Forrest Gets Even More Email…


It’s winter and time once again for glimpses of email from Forrest. These are letters he has received from real live searchers with his real live replies. The names were edited out or changed to keep lawyers from making any money off of us and sometimes the notes were edited to keep us all from falling asleep while reading them. In my humble opinion there is always something fascinating…some lovely nugget of digestible information in these emails Forrest shares with us…

Thank you Forrest!

The original emails to Forrest are in white and his responses are in yellow.


Hi Forrest-

The beautiful weather the last few days lured me toward a winter attempt to reach the chest.  I took two Geologists that work with me on a wild, crazy, snowshoe adventure.

We are back home in Utah this morning, very sore, but exhilarated by the adventure.  What a great trip and it was a fantastic bonding experience with the guys.  We worked to the point that our bodies were giving out.  I won’t give up and will continue to improve my fitness level for the next go around.

Hope all is well.

Alan, no need to go where a 79 or 80 year old codger could not go carrying a 42 pound box of gold. Rest up and try again in the spring. f



I have figured out there is no treasure.  This is a medical study being done by Dr. Fenn concerning the use of riddles to help delay the effects of Alzheimers Disease.

We are the case study to prove his theory that by doing riddles helps your ability to keep your mind healthy.  This will soon be published in the PubMeds that are available to all doctors.  The population at large will only get a brief overview of the complete study, which will more then likely not help much.

Looking forward to receiving your memoir, researching has been a lot of fun for my son and me.  He is very excited about our trip.  Which I think will be in June for 2 weeks.

I am concerned about one thing about the quest, should I carry a firearm (as laws permit)?  Its more to do with safety with wildlife there, then protecting from other people.  But I guess that wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Hope all is well


I hid the treasure chest at the first onset of dementia. I knew I had a disease so I made myself a note that revealed the exact location because I wanted later on to give some additional clues. Now I don’t remember where I put the note. Maybe if I search my fishing box I can find what it is that I was looking for. But why would I want to fish in this weather? I’ll go ask my wife Phyllis where my tool kit is.


No gun necessary if you are to search NM, just watch for the rare rattlesnake. In Montana and Wyoming if you see a griz you should be safe. All you have to do is outrun your son. f



Mr Fenn,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing you to say “Thank you”.

I was given a link to your story by one of my employees. She knows that I love chasing gold and treasure. She thought I would enjoy your story. Not only did I enjoy your book, but I have had it two days and have read it three times.  I am planning a Spring search. Somewhere deep inside, I hope that I never find your treasure. The journey will be treasure enough.

Thank you for creating a legend. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Please don’t feel obligated to return my email.  I run a small business and don’t have time for all the emails I get either. I will understand.

Warm regards,

Of course I have time for you Jack. Please thank your employee for giving you the link to my book. I can’t believe you read it three times already. I like what you said about the journey being treasure enough. There is a quote in the new book about Joe Duveen, “They never knew that it was the search they sought, and not the quarry. Good luck in the spring. f


Hi Forrest;

My wife does not believe this story to be true and is unwilling to support my actual treasure hunt trip out to retrieve the treasure. Since my wife and beautiful newborn son are more important than even the worldly treasure that awaits me; I am wondering if there is some agreement we can come to on how I actually retrieve the treasure. If I tell you exactly where you’ve hidden the treasure would you get it and present it to me at my home in Toronto Ontario Canada instead?

Then I can really buy you that drink and tell you about how I found it without spending a dime OR leaving my home! Between you and I, this experience, this treasure will forever change my life, my families life and my son’s life.

For that I cannot ever repay you.

Eagerly anticipating your response.


I understand that your wife and son mean more to you than any other treasure. The fact that she doesn’t believe the story to be honest makes it probably not in your best interest that I bring the chest to you. It would embarrass her for being wrong and that could cause disharmony in your family. All things considered I think you should forget the gold and jewels. f


Hi Mr. Fenn,

I wonder if you could tell me if it’s at a place that my boys and I would be able to go to that’s not too risky of a place (ie: the side of a cliff). I haven’t even read your book yet. I’m already planning a trip though to Yellowstone with my family.

