Tips From Forrest…


Here are some tips from Forrest with interpretations by Dal..Take the magenta text as fact but take the interpretations as suggestions from me…not from Forrest…

He originally said its in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe. That includes Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho as well as British Columbia and Alberta…and New Mexico. Possibly even Alaska. Since this post was written in March of 2013 Forrest has eliminated all states and provinces that the Rocky Mountains rest in except Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and northern New Mexico.

He said he hid it. That means it might be buried but since he never used the word buried it  might also mean that it is not.

Don’t bother looking at areas south of Santa Fe, NM. It’s not there. He does mean SF New Mexico. Not SF Texas or SF Mexico or any other SF you come up with.

So it’s probably not some place terribly difficult to get to. So don’t expect to have to use advanced climbing techniques or kayak through Class 6 whitewater to find it. He wants you to have fun looking for it so although it’s difficult to find it should not require you to put yourself in danger. That being said you are responsible for the decisions you make looking…so be careful.

He has told us over and over that the smart place to start is at the begining. Starting in the middle of the poem, for instance at the home of Brown, is not a good strategy.

Forrest has said it takes brain work and research to figure out the clues. He also said “If it was easy anyone could do it.” Don’t head out to the first Brown Hotel you find. Don’t head for the first place to catch Brown trout. 9 out of 10 folks who have looked have already been to those same places you just found on the internet. Do serious research and start with where warm waters halt. The poem is a puzzle.

7. HE SAID, “IT’S ABOVE 5,000 FEET.”
This was Forrest’s first clue on the Today Show. Duh…It’s in the mountains. Not much of that swath of peaks and plateaus known as the Rockies is below 5,000 feet. However you can eliminate those places that are at 4,999 feet or less.

Forrest has said that the poem is all you need to find the chest and also has said that the book contains subtle hints that will help. So, if you cannot find the treasure after just trying to decode the poem, then maybe you should read The Thrill of the Chase”.

Forrest says that it is still there. Some people feel they know where it is by playing with Google Earth and other mapping programs in their own homes. They boast that they have found it. But apparently they have not, no one has so far. Some folks have never left their homes but like to come here and announce that they have found it. Don’t be put off by these foolish boasts from people who like to hear themselves talk. Ignore them and get out there and enjoy the countryside. Your ideas are as good as the next persons…If someone does find it you’ll read about it here and on Forrest’s blog.

Folks have been agonizing for a couple of years now about Forrest saying this. Why would we need a flashlight? Is it in a cave? Underwater? In the basement of Brown’s home? Maybe we need a flashlight to throw at a bear guarding the chest…who knows? Recently Forrest sent me an email in which he said “A flashlight isn’t necessary unless you are searching at night.” So why did he say this to begin with? It’s just a saying…a reminder. My dad used to tell me, “If you are going to be late, take a flashlight.”

Since the beginning searchers have had questions about the “Home of Brown”. Is it an actual house or a hotel? Some have thought it was an outhouse or municipal sewage treatment plant. On the Today Show airing on March 27th Forrest made the above statement.

This is the clue from Forrest’s May 3rd, 2013 appearance on The Today Show. It’s an important clue since people have been digging in a lot of inappropriate places including graveyards.

At least not right away.
Forrest originally said something else over on Richard Saunier’s blog: “The Treasure chest is full of gold and precious jewels and is more than 66,000 links north of Santa Fe.” and we know that a link is 1/100th of a chain and a chain is 66 feet. So:

100 links = 1 chain
66,000 links = 660 chains (66,000 ÷ 100)
1 chain = 66 feet
660 chains = 43560 feet (660 x 66) = 8.25 miles

Later on, Forrest did start saying that the chest is at least 8.25 miles north of the northern limit of Santa Fe.

Forrest announced this on his Today Show appearance on June 28th, 2013.


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  1. Hey Dal,

    I thought the tip was gonna be something like…”don’t start looking til I’m done.” 😛
    How u been buddy? 🙂


      • I had a different and apparently wrong thoughts on it. but maybe it might give a different slant for those who go on. Where warm waters halt…cold water lake…agua fria. down the canyon too far to walk…drains in a 5 mile creek down (below) Moreno (Brown) valley. And there is Angel (no place for the meek…shall inherit the earth, not with Angels) and fire (blaze) Angelfire. And with the military references I thought of the Angelfire museum.
        But i was wrong, all private land,, no running creek.
        I gave this just so others might give a different thought as to what the clues might lead to and where. Oh well.

        • Thanks… The clues look better on a map… Haha.. That is why I have pretty much just been scouting the thousands of miles and many possibilities. Some of the best, when you are standing there, are not as wise as you thought. I am happy to share photos and trade experiences. Though I am competitive as all get out, and by golly I want it, but, also like sharing the Chase….

  2. Does anyone know the location of the double horseshoe Rick posted in the other thread? Can’t seem to find it – google shows nothing on a geoglyph search. Cheers!

  3. Anyone have any theories as to why you would necessarily have to start at the beginning, other than the journey is the reward. (which it often is!) Just curious. To me it would mean that you find or see something along the way – a clue that you could not do without to find the box. Also whats not far but too far to walk – very subjective. Was there ever a mention if it was too far to walk for somene who is 80 or 20? Did Forrest ever say that he did this entire journey when he was 80, or just arrive at the destination to place the box? Thanks

    • Would you be sure it’s right if you start in the middle? A riddle must be solved in sequence because that is the way its made.

      Not far, but too far to walk, possible solutions far+far=2 far?

    • I would not want to walk the length of that canyon and the walk would not be close to being done when you got to the other end.

    • IWhy start at the Begining…. I’ve wondered that too, but it seems that many places can be found that somewhat fit the clues,…so you need the 1st clues to cut down the many similar locations … FYI if I find it I will leave some of it there

    • If i had to make a guess, being a country boy myself, I would say that “Not to far but too far to walk” probably was in reference to somewhere he could access with a horse. Technically he wouldn’t be the one walking then.

  4. Forrest has stated that you have to follow the clues in order. Your going to find something that will give you the next clue to the next step. He also said he’s 40 with 42 years experience.

    • You start “it” in one place but you “put in” in another. Fenn said he placed the treasure in on spot & made the round trip twice in 1 afternoon. The average human can hike 3 miles an hour. 4 hours in an afternoon (give or take) it’s not more than 3 miles away from a designated or legit place to park your vehicle, at WWWH. Try hiking more than 12 miles in 1 day @ 80 years old carrying a 30 lbs pack.

      • Check out some areas n just stand away fr any man trails,,bike ect.trails,now look for mtns an animals scurrin around na dont forget pinon nut trees,smell pine needles,sagebrush, n u should sse ur blaze ,an theres ur TC.

        • that’s putting it all together a fine spot to think about Phyllis i just watched pearl harbor the fact that a feeling could result in a beginning and a end I have to say again ty Mr Fenn for your service to this country i hope time finds you and yours in good health be blessed and have a good day Sir. snow has found its way to the Rockies once again be safe everyone go prepared.

      • What if he also used a bicycle on a pathway? Then everyone’s time and distances would be terribly off base? Does he like to bycycle?

        • I have said this before, but try strapping 22 lbs.of weight onto a bicycle and peddle it down a sidewalk – much less a mountain trail. It would be almost impossible to maintain your balance don’t you think? If he used a bicycle, more than likely he had to walk beside it going up, and MAYBE ride it going down – if trail was not too steep – just sayin’ – JDA

          • Could have used a backpack or strapped it to a rear mounted bike rack.
            My solve is mostly ‘bikeable’ but I doubt if Fenn rode a bike on hidey day.

          • I think the entire idea of FF taking a bicycle with him —
            anywhere — on hidey day is a rabbit hole that should be
            entirely avoided. Who has seen any STATEMENT from
            him that he used a bicycle on hidey day? All my opinion.

          • Fenn did say: “What is wrong with me just riding my bike out there and throwing it in the “water high” when I am through with it?” did he not?

      • First of all, what does “it” refer to? He has stated that a child might have an advantage here. Why? Because they are shorter ; closer to the ground. Now look at the poem ; why does it not say ” begin where warm waters halt” It says begin IT . Warm waters halt at the letter “S” . Now begin “IT” You get the word “SIT” .Later the word “IT” makes another odd appearance. This is why the poem is a puzzle. The blaze can only be seen by someone SITTING at the “home of Brown.

        • Johno,
          fenn said one time; it’s not what they say… it’s what they whisper.
          You are taking two words [ part of words ] to create an idea for a third word [ that is not in the poem anywhere else ]. For me, that seems to be stretching a good thought and forcing it to work. However, the thought might be good overall.

          There seems to be other indicators in the poem that related to your idea of ‘sit’ or even a lower view, or even, simply to relax and wait.
          “Take it in” may not mean a physical movement as much as something to view / “observer” [which we are told we need to do].
          “Put in” could also relate to the same idea, IF, we are still needing to observe… so ‘sit’ meaning; stay, works for the idea. Put in can mean a place to stay if you really think about it… a ship puts in port to dock and stay, line of thinking.
          But at some point we do need some kinda of movement to continue. The idea would be, once we “observe” what is need we should know what is need to be done.
          Then we have the idea that we have “been” wise and “found” the blaze; could indicate that because of the observational part of the task we see what is needed to be seen, past tense, for the waiting and observing while the searcher is still acting in a present tense solve [ are wise and find the blaze, idea ]… so I can see ‘sit’ in your theory to mean ‘stay’ and observe from the wording in the poem.

          Even when we get to the line in the poem that says; “Look quickly down…” This could be an indicator to bend or crawl, squat, or even “sit” for some reason. More observing or needing to see something lower than simple “eye level”?
          My point is… while I like your idea of ‘sit’ ~ I can see from the poem, as ‘stay’ and observe by the wording in the poem.

          Attempting to create a word from other words to me is a type of code, and could lead to attempting more of the same… imo… that could lead to looking at the poem as all coded messaging.

          Then again, IF “it” was added to keep a certain amount of syllables or even for word count for any given line… then it could be that there is information [for lack of a better term] blueprinted within the poem, and we need to understand why that would.
          Example; That line has six words. The next line has 7, then 7, and then 7 for all the lines in that stanza, right? Could this be 6777? Giving the idea of a blueprint and fenn is telling us an elevation of where these clues for that stanza might land on a ‘good map’

          LOL I mean he did say, it would be risky to ‘discount’ any word, right? But we also know that we should not mess with the poem… example; don’t change the word halt to balk, line of thinking.

          One last thought… child and kid might not be the same… fenn did say “kids” might have an advantage, bloggers have change things up and used child… But in the idea of a “kid” being shorter ?!… lol, Look quickly down could relate to height, as in, bend or squat, crawl etc.

          Just food for thought…………….

        • Johno, I believe I saw the blaze — and I wasn’t sitting at the time.

          The information contained in this message is part of my opinion.

  5. Does anyone who has read the book feel that it is totally necessary, or could someone just figure it out by using the poem. I am sure it is a good read, I am just not quite sure I am ready to pony up the cash. Or, guess I need to to “get the cash”. Thanks.

    • Hank, I don’t think reading the book is necessary but I do think it might reinforce a particular theory.

      • I purchased his book and have quite enjoyed it. You get a much better understanding of who Forrest is. You can appreciate his will through life, and why he is putting his treasure out there for others to find their own will. Yes, I purchased it hoping to find clues, however now after reading it, I sure do feel as though I know the old man myself. It was well worth the read..wether you are on the “chase”, or not.

    • Hank, read the book. It’ll help a LOT. But if you can’t afford to buy it, maybe
      you can borrow it. Dunno if it’s available in your local library. Reading FF’s
      scrapbooks, blog entries, and everything else you can find about him will also

      What won’t help is reading what people (other than FF) post on these blogs.
      That’ll just distract, divert, and confuse you instead.
      All in my opinion.

    • Beware. I have found the man’s writing style and content to be VERY addicting. Three of his books now grace my coffee table. In one of MY next lives, I want to be Forrest Fenn.

  6. Jump from the blue with a parachute. Pull the ripchord somewhere above the Rocky Mountains. When your feet hit ground, you may have found the treasure. Otherwise follow the clues. But you have to really think about it. I have a site that about ten clues point toward–poem, map, big clues on the map, small clues on the map–and I’m like a few thousand others. I just “have to get there”. It’s a game with Forrest until then. He says, “go away”. I say, “no”. We laugh. Then I look again. He drinks another soda.

  7. Do you think Forrest almost blurting out 7,000 feet was a slip? SF NW is 7000ft according to the wiki’s i looked at

    • What’s SF NW? I know Santa Fe…but not NW. It might be worth a look to go with your gut and start to look at places above 7000..although I think he just almost misspoke. What constitutes a mountain? Does elevation matter? I don’t believe it can be in Santa Fe the town though.

    • First of all he only said more than 5000 feet above sea level……he didn’t say that had to be an elevation could be a measurement on map from edge of sea in an 2 D sense. Untill he specifically says it’s in a spot higher in elevation than 5000ft it could be anywhere from gulf of Mexico to ?????? In any Rocky terrain aka mountains . Don’t take any clues lightly. He is a master in his use of the English language and exploiting double meanings and context usage.

        • Until it’s found I believe it could be anywhere that meant something to Forrest. Special Place . Very Special Place. You look in Rocky Mountains I’ll take the rest of the globe

          • Ignorance is bliss as they say. I certainly won’t discourage you. I’m curious though how you are completely discounting the map that shows the clearly marked search area in which the treasure can be found?

          • It’s says the Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure is somewhere to be found in the highlighted regions of this map. …. Look real close and you might see it’s image. Lol it does not say however that the Treasure will definitely be found inside the boundaries and shaded areas of this map and it’s coordinate constraints .

          • As I said, I will not be discouraging you. One more person who has no chance of finding it doesn’t bother me one bit.

          • It sure seems to bother you. 😉 I’m just giving opinion and possibility don’t confuse my words for argument . I would be thrilled for anyone to find it. That’s what this blog is all about. Cheers friend

          • By no means. Nothing bothers me. I think it’s incredible folly to completely disregard the fact that Forrest has stated where the treasure is hidden and search elsewhere, but it is your time and effort and if it means one less person searching in the general area, the less the merrier. I’ll be happy for whoever finds it as well. Best of luck.

          • You too. One thought in the poem it says I can keep my secret where…. And hint of riches new and old . Do you think he is giving clues to other “treasures” and keeping lock down on his location by use of these words? That would explain the blaze or prank meaning of the word blaze

          • If you look up the definition for the word riches it can only mean material wealth or valuable natural resources, such as gems. Therefore riches can only refer to the chest, not childhood memories as I have seen many people say. I believe riches new and old is only referring to the contents of the chest.

          • Riches meaning wealth . I agree but do you think it’s possible some of the vaulabes aka riches could be in musems on display and in galleries across the region? Some fun the items are priceless ..let me know if you think that’s a possibility

          • I personally do not. I think the poem is pretty straightforward and simple. Riches to me means the contents of the chest, nothing more.

  8. Forrest has said all you need is the poem. I believe there are a story or two on his blog that come from the book which might give you an idea to see if you think it’s worth it.

  9. I suggest a group meeting in Santa Fe say like in August
    I will buy the first few rounds
    Maybe invite Forrest and get him drunk then get some more answers
    I think we have over thunk this too much

    • Then I think we should find a tattoo parlor in SF and get blaze (FF) tattoos to commemorate the good time we’ve all had on the chase. I don’t have any tattoos and told my husband maybe I’d get a trout and tell everyone what a good catch I was…but he didn’t see the humor in that lol.

      • Thanks Stephanie and Bonnie for adding to my pun blog. At first I thought nobody had any humor here and y’all were too serious
        I was trying to think of out of the box way to find the treasure
        Maybe Forrest could tattoo a treasure map on you instead of a getting a fish tattoo

        • Yeah it’s poor Dal…can deliver a punch line so that’s why he keeps us girls around *smile* I didn’t know Forrest was a tattoo artist on the side. Do you think he’d go for that sneaky idea? I’ll email him right now….. Dearest Forrest…… I was in need of a tattoo and I thought a nice map of the Rocky Mountains. Feel free to design it around your favorite secret spot as I plan to be around for a thousand years and want to show it off. Keep in mind that I’d like you to add a few things…maybe a creek…a boulder or two, use some colors also…like Brown. Oh and every map needs a bright red X…please include that. Your bewildered searcher friend, Stephanie Too obvious????

  10. The “above 5,000 foot” clue was very helpful to me. I had been considering a spot on the front range which was at about 4,000 feet…Now I can forget about it.

  11. I think it’s also important for new searchers to realize that they should NOT pay attention to a lot of the media and what they say as fact. There are some reporters that have said it’s 300 miles SW of Toledo. That’s a misquote. He said 300 miles West. Tony from Newsweek is someone who seems to like to mislead and says you don’t even need the whole poem. Yes you do. Honestly if Forrest said it….or Dal said it..I believe it’s good information…anyone else…expect that they might give you wrong info…and it might not be on purpose…just not familiar with the search.

  12. How would you know that unless you were sure where it is? You can only be sure if you went and found it. I’ve been out searching for two years and have thought I had a sure thing many times. I think many new searchers will also figure out that their locations were not right either. By the time they find that out…they will be addicted to the outdoors and this adventure. Start clipping coupons.

  13. No one can say for sure until they are carrying the treasure from its hiding spot but I think what I figured out with the poem will put me in the correct area to find it when I am able to get out that way.

    Or at least be one of the ones who passed close by it.

  14. LoL………..start clipping coupons.

    Inside story she has been doing that since day one.


    Like your name reminds me of a quate: “The adventurer is the great outsider”.Unknown

    Those carvings both the horseshoes and horse where done back in my home state of Ohio. The story that goes with them kinda of relates to what happened to Forrest at the waterfall in Vietnam and what it all meant as the parts came together over the years.

    And the great hand that writes the dance, dances on………..


    • I have more money saving tips too Rick…like at Christmas plan to fill stockings with hotel soaps and shampoos as well as airline peanuts. The kids will think so fondly of next years Santa givings.

  15. My eyes drift across the expanse of ocean blue,

    the secret hidden in the mind of one who’s found the blaze’s clue,

    the clock moves slow it seems that life is frozen like a pond,

    anticipating, hoping that the rest won’t soon catch on,

    so who will pour the drinks to celebrate whats soon to come,

    30 days an counting til the day this treasure hunt is done,

    it takes one to know one,

    to understand what Forrest said,

    the cryptic message sealed inside the poem that is read,

    who’s to say who gets the prize,

    oh fate with cruel intent,

    though sacrifice demands you give your all to this blessed event,

    I will not give the key away,

    you must earn it as I did,

    best hurry fast I’ll be there soon…God speed to the quick and dead!

