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Forrest appeared on the Today Show on Wednesday morning, February 27th, 2013. You can watch the video here:

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You can read a web version of the story and watch the video here:

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On Thursday, February 28th Forrest appeared on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. You can see that clip here:

and on Friday morning he will be back on the Today Show…LIVE with a clue. We’ll add a link to that when it becomes available.

If anyone is looking for how to get Forrest’s memoir, “The Thrill of the Chase”, which has additional information about the treasure and Forrest’s legendary life.. It can only be ordered through Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe. You can order on their website or phone in. They send them out very quickly. The book is not available anywhere else. Forrest makes no money off the sale of this book. He wrote and published the book himself and gave it to Collected Works to sell. 10% of the price goes to a cancer fund. So selling books does not generate any revenue for Forrest. Rather the books are beautifully illustrated and printed and must have cost him a fortune to have designed and printed.

The Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn

The Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn


The Collected Works bookstore website is at:

Their phone is 505 988-4226



Forrest’s website is at:




130 thoughts on “Forrest on NBC Today Show…

    • Just a while ago. I added the concept “tentative”. As in, it’s tentatively scheduled for Wednesday morning. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. But they were out last week and recorded a lengthy two camera interview with Forrest. Janet Shamlian did the interview and they went out with Marc Howard to look for the chest. If they found it, I wonder who gets it…Marc…Janet…Comcast???
      As always, the story could get bumped for earth shattering news events…like…like…I can’t think of anything…!

  1. So does this mean that people will be tripping over each other searching for treasure? I have images in my head of the finish line of the great race!!!!

  2. Ok. I’ve got the timer set on the coffee pot and a “fresh” donut in the waiting. I’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight in front of the t.v. Can you tell I’m excited !!!

  3. Get ready for millions of hits on the blog this week, Dal! If you monetize your site you might be able to make more dough than what’s in the treasure chest! I’m glad Forrest is getting such a huge audience. As far as the new competition goes, I think the smartest minds most likely to find it are already working on it! Thanks for the news!

    • I agree Bonnie-
      and besides, those johnny-come-latelys from the early morning TV world are busy heading out the door to catch the train to work. They don’t have time to look for the divine joys of the mountains. They have haircuts to get and latte’s to order….ha!

      • Im pretty saddened that he decided to do this, I thought it would get big enough in due time he may not get his thousand years out it after all lol, or is it a sign of something else? Maybe its so difficult to find it that it doesn’t really matter how many people are looking for it ?

  4. We’ll all have to just get more creative about “Where warm water halts.” We’ve tried the easy places. We just didn’t know they were easy at the time. Now we have to look wider…
    I keep telling myself to stop thinking physical and stop thinking in the present….

      • I think it’s something much bigger than a hot spring or where water gets cold enough for trout…or a place called aqua fria.
        You’re right way to many…he’s not talking about those everyday things…Think glacial..think big…big…

      • So like global warming? Jeff thought at one time that there was a line going up in elevation that was some sort of marker for warm water. I guess like the equator….but I didn’t understand what he meant and so we never followed through with that idea.

    • Here’s a list of alternate definitions of “warm”, number 8 looks like it could be relevant:

      1. characterized by or having a moderate degree of heat; moderately hot
      2. maintaining or imparting heat: a warm coat
      3. having or showing ready affection, kindliness, etc. a warm personality
      4. lively, vigorous, or passionate: a warm debate
      5. cordial or enthusiastic; ardent warm support
      6. quickly or easily aroused: a warm temper
      7. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Colours) (of colours) predominantly red or yellow in tone
      8. (Individual Sports & Recreations / Hunting) (of a scent, trail, etc.) recently made; strong
      9. (Group Games / Games, other than specified) near to finding a hidden object or discovering or guessing facts, as in children’s games
      10. Informal uncomfortable or disagreeable, esp because of the proximity of danger

      • I’m not sure…remember he expects people might be looking for his chest in a thousand years…so would he use a clue that was ephemeral or something that will stand the test of time?…of course as he’s pointed out, everything is subject to natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, forest fires…

  5. I watched the Today Show blurb on Forrest this morning. Nice….short and sweet. The GOOD news is: 1. No one has yet to find the treasure, and 2. The Today Show ratings ar so low that hardly anyone watches it anymore. I hadn’t seen it in years and only watched because I knew Forrest would be on. Saw you too, Dal *S* And Mark (searched twenty times?) Holy Cow! I had no idea someone had been out there more times than Stephi. LOL Good luck, everyone.

