Scrapbook Twenty…




A fox in Forrest’s yard by his pond, taken by one of his outside cameras.




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  1. Are those gold coins stuck to his trees(the wood)and sparkling against the light or is it at Christmas time? Sweet fox…do they hurt people? If so, I’ll add it to my list of things to be brave about.

    • Hi Stephanie;

      I don’t think anyone ever responded to your Fox comment .. Foxes don’t generally attack someone, unless they are trapped – meaning cornered with no way out, or possibly threatening their young .. I suppose if they were really, really hungry (starvation) and you had the scent of food on you they might approach or be aggressive .. but, generally, they are going to scat if you give them a wide enough berth .. snakes, except for Mojave, are generally the same way .. just back away and go around and they’ll usually leave you alone – and if you’re wearing knee high leather boots the chance of the strike getting to your skin are pretty low .. Mojave, on the other hand, are very aggressive and will come after people – you do not want to get bit by a Mojave ..

  2. Uh oh a fox near Forrests’ “hen” house. (a box without hinges key or lid……) I wonder if Forrest placed cameras near his spot, that would account how he new someone was near.

    • I thought of that too Tom. Trail cams can be seen via internet over WIFI but what are the chances that there is internet connection where he hid the treasure.

    • Tom: You need to wear a red bandanna bandit-style, or a ski-mask when you approach it.

  3. I never thought about cameras that are actually already in place that he could access via internet. I have used those type cameras to check weather in certain areas….but I didn’t know there were sites that had trail cameras. I thought it would be neat if he had put a camera near it so that he could check on it…but just didn’t think he’d do that….the idea of trail cams already in place is really a great idea. If you have a link for them…email me 😉 Or post it.

  4. Nestor.

    The cock crew,
    The sky was blue:
    The bells in heaven
    Were striking eleven.
    ‘Tis time for this poor soul
    To go to heaven.

    Answer? See scrapbook twenty.

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