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this cache has been removed/stolen I will place a new one soon.


I spent several days in sunny New Mexico and several days in rainy Montana looking for the treasure. You’ll be happy to know that I didn’t find it.

But I left a game I thought we could all play. Regular readers of this blog will remember that last summer KOB-TV reporter Gadi Schwartz duct taped a candy bar to a sign near where he was looking for the treasure not far from West Yellowstone, Montana. This spring I found the remains. The candy bar was gone…probably swiped by a chocolate loving bear. But the duct tape was there. I met-up with Gadi for breakfast one morning last week and we  compared notes about where we thought the treasure might be and why. Gadi mentioned that it might be fun to make a game out of leaving things for fellow searchers to find. In that regard I assembled a cache and left it in West Yellowstone near a Fenn landmark. So the object of this game is similar to the geocaching game that is popular right now.

It’s pretty simple. Someone hides a box or bag with some goodies in it and then publishes the directions for finding it along with the latitude and longitude for those with a portable GPS. When you find the cache you are allowed to take something and you are supposed to leave something. In this way the goodies in the cache keep changing. There is usually a log in the cache where folks who find it can leave their name and home town as well as list what they took and what they left.

Our game is pretty much the same. I have assembled a group of inexpensive little goodies and stashed them in a small, plastic food storage box. I hid the box. But it’s a lot easier to find than Forrest’s treasure chest. So if you go looking for Forrest’s treasure in or around West Yellowstone I hope you’ll take a few minutes to also look for the cache that I have named the “Dude Cache”.

This is so easy that kids should have a good time finding it. Once you find it, take something, leave something, enter your names and hometown on the log and then put it back where you found it for the next person….and…if you can…take a cool photo that includes both the cache and yourself and email it to me along with a story about searching for the treasure or the cache or both and I’ll put the stories and pics in this blog. It will be fun to see how the cache changes and how many people find it.

Okay…so this is what I put inside the cache:

1-Lummi Island Refrigerator Magnet. Very rare, unless you live on Lummi Island.

1-Chunk of Obsidian suitable for your Yellowstone Rock Collection.

1-Nut or Seedpod from the Bishop’s Close Botanical Garden in Portland OR. It was growing on a tree there. I don’t know what it is. Looks like nutmeg or a walnut but I am certain it’s not. I put it in my glove compartment when I visited the garden this spring so I could look up what kind of tree it was growing on…then I forgot about it.

1-Vintage marble found at the end of the Riverside Trail where the “barns” used to be located. Maybe it was Forrest’s.

1-Small, Yellowstone National Park pin.

2-Fishing Flies guaranteed to be appetizing to Brown Trout in the Madison River. One is a hopper and the other is made to look like some sort of spring hatch. These have hooks so please don’t stab yourself when you reach into the box.

Where it’s located…

You will have to find the Dude Motel in West Yellowstone. By the way, Forrest, his brother Skippy and their friend Donnie built this motel about 1962. Forrest picked the name. They don’t own it any more. Forrest related a great story that took place during a National Governor’s Conference one year. Ronald Reagan, then Governor of California, was staying at the Dude. He lost his key and had to go out back to the alley and break in through the bathroom window. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan crawling into his motel room through the bathroom window? Those were much simpler times I guess…

The Dude Motel is located on the corner of Boundary Street and Madison Avenue in West Yellowstone, Montana. From the motel walk across Boundary Street to the sign that reads “Riverside Trail”. From that sign take 67 adult paces up the trail. This should take you to another sign that displays some information about the trail. From that sign take a left turn and move about 15 adult paces into the woods over some fallen logs and limbs. Look down and to your left and you should see the clear & blue container on the ground, behind a log.

When you are through with it please put it back in the same place so others can find it. Please don’t place any food in the container. That would just attract bears who would steal the whole box and no one would ever find it. Bears are no good at game rules.

For the Geocaching purists out there…forget all the previous clues and head to the following coordinates:

N 44deg 39.625

W 111deg 05.789

You should be standing on it.

Okay…lets see what happens… Have Fun!!


29 thoughts on “You’re In Luck…

    • I hope so. I have not heard back yet from anyone finding it. Now that school is out perhaps people will start heading out to look for Forrest’s treasure and my cache.

      • Hi:) I wish I had known that was there;) I went right by there and felt like going down the trail, but was looking around so much, I skipped that instinct. Next trip through for sure! I go to Montana often, as it a my home. I recently admit to feeling overwhelmed and out of breath by the views at Green lake and around. I think I previously was biased towards Montana as it is my home of hearts. As I entered Yellowstone and a wave of emotion washed over me, I thought surely, it had to be in this place. I am researching more, and going back out soon. Check my blog for pics. I will upload the regular ones soon. I just can’t seem to keep my nose out of the books and other information, and only returned yesterday… I hope you will find my cache in Wyoming…. I have more info right now on fb… ” up a cold creek without a paddle.” I love being out there. I have many growing reasons for looking, besides the thrill and peace from the stillness out there. One quick story to share: on Green Lake, a feather floated by. I went to grab the camera , and as I focused I heard a klerplunk. Low and behold, a giant Rainbow Trout had snatched it. I have pictures of him looking at us to follow soon:)

      • I’l be there in a couple weeks. Can’t wait to find the cache. Now what should I add to it. 🙂

        • I just realized these posts are over a year old. Oh well. Maybe the cache is still there.