      • I’ve definitely been out more times than Steph, but I can be in Santa Fe in about 6 hours. Since I live in the mountains i can check all of those “maybe” places and be home in time for dinner. Steph pretty much has to commit to an area before she goes. Plus the amount she spends in one trip is twice the amount I have spent all together, ..well close.

  6. I am just having a blast with this, I would like to tell you things I have discovered, but then what fun would you have in the chase..

    Should have taken me up on the offer, Dal.

    It doesn’t matter many times it’s shown on tv, it matters who is willing to invest time and energy into solving the poem. Most will give up when they get confused or find it too difficult. Maybe I have solved “home of Brown.” Nice to finally have a place to go too, though I had them before.

    Best of luck to all.

    • I agree, Jim. The excitement will die down after a while when they discover that it’s a bit harder than they think and it definitely costs more than just a few extra pennies to get into the search. There are people who have been working on this since day one….still haven’t found it, and more than a few are close to Forrest’s home location. Not that it’s definitely in NM, but one never knows unless they search every conceivable location. That is impossible for any one person. I don’t care how well they believed they searched. It’s impossible.

  7. The treasure is so secondary, you don’t even need to take it. Your reward will be interviews and a book deal. Your 15 minutes of fame, and a book that people will read years from now.

    • If one finds it, why on earth would they leave it? Also, wouldn’t a publisher require proof of the find in order to justify a huge payout in a book deal? Movie? LOL….fifteen minutes of this kind of fame will have the feds on your hiney looking for their cut…..or worse.

      • Why would that be difficult? We have something called news papers and a camera. Would it not be a lot more fun to continue the chase? The FEDS can only get the value of the gold, very minor compared the value of the item.

    • Oh my gosh…reward isn’t the treasure, but the 15 minutes of fame is??? Maybe I should stop looking then…I’d hate to be famous and I’d like to be rich…or at least financially secure.

    • I’m not looking for fame although I would really enjoy writing about how the clues were successfully deciphered. I’ve already determined that I wouldn’t do any tv interviews if we found the treasure. And if I were forced to by my cohorts, I would do it with a paper bag over my head as the “Unknown Treasure Hunter”. I would take the treasure. However, we already agreed (in our little triad) that we will carry on the treasure tradition by hiding another treasure from the chest. The search will go on if we find it….and we will be enjoying the perks all the same for MORE adventures. Mama didn’t raise a dummy;-) And I betting, Jim, that if you found it you would NOT leave that treasure behind.

  8. So I turn on the t.v. and say why the heck is Forrest riding in the Popemobile? Then I put on my glasses and realized he hadn’t been on yet. phew! Forrest looked pretty good and that girl reporter sure seemed excited to be in his home.

    • I get why she would have been. Forrest is the most amazing story teller and especially about his wonderful things. I don’t know if he’d ever want to share the viewing of them with everyone…but that would be a great video for Dal to do…Forrest talking about his beautiful collection.

  9. And the plot builds. Now I am going to have to explain to my daughter why I had to clear out all of the Dora the Explorer and Diego shows from the DVR to make room for the Today Show.

    • If you find that treasure you’ll have to replace all that stuff with bright shiny new baubles …teeheeeheee

  10. Saddened he is doing a clue a week… takes out the thrill of the chase…. he should of stuck with his poem and book and not giving away any more of the clues.

    • Never mind, Dal. I just scrolled up and read it in RED LOL….I get tunnel vision sometimes. That doesn’t worry me because he’ll only use the clues in the poem. You know Forrest. His mouth is like a bear trap on the subject of new clues.

      • I hope he tells them tomorrow that it might not be in NM and up in the colder states north of there. Otherwise they will wear out the pavement in NM and we’ll have to drive in the ruts of the Santa Fe Trail again….and I’ve seen the shocks on those vehicles.

      • Seriously. Through people who have been watching this on tv out west. I guess there have been subsequent news on Sante Fe and the flood of people showing up and making reservations to search out there. Yup….. the Great Race has truly begun.

    • Well Santa fe is the wrong place but there are lots of nice shops there and shop owners that can use a few extra bucks…so good all around..

  11. Yeah. New Mexico is gonna be on everyone’s “vacation” list this spring. Glad I live south of Santa Fe. 🙂

  12. I didn’t say fame only, there is also a monetary gain to be had.

    Achillies choose to live for eternity instead of having a family and growing old and then forgotten over time.

      • He crossed the River Styx after Lyonitius united Greece. Forgot the two coins for the boatman and we have our first revolving charge account with Hades

        Take your tongue out it looks funny.

