Scrapbook Six…





Forrest at 9,500′ with his grandson’s dog Boss. The horses are Buttercup on the left and her daughter Lollypop, on the right



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  1. I love this shot of Forrest. it’s pretty evident that he’s darn fit. Don’t know too many folks his age who can sit like that on the hard ground and look comfortable doing it 😉

  2. More guys should wear cowboy hats…..

    Do we think he just got off one of those horses after checking on the treasure? Or, was he on the ATV that’s out of the camera’s view?

    • HA! We’ll never know for sure, but Im betting that Forrest is vastly more able than some give him credit for. Tall as an oak. Strong as a bull. Equally determined.

  3. you arent kidding..Fenn is a beast at his age.. reminds me of my grandpa… cutting down trees at 93.. on his knees..with a hand saw…gotta love a strong ol’timer.

    • Interesting Mark? Also, I would imagine being up that high would lend itself to very impressive views… Perhaps enough to make it a very “special spot” hmmmm… Is this up in the mountains North of Sante Fe?

  4. I’m a newbie. Love reading everyone’s ideas and seeing how their mind works. Love hiking out in the wilderness and going on new adventures. Doubt I would ever go looking for the treasure but if I did it would be for the thrill of it. Don’t think I’m nearly as clever as Forrest or any of his loyal followers. Loved horses since I was a little girl and i just love this photo. ❤ Did you know that a “blaze” on a horse’s face is a white stripe down the middle of its face? Looks like Buttercup has a blaze. Perhaps the treasure is at 9,500 feet? Every time I read the poem, I think of horses. Best of luck to all searching and enjoy your adventure! And thank you, Dal for this fascinating site!

    • Horses – I have great respect. I met a horse in the morning of the day I found “my blaze”. Recently I met a black horse that wanted to ride and signaled to me. That happened to be the day I was rewriting some of my solve. Then, I walked to see another road and was startled by a horse behind me – he was white completely white and drastically different from the back totally black one the day before. The next morning I wrote the end of my solve. Horses – they are special.

  5. Looks like they just gave the horses a bite…
    don’t it look like the horses had saddles on ?
    This pic…?

  6. So why isn’t anyone asking why these horses have the same names as Forrest burros in TFTW?

    • Zap

      You may not have read my question in regards to the horse names:

      Zap –

      Where is your interest?
      The double letters?
      The mysterious Y?


    • Lug, you made a comment about Spices from EC Waters
      I read the posts you put on the blog, thanks but didn’t see anything about spices. Also what has been said about the mysterious “Y”? Can you catch me up again?

      • I wouldn’t worry about “spices” from EC as much as I would about “Spices” in the new OUAW. Cloves are circled and comments about why Peggy would have three jars of cloves are underlined. Seems like Forrest is trying to draw our attention to cloves – and their smell. He also circled the mark on the table that was caused by a nail or something sharp on the bottom of the box that the spices were kept in . The picture also includes cloves in a PIC of the table, along with cloves outside the PIC. Too many things for me to ignore. Wonder what it is about cloves and their smell or odor that Forrest wants us to investigate? Just wonderin’ – JDA

        • P.S. I think I know – but just brought it up for input from others. What do you think the connection is” or is there one? – JDA

          • Many hints in spices,
            1) nutmeg , cloves both are evergreens,
            2) turmeric a big clue as well
            3) notice those three herbs or spices, all have comments within the lined box
            The table holds the biggest clue of them all
            So there you go

            That’s why I asked
            For inquiry minds…….
            But thanks anyway

      • 1Trailbalzer

        Fenn spells the name of one of the horses/mules Lollypop. The .ca st is spelled Lollipop.

        I am am asking what Zap finds interesting about the horse names. He has been interested in double letters as in Lollypop and Graciella.

        I will look at the EC blogs and pull the spice comments


        • Thanks for your help, I think in the new book OUAW the chapter sweet fragrances seems to have some hints with so many cloves. Cloves and Nutmeg being in the evergreen family. The table picture also has some meaning in our solve but vague, pretty much like most everything involving the clues. Just wondering if something jumped out at EC in the earlier scrapbooks pertaining to spices. Pretty sure that maybe one of the scrap books had the same story about peggy’s Spices and herbs.
          Thanks again for posting all the EC Waters facts. Looks like he spent quite a bit of time on research. Even though it is out of the box….

