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Forrest and Peggy stand in front of an eight foot Georgia O’Keefe painting at Fenn Gallery in Santa Fe. Michael Douglas liked big African wooden sculpture and Forrest delivered them to him in his Rockwell Commander airplane.
Forrest said this photo was taken about 200 years ago.

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  1. Superstar. Michael Douglas made a treasure hunting movie several years ago called “The King Of California”. Best treasure hunting movie yet or at least until The Thrill comes out on the big screen.

    • Thanks for the suggestion on the movie!

      It is available via Netflix – streaming and I watched it last night, though it felt like I was looking in the mirror a couple of times. 🙂

      I have to get my daughter to watch it, as I have ‘involved’ her in this chase.

    • Lol. I’ve only watched 10 minutes so far while waiting for my daughter. My wife says this movie is me to a tee. We are going to have a family movie night tonight and watch it. It looks like great fun!

  2. Here’s another fun coincidence.

    Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas’ father, starred in Ulysses (1954). Georgia O’Keefe was a noted appreciator of James Joyce’s Ulysses and was said to own two copies of notable value in her book collection (1922 boxed first edition, #15 of 200, containing uncut pages, and a 1934 US edition, printed after the US Ulysses ban was lifted).

  3. Did you know the Rockwell commando is sometimes described as a 2 door SEDAN built to carry four and lots of baggage (if you leave most
    of the fuel at home) [Flying magazine] Planes can be sedans too, it seems.
    Interesting, if you have one of those little Tooth of the Rockies airports near your solve.

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