      • This is Madness I say…Madness! Oh but also so difficult…the mountains are no place for the meek,the tension ever drawing high,there will be no easy roads,just many hard fought tears many people will cry,so why is it that he has summoned so many to gaze, its gonna be so nice when i find that blaze,so come one and come all,our efforts will be worth the cold,for this chest he foretold will surely be tarried scant when someone takes the gold.

  13. Read about this story online today, naturally ended up here after some poem interpretation. Begin it where the warm waters halt and take the canyon down, not far but too far to walk. I would iterpret as saying It begins above the treeline and flows down the canyon, it goes on a little ways by stream standards but further than you would walk until it intersects the next named stream. Too bad I am on the east coast and unable to jump in the search, it sounds fun for you guys. I have several other ideas as well.

    • It’s great fun! We love working out the clues, searching for more, pouring over maps and going back in history. We just havent’ tested any of our theories yet. But we will.

  14. I’m not worried about any newbie finding the treasure just like that. Forrest said that the person who finds the treasure will have studied it, re-read everything and carefully deciphered the clues. When they go after it, it wil be no accident. The clues will take them right to the location. That takes time and a good brain and lots and lots of ideas. The more we study, the more we find out.

  15. LOL, Jim. I know who he was….I studied Greek myth. But he is myth. He only lives eternally between the pages of other myths. If I remove my tongue from my cheek I’d be sticking it out… says that’s rude 😉

      • Idaho was my favorite figuring out place, because it wasn’t blatant as a location…you had to realize about Hemingway and the river and creek there that match the poem. It wasn’t my favorite place…but it seemed it was my ah ha location. Have fun there and hope you find what I couldn’t…wait…I take that back…. 😉

      • And every lie has a thread of truth tangled deep within the ball of a yarn. I love a good story *S* This is one of the best.

      • Stephanie,

        I have never read anything by Hemingway, but I know a bit about him. I am more of a history person. Like these mundane facts, only one time in the history of the United States have we been debt free. Andrew Jackson was the president, though I don’t consider him a great president or person. George Washington refused to shake hands with people once he became president, felt it was beneath him.

        I was stationed at Mt. Home AFB for three years, its a very nice area.


        A lie isn’t worth all the work it takes, I am one that firmly believes in the truth. With that in mind, I always believe in telling the truth, so I give very little thought to lies.

    • I love history. Not so much the war stuff…more the way people used to live and the things they used type history. Did you read my Idaho blog?

      • I have read everyone’s blog, including comments. The one blog I haven’t read all of yet, is Mr. Fenn. War is a terrible product of the human race. One fact that I find constant is that the few can instill their will on many.

        I like reading it all, I just have to find something that interests me.

        • Agree on the few. I’ve read everything probably 10 times. I no longer can remember where I put anything….but it’s stewing in my intellect somewhere.

      • Use your notepad, title it to the subject. I know since I have started I am at three folders of information broken down by pdf, pictures, notepad. If the title changes as you write it, just change it.

  16. At 215pm today Forrest said he had 255 emails still in his inbox and had already dealt with 1,178…
    and that’s with no website contact form…just people who figured out his email…

      • If Stephanie can only figure out a way to get a buck from each one of them her next lunch in Santa fe would be all taken care of…
        Maybe she would give up looking and give the rest of us a chance…

        • Hey last time I was out searching I stopped at a casino *there’s a hint in there just for you Dal* and I won $250. I paid for dinner for Michelle and I…of course the wine bill ramped up the typical meal. I did mention that after 2 glasses of wine I’m able to speak perfect Spanish and I never took a word of it in school. I’m lucky I could say taco on a good day.

      • I saw a photo of you trying to kiss a buffalo after that meal…
        So you and Michelle had a meal worth $250?
        Very cool…see what I mean about contributions helping your search…lol…

      • No, I only had one glass of wine(oh wait, I already confessed to two)…and dinner. I pocketed the rest for my next trip. Can I rent a covered wagon and a burro for $100?

  17. I bet you is getting alot of traffic as well. I used to type that one in on accident all the time. Its like an online flea market.

  18. You can go to too…they’ve mirrored the site there. It’s still down though. That’s what they need to do is get a few copies of the site up and mirror them.