Patty, the treasure is where an elderly man put it so I suppose your kids would be in a safe place if they found it. f


Hi Mr. Fenn,

I read your magazine article in a flight magazine. I’m very excited about the idea of this. Do you know if it’s been found yet? Do you know of any treasure hunters out looking now in the cold?

The treasure has not been found and I don’t expect it to for a while. Most of the searchers have retired to the fireplace until spring. f


Dear Mr. Fenn,

I learned of your hidden treasure today and admit I have spent the last three hours analyzing your poem and researching geography in northern New Mexico. I was speaking with an old friend on the telephone this afternoon and he told your story with an excited interest. He is finishing medical school and wants to go on an adventure before his residency begins. As for me, I’m studying to sit for the Iowa bar exam at the end of February (rather, I am studying in those hours I am not distracted by tales of chests of gold). I have very little hope of ever finding your treasure chest and even less inclination as to its whereabouts after hours of research. However, I am very seriously considering a trip out west after the bar exam. Though it would be unimaginably wonderful to pay off my student loan debt in one fell swoop – I think the true value of the hunt lies in the experience, or if you will, the thrill of the chase. I have yet to read your book, but I imagine it will be only a matter of time before I order it.

I have also spent a fair amount of time researching you. One tidbit of information I found particularly funny is that you have been kicked out of Pompeii on more than one occasion. Is this true?

You have been compared to the coyote from Native American mythology. A rascal, a trickster even. I want to say that regardless of whether your hidden treasure will be found, regardless of whether there is a hidden treasure to find, I think you have done more good in this world with your wealth than most. Simply by motivating others to seek and explore.

I wrote because I imagine you enjoy the many correspondences you receive in a day and my email would not be an unwelcome addition. I also wanted to thank you for reminding me of a part of who I am that has waned greatly during the last years of my legal studies. I have had the opportunity to live abroad and travel widely. But now, after law school, (a black hole of creativity and childish adventure), I feel old and defeated much more often than I should.

Take Care,

Seetak, since you took the time to write me a long email I feel obligated to respond in kind, even though yours was the 6,864th one to enter my inbox. I am 82 years old and you are college age. Let me give you some advice because you will not live long enough to make all of the mistakes on your own. Go ahead and pass your bar exam but don’t you dare work as a lawyer. If you do you will wear a coat and tie, sit at a desk all day. You will not have time to smell the sky or experience the soft breeze ripe with sun. Go looking for my chest full of gold and all of the other treasures that lurk once you leave the florescent lights behind. I have spoken. f


Hi Forrest;

Sorry, Just a quick follow up question if you wouldn’t mind helping me understand the legalities around this before I make the trip and collect. I am from Canada; Since this “found” treasure is okay/legal to have but isn’t legal to sell/buy; I’m in a pickle. I wont be able to take it across the US/Canadian Border back home and wont be able to sell the loot for money without getting shot robbed, killed, arrested, detained, investigated etc.. Do you have any suggestions? I’d hate to leave it there. Did you look into the legalities around this before you stashed it and offered it up?

Thank you again for your time

Ansel, I don’t see a problem. If you find the treasure in the US then sell it here and take the cash back to Canada. They do allow you to have cash don’t they? f



I had taken a break from all things Forrest Fenn and treasure there for a spell.  While I was away I see folks saying you’ve said a treasure hunter was within 500ft.

Hope you are doing well.

Good luck in the chase Jameel. Call me when you find the treasure because I may need to borrow some money. f



What’s next, the Today Show? You probably won’t even talk to us after you get all snuggly with them. That should bring in a few thousand more searchers…

Did I tell you how much I dislike competition?

Delano, no, I will never forget the common folks as I climb the ladder to Emperor. I am so thankful that I might send out a few arrowheads. f


Hi Forrest (Indiana Jones),

Thanks for the laugh! My husband didn’t think it was necessary for me to rip your story out of a magazine, but he has been the one hoarding the article since. Haha. As for your blogs, I will definitely read them and any other information you think I may find helpful. I also plan to read your books as we continue analyzing your poem.

Although I am hopeful we will figure out your poem in its entirety, I realize thousands have not…but I’d like to think I am unique.

