Grilled Pimiento Cheese Sandwich…Part Deux…

Forrest Says:

Thanks to all of you who sent your favorite pimiento cheese recipes for me to try. For years I had been trying to match the wonderful sandwiches I used to get at the little Bainbridge, Georgia Air Base deli when I was in Air Force pilot training there in 1953. All of the recipes I received from treasure searchers were really good.

But the winner is a very simple mix from an anonymous little lady in Missississisipi. The way she described it made me so hungry I had to claim it the victor, and it is very close to what I remember from 60 years ago. She said it’s not enough that a dish be delightfully tasty, it also must be comely, because, “the eye is the first to taste.”

Chill a large flaring bowl that has a pretty design around the edge, one that will complement yellow and red, but nothing gaudy, and certainly no composition that would detract from the overall look.

Finely grate an 8 oz. bar of Cracker Barrel, extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Pour in 4 oz. diced Dromedary pimientos.

Stir in 2 heaping tbs Miracle Whip salad dressing and mix well.

Sea salt and pepper to taste.

The bread may be toasted or used fresh from the wrapper. My grandmotherly gourmet suggests Sara Lee 100% Multi-Grain bread (45 calories). “And incidentally,” she says, “Pimiento cheese is great on celery stalks if served as munchies while watching the ball game.”

Pimento Cheese mix ready for the bread and frying pan

Pimiento Cheese mix ready for the bread and frying pan

30 thoughts on “Grilled Pimiento Cheese Sandwich…Part Deux…

  1. Oh….I’m going to get out the cheese grater box and put some muscle into it. This sounds fantastic…fattening…but fantastic. Thank you, Dal. Thank you, Forrest. Thank you anonymous Southern lady.

  2. Maybe I should have said *put some muscle into the grating of the cheese* because what I actually said sounds, well…it sounds a little weird…..

  3. Great recipe going on there,sounds vaguely famiiar….Im thinking Mr.Fenn knows my grandma.

  4. This has gotten out of hand… I’m now looking for clues when I’m not even looking for clues! Last night I convinced myself that McCartney hid a treasure… just think: ‘Golden Slumbers”, “Maxwells Silver Hammer”, Penny Lane!! I need therapy! (After I start digging up Abby Road)

  5. Looks great! Hope no one tries to eat a whole bowl like that all by themselves at one sitting. If you do open the windows as I suspect there will be wind turbulence in the cabin.,

  6. The only thing wrong with that recipe is the bread. Use potato bread that is lightly buttered and browned on both sides. Out of this world.

  7. I like most of the ingredients but never acquired a taste for Miracle Whip – have to substitute MAYO and then it would be really good! I think I would like this mix on crackers or little pieces of toast and baked – yummmmmm!

  8. Eddie: Yeah, it’s loaded with them. I ran out of cheese a week ago, getting low on cat food, too. Going to have to make a trip to town sometime this week. A block of cheddar and a couple of 4 oz jars of wossname, pimientos is going onto the list. Oh yeah. And Miracle Whip.

    Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

    • A bowl that size and a loaf of bread would just about make a meal if a person didn’t discipline himself. You guys have anything like that down at the cantina, Eddie?

  9. ” I like most of the ingredients but never acquired a taste for Miracle Whip – have to substitute MAYO and then it would be really good!”

    Well, today is St. Patrick’s Day (he was in Mayo, Ireland) lol


    Is that your picture attached to the article (did you already try the recipe?), or did Forrest send it ?

    Well, I was just looking to make some grilled cheese yesterday, but glad I waited. This takes it to another level.

    Thanks for the article,

  10. These recent comments by Forrest – if viewed as hints – are making me wish I could erase that big red X I have on a map. My map is of yellowstone and these hints sure have a New Mexico sound to them. Bainbridge (Bunting)? Artifacts of Spanish settlers? Ah well my boys and I have a trip planned to Yellowstone, we’ll go anyway even though the New Mexico theories are starting to sound better and better. We’ll have a good time somehow 🙂

    • I have had to convince myself of this many times…not everything is a clue, some things just are what they are, in this case it sounds delicious.

