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Forrest, all alone in his Piper Malibu Mirage, scouring the country side in the wilds of New Mexico. He said that one of his great pleasures was “…going to the airport, pushing the hangar doors open, cranking up that beautiful sounding 350 HP Lycoming engine, and heading north for Montana or Wyoming, not knowing or caring where I would land.” It was not something he had to worry about for at least 600 miles. “I didn’t have to talk to anyone after I left Santa Fe, and at a hundred feet above the telephone poles I could see a lot of things under my wings: moose, grizzly bears, teepee circles and cowboys on horseback. If I saw a little airport I’d look in the book to see if they had a rental car. If they did I’d land and ask about anyone who collected arrowheads. I sure met a lot of great ranch folks that way and ate some pretty volcanic elk chili.” He said, “I can’t think of anything I’ve ever done that was more exilerating.”



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  1. This is the sort of thing I would love to do. Forrest is very blessed that he has been able to travel and meet so many interesting people. My husband Joe is the type who “never met a stranger” and he loves to listen to stories from people wherever we go. I am sure we would both be enthralled by the ones that Forrest has to tell. I am enjoying reading this blog. I can’t wait to read Forrest’s book someday, but as much as I’d like the insight before we go treasure hunting early next month, I need the money for our trip. (And OMG I just looked thinking maybe I could afford a “used” one, I had no idea that they were between printings. I guess a few people already found their treasure.) BTW: Our trip was planned before I ever heard of the treasure, we were just making sure we had enough money for gas and a few extras while sightseeing. My 5 year old is so excited about searching for treasure and I’m hoping that while we are in New Mexico I can find a place for him to search for some less rare ones, that we are a little more likely to find. We would love suggestions from anyone who is from the area. Things like arrowheads, panning for gold? I don’t know anything that would “Thrill” a 5 year old. We have been excited about his trip for months and now we have a new adventure to add to our itinerary. I’ve been having a blast trying to figure out the nuances of Forrest’s poem. Being a world famous poet (OK so I was published in one obscure anthology) myself I understand how important words are. How many times they seem like they mean once thing on the surface, but you have to look deeper to see what the writer really meant. I have a few theories on what some of the lines and verses mean. On things so many others seem to be missing. However, those feelings still leave me with more than 1 idea of where the treasure might be, and even once I get to the area I am still left with no idea exactly where the treasure might be hidden. I am pretty sure that it’s hidden well enough that someone could walk past it 100 times and never “see” it. So I laugh when these people who are searching go to an area and after looking around for a bit, pronounce “I’ve ruled this place out.” I think it’s awesome that someone found a way to get so many people up and excited. I just hope that most people don’t get so caught up in the “chase” that they forget to see and feel the “thrill.” I know I won’t.

  2. There ya go…. crossing the country in our own GA plane, the only way to fly and we can carry all the darned shampoo we want! And yes, the best way to go is not to “have” to get there at any particular time, if you fly GA, don’t plan to be on time! LOL! And what an awesome way to meet folk along the way… I always look for the smaller places, call unicom and ask if they have a courtesy car or a rental… remember, ” a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet!” It does make for the perfect trip, even you never made it anywhere particular!

  3. dal, do you know if FF still pilots by himself? It seem that somewhere on your blog, or elsewhere, I saw that he had stopped piloting by himself. If true, do you know when that was? If I am being too inquisitive, please ignore.

    • dollar-
      Forrest has not been a pilot for many years. He was not a pilot when he hid the chest. I do not know for certain how long ago Forrest gave up his license and sold his plane but I do know that it took place prior to 2009 which is the earliest date he gives for having hidden the chest.

  4. Mr. f, looking down from over 100 feet over the land will I see some teepee circles, or cowboys on their horses? or looking over the poem? 🙂

  5. This shot reminds me a little of the crop duster scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest (minus Cary Grant).

    • zaph, You won’t believe it, but I just looked up at the TV (TCM) after reading your comment, and that exact scene was being shown one of the commercials. LOL. Strange… You’re right though, it sure does.

  6. Noticed a few minor changes between this SB and Chapter 39 of TFTW. Here, he’s “heading north for Montana or Wyoming” while in the book it’s “… head north for Colorado, Wyoming or Montana”. In the book, it’s teepee rings — here it’s circles. Finally, in the book, he’s “100 feet above the trees” but here it’s “a hundred feet above the telephone poles.” Innocuous or a hint? You decide.

      • story of Viveash…description of the burnt trees…
        Na pole on’s skull… interesting story
        the tepee poles his native friend made him…
        the list is longggggg
        buried standing up…

    • Zap –

      If this is a hint, what is it?
      Does Poles point to a location?

      Fenn has said he changed a few things, I think he even said that he appreciates the opportunity to set things straight.

      So, if you thought something was a hint, and it changed, then it cannot be a hint, correct?

      It follows that there are no hints here. That’s my opinion and I’m interested in yours.

      As with the typo where Fenn says something like on s a typo you choose which one. I don’t think he’s saying figure out the hint. He’s saying nothing to see here folks, keep walking.


      • Lugnutz: you need to read all of my posts today about poles (and all the responses!) before drawing premature conclusions.

      • I will not say that it is a hint – just an anomaly – In TFTW look at the title of the chapter – then look at the caption below the picture of the plane – opposites – HUMMMM? In this story, and the story where he lands in Landers he mentions searching for arrowheads or arrowpoints. “Arrowpoints” an unusual word – a hint? I know you do not believe in hints Lug, but if not a hint – at least interesting – who knows? – JDA

  7. Reading thru some of these old SBs…wonder if F kept in touch with the Avis lad…since they became “quick friends” and collected arrowpoints together. Wonder if that kid/guy is now a chaser and trying to figure out this poem?


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