Thanks for recognizing that I am really Indiana Jones. I had to get a new hat so I could fit the description. And the horse manure on the rim cost $10 extra. I am glad you and your husband are gonna jump in the chase for the treasure. Tell him that if you find it he can have 10% of the gold so his feelings won’t be damaged. I think it is funny that you tore pages out of Hemispheres magazine. But aren’t you worried now that if you find the treasure a lot of United passengers are gonna be angry with you. Please keep me informed about your travel plans. f


Hi I’m Melody,

I am so excited about the book the Thrill of the Chase! I ordered the book yesterday and it should come on friday. I read all about the treasure in the January 2013 Hemisphere magazine on an air plane, and i asked my dad if we could take a trip out to the mountains. He said yes!!!!!! I have been waiting my whole life for an adventure like this! Well at least the past 2 years for an opportunity like this one!!

Happy trails,

I am glad you are interested in the adventure. It should be fun for your whole family. Please keep me informed about where you are going and when, and my spirit will tag along with you. f


I can’t believe you swim there too!!! I am from Bozeman, and my parents used to take us to the boiling river and the firehole all the time when we were kids!! Now that we are older I go there with friends in the summer to relax and hang out in the sun.  It makes me so happy that you are telling other people how beautiful Montana and Yellowstone are, I don’t think very many people realize how amazing it is!

Thanks for reading my blog and enjoying what it said. I have fond memories of Bozeman. One time a friend and I walked from West Yellowstone to Bozeman, 91 miles. It was maybe the best trip I ever made. We were walking along the Gallatin River with our bedrolls and candy bars on our backs when a mother black bear swam across the river with her two small cubs. She ran across the highway just 30′ in front of us, and climbed up a steep bank. Then her cubs ran across the road shaking water off their backs. But they couldn’t get up the steep bank. So my friend and I picked them up and threw them about six feet up on top. I’m sure the mother was thankful. It was fun walking on the outskirts of danger. f 


Hi Forrest. I wrote you on FaceBook, but I thought I’d send you an e-mail as well. You don’t know me, but I’ve recently gotten to know lots of things about you and your hidden treasure. I’m on the way back from a trip I took skiing in Colorado where I randomly met a reporter that shared your whole story with me. It was one of the most fascinating stories I’ve heard, and I just wanted to send you a message to thank you for doing something so adventurous and imaginative. I will continue to follow you on your blog and Dal’s. Best wishes,

Phyllis, thanks for the email. I hope you didn’t learn too much about me from the reporter, but if you did, please don’t tell my wife of 59 years. So far she thinks I’m acceptable, however barely. And don’t follow Dal too closely unless you have pepper spray in one hand and a bible in the other.


I just wanted you to know that you have someone trying to find the treasure even in the country of Ukraine. I sure hope that I don’t come to the time when I think I know where it is. I will be here for a year and a half. Can you imagine waiting a year and a half or even six months to actually look for the treasure when you think you know where it is?  I just wanted to thank you for what you have done. This has got to be one of the most interesting things I have ever read about. I even used your story as a sermon illustration on Sunday. I told your story and then said that God also has a treasure in His Word and He gives clues also telling us what it is and how it can be ours.

Good luck on your tour Franklin and hurry home and look for the treasure. I don’t know how long it will wait for you. f


Are you saying Bruce was close?

No, I’m not saying who was close. If I said Bruce was close he’d go back and step off exactly 500 feet and pick up the treasure. That would be terrible because you wouldn’t have anything to do all winter. One lady said she knows where the treasure is but it’s in the home of the brown recluse spider that likes dark, moist places. So she won’t go there even for the treasure. She hates spiders so she wants me to go get the chest and take it to her son, who needs the money for his education. She says he will probably give my bracelet back to me. So I have those things to think about. Being Forrest Fenn is not easy.


Dear Mr. Fenn

I’m sure that you have received several email in regards to your buried treasure. I am not one to ask for help, but I have been looking into ways to help my wife and kids have a better life and unfortunately working two jobs to make ends meet helps but takes away from family time. I’m not asking for you to give the exact location of your life’s amazing collection but an extra clue of where to start would be great. I have read every article I can find and had an idea of were to look. Then I read a statement you made about how this box was North of Santa Fa and south of Alaska. Now you have me more confused then ever. I’m sure it would make you happy to know the this amazing treasure is going to help some family out. Unfortunately only those who are retired and are already pretty well off can take the time to go look for this wonderful treasure hunt. I hope you will take my request into consideration. Thank you for your time. Wish you the best and God Bless.


