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There is a very nice article about Forrest and his treasure written by America’s favorite travel writer, Margie Godsmith in the January 2013 edition of Hemispheres Magazine. It’s available for free digitally at their website or you can get one gratis when you fly United Airlines or you could even have a glossy edition delivered to your home.

PS…I think the person mentioned in the story from Chicago that has been out looking for the treasure 14 times is Stephanie…who has her own blog about the search and often comments here.

I don’t know how long the story  will be available so you should click on the magazine above and read it while you can… and leave a nice comment ….


72 thoughts on “Hemispheres Does Forrest…

  1. “….though he knows of “more than a few people” who have searched within 500 feet of the site” is absolutley killing me! ARGHHH!!!!

    Best hopes and wishes to all for 2013 and happy hunting.

  2. I’m thinking it might be me too…unless someone else has been out that much and said that to him and also lives in Chicago…hmmm. This was by far my favorite of all the articles. She’s a great writer.

      • I think he looks good smiling too 😉 Hey I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something Dal…once we’re both out of search money…I think we should start a business together. We can buy an old bus and paint it with shiny gold paint…mod podge some sparkly things on it and take people to everywhere the treasure isn’t. Would save them a lot of time with their searches and we can earn some new search money lol.

      • That’s amazing…believe it or not I was thinking the same thing…well maybe not the mod podge part…I think searchers could benefit a great deal from learning how NOT to interpret the poem 🙂

      • If anybody has been close it must be Stephanie..I think she should not look in any new places…just go back to her old places but stay 500 feet away from them..

    • I think you should share that video with everybody Stephanie. So they can see what spending two years looking for the treasure does to a grown woman…lol…

      • If I didn’t say oh my gosh so many times…I probably would have. I was freezing and so my comedic timing was quite off. I can’t believe that water froze like that so fast.

  3. So…would the book fit inside the chest or is it separate? That’s a great idea…find the $3million treasure and get a book worth $40 with it..Now it’s beginning to sound worth the effort…
    Okay here’s another idea to make some money Stephanie. We can sell advertising at all the spots where we have looked because others are certain to look there too. We could have signs made up that say “Sorry you didn’t find the treasure but next time start your day with Coco Puffs”..or something like that and put them at our spots…ha!

  4. That was a strange sentence she had there. I sort of wondered if she meant the bio that’s in the chest….or his bio is a copy of the book, but just in tiny text which I’m guessing is probably what it is? I don’t think it’s an actual copy of the book, because I don’t think it would fit in the box for one…and he’s talked about having wax on the olive jar to protect it from the elements. I’m not thinking there’s a chest and a big ziploc baggy next to it with the book…
    That’s a great idea Dal. I have another one along those same lines…we can come out with our own product line of Forrest Fenn products. We’d have to have Forrest Bottled Water that always stays cold, Forrest Blaze lighters…ok, help me out…what other products could we add to our new line?

    • There’s no end..
      The Fenn fly rod and reel…called “The Dude”..
      Maybe Hush Puppy would sell us a special line of comfy shoes with his name on them..
      oooo…and Fenn olive jars that have a slot in the lid so you can use it as a piggy bank when you eat all the olives…green olives or ripe olives??
      We could make a lot of money and then simply buy everyone else’s spot from them so we wouldn’t have to think anymore…

  5. Oh Dal! The olive jar is the dreamiest idea of all. I love it. I never thought about buying people’s spots. I wonder if we could start our own stock market and trade spots…obviously Cimarron shares would really be low as I think we’ve lifted up every heavy rock there…but those West Yellowstone creeks….I see dollar signs.

  6. BTW: I just found out that the print edition has more photos…a bunch more. I see there is an iPod app for Hemispheres. Does anyone know if the iPod version also has more pics?

  7. Maybe your not aware of the next button on the “Hemisphere” site? Which shows more pictures.

    Nice to see a pleasant article for FF.

    While not every puzzle has a conclusion. They do promise to
    have a answer.


    • Yeah I saw the photos on the next button, but the layout on the iPad is different with graphics. Also, has one different picture on the iPad compared to the web one, but the iPad one doesn’t show his Air Force pic. If you want a copy, I can send you…just email tyblossom at aol dot com

  8. soooo…is anyone SURE it’s hidden in the United States?…given the fact that there is a Santa Fe and a Colorado River in South America (Andes mountains north of that Santa Fe)…is it only a kawinkydink (coincidence) that Forrest collaborated with authors Preston and Child, on the book The Codex…adventure ends up in South America (Central America-ish), and novel Two Graves was dedicated in part to him, fascinating book, with adventure ending in South America…hmmmm….thoughts? anyone?….btw, Happy New Year to all and Happy treasure hunting!

