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For those of you heading to Santa Fe, the home of Forrest, in the next few days/weeks the Inn and Spa at Loretto is offering a special deal for searchers. I took advantage of a special deal there recently and I can highly recommend the place. Additionally, this is one of Forrest’s favorite haunts and you might very well run into him in the restaurant at lunch or dinner. By the way they also have a sandwich named after him. It’s corned beef on marbled rye. I keep wondering what you have to do to get a sandwich named after you….

I’ve had a couple of them in my lifetime. Pretty darn tasty!


Inn and Spa at Loretto………great photo by Jim Nix

You can get hold of the inn via their website:


and look for the searcher special…

Their phone is (866) 778-5565

The Inn is also right in old town and very near Forrest’s old gallery, now the Nedra Mettucci Gallery. You definitely should look at that place and marvel gaze at Forrest and Peggy’s craftsmanship. The sculpture garden and pond in back is a great treat…the alligators are gone…

Matteucci Compound

Nedra Mettucci Gallery on Paseo de Peralta Street in Santa Fe

Find the treasure and have fun doing it…

Santa Fe is a wonderful little town…


17 thoughts on “Home of Fenn…

  1. I have family in New Mexico I could stay with if I were to go. I miss New Mexico so much! I’ve been in Pennsylvania for 15 years now and before that I lived in Utah. If I could get my husband to move to the West, I would!

    • I know how you feel, Caroline. If I could get the man out of Florida I’d be thrilled. But I guess I’ll have to be happy with just getting out in the mountains again.

  2. Thanks again, Dal *S* That sure is a colorful little restaurant. I have fond memories of Santa Fe from the last time I was there. I fully intend on enjoying it again in the coming months. Southwestern fare has me hooked.

  3. The first time I had blackened salmon with rice, black beans and salsa was in a little place in Sante Fe. I stole their recipe…hehehehehehehee

  4. Hi Folks….I live in Albuquerque. If anyone should need a place to hang their head for a night (before or after their search) let me know, we can put you up for a night. ABQ is about an hour south of SF but if you’re traveling via airplane and incoming/outgoing from the Sunport, my home could be useful to you 🙂 I should warn you though, we are in the process of a major renovation so my house is a bit of a mess! We should be done by the end of March….I hope!

      • Well, Bonnie, that depends…If my house is still being worked on, I might have to throw folks out by their ear (even before their morning bathroom duties)….if everything is done (and to my satisfaction, of course), I’d be happy to let folks hang around and exchange ideas over a plate of huevos rancheros. 🙂

        • Just joking, Cheryl. We’re covered *S* But that’s a pretty generous offer. I don’t think I’d be willing to put up strangers looking for treasure. Just never know about people these days. You must be a very trusting person.

      • Yep, Bonnie, I know you were joking….I sorta was too. I hear what you’re saying about people these days, one does need to be cautions, of course. And yes, you’re right, I probably am too trusting. But I tend to look at the good in people rather than not. Some folks might think that’s stupid but oh well. Besides, I have a big, mean, well trained German shepherd that I can “sic” on anyone that gets too out of hand. hehe!

  5. If he has a sandwich named after him, perhaps that is where he wants us to get a sandwich to take with us…….maybe the treasure is closer to him then we think….. just sayin…. 🙂

  6. There are lots of other hotels in Santa Fe and the surrounding towns that would also love the business and that charge a lot less than $250-300

  7. Never been to Sante Fe.Looks real nice.My next journey will be to take in some of the local scenery.Might even stop and get a ff sandwich to bring along!

  8. Nice pic Jim 🙂 Spent a lot of time this past summer in Santa Fe….enjoyed the town. Keep up the good work Jim…

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