If I gave you a clue and you found the treasure you would feel terrible because you had an advantage that no one else had. I could not do that because it would not be fair to you. But I wish you luck in the chase. f



Do you still pilot?

No, If you took off right now and didn’t land for 11 months, you still would not have as much flying time as I have, nearly all of it in jet fighters. That’s about 26,000,000 miles, or 1,040 times around the world. 



Hardly a half day goes by that I don’t whittle away at that poem. I had a revelation about “warm waters” today while I was driving to the conservatory. It sends me in a different direction, more or less, anyway I am excited about following up on it. It’s the first new idea about the poem that I’ve had in awhile.

Clevon, tell me what you are thinking now so if it’s close I can go get it right quick and move it to a harder place. f



68 thoughts on “Forrest Gets Even More Email…

    • You’re just jealous because it’s spring here and my Indian Plum and Daffodils are already out while you have so much snow you probably won’t even have a spring or summer this year.

      • That’s ok…I don’t plan on being here in the spring/summer…I plan on being out West….errr East to you. It will be beautiful weather when I tarry scant that beautiful chest.

  1. This is why i try not to email Mister Fenn, (though i did twice when i started and he gave me some good advice on burying “treasure” for my son to find), im afraid ill end up in one of Dals posts. 😉 good thing i always carry my Bible with me… heh. Love the email posts Dal.

    • Thanks Oak-
      I think he gave us some very useful information. Apparently the chest is not difficult to get to nor is it surrounded by person-eating crocodiles in a snake infested cave halfway up a 500 foot shear rock cliff. My treasure chest nightmares have been all wrong.

      • Yeah, I was concerned about crocodiles and having to set up bungee cords to dive down a cliff.. 😉 I do think Im gonna kick myself though if it turns out the treasure is ten feet from a county road and picnic area and found by some ten year old chasing his dog… then again, that would be a really good ending to this story when you make your movie.

      • Dal, Forrest says he and a friend walked 91 miles once. Is he implying 91 miles isn’t to far to walk? If it isn’t I need to reevaluate my spot. Thnx

  2. i am the one with the case study letter.

    This is one great puzzle, it has more meanders and drift then a chippendale davenport.

    My name is Jim and I will be there in June.

      • I believe I am up to clue 6, this is one great puzzle. I am also thinking I might need to back up and do a bit more research.

        You see I have a mind that travels all over the place, so after 2 weeks of working on the poem I have decided my brain needs a break and I will just read mundane stuff to allow it to slow down. I have a very analytical mind, it comes from years of working on electronics.

        There is such a great wealth of knowledge you will get from this.


        I think everyone thinks that just finding the starting point and your set, if you are thinking that you will never find the treasure.

        I have gotten clues from most of the blog sites. I will say there will be a clue in almost every stanza of the poem. This might .change again, but that is where I am at.

  3. “Patty, the treasure is where an elderly man put it so I suppose your kids would be in a safe place if they found it. f”

    If you assume that f doesn’t say anything for no reason, then the wording is more or less saying IF THEY FOUND IT, they’d be safe. It reads that the point of discovery is safe, but nothing more.

  4. If the treasure chest is in the boonies then how does he know for sure it has not been found?
    Did Forrest not say way back that he could retrieve it if he was ever threatened?
    Because of these two things it seems to me it somewhere close to him

    • I’ve only heard one instance in the past two years that Forrest might have checked on it and that’s not even a sure thing. I don’t think he always knows if it’s still there or not. I’ve also heard Dal say something about Forrest hasn’t been back to it….but that was before I heard he might have checked on it. I’ve never ever heard anything about Forrest saying anything about being able to retrieve it if he was threatened. Where did you hear or read that? I would not assume it’s close…he has access to travel across the country at the drop of a hat and is on the Board of Directors at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, Wy and has to probably go up there on occasion. So that right there shows he travels without a problem.

