last major Clue & Blaze figured out and still there was another very minute detail that was not discernible until you decicfered the previous seemingly ultimate clue.
    I could only wish for such a talent as Mr Fenn in his carefull construction of the Hunt.
    From what I see there are alot of people out there will be blown away by the location of the treasure if and when found and if revealed. Good Question.

    I will say this. I am on my seventh hunt strarting this Wednesday. I firmly was in the water camp most of the hunt. and at least 4 times I fell in to a shocking feeze thaw situation with fresh Grizzly paw prints on my tail several years ago in a place that I need not be but I had to learn to know where not to be. My solve doesn’t include that big risk anymore unless I stumble in or on to something by accident. Water is and was a big deal. But now if you ask me, its not in the water, but it is close very close. In my interpretation the hunt is made in a specific order of values and they increase in complexity. Not always in sequence, sometimes you have to go back to move ahead. But like Mr Fenn said: “Don’t Mess With My Poem”. My God I am having Fun.
    I look forward to meeting Mr. Fenn someday and Dal too for without either of them I would not be here having the time of my life ( and with my Wife too)

    Good Luck to you!


  177. It’s been a month since I amused you, so I think it’s time for some more musings.

    Every searcher worth his/hers salt, knows the following and referred to it at least once:
    “All of this cyberspace verbiage is conspicuous by the absence of talk about where warm waters halt. Several months ago some folks correctly mentioned the first two clues to me in an email and then they went right past the other seven, not knowing that they had been so close. Alas, and dame fortune, so often a fickle and seductive wench, never spun her wheel to lure them back.”

    To which I say “all of this cyberspace verbiage is conspicuous by the absence of talk about the quote above” 
    So I decided to do just that.

    Forrest is a very well read individual; his wording “Alas, and dame fortune” leads straight to a poem by Joachim du Bellay, that it’s related (in my mind) to Invictus.
    Here it is in its entirety:

    What I‘ll say for now is that, in Joachim’s poem translation one can read: “SOME SACRED STREAM BESIDE”. And here I reached once again the crux of my solve of the poem (the Flywater chapter!) and the reason why Forrest left the chest for us to seek.
    I explained it before so there is no reason to do it again; just wanted to point out the sacred and profane 😉
    One more thing: this could very well be our “thrill of the chase” but at some point it could have been Forrest’s “thrill of the chasse”…

  178. I may have missed something but it seems as though Stephan has not posted anything here for nearly a year.

  179. Was curious about this so I did a little quick research.
    I noted that it was difficult to find the names of the actual pilots
    of these flights. I think it is sad that the hijackers got more media
    attention than those that died in these awful events.

    Could JB be a airforce acquaintance of Forrests?

  180. Stephen do you still search for the treasure and you also talked about a strange pile of rocks beneath the blazed tree would you ever put a picture of the pile of rocks up or is that for us to find for ourselves

  181. In my solve Joe Brown is of great importance. I hear there is a put in there also. Get digging!!! Perhaps you can dig up that old pile of rocks after marven gazing at them Stephan! 50/50 deal

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