  19. if you google Forrest Fenn right now the top item is Tony Dokoupil’s old Newsweek story which now lives on The Daily Beast. It has a new dateline on it for today. What a lousy trick. They must have paid to get that position on google..
    Maybe with all the money they’ll make off the traffic they’ll get they will be able to afford some real journalists…
    Speaking of which I heard via the back door that the National Inquirer is working up a story…
    I guess we’ll all be able to read about Forrest’s unhidden faults…

  20. Just when I was thinking I was all wrong and I’d only see milk and cookies from this. Is Forrest pregnant with an alien baby that we didn’t know about?

  21. Like how Forrest told Tony he sleeps naked and Tony reported this……Forrest made me laugh so hard:)

  22. Looks like NBC Nightly News pulled the Forrest story. I think it has to do with the old Dokoupil story and his accusations…I am not making this up…

  23. I am born and raised in New Mexico. I was unaware of this story until randomly turning on the news this morning. It has been pondering my mind all day. I have been trying to figure out the poem to no avail. I have many ideas, but more research is required. Being raised in New Mexico I am no stranger to our great wilderness. I hope to find this treasure that has eluded many people. With a little bit of luck and ingenuity anything can be accomplished.

    • Remember Taylor that it’s in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa fe…That could be Montana and a whole flock of other places..

  24. The Chase will get over 2000 new likes on facebook by nights end….That’s a good solid number.

  25. Looks like the clue Thursday morning is also off. But there is still hope that they will try again with the clue on Friday. Seems like NBC got foolishly cautious…ha!..I like that…”foolishly cautious”…next thing you know I’ll be writing a poem…

  26. First, Im not one of you. Not a treasure hunter… not an outdoorsman. Simply a college student from the east coast who was interested in the story (it was on front page this morning). I’ve not read any books but I did glance over the poem. Not sure what’s been said or thought or stated… but when I see the word blaze… I think of major fires of the past or even underground coal fires. Since I assume that this is supposed to be out west… I know theres UCFires near the Tongue River in WY. Figured id throw my 2cents at it… feel free to use or ‘flame’ (pun intended) my interpretation as you wish.

  27. I posted this in Mark’s blog, but wanted to re-post it here.

    Just a word of advice for all you treasure hunters out there…. Be respectful of the mountains. Pack it in, pack it out. Some of us live here. And remember the mountains can be very a very unpredictable and dangerous place.”

    Do I have to use quotation marks if I am quoting myself?

    • Thank you for that reminder, Caddis. I don’t need it being an old avid back woods girl, but new searchers may just roll over the fact that the environment is our mother and we need to be respectful of her. Also, there are private lands, public lands and park areas that have restrictions about taking ANYTHING from any area. Travel quietly and carry a big stick LOL

  28. North of Santa Fe. This is my thoughts on it. the area to encompass that would be 315-045 degrees. At that point your going more north then east or west, the one degree change at 314 is more west and at 46 its more east, then it is north at that point.

    That is my thoughts on the subject.

  29. Additional Forrest interviews on NBC have been on and off as NBC navigates some of the twists and turns in the world of culpability. But as of today, Thursday, February 28th, Forrest is scheduled to show up on the NBC Evening News tonight and again on the Today show tomorrow morning, with a live clue. The reporter, Janet, is said to have been camped out in Santa Fe waiting for direction from NBC. Uplink trucks for the live feed will be moving in on Forrest’s driveway later today.

  30. I hope it’s the clue that will help me figure it out. So their spending the night in his driveway? Wow….
    I wish I didn’t have all this catch up stuff in my life to do after being away last week. It’s hard not reading every little thing.

  31. Like most, I just caught up with the story yesterday from the national attention it has recieved. Certainly no wizard with words or poetry and I’m really bad with puzzles, but just a few thoughts…

    I realize I may be off my rocker, and it’s been said that the clues should be followed in order, but the line: Put in below the home of Brown.

    Has anyone checked the area south of Brown Mountain in CO? I’m not sure how the rest of the clues would line up with this area, as I am not familiar with it. Google maps show roads that lead relatively close to it and it looks like there are some creeks in/around this area, as well as canyons. It also looks to be a 5 1/2hr drive from Santa Fe.

    • That pic of the omegas is very inspirational…
      It inspires me to get away from this computer and get out and start looking…

  32. Dal, I know you are enjoying all this! (and cant believe you never considered past forest fires or underground blazes, dont make us consider you a rookie on this -wink-).

  33. LoL…….Dal

    One day about 5 years woke up and for the strangest reason had a need to carve something into stone.

    Never done that before and haven’t since. After carving this kept reflecting on what the meaning was? What was this all about?

    Sometimes the answers do come. After reading Forrest’s book knew what it meant and everything fell into place.