      • There are probably those who think the best way to find the treasure is to follow Forrest himself. For that reason I hope he does not check on it at all. Rather, I hope he has placed a message inside the box asking for the return of his bracelet.

    • Tim – don’t know if you’re still following the chase, but FF’s old ‘Report From Santa Fe’ video interview is a pretty clear indicator of what he’s willing to say is his method for knowing if it’s found or not. I don’t think he checks it at all, so it could be on the very border of Canada for all we know. I think all 4 states are still very much in play.
      Besides, he holds all the aces. If he ever wants it found, on his schedule, all he’s really gotta do is tip his hand.

  5. Forrest has put a lot of time into this poem. I predict that there will be a code you have to decipher, not sure what type. He has put all types of clues within clues.

    He didn’t make this easy, he made it extremely hard.

    This type of challenge is good for groups of people, more minds equals more ideas. Of course it also means sharing.

    I believe you don’t need to leave your house to solve this problem.

    • ^AGREE. I bet the poem has two meanings, I bet you need to figure out the hidden meaning first and then the poem at its face value will make total sense and seem too obvious. I think Forrest said once that you could figure it out with a map and some general knowledge of the area and history. But I also remember him saying that he didn’t expect people would be using google maps/earth the way they are (I am guilty here). That makes me think it’s more of a riddle than an actual geographical treasure map although I’m sure he was clever enough to make it work out both ways. He also said that the key is TO THINK… I hope I am remembering all of his quotes right…

      • Yes I would like to know also. Since I am almost back to square one. Looked so promising of a spot.

      • Now I hope I can find it… I don’t want to seem like I’m throwing around misinformation like a chump.

        I did find this awesome quote while I was looking, though: “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.” from:

        I’ll keep looking over my already-clicked-google links again until I

      • No biggy if you can’t find it. I just like to make sure I get Forrest’s quotes correct. If he said anything about history….that could be a clue, but if he didn’t say that…it can really throw you off. Same goes for when yous see periodicals…..some of them have been known to misquote him.

      • So Bonnie
        When you stated that He also said that the key is TO THINK
        That is strange because he replied to me one time that siad
        “with all that thinking I cannot imagine that you did not find the treasure”
        So maybe I was lucky enough to be within 500 ft of it but
        until its is found who knows but that remark I thought was strange

      • That is awesome, Tim! If Forrest ever said that to me I don’t think I’d be able to sleep at night. I’d be the cackling lunatic they find out in the middle of the night in the wilderness with a flashlight looking under every single rock and leaf. Good luck with your spot!

  6. I found this Fenn email quote significant “One time a friend and I walked from West Yellowstone to Bozeman, 91 miles. It was maybe the best trip I ever made.”

    He walked 91 miles?!? So “not far, but too far to walk” could be over 91 miles?

    • I sure don’t know what Forrest means by “To far too walk.”. I assumed (wrongly) like everyone else that it was a clue to be take literally…but maybe not. Maybe it’s a reference to some western myth or trapper story or Indian legend. Like when Joe Meek got lost, spent the winter by himself and ended up being possibly the first white guy to lay eyes on the geysers and steaming vents of the Yellowstone plateau. I think you have to look beyond the obvious when interpreting the clues….at least that’s what I think this week…ha!

  7. In the email to Bruce Forrest Fenn responds to the dangers of wild animals by suggesting ways to avoid them. He does this for the states of New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming, all states north of Santa Fe holding the Rocky Mountains EXCEPT for ONE. I am led to believe that the lack of mentioning of the dangers in this state are probable cause for his hiding spot. Does anyone else agree?(see Bruce’s email to Mr. Fenn)

    • I assume you are referring to Colorado … of course, depending on your definition of North, Utah and Idaho are also options. I suspect there isn’t any meaning in that reply. He would not be so careless as to leave out the “only” state that happened to be where it is hidden – I think it is just because those are the three states that most people search (and for good reason).