    • I like all of Mr. Redford’s Movies especially Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,

  16. Adam 30 days from now is April 1st or April Fools………Want to try another one:)

    • Rick, not sure what numerical system you’re using but 30 days from March 1st ‘including’ March 1st would be March 30th…starting then next day and counting to 30 days after would mean March 31st, not April 1st…just sayin’. 😉

    • Actually, when I wrote that it was April 2nd.
      Im in Germany so I hadn’t considered the significance of April 1st day jokes.

      @ Rick, I’m VERY serious about my claim!
      To be precise, I return to America April 2nd.
      1 day to rest from jet lag then I make the drive to my “cold spot”.
      If it comforts u, or anyone else, then please consider me fool, and write me off! 😉


  17. I have read that Forrest wrote this poem in the 80’s, does anyone know how much of the poem is from the original writing? I know he mentioned he tweaked it a bit over the years but when he originally wrote it, some technology was not available – surely he must have had that in mind when penning it? Am I wasting my time even thinking about it living in the PNW? Never even been to the southwest..but I do like puzzles and he has my attention for sure..

  18. Adam

    From Missouri the “Show me State”

    Their are no experts on the unknown, don’t think anyone is a fool.


    Glad your paying attention. Figured his time zone might put him on the 1st. He did say

    “My eyes drift across the expanse of ocean blue,” Implying Europe

    • @ Rick,

      Haha I know you weren’t calling me a fool. 😛
      I would have put 32 or 33 days in my poem, but it didn’t rhyme lol..I .had to take a leaf out of Forrests notebook << not lieing, just bending the truth a bit!

      One thing is for sure when its all over I think I will have made some "good" new friends, and it won't be because of the loot!

      *A _the_A*

  19. @ Jim,

    If you beat me to the gold, more power to ya! :p
    If we’re talking about the same place? 😉
    I plan on throwing a party soon after I get it.
    If you get it 1st…whats the plan?

    Where you from Jim? I’m from California.


    • ps- when I fly in, it will not be into California… 😉
      rather lets just say I’m flying into an airport in the rockies, specifically near the “cold spot”…there is no time to waste!

      • Jim-

        I’m farther away…I got ya beat by about over 1,000 miles, east of Toledo…LOL! 😛

    • Adam, where in California are you from? I only ask because I live in Irvine. Also, you are in the Air Force yes?

      • Glan,
        I am near Irvine. I realize this is an old thread…Are you still chasing?

  20. One needs to be careful when they are the only expert in the world on something.

    When someone is trying to talk you out of something you want to do, then don’t listen:)

    Just my opinions.


  21. With “Thrill” on eBay for $500 and a 3rd printing in the works, my money is on you’all still be looking when those are all sold. Here’s another clue… It’s below 29,000 feet. Then there is the fact there’s a “blaze” in his friends book on page 44!

    • Plasmalupus, are you the owner of the “Forrest Fenn treasure debunker” webpage?

      • Yes and I’m still searching in my own way…. I want to know the why? Just 4fun start with Hemingway in the book…. What’s the book thrown away really about?

    • @ Plasmalupus,

      I had read your explanation/theory on where you thought the treasure was.
      Very interesting indeed.
      Are you still searching?


      • Adam,
        Where did you read Plasmalupus explanation/theory? Also, what are you doing in Germany? When you fly to the “cold spot”, is it on a commercial airline or private?


  22. LoL………..Have 2 copies one signed by Forrest himself, believe he did it with every first edtion. Love the high quality

    The Thrill of the Chase will always go on…….right now buying Chelyabinsk meteorites, putting them on red star necklaces.

    Currently meteorites are not banned from export out of Russia. But they might enact laws prevanting this. Great the prices go up………..Then the scientusts are happy becausce they got to take away private ownerdhip

    Plan on selling them on eBay and having them pay for this treasure hunt if it goes more into a year…….

    Already sold artifacts to do this hunt for 6 monthds…………..

  23. @ Adam,

    Is your place in Cimarron, NM? More specifically the Cimarron River? Research that location, looks like a prime spot.

    • @ Josh,

      If I were to say it was, so many more would flock there…
      If I say its not in “NM” some may write it off, so for this reason I can’t say…
      But of the 9 clues; I have solved the location, just not where it lies within the location<< this I cannot solve until I get there to see and survey the area!

      As I've shared before "The Blaze" is the key everybody! Do not trick yourself into thinking otherwise.
      When I discovered its location, it was 4am in the morning, I was jumping up and down just couldn't believe it. 😉

      Where you from Josh?

      • I have studied the words the blaze can you give me a hint of what you think it means

    • Out of peer weirdness I have been studying the Cimarron River by home of Brown there is a book by Tim Keller called home on the range owned by Darien Brown

      • is the area you are referring to close enough to the rocky mountains? I also reviewed this lead and think I even found the ranch on the map.

      • I to started my hunt along this river as it is a dry river bed (warm waters) which leads to a dam where the water would halt. By now I was up in Eagles Nest, NM and there is a lodge that had a fire (blaze). Traveled to this spot thinking it was correct and was stopped by numerous “no trespassing signs” (was I too meek?)

        • Maybe you were just in the wrong spot..but it sounds like you might have been enroaching on the Philmont Scout Ranch property.

    • its starts in the middle fork(lightfeather for brave) at the hot pool on the river only see it in fall at middlefork of gila river in the wilderness area accessible by car when water is low in fall good luck finding the blaze

  24. Posted my 2nd copy of The Thrill of the Chase on eBay. Started out at 99 cents.

    Thank you Mr Fenn, it keeps raining down prosperity here:)

    • Are completed auctions going for $500? I would never sell my copy. I might be willing to trade for chest of gold if anyone wants to try me.

  25. Have 2 copies. The 1st edition (brown) was signed by Forrest. Plan on keeping this one.

    The 2nd edition (tan) is unsigned but signed by me:) Did start the auction out at 99 cents. One other guy started out at $500.00

    When I talked to the owner of the Collected Works Bookstore months ago she only wish she could find the treasure to help pay the mortgage.

    She did find the treasure (by believing in Forrest and stocking this book) and now can pay her mortgage!

    Prosperity is contagiousness it can spread like wildfire…….some call that a blaze:)


  26. Just a request that everyone read point number nine on the Tips page. Boasting about having found the treasure or knowing where it is does not contribute or advance our common knowledge base here. You have not “found” it until you have actually put your feet on the ground where it’s at and physically touched it. So please stop boasting like children and lets use the space here for the common good…to add useful comment to the conversation about Forrest’s treasure. Thanks..
    On the other hand..if you actually get up out of your chair, venture outside and find the chest, please take pictures of it and post them here…so I can cry like a baby..

    • Touche! The posts that amuse me are all about “I know where it is, but I just can’t get out there right now” and I’m thinking “Is it a manner of money ’cause if you’re that certain where it is, I’m sure you could get a bridge loan for the travel that you can quickly pay back once you find the treasure.” Thanks for hosting this site dal…if nothing else, it’s informative and a great source of amusement from the blend of personalities who post. Frankly, if I had ANY clue where it was, I certainly wouldn’t be seeding conversations that I did and/or with hints..just my two cents. Keep up the great work!

    • I concur; the way to find something hidden by a very wary critter is to think like that critter. Now tracking a crafty critter is another story. I grew up in the hardwoods and learned to track squirrels in the wood. I have read many of the posts, and can say with some sense of certainty that there is a process of elimination that can be done here on this site. The numbers game will help only if the story is shared by all. For instance; perhaps there would be a trail in the flight logs of old Forrest; and he did mention that he would rent a car. Now if the people here find that airport on the west side of Yellowstone, that would be a clue to follow. But tracking a crafty old fox takes time. Time will tell the best story. Clues that will lead to a better location to search will follow.

  27. Speaking for myself, I apologize DaI this is your blog in the end.
    @ Jack, I’ve seen no hints yet as to the location from anyone.
    I’ve said enough…enjoy the hunt everybody!


  28. Rick, why didn’t I think of that.
    Just a note….Anyone who says that they found they treasure..hasn’t. Let it be written, let it be done.
    Forrest is smarter than that. You think that he would leave it out for just anyone to find? When someone finds the treasure, I don’t think that they are going to actually walk out with an actual treasure chest full of gold. More than likely its going to be a “voucher” of some sort which will allow you to claim “title to the gold”. This circumvents most treasure trove laws, it also decreases the odds of someone finding it because you are not find something if your looking for something else,,,something like that.

    • Hey Cad…
      I was with Forrest when he was being interviewed by a reporter from Germany about the treasure chest and that topic actually came up. Someone suggested that the way Forrest would know if it had been found was probably because instead of the chest there was a big IOU in the actual location which you would then take to Forrest to collect the treasure. “No”..said Forrest. “I thought about doing that but what if the chest isn’t found for a hundred years? My IOU won’t be worth very much if I’m dead. That chest is out there and the person that follows the clues will find the chest and all it’s gold and gemstones and beautiful objects right there. Not a piece of paper.”

      • Yeah I would agree with that its not going to be perishable, BUT… i will just keep my trap shut for now. Going out again tomorrow, supposed to be nice.

  29. I can’t stand it! I have no idea on where the treasure could be but I can’t wait to read the book and research the location. Even if I cannot find time or money to look, it is the hunt, just the idea that gets me excited! What a great diversion from the humdrum of every day life!

  30. Just wondering where all 1st edition books of “Thrill of the Chase” signed by Forrest?

    Or did he just sign a bunch and mixed them up in the lot?

    Knew he did book signings.

    Anyways if one is collecting books you want 1st Edition, preferably signed.

    Had a serious inquirer on eBay, sorry not for sale:)

    If you want a 2nd edition more or less to get this going then by all means go for 2nd edition.


  31. Does anyone else find it interesting that in the second stanza of the poem, there is a period instead of a comma following “too far to walk”?

    Begin it where warm waters halt
    And take it in the canyon down,
    Not far, but too far to walk.
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    I bring this up because a few of the websites post the poem incorrectly. They have it as:

    Not far, but too far to walk,
    Put in below the home of Brown.

    This is a significant change to the meaning of the poem…just in case anyone was using an erroneous version for research/brain wrecking.

    • That line just lets you know you will be driving I’m sure you can walk it but it would waste a lot of your time.

      • You would not be able to land at your destination and there are no trains going there. 😉

      • Sense this is comments about tips I would like to add one.
        Tip 10 Research your interpretation learn the history of it let your self be taken back in time.
        When you do this and it all fits together and the poem the history and the spot all screams I am hear come find me.
        And I am sure plenty of people have felt this way and did not find it.
        But that’s all part of the chase.
        You to will be as excited as I am about my spot.
        The only thing stopping me from looking is life’s obligations time and distance.
        But a trip to New Mexico is on my bucket list.
        So right now I can only virtually visit that spot but some day I will be there.

  32. I think I have found the treasure but I can’t get to it. Reply to this comment if you think you can

      • Both Encyclopedia Britannica and Wiki tell us that the mountains in AZ are not part of the Rockies. I think that means it cannot be in AZ.

        • Agreed, had a enjoyable week with the GF wandering around Colorado seeing the sights, mostly because she had never been there. but still it was in the back of my mind 🙂

        • hello folks, hunch here. yeah i found out the hard way, rockies are not in arizona. i searched Marble canyon, Frank Brown drowned and all that. a saguaro asked me what in the heck I was doin in arizona and i said “lookin for Fenn treasure” he said “well, it aint here bozo”. I felt kinda foolish talkin to a cactus. looked around and saw the rest of em was up in arms too. I just left.

  33. Far is an archeological term for fire affected rock. Just a little FYI.

      • Hey Steph, I was reading another long blog that included you, dal, and Stephan…now stephan was saying he wasing going to reveal more of what he had found, and then he dropped off the conversation…then you guys joked about him finding the treasure and vacationing in some tropical parradise…I was wondering, did Stephan ever contact you or dal about any more clues he had found???

    • caddisflies: Helpful info. Years spent around archie acquaintances, nosing around ruin sites, digging a few mounds on private land when I was younger [of course] and I’d never picked up on that. Thanks. J

  34. Okay, I have “no idea” WHERE the treasure is. But I know of a really good place to hide some of the treasure again (using the same map and clue poem, among other sources) if I do actually find the treasure where it is now. In fact, I have “several” good hiding places using the same clues and sources, but this one place just “blazes” for me!

  35. Please don’t say you’re going to re-hide the treasure, give half of it back to Forrest or any of these other unrealistic altruistic plans I see other hunters describing. It’s called The Thrill of The Chase… not The Thrill of The “Catch & Release”.

    • It’s the “Thrill of the Chase”, not the “Thrill of the Find” or “Thrill of the Catch”. Forrest’s fish pond in the back of his house is “catch and realease only”. Hint, hint.

    • Dave in VA: The parts of the treasure that can’t be disposed of without leaving a trail might as well be given back, or to charity anonymously to be sold off the shelves of the Goodwill or Salvation Army Thrift Stores. At least for anyone who isn’t interested in being identified as the ‘finder’, with all that entails. Not altruism, just practicality.

      A person who doesn’t have anything much and doesn’t want anything much if the cost of ‘much’ involves a sea-change in life doesn’t need any dark suits, summons bearers, television cameramen, or hard luck cases beating on his door.

      The only way to avoid that is to keep what’s in that box that can be converted to currency and drop the remainder of it into a figurative dumpster.

      • It’s BS for those who either want the spotlight shining on them, people pointing to them from other tables in restaurants saying, “That’s the person found the Fenn treasure!” And it’s BS for anyone who’d wish to buy a spanking new Corvette, maybe.

        But for anyone who’s already living a life he’s happy living and would be satisfied with some financial elbow-room, it’s only BS if he hasn’t done any deep thinking on the matter.

        • Fair enough. I guess we’ll see what the “winner” chooses to do. Treasure can be a powerful agent on the weak of mind and spirit. Doesn’t stop us from wanting to find it though. What we do after that is a whole ‘nother ball game. Good luck! ;o

          • I personally do not subscribe to the idea of judging the motives of other people. I only hope the finder enjoys his/her good fortune.

        • Dont worry Dave,because even Forrest believes the person that will find it will be a person that wants people to know…. So you wont have to worry about it 🙂

      • We human beings have a way of being weak of mind and spirit, Dave in VA, under the best of times. And as Forrest is demonstrating through recent events in his life, there’s a downside to fame. Luckily for him he can afford a bodyguard and a fortress to hole up inside.

        The treasure isn’t large enough to provide anything of that nature for the finder.

        Whichever way a person happens to be weak of mind and spirit, yours, or mine, a lot boils down to value systems, priorities, and whether we’ve thought through the sorts of lives we wish to lead. And whether we’re willing to sell or compromise some facet of those lives for the sake of seeing ourselves on television shaking hands with Forrest Fenn.

        Forrest is getting more than he bargained for from all this already. For better or worse. So, in all likelihood, will the person who lifts that box out of its hiding place. There’s an old Rolling Stones song hidden in there somewhere. You can’t always get what you want, but sometimes, etc.

  36. As with many, I believe I know where it lies. Took a crack at it on Saturday. No dice. Gonna’ sniff around tomorrow if the weather holds. Went to sleep last night murmuring a line from the poem and woke up today doing the same. Did some research today and like my chances even better. But it’s time to do the hustle because others are cinching the dragnet. If I score, you will hear me shout “EUREKA!!!” wherever you are. Pleasant dreams and happy hunting.

  37. DogZebra you have me scared I wanted to write something like that but I thought it would be to much of a clue.

  38. It takes a unique individual to search for this treasure. You must be an adventurer who is willing to think critically. A lot of people lately are claiming that they have a location, but I really believe the search is a soul defining journey that will take time. I am not concerned about the sensationalism of the story because true searchers will have to undergo a lot of hardship and failure yet will not give up. We all have a lot of catching up to do character and knowledge wise if we want to think like Fenn. He has a lot of hard earned wisdom. If you get frustrated or your trail goes cold, take a hike or go fishing in your own backyard.So my advice is to develop your knowledge base. If you do not truly love the outdoors, you may have to grow some cajones ya’ll.

  39. He knows it is still there as he might be able to see the location from his home with use of telescope.

    The blaze marker being an easily spotted reflector from his home telescope.

    • I don’t think that would be possible given the location of his house and proximity to any area North of Santa Fe…

      • So this has been bugging me on how he knows that it has not been found
        Also Dal had mentioned a heresay in a previous post that he could take it back if he was in danger
        Maybe it is close by where he can easily check it out and take the canyon down is really Canyon road in Santa Fe?
        Did anyone think of that?

  40. Does anyone know the source of the comment where Forrest said that someone was within 500ft of the treasure? I’ve read all the blogs, interviews etc. that I can find but can’t see where that information came from.

  41. Thanks Stephanie, I saw that article but wasn’t sure that was the origin because in the “Forrest gets even more mail…” post on this blog there’s an email that says “Are you saying Bruce was close?”. The article doesn’t indicate any one person in particular so why would someone email Forrest with a specific name?

  42. I’d like to add another very valuable tip, which was given to me by Forrest himself, and it’s something we all need to keep in mind: He is a simple man. Over-thinking the clues is a mistake.

    I’d also like to make it clear that, simple or not, this man is a gentleman in every sense of the word and those who know him are fortunate, indeed.

  43. Dal don’t forget he said all you needed was a sandwich and a flaselight
    The next clue he should give is
    “Don’t forget to drink your ovaltine” previously decoded by Ralphie

  44. Hooked ’em up on Monday morning with my partner in crime. We cased the joint for about two hours. Came home realizing that the Rockies are pretty darn big. Have a new interpretation of one of the clues since then, and still like my hunch (even better). But then, when you get struck by the fever any clue can be worked to support your favorite theory. Going in again on Saturday or Sunday if Springtime in the Rockies hangs in there. Once overheard a rancher out this way say that you shouldn’t even think about the spring round-up ’til after Easter. The snow was coming down sideways at the time.
    Pleasant dreams and happy hunting!

    • DogZebra what state are you searching? I would think the weather would not be good until April at the earliest for a search.

      • j,
        I’m searching in the mountains…wait for it…North of Santa Fe. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Not Alaska or Canada, and well under 9000 feet. Can’t disclose more than that, my partner would be peeved.
        Pleasant dreams and happy hunting!

      • As long as your under 9000 ft my dreams will be pleasant.

        Good luck in your quest.

  45. Dal,
    Any idea what time of year the poem was written OR Forrest hid the treasure? If some of the clues require some heavy loads or water high, to visually find the breadcrumbs, then water falls may not be heavy or loaded during peak NM summer or early fall. Furthermore, if the blaze being described is a fire or a place a fire burned, the scar on the terrain might not be visible unless leaves on the trees have fallen…just a thought but I think it might be relevant.