    • My brother thinks you should definitely check out South America but I feel compelled to direct you to Dal’s blog entry, “Forrest Gets mail” and check out the e-mails, specifically the 10th one, I believe.

      • Oh, of course it might not be in NM althought I am partial to the idea. Since Mr.
        Fenn’s response to the email makes clear that he meant Santa Fe, NM, I thought it would only be neighborly to bring it to whatrockysees’ attention. Dal has many blog entries and perhaps some searchers have not read them all.

      • I agree Cloudcover and think that was cool you pointed them to that..I was just adding my 2 cents. I think people assume it’s NM, because he says north of Santa Fe NM….and they don’t even consider other states….which might have been something he thought about when he decided to say that…I don’t know.

    • I am not certain you could call it a collaboration between Forrest and Doug Preston. My understanding is…and I think Doug has written this in the acknowledgements of Codex…that he had lunch with Forrest one day and Forrest told him what his original hidden treasure plan was. Doug then took that idea and turned it into a mystery based on a guy who hides his fortune. The result was a novel called Codex but I have not heard Forrest say that he collaborated…rather his plans to go off and secret himself and a treasure in a hidey place when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer was the idea that spawned Doug’s Novel.

  9. You wrote: “and Happy treasure hunting!” You capitalized “Happy” over treasure hunting.
    Thinking and thinking things out, would take away your happiness

    Most likely once the snow melts this treasure hunt will be over………


  10. Great article. Thanks for the link Dal. I think we should pitch a reality series for the hunt. Dal, Stephanie, Mark and the rest of us Iowa boys. They could follow us to a finale where we find the treasure – just like Al Capone’s vault….

  11. I don’t think I want this to turn out like Al Capone’s vault…wasn’t that the empty one? It would make a good documentary…like Gold Rush…but I don’t think it’s going to be out there that much longer *wink* I’m planning trip 15 as soon as the snow melts.

    • Stephanie-
      I’m out looking now…maybe it won’t be available once the snow melts…ha!
      So far though you have no problems. I was out all day yesterday (in the snow) and saw about 30 wild turkeys, a large herd of grazing elk and 4 wildish burros and walked gingerly across a frozen stream…and then through it, we did not find it. But had a very nice bison burger at the St. James…

      • I’m so jealous!!! I love the St. James. I should have just gone alone. Im missing all the fun. Im sitting here in Chicago paying bills and doing laundry. Blah blah. I want adventure and excitement.

  12. All,

    Forest said “a few or more people” where within 500 feet. Inclined to think at least 3 to 5 people fall into this category. Something is throwing these people off.

    One treasure hunt did years ago was “Captain Kidd and the Missing Crown.” Have to love the irony 🙂


    Walked right pass the marker to the treasure. Not being a native of the area didn’t know the Hudson River had a rising and setting tide. Went pass the marker at high tide the winning team went pass the marker at low tide……….Ouch, cost $10,000 for that education.

    Something might be impeding the final location…………something to consider:)

    Kindest regards:)


    • Lets see…Forrest has made two sort of related remarks about getting close.
      These are not exact quotes…
      1. Several searchers have been within 500 feet of the chest.
      2. A searcher had the first two clues correct but then went right by the rest.

      On the first comment…I wonder if those searchers went by the chest while following clues or if they were close to the chest because they drove down a particular road or because they mentioned to Forrest that they had lunch at such and such place or stayed at such and such hotel? I guess what I am getting at is that it does not mean that they followed clues to the chest and were near it but couldn’t find it…

      In fact…if they had followed the hints correctly wouldn’t Forrest say in the second comment that several searchers have followed the clues to within 500 feet of the treasure…

      When I look at those two comments together it sounds like only one person has actually written Forrest with the correct starting point…Where warm waters halt. But that person then did not get the remaining clues correct..and further…a few people have been within 500 feet of the treasure but didn’t know it. Because those “several” people did not have the first clues correct…so they must have passed the treasure by accident….perhaps on the way to something else..

    • And it might be exactly that. Waters high may not be so high the whole year long. If so, spring may be the worst time to look.