          • dal recently said the cache is no longer there but he plans to leave a new one when he returns there. It was there 3 years and was a lot of fun for us all!

        • The cache has been removed. I don’t know who took it but it isn’t there anymore. I’ll place a new one in a different spot when I am out again this summer..

  1. Hi Dal. Melanie here. We met ever so briefly in SFe at Medicine Man in late June, just before you and FF left the raffle event. Great idea to create a “hunt-within-a hunt” – I’ll bet it softens the blow of coming up empty-handed (again) after a long day of searching for the treasure. Sorry I didn’t see it up there in late May ‘-)

    BTW, I believe your “seedpod” may be a Durian fruit. They are native to SE Asia.

    • Hi Melanie-
      I’d be a fool if I could not recall your lovely face. That was a terrific show. Forrest was quite generous in letting me tag along. Thanks for the Durian fruit lead…I’ll look into that…and thanks for commenting its nice to hear from you.

    • I try..unless there is a boyfriend of significant stature or she’s carrying a handgun…
      I think I’ve seen Durian fruit in Singapore. They call it the fruit that tastes like heaven and smells like hell. People used to bring them on in their hand carry on airlines and would stink up the entire plane. Aren’t chestnuts soft…like buckeyes? This is hard and woody..Maybe it’s a beechnut…I always thought that Beechnut was a chewing gum or baby food. This thing would be tough for a baby to swallow…

  2. Hi Dal – Shucks, you probably tell all the cowgirls that!

    Durian trees don’t appear to be on the Bishop’s Close plant list. However, in the Parterres area, they list a couple Fagus sylvatica cultivars, which are basically beeches (also chestnuts). So it’s probably a beechnut or chestnut. Sure lookes like a young Durian, tho.

    Thanks for posting such great reads – and vids.

  3. Hi Dal, I sent you an email earlier today, but I had not read this post of yours yet….. very funny to read it now. I can’t wait to find this… and I really hope someone at some point leaves one of Forrest’s nuggets or coins 🙂

  4. Hi Dal, I’m still doing my research so I haven’t narrowed down a location to travel to yet, but soon. I will be taking my trip to search in late October/early November. If I decide to go to Yellowstone, I will look for the cache. I love to do that wherever I go and glad that you started this one. I rock. I am a rockhound. Can’t wait to look! Perhaps we will meet at that time there or in SF area.

    • Carolyn-
      Rockhounding is fun. I do that too. I brought home a 70lb piece of petrified wood and several smaller pieces of something green. Pretty! But I have no idea what it is.

      • Hi Dal,
        We leave tomorrow for New Hampshire (White Mountains) and then to Gloucester, Mass (Dogtown Commons). I will bring you a nice rock back from each too. I collect Wherever I go. Talk to you again July 2nd after I get back.

  5. Stopped by your geocache today and thought we would let you know it is looking good. We took your fly and put in a watch. Look forward to reading about more of your adventures.

      • I did snap one quick pic, it’s not great. I had my three little kids with me, and they are too young to be patient with mom. I am using my phone and couldn’t figure out how to download it. I’ll try when I get home.

  6. Dal: I visited your cache on 9-24-2013; updated the log, left a few items and took a “bear” whistle initialed fw. The container is packed full. Took photos but don’t know if you / others interested. Then chased with certainty right to where the chest wasn’t! Thanks.

  7. I didn’t know you did this I’ll be sure to go by it my next trip 🙂 maybe leave a rooster feather John Wayne’s lol

    • I have not been there to take a look since last July. I need to check it out. So far the guys who clean that area of junk left by tourists have let it remain. But I expect that some day they will cart it away because it isn’t supposed to be on National Park property. But it’s been a lot of fun…a feather would be good. Someone left a rock with a double omega scratched in it. I keep leaving Lummi Island refrigerator magnets. But there have been old marbles, a piece of obsidian, a lovely ceramic salamander, a ceramic cowboy boot that I wanted but someone else got there before me and ran away with it. Lets see…several enameled souvenir pins from various places. A small deck of “girly” cards. A couple of souvenir keychains. Some foreign money..coins and bills. Fishing flys. A piece of petrified wood. A lot of really interesting collectibles…Most people who visit it I never hear from.

      • We should be driving through Yellowstone the end of May so I’ll make sure we stop to look for your cache. It will probably be my only souvenir of the Chase! 🙂

  8. Looks like you need a larger container. I have one with the same blue lid. My item won’t fit in your small one. Let me know. We will be there last weekend in May.

  9. On my way to check my suspected location of fenns tres re we decided to come fund yours as well it is still at the correct location lots of awesome stuff there.
    Thanks for the fun,

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