  46. I’m new to this hunt, but have participated in other treasure hunts that got me hooked. It really isn’t about finding the prize, but more about spending time with my son here in Colorado kicking around out-of-the-box ideas, and anticipating the next outing to the woods to hike, search, and bond. Thank you Forrest for the opportunity. I only wish there was more collaboration on this site as in past treasure hunt blogs, rather than the litany of “I know where it is, but I ain’t tellin” comments. That being said, I wanted to share an idea of a possible location that I have hit on (and since I’m new, this may have been hashed over in the past years) and let the blog community have at it.

    First of all, I am not in bad shape, yet I wouldn’t want to carry 42 pounds more than a couple hundred feet…so I think the “blaze” is going to be close to an accessible roadway. Starting with the first clue and working forward sounds like the most scenic and adventuresome way to approach this, and ultimately I would like to experience the whole “clue trip”, but I think Forrest has a back door entrance to the spot…much like computer programmers have back doors through their security. The “blaze” will be fairly close to a road.

    My Idea:

    1. “…where warm waters halt” Rio Blanco Reservoir – NW Colorado (a warm body of water), and reservoirs certainly halt the flow of water.

    2. Down the canyon from the spillway is Rio Blanco or White River, follow the river by canoe.

    3. “…home of Brown” Several miles down is what has been called the best fly fishing in Colorado. Since Forrest is an avid fly fisherman, it would make sense that he has been there. There is a popular campground called River Camp that of course has Brown Trout, but it is also owned by…wait for it…a popular local resident named Walt Brown.

    4. “…no place for the meek” This all takes place just a couple miles from MEEKer, CO

    5. “If you’ve been wise…” I have continued to believe that very few people use the term “wise” and that it had to be a clue pointing to some landmark with Owl in the name. This is where I am struggling because there is an Owl Gulch within maybe 20 miles from there (within yards of County Road 22…the back door) but I don’t know if that is too far to trek.

    Interested to hear thoughts.

    By the way, I believe the strange, inconsistent punctuation throughout the poem has to yield some sort of clue. Who uses just 1 semicolon?


  47. I don’t understand the collaboration unless it’s privately in a group. I understand if someone posts an area they have searched already so it’s most likely not there…but I personally want to figure it out myself and not use someone else’s path.

      • I have no say of the purpose of the blog. That’s just my opinion. I think it would be more fun if people went out and searched their ideas first or found a group to organize “expeditions” and then come back after and post them. Didn’t mean anything bad.

      • Scott, you seem like a great, generous person, as do many of the folks here, but you hit the nail on the head. This blog that Dal does is very interesting and insightful, but (IMHO) I have found taken perceived a couple of the comments/commenters (the ones who claim ‘to know’) to come across as delusionally arrogant/pompous and needy for validation. (sorry, that’s harsh I know, just my opinion)
        Secondly, I somewhat agree with Stephanie’s post from the perspective of sharing what HASN’T worked here – definitely would be helpful to all. However, man if you’ve done the great analysis like you have, keep at it, keep it to yourself, and go find the treasure THEN tell us about it…YOU deserve the riches for the work you’ve done. Offering what you’ve learned that isn’t the right path is still collaboration, but you should be rewarded for your time and efforts. Good things (should) happen to good people…go, make it so, and good luck! 😉

  48. Can you feel it? Can anybody feel it? That clutch in your gut, that little tick by the eye? The weekend’s coming down and it’s time to clock-out. Time to hit the decks a’runnin. You work your whole life, work your fingers to the bone (and you know what you get…). Time to get out in the hills, because a brother’s got to get paid!
    Pleasant dreams and happy hunting!

    • Is the new tip in red or highlighted some way? If it’s not could you do so. I can not find a new tip. All I see are the ten tips that were on there already.

    • Hmm…well how about this agonizing statement I read in an article? He said that he had originally considered making his bones part of the treasure. In the same article, it says that ‘If I am again diagnosed with a terminal disease I would like for my bones to be with the treasure.’ Now how and where do you suppose that you could leave human remains with a treasure without prior arrangements?

      • Well, what I’m getting at, is that you can’t just dig a hole, jump in it and bury yourself. Also, you certainly couldn’t just lay down and die next to a trail in a public park. There’s certain rules about gravesites these days. You have to be in a coffin for one, and you just can’t be buried anywhere. I can’t even bury my own dog in my back yard. That’s what’s puzzling to me. Now cremation, on the other hand, is different. I’m only bringing the subject up because it was in an article and certainly adds another twist to the mystery.

      • Terry-
        I agree with Exconsonite. You can die just about anywhere you want too. People die on city streets, backyards and state parks every day. As far as burial is concerned, he does not plan to be buried. Let nature do what it wants with him. He is not concerned about that. I think your concern about “proper burial” may say more about your religion and your upbringing than Forrest’s.
        So here is what I imagine. Forrest is ready to leave this world. He heads out to the place he wants to rest in peace. It could be anywhere but I imagine it to be a majestic place, special and lovely and endowed with good Fenn history. I assume it’s relatively isolated yet accessible. Although it may be federal land or even a state park this is a place that is secreted away from where the crowds go. He takes his chest with him…(This was prior to him hiding the chest)…and sits down next to his treasure. Admires the view. Thinks good thoughts. Breathes the clean air. Honors his spirits. Swallows a few dozen sleeping pills and curls up next to his chest and falls asleep for the last time.
        If the docs tell you that you have terminal cancer and you sense your body deteriorating you just go where you want and end your life. No one is going to throw you in jail if you are successful. The law has no bearing here.

      • Dal –

        Thanks so much for the response! I honostly don’t know the rules about such things. I just know how it has applied to family members who have passed. When I went along to help make arrangements after their passing, those were the things that we were told by the funeral directors. I understand what you’re saying though, and obviously nobody can control someone doing what you just described. Sometimes I need a little help understanding things from another perspective apart from that which I’ve been accustomed to. That’s where we can all benefit each other in this adventure. We learn along the way and broaden our way of thinking. I have to agree with you that the spot would have to be somewhat secluded.

      • Brings to mind the refrain from an old Tom Russell song, “Lay me out on the river, boys, facing the hot desert sun, where the wind will scatter my spirits after the coyotes are done.”

        Not many do it deliberately, but it’s not unusual at all for the backwoods of New Mexico to lose a human carcass so’s it’s never found, or not found until decades or centuries later. Not just New Mexico.

        A lady acquaintance of mine in the 1980s, outdoorsman, went with her husband and kid up to Montana or Wyoming late winter, pulled off beside the road and stepped behind a bush to pee. As far as I know they’ve never found a trace of her, that day to this.

  49. Hi All, I’m fairly new to the chase. I’ve spent a great deal of time over the past few weeks researching, just as I’m sure many of you have done. One thing that I am having difficulty confirming: has Forrest only mentioned the treasure being in the Rocky Mountains verbally, or is it in one of his writings? I ask because, being the wordsmith he is, perhaps he meant the “rocky mountains” instead of the “Rocky Mountains”. If it’s the former, then there are a host of mountains that I would consider to be rocky that are not necessarily in the Rocky Mountains. Thanks!

  50. Hey Dal,how are you?
    Im new to the chase and am waiting for the book. I have done a weeks worth of computer research and thats about all I have for experience here.
    It seems strange that Mr. Fenn stated 5000 ft in his last clue ,given most of the Rockys are much higher. So the clue seems to have kind of been tossed aside as obvious. For some strange reason it seems there is more to it. Perhaps the crafty Mr. Fenn hid it very close to 5000 ft … just above 5000 ft even. He didnt say above 6000 ft. Or it is more likely I need to stop looking at this poem and rest the grey matter,lol.

  51. Dal, I’m new here too . Think this blog is great for all us treasure hunters, so here’s a little on my research (bold) Boulder, Co. One of the streets in town use to B called canyon rd. just a thought,really have enjoyed the clues , hope mine may help , don’t forget me when u find it $$$
    Thanks, Ricky

  52. One of the facets of treasure hunting I’ve never understood, but which nevertheless seems to be a part of the equation is that people [in this case, including me] come in fresh, never set foot on the place where they think it is, but ‘know’ anyway, often from a thousand miles away, the location.

    After I published the Adams Diggings book, then until now, I got hundreds of emails and letters over the years from people scattered from hell to breakfast who could clear the whole mystery up studying topo maps and using their own unique wisdom. Glad to give me a piece of it if I’d follow their instructions, climb a mountain, haul it out without them having to leave their EasyBoy recliners in Maine or Kalamazoo.

    But I’ve digressed.

    To be honest, the question of how he knows it hasn’t been found is one worth a lot of pondering. He must be able to occasionally drive near enough to see some indicator it’s still there, or has a signal device attached to it or underneath triggered when it’s lifted, or as some speculate, have a camera nearby.

    Surely would be a big pain to lift it out and find it impossible to fade back into the woodwork of obscurity.

    I’d love to know anything you might know or speculate based on your conversations with him on that matter.

    • Old Jules..
      Right on..I really think it’s terribly rude for folks to say they’ve solved it when they have not. To solve a puzzle you must complete it. To complete this puzzle a person has to go get it. If you don’t have a photo of your trembling arms holding it out for all to see…we will not believe you..
      I have personally read email from over a hundred searchers who have written that they have found it when they have merely spent a few hours on their computers and found a place where the clues lined up. Truth is that there are hundreds..maybe thousands of places where the clues line up..and everyone here who has spent a few hours on their computer digging into Home of Brown or Warm waters halting comes up with the same ideas. We are all connected to the same internet and we all know how to use Google and Google Earth.
      This hunt has been going on for 2.5 years..a lot of people have the same clues and many have already been out to those places and looked. They have moved on to different levels of clue searching.
      Please don’t boast that you’ve solved it or you found it until it’s in your hands. It’s rude and it needlessly discourages the folks who just started.

      • Amen, Dal.
        Dave in VA

        P.S. Sadly, this will not be the last word on the matter. Let the search begin! (again)

      • I agree it is silly for someone to say they have solved it until the treasure is in their hands. But at the same time, Forrest did say that the person that finds it will not have stumbled upon it, that they would have read the poem over and over, have done research and planning, and will go to the spot with confidence.

    • I’m convinced he put a GPS type of thing in the chest so he can know immediately if it has been moved

  53. Interesting blog Dal. Like many folks, I have spent a considerable amount of hours researching Forrest and working out his clues. I live in Albuquerque and could only chuckle at the woman in Bandelier. She was smart to hunker down for the night knowing her situation. One article I read said she was on her way out to her car the next morning when ‘found’. Important lesson here: plan, plan, plan when trekking into the wilderness. Most importantly – this means leaving detailed information about your trip with a reliable person not going with you – and having a clear deadline set when that person should contact the authorities. I hike and backpack alot and missing a trail marker or having to detour from a set path are not uncommon activities when ‘out in the woods’. These things often delay an arrival at a particular destination and need to be accounted for. With this in mind, I carry enough provisions to last me a couple days should the need arise.

    On another note, I get my Jeep back on the road this week and I am making my first excursion for Forrest’ treasure……. I PLAN on having a great time – and you won’t be reading about me in the papers (Inshallah). 😉

  54. Dal,

    Thank you for pointing out that boasting about having found the treasure is not allowed. Other than that I enjoy reading the comments on your blog.

    • I don’t take issue with anyone boasting about finding the treasure because until i see a picture of them with it or Forrest says its been found – i will continue with my quest to find it. Happy hunting!

      • As a novice to both treasure hunting and poker, I am having difficulty knowing how to not show my cards and how to discuss what I’m thinking about the clues. I’m wondering whether the ones boasting about finding the treasure are trying too hard with the poker idea as well. When a friend of mine was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, she said she didn’t mind the dying part, it was the waiting to die. Another aspect of this for me is just to enrich our waiting to die days, because we are all terminal. If I find one gold nugget, that’s one more than I have now, but it’s pretty cool to be part of the chase.

        • I don’t think the dying part is the hard part…it’s the knowing your dying will hurt those you leave behind that must be the worst. I always lose at poker. I can’t bluff very well as hard as I try. The big smiles give me away every time.

      • You “ALWAYS LOSE” at poker. Let me talk to someone who has won at least one hand….heehee

      • oh don’t pout Stephanie…I was teasing. I’ll take it down a notch. I can wax philisophical with the best of ya.There’s some folks don’t think like us about dying. Some folks just think about themselves only. It’s all just such an individual thing, a journey we all go on solo, etc. Actually the Thrill of the Chase is probably how we all are chasing gold and death too. Some chase the gold ring in life killing themselves while others are chasing death so then they can get the gold. Nah, I have no idea what I’m talking about. Maybe you can tell me where the warm waters halt. thnx

        • I’m not pouting at all. My posts can be really expressive and opinionated. I think they can be taken different ways. Please take them 99% with happiness and laughter. *Hugs and love* the scum of the earth post was the 1% lol. That guy threatened Forrest.

      • Cool. Well I saw some posts where Dal said he would block a person from posting again. The guy threw out some info for clue one, about the where the waters halt. Was his information correct, even if his attitude wasn’t, and now I can go on to clue two? Or should I totally disregard anything he said. Yes, I’m asking for your opinion about clue one however, expressive it may be 🙂 I’m not wanting to incite you about the person again.

  55. The first time I read the poem after learning it involved a treasure the ‘no paddle up’ etc. struck me as significant. I naturally put that together with ‘warm waters halt’ and concluded with certainty for a brief while it was downstream from the Albuquerque Sewage Treatment Plant where it discharges into the Rio Grande. Somewhere down the bosque. With the South Valley War Zone to provide backup for the sinister undertones.

    I abandoned that sewer plant with all its halting of warm water, but I’m not counting out the paddle as a significant piece of the action.

    • The ‘no place for the meek’ phrase seems to me to either be someone who didn’t, someone who ain’t gonna, or someone who’s too wealthy to inherit the earth, incidently. A rich neighborhood, a dirt poor one, a Rez, or a ruin.

      But in any case, significant.

      • I searched there several months back thinking the same as you. Highly searched area. There was already someone there searching – said he was there 6 hours. Might still be valid. “no paddle up your creek” – play on “up sh**ts creek”. The plant dumps into the santaFe river – which is dry most of the year – maybe that’s why you don’t need a paddle. But maybe you still need to follow it up to the “water high”.

  56. I’m new to the thread and have been very interested in the comments here. I don’t know if I will ever go hunting for the treasure, but I have thought about what I would do if I found it. Does anyone else feel a pang of guilt for wanting to take it? I know it’s silly, because if I’m not looking for it, I’m not gonna find it. But I think of so many things that could be done with the treasure, and then my “Jimminy Cricket” gets the best of me and I feel like I utlimately couldn’t take it. Maybe get some pics and leave a note or something? Maybe take half? I don’t know. I guess I would have to be put in the situation first, right? Hmmm, maybe I should hop on the wagon… 🙂

    • Steph: It’s the sort of thing a person bothering to search should probably do the heavy thinking before finding it. Once a person finds it and tells someone there’s a good argument to be made that things could go unintended directions. Lawyers, IRS, FBI, lawsuits, tribes if it’s on BIA trust land, heirs if it’s on land grant land, BLM and USFS if it’s on US Department of Agriculture ground, New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, and so on. The gold nuggets could be disposed of quietly, trickled out, and the coin if there’s nothing unique about them. But the bracelet and ring could probably be difficult to convert to cash. Particularly without provenance.

      • Jules,

        It’s nice to know others have the same thoughts as me. Do you melt an be silent, or do you go for the glory and count on that the provenance will add enough value to cover the additional taxes. I think the business move would be to keep quiet, although that would be a tough one to pull off. The next thing that went through my mind was… “I wonder what the clerk at the nearest Cash for Gold store would say if you showed up with a 12th century chest with a few hundred ounces in it!” LOL

        Someone should make a fun Find Forrest’s treasure kit. Includes Maps of Yellowstone, NM, CO, bear spray, a few trout flys, and a map of all the nearest Cash for Gold Stores.


      • Len: Someone mentioned on another thread that the bottomline for a transaction having to be reported is now $600. I suppose there’ll always be an undercurrent market where people deal in cash and collectors buy things off the radar. Always has been, for everything from guns to gold to illicit drugs.

        Probably it all boils down to whether a person is willing to walk a legal chalkline, or put himself into close proximity to people who shrug off legalities as a matter of lifestyle and do whatever they were going to do anyway.

        Everyone involved in those kinds of transactions can probably be charged with criminal conspiracy, and a lot of the people willing to take the risk, not all, but a lot, can be folks the knowing of won’t make life a better place.

        Not least reason for which being that when they get caught for something else they’d sell their grandmother to stay out of the slammer.

      • “I give you title to the gold”. Seems to me that it is a gift and that Forrest should file a gift tax return and the finder would have no tax liability. I guess that is one for the lawyers to determine if the finder comes forward.

        • I can’t imagine someone accepting a “gift” of title to something like this and then expect Forrest to pay a gift tax on it. How would that conversation go? Hi Forrest…I found the chest worth possible millions…pony up another million or so in gift tax so I don’t have to lol…can’t imagine that being a real conversation anyone would contemplate having. Then again, I’ve seen some personalities on the blogs lately that aren’t in line with my type of thinking.

          • Steph, the finder of the treasure can only accept $14,000 a year in gift money tax-free but would have to pay the IRS a little over 30% of the value of the remainder. So, say the treasure is worth $1,014,000. – $14K is “free” and the tax on the $1million would be about $300K.

            I believe Forrest would have to file a gift tax return and $1,000,000 would be deducted from his lifetime gift and tax exclusion of $5.2million.

            Tax laws are very confusing so if anyone knows differently, please correct me. 🙂

          • I’m a tax preparer – not true that a person can only accept so much a year tax free — ANY AMOUNT can be accepted and there is NO TAXABLE EVENT until you take some of that money and invest it etc – then you pay taxes on it.

          • Gee Stance, maybe my husband’s relatives should have had you prepare their taxes instead of their regular tax accountant! 🙂

          • The giver is limited to $14K per year per person in tax-free gifting, but the RECEIVER has NO SUCH LIMIT! FACT!

          • Stance you are correct about the recipient of the gift. I was thinking of the tax burden of the giver. I believe the gift tax applies more to people trying to prevent people from trying to give their children their estate without paying any taxes. Most people will never have to worry about it though with the big exclusion. I don’t know if there would be tax on the items in Forrest’s treasure If you wanted to sell it, like the bracelets. etc.

          • Any gift tax is paid by person giving the gift.

            What makes you think Forrest does not know this ?

