Scrapbook Twelve…



Some searchers think Forrest hid his treasure chest in Yellowstone near the falls of the Firehole River. Forrest has admitted that this was one of his favorite places to swim when he was a kid.


6 thoughts on “Scrapbook Twelve…

  1. Did your horoscope tell you to tease us today? Good job – all good posts. That cave’s visitor count must’ve tripled this past year.

    That Rumsfeld’s a real coyote, eh?

  2. There is over twenty pages of information on The latest post discusses Pagosa Springs and some good possibilities in that area. The Yellowstone search is discussed in detail. Clues and areas to look are discussed there and much of what has been written came from this blog. This site is not listed here but a theiral read of all the posts is worth your time and could have the missing info your looking for. The websites and blogs listed are very good. This one should also be helpful as it spills the beans and invites others to do the same. Happy hunting.

  3. My sons and I went and searched the Firehole Falls area thinking there was a way to get behind the falls. Nope. Definitely no place for the Meek though, that water is dangerous.

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