Scrapbook Nineteen…




Forrest’s back yard fishing pond that is 11′ deep. He says it’s catch and release only.




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  1. Dal, where do these scrapbook entries come from? Are they old images you have taken yourself (or found) or does FF suddenly send them and ask you to post them on your site?

    • monky-
      They all come from Forrest…to post on my blog. He generally sends me a couple of pictures and some sort of caption. Sometimes I add clarifying info. For instance he sent no caption for the pics on 23 so I wrote everything.
      On 22 His original caption was:
      “Barry Peterson from CBS News, Bob Hayworth, Forrest and Douglas Preston grin after a book signing at Collected Works book store in Santa Fe.” I added additional information because I doubted that everyone knows who Bob Haworth and Doug Preston are.
      On 19 that is his unvarnished, original, complete and total caption.
      The pic on 22 was sent to Forrest by Crayton. Forrest sent it to me without a caption. I hesitated to post it because I didn’t want folks to think I was showboating. After I finally posted it he didn’t like what I wrote. He noticed that I left off my name and where the canon came from and what it’s name is. So I added some additional information and made a game out of figuring out which one Crayton is. I didn’t want to look like I was trying to upstage Forrest with a picture of my adventures.
      9 is completely his caption. That is why I have not changed it even though clearly, that is not his office.
      We have not talked about this but the reason’s he sends these and asks that I post them is, I think, because Forrest wants you to know something about him. See who he hangs with and what he enjoys. He’s sharing…I know for a fact that his intent is not to confuse anyone …rather, to provide some background. I don’t believe these pics have to do with the treasure so much as they do about knowing something about the guy who hid this dream everyone is searching for.
      He sometimes sends them in spurts and sometimes just one…
      I have a few more to post but since the Today show there is very little time to do anything but answer email and monitor the blog…

  2. Thanks for the very detailed response, it’s certainly interesting to learn a little more about Forrest and the life he has led.

  3. Just thumbing through the early scrapbooks. I always liked this one for some reason( the picture). I also refer back every so often because it helps to stay grounded. Read Dal’s response to Munkypuzzle. I still believe that Forrest mainly shares to give us all a glimpse of who he is or isn’t. I also suspect that he is human and falls prey to the urge to mess w/ some who inundate him w/endless gibberish. Dal’s blog is the freeway to info about the man and there just may be a few hints too…Thanks Goofy and Dal.

    • Happy;

      Does any of this have anything to do with the search for Forrest’s Indulgence, or are you just having fun at our expense? JDA

      • I found an extremely relatable website based on my investigation of Forrest’s Chase.. and when I say relatable.. I’ll just say that it was created by someone very close to him, imo

      • JDA.. also.. in the last 24 hours… I’ve been posting specifically to scrapbook entries that I believe are intended be viewed and in sequence.. not only do the sequence of my posts acknowledge that I’m “onto him”.. but the posts as well act as verification of me being OH

      • JDA,

        HappyThoth seems to enjoy using phone texting anagrams here. Have you noticed he never truly answers your questions. All it is child’s play to aggravate, and not understanding that not all use texting. I will say inconsiderate at best.

        To me its all gibber jabber!

        Just Say’n

        • CharlieM;

          Since I am from the dark ages, I do not even own a cell phone, and certainly never text, do “Phone texting anagrams” are not something I know nor wish to know.

          I hope he/she is having fun. Even when he explains his posts, they make no sense to me, but that is OK too.

          Thanks for the explanation – I agree, “Inconsiderate at best”, but some have to have the spotlight on themselves even if it shows their warts ๐Ÿ™‚ – JDA

          • I don’t think HappyThoth is about having a spotlight, more about fishing then anything. We are all looking for something in our own unique way and HappyThoth just happens to have a unique way that really stands out in a crowd. I have met a few people like that, they are gone now, but because of that I remember them. I suppose HappyThoth does have the spotlight then…

          • ID;

            You may be correct. If fishing, I have always found that using a lure or bait that the fish would recognize helped. I know I am old as the hills, but using the phone anagrams tells me NOTHING – I do not recognize it as bait, and am not lured to what he/she is trying to say, or fish for – but that is just me – JDA

          • JDA,

            As I was going to be a teacher one of the biggest complaints I got from teachers was the use of phone lingo on submitted papers. Apparently it is an issue that some teachers have to face and work to convince students not to do. I do have a cellphone but I avoided them for almost a decade when they started to be mainstream.

          • JDA,

            Yesterday you posted a quote from F about something sure for the one that knows beforehand, along those lines. What was it? Help!

          • CharlieM:

            โ€œA dare went out to everyone who possessed a sense of wanderlust; study the clues in the book and thread a tract through the wiles of nature and circumstance to the treasure. If you can find it, you can have it… I warned that the path would not be direct for those who have no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.”

            TFTW – Statement made on map insert. Hope this is what you need – JDA

          • JDA,

            Thanks for the help, I was wanting to use the quote over at Odds & Ends thread. Thank you again my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. ID
    ” I suppose HappyThoth does have the spotlight thenโ€ฆ”

    who would you say had the spotlight before me then?

    • Spotlights are fleeting and you don’t have the tenacity to post 24/7 so clearly that leaves room for other people to try and gain the spotlight. I suppose there are a few that seek that position, CharlieM today. Plus those that automatically grab the spotlight just from making a short post on the blog. In this case I am referring to Forrest, but he appears to have moved out of the spotlight.

        • Hi Twingem,

          The deer where I live don’t seem to be effected by them. The deer specifically where I live don’t even blink an eye to a car going by or a pedestrian. I recently drove by a neighbor in his yard with his dog and 4 deer within 10 feet of him. At the same time my daughter had a friend drop her off at home that had just moved to Montana from the East Coast and was absolutely amazed to see deer.

          I also realized on my drive home today that I not only see tons of wildlife but I also see bison every single day of the week. Granted they are not the same size as the ones in Yellowstone but they still look grand.

      • Idle Dreamer,

        If I have comments, that doesn’t mean a spotlight was requested and I am not one that seeks it. Is that how you really see it? I guess, I’ll let you have the floor! 24/7

        • Nope, the spotlight isn’t sought it just highlights your post to others on here like myself. When you read this I have your spotlight for a brief moment.

  5. I know nothing of fishing for trout and ain’t never gonna get to the rockies, but is the true home of brown trout a lake or a river? I know they travel “upstream” to spawn….But when they aren’t getting it on, which I assume is most of the time…do they hang in the lakes predominently?

  6. Eleven feet is deep.

    This past weekend my seafaring maritime engineer buddy popped in on the way back from placing buoys along the arctic river system of Great Slave Lake. Their gigantic boat has only a 4-foot draught– not even a fathom.

    Lots of pike in the weeds up there, according to the expert.

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