      • Adam I think this responce from forrest is what you are talking about “Bruce-

        I hid the treasure chest at the first onset of dementia. I knew I had a disease so I made myself a note that revealed the exact location because I wanted later on to give some additional clues. Now I don’t remember where I put the note. Maybe if I search my fishing box I can find what it is that I was looking for. But why would I want to fish in this weather? I’ll go ask my wife Phyllis where my tool kit is.

        No gun necessary if you are to search NM, just watch for the rare rattlesnake. In Montana and Wyoming if you see a griz you should be safe. All you have to do is outrun your son. f

      • why is he saying his wife “Phyllis” ?and what “tool kit” . is it just because he is playing off the dementia , or is that really a riddle?

        I thought his wife had a different name

    • Jeese folks-
      That comment from Forrest was in jest. It was meant to be humorous. He sent it to us to be giggled at. In my opinion there is nothing in that comment except a laugh. Everything in it is a joke about him having dementia.

      • you know what dal , I figured the dementia thing was a joke . but there is this thing called pursher or peshure (sp), code . its really kind of hard to pull off on the Internet , but i figured maybe forrest might have known about such things , because he is a real treasure hunter IMO. and not just a wanna be . get it .

  8. 165 is the sum of the roads to riches!
    The lonely treasure looks up from its shadowed resting place, as its good neighbors live out their lives enjoying God’s real treasure; maybe unaware of their Flemish neighbor who lives in the middle?

    I know, but I can’t; not yet anyway.

  9. From the picture in his scrapbook of the tree, it looks like a person riding a bike, He also said in an email response” that why couldn’t he just ride his bike out and throw it over”, something along them lines..

  10. After considerable thought, I only see three possible outcomes for The Treasure, none of them at all satisfactory to Forrest or his followers.

    1. The Treasure is never found.
    2. The Treasure is found but the Finder never makes his find public. This is virtually equivalent to the first scenario.
    3. The Treasure is found and confiscated by the National Park Service which claims it as federal property, unanticipated by Forrest.

    Although the third scenario is arguably the worst, it is the only one where Treasure Seekers can finally learn the answer to Forrest’s riddle. All that treasure wasted on a federal deficit that makes it look like a drop, not in the bucket, but in the dried up lake bed.

    • Renaissance-
      For a renaissance man you have a very narrow vision.
      I like the scenario where it’s found and we have a big celebration.
      All the searchers are invited to come take a look at the treasure…even pessimists like yourself.
      The story makes all the papers and the gov’t only gets their tax cut…
      Forrest gets his bracelet back and the chest and contents help make the world a better place..
      What’s wrong with that?
      Finally..what makes you think it’s in a National Park?
      You need to expand your horizons and start thinking about where it REALLY might be..


  11. I just saw this, it was my email that he responded to with the bear cub story! Such a cool story! My roommates and I are going hunting for the treasure this week, hopefully we have better luck than last time 😉

  12. Mr. Fenn….My girlfriend and I need a vacation, BAD! lol, and by complete accident we saw the story about your hidden box. We want to search, but really just want to take a beautiful vacation…We bought your new book with the fold out map, and hope to go this year at end of Summer. Hope to hear from you with anything you have to say. Thanks!! Cindy & Chris

  13. Hi Veteran Fenn! Thanks for your service to this Great Nation. Recently I went on a Treasure Hunt to Colorado in Browns Canyon between Buena Vista and Salida. I found the Browns Canyon Hot Springs which have long dried up. I put in below the Home of Brown and went up a few dry creek beds. I found some excellent rock formations that could have been the BLAZE. I did notice how much the river and creek beds are filed up with sands from previous flooding. So I pray that your hiding place has not been buried under loads of sediment and sands.
    I want to Thank you for the inspiration to get out into Nature Again. I Spent a few days in the most beautiful and pristine country along the banks of the Arkansas River. I would love to share some of the pictures I took along the journey.
    I did not find anything, but what a once in a life time trip. I plan to go back next summer and camp in Browns Canyon this time. Trout Fishing seems to be great according to the people I saw and met along the river.
    I hope you are well. Peace!

  14. Hello Forest, Im planning a vacation with my two kid. Ones 13 and the other 9 of age this summer for a month to look for your hidden treasure. I was wounding if you could give me just simple info on if its kid safe to find.

  15. “I have fond memories of Bozeman.”