  13. Someone pointed out to me today the letters “CES” on the photo of the chest that lives on the back of the dustcover on the TOTC book. The initials are up on the top of the lid on the latch…any thoughts?

    • I think he’s just an expressive writer and wanted the reader to realize those words just weren’t typical words to be said. Good sleuthing though…I hadn’t noticed that.

  14. Was wondering why Forrest didn’t cut “a few or more” people a break. In time answers do come.

    He said it was just fine they missed it, his legacy would continue on.

    Also wonder if Forest had a son would he really be doing this hunt? He says cancer gave him the jolt to do this.

    Need to make a full out commitment to this hunt. As soon as where not dealing with -20 in windchill factors heading out West:)

    Kindest regards.


  15. I think he cut us all a break in hiding it in the first place.
    I’m confused why a son would make a difference. He has two daughters and a bunch of grandkids. I’ve heard even some in his family have looked…and they haven’t been able to find it.
    Good Luck Rick….looking is so much fun. Wish these winters wouldn’t get in the way.

  16. All/Stephanie

    Forrest did say one only needs the poem to find the treasure. You don’t even need the book. Maybe he did this for a few reasons. Not out to make money and what happened at Texas A&M.

    That being the case the discovery of CES goes to something secondary. Being an inspiring archeologist (cough cough treasure hunter) one learns about “context” The letters “CES” where found on the chest. Most likely those letters go to the word CHEST. If you turn those letters into numbers you get 134. If you go to page 134 you get to……….

    Funny how people say if they find it they will do this buy that help this person that person. Most people already have it in there means to do so. Forrest’s treasure would help them to get there quicker but they could get there on their own.

    Point being money doesn’t mean that much to Fenn (at the same time he’s not disresptful to money) but “Legacy” does. The reason was wondering about the son. Hopes that helps
    This will be my 63rd treasure hunt spanning over 30 years. Lost some won some. Some people do films others sell paintings. Others treasure hunt, nothing succeeds like excess:)

    Think if this treasure was found setting up another hunt and preserving the “FF Legacy” would be the thrill for me.It would be a Magnum Opus with plenty of fireworks:)

    Yes, looking forward to the first run at this treasure…………maybe a hit or a move to SF

    Kindest regards


    • I’m not sure what you mean about Texas A&M in regards to the poem. He’s said you only need the poem…but he also says that there are clues sprinkled in the book. I like his stories…so I’ve read his book in the past two years…probably 50 times if you count going back to read a story here or there. I’ve read it to other people even.
      That’s interesting that the CES stands for numbers. Are we sure that he put it on there and it’s not some symbol from the maker of the box? Maybe that is a clue that will get someone there though…very interesting. Is there a Canyon that begins with an E?
      Maybe as far as legacy goes…seeing that he likes to think about ancient civilizations…that we’re all in this together and that’s his moral to this story….
      We’ve all pondered buying this or that…but I don’t think anyone knows for sure what they would do if they found it. I’ve had mixed thoughts about separating it….but I’m pretty sure I’d do that a little bit..but I think what I’d like to do is figure out a way to do things by having it to make even more money. I’m not a real material person…but making money in different ways can be a fun thing to do. I remember hearing of a guy who won like 300 million dollars and what he wanted to do with it was to turn it into a billion dollars. To me, that sounds like fun. He still lived the same lifestyle as before….but thought of ways to increase it.
      That’s awesome you’ve been treasure hunting so much. I never thought there were that many places you could treasure hunt without being in deep water till I was looking up treasure hunts online. It’s pretty cool.

  17. Forrest didn’t have the money to go to Texas A&M. Many players can’t afford to buy this book. Blog stats show people are playing this game out of Russia. $50 is alot of money in Russia and other parts of the world.Hope there isn’t some homeless kid in Russia broke and out of hope.

    Anyone is free to do this hunt and they could team up with a partner (splitting the wins) who has the means to go out West.

    Reminded of West Point: Solutions not problems:)

    Did you go to page 134? You can take the CES as you like. Maybe CES is Latin?

    Dal wanted a public opinion……..lol.