            Here is some IRS rules

            What if I sell property that has been given to me?
            The general rule is that your basis in the property is the same as the basis of the donor. For example, if you were given stock that the donor had purchased for $10 per share (and that was his/her basis), and you later sold it for $100 per share, you would pay income tax on a gain of $90 per share. (Note: The rules are different for property acquired from an estate).

  57. As I began to dive into Mr. Fenn’s Poem today I immediately noticed that he used every letter in the alphabet except the letter X. Isn’t that interesting? X marks the spot doesn’t it? I also noticed that the letter X in numeral form is 24. There are 24 lines/stanzas in Mr. Fenn’s Poem. Isn’t that interesting? Mr. Fenn is definitely a genius. Awesome work Mr. Fenn! Happy Hunting this Spring and Fall people. Be safe out there and Good Luck!

    • I believe and I think someone else mentioned that Fenn is a master of double entendres. I will give this up freely, but remember where it came from, take for example of where to begin.
      Begin it where warm waters halt, this to me I believe is in Eagle Nest, NM.
      The double entendre here is Begin in Eagle Nest, Eagles begin in a nest!!
      Any thought on that or maybe more double or triple entendras in the poem?

      • Here’s another
        A Cimarron color is browm is it not? Another double entendre in the poem I think!!!

      • Marron is usually the Spanish name associated with the color brown and the English name brown. Maybe after people started being named Skye, Sunshine, and various monikers of TV western characters a few were named Cimarron.

        • Old Julles
          Google search on color of cimarron and look at what Benjamin Moore displays it as
          I was just trying different ways the poem could be looked at and you are correct for the spanish name
          for brown
          When my sons and I searched places we had found double meanings for some of those places
          For blaze we went to a place named after a horse as in blaze on a horse but it was also was a creek
          Just wanted to know if other people had found any double entendres in places they looked

  58. How do you know he meant Sante Fe NM? In the first paragraph on his website he only writes Santa Fe. Farther down the page, when he describes where his shop is located, he writes Sante Fe, NM. Is there an interview that clarifies this? Thanks.

  59. Somewhere on here one of the voices of authority asserted that Forrest wouldn’t have put the need for a kayak, canoe, or raft into the mix. I tried to move upgrade where I wouldn’t need one, based on the hope it’s true.

    Yeah, there are some spots up there worth checking out and it can be done by only getting the feet wet, maybe not even that.

    But I keep coming back to, “Put in below the home of Brown” and I can’t devise a single way of reading it that doesn’t involve floating and presumably the need to float. And if the floating takes a person far downstream getting back to the starting place where the vehicle sits lonesome involves someone at the other end, or hitchhiking.

    I think I’ve figured out a way to spray insulating foam into a thick air mattress and mounting a light deck onto it so’s to avoid putting out the money for a raft or kayak, something to hold up long enough to get the only place a long distance downstream to take out, but the entire prospect is discommodious.

    Cats stomping around inside the RV wondering whether I’ll get back by feeding time.

    Surely some of you others have pondered the meaning of that phrase and arrived at drier alternative possible meanings.

  60. Old Jules
    the next stanza says There’ll be no paddle up your creek
    so to me that means put in a dry or small creek so no need for floaties

    • Tim: I suppose you might be right, though it doesn’t explain the ‘put in’ anomaly. High water “up your creek” doesn’t sound dry.

    • Could be another way of saying “up the creek without a paddle” which just means to be in an undesirable place or to be in trouble. Well, he did say it’s no place for the meek.

      • You’re probably right, Terry. My mind locks on particular biases and I have difficulties freeing it so’s to examine other possibilities. For instance, it’s locked onto the “no place for the meek” reference in the context of the Sermon on the Mount, the inheritance, specifically. A place the meek ain’t going to inherit. The “in there” suggests to me, as you mentioned [I think] it’s inside a boundary of one sort or another, but possibly just outside another boundary, the one that’s no place for the meek.

        There seems to be a nuance at the end, “I’ll give YOU title” causes my irrational biases to think it’s a contrast to another title, the one for the land where it’s located.

        But there’s a post upgrade from here a woman made arguing it’s in Colorado on a place he loved to go fishing, and I expect she’s probably correct.

        I just don’t care a lot for Colorado except over in Mesa Verde country and the Cortez area, so I ain’t going to do any searching in Colorado.

        If that treasure wants me to find it, it’s going to have to be somewhere I want to search for it. And I’m not going to budge away from not searching in Colorado, so if it’s up there someone needs to move it down into New Mexico to one of the countless other locations where all the subtleties of the poem get satisfied.

      • Matthew 5:5 says that the meek SHALL inherit the earth. Meek in that context means Godfearing, righteous, humble, teachable, and patient under suffering. I don’t think Forrest is using the word meek in that context, but rather more like spineless, lacking in spirit or courage. It wasn’t me that said that about “in there” but it could mean a lot of things such as in a canoe, the water, a park, the woods, a structure, his car, etc.

      • Likely you’re right, Terry. I won’t ask you to abandon your favorite place because of my personal interpretation of Scripture and a poem, both of which have proven themselves capable of being interpreted countless ways.

        Before it’s over it will likely bust down into a lot of doctrinal cults based on slants of interpretation. FennoColoradoists, arguing Scripture with FennoWyomingists. But my poor old mind just isn’t up to the job of sorting all that out, same as my comp is losing the RAM capability of loading this thread.

        I’m pretty much an old Tao-Zen man anyway. Though I do enjoy studying a lot of Christian canon. Doubt I’ll be having any prayer meetings with the FennNewMexicoists, though I imagine I’d enjoy the singing. Always liked Canciones de Me Padre.

  61. Same with searching through this thread trying to keep track of it. My old comp doesn’t have enough ram to take it all in without a lot of whining and complaining. I think I’m going to have to abandon this part of the trail.

  62. When someone is telling about a place, there head is filled with myriad of images, sites, sounds, smells, but the listener, has only the words there hearing. I think the poem is all you need and as forrest has said, “imagination is some times better than knowledge”, for filling in the blanks.

  63. Wow… the guy who made that website (and those hideous shirts) is COOCOO for Cocoa Puffs! Yeah I’m going to send him $10,000 so I can *MAYBE* get $2,500 back (while he pockets $2 million – if he even finds much less LOOKS for the treasure). Take him down Forrest! I think the recent TV exposure has brought out all the loonies…

  64. Good evening everyone.

    I’ve been retired from treasure hunts for a few years, but a colleague pointed me toward this one, and sent a copy of the poem yesterday. So of course I hit it hard last night and already have a pet theory :). If it’s alright to just show up and do this sort of thing, I wanted to ask 2 questions:
    1.) Is it known precisely when the treasure was hidden, and the poem written? I’ve found a few references to (paraphrasing) “I was 79 or 80…”, and I understand Mr. Fenn is 82 right now, but is that the only time reference?
    2.) Is there a “clearing house” for non-poem clues? This blog post is something of that sort, and that’s sorta why I’m posting here.


    • Pine Tree: This is as nearly a clearing house for clues as can be found on the web, nearly as I can tell, having done a number of websearches before arriving here.

      But it’s surprising there’s not a specific one out there yet. An actual clearing house would probably be organized with a separate, distinct thread for every clue, along with more general threads for information of broader scope.

      Dal’s doing a great service with this blog and I don’t envy him the work involved. But I’d guess there’s someone on the web recognizing the potential for a lot of traffic who’ll get into the act with a clearinghouse, sell a lot of ads, maps, survival knives with hollow handles for fishing gear and dollar compasses on the grips, and magnesium firestarters.

      Every gold rush in history made more money for the merchants, tinhorn gamblers, suppliers of whatever was needed by the searchers, than it did for most of the folks out turning over rocks.

      If the Fenn treasure gains momentum in the consciousness of the general public I’d expect to see a whole new legion of experts congeal selling tips and recycling barely disguised lifts from Dal’s blog.

  65. so to keep this serious tread going did Forrest not say that where he placed the treasure was a special place for him

    So that could be:

    Archaeology site
    fishing place
    where he ate a certain sandwich
    Susan Summers cleavage sorry had to pun one
    etc certainly more but what did he really spend the most time with or maybe enjoyed the most
    To me now that is is archaeology so that is the place to look I believe but not maybe to start to look
    Find the end and work backwards to the start that matches the clues

    • Tim: If you’re in the unique position of not having already settled in biases on the matter you probably have an advantage on those of us who have. I’d suggest hanging onto that as tightly as possible, keeping all the options open.

      This thread and the other one’s scattered with the carcasses of those of us who have already formed opinions and are allowing those opinions to lead us up trails formed by what we expect to see. Seeing blazes where we expect to see them.

      We’re all, or most of us, knowing too much, too early, based on too little. Each of us stands a good possibility of walking past the obvious because we were looking for something entirely different which we concluded too early was the obvious.

  66. Mr. Fenn has stated there are many wonderful things in that box, but why does his riddle state your only getting the title to his gold. Any opinions on that would be appreciated. I think whats in the box has significant meaning to solving this chase. Of course that’s just my opinion.

    • Dazed: Might just be his way of saying the real ‘gold’, real value is being in the woods, on the search, on an adventure he’s created, provided. That he’s given you title to that gold whether you find the box, or don’t.

    • A lot of people are reading the poem and thinking of places Forrest likes or has been.
      Try taking Forrest out of the equation and concentrate on what he has hidden.
      Apply that to your search and it may bring you to a place that matches the clues.
      And when you get there you may find it is a place you can picture Forrest may have liked or been to.

      • Jwal
        You can take the boy out to the country but you cannot take the country out of the boy.
        I think this is all about Forrest and I would leave him in the equation
        Thats my take on itt, now where did that country boy go?

    • “So hear me ALL and listen good,
      YOUR effort will be worth the cold.”

      He’s addressing everyone involved. Not just the person who finds the box. He’s saying, seems to me, the efforts of those who don’t find the box will be worth the cold. If there’s another way of reading those two lines I don’t see it. Thus having qualified the targets he’s directing the following words to:

      “If you are brave and in the wood
      I give you title to the gold.”

      Courage is its own reward, so he’s not claiming ownership of that, but he does appear to be saying if you combine that with being in the wood while searching for something he does own [this adventure, this chase, this entire package of human beings poring over maps, his words, his life] he’ll have given each of them title to ‘the’ gold.

      If you accept the premise the chase is where the gold is, as opposed to the finding of the box, seems to make sense of those two lines without a lot of hand-wringing and pussyfooting around.

      • A thought about the flashlight. There might be enough of a cavity a person needs to reach into so’s to get something out. Might be obscured enough by shadow inside some times of the day so’s a person can’t see inside clearly.

        New Mexico has more than its fair share of black widow and brown recluse spiders. Might want to shine a light in there just to make certain there’s nobody calling it home.

      • I thought Dal said somewhere that Forrest told him you didn’t need a flashlight. I don’t know where I saw that reference though.

        • ‘Recently Forrest sent me an email in which he said “A flashlight isn’t necessary unless you are searching at night”

          Just have to say that wording -in a treasure with a poem for a map- is everything. He never said ‘no flashlight required’ …what he mighta said, subtly, was ‘nighttime may be required’. 😉

          • I thought that too (blaze might only be visible at night). I went to the waste treatment plant pre-dawn to see if the sun rising meant something. Even got an iPhone app that showed where/when sun rose & set based on current location. That was flawed thinking though – the sun rises & sets in slightly different spots as the seasons change.

            Also he uses “found” the blaze; not “see”. I’m thinking the blaze is an object, not fire or light related. My brother’s theory that it is a TRAIL MARKER – which is called a “blaze”. Look it up on wiki.

  67. Hello to all you treasure hunters. First off I’d like to say that for sometime now, I have stayed on the side lines and listened (read) all of your ideas and comments regarding the clues in the poem. Needless to say, I’ve tried to keep your thoughts and mine in seperate corrals. Even though you all have suggested different meanings for the clues in the poem, some I might add were very strong, nevertheless I find that keeping my mind clear of any outside influence works best for me.

    “Thinking outside the box”, has always been valuable to me in my life. To those who know/knew me, I have always been a problem solver (no bragging intended), it’s just the way I am. This “Poem” to me is nothing more then another “Problem” needing a solution.

    Based on the comments Mr. Fenn has made; whether clues or not, it is the man himself, not the things he says or in the case of his treasure chest, he doesn’t say, that are noteworthy. Take his autobiography for example. For those who have read it, you’ve gotten to know Fenn “the man himself”. As he says in his poem, “if you’ve been wise”, you would understand that he is telling you to become him, look at things the way he would. As strange as it may seem, think about that for a moment. He’s opened up his personal thoughts for all to see. The places he’s been, the discoveries he’s made, his “Thrill of the Chase”.

    Being a Vietnam vet myself, I can relate to his wartime experiences in that country. Although he was a pilot and I was a Marine “Grunt”, it took bravery and courage to fly into enemy territory to provide support for us troops on the ground. How do you think he must have felt when he was shot down? These are a couple of examples of the man himself. I can relate to him in so many ways, that sometimes I feel he is a kindred spirit. He like I, knew what we wanted and didn’t want and followed our own paths in life. What you might call “Free Spirits”.

    So where am I going with all this? Well, getting into Fenn’s head would be my first suggestion. Which may require many people to buy his book. Secondly, stop trying to “guess” where he would have hidden the treasure, that doesn’t work. There are many underlying things that he is saying in his poem that unless you pay close attention, you will miss them. Also, you have to tear apart any conclusions you make in order to substantiate their validity. As an example, a house where “Brown” lives is not a good conclusion. Why? Because it won’t survive time. Remembering what Fenn said, that he hopes it won’t be found for one hundred years, five hundred years or a millennium. Remember,it must survive time. Another point is the blaze. It to must survive time. Me, I’d use an aluminum can. It will not decompose for 200 to 500 years (something I thought I’d throw in there for you eco-friendly folks). Well, that’s it for now, hope this little bit helps.

    • Well, the blaze will survive time, it’s not a physical object.. per se. It’s not a sun, a lava flow, or “forest fire”. Going to have to go outside the poem to find this>> meaning that one thing points to another.

    • man i’m having a hard time keeping up with all these threads. your point is a very good one germanguy.. a blaze/marker that will stand for eternity.. i really hadnt thought about in that degree.. with that in mind, it could be a geographic land mark thats been in existence for millions of years.. something so strong and durable, that the only thing that could disrupt it would be an earthquake or one of those meteors taking aim at us… is this fun or what?

  68. XMarks..somehow I don’t think it’s going to be the kind of blaze your thinking of. In a hundred years or more (according to Fenn’s desire that it still be there) it probably wouldn’t be recognizable. Besides, what’s the guarantee that the tree will still be there, no less the blaze. Especially given the fact that our forests are dwindling.

    Went after it this weekend w/sandwich.
    Warm waters halt… Check (my interpretation)
    Canyon down… Check
    Not far… Check
    Home of… Check
    No place for… Check
    Drawing nigh… Check
    No paddle… Check
    Heavy loads, water high…Check

    Now where is that dad-burn blaze? Came home with a short length of copper wire, sore ankle and a couple of ticks. None the wiser. Can’t wait for next weekend.
    Pleasant dreams and happy hunting!

    • Is the story on the blog in one of the tabs or months, or is it in the book?

      I don’t have any $50 bills lying around these days to spend on books.

      • I think it’s in the book Jules..but I don’t know how it tells a person how to read the poem. So I’m hoping George will tell us more.

  70. Being one of the folks on the book back order list I am wondering if any of you out there could provide me with a tidbit of info that may or may not be in the book… I am one of the few who is in the Colorado club and curious to know if Forrest mentions anything about CO in his stories? Possibly an area he liked to fish or where his family may have stopped on there way from Texas to Yellowstone? Any insight sure would be appreciated.

  71. Hey Dal,
    I just wanted to add that, while Forrest said it was hidden north of Santa Fe, there’s no reason to believe that one must start there. The beginning might very well be elsewhere.

  72. technique was to tie one end of the new piece of string onto
    the end of the last one. I knew all of the good tricks, and one was
    to tie only square knots so they wouldn’t slip.
    Soon I had a multi-colored ball that got larger and larger with
    each tie-on. I hoped to tie on at least three strings a day, and after a year
    or so the ball was so large it couldn’t go through my bedroom door.
    Then one afternoon when I walked home from school in the
    rain my string had disappeared. It just wasn’t there anymore. I tried
    to explain to my mother that since the ball couldn’t get out of my
    room it was somewhat difficult for anyone to steal it. She didn’t
    answer, but just kept nodding and looking out of the window. I
    think she was watching for the postman or something. Even to this
    day the mystery of what happened to my string ball remains one
    of the great unsolved crimes in my family. now try the same with the clues! remember he said he used mostly white string, but wound up with a multi colored ball. and a square knot is easly untied

  73. i would also like to make the comment, notice that you can read the poem backwards just as fluently as forward.

  74. another thing i have noticed is in the story of his soda bottle cap collection, he stated that he had to drink the pop first before he could collect the cap. but in the list he names diffirent soda”s , when you resurch the list you will see Blatz. but blatz was a beer!!!

  75. just a thought HOME is where you hart is. Home is where you hang your hat. FF a Brown hat

    • Brown is capitalized which makes it a proper noun. It is a name, although not necessarily the name of a person.

      • All opinion of course. While being a proper noun, it could also be an adjective. Or, it might be capitalized for an entirely different reason, like the B is part of an abbreviation that we’re supposed to piece together. Or we’re supposed to be looking for a ROWaN tree with a ‘B’ blaze cut into it. It’s a puzzlehunt, IMo. Lots of possibilities.

  76. Everyone has their own set of takeaways from the Chase. Below are mine. Maybe they’ll prove helpful to one or two people as they strike the trail in search of the elusive golden chest.

    Safety first – Note-to-self: keep an eye on the clock and the weather as you head into the great outdoors. Common sense is king. The mountains can be an unpredictable and dangerous place, especially in the remote places many of us search. As the Scouts say, be prepared…and return in one piece.

    Don’t quit your day job – Found it? Me too, three times! Each trip out West I came back rich in memories. I finally got the memo. A treasure hunt based on a 24-line poem is a lot harder than it seems. Yes, it’s not impossible, but I think I’ll keep that resignation letter tucked away a while longer.

    Keep the 401K intact – Trains, planes and automobiles. Coffee, sandwiches and a flashlight (now I find out it’s optional). You get my drift. There is a cost. Proximity and frequency are two important factors. Whether it’s $15 or $15,000, decide how much you want to spend, budget accordingly, and stick to it.

    Doghouse dilemma – Obsessed? Join the club. Is that healthy for a relationship? No. Trust the old me on this one. The item above has a lot to do with it. Keep your priorities in check. Don’t leave home without them.

