Scrapbook One….


Thought you might enjoy some photos of Forrest and his family and environs that you may not have seen before.

I figured we’d add one of these pages to the blog every once in awhile. Just for grins…

These photos show one of Forrest’s grand daughters with a very nice rainbow trout. Forrest taught her to tie flies and as payment, made the rule that she can never fish for trout with a fly that she has not made herself.

She laughed and the deal was struck.363a

A fly fisher spends her day shin deep in the cool warmth of a sun splashed stream among the chatter of chipmunks and clobber of woodpeckers. She shares the stream with darting dragonflies and dancing dippers ambivalent to her presence.  A fisher must use all her senses when on the water. Smell the scent of sweet wet grass bending along the water’s edge. Feel the sun warm her determined shoulders. Listen for the faint patter of insect wings in the clear air just above the ripples. Taste the lightly beaded sweat on her upper lip and dance with the swaying dark shadows she watches and admires.



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  1. Is she available as a guide? She must know of a few secret spots *smile* I could still use some advice on how to grease a tippet and it looks like she’s in the know too.

  2. just noticed something funny…does her hat say zoo on it???? Can’t read which zoo….is that too much of a coincidence to a recent treasure map I posted? *running to the zoo*

  3. The true treasure is having a grand child that enjoys the value of what beauty nature has to offer. Most young people nowadays don’t have a clew on whats really the best things in life.

  4. thats an awesome trout. rare in nm . well rare because a catch like that would be in special trout waters. notice when you look down stream. nobody else in site. that is a very secluded place. only the locals would know of that place. and they wouldnt bouter going that deep to fish cause they just have to open the back door and there they are.

  5. What great memories for Forrest and his Grand daughter. Youth, that is where our future is, and Forrest sure did his part preserving it for them. Taking the time to teach. I imagine they had some good times and some good laughs out in Natures quiet and Beauty. I am sure she will pass those teachings on to her children, Makes you smile for the Future.

    • Hi 21ponies, that same picture of Lucca is in the To Far To Walk Book, Forrest says on that page that He and Lucca went to a special spot on the Pecos River, that they caught that same rainbow several times and always released it unharmed.

  6. The hand holding the fish has been discussed before…photo shopped pic I think was the general consensus. But the picture is curious…just points out that all is not what it seems.

  7. Soon on the 28th of this month marks my 3 years on the chase. It was the day after my oldest daughters birthday and 2 days after mine, that I learned about the chase from my mom. My parents taught me everything and there were so many rules in our home I felt I was left out at times. We had a large family with me being the oldest for many reasons.
    I remember my dad who always took us fishing on weekends and one of our favorites was Bonito lake. It was funny watching my mom when she gets a nibble. It looked like she wanted to pull the plug right out the lake to let it drain.
    We had to be strong willed to endure what life was about to hand us. It wasn’t easy but us kids knew our parents really loved us. They made the rules and made it more fun than ever especially during Christmas. Each of us kids had out own little elf to put on the tree. I think they were German made but they didn’t talk much. So when we were bathed and ready to sit with dad and mom to watch TV in the evening, my mom would turn on the Christmas tree. We all would look to see where our elves where sitting and smile. Once the program we were watching ended, we would look at our elves. Some of them were missing and some where still there. Mine never moved, I think it was because it was sitting too high in the tree. My sisters yell out with joy” Mom, where did mine go?” Mom would always say that they went to make your toys. I would ask my mom, then why is mine still there. She told me to make sure to be good and it will leave to make your toys. I think the deal was struck at that moment.
    Now that I reflect back, I find myself just an ordinary kid with important lessons to be learned. I still pass on some my traditional ways to my grand-kids today. It was a good day today as it was yesterday and from I have learned being on the chase, it will be a good day tomorrow.
    Just give the poem to a child.

    • I enjoyed your story, GEYDELKON. Most parents give all they can to their children, and in turn, we have the opportunity to give to their children. What have we learned from our parents? What will our grandchildren learn from us? It can be quite beautiful.

    • Pdenver, I tried to think of everything as well these last few hours. Each day goes by learning something new. At times we forget where we come from and at times we cherish the memories of the good ole days. Thank you for the birthday wishes and I wish you and all the chasers the same. I am sure what started out a venturous journey will forever live in our hearts. I am sure Holli is will be surprised, if not already.

      It is never to late to live life with courage.

      An Indian Scout and A Saint.

    • Happy early birthday to you and your daughter GEYDELKON… I hope your birthday is filled with joy…… reflecting back on memories like that will be cherished forever…… have a great day my friend… see ya 🙂

    • I have a very smart child, two in fact! I started them on Geo Cashe “treasure hunts.” It is now a family favorite and we go often. I wonder if they could riddle the poem out…

  8. “Flowing Water”

    Warm fishing seasons, come and go,

    Bright yellow leaves, then on to snow.

    It warms the soul, removes the shiver,

    Those memories made, upon the river,

    Until the Bloom , of early spring,

    And nature’s call, begins to sing.

    Those memories then, One can recall,

    As fly rod hangs, upon the wall.

    Until the caddis , hatch resumes,

    A fireplace lights , a dim lit room.

    Dreaming of, the days much hotter,

    And casting on, the flowing water……..

    By: Focused

    Ok Dal, I know this is not the poetry page but this scrapbook sparked my imagination…… until next time… see ya

    • I enjoyed that poem. Thank you for sharing that Focused. I also enjoyed reading this scrapbook again like it was my first time seeing it.

      • Your welcome Dampendmyth, I’m glad you enjoyed my words. I like this scrapbook too. It reminds me that, things come and things go, but memories last a lifetime… I’m sure Forrest cherishes those memories with his granddaughter…..
        Thank you for your kind words…… have a great night Dampenedmyth…. until next time… see ya

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