Scrapbook Twenty-one…



This photo shows another adventurer in Forrest’s family, his nephew Crayton. This is from off the coast of Uruguay. The wonderful bronze canon is from the Salvador, a Spanish ship that sunk in Maldonado Bay in August, 1812 in a terrible storm. She was carrying nearly a thousand souls. Practically all were lost in the wreck.

That is Punta del Este in the background. Can you guess which one is Crayton?


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  1. Ok, I’ll bite since I don’t know…now which would be related to Forrest…… I guess tall dark and handsome with a good sense of humor on the right? Is that you in the middle?

  2. Ha! Nope to that one being Crayton. The guy on the right end is Hector. The George Clooney of South America. Women swoon at the mere mention of his name in Montevideo.

  3. Hey can I have Hector’s email? I have a few questions I want to ask him *blush*

    Ok….Crayton then would be the next to Hector tall dark and handsome guy that I bet has a funny sense of humor that just can’t be captured in a photo.

    • BINGO!
      You should be able to tell he is a Fenn by the blue shirt. Crayton, known as Crayton the Magnificent by his crew, is a fearless diver and amazingly skilled side scan sonar operator and interpreter.

  4. you mean the blue shirt is a Fenn thing? I just thought they made Forrest look sharp, because of his eyes. Does Crayton have the same pretty blue eyes? Well, I guess that’s an awkward question to ask you to answer Dal lol…especially if Crayton ever reads your blog.

    I must have just been flush by visions of Hector that I wasn’t thinking clearly and humor gets me every time.

  5. Yeah they do look dark. They definitely look alike.

    I made a mistake. Hector isn’t so funny. Look at the picture…I thought he had his leg behind him with the blue flipper and something balancing on it. So I’m no longer soul mates with Hector…he’s boring.

  6. Dal, does Forrestt have any comments about these photo’s? Just wondering because use of the water theme of these last few scrapbook notes. Fenn says not to look anywhere an 80yr old couldn’t go. Dropping a box of treasure in a mountain lake/pond is doable for an 80 yr old but taking it out much more difficult. Has F ever said you could walk right up to it and walk right out with it? Or something to that effect? Thnx Tom

    • Tom-
      I’m going to make you work for the answer to that question. Mostly because I don’t remember where his comment about that is at here. But I believe he did make a comment about that…look in the rumors blog and in the email blogs…use the search mechanism…good luck..

    • No..that guy is also a fearless and very competent diver by the name of Timboni. He is Uruguayan and can whistle any TV or movie theme you care to name. A good game to pass the time when you are on a small boat with him for several days.

  7. Umm…am I going to need scuba equipment? I just was recerted last may so I got that going for me. First time was in Panama w the army years ago. How olds the photo by the way?

    • That photo doesn’t have any bearing on the location of the treasure. That’s just his nephew’s crew salvaging items off a 200 year old British warship. Forrest is just sharing it with us so we can see that adventuring runs in his family.

      • No-Last I heard it was in a government warehouse in Uruguay…rotting away. Yet another disaster from political indecisiveness. That was a happy moment though. I think we brought up 5 canons from the Salvador there. The folks in Punta del Este treated us wonderfully. We couldn’t buy a drink or a meal in that town for a couple of weeks. Then various factions in the government began quibbling over who should get what…and …well you can guess the rest…

    • the guy on the right has his leg resting on the cannon in front of the left leg of the man next to him…

  8. What I find disturbing about the photo is definitely one of SAFETY concerns! If OSHA was to ever see that 4-way pallet standing up lon end like that, that’s a 500 dollar fine! No questions asked…Just sayin


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