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Forrest and senator Barry Goldwater chat in front of a T-38 at Reese Air Force Base in Texas, before flying to Phoenix. Col. Hendry, the wing commander stands at right. Forrest, an old friend of the senator’s, was impressed with how much he knew about his home state of Arizona. “As we cruised at 38,000 feet and 650 knots, he was calling off every canyon, every mountain and every little town.”


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  1. LOL….I think it really widens the field when you think about it. Is there a scrub bush or cavern that Forrest doesn’t know about in the west?

  2. “senator” is not capitalized. Senator should be capitalized when it is used as a title preceding a name. Therefore, this may be interpreted as a hint…Bury Gold Water. A couple interesting tidbits about Senator Goldwater include that he was a 33rd degree Freemason, he collected 437 Kachina Dolls, he criticized the military ban on homosexual’s, and he was a pilot.

    • We don’t know what S means yet I suppose it’s an item or landmark visible from GE. It is interesting that an arrow is in the middle of this picture. Could tarry scant be an arrow point were supposed to dig under?

      • To
        (used for expressing motion or direction toward a point, person, place, or thing approached and reached, as opposed to from):
        They came to the house

        Toward a point? But how far should one go?

        Title to the gold
        For all to seek

        • Hello Wise

          I was looking at the picture the other day and after enlarged it, just seems the men are photoshopped into the picture. This is just my opinion i am not an expert.

          • Geydelkon, I was asking about the other photo that ‘buried deep’ posted above with the man inside the jet. I was wondering where that photo came from.
            That doesn’t look like f to me… Similar….idk. I guess it could be. To me the guy in the jet looks like the guy in the speed bumps story about the Black-Crested Buzzard Eagle. When I saw that photo I wasn’t sure it was forrest either, but maybe it is.
            Re: the other photo with f, Barry Goldwater and Simpson in front of the jet… I zoomed in on it but it didn’t look to me like it was PS’d.
            I definitely do think the “Reese AFB” is a hint though… 🙂

  3. I am looking at this photo, and it appears that Forrest is much taller than Barry Goldwater. From the research it looks like that Goldwater is about 6 ft tall.
    How tall is Forrest? I dont want to ruin anything, however imo, it appears that this may just be photoshopped, unless Fenn is taller than 6 ft. Maybe 6’2 or 6’3?
    Plus alot of the photos are people looking in that same direction. Also Forrest is holding a briefcase or something.
    The “S” is also a conversation about it being in the poem attached to the word “answers”. Some say answer, some say answers. Now here is another mystery S.

  4. I don’t See anythings! FF looks taller as he is forward of BG and the Wing Commander, the item in his hand is his flight briefcase, contains his charts and log books, IMO! My grandmother always loved Goldwater, he was the man for Prez in her mind back in the day! What are us bloggers gonna do to survive this winter, just rehash all the SB’s and clues? Book Study anyone?

    • I clicked on your link SL, followed Reese Creek to where it starts. Funny that it starts at Cache Lake in YNP. I’m not catching the tie in with a T-38 though….

      • Hi bookworm,

        Might want to examine the different emblems, words, numbers and other parts of the interior and exterior of the aircraft? (The gentlemen as well). I’d leave no stone unturned, so to speak.

        “S” can indicate anything IMO, I.E…….Serial, Spring, September, Seasonal , Sun….Language.

        Still thrilling isn’t it?!?

        • Thrilling IT certainly IS!!! Too Thrilling! I’m a nervous wreck! I thought we’re supposed to “shut off our engines until spring”… It feels like I’m sitting in my car in P (Park) with my foot on the accelerator just revving my engine… waiting! When will I be able to put it in gear? I need to DRIVE!…. 65…? Nah, more like 80 at least. LOL Got to watch out for cops though. Got one ticket already trying to get there….

          • Come to Texas. 80+ is legal in more than a few places. In fact, I have a picture of one of those yellow/orange caution signs right before a curve on a two lane country road that says “70 MPH”.

            The speed limit on I-35 in Austin is 70. I-10 west of San Antonio is 85.

            However, the MPG of my 2500 drops to about 12 at 85. Then again, the ditches in Texas are filled with oil and the gas is $1.65. So who cares. 🙂

            Scott W.

    • I also liked the spot you marked next to where Reese Creek intersects with Old Yellowstone Trail S…… @ another “S” showing up.

  5. “TreasureS bold” may be equivalent to a bold S. Many here assume f meant he went boldly, but he used bold.

    Grammatically, I believe bold would more typically be correct as …and with my treasures boldly. But ff chose not to use an adverb here which could possibly mean he employed poetic license used “bold” as an adjective or noun.

    From Wordnik:

    adj. Steep or abrupt in grade or terrain: bold cliffs.

    adj. Printing Boldface.

    n. A dwelling; habitation; building.

    Just some IMO thoughts, no clue myself.

  6. SL- The photo is claimed to be taken at Reese Air Force Base, Tx. The word “Air Force” on the side of the plane is partially blocked out by the three men in a way that the remaining letters might hint at “Reese” or some other word. Otherwise I do not see anything that brings you to this location. A little help?

  7. Odd that the X Men came to mind.. and there I thought all this talk of Marvel Comics was nonsense.
    ie. Col. Hendry

    Robert “Bob” Hendry was a colonel of the U.S. Army, who was threatened with his life if he didn’t help the Hellfire Club in the X Men

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