Scrapbook Eleven…




This 1880 Army ammunition wagon stands guard in the middle of the Santa fe Trail that started 900 miles east at Independence, Missouri and stopped at the La Fonda Hotel in downtown Santa fe. The historic wooden relic may have been one of the thousands whose iron wheels dug deep ruts in the trail that is less than 20 feet from the library in Forrest’s home.



6 thoughts on “Scrapbook Eleven…

  1. Have walked the Santa Fe Trail (the erath is forever scared here) with a metal detector.. Found the 56-50 rounds of the Spencer rifle used in the Indian Wars

    Have mentioned to Forrest a woman’s family who collected over 10,000 arrowheads off the trail. Maybe when this hunt settles down or someone finds the treasure, can have them get together.

    Both like minded and kindred spirits. She calls her 19,000 acres spread a few acres:)

  2. 14 spokes in the wheel, that would suggest it was designed for a heavy load.

  3. hello. is the old wagon in the middle of the santafe trail?
    and the other one on his property? not sure how to read
    this statement

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