          • Evergreens, pines everywhere in the Rockies but which ones may matter….
            One thought forward and two thoughts back.
            Or is it the Texas two step

          • Yep, spices come up on more than one occasion especially if you count peppered and condiments. He also talks about and pictures forks.

            Sherif Billy thinks that the spices and forks mean something but He doesn’t say what that is.

            Here’s the thing. Any time someone just tells us what they think the hints are it’s a bunch of nothing. No hints ever point to anywhere on the map. Currently people who see hints in scrapbooks are Certain the treasure is in…

            Montana New Mexico Wyoming Colorado.

            Same hints but different places. No one has ever publicly said what a hint points to and it made me go Ah Hah! Never.


          • Lug, dancing with the stars, Wyoming medicine wheel, dr Eddy’s diagram, f cairn point of arrow, cairns a,b,d form arrow. Cairns c,e form an “X”. Draw a tangent. Only leaves two possible states. Hint, map to a bell, page 137. How much “ahh haa” do you need? Does Bighorn ring any bells? Tangent line will create a 22 degree angle, see rainbow halo. Bell is part of the clues.
            Evergreen is a hint, 4 leaf clover possible.

          • Charlie-

            I suppose that you are answering my criticism of Hints. It’s too bad your response is harder to interpret than the original but I would like to discuss further.

            First question. What Hint tells you Medcune wheel in Wyoming?

            I don’t think that’s asking too much and if we keep this up we are going to get way more specific.


          • Just look first Lug, research Dr, eddy’s diagram, look at what it shows, and then I could be more specific. I will post a pic tomorrow when I’m on a different computer. It answers the hints of: me in the middle, dancing with the stars, draw a tangent, bighorn bells, 24, end of his rainbow, and a couple others. It’s considered a hint, outside of the poem, that helps with the clues. The poem does offer info that would direct someone to page 137, (page 133 too)
            As far as “Y”, think of Indiana jones in the map room, Skippy standing up, the shadow, legend, tight focus with the key. All in a place that is “Deer” to him. 🙂

          • Charlie –

            I am probably as familiar with medicine wheels as any normal person. The one everyone here talks about is the Big Horn Medicine Wheel if anyone is reading along.

            What I am asking you to do us say directly what the hint is, like: The End of My Rainbow. And then what that means to you and where it tells you to look. Then I can tell you what I think. Please keep in mind there are like 50 medicine wheels and any accuracy they have can change over time.

            I will tell you that I have a gold star on my may at the BHMW but I have never connected it to other clues or a solve. I respect the idea that it may be a target area because if the work that several chasers have put in including Cowlazers.


  7. The names of the horses contain hints.

    It’s very useful to know a bunch of songs that FF would also know, even
    if he’s about 20 years older than the searcher who knows the relevant
    songs. I appreciate FF’s apparent taste in music.

    • Hello tigherfocus. If I recall correctly (been nearly three years), I spoke with a searcher about the names, and he believes it was Mr. Fenn’s daughter who liked the names and named the horses such. As for the songs, I remember growing up hearing them on the radio.

      • I had questioned a searcher about the names, and he said he believes Mr. Fenn’s daughter named them because they liked the names. As for the songs, I recall listening to them when I was young.

    • I think the name of the dog is important as well.

      *Blex commences listening to the complete works of Bruce Springsteen, notebook and decoder ring close at hand.*

      • Hello Blex. I hadn’t thought of that. The horses’ names caught my attention because their names are in mentioned in one of the stories.

      • (Second try.) I hadn’t thought of that. The names caught my attention because they’re mentioned in one of the stories.

    • What, The Good Ship Lollipop? The lyrics do mention aeroplanes.
      It has double letters.

      As for Buttercup, I don’t know, it’s yellow. “We all live in a yellow submarine …” Maybe that explains some of the strange things I’ve been reading around here lately.

  8. Maybe it’s just me…but Forrest’s foot looks marred in its pointing. I think the heel is backwards! 🙂

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