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Forrest sent me this photo of him that was taken at Hebgen Lake in the 50’s. I wonder if there is a clue in here someplace.







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    • I don’t know…but his grip on that oar (no paddle up your creek) would suggest he is about to shove it under the tie downs. Does the boat look wet? Maybe they didn’t use the boat. Maybe it’s always on the car. Maybe their roof leaks. They appear to be a good distance from the lake. Too far to carry the boat if you didn’t have too. Maybe there is an inlet next to them that we don’t see. Those look like willow bushes around the car. That would suggest being closer to the lake or a creek than they appear to be. Why does he need a boat anyway? He’s a fly fisherman…

  1. It would be pretty cool for someone to try and match up those mountains in the background and take a photo of that same spot now just for the fun of doing it. Maybe Forrest will…guessing he doesn’t have that same ride stored somewhere.

  2. It looks like he’s on the south to southwest side of the lake just after 12 noon. No pine trees. A newer car. Who took the photo? A black dog behiind him or it could be a cub. Windows look rolled down so it is in the summer. Tires look dusty so he came a distance on a dirt road. Primer grey color on car and not sure if he’s missing driver’s side tail light. That rig is definately a chck magnet. Not sure if he was in the Air Force yet and on leave. Maybe a local boat because hauling that from Texas would be costly. Dressed too clean to fish for bluegail. But why there in THAT spot? Maybe that’s his campsite and he’s making adjustments. I’ll go with that for now.

    • I think that’s a ’54 Dodge Coronet. It does not look shiny new. So maybe this is 57 or so at the earliest. That dog might also be a pile of clothing as in waders or a jacket. I’d say lifevest but folks didn’t wear those as often back then. Particularly guys. Forest doesn’t strike me as a guy that would have had both a boat and a lifevest…ha!
      I don’t see any poles. Camera is looking North and West toward the dam. Maybe it’s not his car. Maybe it belongs to whoever took the pic…Donnie? Boat looks aluminum. Needs paint.
      Radio is tuned to 550AM.

  3. I always think of “too far to walk” as the obvious- suggesting to drive. The narrow arms of Hebgen Lake contain several places where one can probably see all the way across. Reaching a sighted blaze across the water would surely be too far to walk though.

  4. Question for Dal. I am just wondering why you are passing all this good info to us good folks or are you not able to have the thrill of the chase so want to help others. I am Canadian and this is what we do but most people would give us info to send us in the wrong direction.

    • I think there are a number of reasons folks share ideas for where they feel the treasure could be located. First, people everywhere like to share good ideas and hope to improve others lives by “helping” when we can. That’s not just a Canadian ideal. It’s a human ideal. It’s one of the human forces that creates a community. Second, I think people generally like to share their experiences so others can avoid pitfalls and move forward. Third, some people just like to share their experiences because they had fun. Fourth, some people just like to see their words on a web page and have no care whether what they say is useful or even true. I try to delete those when I see them. I think the biggest reason though is that many feel this is a group effort. We take pride in helping our buddies move all of us closer. We all like to help when we can. Some people are just more sharing than others. You only see the folks here who are willing to speak. Yesterday over 5,000 people looked at this blog. Fewer than 100 comments. So for every person that comments on this blog there are 50 or so who do not.

      • Thanks for the response Dal and your response beleive it or not has said more then you may think. I am sure now that you are a man of dignity and grace and I thank you for this blog. A little story for you here. I am 37 living in Ontario and have two young boys. Well my oldest who is almost 5 saw about this somewhere and asked me when we are going to find it. If a 5 year old gets excited about the thrill of the chase then I guess I can be excited that my son is excited. I will with his help scour the internet and all posts as well as the book which is being delivered as we speak and maybe in time the two of us will find Fenn’s treausre but no matter what I think we already found the treasure..Not one of gold and riches but one of days old when families actually did things as a family.

        Cheers Dal and this is not the last you have heard from me.

      • Hi Dal,
        When did they build Hwy 287 that goes by the lake on right side of where Forrest was standing in the picture back then? Was the boat the only way to reach the dam?

        • The dam was built in 1914. Before that there was just the river moving through the valley. I can only assume the road was built about that same time. Parts of it had to be moved after the 1959 earthquake that caused some of the old road to fall into the lake. Some of the old fallen parts of the road can still be seen, along with parts of cabins that were also lost during that quake. There is a great deal of the history of the lake and the earthquake at the Quake Lake interpretive center. By the way. There are a couple of large scarps on the cliffs along the lake that were made by the ’59 quake. Some people think those scarps could be Forrest’s blaze…
          At any rate that road was there when Forrest was summering in the area…although parts of it had to be moved after the ’59 quake…
          You can read more about all that here…

  5. I like these old pics and the comments are indicative of the spirit of the Chase in the earlier days.

  6. I cant see his feet and that black backpack is not period. backpacks from the 50’s were army green or brown canvas.
    i think.

  7. I believe that the clue in this pic of FF next to his car carrying a boat on top is a very important hint!

    Since I believe that FF’s stories of cars are often (if not always) referring to mountains and rocks, this particular photo is fascinating.

    I also believe that the search takes us to an area where rocks have been pushed upward I believe that a type of rock that used to be below water has been turned over through the ages. Its now like an upside down boat or a pinneapple upside-down cake that Skippy used to request for dessert when mom put bread in the oven and took it out “brown”, putting jelly or jams on top for the children.

    I think FF is sending a message with this photo. He selected it to represent the car (think rocks traveling through the ages) with the upside-down boat. Really this is so fascinating! I believe based on multiple writings that we will find an area where rocks that once layed under water iare now turned upside down with the area once under water now sitting atop area that was not under water. Not paddling up “your creek”. “Just heavy loads and water high” The history displayed in this spot reveals time recorded in stone. “Not far but too far to walk”. You can see time represented in this one pllace (not far) but the distance these rocks have traveled through time is “too far to walk”

    Really priceless hint!


    • Flutterby – take a look at the geology of Heart Mountain near Cody WY. I think you will find it interesting, both geologically and historically. Last time I was there (a few weeks ago) the trails were closed due to Grizzly activity. Popular spot with the locals for trail running/hiking etc. And the bears like it too.

  8. that picture was taken from Watkins creek area, you can see mt. hebgan in the back ground. I am from west yellowstone and know that landscape.

  9. Maybe forrest was at the old boat salvage yard shopping for a planter.

    2 old boats and a young man…this photo subtracted years for Forrest, but aged those cars.

    Old cars depreciate, vintage men appreciate.

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