    Satellite, shmatellite – Close enough counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, Forrest said so himself. That’s a key lesson learned with Google Maps, Bing and the like. While these tools produce some intriguing results, things look a lot different on the ground. Remember, the treasure is still hidden without the “precise” location.

    Onward, and enjoy!

    • good advice dave.. my new motto, that i preach to my boys is “stay alert, stay alive”..

  77. Clues Every week to Dal and for the rest of us Clues Every Month on the Today Show…J/K Dal, treasure hunting humor, don’t get your panties in a bunch. Hey Dal I appreciate this blog and you moderating it. If I find the treasure I will ask Mr. Fenn if we can fly you over to accompany us for dinner and drinks and I may slip a few gold trinkets your way in secret just be sure to go in peace and not upset or jealous. J/K

    • Oh heck..I’m not worried. Forrest said someone clever and smart will find it. That leaves you out of the picture completely.

      • That’s just wrong Dal…you hit below the belt buddy. You can just forget about joining Mr. Fenn and myself and those gold trinklets I was going to hook-you-up with. Feelings have been hurt. I gotta regroup here, as I shed tears all over my copy of Mr. Fenn’s Poem…I need to have another printed.

  78. Hey Dal, my favorite pal in the whole entire world, can you please direct me, within this blog, to all the places you have not found the treasure? PPPlease?

  79. discussion of the clues would benefit more than discussion of a empty place, ff said we must decipher the poem, example: “no place for the meek” well that discribes a million places atleast, so its not a location to look for, but more of an environment. it serves no purpose to give a clue to what you will find at the location. my point being is ,the poem is not a map! its a list of clues! take it in the canyon down. everybody seems to just want to look at the part that says canyon down! my problem with that is that people tend to ignor the word IT. when you include the word it in that sentince, it describes what he did and thats fine. just like he says “begin IT” ok! we can use that as a rule to decipher. then at what point or why did he stop saying where he went to hide the gold, to where we have to go to find the gold. example: ” there’ll be no paddle up YOUR creek” i am speculating that places like “home of brown” dose not exist as a place, or “blaze” is not a item, I do not proclaim i have any discoverd any insight to the answers. but do feel the need to share one thing that i have notice when i read the poem, almost every clue could also mean a feeling or a emotion when read in that context

  80. George as the saying goes…’One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure.” So it could also be “One Man’s hot spot, where he didn’t find the Treasure, could be another Man’s hot spot where he did find the Treasure.” Once again as real treasure hunters say; “You miss by an Inch, you Miss by a Mile.” Dal and many others out there have possibly missed by an inch on one of their searches, where the treasure was right there within 500 feet from them as Mr. Fenn has stated! I would like to retrace Dal’s steps, go to the places he has been too. You know george just cause many people graduate from high school and college does not necessarily mean they will find success. Some find success while many don’t. Heck there are many people who dropped out of high school and did not attend college and found success while many with bachelor and master degrees are without work or at a minimum wage job. Just saying.

    • Mark Weston
      I believe we have thought of all of the possibilities of the blaze, did you think of the sun
      So could you maybe give me a little more of what you think it might be?
      How about this if not
      trail marker
      horse as to color on face
      fire or flame or burn, flare up
      mark on tree
      mark on something else
      kit carson really big into blazing
      make of ford suv
      torch or candle
      fast and other speeds
      atomic blast
      could be noun or verb depending on tense like he blazed a trail but not marking it

      So Mark is it any of these? How about anyone else out there?
      Lets keep this simple

      • Forrest gave some examples of what a blaze is to him in the Hemispheres article. I wonder if it’s some how the double omega in the back of the book. Maybe on a gravestone(would be there 1000 years from now) and there’s some type of compartment in a gravestone. Maybe it’s a cemetery off the Santa Fe Trail or the Old Spanish Trail.

        • Stephanie
          The blaze to many are probably the biggest clue to this whole thing and I am thinking and remember just thinking that Forrest probably thought this two and after more thinking I am now at the conclusion that the blaze is going to be pretty big. If it was small Forrest knows alot of people will miss it, so for one example instead of being a mark on the trail it is the trail itself like the Santa Fe trail, that is big and you cannot miss it because it was so well documented. Also if it is (the) blaze and not (those) blazes to me now that seems to be one thing. I asked him once that even if he told me the canyon that he placed the treasure in, I still would not have found it unless the blaze was a small billbord. So I know you have been in the wood and searched and can relate to that. Also Tony Dokoupil wether you like him or not stated the big thing(s) as well and that I now tend to believe him but just on that. We have to make assumptions, narrow it down to a samll area then go there, otherwise it will never be found. When I did not find the treasure at one spot, I went back home and came up with another different approach which I am now on, but haven’t narrowed down the exact area. I still used some of the original but a different ending. One thing that hit me big was something you had mentioned that we where not going far enough from the beginning, thanks.
          For this blog I wish poeple could be a little more open then just saying I know what the blaze is?
          Okay then can you also tell me what it is maybe without giving away your destination. At this point in time for me after like two years of thinking I really don’t care if someone else finds it and maybe I might have helped them do so. So if you want to ask me I will tell you cause I am now meek. I also now know and many people have not realized that the probability of someone finding the chest in their prime searching area if discoverwed is not going to happen (stastically that is).

          • I agree that it’s likely on one of the historical trails…SFT or OST or CD and I’ve thought that from the beginning. History is so important to him and I would imagine he’s walked the trails many times in search of his own desire to learn history and to find arrowheads which he actually told us was the most important thing to him. This is hearsay, but I was told that he said he used to fly over the SFT in his plane and follow the ruts. He talks about his reason for doing this is to get the kids out and this is exactly what he was doing with his dad. I also don’t see his family on those private journeys so he’d be going alone. I don’t care for people giving out entire searches unless they’ve done it themselves and know that it wasn’t there. Those I think can be fun, because you learn how others are thinking. I don’t really like when people just put a search out there that hasn’t been checked out. I just don’t want to be given the answer….I think it’s neat that some people are willing to do searches for people who can’t go out and are willing to split it, if found. I don’t like Tony, because my personal opinion about him is that he tried to create a story that would harm Forrest. I’ve also seen him say many things that are absolutely not true and he would have known they weren’t true, but “reported” them as fact. I’d be careful using what he says as fact…maybe just use as ideas instead.

          • First and foremost thank you for the reply I don’t know forest personally but i feel like I know him somehow . Our paths in life have crossed many times in the places he has been and spent time exploring for example he talks about a bracelet made of turquoise I lived and grew up not far from the mesa verde indian ruins and have explored many ruins and found lots of arrowheads. Not far from there at Delores colo. are the anasazi indian ruins that were put under water when they built the Mcphee reservoir. I have seen mummies with bone knives still in place and found perfect pots and stone ax heads there . i no longer have them due to the laws restricting ownership. My job as a young man took me to Santa-fe new mexico where i spent many years being an avid fisherman and a cowboy in my spare time exploring the state. My father started the aztec beans growing from 4 beans he got from the Aztec indian ruins that was 20 miles from the ranch place. I now live in Montana and have been to yellowstone and the surrounding area in big sky putting stonework in the houses there. Enough said what you said in your reply hit it right on the nail. Also i have some knowledge on Aroyo hondo back when the spanairds settled in taos the village of aroyo hondo was settled by imigrants from honduras and were considered a people of brown I don’t know if it has any correlation to the reference of home of the brown but it might. please keep this to yourself. Or maybe its a reference to the brown trout in the river there or both . It was good to get your reply thank you Mark Weston

    • I suspect most of the poem is not what we think it is. If it was, the treasure would have been discovered by now.

      • JUST A THOUGHT Being the person that I am and the adventure of exploring areas of solitude and beauty i have spent a lot of my time in places where there was virtually no one else around It is not a place for the meek or weak hearted All kinds of things can happen to a person a fall a bite any unintended accident of any kind would be disastrous and would be most likely be the last one. There is no one there to help you so going in to these places alone would take a strong person that was sure of there ability to go there and back without any problem. It surely is not a place you would want to take your whole family along. As i have gone alone in there is a strong statement in itself.
        Mark W

        acident of any kind

        • Good point. I’m just curious what the brave could be if it’s not dangerous…except that because there are bears and such around maybe is the reason. I think he really needed the solitude of this place and he talks about being disappointed when he noticed that others found it, but realized we don’t have a choice in that.

          • Stephenie
            Maybe it is the place along the Santa Fe trail that was feared because of the Indain ambushes?

          • Oh that’s interesting….I do think about that…what would scare Forrest or maybe he’s talking about us more than him…in that case everything scares me and it’s a non clue. LOL

          • Stephenie
            I don’t think you understood you must be tired from all that hair raising driving
            I meant there was a time when they drove their wagons along the Santa Fe trail there was a place they had to be brave to go thru cause that place was known for many Indian attacks on the wagon trains, no place for the meek.
            I do not know of any Indians that scare Forrest though especially since we are at peace with them. It is a true blue clue for sure
            The problem I am having with that place it is not in the wood or least I don’t think it is.
            Did you also know drawing name is defined as this: nigh rein? Drawing nigh means pulling left on the rein.

            adj. nigher, nighest
            1. Being near in time, place, or relationship; close. See Synonyms at close.
            a. Being on the left side of an animal or vehicle: pulling hard on the nigh rein.
            b. Being the animal or vehicle on the left: the nigh horse

          • no I knew what you meant about the indian attacks. I actually found a place in Cimarron that’s supposed to have a buried treasure and it was placed there, because they were being attacked. Maybe this will help you or others to find another treasure and maybe Forrest knew of this story…maybe he found that treasure and is just regifting to us LOL Here it is. _ treasures91.html_ (

          • Food for thought as a treasure hunter There is a saying that the old treasure hunters that used to dive among the wood columns that held up the docks and piers in the old shipping lanes to look for treasures dropped in the water would say they were in the wood. Notice wood is singular not plural

          • Yes…singular would be the “authentic”, Texas way to use that colloquialism. Forrest would know that.

      • Tim, your drawing nigh sounds like NASCAR lol nothing but left turns. Like the Grand Staircase at the falls in Yellowstone or switchbacks down the canyon where the trail keeps going down to the left.

  81. Tim it doesn’t strike me that you have ever been in a place like that or you have a strange sense of humor I don’t know you and you don’t know me . The indians hiding in ambush ?????????

    • Mark weston
      Not today Mark, it was in history there was a place like that along the Santa Fe trail, then it was no place for the meek, did the poem say it had to be now? it was no place for the meek the poem says no place for meek so it could mean then

      • Tim I get what you mean and your probably on to something I just didn’t understand I have to admit I have not read any of forest fenns book I have it on order and they said probably monday. All the post i have put on here are from my own experiences throughout the years and the places I have been and lived and the knowledge I have of the mountains of New Mexico I lived in santa-fe for six years and in New Mexico for fifteen I was raised 2 miles inside the colorado boarder where highway 550 goes to durango the hub of all the different indian ruins. I am and have been a treasure hunter for the last 8 years and have many finds to show for it. I have been on searches where we dug silver bars that would fill the floorboard of a truck I have found antique jewerly with 6 diamonds 3 rubies ,3emeralds and 3 saphires and many other finds. I have earned my reputation as an accomplished treasure hunter Iam in the process of writing a book on it . At the same time I have managed to keep a fairly low profile for many reasons. I only mean good intentions by what I post in the hopes that my experience can help someone achieve there goals thank you Your fellow treasure hunter M.W.

  82. Here are my most recent thoughts:

    Where warm waters halt . . . . The North Entrance to Yellowstone where the Boiling River joins the Yellowstone River (in Gardiner —–remember Gardiner’s Island from the book?)

    Put in below the home of Brown . . . . the Joe Brown Put-In at 45.16805447 and 110.85559557 down the canyon onto the Yellowstone.

    No place for the meek . . . this was where Joseph Meek, the famous Yellowstone trapper who discovered Norris, was attacked by the Blackfoot . . right in this canyon near the Cinnabar mountains.

    The blaze . . .??? Devil’s Slide?

    • Question Margie Goldsmith article claims forrest hid the treasure in the deserts of the norhwest did he tell her that or was it speculation if not that takes out yellow stone it is definitely not in the desert mountains

      • I agree that it would if he said it…but since we know for a fact that he’s clarified that it can be anywhere in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe up to Canada…I think we need to listen to him and no one else. I also think that the way that was said…if it was something he said at one time…he was just speaking in general as a reaction to his illness….but then when he thought of doing this…he decided on putting it in his special place. I almost wonder if Forrest didn’t say that and it was really to distract from Yellowstone or other northern states.

        • Question::::: The words put in is reference to putting a boat or raft in the water or a canoe . Did he own a raft or boat or canoe This tells me it means travel by waterway to get there so a whole lot of walking or hiking was not required.

        • Stephanie Another great day ” Question Forrest says put in The reference to put in is a boat or raft or canoe Did he own a boat, canoe or raft Water travel would limit the amount of walking or hiking that would be required . To far to walk””

        • Stephanie I have a watercraft tour in mind would you all like to come along When the run off is done.

  83. Question Margie Goldsmith in her interview writes that forrest hid the treasure in the southwest desert mountains Is that just speculation or did forrest tell her that in an interview

    • I think this is the paragraph you are referring to Mark:
      “Fenn decided he would hide the chest with a copy of his book in the desert, maybe even as he walked out into the wilderness to die. That could trigger a hunt of its own, spark some excitement; one day an intrepid searcher would find his bones and his treasure and learn who he was, think kindly of him. His memory would live on.”

      There are a couple of things wrong with this paragraph:
      First, the book was not written for another 24 years after Forrest was told he had cancer. So there is no way that Forrest was planning to hide a copy of his book with the treasure. What probably happened during that interview is that Forrest used the word “biography”. He probably said “I was going to take my treasure and my biography…” I have heard Forrest say this exact phrase many times. Sometimes people confuse his “biography” with his “book”. I think that’s what Margie did. Even though she knows perfectly well that his book was not written until years later…It’s an unfortunate but unintentional slip-up.

      The second, more disturbing error is the word “desert”. Please note that Margie is not quoting Forrest at this point. Those are her words…not Forrest’s. I cannot explain this word except to say that Forrest has never, to my knowledge or anyone else’s that I have queried, said “desert”. I have two comments to make about this:
      1. I strongly doubt that Forrest ever uttered the word desert.
      2. Forrest (as Stephanie has already pointed out) has said that there are some errors in the story.

      What I do in cases like this where the information is highly suspect, is just pretend that I never read that paragraph. Unless I see it in print a second time from another reporter…then I get suspicious.

    • Mark Weston and all
      If Forrest intended or intends to has his bones next to the treasure.
      You also might want to consider that maybe you won’t be able to see the forest (Forrest) through the trees if that happens.
      Hate to give you something else to think about but it is a possibility and may open your search areas as it has done mine.

  84. If its in the southwest desert mountains that that takes out the equation of yellowstone It definitely is not in the southwest desert mountains

    • I think Forrest has already wanted to clarify that statement by giving the facts to Dal that he’s posted on his blog that it can be anywhere north of Santa Fe, all the way up to Canada in the Rocky Mountains. I think if Forrest didn’t care….he would have just let that go. Don’t ya think? So I think he actually said it was a misquote.

      • If forrest made that a clarification The probability of it being in yellowstone is 98% There’s one thing wrong with that it’s against the law to remove any artifact or treasure from a national park whatsoever. Therefor you could get arrested for doing so

  85. There’s an excellent story on the History Channel as we speak about Charles Goodnight & Oliver Loving a couple of cowboys from Texas.

  86. If forrest made that clarification the probability of it being in yellowstone is 98% There is a problem with that It is against the law to remove any artifact or treasure from a national park whatsoever You definitely and probably would be arrested if you did.

    • I really dont get this concern. If you see it and are worried about going in peace….leave it for me. Not being snarky….just dont get it.

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    • Park rangers don’t search backpacks very often, very slim chance of that. I would assume you’d have one with to put the chest in. unless you’re planning on running down the mountain with it over head screaming I found it, tempting as that may be at the time, I would advise against it.

      • 40-42 pounds is HEAVY. If you don’t know what it feels like to lift that much weight, go to your grocery store and try lifting a 40 pound bag of dog food and see how far you’ll get without having to rest! Forrest said he hid it in 2 trips so I’m guessing he hid the chest and part of the treasure first and then the other 20 or so pounds of treasure in the 2nd trip. I just wonder if he was able to just drive up to his hidden spot where no one could see his car and hide the chest fairly close to the car or did he have to hike in someplace with half of the treasure in a backpack and then come back for the rest, maybe in another backpack? Even 20 pounds can feel pretty heavy if you have to carry it for a very long distance.

        • CJinCA
          Irrelavent if you ask me about distance he placed it from
          Too may variable to put in play, just find the area say within a few hundred feet no matter where and go see. Why I say that is how do you know that he did not have a jeep wrangler, a whellbarrow, a llama, etc. You can’t so we just stop this nonesense. So I even knew he carried 20 pounds at a time I would have to go to the geriatic ward and test that out, if you are thinking 500′ and a really fit geriatic marine carried it 520′ you would have been wrong. So did he walk, swim, fly, parachute did he have the best backback ever made, who knows so do you want me to name more things he could have used. Okay he used both dogs with backpacks and they each carried 5 pounds so it is 601′.5″‘ from,oh I forgot from where and from what direction, maybe he took the shortcut and you did not.
          If it did not say it in the poem forget it.
          Can you guys think or maybe read thru the post before asking that like maybe now for the 10th time.

          • KISS Tim, KISS! LOL!

            You have to remember that Forrest said that he didn’t put it where an 80 year old man (even if he is fit) couldn’t put it. He probably would not hike in miles and miles to a secret site with that much treasure. He said he went alone – no one else knows where he put it. So I’m thinking hiking a short distance with 2 loads of treasure would be doable, using a llama or wheelbarrow – I doubt it. He seems to be a pragmatic guy, if he flew into an airport, I don’t doubt he could/would rent a 4×4 if he wanted to drive on forest roads. I still think if you are looking in an area that is miles from a road, or a very popular spot with a lot of people around, you may not be looking in the right spot. I think it’s important to help narrow our searches down in some way and distance and privacy are 2 of the ways to look at all the myriad of possibilities out there. 🙂

            Personally, I have a few spots that speak to me as possibilities but these 2 issues might be important, but I won’t know until I can go look for myself.

    • And Mark a 98% probability of being in Yellowstone is ridiculous, 98%…? I think quite on the contrary, why would Forrest put the chest in a place he knows the majority of the thousands of people looking are gonna search? He said no ones gonna “stumble” into it or over it or whatever, I think being in a heavily visited national park would increase that probability.

