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Forrest with Donald Rumsfeld at a luncheon for him in December 2012. Forrest and his wife enjoy having parties and their guests are always surprised by who they might meet.



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  1. Yes he is interesting… He is wearing a “North Face” brand shirt (see the tiny label?), he was a Naval aviator and flight instructor before transferring into the Naval Reserves, he was a Ranger at the Philmont Scout Ranch in 1949, he has had a lengthy political career, and he is a member of the Bohemian Club. I am sure they found plenty to talk about at this Christmas gathering. Hope this helps someone.

  2. Complacency: feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy.

    Misuse: n. Improper, unlawful, or incorrect use; misapplication.

    n. The image-making power of the mind; the act of creating or reproducing ideally an object not previously perceived; the ability to create such images.
    n. Particularly, construction of false images; fantasizing.
    n. Creativity; resourcefulness.
    n. A mental image formed by the action of the imagination as a faculty; a conception; a notion; an imagining; something imagined.

    Anyone else confused over Forrest’s weekly word on Mysterious Writing?

    Coupled with his earlier weekly word…”you will ignore the poem at your own peril…f seems to be speaking to folks unaware of some hidden danger or controversy. How can ignoring or being complacent regarding ttotc poem put anyone in a perilous position? I’m Totally lost. Dal or anyone have insight?

    • There is great danger that one will never correctly solve the clues in the Poem if one has misapplied their imagination, not followed the Poem precisely and have become falsely content with that creative conception.

      • Locolobo,

        There is great danger that one will never correctly solve the clues in the poem if one has misapplied… What?

        1-Did I misapply my imagination? Likely
        2-Did I not follow the poem precisely? Likely
        3-Did I become falsely content with a creative conception? I doubt it, never been content with a solution

        No insult intended. If my imagination or poetic interpretation or enjoying contentment even though based on false premises can ruin my solve then it is likely I have a ruined solve.

        So, I have totally scrambled up your intended meaning through my scattered thoughts would you unscramble an answer?

    • Lia,
      ~ My take on these are, from fenn owns words

      Weekly Words:
      *You will ignore the poem at your own peril*
      “All of the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem. The chapters in my book have very subtle hints but are not deliberately placed to aid the seeker. Good luck in the search. f”

      *Shut your engine off until spring*
      “I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.” f

      *If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather
      “If you don’t know where you are going any trail will take you there.”

      *Complacency is the misuse of imagination*
      “The treasure is not hidden in a dangerous place in the normal definition of the word, realizing that there probably is no place on this planet that is safe under all conditions. Bloggers have quoted me as saying that a child could walk up to the treasure. I don’t think that’s an accurate quote because a three year old girl would have a problem without some help. Remember, I was about 80 when I hid the chest, and had to make two trips.f”

      noun, plural complacencies.
      a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.

      ~ The only “hidden danger” that you speak of, is the danger of your own [ a searcher ] imagination or lack of… Too much self- satisfaction and smugness about ones own solve, is the danger here … imo. The problem I see here is, too many look at just one reference/comment, and not all [comments] in context. Although I’ll admit… that is also very tricky to decipher.

      • Loco, seeker, uken,
        Thanks for responding.

        My team is finished searching for “the box of expensive rocks.” We already know we misused our imaginations; misappropriated a couple thousand hours of poem interpretation(s); and put ourselves in peril with Grizzlies and families. 🙂

        Since we had a blast on each adventure, I was simply curious why ff was using ‘confusing’ nouns inferring danger rather than his usual…get outside and enjoy the adventure…people may not solve for 1000 years…when someone solves it people will say what took me so long…etc.

        Whether fenn intended it to be so or not, a couple of his recent MW statements sound to me as if they imply danger; which is a bit strong IMO. Why not leave it at you are misapplying your imagination? Why throw in peril, etc?

        Some of us shut down our ttotc engines permanently to rediscover contentment with family – and I’m ok with that.

    • hi lia, hunch here…i have insight. you must be able to discern when FF is talking about the treasure and when he is talking about the chest. two very different things altogether which the poem will in fact lead to both. my advice aint worth much though, just a hunch. so to me, his life experiences will lead to the treasure and the hints in the book along with the poem lead to the chest where there is treasures. dang it lia now im confused. see what you did.

  3. Hello hunch,
    You’re most likely right about separation between chest and treasure, perhaps title etc.

    Perhaps these thoughts will of mine will clear your confusion…

    …in the next thousand years of people looking for Fenn’s box of rocks…ALL but one will finish ttotc in second place, empty handed… so, if you plan to stay in the craziness…Have fun, make friends, laugh at yourself, but be fully aware of your opponent’s (ff) full and complete advantage to outthink and outmaneuver you…

    MOST importantly, don’t forget to stay fully engaged with your own family and friends – people in your life are infinitely more important than a box of rocks or an occasional adventure.

  4. I came back to this SB #5 in expectation of something in prticular because of a spark of my memory. Was my expectation met? In a word, yes (… as f has said). In my own words… yeah, I fricken found what I was lookin’ fer in this here SB #5. What did you think happened? Nice one f!

  5. Dear Forrest:

    I like owls and of course I am willing to look in every crook and crack for them. Beautiful one here, on that neat-o forked stick. I’m doing poem work now as I’ve felt the powers that be said I should. I’m trying to follow leads of yore whenever I spot them. Whose Line Is It Anyway. If I’m slow it’s because I’m juggling 5 balls on a Ferris wheel with a fishbowl between my legs. I’m afraid to google my own name in the poem- “poegle”- no telling what it would say. Too late, I already did! I hope I am making pride.


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