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Wolfgang Pogzeba and Forrest in his gallery chatting at an art opening in 1982. Wolfie, as he was called, was returning to Taos from Montana in his twin engine airplane. He stopped in Salt Lake for a quick repair of his electrical system, but didn’t take on fuel. It was dark and snowing hard in Taos when Wolfie should have landed. He didn’t get there, and a search was launched. Forrest followed a grid pattern in his airplane for five days looking for his friend but the wreckage was not found until the following summer. Wolfie and his three passengers did not survive the crash, nor did a Joseph Sharp painting that Forrest had consigned to his friend. It spent the winter outside the plane under 3 feet of snow. The insurance company offered Forrest the ruined painting but he didn’t want it. There were some things he didn’t collect.



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  1. Scrapbook 8. February 2013 Photo of FF accepting Wrangler Award on the stage with James Michener at National Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City for his Biography of Joseph Henry Sharp, It was voted the best western art book of 1984-, Written by Dal Neitzel
    Timeline Reference: 1983 FF Releases The Beat of the Drum and the Whoop of the Dance : Biography of Joseph Henry Sharp
    Note: The Bronze Wrangler Award is an award presented annually by the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum to honor the top works in Western music, film, television and literature. The Wrangler is a bronze sculpture of a cowboy on horseback, and is designed by artist John Free.
    Google Joseph Henry Sharp Google James Michener

    Scrapbook 9. February 2013 Photo of ff in office with granddaughter giving him bunny ears.- Written by Dal Neitzel
    Correction: It was later determined it was Forrest’s grandson not his grand daughter giving FF bunny ears in the photo
    Note: Discussions arose it could signify the J. H. Sharp etching of White Swan:…/10/image001.jpg…
    or Suzanne Somers as she was a playboy bunny and penned the introduction to TFTW.
    Google J. H. Sharp Google Suzanne Somers

    Scrapbook 10. March 2013 Story of Wolfgang Pogzeba FF’s friend who died in a plane crash with three other people with a Joseph Sharp painting consigned from FF on board. Wolfie, as he was called, was returning to Taos from Montana in his twin engine airplane when it went down. – Written by Dal Neitzel
    Note: Reference to Joseph Sharp painting -See Scrapbook 8 & 9
    Google Wolfgang Pogzeba

  2. Interesting topic! My former mother-in-law is in possession of a large number of Wolfgang’s art work that she inherited from his estate. Wolfgang was her cousin and she is named after his mother. The artist proof for Indian Blanket hangs in my office. Such an interesting family!

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