      • I wouldn’t say that high. There are other states that he’s very familiar with that people paying too much attention too yet.

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  87. Your all right::: Here’s where the chase ends for me The probability of it being in yellowstone is high The park is home of the brown called grizzly bear I live in montana and have had them snapping there jaws and hissing at me I don’t like it and they are unpredictable 5 will run from you the next one will come after you. The only time you will find it is in the summertime after the run off you are not going to find it under 8 ft of snow. or when the river has 15 ft of gushing water in the spring If you do find it you could tell no one the law says you do not have to disclose the location of your treasure. It is against the law to remove it and take it. It has been too public and the chances of nobody finding out are slim to none. If you did get it out of there it would be hard to spend any of it and if you declared it someone else would end up with a big portion of it . That’s only the beginning . You could never display it . If somone finds it please send the turquoise bracelet to fenn with a thank-you note no return address good luck and happy hunting There are better fish to fry

    • I am no stranger to the mountains, from backpacking through the beartooths, snowboarding redlodge and big sky, hitting the summit of electric a couple times and many others, a summer working yellowstone, packing and thumbing through new mexico, arizona, colorado etc… you get the picture. I think considering yellowstone the home of brown is far to vague, you’d never find the chest if everywhere brown bears live or have mountains, rivers, and such named after them. The home of brown I think needs to be considered a much more accurately pinpointed spot, it is certainly an elusive clue tho… so many possibilities.

      • itsintheblaze
        I like that, and I think it could a reference to a place as long as there is some significant historical record that mentions it, Like Eagle Nest used to be called Therma for instance, so that record stands the test of time because it is like say historical and you will all remeber me by being hysterical recorded.

  88. Stephanie you have a really good head on your shoulders I like the way you think. If I located it I would tell only you where you could find it.

    • Thanks mark for saying such sweet things. Maybe if you hang around, you can be a good resource for those traveling to your state.

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  89. I will never search for a treasure in yellow stone . I have 5 paint quarter horses and a walker and will concentrate on riding into places to find raw gold MY last nugget was 26 grams and i enjoy the use of my metal detectors There is a certain sense of peace and tranquility when I do that.

  90. Mark Weston
    Looks like you can find better treasures elsewhere, good luck and if you strike it rich hide some away and post a poem please.

    • A good source for reading if you like treasure stories is the lost treasures magazine I have been getting it for years or if you look it up on the internet they have a tale of the day and tip of the day. Carla banning is the editor say hi for me

      • How fun. I might do a blog on other treasures that are in totc search areas. 

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  91. I’ve been watching and reading alot on the Golden Rhoades treasure up in Utah. It pulls you in and refuses to let you go.

    • Dazed& confused My mom was from the salt lake valley and my parents owned a house at 2910 e. 39th south There is a big office building there now . There is a lot of gold in the mountains of utah I watched the documentary on the Rhoades treasure very interesting to say the least Even if you found any of the mines most or all are either on the ute reservation or on national forest property. All have some kind of claim filed on it . And is being watched by many . You may find a pocket nugget to take home but thats about it good documentary and fun to watch happy hunting M.W.

  92. The search Cathy and I search for one good lost treasure every year . most times in February I spend most the winter doing research on two or three lost treasure sites that seem interesting to us before making the decision of where we would like to go . Last year we went to redding california to find the lost waterfall mine only to discover that it had been found and secured many years ago. The year previous we went to wickenburg Arizona and over to quartzite from there we came up the river metal detecting the riverbed areas. Because of the work they were doing on the dam had the water tuned off almost all the way, leaving lots of exposed areas to work all the way to bullhead and laughlin. This year we were unable to go and are probably going to go to new mexico to hunt for the thrill of the chase once the run off waters have subsided and the fishing gets good again . I have had the fun to hear from many of you on this forum and have and will enjoy more to come. Every one may your treasures be many and your problems be few M.W.

  93. Comment I read some of the answers Forrest gave to the email he received I never laughed so hard in my life directing someone to the house of brown where the bears were hiding so they could have something to eat That’s so dam funny

  94. I wonder how many treasures treasure hunters have found looking for the treasure i would say lots Hunting in areas they would have never gone except to look for Forrest ‘s treasure What a great way to get people to explore outside the box.

  95. There is a historical person when investigated has a peculiar history that coincides with most of the stanzas of the poem , in particular heavy loads , waters high, home of brown, warm waters halt, riches new and old , no need for paddle up your creek, and his places of significance coincide with places FF is associated with. I am reluctant to reveal his identity not for the fear that it may lead people to the chest , but it may mislead them from a more reasonable and accurate interpretation of the poem. I only post this so that those who are looking for a coherent logic of the clues may decipher the poem in regards to this persons exploits .

    • comments such as this (and there are plenty of them) are of little value and annoying at best. This its probably a norm fire treasure blogs.

    • Ray,
      I tend to agree with you, given Mr. Fenn’s chosen fields of endeavor.

      He has, in his lifetime, met numerous “historical figures”. He has also come into contact with or possessed thousands of articles owned by or related to “historical figures”. He has written freely about the people and the articles.
      I have identified numerous locations that Mr. Fenn could have a link to, through having been associated with either the people themselves or through artifacts he has come into contact with. At these locations, some or even most of the clues match
      …..However, ALL do not match, therefore I do not consider any of them as a viable solution.

      My opinion is: Mr. Fenn’s “special place” is known only to him. He may have visited this place with others, but he has never divulged why it is special, even to people closest to him.

      • Ray
        In retrospect I agree , however I cant totally rule out the association he may have had with this person . On “The Thrill of the Chase” part two I have posted some comments expressing some views as to the meaning of segments of the poem , would very much like your feedback on them .

  96. I’m taking it all pretty literally, mostly. Somewhere in these posts I wondered how long-haired we should get with interpreting the clues – I’m thinking not too terribly. BUT not too literal either. Just a hunch. I’ll be in Santa Fe overnight in April on the way back up from a road trip. If time allows we’ll drive over by a place I’m thinking about, but really I’d rather start at the top of the journey, which would be a backtrack. But I want to see where I’m going to peek anyway. THAT to me is treasure: finding new places to explore. 🙂

    • yeah, i have the same viewpoint. originally Chama Canyon was at the top of my list. I’ve spent the last two weekends there and i will go back for at least one more trip but the thing is – i have a different location in mind now. Since Chama Canyon was my original location i feel compelled to explore it anyway, if for any reason just to knows that i have covered it. i have no problem mentioning this specific location now for two reasons: i have spent days hiking the hell out of that area, and i have a new location in mind that i am more interested in. that being said, Chama Canyon is a beautiful area that i want to revisit for that reason alone.

  97. most people are getting short hair by pulling there hair Take it easy or you wont have any you’ll be bald.

  98. the fun of a treasure hunt is the hunt itself When you find it the hunt stops there.

  99. Forrest Fenn has my respect This is the most intriguing, fun treasure hunt i’ve ever seen in my lifetime happy hunting

  100. Did forest ever think that the person that found that treasure may become a walking bulls eye fo every shyster. crook and bad person out there just to get it to a safe place after finding it not to mention every law enforcement person out there that would confiscate it on the spot . Something to think about M.W.

    • LOL I think Forrest must think that the person “wise” enough to find his treasure…will figure that out too. He’s basically said any problems that arise are the finders issues…not his. ie: IRS, Mr. Ranger Danger etc.

    • @Mark,you may want to wait for the Thrill of the Chase board game to come out. With elements of poker and monopoly, you will lose your shirt and motels, but you will be safe.:)

      • bco I’m not talking about me someone else I have been a quick draw artist for years You or anyone else would play hell messing with me .. I was thinking besides Me. The safety of others that are from the other parts of the country. happy hunting

  101. i don’t think there will be any need for the” high noon”,or a bushwack scene in this Quest.There is a lot of bad out there,or anywhere for that matter.But,like f said”go in peace”.I have said it before here.A good exit plan should be in everyone’s plan.If you all are hunting w/out being sure of your location, then sure,Murphy’s Law will take over from there.

  102. Thnx for clearing that up fer me Mark 🙂 now if you would be so kind as to clear up the tarry scant clue, that would be helpful.

  103. tarry scant not me I’m going to kick back eat a sandwich drink a bottle of water wait for my heart to slow down take a deep breath thank god for a beautiful life and for a wonderful man like forrest that made the moment possible smoke a glory cigar then think about the best way to carry 42 lbs not to far but to far to walk.

  104. Ha, Ha, some of Fenn’s double-speak at work here? “A flashlight isn’t necessary unless you are searching at night.” What if the “blaze” is actually a reflective marker, that is only visible at night with a flashlight. Of course a flashlight isn’t necessary during the day, it won’t reflect in sunlight.

  105. Yes a flashlight that sounds like Forrest he did mention a flashlight in his interview That makes perfect sense to me . reflection at night brilliantly put so to speak. Ok I also read somewhere that he liked to play poker I like to play poker . I know it all boils down to who has the upper hand. Some times you lose and sometimes you have to play your hand., It reminds me of treasure hunting sometimes you find what your looking for and sometimes you don’t Happy hunting God bless all treasure seekers.

  106. Wonder why he said there were 9 clues in the poem still some don’t think 9 is important? Wonder why some think they’ve solved “where warm water halts” as the Rocky Mountains, when you won’t know it’s solved until you get to the final resting place of the chest? Wonder why some think they know what “home of Brown” is? Heck, I’m tinkering with it’s being Encyclopedia Brown! (You know, boy wonder sleuth)

    • Stance, FF said that the treasure was in the Rockies so many of us don’t think that is what he meant by “where warm waters halt” but that it is a more specific reference to something IN the Rockies like the confluence of warm and cold rivers, a dam, the CD, frozen waterfalls, etc. I don’t think anyone “knows” for sure what “home of brown” means either, but we have to make a guess and see if it fits the clues well enough to go have a look at an area. I don’t know about everyone else, but I have more than 1 place the clues can lead me depending on the different interpretations I give to what I think the individual clues mean.

      I’m not sure if the number 9 has any other significance than that he said there were 9 clues. I’ve gone back and forth about if that refers to 9 sentences or 9 lines out of the 24. What are your thoughts on that?

      • I think 9 could very well be significant because in addition to the fact that he said there are 9 clues in the poem, there are also exactly 9 sentences in the poem. Coincidence? I think not.

        • I think the 9 clues are the 9 sentences and I think he’s said that to mess with us since it’s obvious that there are more than 9 things that are clues. Just my opinion…but if I see a 9 on a rock, I’m tipping it over to see what’s under it.

        • While each of the 9 sentence could vey well be a single clue, some of the sentences seem to have more than one clue within them so I’m not really stuck on the idea of only 9 clues. The whole poem and everything FF sends to Dal or talks about in his own blog are clues to me and seem important to solving the puzzle. 🙂

    • …or charlie brown. Chalres schulz lived in Colorado Springs for several years.

  107. HA HA April fools is over. Nice photo shops. The jokes on me. No there is no plane with come fly with me with word press logo on the tail piece No Dal is probably not a pilot and i don’t know but I don’t think he has his own plane. No there is no secret laser that can see the treasure sitting in some office with a drafting table. No there is no pirates tale minus the treasure chest and NO I haven’t found the treasure and as far as I know no one has the proof they have . Purely speculation I am not going to believe any stories unless Forrest says it’s been found have a good day and May your treasures be golden.MW

    • To what are you referring Mark Weston?I know about the nonsense treasure on table, the pirate tale,and I am assuming you have not found the loot.What up w/Dal and the word press airliner?

      • someone sent pictures to me to my mail box I will not be on any blog from now on thanks and good luck

  108. The “blaze” and the phrase “look quickly down” are easily associated. Think about it, by “blaze” he is referring to a stream of sunshine filtering in through some sort of crevice that shines its light on the treasure only at a specific time when the sun is in a specific position! That’s why he writes look QUICKLY down.

    • I’m most curious about the blaze…how will we be wise about it…it must be something special and this is why I don’t believe you can go on the poem alone. I mean unless the poem is a puzzle of sorts and there’s some sort of number or word that can be made that say where it is. Otherwise I’d think you’d be wise from his memoir and it’s something special.

  109. He said,” start at the beginning” The beginning for a novelist may mean that they know where the end is. So start at the end I say and work your way back. Additionally, I believe blaze means trail. There will be no paddle up your creek maybe too small for a canoe and you are by a stream too small for a vessel with a paddle. Heavy loads is the back pack he had to carry the treasure. Just some ideas to help you all I can not travel there. Good luck!


  110. I am a poet, and one who loves the outdoors. I don’t claim to have any relevant information or tips concerning the location of the treasure. I can tell you that if I were to find it, I would respond with a poem that Forrest would read and be certain that I had discovered it.

  111. Noun 1. structure – artefact, artifact – a man-made object taken as a whole << "FF" said…"THERE IS NO NEED DIGGING IN THE OLD OUTHOUSES. THE TREASURE IS NOT ASSOCIATED WITH ANY STRUCTURE.

    This was just a thought…A_The_A

  112. Has there been any discussion about Forrest’s Freudian slip in his interview with “The Today Show” where he gives the clue that the treasure is above 5,000′?

      • Lol! Freudian slip has become a common usage for “slip of the tongue”. That’s really what I mean. Consider this:

        Forrest is a pilot, a former jet fighter pilot. Pilots think of altitudes in terms of one thousand feet increments. If a pilot says, “I was above 7,000’” he means he was not above 8,000’ and not below 7,000’. Whether or not the pilot’s recollection is accurate is inconsequential. Forrest does know exactly how high the treasure is. In the case of the treasure, his recollection _is_ accurate. Therefore, his Freudian slip (if that’s what it was) may indicate the treasure is between 7,000’ and 8,000’.

        • Kyle-
          It may…or it may not..
          I ignore human issues like that.
          If I were standing in front of 13 million people I’d probably screw up to…
          Everything the guy says is not a clue.
          Gotta give him some room to just make a mistake now and then…

  113. I find it particularly telling that Forrest states “how he knows the treasure is still there” is “too good of a clue” to give out – need to chew on that for a while…

  114. If the treasure is on BLM will it be against the law to remove it? I have read that any treasures, artifacts, coins, etc are to be left untouched and the local BLM be contacted with location and items found. So does this mean that if someone finds and takes his treasure they will possibly be looking at criminal charges? On what lands if any would Forrest be able to put his treasure that the public can claim it without any legal troubles?

    • Jaded Pick – Hi. I am one of the minority – maybe the only one – who believes that FF still has the chest under his control somehow. Perhaps he owns the spot. When asked by Jennifer London (video) about the hiding place FF says it’s ” private, secret, & dear. Special place to me. It’s very personal.” Personal? Hmmm. I thought people always preferred to die at home. Anyway, why wouldn’t he want to buy it? He planned to die there along with the treasure when he had cancer in 1988. If his bones would spend eternity there, it better be his property, don’t you think?

  115. You know if you never disclose where you found it you wouldnt have to let them know it was on blm land. You have a piece of paper saying Forrest gives it to you, its simply a gift. You will pay taxes on it but we all pay taxes everyday, thats the price of living.

  116. I believe the only way anyone will find this treasure is by researching. That research starts with the poem but the poem is not enough, you really need to read the book. The more you read it the more connections you will find. All these wild guesses do little except maybe confuse the situation. I am starting to think that is some peoples strategy, confuse all seekers? 🙂

    • Maybe your right…we should all stop talking lol. Just teasing. I think we have to ask silly questions if we want to brain storm about ideas.

  117. I know many people, including myself, truly believe they have cracked the code…I am no different. I believe, the nine sentences ARE the nine clues. Each contains what I believe to be valuable information – the first sentence clearly states that FF did go in somewhere with the treasure, courageously (possibly right in front of others) – it is the summary of which the map was made – he did it alone, in-front of others, to secret something is to hide it, and lastly the poem itself is the hint; the next sentence is where the journey begins (giving my interpretation of it would actually put me at a loss – I’m a few weeks away from being there). In a few weeks time, I will know whether or not I was correct in my thinking. I have read, and re-read and sadly I must admit memorized the poem to the point that one can find me walking around mumbling it to myself and following the trail in my head (yes, I have committed a map to memory as well). Like others, I thought I knew where it was, but not until the other night did I have one of those ‘AHA!’ moments where all of a sudden all nine clues fit perfectly … when I say fit perfectly, I mean the poem is a true map in itself. You do not need the book, just your brain. I was originally 50% convinced I knew the spot, now I believe I am 99.9% sure of the spot. In a few weeks I will be back with a yea or nay to my findings …

      • The entrance where it narrows down has had a avalanche that put all the snow there and at this time is un accessible and the snow is still to deep . The force of the avalanche snapped huge aspen trees off like toothpicks. Also every half hour or so you can hear a giant rock break loose somewhere from the run off and the whole canyon rumbles and sounds like an earth quake and the ground shakes and causes rocks to rain down. I made it to that point and decided it was not worth it at this point and time will have to wait for another time. Searching does have its limits Happy hunting everyone.

    • @Tom: I’m with you there. Forrest harps on “nine” in interviews. I think it referrs to 9 sentences. That helps because I have found redundancies in (a) sentences – I believe in case landmarks change.

      Everyone is in the same boat – I was 90% sure I knew where it was til I got there. What I’m almost sure of now, it that each clue will take you somewhere else.

  118. Dal – –
    Regarding Tip #13, are you sure that Forrest made that post on Saunier’s blog about the treasure being more than 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe? The name of the commenter was spelled “Forrwst Fenn.” Has Forrest acknowledged posting that comment on Saunier’s blog?

    • Josh-
      Yes that’s Forrest’s Note- I personally checked with Forrest to make sure. He has also given that lecture on chains and links to me while I was sitting in his office.

      • The W is just another reason to scratch my head and wonder. I’ll be bald by the time i’m done scratching.

    • I really like the frogs that forrest put on the bronzes he has hidden. I wonder about the idea of the frogs and I think I have seen some of the same frogs somewhere. Interesting in the least. Had a great run this time stayed away for a week Saw one of the biggest Bears I’ve ever seen Thought it was some kind of hybrid not the usual looking bear. The places I’VE been are stunningly beautiful almost like a piece of heaven to a person.

      • Woody – did you get a picture of that bear? 🙂 I don’t think black and brown bears intermingle to produce a hybrid, but I could be wrong. Did it have a hump on its back? Could be a Grizzly if it did and I understand their fur can be any shade of “brown”, from very light to so dark they look almost black. If you don’t mind sharing, where did you see the bear?