    CES needs to be turned from the subjectve into a a fact. The jury could be out on that one for months:) It’s just my opinion on CES but based on years on education

    Again now where back to The Poem. The Poem, The Poem:)

    Kindest regards,


  18. Well, it’s sure nice to see others that are as obsessed as myself and my partner in this! Has anybody talked about the grammar snafu in the 4th line? I am a songwriter as well as being a FTH (Forrest Treasure Hunter). I even put the poem to music to remember it better. I always stumble on the start of the 4th line’s “And”. It just doesn’t read right or flow. Truly not grading Forrest on this, just sayin’. It just seems there is something not right about it. ….. where, and….. doesn’t work. The first 2 lines are a complete statement and the next 2 lines are if there wasn’t that pesky “And”. Might there be a meaning to this? Oh, also, Hi you guys!

  19. Rick, yeah, never heard that before…. 🙂

    Stephanie, I don’t think there is a code as such, not much of a number-counter type myself and I’m guessing FF isn’t much like that either. At the same time it could be in reference to something, maybe in the book? Not exactly a clue, but a confirmation of an interpretation of a clue, Ha!, or not. He did have to come up with something that works with the “And” starting the second line. It just seems odd and out of place?

    Dal, I sent that song to you in Dec. in an email. Maybe you didn’t get the attachment? When I have some time I would like to shoot a vid for YouTube but I thought it would be good just as audio so the FTH’s could listen in the car instead of scrambling for the paper copies scattered around the seat….. 🙂 That’s why I did it myself.

    The song is is just the poem set to music, with a chorus just to break it up musically. I put it together more as a teaching tool then the next big hit. Bob’s song is cool and a great tribute to Forrest. A different animal he is, great guy.

    • Hal-
      I am well aware that you sent the poem to meeeee. I sent you a note back about it…I was hoping you would post it here so the whole gang could appreciate it…

  20. Hal

    Glad you have a sense of humor. Without humor the arts and games we would cease to exist
    If one knows what to look for one can find art done by the Paleolithic outside of caves. Other species without the sharing of the arts perished.

  21. I’ve yet to see any ancient pictures when I’ve gone out West. That would be very cool. I think if you don’t have the arts back then…you wouldn’t have been able to communicate with each other (ex: ABCs). I think they probably wrote notes to each other to show where there was the nearest McDonalds(buffalo). So I could see your point on how they would perish.

  22. Your blog is a work of art: Liked your piece on the Cimarron, did a treasure hunt there years ago.

    Writing is thought to be the greatest discovery of mankind. What is profound is the Jews went into the desert and came out with an alphabet and writing system. Don’t feel man was capable of this creation.

    Most communication beforehand was done in picture forms. Human body parts animals other abstractions etc.

    Abstractions can cause vast amounts of miscommunication. For example “CES” is an abstract lacking a concrete form. What is that concrete form? Chest? Other? But now the mystery and lack of comprehension continue on……….

    A complete abstract to concrete form would be: FF= Forest Fenn.

    Petroglyphs are pretty abundant in the West. Now your area of them wouldn’t be surprised you start seeing a few.

    Kindest regards,


  23. Aww Thanks Rick about my blog. I should put my ideas about Cimarron on a blog post too. Maybe someone can figure out what I missed when I was looking there. I’ve had like 4 or 5 different solutions in Cimarron…one’s going in different directions even. Maybe if someone finds it using them…they’ll send me something fun from the chest, like the bio. I’m realistic that I can only afford to go so much.

    That’s interesting about getting the alphabet out in the desert…maybe Forrest had an ancestor they ran into who gave them a copy of the dictionary.

    I really think that CES is interesting. I don’t know if you saw my blog about the squiggle. Maybe it’s things like the squiggle and the CES that are hidden in the pages of the book that are those clues that are “sprinkled” in the book. I really enjoy talking about ideas of how it can be figured out.

    I wonder if it could be a rock that has an FF that’s a natural feature of the rock and it’s under the rock.

    I want to see some Petroglyphs sometime. If I find the treasure…I want to do a little more tarry scanting out West.

  24. Another part or misshape to the puzzle:)

    Puzzles are additive, especially puzzles worth more than $1M+.

    So nice talking to you and reading your blog. Maybe later this year we can compare notes.

    For me it’s awaiting game now…………………Otherwise being here will just get me emotionally and mentally bent out shape:)


    • I think I’m going to put my notes up on my blog about Cimarron later tonight. Might be worth a look in case I missed it. I’ve had lots of ideas for that area and I believe wherever it is, it’s where you can walk right by…like below the water surface. He has a nephew who’s into deep water treasure hunting. So I would imagine he knows first hand what type of metal is good for being under water.
      Nice talking to you too. Good Luck

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