New Video Interviews With Forrest…

A month ago Forrest graciously allowed me to interview him on video. He spoke on a variety of subjects including his years as a fighter pilot, his Santa Fe gallery, his San Lazaro pueblo, collecting, and much more.  The interviews are certainly for those searching for his treasure but they are also life stories from a fascinating individual.

There were no direct questions asked about the treasure. But, the more you know about Forrest and what drives him, the more likely you will be to figure out where the treasure is hidden. Its simple logic…knowing everything you can about Forrest will help you understand and discover. These videos provide an exceptional opportunity to learn more about Forrest Fenn.

The interviews are edited up into bite sized clips ranging from a couple minutes to about 8 minutes in length. Please feel free to explore the site. Bookmark it and check back because more clips will be added as soon as they are edited.

Remember, Forrest Fenn is the remarkable man who hid a million dollar treasure, gave us clues to find it, told everyone to look for it and…keep it!!!

Listen close…

Good searching.


8 thoughts on “New Video Interviews With Forrest…

    • Forrest is an extremely gracious individual and he was very easy to work with. He made the whole process simple and well worth the effort. I’m so glad you are watching them. About 53 hits the first evening the videos were posted so it looks like this is going to be well used information. More will be added soon.

  1. I am so glad that you have captured the true essence of a great man. If nothing else, he’s an American treasure, a true pilot, not a politician. This country needs more real men like him and the government is doing everything in their power to stifle their existence. Would like to see some interviews done in the field at the pueblo or explaining his flint collection while time is still on our side.
    He’s proven that cancer’s not terminal, but life still is.

  2. The greatest love story ever written. It’s really not about treasure at all. it’s about the love of his wife, the love of family, the love of art, the love of collecting, the love of artifacts, early man in America and the love of freedom and the power you can feel when you hold history in your hand. And I’ll go one more….

    It’s a “dig” at the government. “Treasure Island….traditionally considered a coming of age story. Treasure Island is an adventure tale known for it’s atmosphere. characters and action, and also as a wry commentary on the ambiguity of morality.” It’s also a shot at all the government archeologists and alphabet soup agencies that are financed with out taxes, that would have nobody dig anywhere, touch anything, or be allowed to find something without a degree…. when at the same time, the same government at some space agency financed by the same taxpayers says some big rock is headed this way and were all going to die in 2038, like the Mammoth, the Saber Tooth Tiger and the like. Perhaps only somebody that has had his home raided by the FBI could understand. Just like the Vietnam War…makes no sense. A real treasure that is a enigma, wrapped in a riddle, surrounded by mystery is just the kind of thing to get thousands of people out in the field in the Western states looking & confronting these government elitists …. if there out there looking, they will find much more than gold for the next 1,000 years… or at least till the big rock hits. Fenn’s Army marches on.

    • Bill-

      You are a wordsmith…
      You sound like perhaps the government and digger pros have kept you out of someplace you liked…


  3. The government is out of control for sure but my ax was bought in a different store than you suggest.

  4. Dal – Who chose the topics of the videos? You? FF? Did you ask any questions afterward or did he just say his piece & move on to the next topic?

    • Becky-
      I assume you are asking about the Santa Fe Interviews.
      I interviewed Forrest by asking him questions to which he responded. The interviews took place over a few days last year. There are many things Forrest said that are not in the videos.
      There are more interviews, demonstrations and stories coming from my last visit. They will be posted as soon as I can edit them.

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