  119. very interesting. but what was said about horsehoes and cimarron? please someone tell me. a possible clue although weak could refer to Santa Fe Brownstone a type of rock. cant be ovelooked

    • Tom-
      The connection between horseshoes and Cimarron is the Horseshoe Mine right off the road in the State Park. The reason horseshoes came up in the first place was because of the double Omega in the colophon of Forrest’s book. They look like horseshoes and he would not tell us what they mean or why they are there. So people (including me) jumped to conclusions about the double Omega being a clue. In retrospect, I doubt the double Omega is any kind of a clue.

      • thanks. are you looking for it or just helping? If I knew the first two clues what’s in it to share? I know the first two clues.
        definitely….warm waters and Brown.

          • Having figured all the clues and every clue Forrest puts out affirms my location is correct.
            Thinking I have been within 500 feet was kinda exciting also.
            My hat is off to Mr.Fenn,It certainly would be exciting to get there before someone else figures things out.

            I been there once already and back to the poem as Forrest predicted would happen.

          • First time I was certain.
            Now I am positive.
            It is supposed to be the confident guy ,right ?
            I switch my position.
            I am confident I know where the chest is located.

            I found treasure my first time out.

            First trip I took was a couple months ago.
            It was a family trip for the birthing of the newest grandchild.And I said to the family that we are gonna keep going for some treasure hunting.
            I told them 1 hour only whether it is recovered or not.
            Well the 1 hour ran up and as promised we left.
            My family knows me quite well and I would have not left without success if there was no agreement.

            On the trip home going 70 MPH the car in front of me had a bunch of papers fly out from underneath.
            I said to the wife.
            That’s money !
            And pulled over to breakdown lane.
            Walked back and found $1. and then a $20.
            Spotted another $20 in meridian but traffic was heavy so kept walking down breakdown lane and made a plan.I will turn around and if and when I get back near the other $20, I will only wait a couple minutes and if traffic slows enough to go across highway safely,I will do it.In 2 minutes as far as I could see down highway there was no cars.Across I went and now I was $41. ahead.Traffic got heavy again so I walked meridian back toward my car.And then began the picking of money from the ground like a bear grabbing at wild berries.Another $1.and again and again and then a $100. and another and again .A $20 and the final $1.

            With a pocket full of loose bills I got back to the car and celebrated with a fresh DD coffee.

            I thank the gambler who thru the money out of their window near the casino we had just past.

            And in advance I thank Forrest for the same at giving us all a chance to share in his fortune at lifes casino.

            To you and all the other hunters,I wish me the best of luck.

            I know I sound a bit greedy.

            But it is me I am rooting for.

            I started this treasure hunting gig back 30 years ago with a radio shack metal detector and a copy of Diamonds In The Surf after a news show about treasure.
            And Forrest has woke up that pull tab hoarding teenager again.

            After this it is Sam Bellamies 8000 lbs of gold to retrieve.

            Happy Hunting !

          • Thank you !

            Is there a date when next clue will be let out ?

            I am sick of running down the side of the highway following them yellow blazes.

            There has to be a better idea.

            State Troopers getting reports of a crazy person following the yellow meridian line on the highways down in a dry drainage ditch,yelling and screaming,”Forrest ! How am I gonna get out of here in one piece?”

            He did say take the chest and leave in one piece,right ?

            Whatever you guys do.
            Safety First !

    • rutland…
      I am sure someone here would be interested…but be careful who you partner up with. Some folks have not had a “less than happy” partnership. So lets see if folks are interested on this page…
      Another tactic would be to go to the discussion pages for the state you believe the treasure is in and post there saying that you are looking for someone who can check it out for you…

    • I suggest you actually take a trip yourself. Just plan other activities for yourself while you’re there. I was sure where it was and planned a family vacation in SantaFe. After visiting where I thought it was I got a reality check and began to read the poem differently. What looks good on a map becomes something else once you get there. There turns out to be tons of things to do and see in the SantaFe area. The worst that happens is you have a good time.

      I’m actually working on another state now; but until I’ve figured every clue (I’m at 4 out of 9 – at least in my brain); I’m not going anywhere. Next clue could easily bring me to another state.

      Remember Forrest says you will be sure of the clue once you’ve figured it out. I would not suggest that once you’ve figured out 1 or 2 clues heading there and maybe the others will become clear once you’re there. It didn’t work for me; or the other guy I ran into at the same spot.

    • I have a very honest cousin in the southern part of Colorado with strong young men in her family. I would have to check with her to see if they would even be interested, but i guarantee you, IF the treasure exists…and we only have one man’s word for it….and they found it, I know they would divvy it up as specified. Gas is expensive and they can’t afford to be driving all over so it would have to be a good solid solution.

      I am working on it with them from Texas…I love a good puzzle, but I don’t expect them to share.

      BTW, does anyone know the approx. value of this *treasure*? If it is $5000, hardly worth the effort.

      My email is

  120. So here is a small bit of what hasn’t worked for me…. so far….

    The end is drawing ever nigh = the day is coming to an end = search at night = no place for the meek = your effort will be worth the cold = if you are brave and in the wood. I did do one search at night and in grizz country …… well lets just say the clues seemed to apply. WON’T be doing that again….. hopefully. Just had to see if the blaze was there at night somehow.
    So I have thought more and analyzed more and actually have another place I’ll be checking soon, close to my original place. All the clues do fit but ya just have to put boots on the ground to find it.

  121. Sounds like a wonderful adventure. However, it would cost to much for some of us who live several thousand miles away. I love to read your thoughts and about your adventures. Good luck to all.

    • Fonda-
      Some folks who live far away from the search area find someone they trust on this blog or elsewhere to be their partner. One person comes up with the solution and the other person goes to look. Some kind of deal is struck usually based on finding the chest…

  122. First of all, I find his name interesting. Forrest (a place of trees) and Fenn (a swamp or bog)….just a strange combination of name. And somewhere he said the treasure was IN made me think of a cave first plus the need for flashlghts

    I don’t know how spry this man is, but to do too much at his age, and all alone, sounds like a dangerous risk to me.

    Then again, how do we know there is a REAL treasure? Could it be just a fun hoax? Unless the treasure is found, who is to know othewise, and if he dies before it is and it is never found, we will never know. Anyone could pull that little trick.

    Does he give an approximate value anywhere?

    That is the doubting Thomas in me.

    • Yes…many places. On this very blog look at the right side menu and click on the following:
      What’s it worth?
      Media Coverage

      Both these posts contain information about the value of the goodies and the chest itself…
      There is also a lot of other very pertinent information about the treasure and Forrest and the locations.
      You might benefit from reading some of it before you start searching..

    • THe book goes into detail about what exactly is in the chest. Based on gold weight, approximately $400K But collector value will raise the value somewhat. I think $3MM is way overblown. $800K may be a more realistic value. Remember, IF you are allowed to keep it, the IRS will take 36% in taxes + possible state taxes. You’ll be lucky to get $500K after all is said and done. But hey, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

          • LOL! Try telling the IRS that it’s not income. Income is not just wages earned.

          • Assuming none of the 260+ coins are normal circulated money, It’s only income after you sell it or trade it for things of real material value. Until then, you have a collection of shiny rocks.

          • The finder is “given” title. You wouldn’t owe tax until you sell it. Your basis for capital gains purposes is the same as the gifter’s; it’s not stepped up to current market value. If the gifter has exceeded his lifetime exemption, his estate might owe some tax. IMHO it’s a gift.

  123. There have been many discussions on this blog and elsewhere about the honesty of Forrest and the existence of the treasure. If you look around you should find some very convincing arguments in favor of it’s existence.

  124. Well Labor Day is upon us and another search awaits me( it will be #4) And I’m going to be on the road Friday after work. LONG drive but the chest awaits me!!! We have to make these 3 day weekends count!! I’m so close !!!!

  125. I am a 30 year old military veteran of two terms, which include a few overseas deployments; I served as an Armor crewman on an Abrams tank and as a Surgical Technologist. Currently I freelance my art, and I have a steady income which will provide for a reasonable treasure hunt excursion. I won’t go into much detail about myself, I just wanted to apply some of my basic credentials to this post (more information about me can be found on my website listed below).

    I recently bought a van that is set up like an RV. It has 2 beds, sinks, fridge, stove etc., and the whole point of purchasing this vehicle is to explore. Since Purchasing the Van in May 2013, I have driven to various states totaling roughly 16,000 miles in the 4 months I have been the proud owner (All vehicle maintenance well kept).

    I have traveled too many places for me to want to type right now, but I will say that my last trip was to California, from Wisconsin, and back in 10 days; a trip in which I drove 5500 miles to camp in the redwoods and see the California coast (also driving down the coastline, averaging 600 miles a day as the only driver; with my dog as a copilot).

    What is the whole point of me typing this? Basically, I am sending a shout out to anyone seriously interested in collaborating to get some treasure, while building a bond through a life changing experience. I have no more knowledge than anyone who has spent much time researching, but I do bring survival and navigation knowledge. I have loads of free time, I am in good physical health, and I have serious ambition (as well as other supplies mentioned). I am someone who is able to rough it for several months at a time and can definitely carry my own weight. is that what you have in mind?

    If you are interested in knowing more about me, or would like to chat a bit more about possibilities, drop me an email and/or check out my website:

    Thanks, I hope to hear from you soon

    P.S. Granola girls encouraged!

  126. 1 warm waters halt
    2 canyon down
    3 below the home of brown
    4 no place for the mee
    5 no paddle up you creek
    6 wise and found the blaze
    7 brave
    8 wood
    9 worth the cold
    If this interest you and would like to join me and my wife in June let me know. Just looking for fellow hunters to share a adventure to a spot that is not mention on any blogs or site and to me that’s a good start.

  127. Hey dal, as I recall, ff said something like no one would “stumble on” or “happen on” the treasure chest. I do not recall where or when he said one or the other. I do not see any mention in the cheat sheet. Do you recall?

    I was thinking that if his statement was “stumble on” it could imply that the chest is located where people can’t travel by foot or else it is buried. If his statement was “happen on”, it implies to me that the chest is not visible to just any passer by. Basically, I think ff was hinting that one must uncover or expose the chest by some means. Or, ff could have been hinting that a person needs to be at the right place at the right time as the chest is exposed naturally. A searcher might have found the right place but was there at the wrong time. Get my drift? Your memory is appreciated. ff’s exact words could shed some light.

    • If anyone else can recall, it would be nice if you let me know. If this has already been hashed out, please ignore.

      • Hi dollarbill,
        I believe Forrest said stumble. And it was either the video in Taos or the one on Oct. 22nd. Or maybe both.

        • Actaully, he has said it several times in his interviews. I believe that is a clue for us. I also believe I have found the answer to my questions about that very subject in TTOTC.
          Good luck!

        • Hey Tracey, I was hoping not to listen to all of ff’s interviews again. The effort would not be worth what I intend to use the quote for.

          Anyway, I did stumble on an article where ff is quoted as saying “The person who finds the treasure will be the one who solved the clues in my poem and walked to it. No one will happen onto it.”

          Thanks for responding.

  128. I think its in Alaska not going to say exactly where, but there is a your creek and another clue was where the crows fly ..that is 300 miles east of the your creek ..and the blaze coming from the midnight sun

    • It can’t be in Alaska. If you buy Forrest’s second book that’s being sold on this web site or Forrests or Collected Works…there’s a map in the back that shows the places it can be. Alaska isn’t there. Sounds like you have good ideas though for finding it.

    • Keithen-

      The only problem I see with your Alaska idea is that the Rocky Mountains do not extend into Alaska according to the US Geological Survey. The Wikipedia article on the Rocky Mountains describes their location as follows:
      “The Rocky Mountains are commonly defined as stretching from the Liard River in British Columbia south to the Rio Grande in New Mexico. Other mountain ranges continue beyond those two rivers, including the Selwyn Range in Yukon, the Brooks Range in Alaska, and the Sierra Madre in Mexico, but those are not part of the Rockies, though they are part of the American cordillera. The United States definition of the Rockies, however, includes the Cabinet and Salish Mountains of Idaho and Montana, whereas their counterparts north of the Kootenai River, the Columbia Mountains, are considered a separate system in Canada, lying to the west of the huge Rocky Mountain Trench, which runs the length of British Columbia from its beginnings in the middle Flathead River valley in western Montana to the south bank of the Liard River.”

      There are maps out there on the web that clearly show the Brooks Range in the north and some peaks in both Arizona and Texas as belonging to the Rocky Mountains. But according to the USGS, this is not accurate. I believe Forrest is well aware of the geologic extent of the Rockies.

      Finally, of course, there is the map in his latest book which is a map showing the location of his treasure chest. The map does not include Alaska.

  129. Part of the map is dark and part of it is light. What if the high lighted part of the map is the light part. Kind of like when Forrest said that TOTC was his last book. It was his last until TFTW. Just a thought that crossed this crazy mind of mine.

    • I just looked at my map in the book and it mostly seems all dark to me. So I don’t know. I’m all about thinking like that though. I wonder if the Closet stories from Taos is a real book or not. Talk about thinking different. I think maybe that’s not a real book and Closets hold “secrets where” and Taos starts with a “tea”. We were talking on too about how he talks about 9 hole and that being a golf term and golf starts with a “tee”. These things are such fun to put together.

      • I believe “Closet Stories From Taos” is about an unsolved murder in Taos and points fingers at who did it and why. (hence closet stories) It’s not fiction. It was the author’s working title. The book has not been published.

  130. He said rocky mountains but arent all mountains rocky? He speakes with riddles right? Has anyone read the poem backwards? Check out the your creek on google earth and some of the places around it. I know its google earth but check it out

  131. I was over at the other site from a link from this site. Six questions and at the end was this quote: “He was so busy talking he didn’t hear what I was saying”I have seen this quote before can anyone point me in a direction of where it is originally found?

    • who’s Robert? I don’t know, and we’ll never find out if you keep removing his blogs. whats Robert want, he wants to tell you he has some of the clues. why would we remove that from here, I don’t know, lets ask Dal.


  133. Unfortunately, a forest fire interrupted my search last summer. I will head back this summer when the snow has disappeared from the higher elevations.

    Drove from NY to NM and the area I planned to search caught fire the day before I arrived.

    My interpretation of the clues was not literal. If my interpretation is correct then Forrest is funny and very clever. My starting point has nothing to do with “hot springs”. Brown is not trout or bear or anything so mundane. I viewed every line as an abstract riddle.

    • this is how I have done it at first but.. then I realized something… The clues are jumping out at you once the first clue is figured out.. home of Brown is explained in chapter

  134. I get the comment about it being 66000 links north of Santa Fe. In theory, how you travel that 66000 links is the question. It may not necessarily be the distance a crow flies. It could be one inch north of Santa Fe if the route you took was circuitous. Secondly, north of Santa Fe is New Mexico, but he also does not say whether it was Santa Fe County line (northern or southern line). It is what he doesn’t say that is significant to me.

  135. this is category growing by leaps and bounds, IMO, with all the “questions with Fenn going on the last couple of months at Jenny’s site.
    See the latest?
    ! The treasure hiding place isn’t very close to any human trail !!

    “Your words and actions say you are a friend and lover of the environment “more than most.” Do you follow Leave No Trace and did you while hiding the chest? ie stay on established trails. ~Buddy

    Buddy, I think you’re trying to get me in trouble but that’s where I am most of the time anyway, so I’ll answer your questions.

    You may as well ask me if I love the air. I don’t know but, I certainly am an appreciator of nature. “Leave no trace” is a rhetorical statement not intended to be taken literally. For instance it is not feasible for you to not leave a footprint somewhere or a dry fly snagged high on a tree limb, left by your back cast. But I agree with the philosophy of the phrase. I dislike seeing beer cans scattered around when I am fantasizing that I am the only person who has ever been in that spot.

    Generally speaking, there are places where one should stay on established trails; Yellowstone is one. However, it reminds me of the worn-out axiom, “If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.” When I am in the mountains or in the desert, the last place I want to be is on a trail. Ain’t no adventure in that for me. There isn’t a human trail in very close proximaty to where I hid the treasure.f ”


    • @Mapsmith – thank you for posting Forrest’s recent answers. I’ll be out of the loop today and would have missed those IMPT refs entirely. I will email you later but need to wait on a response from another searcher first out of courtesy. Best wishes. Nor

    • Map – my best lead is in MT and end solve approx 500 vertical feet UP away from main trial. Definitely off trail and would require a substantial climb if carrying chest or use of a horse. The area is approx 15 miles (not 20 miles) away from people on FS. I believe Mr Fenn’s poem regarding the Sparrow and Raven are the key to understanding his motivation for all. IMO he’s carried heavy burdens for two very dear people he lost in life.sparrow cld be skipp and raven could be a daughter named margaret/peg or a sister. Furthermore I believe much is at stake for the right type of people to use treasure for the right purposes to bring change and healing.

      • @ Nor, alot of support info for Skippy. He definitely would be one of those things. Think the other may be June, not sure yet, but Skippy for sure.

  136. I believe the comment “Bring a flashlight and a sandwich” was just his way of saying it might take you longer to find the treasure than you think. soooo Pack a Lunch. LOL. The one question I had was about the 300 miles West of Toledo. Did he specify which Toledo? Thanks


  137. hey Dal Quick Question…. When you say “He means north of Santa Fe, New Mexico.” I have never actually heard him say that in any interviews or blogs. I am not saying by any means that its not true. I just would like to here it come out of Forrest Fenn’s mouth. The second part of my question is would that be based on the Old Santa Fe Boundaries which are several miles south or the current Santa Fe which is farther to the north / northwest. I understand if this question goes unanswered for the weight of such a clue might be too pesante.
    Thanks for all you do to create this site. Its awesome.

    “Learn to Do, Do to Learn, Earn to Live, Live to Serve” ffa motto.

    • I agree about it being a more or less useless clue…unless you think the chest is very, very near to Santa Fe…then it may be useful..
      In land measurement:
      A chain is 100 links and is also 66ft.
      A mile is 80 chain which is 5,280ft

      Look here:

      I have read that the length of an anchor chain is 15 fathoms and a fathom is 6ft…so 90ft would be the length of a section of anchor chain…but even sailors didn’t measure land using anchor chains…
      90 feet of anchor chain in the 17th century would be darn near impossible for a human being to carry around..

      Since Forrest was talking about the distance between telegraph poles across land and mentioned a chain being 66ft…equal to the distance between telegraph poles…I have no reason to believe he was speaking in nautical terms..

      • Ah, thank you; it is a land survey distance. I was thinking “a shot of chain,” not “one chain.” Heh! Golly that helps narrow down the search area!

      • Hi Dal — I find the choice of 66,000 links interesting since it’s equal to 43,560 feet. But 43,560 *square feet* is an acre. Perhaps it’s Forrest’s way of having fun being a “wiseacre”.

        • hello zap,

          Good find.