    Hard to articulate the experience. Means something personal to me:)

  34. Wow I love this story. I have been reading all the posts. I just want to jump in car and go. We all know many people will be. I read the book and loved it. I keeping thinking about the gypsy dancers along the river banks and how that is such a great memory. Maybe a clue. He did say there are things book not just the poem. Am I understanding that right. Good luck to all.

  35. Excuse me the “One Horse Land & Cattle Co”

    The horse is found in the beginning of the book and the omegas (horseshoes) are at the end of the book.

    Now if only one could figure out where that treasure is:)

    • I think Tony is trying to ride the Fenn bandwagon as far as he can. I dont know that i would trust any of his “clues”.

    • Tony has a way of puffing things up a bit (to say the least). Dal’s, Saunier’s, Stephi’s and Mark’s blogs (other than Forrest’s of course) are the best places to get caught up in the chase *S* You’re getting ideas from the “ol’ timers” of the search. (sorry guys n gals – stephi 😉

      • Dal, did you catch the March 1 NBC clue? Forrest just gave it out…..if he continues to give clues like that, they’ll be no worries. One per month is what they said on NBC.

      • Dal, its right next to a cave with a “grizzly” in it. I took some samples home to marinate in some of Dr. Wilsons Pickle Medicine. Its north of Santa Fe in the mountains next to a river, oh yeah there is a bunch of trees there too. If you liked that pic I’ll send you some others.

  36. This is nothing but did you catch his initial slip of… “7… 5 thousand feet above see level”…? as are
    most good spots north of SF.

  37. Cad

    Thanks for the photos.

    Wow this thing is getting big…………….Tony’s new article shows how dumfounded he is over the events. He has become more friendly towards Forrest

    Sales of the book are hitting the best seller list. The only thing on the market are used copies that’s if you can get one.

    Younger people on twitter think Forrest rocks. My friends daughter wants to go, She thinks Forrest is amazing……

    Never seen anything like it in 30 years of doing this. Can’t wait for the snow to break…………


    • My personal opinion….Forrest is not buddy buddy with Tony. I believe he called him to straighten him out on some slanderous seeming accusations and Tony is trying to make it out like he’s Forrest’s best friend. We all know that’s Dal 😉 Tony’s a snake in my book. Again, this is all my opinion…I don’t know if it’s fact…just me assuming what I think is what.

      I think young medium and old think Forrest rocks 😉

      • “@tonydokoupil: .@theinquisitr Doubt it. Fits with Fenn’s whole life, which is so self-styled as to be a kind of great American hoax, but not the treasure.”

        That’s direct from Tony’s twitter account. He has no love for Forrest Fenn. My opinion is he’s just trying ride the Fenn train to his own fortune and fame.

    • Collected Works ran out of books. I’ve heard they have 3,000 on back order. They have more being printed. At one point yesterday they were selling more than one a minute…Yeaaa for the cancer fund…

  38. When Forrest told Tony he slept naked and Tony reported it, couldn’t stop laughing……….

    • I think it’s funny that Forrest would give out that information…I think it’s typical of his free spirit. On the other hand…for a “reporter” to report that a man sleeps naked which has nothing to do with the story….that boarders on way creepy. Wait…it doesn’t border at all…it’s creepy to the 10th degree.

      • You have to wonder how the whole conversation came up..
        TD: So Forrest I was just thinking as I was watching you walk to the window…do you sleep naked?
        or maybe
        TD: Are you a pajamas kind of guy or are you a non-pajamas kind of guy?
        or maybe
        TD: So I hear bears sleep naked in the woods. Do you ?

  39. Think this is Forrest’s humor at play. Tony took it hook line and sinker. Just my opinion.

  40. Oh my gosh…why do I have to pee right now *leg twitching* You even had Jeff spitting out coffee. Maybe he was looking in Forrest’s window in hopes for a clue and couldn’t stop watching. Is it Tony to us and Tom to others?

  41. Forrest doesn’t waste his words. His most recent clue given on the Today Show was not as dumb and obvious as the TV people think.

  42. I have been enjoying reading all about the treasure and this site is my favorite! Thanks dal for sharing your successes and this wonderful story!

    Just read this somewhere….

    “Put in below the home of Brown” refers to Brown Trout. It means it is under the water. And, it is in Trout Waters. “Begin it where warm waters halt” refers to Trout Water. New Mexico Fish and Wildlife defines “Warm Water” as “all streams, lakes, and ponds except those designated as trout waters”. And, it provides a map that shows where all of the “Trout Water” is located.

    What do you think?

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