    I will buy that but not buying the griz cub tale.
    I think they actually rode the cubs to their mom & survived to tell about it.

  16. I love reading these old posts. It’s interesting how little has changed in 4 years.
    I especially like:
    “Go looking for my chest full of gold and all of the other treasures that lurk once you leave the florescent lights behind. I have spoken. f”


      • Fluorescent light is an allergen most notably to the eye. Limiting exposure, zero exposure is best, If you have deteriating eyesight , zero exposed to fluorescent ( neon also) your eyes may suddenly improve. Worked for me, and helped me read the poem better lol. IMO. In my site recon I took pictures of entire area from different perspectives and heights. A few days later , browsing those pictures, I saw something I did not see when taking them. Deep in the bush, there is something that I will go check out next time. If it is what I think it is, he will know that someone has come upon it. There is something I lichen about it. Sometimes we only see what we think , otherwise blind and walk right by. Look forward to going back there,once the snow is gone.

  17. The letter about the Boiling River brings me back to last year. The many years my family and I have visited Yellowstone, it was our very first time we soaked in the river. On our return back to the vehicle, my husband and I told our children not to wait as long as we did to do these types of things. There’s so much to see and do in nature, and it’s so much easier to do them while you’re young. Now my husband and I are trying to catch up.

    • That’s great pdenver! Last year was my first time in the boiling river as well. I remember thinking “why aren’t there more days like today in life”. I didn’t take any pictures but I have one at the gate.

      I literally laughed out loud at Forrest’s response to Bruce.

      • I think that’s great you got to soak in the river for the first time, too! Looks like Bruce had a great time being “King of the Mountain”. 🙂 I can only imagine what Mr. Fenn said that made you laugh at loud. 🙂

  18. I have studied your poem and have no money to look for ir, but i wanted to tell you where i think it is. Its in the bathroom, not being funny. thats just what i think

  19. Mr. Fenn,
    could you tell me about your treasured arrowhead you found at Little Elm Creek? Was this in Owens,TX. ? In the McInnis Land? There is so much history in that land. I love going and exploring there. But that’s as far as I can go for now.

  20. Hi Forrest
    I going to up to MT and look around a Mountain that the name is in the poem the thing is that I need to know is it MLB land its on for is it private land why I ask is that I got run off of someone land I was on just don’t want to get lead put in me lol. I have been getting other people to look for it as I been a outdoorsman all my life just getting out and having fun is what its all about even if you don’t get the gold and things people just don’t know what life is all about anymore. Life is to short not to know what over the next hill all my life I have loved the woods and tried to get my sons in to it as well one did the other is just lost in life a city boy as we say around here. would love to talk to you sometimes just to here some of the stories you have to tell.
    Thank Brent

  21. Dear Mr. Fenn,
    I have came across your article while at work. I live in West Yellowstone, MT. I have read your clues and have searched many times in maps… but I feel as if though I might be close. I’ve been here for just about 9 years. I have tried to at least go into Yellowstone 4 times in a summer every year and in-between work. I’m actually very excited. This does give plenty of individuals hope; look forward to a new day. Getting out is definitely a plus as well! I have a hunch it’s near a very popular river… I will not disclose the name of it though. Perhaps it’s back in NM near my parents, or outside of the town they live in. It probably isn’t in the National Park… but the excitement of it all… well… IS AMAZING. Thank you so much for doing this. You have no idea as to what it means to individuals such as myself…the adventure is what I look forward to, and cracking that riddle. I hope all is well with you Mr. Fenn. God Bless. 🙂

  22. What’s up Forrest. I just want to thank you for the drive you have given me. Thanks to you I have found a treasure. Not one of riches in a 10×10 chest, but one that no riches can buy. and that is the treasure full of love for my children and grand children.
    I would like to think of you as an individual who knew your time is near an end an you wanted to be remembered as a person who inspired people to love and share what this earth has to offer. You sir did that for me and my family. What a treasure you have given me. As a payment for your treasure giving I can only say that I will and have shared wise words of yours to my family and get them out an explore our earth and find wisdom like what you inspired. As I told my children , Live, Love, and laugh. May your sprits rest in peace.

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