          Also, 43,650 divided by 5,280 = 8.25

          So, 5,280 sq. ft, stretched out end-to-end, would extend for 8.25 miles.

          So, whats the point??

          LOL!! Ol’ Fenn could have honestly said, “The chest is more than one acre North of Santa Fe.”…, that would really have everyone scratchin’ their noggin.

          Always remember, never forget…..the mind that conceived and wrote the Poem is the same that conceived and wrote the Poem.

          🙂 it’s not a good idea to think you “know” and discard any words in the Pome…..

          • pardonez moi,

            Always remember, never forget…..the mind that conceived and wrote the Poem is the same that conceived and wrote the 66,000 links ditty.

  138. Musing again … Hey pilots, Is that Stephenville runway the same as Pope’s 41-221? Let me know, thanks. More musing… Then wouldn’t a left thumb over a left eye strain the neck? Hey brother, “Do you hear that whistle down the line…”?
    Gimme some latitude, Who wasn’t smitten by Judy Garland and those Harvey Girls?

  139. Fenn said ‘Toledo’, that’s under the Jemez Caldera, but he may have meant Topeka, which is more in line w/ Philly. They are close to each other, the angles & co-ords, and, off-the-cuff spoken errors are not unknown.

  140. I wonder if north of Santa Fe isn’t some sort of clue. Well yeah that probably is north of the first hoB but what about Browns peak #2 brown, all my opinions just thinking out loud.

  141. About number 5, Please correct me if I’m wrong, but Forrest said “The most common mistake that I see searchers make is that they underestimate the importance of the first clue.” He did not say that the first clue was WWWH. I believe the first clue might be before that line.

  142. Dal, I know he says the poem is all you need to find the treasure.. Does that also mean the poem contains the stating point? Or does it mean the poem is all you need once you have the starting point? Thoughts?

    • Bill-
      Yes..I believe the poem contains the starting place, the ending place and all the instructions we need to move from start to end. I also believe there are stories in the TOTC book that serve as hints to help us narrow down the starting place from the myriad of places it could possibly be.
      Sounds so easy doesn’t it???
      Of course I am still jerking around like a squirrel on the road trying to figure out what to do next, but I never claimed anyone should follow my lead.

  143. As I have alone in there. If you are brave and in the wood. These two seem to go together.

    • Marv, if you are not more careful than your posting indicates,
      you won’t find the treasure. I suggest you read the poem a few more times.

      Good luck. Don’t give up too easily. Be safe.

  144. I also have toyed around with the though that maybe “where warm waters halt” is not the beginning, maybe a place with riches new and old is where to start?
    So FF is an avid fisherman, do we know if he liked to fish from a boat or wade in primarily? The references to river travel via boat may be literal or metaphor for the journey itself. “Not far but too far to walk” could mean you’re stuck on one side of a quickly flowing river that, while narrow, is impassable & one would have to find a way around which is “too far.” Same goes for standing on top of a cliff above a canyon…the floor of the canyon could be mere inches in front of you but 1000′ straight down & impossible to walk to. If FF is a rafter or kayaker it could shed some light on travel routes. Did he say specifically that he “walked” back & forth to the car two times in one afternoon to hide the stash?
    Also he made his living searching for artifacts, do we know where his most meaningful/exciting find was or what artifact it was? Might lead to some new insight. Also, did he just hunt for Native American artifacts or was he into fossil hunting too?

  145. Sorry if any of the above is a “stupid” question; new to the chase as of a week or so ago. Heading out to a nearby location tomorrow on a well-researched hunch to look for a couple days. Will update on my findings (if any!) when I get back!

      • I live in Steamboat, CO, so was thinking of checking out some spots in/near Dinosaur Natl Monument. Below the home of Brown aka south of Browns Park wildlife preserve. 🙂

        • @Qwan Tim, thanks for the new energy! Yes, he stated the two trips in one afternoon from his ‘car’ so, IMO one and half hours up and 30 minutes back down twice or 30 minutes down and one and half back up, plus or minus, basically under 3 miles from a parking lot, IMO and no place a 79 – 80 y.o. would go. (no raft or boat used IMO or else why the need for two trips) p.s. I’m still rated a newbie so IMO….Did the Fenn’s enjoy snow skiing back in the da, Telluride, Aspen, Vail?

          • @Jdiggins I live in Ukiah, air is terrible lately! Just now reading a lot of today’s blogs I had to stop and confirm what month and year it was! A lot of the same ideas/thoughts get tossed around but, I guess it’s good to go over it again and again……I never saw the ‘tips from ff’ heading before… it new?

          • Hey cholly! I’m in upper lake. Smokes bad here too!
            No, the thread is not new. It’s amazing what dal has hidden in the nooks and crannies of this site! A chase in itself, and very well worth it! 🙂
            Good luck, cholly! 🙂

      • QwanTim –

        You have good questions – 🙂

        As far as a meaningful artifact – that would be the arrowhead he found with his father. That was found in Texas at age 9 – so may not help much.

        Remember to follow the poem in order………..

        IMO no water craft was used.

        Forrest traded many things – I don’t know if fossils were in the mix – I haven’t heard him say that word – but it’s possible. Being on the board of a museum – I’m sure many fossils have been seen by him. He wrote about prehistoric people – and I think that is a hint to something.

  146. there are 2 things that I think are not in the poem – 1 the canyon – and where warm waters halt omo

  147. @dal and Jdiggins: Thanks Dal! Howdy neighbor @ Jdiggins, I thought you were close but then sometimes it seems you are from N. Carolina? Love Upper Lake, Blue Wing Restaurant Sunday Brunch is killer! Sorry for off topic, it nice when a veteran searcher is so close by maybe next time you hit Walmart we could meet up, JDiggins, I’ve lived here 23 years. Do you know Walters?

    So, has the dust all settled from the mystery countdown folks and it’s safe to keep searching? lol!

    • Hi cholly/neighbor! Don’t know walters, but Wal mart and I go way back… 🙂 was at Friedman today! Sorry, off topic, but I’ll shout next time I head ur way cholly…

      As for the mystery countdown, if you look on this site for the Section called
      Where warm waters halt, there is a “play by play”, if you will…just read through the comments.

      I think dals site holds all the answers, there are a lot of very bright and imaginative folks here, and with that comes great ideas. Lots of information, the most difficult task will be to remain open to a new solution if your first doesn’t quite fit. Most of all, have fun!!! 🙂

  148. @Jdiggins,off topic again too, lol, I almost hit Friedmans today too but went to Big Daddy’s instead…..Walter’s is Walter Cafe, on State and Low Gap, great food….I was their agent when they purchased and get VIP service! Would be fun to say hello in person. now, back on topic…..begin it where….!

  149. you do not start it were warm water halts , you start at the beginning ‘ I have gone alone, that will give you the area to start, a man alone is a ……

  150. Inasmuch as dear in his memory is the very first arrowhead a young Forrest found with his Father; it would, IMO…. be the ” Fenn Clovis Cache” which shall continue to have the greatest impact on mankind.

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow: One, remarkable man remembered.


  151. hELLO Everyone pLEASE SEE YOUR DOCTORS AND ASK HOW YOU CAN AVOID HAVING A sTROKE I had one on the tenth of last month it stole some of my mind TITAN IS FINE my daughter is helpig me get through thi aaaaaaand Ranee saved my life sorry words dont come easythis can happen to any one at any age please relize the risk and avoid it at all cost you cant prepare for this I cANT DRIVE WICH SUCKS im A DRIVEWR BY TRADE DONT TAKE THINGS FOR GRANET SORR SBOUT THE GRAMMER AND SPELLING i WISH YOU TH EBEST WITH TH CHASE IT HELPED ME GET THROUGH ALL THIS MESS GOD BLESS EVERYONE PLEASE GET CHECKED BEFORE YOU VENTURE OUT MY MIND NEVER FORGOT THE POEMSOMETHING TO THNG ON TOO GOT TO LOVR THAT FENN FOR THAT

    • Jeese Jeff-
      I am assuming you are not pulling our leg about this because many of us met both you and Titan last fall at the book signing. You are a serious searcher and a guy who ran out to look for Randy in a heartbeat when you heard he was missing…

      I am very sorry to hear about what has happened to you. I hope that your recovery is speedy and complete…

      Stay positive…
      Keep communicating with us on the blog..

    • I will pray for you sir. What kind of stroke did you have? My youngest patient that I ever saw had an ischemic stroke and was 34. Last I heard no one knew what caused his, but the buzz from the doctors was it was possibly related to him cracking his neck as a young kid/adult like beefy guys do before they fight. Although he was younger, 35 is our protocol age along with chest pain patients. 35 is the magic number. See your doctors and get checked out regularly. If you don’t know what a stroke is, it’s like a heart attack but in the brain. Can happen to anyone, even one with no history or family history of.

    • Hello Jeff. Thank you for caring so much about others so that we may heed your warning. My prayers are with you for a steady and complete recovery. Be strong.

    • Jeff, sorry to hear of your health challenges but glad to hear you are on the mend. Sending you and your family warm thoughts and best wishes. Give Titan a hug for us too.

    • Hey Jeff, hang in there. Your a tough guy and should slowly see some progress. Our hearts are with you.

    • Jeff, keep your faith during the storms of life, for the sun will shine again…..God bless prayers are with you my friend….until next time…see ya

  152. Jeff;

    The fact that you could type your post is an indicator that you are on the road to recovery. Have faith in yourself, and your ability to heal.

    The treasure will probably wait for you

    God Speed.


  153. Jeff I met you and Titan at the book signing at La Fonda. You came outside with me and I gave Titan a dog treat. I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy recovery and for you to get back on the road real soon. Hope to see you again one day in the future!

  154. Even though this treasure has not been found. I sure hope he has created other treasures and spots for future findings! God Bless and may Thrills & Journeys of life continue on!

  155. Has anyone thought about the line “the end is drawing nigh” and entertained the idea that the word “end” can be translated to “Fin” in Spanish? The Fin is drawing nigh. It may be a clever play on Fenn. It’s a stretch, and may be quite unhelpful. 😉 But maybe there’s some kind of marker (a blaze?) that looks like a fish fin. ????? REALLY a stretch.

    • curious Dave.

      You left out a word in your quote. You said, “the end is drawing nigh” The words in the poem are ,”The end is EVER drawing nigh;” I only bring this up, because in MY solve, the word EVER plays an important part. Ever can mean – More than once. Is Forrest telling us that when we think that we have found the END, we may not have, and we need to adjust out thinking and “Go a little farther?”

      Go a little farther – up a trail – up a stream – a little deeper in our thoughts??

      Something to think about. Just my opinion.

      Keep searchin’ until you reach the correct END and TRY to STAY SAFE.


      • JD…I think there may be a link between ever drawing nigh (or drawing EVERMORE nigher and nigher) and “NO PLACE FOR THE MEEK” meaning that the exit CREEK tributary is close to the “PUT IN” point and one should paddle hard to reach it in time so one doesn’t have to try to paddle UP the waterway. This may mean that the TC is closer to the HOB and WWWH than we might have assumed. This may also mean that many people have been “close” to the treasure when they drove their cars in (as far as line of site goes) and that 200 feet proximity may be an interpretation of horizontal distance on a map but the actual distance from the searcher couple to the TC might have been 500 feet.

    • Curious Dave – No,…it is not a stretch. There is a “fin” on the Rising Rainbow Trout in my solve,…and that’s where my “face” is. 🙂

  156. Am I thinking about the general nature of the “blaze” correctly? –> I’m thinking the blaze cannot be a simple mark on a tree or even a small drawing on a rock. If FF was thinking about people still being able to find the treasure long after he’s gone (a hundred years from now, a thousand years from now), then it would seem that the blaze has to be somewhat permanent, maybe even large, and not subject to much change over time. Trees rot and drawings/etchings erode.

    • Correct, in my opinion and many others.
      Just one thing about a small drawing on a rock, if it’s deeply cut into the rock so that in 1,000 years it’s still visible, then that’s good for the “Blaze” too. I’m sure you meant something like a scratch or paint.

      But it can also be anything else someone might call a “blaze” in the poetic sense. It could be a waterfalls, a river, a narrow canyon, etc.

      I’d say, anything you can loosely call a blaze, but permanence is a requirement.

  157. Curious Dave and Buckeye Bob, I agree with both of you. I’m surprised at
    how many folks are still thinking in terms of the blaze being on a tree. But if
    these folks are stubborn about it, then there’s less competition for us!

    The above is just my opinion. Yours may differ.

    Good luck to all searchers. Please be safe.

  158. Hi Dal,
    The following is from an article in Huffington Post = (

    [Fenn, for his part, has issued plenty of warnings, along with more clues. Among them: He says there’s no point to searching in winter, when snow would hide the treasure. He also said “the treasure is hidden higher than 5,000 feet above sea level,” but it isn’t buried, nor in a graveyard, “nor associated with any structure.”]

    This paragraph is third from the bottom. I don’t know if he actually said that the chest wasn’t buried as the statement is not a quote.

    It may not matter anyway, as 7 years have passed and there is a possibility that time has buried the chest with silt, sand, leaves etc. If snow could actually cover the treasure, then it would seem other things could as well and the same could be said of the blaze.

    This thought will not deter my further searches though.
    WE be brave and in the wood.

    • Thanks Krow-
      To my knowledge Forrest has never knowingly made a statement that the chest is buried..
      He has said it as a mistake once or twice on live radio…but it’s my belief he did not intend to say it and was just sort of repeating what the radio hosts said. He did not mean to say it. He still tells us that he won’t say whether it is buried or not because he does not want to give that out as a clue.
      I think the safe way to think about this is to assume it is definitely hidden and it could be buried…or not…

      • Even if it is buried, I imagine you’d be able to figure it out without a metal detector.

        He may have buried the chest in such a way that non-treasure hunters wouldn’t easily stumble on it, discover it by chance.

          • But if it’s buried how would that be to much of a clue? If it’s not how would that help anyone either? Has to be something that really sticks out on how it’s hidden that would help a searcher? In water would guide a searcher closer? Cave or cliff, either way there are only a limit of things imo that would help a searcher to the chest location imo

          • I never said that it would be a clue or be helpful, only practical from the sense that Forrest probably wanted the chest very well hidden. If after solving the first several clues and you happen upon the “blaze”, buried or not buried, I wouldn’t leave a stone unturned, would you? “Look quickly down your quest to cease.”

          • William-
            If he said it was buried many folks would claim it cannot be inside a National Park, or Monument where digging is illegal…
            But perhaps more worrisome, if folks thought it was buried they might start digging somewhere it is illegal to do so and end up in the pokey and paying a large fine…

            So if it isn’t buried than why not say so…and avoid all the problems…

            I can think of a few reasons:
            1. It might be under something…maybe not in an actual hole and covered over with dirt…but still hidden (some might say buried) under something…like a rock ledge or inside a rock fracture…too many whiners might accuse him of lying…they might believe that hiding in a geologic formation under the surface was a form of buried, particularly if the chest is underneath the ground where we walk…( I don’t mean a cave. Forrest eliminated caves)
            So it’s safer to simply not say the “b” word…use the word hidden…and avoid the whining by those who are disappointed when it’s found hidden under something….
            2. If Forrest said it was “buried” not only would more people be digging in places they shouldn’t, but others would not even bother looking because something buried is too hard to locate without a metal detector.
            3. If he said it was “buried” then some searchers would say it cannot be in a National Park …Maybe he does not want to eliminate any specific areas…

          • Hi Dal,
            I agree with the whole statement but you said Forrest eliminated caves? I know about the mine but caves would help me out a bit?
            Forrest imo is a stickler when it comes to meanings, hidden and buried have several meanings but totally different imo.

            I agree about your interpretation why not say it’s buried but the statement about the 12 feet away would say otherwise that it might not be buried? If buried then something else points to its location that would draw you attention if 12 feet away imo

          • William-
            He said it’s not in a mine or a cave..
            He said that on KVSF radio, the Richard Eeds program in May of 2016.
            I remember that moment because I was sitting next to him during the interview and when he said that my brain went “huh?
            Because prior to that Forrest told a searcher that it could be in a cave.

            You can find the recording on the Media page of this blog.

            The stories are listed chronologically so just scroll down to May.
            Listen for it about 24minutes in.

        • To search with a shovel or metal detector is tomfoolery, especially in a national park. I’d go with a sandwich and a flashlight instead.

    • Andrew-
      To my knowledge Forrest never said that…in fact, he wrote the converse-
      “I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.”
      That’s from Scrapbook 78 on this blog.

  159. It would be nice that when that day comes that someone does find it, to perhaps leave an item from the treasure and a note to say that it was found and congratulations as well for the next successful person…..especially should the finder decide to keep it quiet. I do think that the bracelet should be given to the Fin out of thanks for his gift of adventure and joy he has bestowed on all who has became involved. I am sitting in my armchair, in Johannesburg and yet I am also there in the Rocky Mountain, searching……maybe one day I will be the one to leave that piece of treasure and note behind eagerly awaiting to meet this great man who has impacted so many lives with in the end, the only thing that really counts…….memories.

    • Roslyn, you seem like a kind person and you’re right, Forrest has managed to create one of the most fun things ever with lots of memories for everyone who has jumped in. You’re so far away from the Rocky Mountains but your imagination has brought you here to search. Wow!

  160. Has anyone else considered the fact that there may be a clue as to the whereabouts, perhaps even the “blaze” in the poem, that could be obtained from an aerial view of the landscape? As a Vietnam Era fighter pilot is it too far stretched to think that Forrest could have used a private charter at times to admire his beloved outdoors from the air?

  161. I thought I remembered this and found it above:

    Forrest has said it takes brain work and research to figure out the clues.

    LOL!! It takes ‘brain work’ and ‘research’ to figure out the clues…..not ‘a’ clue, but the CLUES!

    Dal, or Goofy, can you remember where Fenn said this little gem?? 🙂

    (It seems to run counter to the creed of the BOTG proponents who feel you need to solve WWWH and then must have BOTG to solve the remaining clues?)

    • Well Loco, I think I can clear this up for you; let me refer you back to the very top where Dal writes:

      Here are some tips from Forrest with interpretations by Dal..Take the magenta text as fact but take the interpretations as suggestions from me…not from Forrest…

      • LOL!! Thanks Goofy.

        Yep, saw that! Just was wondering, if it was Dal’s interpretation, what it was that Fenn said to him (or what Fal had read?) that could be interpreted in that manner??

  162. Has Forrest ever said when he stopped piloting his airplane? If so When did he stop flying?

  163. i think the sandwich and flashlight are for when you find the blaze”ll want to sit down and admire the view for awhile then as its getting dark and see the lights in the distance you will need the flashlight to get back too the trail… lol

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