  11. Heck Jeff. I was just beginning to like Wyoming. All those Mexican artifacts are most likely a smoke screen to test the metal of the FennWyomingists, pull them south. New Mexico needs touristas to survive.

    • Ha ha Old Jules, times tough for sure let’s come up with some great New Mexico hints and help people out 🙂 I sent Forrest an email through his website saying I wasn’t going to hunt, but I loved the story and his blog (and being a computer expert pointed out some errors on his blog page – once a nerd always a nerd). I guess he won me over, I am going to go look now because my sons bought into it. Since gold detectors are illegal in Yellowstone, I suppose we will have to bring fishing gear instead, may not find a treasure, but we will be OK anyway. BTW while I am not disappointed that a superior recipe beat mine out, I do think I deserve honourable mention for funniest poem in that blog entry 🙂

  12. I think Forrest could post a picture of SpongeBob & we would all start tying clues to him. Count pixels, divide by the letter X (which is 24 apparently from other posts) & that will give you lat/lon to arrive at New Mexico, or analyze the lighting to point to shadows thrown by Yellowstone mountains. He is a sponge, so he holds water. I’m not sure how warm it is, but I know if SpongeBob was sitting in Ojo Caliente and peed, that should be where some warm waters halt….or start…or maybe it’s colder. Sandy on the show is from Texas, I think….or is it Wyoming. Jules, you’ll need to do some research and watch some back episodes to follow up on the Wyoming route.

    Forrest. Please don’t post a picture of SpongeBob, I don’t think I can burn that many more braincells finding connections. 🙂


    • Lenny: I don’t have a television and never heard of spongebob, but I might have illustrated a point. I have no interest in Heron Lake in the context of the treasure, but I would like to see it sometime.

      Heading out in that general direction soon I’m thinking, but I doubt I’ll reach Heron Lake. Clutch on the RV is iffy on long upgrades. It’s an 83 and I doubt it’s ever been changed.

  13. As a professional culinary artist, If you wanted a dish that would compliment your pimiento fromage. you should use a green bowl and maybe garnish with a bit of fresh basil. And if you don’t like Mayo, just substitute cream cheese and maybe a splash of cider vinegar.

    • I keep coming back to your post, memorizing what you’ve suggested. Not the color thing, but the parts about cream cheese and cider vinegar.

      I’d have never thought of cider vinegar… cream cheese, either, for that matter, on pimiento cheese. But if I can remember until next time I go to town, I will.

      • Mayo is made with white wine vinegar egg yolks and oil. Mayo is a “cooked” hollandaise. Get a block of smoked white Cheddar, cream cheese, maybe a couple of chipotles and a splash of brown ale.

      • caddis: I’m obliged. I’m going to be getting myself around a sandwich made of that.

  14. I enjoyed my own pimento cheese sandwich while out in the woods last weekend! Yum, thought it was a great thing to bring along!

  15. My MIL made an amazing pimento cheese spread. I wanted so badly to ask her how she made it after I read the 1st post. Sadly she was so ill that she could no longer even answer rather she was hot or cold, or if she was in pain. Answering instead “I don’t know.” Well she did until she slipped into a coma a few days ago. In the wee hours of yesterday morning she slipped away. After sitting with her for most of the evening and until midnight was closing I had gone home for some much needed sleep. (which I never got) While I sat with her over the last 3 days I regaled her with stories of Forrest Fenn’s Treasure and some of things I’ve read on this blog. Maybe I was hoping that with her last breath she would sit up and shout out “It’s at the ………… in Taos.” Or Yellowstone…. Who knows maybe she did, but I wasn’t there. Maybe I should put a tail on the nurse who was sitting with her, to see if she heads for the Rockies. The world lost a great treasure when my MIL left it, one of much more value than one hidden by Forrest Fenn. Something I will remember when we head west next week.

  16. Hey!!! :)~ I just noticed that this recipe that Forest said he liked has dromedary pimientos lol Get it, lol Camels are dromedary(s) lol There are 2 kissing camels at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, that is a ‘special’ place 🙂 too funny!

    • ok found the thread lol there is a naked lady like on the chest hidden in the pack of Camel cigs in the front leg, my Dad used to smoke those nasty things lol

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