Scrapbook Fourteen…



Here is Forrest in his vault with the designer Donna Karen. She tries on an antique Kiowa Indian legging made about 1875, and covered with green ocher. Maybe she was thinking of something new in ladies evening wear. Forrest said she is a very special and sensitive woman. When she lost her husband to cancer she turned her wedding ring around so she could hold the diamond in her palm. She said it made her feel closer to him.





20 thoughts on “Scrapbook Fourteen…

  1. In the back ground of this photo, you can clearly see the treasure chest on the left, and the golden frog hanging on the wall on the right in the back. Can you see them?

    • James- i dont think so. a treasure chest is much bigger than that thing you pointed out. i think thats just an old cigar box. probably has Forrest’s old baseball cards in it from when he was a kid. i can read the words “white owl” on the side. i wonder if he has a 1968 Leo Durocher. sure would like to have that one.

  2. This is a really nice scrapbook. Ms. Donna Karen and Mr. Fenn look quite happy. Would love to read a new vignette about one of the pieces in the vault. I can’t figure out what the item is which appears to be a blue and white glaze ware below the gold frog.

  3. Really cool to see the frog and repeater watches, thanks for sharing.

    I’m still debating on if that could be the chest….my eyes arent great with perspective always but looks like a rectangle from top and side compared to the shorter square lengths on the end.

  4. Also, to the right and up from the white man statue is the “early necklace” that is pictured in the “early necklace” story… very cool…. see ya

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