Scrapbook Nine…



Here is Forrest posing in his office while a little girl gives her opinion of her grandpa.





12 thoughts on “Scrapbook Nine…

  1. Don’t think it’s his office. I thought you were better than me at looking at backgrounds Dal(knowing where I was in that one picture).

    We only rabbit ears the one’s we love.

    • Tracy-
      Forrest has several grandchildren. I believe the bunny ears or possibly devil horns are the the artistic endeavor of one of his grandsons and not a granddaughter as the photo caption insists. But understand that Dal wrote that caption thinking it was his granddaughter and did not learn until later that it was a grandson….

      • Yes, Dal, those fingers are “hints of riches new”. There are subtle hints like this throughout the scrapbooks (IMO, of course), but you have to know what you’re looking for. (wink)

  2. Writers sometimes need a change of scenery
    in order to keep the words flowing. An establishment
    can be referred to as “an office”…
    Just my 3-cents from a fellow writer.

  3. Rabbit Ear’s Pass? Or, ask a child and they’ll tell you the truth? I wonder if the grandchild is anything like their grandfather, full of adventure? I think we can definitely see they have his sense of humor. ๐Ÿ™‚

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